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2GIG Technologies is pleased to announce the availability of the Go!Control Demo App for the iPad and iPhone. The Go!Control Demo App provides dealers with an excellent tool to demonstrate how easy the Go!Control’s many features and capabilities are to use.

The Go!Control Demo App provides an interactive experience of a Go!Control – the most innovative and advanced residential security and home management solution in the security industry. This app will allow users to see how easy and intuitive it is to use the Go!Control’s color touch screen to provide advanced security functionality, control over lighting and HVAC, and to configure rules and scenes that integrate these systems to unlock the power of home automation. Home security dealers will enjoy using this app as a sales and marketing tool to quickly familiarize homeowners with the features of the Go!Control security panel. The app also includes a promotional video to quickly educate homeowners on what the Go!Control can deliver and demonstrate the magic of home automation.

FEATURES Standalone demo of a simulated Go!Control system with associated peripherals and accessories. iPad version shows actual size of the Go!Control’s touch screen. Sounds, alarms, and voice notifications play over the iOS device in the same fashion as they would on a panel. The Go!Control’s physical buttons are represented, allowing immediate access to the emergency menu and home screen. Users can interact with the system by opening and closing a door or window, locking and unlocking a door, changing set points on a thermostat, and turning on and off a lamp. The App provides an informational page that includes instructions for the demo, basic information about 2GIG, telephone and web contact information, and a video highlighting the many benefits of the Go!Control. Demonstrate pre-loaded rules and scenes illustrating the home automation capabilities.

PRICING The Go!Control Demo App is free to all authorized 2GIG dealers and distributors.

AVAILABILITY The Go!Control Demo App can be downloaded today from the 2GIG dealer site on After logging into the dealer site, choose “Go!Control Demo App” from the Marketing section and follow the instructions to download the App. Dealers will need to first register on the 2GIG dealer site if not already registered.

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS The Go!Control Demo App works on all IOS devices; iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Please visit for all product announcements, datasheets, technical information, etc For questions, call 866-670-1591 or email us at Specifications, features, and availability subject to change without notice.

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2GIG Technologies is pleased to announce the availability of the Go!Control Demo App for the iPad and iPhone. The Go!Control Demo App provid...