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“This is about showcasing my ‘True’ Colors, my experiences over the years and also my signature slang ‘Tru, Tru, Tru’. I try my best to stay true to the music.”

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CONTENT Issue 27 January 2014



ST. MAARTEN 21st–22nd

Oneness Reggae Festival Jamaica

17th-18th Rebel Salute Jamaica

13th – 16th

Moonsplash Anguilla


28th – 30th

3rd - 4th

St. Croix Food and Wine Experience

9 Mile Music Festival Miami, FL

United Nations of Dub UK

30th-Feb. 1st

Jamaica Jazz & Blues


6th – 12th

Raggamuffin New Zealand

Dominica Mas Domnik

30th–Feb. 4th

3rd - 4th

Grenada Carriacou Regatta

Trinidad and Tobago Carnival

6th – 9th

St. Maarten Heineken Regatta Carnival


Guyana Music Festival

7th – April 27th

Jamaica Carnival


Reggae on the Hill Barbados

26th – May 2nd Sailing Week Antigua

30th - May 11th

St. Lucia Jazz Festival



8th - 14th 1st – 3rd

VI Carnival St. Thomas



Grenada Carriacou Maroon Music Festival

9th – 11th

Sunshine Reggae Festival on the Beach France

23rd – 25th


California Roots California

Jamaica Reggae Sumfest

13th – 15th

15th – 17th

20th – 22nd

26th - August 5th

Reggae in the Hills California

Sierra Nevada World Music Festival, California


Best of the Best Florida

27th – July 5th

29th – Jun 1st 6th – 8th

Riddim Festival Aalborg Denmark


1st – 3rd

Grenada Spicemas Carnival

Reggae Jam Bersenbruk, Germany

3rd – 6th 4th – 5th

12th – 14th

Unity Festival Guernville, CA

Lakesplash Festival Switzerland

4th – 6th

Summer Jam Germany

8th – 10th

6th – 12th

9th – 13th

St. Croix Food and Wine Experience



6th – 8th

City of Trees Music Festival ,California

Antigua Carnival

St. Vincent & The Grenadines Six Flags Reggae Concert Series Vincy Festival New Jersey

International Festival of Life Chicago

Ruhr Reggae Summr Germany

One Love Festival Leighton Buzzard, UK

26th - 28th

St. Kitts & Nevis Music Festival

23rd – 26th

Kentucky Reggae Festival Kentuck

13th - 19th

Ocho Rios Jazz Festival

20th – 25th

Welcome to Jamrock Cruise Miami, FL

Riddim Stage Sonde borg, Denmark Bababoom Festiva Marina Palmense, Italy Issue 27|January 2014 5

Creative Director’s Note Martin Luther King, Jr. In memoriam of Martin Luther King, Jr., I cant help

but look at my life and where I am at this very moment - on a tour bus traveling through the South into Midwest, with reggae band, British Dependency. This is evidence of the work the Martin Luther King and other put in so that I may get the opportunity to live this dream. Another dream is staring right at me - Triple The Focus Issue 27! We are truly grateful as we continue our quest to share the rich culture and lifestyle of our Caribbean heritage.

Summing up the issue in 500 words is always a feat but here goes. We have added a few components that speak to the growth of the Magazine in the form of our 2014 Events Calendar. This global datebook allows you the reader to plan your vacations around events such as Trinidad Carnival, Jamaica Reggae Sumfest, St. Maarten Heineken Regatta, Moonsplash Anguilla and a host of others. However, if this proves to be too much for you to narrow down where your next vacation should be, our Travel Feature on Tortola should do the trick. The British Virgin Isle is a vacationers dream with lots of activities to choose from. Also the addition of your Food Feature will delight your taste buds as we provide recipes for some of the Caribbean’ most mouth watering dishes along with Restaurant reviews. WAYNE MARSHALL, one of Jamaica’s most dynamic, skillful and musical talents, is gracing the cover. With the release of his new album “Tru Colors,” Wayne shares why it took over a decade to release his sophomore album, what it was like working with Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley and life outside of music. Speaking of musical projects, iconic movie ‘THE HARDER THEY COME’ celebrates its 40th Anniversary with Riddim Driven album, “Harder Than Hard.” Legendary reggae artist Jimmy Cliff, One Jam Music, Justine Henzell talk about the project and what fans can expect. Of course our monthly features continues with Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Fitness and Finance – all to help you navigate your life seamlessly. Jo Wheeler follows up with part 2 of Pirate Radio in which she sheds light on the value and role these underground stations play in the Caribbean community. We thought you would like to know that our December cover feature, Soca artist Bunji Garlin’s single “Difated a relationship with Europe’s #1 online reggae magazine, Reggaeville. Triple the Focus is happy to endorse Reggaeville’s Yearbook 2013 with Reggae artist, Gentleman on the cover. We have started 2014 with a bang and hope to continue in that grain. We look forward to your continued support. Please continue to write and share your thoughts creativedirector@triplethefocus. com. Until next month “T-Focus and think Creative!”

Victor E.Lewis

Your Creative Director

Editor’s Note WHAT NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS?? 2014 and many have made resolutions along these lines:

. . . and on and on. A 2007 study conducted by Richard Wiseman from the University of Bristol showed that 88% of those who set New Year resolutions fail. Why? For a host of reasons such as they were unrealistic, life events happened that threw things off course or lack of support. I for one am not about making New Year’ resolutions because I never follow through. I get excited, proclaim this will be the year I get it right and then within a month all good intentions fade, pfffff gone. Not because I lack discipline but simply because I didn’t think things through and I made lofty goals without proper planning. For instance, one year I told myself that I would go to the gym 4 days a week at 5am. I still laugh out loud when I think back on that one. Problem number 1 - I go to bed between 1am - 2am and it is virtually impossible for me to get up at 4:30am to be in the gym at 5am. Problem number 2 – I am not a morning person, I typically get up dichotomy? That was just unrealistic. So that and other poor planning lead to New Years resolutions? But if you are not ready to throw in the towel and want to see your 2014 New Years resolutions through, I found this interest article on about how to stay the course! I hope this helps. Good luck and Happy New Year!

