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Contents Issue 15| January 2013


Sojourn: Sun, Sand and Beach


Celebrating God’s Grace in the New Year


Wayne Wonder: Doing Things ‘My Way’


Being the Best You in 2013


Dre Skull: The Quiet Storm


drennaLuna: Getaway in Style


Start a Fyah with Chronixx


More than Average: Living Life Above Your Means


Barclays Center First Reggae Concert


Album Review: Beres Hammond One Love, Onlife

Issue 15 | Jan 2013



Well it is 2013 and I am happy glad that I get a fresh start to accomplish some things I didn’t in 2012. A New Year for me often gives way to new ideas, goals and dreams and this year is no different than previous ones. So to sum up my excitement, I have latched on to the words of reggae singer Ini Kamoze, “I’m stepping it hotter this year, I’m stepping it hotter this year, I hope ya don’t mind it, I hope ya don’t mind it.” The words, though I am singing in my most off-key voice, comes from a place of sheer pride and joy as my team and I navigate the waters of 2013. Looking back at the ground we covered in 2012 serves as inspiration moving forward and I truly hope you don’t mind. Amid deadlines, disappointments, features that fell through the cracks, several hard drive crashes and on and on, we have somehow found our groove and we are ready to rock the boat and kick in a few doors. Are you with us? Like everyone else, at the stroke of midnight on January 1st, I contemplated the New Year and made one resolution and that is this, to make Triple the Focus a print and digital publication focusing on all things Caribbean. Why print when so many other publications are switching to a digital platform? Well it’s simple, you asked and we want to give you options. Some people, believe it or not, still like the feel of flipping through a physical magazine while others find it difficult to read on a tablet. I am one of those people. So we listened and we are putting ourselves in your shoes. Though this will not be an easy task, we are ready to tackle what it will take to make that happen whether on our own or through strategic partnerships. What a resolution/goal huh? Well what’s life without goals? If you have ever asked yourself that very question, quite possibly you have set some goals for yourself – realistic ones I hope – that will enhance your life in some way, shape or form. I truly believe it is important to have something that you are working toward. It gives purpose and hope. E.O. Wilson said it best when he wrote “You are capable of more than you know. Choose a goal that seems right for you and strive to be the best, however hard the path. Aim high. Behave honorably. Prepare to be alone at times, and to endure failure. Persist! The world needs all you can give.” So if you have made New Year’s resolutions or goals, let this be the year that you follow through with them. I am willing to try with you so write to me at and let me know how you are doing. Happy New Year!

Stacey Bethel Your Editor-in-Chief

Issue 15 | Jan 2013 5

Sojourn: Sun, Sand and Beach



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Issue 15 | Jan 2013 7

STACEY BETHEL Editor in Chief Creative Director: VICTOR E. LEWIS Art & Content Director: MIKELAH ROSE Fashion Director: ARLENE MARTIN (drennaLuna) Business Relations: NATASHA P. DUNN Photographers: CHAMPION HAMILTON | AJAMU MYRIE Contributing Writers Shantell “Shanz” Hill Jody-Ann Williams Raine Martin Malaika Lepine Christene Carr

ABOUT TRIPLE THE FOCUS Triple the Focus is a Music, Entertainment and Lifestyle EMagazine published monthly. Released October 5, 2011, the goal of the E-zine is to provide a platform for industry insiders that will assist in connecting them with their fans on a more personal level. With behind the scenes photos, exclusive interviews, fashion and lifestyle tidbits, Triple the Focus is the brainchild of Triple 7 Entertainment LLC’s, a PR firm, CEO Stacey Bethel (nee Williams), who serves as Editor in Chief of the Magazine. Creative Director, Victor E. Lewis is the CEO of VicRae, Inc. whose clients include Actor, Leon, Third World Band, Jadine – Soca Diva and more. Art & Content Director, Mikelah Rose has worked for JAMROCK Magazine, VP Records, TEMPO Networks and has her own blog, Style & Vibes. For more information, email info@triplethefocus. com.


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CELEBRATING GOD’S GRACE IN THE NEW YEAR by Dr. M. Frances Manning – Fontaine


n the ancient calendar used by the Romans, from which our calendar was created, the name of each month had a meaning. For example, the month of February was so named because that was the time of the year for a feast called Februa. Some of the other months were named for the false gods that the Romans worshiped. March was named after Mars, the god of war. May was probably derived from the goddess, Maia. June was named after the goddess Juno. The months July and August were named, respectively, after Julius Caesar and his successor, Caesar Augustus. September, October, November, and December were named for the numbers seven, eight, nine, and ten in the Latin language. That was the order in which those months fell in the Roman calendar.

have come and recognize that we owe God a praise. I owe Him a praise for allowing me to come to the end of this season of writing in which I hope these columns have some how caught your attention and inspired you to “keep it moving.” But all things good and bad come to an end. We also naturally look ahead to the New Year and where we are going. There are two ways we can do this, (1) Look back in appreciation and (2) look ahead with anticipation. Because of God’s grace all of us can look back at this past year with appreciation. No matter what has happened, the Lord has been good to us. Through all the trials and troubles we faced in 2012, God was sympathetic to us. It always makes us feel better when someone knows what we are going through, when someone understands. That is a reason to celebrate God’s grace. God felt the pain we felt. When we were shedding tears of sorrow God was watching us and caring about us. Those of you who have lost family and friends who were dear to you, God know and cares about you, you were not alone.

