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16 December 2011

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26 Queens is DJ G$Money Crazy 28 She Formed An Alliance & Came Out On Top! She is Bridgez


12 Holiday Gear

32 Andre “Goldenchyl” Fennell is Focused on 14 Chris Martin is Play- the Big Picture ing the Part 35 Totally Inspired, Mu16 Shaggy Nominated sically Speaking for 2012 Grammy 37 She’s in the Driver 19 Jadine: Same Diva, Seat Different Perspective 39 Creative Director’s 20 Third World Band’ Note Live Stream 28 Performance at The Roxy a Success 24 Chouchounette Boutique



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Editor’s Note C’est Si Bon (It’s So Good)

Tis the season and I am elated at the thought of spending quality time with friends and family! After a year filled with travel, losses, disappointments, victory, you name it, the holiday season is a welcomed break and time to put together our projections for 2012. I know I am not the only one happy to see 2011 come to a close. The thing I love the most about the New Year is that it is a clean slate to do things bigger and better. Such is the case with our new publication. I am keeping abreast of how we can make each issue that much better than the last and while it is fun, it is certainly not easy. But your emails have been informative and we are listening. So far you have given us tremendous feedback and your comments are helping us to chart new territories. Based on our observations, it seems you the reader have high hopes and expectations for this magazine and boy when we said we wanted this to be your magazine as well, we hoped you would believe us. The fact that you did and have been so proactive in sharing your views is a blessing and we are dedicated to giving you what you want. For example, we received a few emails requesting that we get an Ap for the magazine so that it can be read on iPads, iPods and Smart Phones! And guess what, we are working on that right now. So stay tuned for that big announcement. Additionally, I was asked if I would be taking a page out of Oprah’s book by appearing on every cover of the magazine. And the answer to that question is “NO!” This will be my last cover. My team and I did that for branding purposes. I wanted the opportunity to have the readers associate Triple The Focus with me and my PR firm, Triple 7 Entertainment. Goal achieved and so now we can feature your favorite stars on the cover. Yippie!


Now let’s talk about this current issue and some changes we’ve made. We have covered Music, Entertainment and Lifestyle across the board this month. Our features include, Rising Star winner alumni, Chris Martin, Bridgez of the Alliance, DJ G Money, Soca Diva, Jadine and five-time Grammy nominated writer/producer, Goldenchyl. Also, Tessanne Chin, Norris Webb, Delus, Timberlee and our team share what they have in store for the Holidays. Speaking of our team, we are happy to note that we have a new contributing writer, Jody-Ann Williams and returning writer, Shantell “Shanz” Hill. Great to have you on board ladies! Our Art & Content Director has also put together a two page fashion spread that is sure to have you stepping out in your latest duds for all your holiday get-togethers. Paired with that, is my feature of new boutique Chouchounette located in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn – ooohhh la la. And while these are all important, what’s most exciting for me is our new logo, designed by my graphic artist, Ruption, CEO of Jamaica based design firm, RDS Studios. It is just what we needed to give the magazine cover that certain je ne sais quoi appeal! I’ve noticed that the page numbers have slowly increased with every issue and that’s because we really want to give you everything that embodies Music, Entertainment and Lifestyle. And you know what, I am ok with that. Right now I am feeling all sort of good because giving you what you want and have you say how much you love it, is euphoric! So thank you for giving us that! Until next time, have a happy and safe holiday. And please, for goodness sake, remain focused!

Stacey Bethel Your Editor-in-Chief


Art & Content Director’s Note THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME Christmas is my favorite time of the year! It’s actually my favorite holiday and celebrating with family and friends is the best feeling. Similar to that of my personal life, Triple the Focus is celebrating the Holidays with “friends of the family” so to speak. A few of whom I’ve met and interviewed on previous occasions like Christopher Martin whom I’ve seen perform at Hammerstein Ballroom and Jadine, whom I interviewed back when I did college radio (WBMB Baruch College Radio). It was great to catch up with her to see what she’s has been working on since “Don’t Call My Phone” debuted. Getting to know DJ GMoney, first lady of Alliance, Bridgez, and Grammy nominated writer/producer, GoldenChyl will definitely be a holiday treat for our readers. This issue is packed with talented artists with interesting personalities from the Caribbean music fraternity. Let’s not forget Holiday festivities would not be complete without parties! Knowing what to wear is always the question at hand, whether it’s for a holiday party or New Year’s eve bashment, we are giving the ladies and gents a few options on how to get gussied up in the right gear! It’s a pleasure to welcome new contributor Jody-Ann Williams and the return of Shantell “Shanz” Hill! The readers have demanded more creative aesthetics from Triple the Focus so adding to the family is a wonderful feeling. To top it off, we have a new logo, designed by Jamaica based design firm, RDS Studios and an expanded layout, which only means that we are creatively focused on closing out the year with a boom. The end of the year is a refreshing time of reflect on what you did the last 12 months and how you plan to forge into the New Year! We’re looking forward to bringing you Triple The Focus with more vibrant content in 2012!

