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Annual Report 2018 1 JULY 2017 - 30 JUNE 2018

Presented at Annual General Meeting 23rd September 2018 The Engine Room, Bendigo

Artistic Director's Report On the first two days of this year, Hollow performed to an almost-capacity Daylesford Town Hall. We all felt a profound sense of loss once the curtain closed for the last time. We were grieving for this experience which so abruptly comes to an end after three months of twice weekly meetings. We were saying a desperate farewell to the emotional connection with each other that forms when we become vulnerable on the rehearsal room floor. We were processing the heartbreaking content of the work, which for many, especially me as writer/director, was held at arm’s length. And we were simply missing the joy of making great theatre, and knowing we were impacting on our audiences and our community. Tripwire has spent this year consolidating the hard work that went into the previous year’s three productions. Instead of any major theatrical productions, Tripwire has ran two writing workshops and consulted on our member’s work for White Night Ballarat. Members of our Committee attended Showcase Victoria, The Victorian Theatre Forum, Strategic Planning & Management workshops and contributed to the Victorian Touring Forum. I was proud to represent Tripwire as I graduated from the Leadership Ballarat & Western Region Leaders Forum. The humble and generous committee of just six members have worked incredibly hard this year, investing in the organisations structure and planning for long-term growth. Secretary Bill Elder has spearheaded the creation of policies and procedures, and a brand-spanking new brand has been created thanks to the work of Alise Amarant & Nell Jeandet. The committee revised the way we make decisions about which projects to undertake and how our members can approach Tripwire to realise their creative dream. We continually come back to our members needs and keep our values at the forefront of our planning processes. I’m proud to be a part of this vibrant group and see the organisation I founded evolve into a robust place of both artistic and managerial practice. Sometimes, when I have a project of my own or another members to present to the committee, its so very exciting to be able to envision the work on stage, that I have to remind myself that Tripwire’s work develops at its own pace. We’re in it for the long game. After producing three successful new works of theatre in 2016-17, this year has had to be a year of development. It can be slow and torturous to apply for and await responses to funding, to garner support for untried projects and to even retain the members we had bolstering our ranks in the previous production-heavy year. Nevertheless, the cyclical nature of theatre-making is one that always brings new and exciting things bubbling to the surface. The Belly Dancer, which has been in pre-production planning for almost a year, is finally going to have its day in the sun in 2018-19 thanks to the support of The Ulumbarra Foundation and Capital Venues & Events. A commedia-inspired comedy will also go into development as will a play-in-a-day style script development project. As we head into year three, we’re once again on the upswing with a new look, new works of theatre and a big impact on our community. Tripwire will soon be treading the boards across Central Victoria once again because, after all, theatre lives here.

Megan Riedl

Vision We work with emerging professional theatre makers and arts-loving allies from other sectors to create a professional theatrical production company, working across Central Victoria.

Mission We develop, present, and represent our members and their original theatre work. Develop. Assist our members to access development activities which will enable them to realise their creative work Present. Undertake some or all aspects of production to present new theatrical works by our members. Represent. Broker long term strategic partnerships which benefit all members and represent our members and the Central Victorian arts community at a national and international level.

Values We value audacity, reciprocity, creativity & sustainability. Audacity. We are creatively daring and aspire to excellence in both artistic and managerial spheres. Reciprocity. We focus on service over self to provide mutually beneficial outcomes for our members and our community. Creativity. We seek to re-imagine what theatre can be in Central Victoria by embracing new ways of thinking and collaborating. Sustainability. We are embedded within our community and our environment. We ensure strong organisational planning to ensure we are ready for the future.

Committee of Management Megan Riedl - Artistic Director Alise Amarant - Chair Bill Elder - Secretary Kathy Elder - Treasurer Nell Jeandet Jacob Honeychurch

Active Members Chiara Angeli Simon Carroll Annie Drum Trevor Shard Christine Tammer

Professional Development Victorian Theatre Forum - Theatre Network Australia Showcase Victoria - RAV & VAPAC (Go Pitch Regional Fund recipient) Strategic Planning & Management Workshops - Regional Centre for Culture Touring Forum - Creative Victoria Leaders Forum - Leadership Ballarat & Western Region



Bringing "Hollow" To Life

A dynamic workshop at

This workshop was presented as part of Daylesford Words in Winter in August 2017. Writer & Director Megan Riedl shared her process of creating “Hollow“, a new play about the Three Lost Children. Participants gained insight into playwriting: from idea to research, writing and editing, to dramaturgy. Actors from Hollow showcased scenes from the play, with Megan offering a “director’s commentary” as they dissected the process of interpreting a written script in rehearsal.


This workshop was held in Ballarat in November 2017. Megan Riedl was joined by six keen participants. She guided them through a simple 8 step narrative structure to organise their stories and provided dramaturgical advice. “Real-life, practical advice on exactly what you need to do to get started writing.”

“An inkling of an idea at the start of the night developed gradually into a whole plethora of possibilities and ideas and opportunities.”

“Inspirational and enjoyable experience that has prompted me to work harder.”

Financial Reports Statement of Financial Position Assets Cash Equipment Debtors TOTAL ASSETS

2017-18 $ 2395.36 $ 2,000.00 $ NIL $ 4395.36

2016-17 $ 6,912.29 $ 2,000.00 $ 2,048.45 $ 10,960.74

Liabilities Loan Creditors TOTAL LIABILITIES


$ 3,000.00 $ 5,291.70 $ 8,291.70

Equity Retained Profit TOTAL EQUITY

$ 4395.36 $ 4395.36

$ 2,669.04 $ 2,669.04

Statement of Financial Performance Income Membership Fees Projects Income The Let Down Reflex Travels With my Black Dog Hollow From Page To Stage Short Play in A Day The Belly Dancer Photograph 51 Donations & Grants Financing Other Income TOTAL INCOME

$ 592.25 $ 7475.85 NIL NIL $ 7167.75 $ 95.74 $ 212.37 NIL NIL $ 148.95 NIL $ 43.76 $ 8260.82

$ 1,009.05 $15,724.20 $ 1,011.19 $ 4,941.55 $ 9,771.46 NIL N/A N/A N/A $ 605.00 $ 3,000.00 $ 6.36 $ 20,344.61

Expenses Organisational Expenses Project Expenses The Let Down Reflex Travels With my Black Dog Hollow From Page To Stage Short Play in A Day The Belly Dancer Photograph 51 Professional Development TOTAL EXPENSES

$ 2453.63 $ 7187.52 NIL NIL $ 6,833.80 $ 88.40 $ 211.39 $ 1.90 $ 52.03 $ 136.60 $ 9777.75

$ 1,181.20 $ 11,992.63 $ 795.32 $ 4,611.93 $ 6,535.38 $ 50.00 N/A N/A N/A $ 258.49 $ 13,432.32


$ (1516.93)

$ 6,912.29

Profile for Tripwire Theatre Inc

Tripwire Annual Report 2017-18  

Our Annual Report for the year 1 July 2017 - 30 June 2018. Includes Artistic Director's report and our end of year Financial Statements.

Tripwire Annual Report 2017-18  

Our Annual Report for the year 1 July 2017 - 30 June 2018. Includes Artistic Director's report and our end of year Financial Statements.