One month in the ancient Roman calendar that had an especially descriptive name was January. The Latin word Janua means “a door or window from which a person may look both ways,” in other words, forward and back. Historians say that January is also derived from the name Janus, a common household god among the Romans. He was often depicted facing in two directions. Basically, he was looking forward and back. Some When that business venture fell through you were people called it the two-faced god. Sound famil- not alone. When that failed relationship sent you iar? to your bed crying, you were not alone. We may never know all the close calls we had last year. As we stand in the doorway of the month of Jan- We may never know how many disasters the Lord uary and the New Year takes possession of the protected us from. We may have walked through clock of time, we look back over the year we the valley of the shadow of death and not have

known it. But we do know the Lord’s presence saved us from disaster. He sent his angels to protect us and sheltered us under his protecting hand. Through everything God was there. As we celebrate God’s grace we can look back with appreciation for God’s protection. The other part of our New Year’s celebration is looking ahead. We make resolutions. We make plans. We look forward to another year with great anticipation. What is the one thing we look forward to with anticipation? It is God’s mercy and grace. We know that we will fail many times; but because of His Grace, he will give us another chance. Instead of looking ahead to 2013 with anticipation there are many who look ahead with fear and trepidation. What will the New Year hold? Will the economy be good or bad? Will companies continue to lay people off or will many be hiring? Will taxes go up or down? Will our investments go up or down? Will we fall off the indefinable fiscal cliff? How wonderful it is for us to be confident that no matter what happens God will be with us. He promises to provide all that we need. We may experience setbacks but the Lord will only do what is best for us.

The mother knocks the baby down again so it remembers how it got up. Why? The baby has to be able to walk very quickly after birth. There are lions, hyenas, leopards and wild dogs that enjoy baby giraffe. If the mother didn’t do what looks like a cruel thing the baby would never survive. Life does similar things to us through trials and troubles. When “Mama Giraffe” kicks you out into 2013 amid the lions, hyenas, leopards and wild dogs and she will, just know this - while the wild beasts are out there, no matter what form they come in, FEAR NOT - Father God as in the past will sustain you through His Grace. At the end of 2013, looking back, like now you will be able to celebrate His Grace.

And so in this my final column in this beautiful online publication, I commend you dear readers to God and to the Word of His Grace that is able to And what about the potential problems we might build you up. It face in 2013? What if we lose a loved one or is truly my joy to lose our job? What if some other Sandy – like di- have gotten to saster strikes? Perhaps there will be other terrorist know so many of attacks. In any distress that might come our way you, “my yardthis year please be assured that God will be with ies”, through the us. He will rescue us and carry us through even generosity of your the worst of times. editor Stacey and her family. I carry So how does our knowledge of God’s grace and you in my heart! goodness for this New Year affect our plans for this year. How do we look ahead with anticipation? I’m glad you asked! We put all our dreams and goals for growth and success in the Lord’s hands. He will provide us with what we need both physically and spiritually. He will comfort us and share our pain and sorrow. As the New Year has rung in, we will celebrate God’s grace - grace that moves us to look back with appreciation. Grace that allows us to look ahead with anticipation - the anticipation that we will be better, better friends, better parents to our children, better spouses, better to our own selves. There are better possibilities and opportunities that await us in 2013 beyond our thinking or imagining as we celebrate God’s grace more and more. I read somewhere that when a baby giraffe is born, its mother does something that we might consider cruel. The mother gives her offspring a good kick. When it doesn’t get up, she gives it another good kick. The process is repeated again and again until the baby giraffe slowly stands up.






s a young artist in the 1990s, Wayne Wonder helped carve out a niche for lover’s rock in an era dominated by dancehall. By blending his silky-smooth vocals with dancehall’s thumping bass-lines and badman-attitude, he helped mold a space where sap-filled songs about love and romance could exist on the same audio battlefield where heavy artillery popped off on the regular. “Saddest Day,” “Movie Star” featuring Buju Banton, “Joyride,” with Baby Cham, “Anything Goes” with Capone, N.O.R.E and Lexxus, and “Watching You,” and “No Letting Go” are among the countless classics generated by Wayne Wonder throughout the 90s and 2000s. Fast forward 25 years and a dozen albums, and Von Wayne ‘Wayne Wonder’ Charles has hit the Billboard Top 100 charts, won a MOBO Award, nominated for a Grammy, collaborated with a host of top-level American urban music artists, and had his music featured in a box office smash. However, Wayne, who has just finally regained creative control of his career after a long battle with his former label, is just getting started. My Way, released in December, is his 13th album, but the first one released on his own Singso Records, produced, recorded, and directed almost exclusively by Wayne Wonder.

I just finished listening to the new album My Way, and it definitely has the signature Wayne Wonder sound – a mix of sweet and spicy and R&B and Dancehall. (laughing) yeah, that is Wayne Wonder

What is it about this album that’s supposed to be different? It’s supposed to be your way as opposed to. . .? I wouldn’t say it’s different, because I wouldn’t change [my style] for nothing, but it’s independently done, I put so much heart and soul in it, you know. Ninety-five percent of the songs were recorded by me, I did it myself, I recorded myself, you know, I had so much more input, you know what I mean? You had more creative control over this album? Definitely! This is your first album on Singso Records right? Yes, this is my first album on Singso Records. One of the songs I really love is the song with Mya, “If I Ever.” How did that collaboration come about? I actually wrote the song and recorded it. Then my good friend and Mya are also friends, so he came to my house with her; I have a studio at my house. I was playing the song. I had Pro Tools open because I was working on the session, and by the end of the night, Mya was on the song. (laughs). It’s funny when things work out that way. Just like that. (chuckles) Did you produce all of the tracks on the album yourself? It’s really an all-star. I produced “Like the First Time,” and [“If I Ever”] with Mya. Riddim Fingaz co-produced a few tracks, Tony Kelly is on it also, Stephen McGregor produced “It’s All About You.” It’s a cast of all stars, even though it’s me, there was a lot of creative energy in it. There is the new generation with Stephen and Dre Day. Tony Kelly for the ‘90s dancehall style, it’s a blend. You can keep a party going with just Wayne Wonder’s CD. Issue 15 | Jan 2013 13

What is your favorite track off the album? Wow. My favorite track – WOW – man, that’s a hard one. That’s a real hard one. I love, I love “This Time,” which is original Wayne Wonder lover’s rock, one-drop style; I like the track with me and Shaggy; I like “Drop it Down Low,” I always wanted a club banger, you know, enjoy yourself, party and drink. You worked with a German producer on “Drop It Down Low?” Yeah. What happened was I was on tour and we hooked up with Triple D and we just set it off, went in the studio. I told him I was working on my album and he said, ‘yeah, let’s do something’ and that was it. ‘Drop it Down Low’ is doing good, it’s on the Black [music] charts in Germany. It’s been on MTV in Europe. It’s a good look. You write all your own songs, right? Yes! Yes M’am.