Mikelah Rose

Your Art & Content Director



ABOUT TRIPLE THE FOCUS Triple The Focus is a Music, Entertainment and Lifestyle E-Magazine that gives the reggae music fraternity another platform to gain visibility and connect with fans in a not so typical fashion. With behind the scenes photos, exclusive personal interviews and of course the job they love, we’ll give them the opportunity to express what’s going on in their lives. For more information, please email


Email: Phone: 201-981-6960 (US) | 876-475-5841 (JA)

Triple The Focus MICHELLE GAYLE Publicist


My holiday plans: are the same as every holiday. Spend time with my family and try not to eat myself into oblivion. Holiday attire consists of: Something very comfortable. My favorite wardrobe staple is an oversized sweater. I have tons because I hate to be cold and it is the one thing in my closet that I wear all year round. I bring to the party: A bottle of wine. You can never go wrong with bringing liquor. I stay clear of cooking and bringing food. Not that I can’t cook. I just find that when I try to cook for a large number of people something always goes incredibly wrong. Best gift I ever gave: I don’t know. I guess all – I think I am a very generous person. Best gift I ever received: Ummmm, that’s tough. I have very generous friends and family so it is really hard to pinpoint one thing. They are all great because they were given with love! Cheesy I know but it’s true. What I want for the holidays: An iPad please! And to be in bed with my little doggie Cori, no work and just watch TV all day long in my Pajamas. Home décor for the holidays: None! I am sure when I have children I will but until then, no need to decorate just for me. You are caught under the mistletoe: I probably wouldn’t see it. I am already making a B line for the bar or buffet. . .LOL! If I did see it, I would kiss only the one who holds my heart. Christmas carols: I love them. Harry Connick, Jr. is one of my favorites. His Christmas albums are great. Holiday wish for everyone: There is a benediction that I absolutely love and have committed to memory. And it goes, “The Lord bless you and keep you: The Lord make his face shine upon you, and be gracious unto you: The Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.” That is my wish for everyone this Holiday season and beyond. 8

My holiday plans: To spend quality time with family and friends. Holiday attire consists of: Whatever the occasion calls for. I bring to the party: Laughter, good cheer and alcohol – “Drinks anyone?” Best gift I ever gave: LMAO... Don’t ask, won’t tell. Best gift I ever received: Mmmm, not sure. What I want for the holidays: Someone else to do the cooking, baking and cleaning up after everyone else has left. To decorate or not: Not to - tiresome taking it all down again. You are caught under the mistletoe: With the right person I’ll know just what to do. Christmas carols: Caroling is not the same as they were back in the day but looking forward to singing the usual. Holiday wish for everyone: That everyone has peace, love and joy in this festive season and good health when it ends.

VICTOR E. LEWIS Creative Director

My holiday plans: Spending time with family and making sure that my 8 year old has the best holiday and appreciates her blessings. Holiday attire consists of: Not sure yet! But whatever it is, it will be simple! I bring to the party: A case of Guinness Best gift I ever gave: Birthday trip to Hawaii Best gift I ever received: Yamaha DT 175 Motor cycle What I want for the holidays: To be on the beach of Alligatorhead, Port Antonio, Jamaica Home décor for the holidays: Not really into decorations other than a Christmas Tree. You are caught under the mistletoe: You better make it GOOD. Christmas carols: Silent Night Holiday wish for everyone: Please be nice to the ones that give you the most negative vibe

In The Holiday Spirit MIKELAH ROSE Art & Content Director

My holiday plans: All about family. I’ll be home, probably make dinner and have family over. Holiday attire consists of: A sweater dress and boots - something comfortable and chic. I bring to the party: Me, myself and a hungry belly? Just kidding! Wine or dessert and a few good laughs (I’m a total jokester around my family). Best gift I ever gave: I always give great gifts! Best gift I ever received: My Macbook. What I want for the holidays: An iPad. Home décor for the holidays: I have this fake tree that I put up every year with a glittered pine cone I use as the star (I made it in Kindergarten). Think I’ll have to upgrade to a real star this year. You are caught under the mistletoe: What happens under the mistletoe, stays under the mistletoe! Christmas carols: Little Drummer Boy, Three Kings. Holiday wish for everyone: Wishing everyone a blessed holiday season with health and strength to do it bigger and better in 2012!

JODY-ANN WILLIAMS Contributing Writer

My holiday plans: I plan to spend time with my loved ones, party with my girls and give back to the less fortunate in any way I can. Holiday attire consists of: Lots of dresses, skirts and shorts to show off the legs ;). I bring to the party: My “ROCKSTAR” persona. Best gift I ever gave: Jewelry. Best gift I ever received: A 30gig IPod. I love music so this was the BEST gift ever. What I want for the holidays: I want to be around the people I love and care about the most. To decorate or not: DECORATE!!! Unfortunately, my family hasn’t decorated since my dad passed away last year. You are caught under the mistletoe: I will definitely do what is expected ;). Christmas carols: Silent night, Oh Holy Night, Do you hear what I hear, 12 Days of Christmas, Joy to the world. Holiday wishes for everyone: I hope everyone will remember the true meaning of Christmas, have fun and keep safe while celebrating


Best gift I ever received: many to mention, I have been blessed with so many things and opportunities. The gifts which matter most to me aren’t material. I have to give thanks for life - the best gift one can have.

Holiday plans: The holidays are my most hectic and busiest. I do always manage to get a few hours in for my family and close friends.

What I want for the holidays: Can you really ask a girl this question ...we want a lot! However, a car is first on my list and maybe a bigger apartment. But on the real, I would be like to spend more time with my immediate and extended family.

Contributing Writer

Holiday attire consists of: The same as my personal style which is simple, yet complex. I LOVE BOOTS, on any given day of the week you can find me in a pair. I bring to the party: Party Rockers in the house tonight... every body just have a good time! I think I bring that sentiment and energy to every social event I attend. Best gift I ever gave: In all honesty I am giving person by nature.