Stacey Bethel Your Editor-in-Chief


“You’re setting yourself up for failure.” Work with-


MAkE A gAME pLAN. Making a resolution without formulating a plan of attack is like taking a road It’s a common refrain, people embark on their trip without a map. Without a concrete strategy, New Year’s resolutions with gusto and zeal, de- you’re bound to lose focus. “It’s really important termined that this will be the year they shape up, of how you are going to accomplish your goals,” smoking habit to the curb. But within a matter of Dr. Lombardo says. “How are you going to exerweeks, determination wanes and resolve crum- cise? What are you going to eat? How are you bles. Gym memberships collect dust; savings go going to save the money?” For example, if you’re on a diet, this means creating weekly meal plans down the drain; cigarettes are lit up anew. and grocery lists to ensure that you don’t cave What gives? Why are we so apt to slip back into to impulse purchases at the store. our old ways? Are resolutions doomed to fail, or is something else impeding us from attaining our dON’T BE “ALL OR NOTHINg.” It sounds countergoals? “A lot of times, I think people bite off more intuitive, but being a perfectionist can actually than they can chew,” says Dr. Elizabeth Lombar- jeopardize your goals, Dr. Lombardo says. “I’ll do, psychologist, TEDx presenter and best-selling have clients who are trying to lose weight. If they author of A Happy You: Your Ultimate Prescription for Happiness. “They set these lofty goals, already blew it—I might as well have the whole but they don’t know the proper way to accom- plate,’” she says. If you momentarily stray from plish them.” Another barrier to success, Dr. Lom- your goals, don’t dwell on your mistakes. Just pick yourself back up and keep plugging away. We want to lose weight, and we want to lose it now. But it doesn’t quite work like that. Making a REFRAME YOUR THINkINg. Nothing squanders motivation faster than feeling deprived. of patience, commitment and determination— lots of it. “When we don’t immediately see prog- change, it’s inevitable that there will be a sense ress, we tend to get frustrated and give up,” Dr. Lombardo notes. Want to make this the year you to reframe your cognitive thinking. “Instead stay true to your New Year’s resolutions? These 6 of focusing on what you can’t have, focus on easy tips from Dr. Lombardo are guaranteed to what you will have. Focus on the results that you want,” says Dr. Lombardo. So if you’re trying to help you keep your eyes on the prize. START SIMpLE. Don’t set the bar too high, Dr. ing—such as not being able to eat certain foods. Lombardo warns. It’s better to focus on small, at- Instead, “Focus on the fact that your body is gotainable goals rather than on big, lofty goals. In ing to look better, you’re going to be healthier other words, if you want to lose 50 pounds, aim and you’re going to sleep better at night,” Dr. Lombardo suggests. it seems more achievable,” says Lombardo, who recently teamed up with Weight Watchers to BE pOSITIVE. “Happiness is a mindset—it’s how launch Simple Start, an uncomplicated, straight- we view the world,” Dr. Lombardo says. “We offorward, two-week starter plan designed to ten think that success will bring happiness, but jump-start weight loss. “You get started; you get happiness leads to success. Research shows that on the right path; you start to lose some weight; happier people perform better at work, have and then you realize, ‘Wow, I really can do this.’” the going gets tough, shift your perspective and BE REALISTIc. “If you have never been to the think about the positives. “Focusing on happigym before, don’t have the expectation that ness will help you get to where you want to be.” you’ll go 5 times every week,” Lombardo notes. Issue 27|January 2014






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FEATURES Jody-Ann Williams Malaika Lepine Shantell “SHANZ” Hill

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Caribbean E-Magazine, Triple the Focus launched its publication on October 5, 2011. With features that run the gamut from Music, Entertainment, Fitness, Beauty, Travel, Lifestyle and Finance, the Magazine has a reach that extends across the globe and includes countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, South and Central America and by large the Caribbean. To date, the magazine has over 2,300,000 million page views not including other high traffic websites that hosts the link of the magazine on a monthly basis.

On July 23, 2013, Triple the Focus was featured on the homepage of Digital Publishing website, Issue. Out of 11 million publications, Triple the Focus’ February 2013 issue featuring athlete, Asafa Powell, June 2013 issue featuring Grammy Award winning reggae artist, Shaggy and July 2013 issue featuring 2010’ Miss Universe runner-up Yendi Phillips, were prominently featured on the site exposing the magazine to 72 million readers.

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TORTOLA Swim or stroll the white-sand beaches, explore ancient ruins or our delectable local cuisine, or drop anchor and rock with the rhythm of the azure ocean. In Tortola, the largest island of the BVI chain, there’s a variety of Caribbean vacation activities to indulge in. Beaches and Boats: Swim or snorkel at the secluded palm-shaded sands of: – is known for some of the best waves in the Caribbean. Revel in Surfside Shack’s Full Moon local residents under the banyon trees, or enjoy an evening of live music at one of the local hotels or restaurants. - once the site of several sugar plantations and distilleries, Brewer’s Bay Beach offers spectacular ruins, some of the best snorkeling in its many reefs, and is host to a group of returning campers every winter. It can be accessed by car from Cane Garden Bay or by boat around this Virgin Island’s eastern point. - one of the widest beaches on Tortola and a favored picnic spot, Elizabeth Beach, also white sand, and sheltering palm groves. - located on Tortola’s East End, Josiah’s Bay Beach is a sunbather’s paradise with its long, wide swath of powdery sand, beach bar, and nearby guest houses and restaurants. Surfers also covet this spot, when the waves reach their optimum peak in winter. - a mile-long stretch of white sand beach fringed with palms and sea grapes, perfect for a tranquil sunset walk. The eastern portion is lined with a resort and guest houses, while the western end offers peaceful solitude and ideal swimming. - secluded, sheltered and serene, Smuggler’s Cove is a hard-to-reach gem at the western-most end of Tortola. Accessible by an unpaved, but passable, road, you’ll discover warm, clear water, adventurous snorkeling and sea turtle sightings.