What really happened was some legal stuff. I had to get out of VP [Records]. With my lawyers and stuff it took a lot of time. And what happen now, when I would drop my songs, VP would be up on it. I decided I wasn’t going to put out my songs until I am totally out of VP. They don’t build, as they hear it they just want to jump on your stuff and they want everything, they don’t want you to eat. I got tired of that sittin,’ man. I got my lawyers and we work on it, and finally I got released two years ago, October. My creative juice start flowing back, I don’t have no legal stuff. Before, I’d be in the studio working and I’d get a call from my lawyer saying “VP playing hard ball” and VP this and VP that – it was like a little struggle, you know. Now it’s all good, I’ve been through the fire and I came up smiling. Listen to the last song on this album, “Overall,” if you listen that song, you can hear my struggle. (Singing) overall haters wanna si mi fall/but overall even when I’m against the wall/I always will be standing tall

You’ve also done some co-writing and ghost writing, most notably, you wrote “Deportees” and “Murderer” for Buju Banton.


Yes, I did. I wrote “Deportees” and a couple of other songs, “Murder.” I’ve been writing for other artists over the years ,like Frisco Kid, Baby Cham, Alley Kat to name a few. I’ve been doing it, but I’m not a media baby, so I do a lot of things behind the scenes.

One of the songs you released during the six years, is that gangster song you did with Ninja Man and Barrington Levy for Platinum Camp.

You’ve written some pretty good Dancehall tunes, and every now and then you do deejay on some of your songs as “Surprise.”

Yeah man.

Oooh, yes, that’s “Bad Boys.” Yes. Yes.

Actually I did that song for my mixed tape. Yeah, it was like a mixed tape street vibe, you know what I mean. Sometimes I go into the studio and Surprise is my alter-ego. I’ve had songs out ever I just do different stuff, you never can tell where since and people thought Surprise was my artist, it’s gonna go, that’s just me, that’s just what I do. but it’s me, my alter-ego. Surprise is on “Enemies” and “I Still Believe.” Surprise is on so many songs, I’ve been using Pro Tools now for ten years, from man. People think Surprise is my artist, but it’s re- since Pro Tools was 3.0 and now it’s at 10. As an ally like surprise, it’s me, Wayne Wonder. Surprise artist, I record myself, I engineer, I make beats is on this album too. I’ve been deejaying and I just do it. I’m always on the grind, looking the writing lyrics since I was 13. grapes to make the wine. (laughs) Back in the 90s, you were well known for a lot of your tunes with Dave Kelly, particularly your collaborations with Buju Banton, how has his situation affected you? It was an unfortunate situation, you know, a man with such talent. But it is what it is, we’re human. It’s affected us all, but we gotta just keep pushing forward. My Way is your first album in six years, why so long?

Do you also produce and make beats and stuff for other artists? Right now, I have a new artist, his name is Jim Red. He’s actually my friend’s brother, Frankie Sly’s brother. I am also doing some work with my brother also. A few minutes back, we talked about Stephen McGregor. When you started in this business, Stephen was probably in diapers. Stephen and a lot of these younger producers have brought a new

sound to Dancehall. It’s a more Hip Hop, more and Tarrus Riley - I love singers that can really put pop music sound. What’s your take on this new it down, I love them that way. sound? As for deejays, I listen to Busy Signal, of the youngI’m not going to knock them, but that’s not me, er deejays. Shabba is my all time favorite deejay. you know what I mean? I get that it’s the new generation, but at the same time if you notice Who is your dream collaboration? On My Way like one-drop will never change. I decided to you worked with Shaggy and Mya. Who would make an album with just live one-drop. Beres you like to have on the next album? [Hammond] told me ‘just sing sweet songs’ and that will never change. Live will be live, it doesn’t My dream is to work with Alicia Keys. I’ll say it over matter what new sounds or whatever comes in, and over - I would LOVE to work with Alicia Keys. live one-drop will be live one-drop, and that’s authentic Reggae. You listen songs like “This Time,” I can see it: you and her singing a duet, she’s on “Extraordinary Love,” songs like “It’s All About the piano - It would be pretty amazing. You,” – that one-drop vibe, that Lover’s Rock vibe, it will never change. Exactly! I am actually working on the one-drop album Well, we’ve put it out in the universe so hopefully. right now, it’s called Sweet Songs. I’ve done like six tracks already. I’ll give you a sneak peak of Clive [Davis] holla at me! Jive Records hit me up! the album, of what’s going on. (laughs) (laughing) But Dancehall, it’s an energy, you know. There will be good riddims and bad riddims, like with anything. With mass production, someone is always going to copy something or do something like it, you know. That’s how it is, until the real stuff rise to the occasion.

You’ve had mainstream success with “Anything Goes,” and “No Letting Go.” Any pressure for My Way to cross over? Whenever I make an album or a song, I pretty much just want it to be appreciated. That’s all I ask.

You’ve influenced many singers over the years. Who are some of the younger singers that you Anything else you want to say about My Way? listen to? Buy three copies, one for the car, one for the Right now, my little nephew is – I call him my crib, and keep one in plastic, ‘cause it’s gonna nephew – Christopher Martin. Really love his cre- be a classic! ative ability, his work ethic. Also Romain Virgo

“Live will be live, it doesn’t matter what new sounds or whatever comes in, live onedrop will be live one-drop, and that’s authentic Reggae.”

Issue 15 | Jan 2013 15

As it Pertains to. . .