To decorate or not: Not! I am not a holiday or occasions person. I grew up with an alternate lifestyle. Holidays and celebrations were not apart of my immediate household but parents indulged however they could – lights on the house! You are caught under the mistletoe: Isn’t that the title of Justin Bieber new single, for his upcoming album? Hahahaha, yes I love him!! I am a very shy person so I would hide all night. Christmas carols: Amm I don’t know any really. Never grew up believing in Christmas, Birthdays or any holiday for that matter. 9

Your Favorite artists TESSANNE CHIN My holiday plans: to be with family and close friends while still making music Holiday attire consists of: Christmas morning PJ ‘s lol and onward anything festive I bring to the party: a smashing good time and a bottle of wine if food is involved which it always is with my peeps I’ll bring my baked macaroni and cheese Best gift I ever gave: the iPad! It’s an amazing lil piece of equipment Best gift I ever received: definitely without a doubt getting married this year :) What I want for the holidays: a puppy lol To decorate or not: in between, Christmas is still a new thing for me because we didn’t grow up celebrating it but it’s a big deal for my husband so I want it to be special for him You are caught under the mistletoe: wid mi man !!!! Lol Christmas carols: Oh Holy Night but I love all I want for Christmas by Mariah Carey Holiday wish for everyone: Love, Life, a safe Christmas and a hopeful New Year

DELUS My holiday plans: Hope to have more work than free time. Other than that, family and friends, we affi mek a par. Holiday attire consists of: Something Delus – simple and hot! I bring to the party: Me Best gift I ever gave: Not sure, they say it’s the thought that counts! So that would be a question for the receiver of the present. Best gift I ever received: My daughter Karissa! What I want for the holidays: I want to be busy with work for the holidays .not a real fan of holidays To decorate or not: Not! JPS nah get me money lol! You are caught under the mistletoe: Hope it’s with a sexy girl! Christmas carols: Christmas a come me wah mi llama Holiday wish for everyone: I Hope every one have safe irresponsible fun and live there lives to the fullest cause no one knows “what tomorrow may bring”


In The Holiday Spirit NORRIS WEBB (THIRD WORLD BAND) My holiday plans: Holidays feels best with family and my family is in Jamaica (Mom, Dad and Brothers). Most importantly are the annual rally in Jamaica and the beach parties. Holiday Attire consist of: A combination of casual and semi casual. I bring to the party: Pure vibes, friends as well as associates. Best gift I ever gave: An instrument. Best gift I ever received: Best gift I received was a wrist watch. To decorate or not: I may not have time to decorate and I may not be at my personal home so it might not make sense. Either way I would decorate but not much. You are caught under the mistletoe: Never Christmas carols: I enjoy carols and will be playing them throughout the season. Holiday wish for everyone: My wish is for everyone to be at peace with their surroundings and within themselves and be around loved ones. To celebrate life and appreciate what it has to offer. Last and most important, my wish for everyone during the holiday season is to have many reasons to smile and be happy.

TIMBERLEE Holiday plans: Spending time with my older sister and 3 1/2 year old niece in New Jersey Holiday attire: Fun, new winter wear and cool boots from Nordstrom (they have an amazing sale going on now) I bring to a party: Money, my blackberry, lip gloss, and face power and my Kabooki brush. If it’s a BYOB, a bottle of Porto. Best gift I ever gave: Daddy’s 60th Birthday Party. I put together a DVD of video drops dub style from all his favorite reggae and dancehall artists (Bounty Killer, Elephant Man, Freddie McGregor, Cecile, Macka Diamond, Vybz Kartel, Beenie Man, Lexxus, Tony Matterhorn etc). I played it on a projector when it was my turn to speak. He was elated! Best gift I ever received: I can’t recall. Hardly receive gifts. What I want for the holidays: An acceptance letter from my dream school I just applied to. To decorate or not: Definitely to decorate. My niece loves anything with sparkles on it, shiny or has pretty lights. So we’ll be going all out with our Christmas Tree this year since she old enough to participate and appreciate it now. Caught under the mistletoe: Kissing Christmas carols: Jingle Bells Holiday wish for everyone: The blessing of knowing that you’re by no means what people say you are or what you to be, but rather you are what you say and THINK you are. Speak your deepest inner goals and dreams into being. If you’re not happy with where you’re at, the solution is simple: change your “I am!”


Holiday Parties are in full swing and it’s the best time to put your best fashion foot forward. For the ladies, sequence is the must have season trend. A flirty nude or little black dress are always a hit. Don’t forget to accessorize! Shoes, jewelry and clutches add the last touch.

Dress: Topshop Shoes: Larin Pump for My Wardrobe Clutch & Ring: Asos 12

Dress: House of Fraser Shoes: Jean Michel Cazabat Clutch: Diane Von Furstenberg Bracelets: Tasha Crystal from Nordstroms

Dress:Celeb Boutique Shoes: Rock & Republic Clutch: DSW Ring: Posh Jewelry Necklace: Mango

Get Gussied up Gents! Not every party is Black Tie, so spice things up with a velvet blazer, a tartan bow tie and slacks. Add color with a sweater or tie. Keep it classic when it comes to accessories like a wrist watch, leather belt and shoes.