Visit the protected anchorages at: Brandywine Bay cane garden Bay Hodge’s creek Soper’s Hole Trellis Bay, a boater’s paradise ba dive and enjoy other water sports from our beach’s many wellequipped facilities.

FOcUSEd ON | Travel

culture & History: discover Tortola’s history with a visit to:

Apple Bay Shop: Everything from local spices, jams, rums, and soaps to handcrafted jewelry, silk-screened fabrics, and local art, can be found on Main Street in the capital city of Road Town.

Old Government H

ouse Museum

Taste: For a taste of the caribbean island’s rich cultural mix and local delicacies such as fresh lobster, conch, spicy goat curries, in a four-star dinner at a converted sugarmill or a quaint meal in a pastel-painted cottage. Natural Beauty: Take your caribbean vacation to new heights on the cool slopes of Sage Mountain National park, where traces of a primeval rain forest can still be seen at higher elevations.

n In the Tow

To & From: Warm, friendly and hospitable, Tortola has a wide variety of places to stay, ranging from luxury resorts and private villas to scenic campgrounds. convenient to the other British Virgin Islands, regular ferries, private and crewed yachts, and planes offer visitors daily commuting options. For more information and to book your vacation, visit

Soper’s Hole

Issue 27|January 2014 13

FOcUSEd ON | culture


By Malaika Lepine

As the iconic movie “The Harder They movie which inspired both a stage play and a book, can add a dancehall rhythm to by perry Henzell and co-written by Trevor d. Rhone. considered a cult classic, “The Harder They come” reached international market and has been described as “pos-

the caribbean”. a dancehall star studded album featuring both established and rising artists of dancehall and reggae slated to be released in er Than Hard” leads off with grammy nominated international star Bounty killer single “Harder” which has received critically acIssue 26|December 2013 claimed success. Issue 27|January 2014 15

pAST ANd THE MOVIE IS STILL AS pOpULAR? A lot of people, a lot of artists, emulate the character that I played. One such person who emulated it directly was Ninja Man. He has said: “Is the Jimmy Cliff scene in The Harder They Come, you know. That make me be who I am….” Now Ninja Man is probably not so big in America, but he had a great big impact in Jamaica for a long time. And his name is still quite big out here. But it’s not just him. A lot of the artists emulate Ivan. The character that I played was trying to be independent because he wasn’t getting any right justice from the producers. So he was doing his own thing. And most of the artists in Jamaica after that start doing their own thing. cOME ABOUT? WHAT WAS THE INSpIRATION ANd WHY THIS MOVIE? : My wife and I are big fans of the movie, especially the Jimmy Cliff character, Ivanhoe Martin, and believe that it still stands as the best movie out of Jamaica even after 40 years. While watching the movie at home one day (for the umpteenth time) my ears picked up on the guitar in the title song “The Harder They come” and I thought it would be genius to

roots reggae universe of The Harder They Come with the dancehall world – where many leading stars grew up on one of the greatest soundtracks of all time – one that was either written and performed by Jimmy Cliff or hand-picked by Perry. WHAT IS THE MUSIc MESSAgE ANd HOW dOES IT cORRELATE WITH THE MOVIE? The movie has a main theme - that of a struggling artiste who is willing to lay down his life for his dreams - but it also has several subplots: migration, hustling, bullying, corruption, the Harder than Hard album will tackle different themes, all of which come from the movie.

HAS THERE EVER BEEN TALk OF A SEQUEL OR OF A REMAkE OF THE MOVIE? International Films Management (“IFM”) chair, One people Harder Than Hard is a tine Henzell: There is a lot of interest in a remake or a sequel 100% dancehall riddimthing that we are actively pursudriven project that ing. And Jimmy will be a part of the process, regardless of what will help to introduce the project is. It would have to be someone who had the same kind of intensity as Jimmy Cliff in that recording studio scene, generation. whoever that person would be.

a dancehall beat. MOVIE SOUNdTRAck? Harder than Hard is a 100% dancehall riddim-driven project that will help to Most of the songs use dialogue samples from the movie to complement the lyrics of the songs. Every song is directly related to the stories in the to relate some dialogue from the movie to each song. MEAN FOR THE MOVIE? IFM’s Attorney and producing partner Andy Herz: when One Jam came to them with the idea for a rhythm-driven album centered on some of the best dialogue from The Harder They Come. There have been dozens of different Harder-related projects suggested over the decades, but this was truly thinking outside of the box and we were intrigued. One Jam has done a great job involving a number of artists and writing tracks around the iconic dialogue written by Perry Henzell and Trevor Rhone. We hope that the Harder Than Hard tracks will help better connect the

WILL THERE BE A VIdEO? Yes, we will be making some concept videos that tie footage from the movie, with new footage to tell a cohesive story around the main theme of each song. We have partnered with a company called Syndctd in America who did a onenight anniversary theatrical re-release in September on dozens of screens across the U.S. They have done an incredible job and the response has been wonderful. People that have already on the big screen is what is really exciting everyone. In 2014, we are going to be partnering up to do more screenings – and some live music – on college campuses and with a lot of Jamaican and Caribbean diaspora groups in the US and all over the world.