Being The Best YOU in 2013! By Christene Carr

It’s the New Year and no doubt many have made resolutions. Statistics published by the University of Scranton finds that only 46% of people making resolutions stick to them past six months. The research also shows that only 39% of people in their twenties that make resolutions succeed in completing them, compared to only 14% of people over 50 years old. If is fair to assume that the rest of us fall somewhere in the middle. Having doled out these less than encouraging numbers, here are 10 non-threatening resolutions to improve your health, beauty and New Year’s resolution success rate. 1. USE AN SPF EVERYDAY


Sun damage is a major cause of premature aging and the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. If also exacerbate hyper-pigmentation and prolonged exposure can lead to skin cancer. Regardless of age or ethnicity, the best way to prevent sun damage is to wear sun protection 365 days per year. If you already use a moisturizer and you don’t want that extra step, simple switch with SPF such as Mario Badescu Oil Free Moisturizer with SPF 15. $26

I often hear the phrase “give until it hurts.” But giving doesn’t have to hurt. It is okay to start small and for totally selfish reasons. Go through your closet and give away things you no longer want. This way you are making way for all the new purchases of 2013 but you are also doing something for those less fortunate. Giving to others is a quick and easy way to lift your spirits and increase your happiness. Give so you can feel good.



Life would be quite dreary without friends and family, yet so many of us take our relationships for granted. We put off phone calls and visits in favor of working and other activities we readily admit are not as important as our family and friends. Spending time with those we love renews our spirit, increases happiness and energizes us to take on the world. When that date pops up on your calendar you will be forced to pause and decide what’s more important. Hopefully you will chose to honor your commitment with your loved one versus rescheduling.

When we’re young, skin has a vibrant and radiant look. This is because skin cell turnover happens quickly and we constantly see “new skin” on our face and body. However, as we age cell turnover slows down and the cell no longer slough off as quickly, this leads to dull, lifeless looking skin. Exfoliation helps to gently remove dead skin cells and the massaging motion increases circulation to the skin, revealing younger, fresher looking skin. For Body: philosophy ‘the gingerbread man’ hot salt body scrub $25. For Face: Burt’s Bees Citrus Facial Scrub. $8



I have met very few people who were 100% satisfied with their overall diet. Each person, at some point or another, contemplates switching up their diet for better health and beauty benefits. Whatever the reason for the diet change, start small. For example, if you usually add two teaspoons of sugar to your coffee or tea, add one instead. Opt for steamed broccoli with your burger versus having fries. Add either mayo or cheese to your sandwich but don’t use both. Small changes are not threatening and one smart choice today can easily become a habit tomorrow.

Our bodies are made up of 60% water. Consuming 6-8 glasses of water every day helps maintain the balance of body fluids, control calories, energize muscles, keep skin looking good, helps to maintain normal bowel function and more. Infuse your water with citrus such as lemon, limes and oranges to break up the monotony of consuming plain water.

7. WASH AND MOISTURIZE YOUR FACE EVERY NIGHT BEFORE BED Sometimes after a long day it is all I can do to get to the bed before passing out. For this reason, I keep a pack of facial wipes by the bed so at the very least I can remove all the grime my face collected during the day. Try Ponds Chamomile & White Tea Cleansing Cloths. These wipes contain ingredients to clean, soothe and nourish skin. $6

Our Beauty Picks for 2013

8. GET ENOUGH BEAUTY REST According to the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, “Getting enough quality sleep at the right times can help protect your mental health, physical health, quality of life, and safety.” However some of us don’t make the time to get a proper night’s sleep. It is during sleep that our brain and body repairs itself and prepares for the day ahead. Sleep deprivation can lead to a reduction in productivity, focus, comprehension and reaction time. Lack of sleep is also linked to an increased risk of heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, and other serious ailments. While each person’s sleep needs and requirements are different, it is recommended that we try to sleep at least 7-8 hours per night.

9. GET 30 MINUTES OF EXERCISE AT LEAST 4-5 TIMES PER WEEK Exercise has many benefits. The most popular of which include: strengthening and toning muscles, improving flexibility, improving heart health, increasing stamina, controlling weight, mood improvement, promoting better sleep and the list goes on. Studies have shown that 30 minutes of physical activity, along with a balanced diet, is enough to maintain a healthy weight.

10. TRY SOMETHING NEW ONCE PER MONTH For those with busy lives it’s easy to go day after day, month after month, even year after year, stuck in a beauty and style rut. Trying something new doesn’t have to be overwhelming. It could be as easy as choosing a bolder lip color, polishing your nails, wearing cropped denim or even changing the way you wear your hair. One small change can make a world of difference and open you up to even more possibilities. Even though these resolutions are meant to be non-threatening, sometimes we need that extra bit of motivation to get things done. The website allows you to sign up, list your goals, share your progress and get total strangers to cheer for you. Good luck with your New Year’s resolution. I’ll be rooting for you. Issue 15 | Jan 2013 19

DRE SKULL: THE QUIET STORM By Shantell “Shanz” Hill Photos by Michael Schmelling & Francesca Tamse



is name is Andrew Hershey but to many in professional circles he is Dre Skull. Through the gift of networking on an international and domestic level which has been redefined with the advent of email and social networking, I have maintained a business relationship with Dre Skull that has not been only fruitful but rewarding. It began three years ago when I was introduced to Dre, who had been working on a project at Bigyard Music Studios in Kingston, Jamaica, by my friend DJ Toddla T. Working at Bigyard at the time afforded me the distinct opportunity to listen in on his sessions. I was very impressed and unknown to me at the time, a friendship would not only ensue, but that his name would very soon become an international staple. Not only is he a staple of the international scene, he has become a part of the reggae culture. For instance, in November, Dre visited Jamaica again where he embarked on a three day - three video projects with rising reggae stars Tifa and Popcaan and reggae veteran, Beenie Man.

WHO IS DRE SKULL? Raised in the East Coast’s underground freakout punk scene (alongside the likes of Lightning Bolt and Paper Rad), Dre Skull has developed a unique aesthetic that mixes high conceptualism with pop accessibility. Few producers so effortlessly travel between the worlds of hip-hop, dancehall, and electronic dance music, but Dre Skull creatively connects the dots between various elements of urban underground music and culture. In the tradition of Rick Rubin and Don Was, he’s a producer who sees beyond categories, creating clever combinations that push musical boundaries. In the past year the Brooklyn DJ/producer has done an incredible amount of work. He has executed and produced an entire album with dancehall superstar Vybz Kartel entitled Kingston Story. The record shot to the top of dancehall charts from iTunes to island radio and the videos from the album received over seven million views on YouTube. Additionally, Dre was tapped by Major Lazer to help produce the recently released Snoop Lion (formerly Snoop Dogg) album, Reincarnated, recorded in Jamaica, Los Issue 15 | Jan 2013 21

“Few producers so effortlessly travel between the worlds of hip-hop, dancehall, and electronic dance music, but Dre Skull creatively connects the dots between various elements of urban underground music and culture.” Angeles and New York. Of the experience – as told to Vivian Host of XLR8R - he remarks, “The production team was doing something like 18hour days for two-and-a-half weeks straight, with only about one full day off near the end. Overall, though, the process was incredibly smooth and the album came together just so.” He also released singles with dancehall heavy-hitters Beenie Man, Popcaan and soca chart-topper, Machel Montano. Add to that, the release of his ‘Kling Klang Riddim’ featuring various dancehall artists and a single for rapper, Pusha T.