Blazer: Fahri | Pants: Evisu | Watch: Guess | Shoes: Aldo | Bow Tie: J.Crew Belt: French Connection | Sweater, Shirt & Tie: Express | Pants: J.Crew


CHRIS MARTIN IS PLAYING THE PART! Chris Martin is funny, honest, humble, respectful and extremely eloquent. He easily Jamaica’s darling! He won the hearts of Jamaicans, locally and abroad, when he won Digicel’s Rising Star Competition in 2005. And it wasn’t before long that he captivated the hearts of fans all around with world with not only his vocals, but his stage presence, humility and hit singles. A firm believer in the importance of education, Chris graduated from the University of Technology with a degree in Finance in 2010. His outlook, “I want to be hands on with my career.” Equipped with the know-how and insight into the business aspect of his career, Chris is also passionate about the music he records and that passion has afforded him placement of music charts all over the world. Working with producers such as Arif Cooper, Shane Brown, Christopher Birch and Mosiah Music, to name a few, he has scored big with hits such as Nah Go Change, Take My Wings, Tonight, Giving it, Jamaica Girls, Real Friends, Melody to My Song, Paper Lovin, Come Where You Going, Vibe is Right, To The Top and a slew of others. His single To The Top, a collaboration with German Reggae artist, Gentleman, landed him on Gentleman’s 2010 European Tour where he performed in Germany, Switzerland, France, Holland, Spain, Luxemburg, Poland, Macedonia and the Czech Republic. And while he has achieved so much, this is just the beginning for Chris Martin. WE have yet to see what it is that he and his team have in store. Whatever it is, his fans and supports will wait with bated breath. In an honest chat with the singer, he allowed us to peel away the many layers of Chris and ladies you will be delighted to know, he is more than just eye candy with a sexy voice. He is a man of substance! Get to know “Chris!” 14

Who is Chris Martin? I am a young singer from a small district in St. Catherine called Back Pasture, loves football, loves to sing and perform, travel and see new places and my music affords me all these opportunities! Talk about Rising Star. Rising stars gave me the opportunity to start my dream. It introduced me to the big world of Fame and popularity in a couple of months and set me on the path to becoming the musician I am today! How has your life changed since Rising Star? My life has changed in many ways changes for the better! I’m doing what I love and getting paid for it so it affords me the opportunity to take care of myself, my family, my real friends and even people I don’t even know by way of charitable events. Which single has been your biggest to date? It’s between “Take My Wings” or “Paper Loving.”

when I go on the road so I’m just focused on executing those plans! Perform and ensure you leave a lasting Talk about “Paper Loving,” how did you come impression on every crowd that gets to witness your up with the lyrics? Was it written from per- I keep that in my mind at all times and personal experience or observation? P a p e r form on every show like it’s my last. Loving was just one of those concepts that came to my mind after listening to the instrumental repeat- What’s the weirdest thing that has happened to edly. The melody came first and then I put words to you while on the road? Nothing really weird has it’s nothing that is directly related to me and ever happened while I’m on the road to be honest... my life but I know people who it relates to perfectly, sorry I don’t have anything funny or interesting to but at the time of writing the song I had no one spe- share...maybe next time :-) cial in mind it was just a concept that came to mind! How do you balance your personal life and your career? There’s no need to balance them because my music is my life but I try my best to be the best muRising stars gave me the opsician I can be and try to stay true to the person I portunity to start my dream. It am outside of music. So when I’m not doing music I’m with family and friends and they keep me balanced. Do you write your own music? Yes I do.

introduced me to the big world of Fame and popularity in a couple of months and set me on the path to becoming the musician I am today!

Is Chris Martin romantic? And if so, what is the most romantic thing you have ever done for a girl you were/are dating? Of course I’m romantic I was born on February 14th (Valentines’ Day) lol. I would say the most romantic thing I’ve done for a girl would have to be when I was in high school I saved my lunch money for 2 weeks and bought a cake and champagne for my then girlfriend and invited all her How much of your music is about your life? I close friends and my close friends and begged the don’t sing about my life but I’ll sing about people drama teacher to allow us to use the room for a small get together and I had a small surprise party for her! around me and their experiences. She loved it :-D Now everyone knows that life as an artist is not without its low points. What would you say Let’s have a little fun... this is the part where those low points have been? For me personally, you allow your fans to know Christopher Martin nothing bothers me and nothing in this game sur- the person. Complete the following: prises me anymore! You can never truly call a hit so I unwind by... Driving aimlessly just write and record as much as you can and you Dinner out or home cooked meal... Home just have to stick to the people who are true to you cooked because anything else will prove to be a failure! How do you remain grounded? My parents raised me right yuh nuh, so I grew up that way so it’s not hard for me to stay true to who I am and it was drilled in my head from a tender age that no good fortune in life should change who you are so Chris in music is the same Chris outside of it!

Vanilla or Chocolate... Chocolate She is sexy when... She walks out the shower with the towel on Sightseeing or beach... Sightseeing I am turned off when a girl... Has bad breath and dirty nails Marriage... Maybe Children... I want 2 Love... Is very necessary and it’s wonderful when you truly feel its touch!

Travel is also a big part of your job. List some of the places you have traveled to. All over the US, Central America, Europe, Africa and many Ca- ribbean Islands! Too many places to mention... Final thoughts! Would just love to say thanks to all my many supporters! Thanks for all the love and supHow do you remain focused when you are on port...follow me on twitter @iamchrismartin and look the road? I know what the aim and objectives are out for my new video for Cheaters Prayer! Big up!!!!