Though he does not have a laundry list of albums to his credit, Wayne Marshall is one of Jamaica’s premiere artists. A lyricist, that is both clever and witty in his delivery, his music touches on topics such as politics, romance and societal issues. His style is one that cannot be characterized or pigeon holed and as such, his music is timeless. Wayne’ repertoire includes chart topping hits, “Overcome,” “My Heart,” “Good Ole Wife,” “Messing With My Heart” and a laundry list of others. A highly regarded artist among his peers, Wayne has worked with heavy hitters such as Sean Paul, Elephant Man, Beenie Man, wife, Tami Chynn, I-Octane, Damian Marley, Bounty Killer, Assassin, Vybz Kartel and Mavado. Not afraid to experiment with different genres and sounds, Marshall’ talent is far reaching and his current album “Tru Colors” proves just that. In looking back at his esteemed career, one that spans over ten years, it is clear that it was all leading up to this moment. Produced by Damian Marley and written by Wayne, the 13-track album will be distributed through Thirty Tigers/Sony Red and features Tarrus Riley, Bounty Killer, Assassin, Aidonia, I-Octane, Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley, Bounty Killer, Ace Hood, Cham and Waka Flocka. Now after a decade, Wayne’ fans are wondering why he took so long to record what many has dubbed his best work to date. He answers that and many more questions in a very candid interview with Triple the Focus. Issue 26|December 2013 15 Issue 27|January 2014

How did you come up with the stage name “Wayne Marshall?” It was in high school that it came about. I was the one to organize shows, dancehall clashes among my peers and I was called the ‘Marshall’ of the shows. So, I just added it to the Wayne and it became ‘Wayne Marshall.’

like a dream and I wanted to wait for the right producer and the right team to bring the best out of me.


expressed interest in the business? Is he being groomed to carry on your legacy so to speak? And what advice would you offer yourself, at his age? He hasn’t but from he could speak he would love to sing. I’m not really grooming him, music is a part of him, he is an animated kid and he loves

respect for each other and he showed interest in my music. He’s a perfectionist and I always wanted to work with someone At what age did you make the decision that has a hands on approach. He wears to go into music and what prompted so many hats, he’s a hit maker and I’m that decision? At about 13-14 years old I thankful to them for bringing this to life. became totally immersed in music. Artists like Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff and others made me realize I had a connection to a driving force behind the production music. Friends inspired me and I decided of “Tru colors.” What details has he put to take it one step at a time. distinctive? His creative ideas - you never What was your childhood like? It was four know what he’s going to come up with. of us, my mother, father, brother and I. At He’s a genius, a mad scientist and one of 9 years old we moved to Hope Pastures, the best that’s out there across all genres. Kingston, near to King Jammy’s. He’s one There are other things like his lyrical depth, of the pioneers in the industry and I used to his attention to details and his ear for mixing. hang out with his sons. I spent a lot of time It’s like watching something supernatural around the studio in Waterhouse and got in motion - from the small details to the big familiar with the equipment and observed ones. artists like Bounty Killer, Elephant Man and others. Tell us what we can expect from “Tru colors.” Where does this title stem from Ten years ago you recorded your debut and what is the message behind the album, “Marshall Law.” What was your album? This is about showcasing my ‘True’ experience like recording that album? Colors, my experiences over the years and I was more focused on doing songs, also my signature slang ‘Tru, Tru, Tru’. I try gathering them and making a compilation. my best to stay true to the music. I expect It wasn’t so much as doing an album. It it to take me to another level as an artist did its work for the stage I was at but now and person. my horizons have broadened. What’s your favorite track on the album? How has your musical pallet changed over I don’t think I have a favorite track but the last decade? What has remained the the one we’re promoting now is ‘Stupid same? I now have a better understanding Money’ featuring my 8 year old son and of music, I am more spiritually aware while Assassin. I love all the songs - it’s an all-star searching for ideas and more appreciative cast of work over the last 2 years. They’re of different genres. I am now working with all special. international artists and producers who aren’t afraid to experiment and aren’t your son, gio, during the Shaggy and

Why has it taken you ten years record another album? I never wanted to do an album that was just a compilation. I promised myself and my fans that I

“I am more spiritually aware while searching for ideas and more appreciative of different genres. I am now working with international artists and producers who aren’t afraid to experiment and aren’t limited to a particular sound.”

Issue 27|January 2014 21

music. He plays the piano, he has shown interest and the family has urged him to do more. He has a true gift of music. What role does your wife, Tami chynn, play in your career? She is my rock and biggest critic and we sometimes write together. I’d call her my Artistic Consultant. She’s world class and her eye for talent and what is true is very sharp. What makes yours and Tami’ relationship work? I think it’s because she’s also an artist. She knows what the schedule is like and she understands. She gets me, I get her. We communicate well and that makes us work. What advice can you give to those in the industry with a family? Find the time to spend with family because life is about balance. I still have to be there even when the workload gets heavy. How do you balance being a dad, a husband and an Artist? Focus on striking a balance against the odds. If you could be anywhere, with anyone, having your favorite meal, and discussing your favorite topic, at any given time, past, present, or future? bammy. We’d be discussing life and praising God with family - Tami, Tess, closest friends and colleagues. What’s next, personally and professionally? We have a new baby now so being a father and being a teacher to my children is top priority. I’ll be producing more, working with young talents, harnessing the less fortunate. This is a big part of being in music, I think I’m here to guide and teach, especially my sons.

“Find the time to spend with family because life is about balance. I still have to be there even when the workload gets heavy.”