The perfect realization of Dre Skull’s singular vision is his Mixpak Record label. Founded in 2009, Mixpak is an outpost for Dre’s original productions and the work of respected artists from a variety of scenes. Just a short sampling of Mixpak’s roster includes Dirty South rappers Lil’ Scrappy and Sissy Nobby, Japanese all-girl punk band Hard Nips, tropical bass producers Poirier and Schlachthofbronx and cutting-edge house dudes Dubbel Dutch and Mele. With a legion of projects planned and exciting new signings and remixes in the works, the mysterious Dre Skull has many more surprises up his sleeve. While he is proud of the strides he has made, he continues to hone his craft and up the ante. About the future, he is quoted in XLR8R as saying, “The best advice I ever got basically said: ‘If you endeavor to do something well, after three years of working on it, you might not realize you have improved all that much. After 10 years, you might realize you are finally getting better, but after 20 years, you will realize you are a changed person.’ It’s a story about patience and dedication that I take to heart.”

His work has landed him features in publications such as XLR8R, Clark, Fader, Tsugi, and Vanity Fair. Twitter: @DreSkull His music has been championed by DJs including Annie Mac, Sinden, Switch, Drop the Lime, Diplo, Stretch Armstrong, Max Glazer and Hot 97’s DJ Enuff.

Getaway In Style Photographer: Marc Evans, Make-up: Angelie Martin-Spencer Stylists: Arlene L. Martin, Angelie Martin-Spencer Clothing: drennaLUNA, All items are from the upcoming Resort Collection - available January 2013.

After a hectic Christmas with visits and events, January always seems to be a great time to get away. For those in the northern USA especially, a trip to the Caribbean is just ideal to escape to a warm climate, but at a time when the temperatures aren’t soaring as they do during the summer months. Knowing how attractive the month is for long vacations or short escapes, the events calendar for January is usually pretty exciting. Jamaica offers two music festivals in that month alone, and if you plan the trip right, you might actually make it to both: Rebel Salute and the Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival. Regardless of whether you will attend a festival, an escape with the perfect wardrobe is always welcome. This month’s fashion encourages you to escape and relax and to be elegantly styled while doing so.

This page - Shorts and tank: These natural tones will make you feel at home outdoors as you lounge with family or friends or travel by road. Previous page Trouser and long sleeved sweater T: This elegant off-white ensemble is perfect for a fine dinner. Issue 15 | Jan 2013 25

Long dress: Go bare-footed and relax indoors, pull it over the swimsuit or dress it up with heels and fine jewelry. However you choose to wear this dress, it says sexy.

Cocktail dress: Perfect for an entertaining evening out. Issue 15 | Jan 2013 27



omeone very close to my heart introduced this artist’s music to me and ever since then I’ve found myself listening to his mixtape almost every day. Jamar Rolando McNaughton, 20, also known as ‘Chronixx’ emerged on the scene to ‘Start a Fyah.’ At a tender age, Chronixx showed love for music and songwriting. His father, who is also a musician, recognized his talents and nurtured it to the point where Chronixx was able to take matters in his own hands.

lover, he skipped going to Edna Manley, was eager to let his own voice be heard, dedicate his time to what he loved after his brother’s death made a huge impact on his life. Nothing happens by chance and as the universe would have it he met some ‘brothers’ who have undeniably impacted his budding career today.

His unique voice and militant personality accompanied by a melodic sound, has allowed him to stake his place in the music industry. The reception he has received from media, fellow Coming from a musical background, and many artists and growing fans since the release of studio jam sessions with the likes of Burro Banton, hits such as ‘Behind Curtain,’ ‘African Heritage,’ Norris Man and the legendary Gregory Isaacs, ‘Wall Street’ and ‘Warrior’ has been immense. He he was confident to set out on his own journey. gives all the credit to his father, Chronicle, who Being a talented child, he was able to pen his always encouraged Chronixx to make each first song at the age of 5. He then went on to performance better than the last. be a Choir Director and Worship Leader at 11. Chronixx didn’t stop there. He has had the How did you get the name Chronixx and what privilege of harmonizing for Gospel artistes such does it mean? as Jermaine Edwards and Reggae artist Lutan I got the name Chronixx from my father who is Fyah. Chronicle. People named me based on what he was called, “Chronicle Son”. Acceptance and Not only is he a songwriter, he is also a producer time, that’s what Chronixx means. who has built riddims for artists such as Konshens, Munga Honorable and Popcaan. A visual art Where did you grow up?