‘Summer In Kingston’ Gets Nod for Best Reggae Album A stellar career continues for international icon Shaggy as he receives the 2012 Grammy Award nomination for best reggae album - the ultimate recognition for his latest studio effort, Summer In Kingston, released on his own Ranch Entertainment label, on July 19, 2011. The 8-track digital album was heavily marketed with a focus on fan-targeted promotions, and Shaggy has been touring non-stop since its release as he continues his global dominance. Summer In Kingston has also been massively embraced by mainstream media, granting the multi-platinum artist notable appearances on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (NBC), The Today Show (NBC), and Lopez Tonight (TBS), just to name a few. “I’m grateful to be nominated for the 2012 Grammy Award for best reggae album,” Shaggy reveals from his current tour stop in Sidney, Australia. “My entire team at Ranch Entertainment and Crush Management worked tirelessly to capture the essence of the true summer vibe on the island of Jamaica, to bring it to the world.” Summer In Kingston debuted at #1 on the Billboard and iTunes Reggae Albums charts, while its lead single “Sugarcane” also revved reggae singles charts, worldwide. The “Sugarcane” video, filmed in Jamaica and depicting the perfect ‘summer in Kingston’ as its backdrop, saw an MTV premiere. This marks the tenth album from the diamond-selling artist, already a Grammy winner for his breakout album Boombastic, back in 1996. He has received three previous Grammy nominations, as well as multiple American Music Awards and MOBO (UK) nods. “My heartfelt thanks to my longtime fans for your continued support of my music and making this happen, and to The Recording Academy for again recognizing our efforts,” states Shaggy. The 54th Annual Grammy Awards takes place on February 12, 2012 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. It will be broadcast live on CBS. For more information on Shaggy, log on to Please direct all media inquiries to the FOX FUSE Publicity Department - Rhona Fox at 212-300-3813 or SOURCE: FOX FUSE




Jadine, the Soca Diva, is quite content with sharing her version of R&B spiced Soca. The self-professed Karaoke junky has been honing her singing skills from a young age and knew she was destined for the stage. The talented singer hails from the island of Montseratt, home to internationally re-known calypsonian The Mighty Arrow (“Hot, Hot, Hot”), whom she notes as one of her key Soca inspirations. After a successful hit with “Don’t Call My Phone,” which was featured on VP’s Soca Gold 2008 and peaked at #2 on TEMPO’s Top Ten Countdown, she took a small hiatus and is back with new music and an even greater focus on her career. With new single “Do it Better” heating up festival stages, she’s also filming a documentary called Caribbean Dreamers and working on a new festival project called Island Diva Mas for 2012. The Diva is hard at work maintaining integrity in her music and determined to get Soca the respect it deserves globally.

Photographer: Jammie Patton, Stylist: Chance Morrison

Wearing your home country of Montserrat with a badge of honor, how have your fans there responded to your success? I am still the same Jadine and they see me as the same person even after my achievements in music and I love that. I like that things remain normal. Since the success of “Don’t Call My Phone,” what have you been working on? I really took a step back for 2011. I don’t’ like to record just for the sake of recording. I prefer to take my time and work when I am truly ready to work. At the moment I am working on the filming of Caribbean dreamers, working on Island Diva Mas 2012 presentation and of course music. How does your musical style differ from other Soca musicians? We are all so different within our genre. I like to describe myself as an R&B styled Soca artist. I can thank Rhona Fox for that description. I know we lost a great artist and musical icon in from Montserrat The Mighty Arrow, what did he mean to you? His legacy is something I admire greatly. He was a professional and he always performed 100%. I was fortunate to have quite a few conversations with him. He always

ifferent Perspective

told me to practice my craft, just because you can sing doesn’t mean you can’t work at it and be better. I’ve kept that very close to my heart. He is greatly missed by me and fellow Montserratians. You mentioned winning a Grammy as one of the ultimate accomplishments, what are some other things you want to accomplish as an artist? I’d love to cross more musical barriers. Maybe record an amazing Pop tune. Who wouldn’t love to have an international pop hit. Dream musical collaboration? Beres Hammond. Tell us about Caribbean Dreamers “the series.” The experience is really cool. However, it’s not easy being followed by cameras. Sometimes you want to run or hope to God they edit the footage. Tell us more about your upcoming 2012 project “I Diva Mas.” It’s my business partner, Sharlene Lindsay, and my contribution to Montserrat’s Golden Anniversary of Festival. For 2012 we are presenting a ground breaking mas troupe concept. We are already in full swing. Our theme is Rendezvous, inspired by the one and only white sand beach in Montserrat. We launch Dec 2011 and we are so ready for the road festival day. How would you describe your fashion style? I do work with a stylist for shows and some appearances. Her name is Chance Morrison, love her to pieces. She gets me. I don’t have to tell her what I want. I always choose my shoes. I have a weakness for footwear. My style is pretty diverse. Sometimes very classic other times very punk-like or military inspired. It truly depends on my mood and the occasion. When you are not doing music, what do you enjoy doing the most? Cooking, gardening and spending time with my loved ones. Tell us something people don’t know about you? I’m a karaoke junky. Seriously, it’s bad! In honor of the Holiday season, tell me one of your fondest holiday memories? Christmas in Montserrat, I loved when my grandfather “brown and white” would take my cousins and I to town . He would give US $20 each and we would buy all sorts of junk and run around watching the festival parade and sneaking into bands to jump up. What can the world expect from JADINE, what do you have coming up? Caribbean Dreamers, Island Diva Mas and music, music, and more music.



so much in our lives and we are looking forward to even more in the future. Words cannot express our gratitude not only for the present but for 30 years of the past – please don’t ever stop.”