IN REVIEW: Tru Colors Wayne Marshall

By Raine Martin

Wayne Marshall has dabbled with many different sounds over the past decade. Featured on singles with everyone from Bounty Killer to Jaime Foxx, Marshall’s style has run the gamut from hardcore dancehall deejay to laid-back melodic singjay to rhythm & bluesy singer and hip hop/dancehall fusion artist. More than a decade after his debut Marshall Law, Wayne Marshall unveils Tru Colors, an album that captures everything about Wayne Marshall in a cohesive and palatable package.

mi name/some man a say bleacher mi name/so mi waan burn nem –en-em/ Kartel and Marshall again/inna dancehall tenement/we a set trend again/people a ask if wi tun friend again/ we wasn’t enemy so we nah matter dem. is a rather interesting cut on Tru Colors, pouring R.E.M’s inspired lyrics and melody over a “On can sound a little hokey, but

the familiar melody, and the message of There are many different Marshalls on the owning up to the choices one makes in life make this one a standout track. thug, socially conscience observer, and spiritually uplifting being – which matches Another surprising track is the album’s many different sounds which The song starts out with all the drama and theatrics of a Broadway show tune before beats of and transitioning into a hard-hitting dancehall to a new-age dancehall riddims on “Go cut with an equally dramatic guest and with bass-driven appearance by Capleton. roots reggae on and a tinge of EDM on One of the album’s unfortunate misses is the gospel-inspired a duet Tru Colors strongest tunes include “Go with Tarrus Riley. Despite having all the right elements – powerful performances, featuring clever linguistics from Marshall empowering message, full choir, excellent alongside Aidonia, Assassin, I-Octane, production – the tune fails to connect due Bounty Killer, and Damian ‘Jr. Gong’ to the lack of chemistry between Marshall and Riley. tempo and delivery between each artist is masterful. The crowning moment is a which is supposed to be a surprise appearance from Marshall’s one part two to featuring Baby time lyrical partner-in-crime Vybz Kartel, Cham, Ace Hood, and Waka Flocka Flame who for a long time was rumored to have fails to recreate the magic of the original. turned Marshall’s steadfast enemy. Kartel, Ace Hood and Waka Flocka don’t add who appears to be spitting lyrics over the anything too great to the single and the phone due to his current incarceration, exchange between the American rappers and Jamaican deejays lacks cohesion. teacher

Tru Colors Track Listing: 1. (Intro) It’s On Now 2. Tru Colors 3. Go Hard feat. Assassin, Aidonia, I-Octane, Bounty Killer, Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley & Vybz Kartel 4. I Know 5. On The Corner 6. Stupid Money featuring Assassin 7. Longtime 8. Strike Dem featuring Capleton 9. Be On The Alert featuring Bounty Killer 10. Nah Give Up featuring Tarrus Riley 11. Go Harder feat. Baby Cham, Ace Hood & Waka Flocka 12. Success Story 13. In The End

Issue 27|January 2014 25

FOcUSEd ON | Fashion

New Year Same ClaSSiC Style





Issue 27|January 2014 27

FOcUSEd ON | Fashion

2014 29 IssueIssue 25| 27|January November 2013

FOcUSEd ON | Fashion

Issue 27|January 2014 33 Issue 25| November 2013

FOcUSEdON ON||Fashion Fashion FOcUSEd

Issue 26|December 2013 37 Issue 25| November 2013 33

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Issue 25| November 2013

FOcUSEd ON | culture

Next Stop

CUBA By Neka Williams

“Wow! This is nice,” I said to my friend as we entered the black arched grill doors. “I guess this is how restaurants look in Cuba.” From my tone, anyone could tell that I was amazed. When shopping at the Ridgehill Mall in Yonkers, NY, I always walk pass this eye-captivating Cuban restaurant. To celebrate my birthday and to satisfy my taste

imagine to be a traditional Cuban restaurant in that, other than the décor, the menu adds the complete Cuban ambiance. Disappointingly, on the night that I went, not every dish on the menu was offered. For example, the Pineapple Chicken was not being served. However, there were other dishes to choose from the menu. With that said, if you enjoy both chicken and reservations. seafood like me, please order the Garlic Chicken and Shrimp from the Cuban With its two dining rooms, main bar seat- Combo Platters section with a side of yeling, and outdoor seating, Havana Central seats approximately 235 guests perfect for private events such as wedding receptions or corporate dinners. A hostess stood behind the podium with a welcoming smile and seated us before the time of our reservation. Sound waves of upbeat Latin music bounced off the warm, vibrant colored walls while the large arched windows allowed guests who were seated by the main bar to see the water fountain and hanging pictures of famous Cuban people. The paintings greeted guests as they moved throughout the restaurant. In the midst of all this, waiters, moving swiftly, served diners with a smile. Although I have never traveled to Cuba, Havana Central certainly created what I

The garlic sauce adds moisture to the tender Chicken breast and succulent shrimp. The black beans are seasoned with onions, As for drinks, Havana Central offers both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. They are famous for their mojitos. Because I am not a huge fan of alcohol, I ordered a virgin Passion Fruit mojito that costs about $5 to $6. I highly recommend this drink! Non-drinkers will not feel left out because the virgin mojitos look just like the real deal in the glass. Although the mojito had no altaste buds with every sip. Imagine how it tastes with alcohol! Overall, I enjoyed my dining experience and will return. I did not have to wait more How can I go to a Cuban restaurant and than 20 minutes for my food, the staff was not order dessert? For dessert, I ordered friendly and attentive, and the food and the Tres Leches (Three Milk Cake) for $8. drinks were excellent. Also, the prices are My waiter topped it off with a candle be- wallet and purse friendly. If I have concause it was my birthday. This three lay- vinced you and you want to try this restauered, scrumptious cake is made of evapo- rant, Havana Central has two other locarated, condensed, and half and half milk, tions in New York City and New Jersey. Be causing every bite to melt in your mouth. sure to log on to for Whoever created this dessert is genius! more information.