Issue 15 | Jan 2013 29

I grew up in Spanish Town, born in Dela Vega City. Finally, share some things your fans would be I moved to Ensom City with my family and had a surprised to know about you. wonderful childhood growing up in Spanish Town. • I’m not a materialistic person. I’m very appreciative of the simple & natural things in At what age did you get involved in music? life. Professionally, I got involved at 15. Learnt the craft • I love to work. Not just within music. I like to work and placed myself in the whole atmosphere of collectively with people. music, where writing and producing is concerned. • I’d want to help everybody make music in life. Are all your songs originally written? First and foremost, my songs, each and every one of them are written by the universe. It’s really what is happening around the world. I’m just the avenue, the vessel that brings forth the word. How would you describe your music? My style of music is for the audience and for the world to decide and critique. If there’s a word, it would be revolutionary. Who/what inspires you? I’m inspired by life. Life is very inspirational, everything in life. It is life that inspires the people who inspired me and the people inspires me. How do you feel about your sound being compared to the likes of Reggae Artist, I-Wayne? I’ve been compared to everybody in music but it’s just people trying to figure out where you’re sound comes from. Where to put it, where it fit in but they’ll have a hard time putting me in a category. You recently started touring, where have you traveled to? Costa Rica. It was a great joy traveling with people who share the same musical sentiments as me. The people were very receptive. It was one of the high points of my career so far. It was also my first time performing outside of Jamaica. What’s a day in the life of Chronixx like? Food, music and meditation. I try to eat what is right, do what is right and sing what is right. Exercise and reverence is a must as well. What do you do for leisure? I cook and do more music. I love to make funny versions of my own music or my favorite music. I love to cook Ackee with ground provision food. It’s my favorite meal. If you were stranded on an island, name three things that you’d most likely have in your possession? Music, fire and water. That is all that’s needed. I’m very used to being stranded on an island if you know what I mean. Everyone has a mission they want to complete in whichever career they choose, what is yours? To present a certain idea to the world, new ideas. This is what keep people on the right track. I’m here to provide a different way out of adversities.

“I’m inspired by life. Life is very inspirational, everything in life. It is life that inspires the people who inspired me and the people inspires me.”

MORE THAN YOUR AVERAGE: LIVING LIFE ABOVE YOUR MEANS By Sherri Jones, M.B.A. Trying to keep up with the Kardashians, Carters, or Joneses is a sure way to find yourself living a lavish lifestyle while drowning in an insurmountable pool of debt. In today’s society, visual stimuli is at an all time high thanks to the power of social media. As a result, people feel the need to portray the image that they’re living life in the fab lane when in reality they are barely making ends meet. Last year, ESPN aired a special series entitled “30 for 30: Broke” in which they highlighted professional athletes who had signed contracts worth tens and hundreds of millions of dollars, but yet somehow ended up with what most of them started out with -- nothing. The average American is only bringing home a salary of $43,000 according to the National Average Wage Index, so most of us can’t even begin to fathom what a check for a couple million looks like, yet we still manage to wear the same feel you want or deserve. There’s nothing wrong with clothing, drive the same cars, and eat at the treating yourself every now and then, but if you don’t same restaurants as the stars. Anyone see the need it then, leave it alone. problem here? To avoid living a lifestyle that cost more than you can SET GOALS: Want to make a big designer purchase? realistically afford consider following these practical Maybe you want to take a first class vacation? Whatever your goals may be, keep track of them and build steps: up to making them a reality. Instead of blowing $2K on BUDGET: Grab a pen and paper (yes, a pen and pa- that new purse or rehauling your entire closet at once, per, not an app) and write down a list of your monthly set long term goals over a period of time so that you expenses. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes don’t have to hold your breath and say a prayer every just to see everything written down. Average these ex- time vendors swipe your card. penses out against your monthly salary and from there see where you can manage to cut down on some not No matter what stage of life you may be in, whether a college student, new budding professional, or an also important items. ready established head honcho in your field, it’s imporSAVE: All the money in your bank account shouldn’t be tant to remember that you must live within your means. allocated to the “make it rain” fund. Open a savings The worst decisions you can ever make are those you account where you store extra cash for emergency allow society to dictate. Don’t let the culture tell you purposes because in this economy you never know what cars you have to buy, what brand of clothing you have to wear, and how many carats of jewelry you when a series of rainy days are in your forecast. should be draped in to be considered successful. It is PAY ATTENTION: Before you swipe your debit or credit that mentality that holds people back from actually cards, take a moment to stop and think. Not everything accruing the level of success that their hearts desire. Be you buy is a necessity, but usually something you like or you. Do you. Just spend wisely while being and doing.

Beres Hammond, Shaggy, Maxi Priest and Ali Campbell’s UB40 P lay Barclays Center First Reggae Concert

By Pat Meschino (Billboard Biz) Photos by Ajamu Myrie

The year-long series of celebrations honoring Jamaica’s 50th anniversary of independence wound down Dec. 12 with the largest Jamaican music event in New York for 2012, the first reggae concert at Brooklyn’s recently opened Barclays Center. The BioLife Sounds of Reggae concert featured London born lovers’ rock crooner Maxi Priest, dancehall superstar Shaggy, Ali Campbell’s UB40 and Beres Hammond, regarded as one of Jamaica’s finest practicing singer/songwriter. Presented by Jammins Entertainment, which has promoted reggae in the New York area since the late ‘80s, with title sponsorship provided by BioLife Energy Systems, the Sounds of Reggae Concert attracted an audience nearing the venue’s set-up capacity of 13,000. The night before Beres Hammond sat in with The Roots on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, the venerable artist’s first national US television appearance and a frequent conversation topic at the concert. “Beres is a superstar throughout the Caribbean but we want to take him to the next level and the Fallon show is a great platform for exposure,” said publicist Tiffany Mea, Founder/ CEO, With Love PR, who successfully pitched Beres to the Fallon show and handles PR for Beres’ latest album “One Love One Life” (VP Records). And perhaps the appearances paid off: “One Love…”ascended to the No. 1 position on the Top Reggae Albums chart for the week of Dec. 29, after 5 weeks on the tally.

Maxi Priest opened the concert delivering selections from his hit-filled repertoire which boasts five songs that reached the Hot 100 including “Close to You”, which reached the chart’s pinnacle position on Oct. 6, 1990. Maxi told that his hits of the ‘80s and ‘90s laid the groundwork for a continually hectic touring schedule. “I am still in this, thank God and when you have a prestigious gig like tonight you think, ‘yeah, people still remember those songs and call for the artists who actually, for lack of a better word, have done something,’” he said.

that. Maxi Priest is one of the top five voices in reggae and UB40 has sold millions. You can’t do a show like this without a dancehall segment and Shaggy represents that.”