Their set also included Gregory Isaacs’ singles “Rumors” and “Front Door,” a tribute to the late singer who died October 25, 2010. The band also recognized Stephen “Cat” Coore’ father David Coore, who passed away on Monday, November 14, 2011. Cat Coore remarked, “My Dad was a huge supporter of Third World With celebrity guests that included Andy Summers of Band and was very instrumental in the formaThe Police, movie producer Robert Townsend, fans and tion of the band in 1973. So this is for you Dad.” media, the Reggae Ambassadors made more than just the “nattys shook” during their two hour set that includ- Prior to the band taking the stage, Actor Leon who is the ed singles, “Spirit Lives,” “Sense of Purpose,” “Forbid- front man for Leon and the Peoples opened the show. den Love,” “Committed,” “Reggae Ambassador,” “Revo- Known for his roles in movies such as “Cool Runnings,” lutionary People,” “African Woman (Drum Solo),” “Cello” “Cliffhanger,” “Above the Rim,” “Waiting to Exhale,” “The “Try Jah Love,” “Now That We’ve Found Love,” “Lagos Temptations,” “Little Richard,” “The Five Heartbeats,” Jump,” “Love Train,” “Roots and Quality” and more. along with television series “OZ” and “Resurrection Their feel good music evoked a host of emotions from Boulevard,” the Actor and his band performed singles, smiles, laughter, dancing, cheering and tears. Phil Ste- “Lovely Day,” “Brothers and Sisters,” “What You Gonvens who traveled from Illinois with his wife to see the na Do” from debut album, The Road Less Traveled. band remarked, “As a 35 year fan, I want to thank They also performed soon to be released single “Dance you for bringing Third World to the fans in ways With Me” which was produced by Beres Hammond we never imagined. I gave my wife a 2 CT diamond and was joined on stage by renown producer/guitarist ring and a trip to Barbados for her 50th Birthday. JK alongside Johnny Britt. After their set, the band Bunny Rugs personalized a song and presented it to was brought back on stage for an encore performance her, at that point I think she forgot about the ring wherein they performed Peter Tosh’s single “Legalize It.” and the trip. She had a gift from “the Voice.” It is amazing how Third World has become involved 20

Photo Credit: Janice Salzman

Amid the bright lights of West Hollywood and the famed Sunset Strip, lies The Roxy Theatre. Host to some of music’ legendary performers to include Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen, Guns N Roses, Miles Davis, Pearl Jam, Damian Marley, Nas, David Bowie among others, the famous haunt played host to Third World’ live streamed performance on Wednesday, November 16, 2011. Hosted by Pat McKay of Sirius XM and Native Jobson of, the concert was a celebration of their 38th year and the release of album 23, Patriots.

Fans who attended the event were not the only ones with the best seats in the house. The show was streamed live, allowing fans from the Caribbean, the US, Europe and Canada to watch from the comfort of their homes. The chat rooms were buzzing with comments about the performance and the production of the show. Victor E. Lewis, manager for the band states, “Whenever an opportunity to do a live stream presents itself, I always go for it. Third World has always been committed to their fans and we are constantly finding creative ways we can have them connect with their fans globally and this medium allows us to do that. Of course it would not be possible without our team, ASOM Productions, Steady Image, and our sponsors Afterbeat Entertainment, Triple 7 Entertainment, Sirius XM,, Indie 103.1, Revolution Laboratory, and We are happy that we were able to produce, what we were told, was another glitch free stream.�

There will be an encore re-broadcast of the performance and behind the scenes footage on www.caribbeandreamerstv. com on December 20, 2011 at 7:30pm EST. For more information about Third World Band, visit www.thirdworldband. com. 21


houchounette is a term of endearment that means my darling, my love and my sweet! This is the name that Sue Monderson has loving given her three week old boutique. Nestled in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn, the boutique is among the area’s historic buildings, top-rated restaurants, bars and shops. The second in this growing chain, is located on Flatbush Avenue – the first, opened 2 years prior, is located on Church Avenue. The boutique’s inviting window display is what captured my attention. The espresso hardwood floors, white walls, black and white drapery lined fitting rooms is quaint as it is inviting. The racks are not only filled with independent designers but the shelves are dressed with hats, clutches, handbags, scarves, beauty products, shoes and a display case with fashion forward jewelry. Chouchounette is a fashion mecca for designers such as Ms. Chouchounette, Guerilla Soul by Sarah D’Jarnie, Priti NY, Camille Rose, Manassi & Co, Sanctuaire Beauty Bar, Georgia by G&Company, Adorn NYC, Yamerra, Janierre Shower Caps, Thereze Ovid, Poetic License, Cotton Pickin Naturals, Claudia De Souza, Black Russian Labels, Bon Bon Vie, Tricoastal Gear, Moon & Lola, Callio Fragrances and Aldo Fernando. In an intimate interview and photo shoot with Sue she remarks, “There is still a lot that we have to do with the store but already we have had so many people come in. It has been very busy.” And that I can attest to. Our shoot was interrupted several times when passersby came in to peek at the new merchandise and chat with Sue. When asked, what is your goal for the store? Sue adds, “I want to help independent designers grow their lines, provide a showroom to house and showcase their designs. I would also like to branch out and take the store to other States/Countries especially the Caribbean.” Of Guyanese decent, Sue’s background is in accounting but growing up with her Mom who is a seamstress sparked her passion in 1999 when she opened her first two stores, Sammy’s Place, in Atlanta. After relocating to New York, she opened the first store in 2009 and changed the name to Chouchounette. In addition to showcasing products of other designers, she also sells her own line of soaps, candles and lotions under the name Sanctuaire Beauty Bar. Customer Review: “I must say Chouchounette did a wonderful job situating their establishments. The designs and products are all versatile and unique, all of the handbags, jewelry and clutches are handmade and very detail oriented. They also carry a variety of organic skin care products, beautiful shoes and so many other wonderful things... and don’t worry the outer wear only comes in three so the odds of you bumping in to someone with the same dress, skirt or shirt as you are VERY slim. So take the first chance you get and make a quick stop to any one of their locations and check it won’t regret it!!!!” Deslyn N. Brooklyn, NY Here is our recommendation: get to Brooklyn as soon as possible and check out Chouchounette. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. You will enjoy the ambiance and definitely the merchandise. 25



By Shantell “Shanz” Hill All over the world today, one occupation is almost certain to bring joy and merriment that enhances entertainment and create lasting memories if executed properly. Yes you guessed it is that of a DJ (Disc Jock). One such musical ambassador is Gary Hawkins known as DJ G$Money aka Mr. 8000. His musical impact has been in the making and continues to grow from city to city and more recently country to country. Born and raised in Queens, New York, this young DJ has successfully managed to stay afloat in a very competitive U.S. market, while managing to familiarize and introduce himself to outside musical influences such as Dancehall, Reggae, Reggaeton and Calypso. As a result, he has amassed a huge and loyal fan base, giving rise to the popular title “Mr. Twitter Dat.”