INgREdIENTS: 4oz of passion fruit nectar 2oz rum 6 lime wedges 1 tablespoon of sugar 10-12 mint leaves Club soda (to taste) Crushed ice dIREcTIONS: Crush mint leaves, sugar, lime wedges together Add crushed ingredients to the nectar Fill glass with ice and pour rum Pour nectar and crushed ingredients in the glass Stir gently Top with club soda Garnish with mint leaves ginger.


FOcUSEd ON | culture

By Jo Wheeler


of ‘What’s Happening to Caribbean Radio’, I spoke as a person who accepts the reality of its current state, but is still very passionate about both radio and the worldwide exposure of Caribbean music. A person who whole-heartedly believes that there is community - a market even, that rightfully deradio station. And I’m committed to that dream. I’ve always been a staunch supporter of Caribbean format programs in the US – especially in places like New York where there are more than one million Caribbean

nationals residing. I have expressed discontent with traveling throughout the Caribbean and learning that US mainstream music dominates station playlists, while local and region artists have to beg for airtime. And I’ve ranted forever about there not being a 100% Soca station in islands like Trinidad & Tobago, Grenada and St. Vincent & the Grenadines, where local music is its heartbeat. Truth be told, the same can be said for Reggae music in Jamaica. In fact, it’s no secret that across the globe there is a lack of and need for true Caribbean radio.

FOcUSEd ON | culture

Now literally, as I sit here writing part 2, the phone rings. It seems that one of the radio stations I work for was recently purchased and will be changing to a Spanish format at the beginning of the year. My station’s on the 31st. Ironic isn’t it? Part 1 of this piece ended by asking ‘How do we save Caribbean radio?’ and now I’m swer. So, tonight as I ride the emotional wave of anger and peace, fear and inspiration, I’m balancing on the median ribbean radio and realizing that hey DumDum, you just lost a job; you might wanna try to save yourself. Can I do both? Can I do either? Can I even separate the two because they are so intertwined that I’m no longer sure which is the chicken or which is the egg. Am I trying to pave a new road because the existing ones seem to lead to a dead end, or am I remaining steady on this road, because I think it will take me to a new route? See which is the chicken, which is the egg? Does it even matter? Maybe it only matters that you eat. And right now if radio was food, we would be starving. So what do we do?

power but can reason with others to join us. Yet how much energy do we actually put towards the masses versus ourselves? Nothing of value is obtained easily and all know that our community severely suffers from the ‘crab in a barrel’ mentality and when faced with dilemmas, self-preservation is usually the course most taken. Because at the end of the day it’s simply a matter of basic economics and we all gotta eat. But at some point we have to grow as individuals and as a society and work together to achieve a common goal. Well people that time is now because change is inevitable. Either we step up or get left behind. Currently we are being left behind and that should not, cannot be acceptable. We have to step up – nay, jump ahead! If we do not work as a community and change the state of Caribbean radio immediately, it will forever be lost, taking much of our heritage and culture along with it.

Technology is moving much too fast for us to remain on this road and wait for a new route to appear. We must make a new Well, it’s supposed to take a village right? way – TOGETHER. The say we are stronAnd with it being the holiday season, I ger in numbers and that’s one thing we can’t help but recognize that concept touches on each Kwanzaa principle; Uni- start. Now, if we could just get those ‘numty, Self-determination, collective Work and Responsibility, cooperative Economics, purpose, creativity, and Faith. I trust in cooperative economics and believe in the purpose of building a legit radio station for us, by us. I know we have the creativity and self-determination. And I want to have faith that together we can provide an outlet for ourselves, I really do. However the truth is I worry about the unity and collective work and responsibility stuff. Let’s be honest, working together is not something we’ve historically done well. We all like to think that we would stand on the front line for the things we believe strongly in, the right cause. We convince

THE MEMORIES WILL LAST LONG AFTER THE TRIP DOES. You’ll find paradise in the U.S. Virgin Islands. You’ll also find a delicious buffet of savory flavors that’ll make your lips smile. A rich culture of music and tradition that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. A living history where you can walk the same roads as your ancestors. And the extraordinary chance to be moved by these moments—a thrill that doesn’t always happen on vacation. Lucky for you, the USVI isn’t just a vacation.

You, unscripted. Lasting memories begin at /visitusvi


©2013 U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Tourism

FOcUSEd ON | Beauty



resolution through the year after the momentum has died a quick and unceremonious death. Stick to even one of the resolutions on this list and you can call it a victory and claim success as you make resolutions for next year.


Remove Your Makeup Every Night The skin renews itself during sleep so whatever is on the skin’s surface is easily absorbed into the pores. To ensure only a makeup free face hits your pillow, washing your face or use wipes every night. H20 Plus Aqualibrium Cleansing Face Wipes $15

Find a New Signature Scent - It is so easy to stay loyal to one scent but when so many options are available, why should you have to? La Vie Est Belle $58, NEST Fragrances Dahlia and Vines $25


Find Your perfect Red Lipstick - With the right red lipstick any woman can look and feel fabulous in an instant. Guerlain

- Sun damage is a leading cause of premature aging and skin cancer. It can also exacerbate hyperpigmentation. Applying a Broad Spectrum SPF of 30 or greater, every few hours reduces the incidence of all. SUPERGOOP! Antioxidant-Infused Sunscreen Mist With Vitamin C Broad Spectrum



Embrace The Midi Skirt - There is something very sexy about a pencil or full Midi/Tea length skirt. Wear the Midi skirt and turn heads by showing a little more than your ankle.