The audience waited patiently through technical mishaps that delayed Beres’ performance by nearly 30 minutes. Then suddenly, as if revved up by BioLife’s Energy Formula, they sprang to their feet, cheering Beres’ arrival onstage, roaring their recognition at the rhythms played by his Harmony House band, loudly singing along to time tested favorites (“She Loves Me Now” 1985) and recent hits (“No Candlelight,” 2012). A brilliant storyteller whose songs primarily detail the triumphs and defeats of romantic relationships, Beres’ signature gut-wrenching passion summoned the soul of Otis Redding, the sensuality of Teddy Pendergrass and the sweetness of Sam Cooke. A 40-year veteran, Beres’ humility belies the reverence with which he is regarded in the reggae industry: he quickly refuted the notion he was the bill’s star attraction. “Did you say headliner?” he queried. “I don’t see myself that way. I am so proud to be a part of this show, I have the greatest respect for all of these artists and if I were a harmony singer here tonight, I would have been happy.” Beres’ 1994 album for Elektra Records “In Control” has sold 64,000 copies according to Nielsen Soundscan while his Grammy nominated 2001 effort “Music Is Life” (VP Records) has moved 40,000 units.

Born in Jamaica, Shaggy, dancehall reggae’s best selling act (his press materials say he’s sold 20 million worldwide; Nielsen-Soundscan has him selling 8.9 million in the U.S.) got his start in Brooklyn where he refined his distinctive, jocular toasting style working with local (reggae) sound systems. Shaggy wore his Brooklyn pride (Flatbush to be exact) on his t-shirt; supported by long time Brooklyn cohorts Rayvon and Red Fox, he consistently engaged the crowd with the polish of a Vegas showman, telling jokes, alternating between American slang and Jamaican patois, even impersonating Bill Clinton, an amusing introduction to his denial anthem “It Wasn’t Me”, which topped the Hot 100 on Feb. 3, 2001). Off stage, Shaggy reflected on the significance of a major reggae concert in Brooklyn where 34% of the borough’s 2.5 million residents are born in the Caribbean, according to a study by the Borough of Brooklyn/ Brooklyn College. “Considering the caliber of acts that have already performed at the Barclays Center, Jay Z, The Rolling Stones, tonight is a milestone for the Caribbean community,” Shaggy observed. “We came out in our numbers and showed the corporate entities that reggae is a force to be reckoned with.” Ali Campbell’s UB40 closed the show in splendid style, albeit to a much smaller audience. His group is an offshoot of UB40, which he cofounded thirty-four years ago in Birmingham, England and left in 2008. The original group has sold more than 70 million records worldwide.

George Crooks, CEO of Jammins Entertainment has promoted several Beres Hammond concerts in New York including a March 2002 appearance at The Theater At Madison Square Garden featuring the New York Philharmonic’s string section playing alongside Beres’ Harmony House band. The singer’s inclusion in any lineup, says Crooks, insures a successful event. “Beres is among Jamaica’s all-time greatest performers, people know that so they come out and that makes promotion easier,” Crooks said. “I wanted the lovers rock sound for this event and Beres is the boss in Issue 15 | Jan 2013 35


S PA N I S H CO U R T H OT E L 926.0000 1 St. Lucia Avenue, Kingston 5, Jamaica



TRACK LISTING DISC 1 1. No Candle Light 2. Can’t Waste No Time 3. In My Arms 4. Crazy Dreams 5. Lonely Fellow 6. My Life 7. Keep Warm 8. More Time 9. Shouldn’t Be 10. The Song


eggae lovers get double the smooth grooves from singer Beres Hammond on his latest double disc album, One Love, One Life, released on VP Records label. On this album listeners can enjoy Beres’ classic sound infused with Jazz, Ska, R&B and Dancehall. Drawing inspiration from love and life lessons, the album listens like a book of great short stories, each song taking you on a journey to something you’ve experienced in your past or present life; making it a great listen from beginning to end. If you close your eyes and listen, each song paints a portrait of the lyrical story Beres tells especially on “Crazy Dreams” and “Lonely Fellow”. His traditional style is displayed on romantic ballads “Keep Warm,” “More Time” and “Shouldn’t Be”. The album is not just the classic lover’s rock Beres in known for; there’s encouragement about coming of age and being inspired to be better human beings on songs like “Still Searching,” “You Stand Alone,” “Family” and the album title track “One Love, One Life”. Uptempo groovy tunes like ska infused “Can’t Waste No Time” and “Don’t You Feel Like Dancing” add to the albums feel good vibe. An album highlight comes towards the end of the second disc where Beres lyrically captivates the peak of a dancehall party with “Primetime,” which warrants a few forwards in a party on its own. One Love, One Life will not disappoint Reggae lovers worldwide. The consistency of Beres Hammond’s distinguished vocals is like wine that gets better with age! When you hear his music (or see him perform) it’s no wonder Beres remains relevant and well respected across generations. His ability to bridge the gap with romantic melodies and resonate with anyone solidifies that Beres is cruising in a lane all by himself. This album embodies Beres Hammond’s musical persona at the very core.

DISC 2 1. Still Searching 2. Don’t You Feel Like Dancing 3. One Love One Life 4. Can’t Make Blood Outta Stone 5. You Stand Alone 6. Not Made of Steel 7. Family 8. Truth Will Live On 9. Prime Time 10. I Humble Myself OTHER REVIEWS ROLLING STONE: “At age 57, the crooner has just released one of the best albums of a four-decade-long career.” BILLBOARD: “A brilliant storyteller whose songs primarily detail the triumphs and defeats of romantic relationships, Beres’ signature gut-wrenching passion summoned the soul of Otis Redding, the sensuality of Teddy Pendergrass and the sweetness of Sam Cooke...” OKAYPLAYER’S LARGE UP: Chosen as #1 Best Caribbean Album of The Year “ of the most powerful statements” BOOMSHOTS: “Always telling a story about real people, inflecting meaning where there previously was none... wrenching the emotion from each word...Beres Hammond songs distill relatable situations and feelings into clever, meaningful couplets wrapped in sticky melodies.” THE PIER MAGAZINE: “Lustful, groovy sounds...fulfills the all-encompassing endeavors of a true musical legend... reggae purists will cherish the timeless sounds...” Issue 15 | Jan 2013 39