From pre-school turntables to Technique 1200‘s, DJ G$Money has taken a turn from just playing records to literally moving the audiences he entertains. In earlier years in Queens, he spent his time DJ’ing at local parties, Sweet Sixteen and other neighborhood events. His persistence and 26

dedication to his craft paid off, as the neighborhood events lead to stints at some of the Tri-State Area’s extravagant nightclubs including Amazura, The Elite Ark, Club Avalon, Jay-Z prominent 40/40 club, Remote Lounge, and De River Night Club in Massachusetts. Additionally, he has hosted parties with some of the biggest names in the biz. They include, Big Kap, Grandmaster Vic, DJ Reg West (Lil Kim’s DJ), DJ Suss One (Power 105.1 FM & Mariah Carey’s DJ), Nina Sky, Hot 97 radio personalities DJ Envy, DJ Enuff and Mister Cee. He has also hosted rapper Lil Kim’s birthday party which aired on BET’s Countdown to Lockdown show and also DJ’ed for Island Def Jam’s artist, Karina Paisan. In less than 2 years DJ G$Money has released over six mix-tapes, capturing audiences from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Virginia, Florida, California, and Japan. His mixtapes have not only garnered the attention of the masses, they also caught the attention of young music mogul/entrepreneur Basco Rebenga, who offered him a major role as the official DJ for Co-Star Entertainment. He also works as the Head of the A&R Department for Co-Star Entertainment. In his recent role, he works closely with Co-Star Entertainment’s lead artist, Yung 6 and Flip.

DJ G$Money debuted a new up and coming artist’s song called “Aunt Jackie.” During the spring of 2007 while playing at a local nightclub, DJ G$Money debuted a new up and coming artist’s song called “Aunt Jackie.” The debut of that single struck a chord with Hot 97 radio personality DJ Envy who interviewed Jason Fox, the creator of “Aunt Jackie,” on Hot 97 Morning Show. A few weeks later, Jason Fox was signed to So So Def/Island Def Jam, where DJ Envy is the Head of the A&R Department. DJ G$Money has been constantly credited for the musical marriage. Adding to his musical resume, G$Money acquired an internship with Sirius XM Radio personalities the WonderTwinz and continued to work in the Urban Media Department for Universal Records. He currently works with Drahma Magazine on their radio show (Drahma Reality Radio), as well as the AOL Mix through Tapemasters Inc. on AOL Radio. He is also a Mentor/DJ for I Love My Life Program, a program that helps young adults. He is a loyal and dedicated member and has spoken at several High Schools. The Program was featured on the Salt N Pepa Show and in Newsday, Our Times, and on Fox 5 and UPN 9. With education being a vital role, he recently received his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management with a concentration in Audio Recording at Five Towns College.

THE G-SPOT In a recent meeting with DJ G$Money he talked about his love for music and his goal to serve as a successful and efficient ambassador of music. And how is he going about achieving his goal? He recently produced and released several tracks, which in my professional opinion, has huge pop potential namely “Twitter Dat” feat. Breeze and SP and a potential club banger titled “Yah Know Dis” feat. Gossyp. Additionally, he has released a sampled version of Nicki Manaj feat. Drake’s mega hit “Moment for life.” DJ G$Money took inspiration from this track, to match with his social and cultural background, to team up with one of Queens Underground hotshots Vic Damone, thus masterminding a sensational club remix joint, titled “Queens and Its Crazy.” In order to boost the capacity of the track, an official video was released in October and the support for the project has grown with syndicated radio stations adding the track to their mix shows. Veteran DJ’s such as the much acclaimed DJ Self offered personal support to the project through spins at public events. Earlier this year he suffered a minor career setback when his Twitter account was hacked and deleted causing him to loose over twenty thousand followers. He quickly recreated a new account and has busied himself rebuilding his network. In closing, when asked if an opportunity arose to pursue music in a different capacity, DJ G$Money hurriedly pointed out that being a DJ was and still is his first love. However, self-growth is important and being successful in this day and age requires a high entertainment value, so one must be creatively flexible. His sights are deeply set on his future international excursions as he is interested in traveling all over the world and getting opportunities to entertain all class, cultures and societies. THE G-CONNECT


She Formed An Alliance & Came Out On Top!

She is Bridgez

But before The Alliance, Bridgett Roache had a very humble beginning. She began writing and singing in a church group at the 11 years old. After the split of that group, she joined group “3 Wishes” which was headed by Norman Chambers (Jimmy Cliff’s son). When the direction of the group differed to that of Bridgez’s, she decided to go solo. With a positive attitude and a ironclad plan, Bridgez collaborated with a series of producers and released singles such as “Have Fun Tonight,” “Distracted,” “If Love’s A Game,” “Shy,” “Best Friend,” “No Teeni Tini,” and the list goes on. While her singles were in heavy rotation locally and abroad, it was her meeting and collaboration with Bounty Killa that changed her life. In an intimate and personal interview, Bridgez talks about the challenges of being in the business, her mentor and what she does when not in the studio or on stage.