Find the perfect White Shirt The classic white button down shirt is always in style and can be paired with everything from a pencil skirt to ripped denim shorts. Expand your wardrobe options.


Say Yes to Spanx - A visible panty line is a major fashion no-no. Let’s leave that in 2013. Check out Spanx’ the piece to wear with every form spanx and so much more!

FOOD Try a New Vegetable or Fruit - It’s easy to get sucked into eating the same thing over and over. Variety is the spice of life so take your taste buds on an adventure and try something you might have given the side-eye at the supermarket.

“There’s no pressure for good music, it’s all about keeping the sound fresh and interesting to people.”


Learn to Make a new chicken dish - No one can question the versatility of chicken and with the perfect recipe your family and friends will think you’re a chicken cooking genius! 50 Shades of Chicken is a parody on the popular steamy novel, 50 Shades of Grey and feature recipes like, Dripping Thighs, Mustard Spanked Chicken, Bacon Bound Wings and oh so much

FITNESS minutes Everyday exercise are no secret; they include, toned muscles, increased metabolism, improved heart health and many more.

Have one green Smoothie per week - The smoothie movement is growing with each bed of kale that is planted. Green smoothies are packed with wonderful nutrients to get you on the way to a balanced diet.

Learn to do pull-ups The ability to do a pull up is a major feat for many women. Think of how fabulous your upper body will look once you are able to do a few yourself hanging from a balcony, pulling yourself up would be easy as pie.

Take a Fitness challenge challenge is just like any other goal, it gives you something to work towards. If you’ve never get you moving and motivated again. Nike+ done a 5k, this is the year Running, My Fitness Pal, to do it. If you have, push it to the next level. JawboneUp & Fit Bit. Enhance your Workout - If you’ve hit a wall with your

Issue 26| December 2013 25

Chaka Khan, Crystal Gayle, Chrisette Michele, Aaron Neville & Toni Braxton


Chaka Khan, country singer Crystal Gayle, R&B singer, Chrisette Michele along with Aaron Neville and Grammy award winner Toni Braxton will perform at the Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival, scheduled for January 30, 2014 Stadium in Trelawny. 1,500 persons and now boasts an attendance of over 30,000 patrons yearly. The festival has hosted international acts such as George Benson, Erykah Badu, Najee, The Isley Brothers, Gladys Knight, Kenny G, Kool and the Gang, Chaka Khan, Eric Benet, Al Jarreau, Kenny Rogers, Air Supply, Dionne Warwick, Alicia Keys, John Legend, Nora Jones, Patti Labelle and Al Green, among others. Local artists such as Tessanne Chin, Shaggy, Third World Band, Byron Lee and the Dragonaires, Lady Saw, Diana King and Tarrus Riley have also graced the stage. The 2014 staging is sponsored by the Jamaica Tourist Board, Flow, Bounty, Charmin, Courts, Ciroc, Johnie Walker, Red Stripe, Knutsford Express, Riu, Half Moon, Round Hill and more.

Issue 27| January 2014 45


An audience of 20,000 – 30,000 music enthusiast 25 live acts performing over three days. Major international music acts. Venue with amazing views of the coastline of Jamaica, excellent parking facilities, security, comfortable amenities and plenty of room to completely relax, dance, and enjoy the Festival vibes. Retail village consisting of the latest Brand Jamaica merchandise and memorabilia.

Art of Music Talent Stage featuring undiscovered, unsigned, upcoming and original Jamaican and international artistes. Over 200 local and international press media. Extensive promotion across Jamaica, the USA, UK, the Caribbean and Canada customer facing, high level marketing opportunities.

2014 LINE-UP AND CALENDAR Christopher Martin Chronixx Beenie Man Chalice

Chrisette Michele Toni Braxton Joe Protoje Najee

Beres Hammond The O’Jays Chaka Khan Crystal Gayle Aaron Neville

FOcUSEd ON | Finance



programs that allow banking of prior-year points, advancing points, or even “renting” An exchange allows a timeshare or extra points to make up differences. vacation plan owner to trade units with another owner who has an equivalent unit Whether the exchange system works satisfactorily for owners is another issue Here’s how it works: A resort developer has to look into before buying. Keep in mind a relationship with an exchange company, that you will pay all fees and taxes in an which administers the service for owners exchange program whether you use your at the resort. Owners become members unit or someone else’s. of the exchange system when they buy their timeshare or vacation plan. At most resorts, the developer pays for each new exchange company, but members pay If you’re thinking of selling a timeshare, the exchange company directly after the FTC cautions you to question resellers that. — real estate brokers and agents who specialize in reselling timeshares. They To participate, a member must deposit may claim that the market in your area is a unit into the exchange company’s “hot” and that they’re overwhelmed with inventory of weeks available for exchange. buyer requests. Some may even say that When a member takes a week from they have buyers ready to purchase your the inventory, the exchange company timeshare, or promise to sell your timeshare charges a fee. In a points-based exchange system, If you want to sell your deeded timeshare, the interval is automatically put into the and a company approaches you offering to resell your timeshare, go into skeptic when the member joins. Point values mode: are assigned to units based on length of stay, location, unit size, and seasonality. Don’t agree to anything on the phone or Members who have enough points to online until you’ve had a chance to check secure the vacation accommodations out the reseller. Contact the state Attorney they want can reserve them on a space- General and local consumer protection available basis. Members who don’t have agencies in the state where the reseller is enough points may want to investigate