BERES HAMMOND TALKS TO DAMIEN SCOTT OF BOOMSHOTS ABOUT ONE LIFE, ONE LOVE Thank you for taking the time out to speak with us. We just heard the brand new album and it sounds great. Thank you. Thank you very much. I think my two favorite songs right now are “More Time” and “Don’t You Feel Like Dancing.” I’m happy that you even like one [Laughs]. They’re all pretty good. I wanted to talk to you about the album. This is your 26th album, yes? At some time we stopped counting because of inflation and all these things happening around us, down here in Jamaica. I just knew I needed to put some songs out right now. I stopped counting, so thank you for the reminder. Talk to me about the creation of the album. Going into it with the decision to make a two-disc album is a pretty big endeavor. Did you go into the album process thinking you would make a two-disc album? Actually, no. It was meant to just be 14 songs. Usually we try to prepare 30 songs so they can choose from them. The more they listened to them, it was like ‘We can’t leave without this song off or we can’t leave without this one.’ [This happened] until they ended up with about 18 songs. When I checked it I realized they didn’t have two of my favorites… even though I don’t have favorites—just two of the songs that I deemed favorites for this project. I had to ask them if they could reshuffle and get those two on. They never wanted to take anything off so they added two more and it became double. What songs were those? It was a song called “Sleeping Beauty” and the other, I’m not too good with titles but it’s a song on social commentary. Now that I’m speaking to you, I can’t think of the titles but people need to get more aware of themselves, politically and otherwise.

So the original plan was to just have 14 songs? Yes. But it was bad on my part to prepare 30-something songs for them [Laughs]. I should’ve given them 14 but guess what happen now. I made some songs and I never wanted to get into the process of deciding. I just hand the program over to someone else so they could choose. They chose mostly the lovers rock situations and even though there are some real serious songs about every-day life, they never chose many of those and I never questioned them. So you wanted the album to have more of the conscious and socials sound? Not really. The fact that I sing them, I want a mixture. There are two songs I really do appreciate. Sometime as an artist through the years, you grow and you witness a lot of things politically, socially and otherwise that you want to share with the fans. When the people know of you more as the lovers rock type of person, I think the authorities want to put more of an emphasis on that. But whatever they chose—it’s Beres. I give thanks. Yeah, it’s still Beres. Mmhmm. Still Beres. Maybe that should be the title of my next album, “Still Beres.” [Laughs]. That would be a great album title. For real mon, with all these songs I’m talking about. Some of them, people probably never anticipated but they can be like ‘This is still Beres.’ I’m sure everyone would say they love it just the same. Yeah, mon. Bless up! You said you’ve grown over the years and have obviously seen some things. Yeah, and I usually chronicle them and put them in songs. A lot of times when you’re making music, you get to the studio and something is still on your mind so you record it. It’s like ‘Let me get this off my chest, musically.’

Also, on some songs in this album, the idea of loving yourself more when you say we have to respect ourselves more, it kind of all boils down to having love for yourself and love for being Black and having that love for other Black people. Mm-hmm but it’s just Black. It’s just Black—what other color is being oppressed? The same goes for everyone but you have to notice this about yourself first and you have to respect yourself and the values you stand for. If you don’t do that, you’ll fail. If you don’t tell someone the person you are, they’ll treat you based on what they think you are—which is nothing. You have to give yourself that room to express yourself. You say “Listen, I may not have this or that. But with time, I can prove to you that I’ll be the person you thought I never could’ve been.” Everything’s up to you. You have to make them understand that you’re diamonds, gold, and pearls. If not, they’re gonna treat you like yesterday. Sometimes I try not to get in too deep about it, being a love singer but I have to say it because imperative for someone like me to say it. I say it in a very subtle way but people who read in between the lines will understand what you’re saying. Even if you subject yourself to all the rules and regulations they have in the workplace, there is no place there for you. You have to create some of your own rules and regulations to stand by. That’s all I was saying in that song. I’m sorry if it ever sounded offensive—it was never meant to be. **To read interview in its entirety, visit index.php/2012/12/beres-hammond-theres-a-power-within-lovesongs/

Creative Director’s Note THE YEAR AHEAD To paraphrase a quote by Ben Stein “The indispensable first step to getting the things you want out of life is to first decide what you want.” And boy have we decided what we want and that is to continue keeping you informed and entertained on the many distinctive stories of our Caribbean communities globally. The first issue of the New Year features veteran reggae crooner, WAYNE WONDER on the cover. In our exclusive interview, Wayne details his brief hiatus from the business, new album, projects in the pipelines and new talents that he is dedicated to honing. We are also reeling from the release of BERES HAMMOND’s new album, “One Love, One Life,” that has gotten rave reviews from Rolling Stone, Billboard, Large Up, Boomshots, The Pier Magazine and now Triple the Focus. Ending the year on a strong note, the Caribbean community was brought together by two major historical concerts at newly built Barclays Center situated in the heart of Brooklyn. The home of the Nets Basketball team hosted the BIOLIFE SOUNDS OF REGGAE CONCERT produced by Jammins Entertainment and CARIBBEAN FEVER CONCERT produced by Caribbean Fever’s Dahved Levy of WBLS 107.5FM. Our Fashion Director Arlene Martin is back with amazing pieces from her drennaLUNA Spring/Summer 2013 line and our readers will be the first to get a preview. Discover the Caribbean with us each month as we outline our travel destinations picks in the new feature entitled, “SOJOURN: SUN, SAND AND BEACH.” Dr. Manning-Fontaine closes out her tenure with another heartwarming and inspiring article and we round out this month’s issue with a special feature on reggae artist CHRONIXX, DJ Dre Skull and our financial forecast feature. 2013 promises to be exciting and groundbreaking as we are ready to explore, share and expand our product. To our current advertisers thank you for your business and future clients we welcome the opportunity to share and introduce your products to our readers. Not only have we been blessed with an increase in readership, we are also happy to announce that our product has reached all corners of the globe to include Africa, Asia, Europe, the Caribbean, Canada and the United States. Please continue to write and share your thoughts We look forward to your continued support and feedback. Until next month “T-Focus and think Creative.”

Vic Rae

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Triple the Focus January 2013 Issue  

Triple the Focus January 2013 Issue