You also can search online for complaints. of the contract. It should include the services the reseller will perform; the fees, Ask the salesperson for all information commissions, and other costs you must in writing. pay and when; whether you can rent or sell the timeshare on your own at the same Ask if the reseller’s agents are time the reseller is trying to sell your unit; licensed to sell real estate where the length or term of the contract to sell your timeshare is located. If so, your timeshare; and who is responsible for verify it with the state Real Estate documenting and closing the sale. Commission. Deal only with licensed real estate brokers and agents, and If the deal isn’t what you expected or wanted, don’t sign the contract. Negotiate clients. Ask how the reseller will advertise and promote the timeshare unit. Will you get progress reports? How often? Ask about fees and timing. It’s preferable to do business with a reseller that takes its fee after the timeshare is sold. If you must pay a fee in advance, ask about refunds. Get refund policies and promises in writing. Don’t assume you’ll recoup your purchase price for your timeshare, especially if you’ve owned it for less less than well-known. If you want an idea of the value of a timeshare that you’re interested in buying or selling, consider using a timeshare appraisal service. The appraiser should be licensed in the state where the service is located. Check with the state to see if the license is current.

Before you sign a contract with a reseller, get the details of the terms and conditions

Selling a timeshare is a lot like selling any other piece of real estate. But you also should check with the resort to determine restrictions, limits, or fees that could affect your ability to resell or transfer ownership. Then, make sure that your paperwork is in order. You’ll need: The name, address, and phone number of the resort The deed and the contract or membership agreement paying for the property Information to identify your interest or membership The amount and due date of your maintenance fee The amount of real estate taxes, if billed separately To learn more about vacation ownership, visit the American Resort Development Association website:

Issue 27| January 2014


FOcUSEd ON | Fitness


Happy New Year! For many of us, resolutions, especially with regard to it’s time to make some New Year’s sometimes the hardest to keep. resolutions. If they’re part of your yearly tradition, you may already have some ideas in mind. If not, you probably want to consider adding to your list for 2014! make sure that you set some realistic

>>MAKE A SMALL CHANGE EVERY DAY Creating a long list of New Year’s resolutions might seem like a good idea, but taking on too much at once can overwhelm you and discourage you if you can’t focus your motivation. If you really want to keep your resolution(s), it’s best to start off by making small changes every day to slowly work toward your ultimate goal. You don’t want to bite off more than you can chew, so keep things simple. For example, if your goal is to lose ten pounds, try non-fat milk in your latte one day and the next day, try adding 15 minutes of free weights at the gym. The more of these little changes you make in your daily life, the more likely they’ll eventually stick as a healthy habit. It’s challenging enough to change a single behavior, so taking on less will likely give you a better chance to succeed.

>>DO EFFICIENT WORKOUTS Who has time to work out for two hours a day? Working out for hours and hours each day is not only time-consuming, but also boring, which can zap your motivation and ultimately prevent you from achieving your goals. Instead of a long sweat session, do shorter, highintensity, interval workouts, such as this treadmill workout or this CrossFitinspired workout. You’ll actually torch more calories in a quickie session than doing long, drawn-out workouts. Issue 27|January 2014 51

>>EAT NUTRITIOUSLY 80% OF THE TIME Many weight loss experts, like Jillian Michaels, recommend making 80% of the calories you consume healthy and nutritious and saving the remaining 20% for not-so-healthy-foods. This strategy makes changing your eating habits a lot more manageable because if you cut out all of your favorite foods, you’ll feel deprived and end up binging on them later. Eliminating indulgences may initially help you lose weight, but it’s not a realistic, long-term solution. If you eat well the majority of the time, a few treats here and there won’t hurt your overall weight loss efforts and your diet will feel a lot more balanced, so you’re able to stick to it.

>>SCHEDULE YOUR WORKOUTS EACH WEEK Think you don’t have time to exercise? Try this blocks of free time (even as little as 15 minutes) to schedule some workouts for the upcoming week. If you spend a little time scheduling your workouts for the week, just like you would do with your other obligations, they’ll become appointments that you can’t miss. Would you skip a dentist appointment or a dinner date with a friend? Of course not! Treat your workouts the exact same way. Plus, when you look at your calendar and see all of your appointments it helps you stick to your resolution.

>>DON’T GET CAUGHT UP IN WHAT THE SCALE SAYS The scale is a good measure of overall weight loss, but it doesn’t tell you the whole story, especially when it comes to daily weigh-in. Obsessing over the scale every morning is not a healthy habit or an accurate gauge of your progress. Water retention and hormones can add a few pounds to the reading, and if your weight-loss plan includes strength training, you may even gain weight from increased muscle mass while still losing fat. Instead of getting caught up in what the scale says, measure to look at the big picture when it comes to weight loss progress. The scale can be helpful, but remember there’s so much more to the story!

1 (Ready For The Road).” mob performance to song occurred inside the Long Is2 Flash land, NY airport over the holiday season. Watch now

3 performed song with The Roots at annual Okayplayer holiday

4 party 5 6 7

8 The Beats competition. 9 and more.

10 11 Featured in this season’s grey’s Anatomy in the opening se12 It aired throughout the Barclays center during Brooklyn Nets

games and Air canada centre during Toronto Raptors games.

13 scoring over a million YouTube views since February. 14 and was the go-to track to open all their live shows.


unji Garlin will release his upcoming studio album next

full-length release on VP Records since 2007’s Global. The Trinidadian artist and international soca royalty is known for his Garlin is both a composer and performer of soca and ragga soca. The latter is a blend of soca with dancehall music that He has won the “Ragga Soca Monarch” competition in both 2000 and 2001, the Young King title in 2001, the coveted title of International Soca Monarch in 2002 and then reclaimed this title for three more years. “Differentology (Ready For The Road)” is featured on Soca Gold 2013 (VP) and available now on iTunes.

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