One cannot say “The Alliance” without thinking of chart topping artists Bounty Killa, Mavado, Vybz Kartel (pre Gaza), Busy Signal, Wayne Marshall and Serani, to name a few. With the male dominate conglomerate, I cannot help by wonder “what does an upcoming female artist have to add to the powerhouse label?” And more importantly, “can such an artist handle the insurmountable pressure of the high expectation that comes with such an association?” Ms. Bridgez has answered the call and is charting her own course while adding a little je ne sais quoi to the mix. My thoughts aside, the head honcho, Bounty Killa saw something in Bridgez that made him dub her Lady Alliance of his new “Alliance Next Generation” Camp. 28

As a female artist, what are some of the challenges that you have faced? I’ve faced are favoritism in the business, lack of respect, some that just don’t take you serious just because you’re a female and no respect for your time. When you realize that’s how the person is you just move on and work with who works with you. Do you write your own lyrics? Yes majority of my songs are written by me. I’m very much open to taking songs but I still tend to put some of my own words and style to it if it wasn’t written by me. Where/how do you draw inspiration? I go to my spot, a very safe and quiet spot not known by a lot of people “hold a meds” and see what comes to me. If you listen to my songs I mostly write about love and everything is still pretty much positive, feel good music so life on a whole is inspiring to me.

Who would you like to work with that you have not worked with before? Sean Paul most definitely, Tessanne Chin, Mavado, Diana King, Mariah Carey, Lady Saw, Chan Dizzy, Russian the producer, Stephen “di Genius” Mcgregor, Timberland Do you have a mentor? Yes, Bounty Killer is definitely my mentor. He’s has always motivated me and he’s never one to be afraid to share his knowledge of the music and the business itself with me as most people in the business are very skeptical in sharing what they know with a young artist. What is it like being a part of the Alliance Next Generation Camp? It’s cool. I was definitely welcomed into the camp like a sister and we all click naturally as we are all talented in our own way and eager to share each other’s ideas, help each other out and collaborate, I love it! How did that come about? It’s funny, Bounty Killer is not a man of many words, I just got a T-SHIRT from him with Alliance Next Generation on the back with the name “Bridgez aka Lady Alliance” on it so I just worked with it. I think it’s because he realized how well we all got along and how hungry we are for the music.

Are you single or dating? I consider myself single if I’m not married. Would you like to get married someday? Yes of course. If so, are you one of those girls that already have the day planned in her head? Nope, if it happens it happens if it doesn’t it doesn’t, it’s not something I dwell on Any final words? Thanks for taking the time to get to know me and if you want to get to know more about my music you can go to and that will lead you to my Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Souncloud and more…kisses! For bookings, Please contact Lesley Hayles at (876) 414-2660 or

I am a loner, I love my own company. I just love doing my own thing.

Bounty Killer is your manager, what is it like being under his tutelage? It’s great, He’s very professional, he’s the general manager for me really but Cross Criss is my personal manager, however if I get an offer about anything (shows, appearances, interviews etc) it has to go through Killer first before it gets done or it gets out there. Set the record straight! I know at one point there were rumors of a romantic involvement between you and Bounty. Was there any truth to that? We’ve always been close friends but a lot of people think we just met since we did the song together and Killer hasn’t done much songs with females so that’s when we started hearing those rumors but I guess people will assume that because they don’t know our history and I’m not one to make them any wiser. Who is Bridgez “off-stage?” I am a loner, I love my own company. I just love doing my own thing but I love to party with my friends and the crew and I love to play pool. When you are home and have downtime, what do you do? I like to cook, experimenting different meals to cook has become a hobby of mine and basically everything I said before, playing video games, watching movies and spending time with that special someone…*smile* 29


***AT THE TIME OF PUBLISHING THIS ARTICLE, “SUMMER IN KINGSTON” WAS By Jody-Ann Williams NOMINATED FOR A GRAMMY AWARD FOR This is the world of Andre “Goldenchyl” Fennell (“here- BEST REGGAE ALBUM. THIS IS GC’S 5TH inafter referred to as GC”) and that world includes four GRAMMY NOMINATION. Grammy Nominations! And while many producers go through their entire career without such an honor to their name, GC doesn’t let it get to his head. Why? He attributes the church as his basis for his musical success and that he makes clear through his daily tweet phrase “God is Great!”

His music reached Hollywood in 2009 when he produced and co-wrote the single “Feel the Rush” by Shaggy. The song was featured in the hit movie “Couples Retreat,” starring Vince Vaughn, Kristen Davis, Jason Bateman, Faizon Love and Kristen Bell. The song was an international hit and sold With Billboard and international hits under his belt, one more than 150,000 copies in Germany, earning the would say that GC is a well-established force. His writing producer and songwriter his first ‘Gold’ status reand producing talents has afforded him the opportunity cord. to collaborate and work with some of the industry’s elites like Shaggy, Elephant Man, Cobra Starship, Wyclef, Chris Wow! His resume boasts an impressive list of projBrown and Corey Hart, just to name a few. His Grammy ects that he has worked on and we could list them Nominations have included, Shaggy’s “Intoxication” and all here. However, we’ll let GC do the talking. So “Feel The Rush,” Elephant Man’s “Feel the Steam” featur- join us in spending a brief moment with GC and ing Chris Brown and “Five O” featuring Wyclef Jean and find out how he got where he is and what keeps P. Diddy. Additionally, GC was featured on the “Formula him grounded. Project Evolve” album and actress Mena Suvari’s “Future Sound of Reggae” album in 2009. His latest project As early as you can remember, what sparked your includes Shaggy’s recently released album, “Summer in love for music? Church, my aunt Claudette sang in the church choir and music was always in our Kingston.” home as a child. 32

How did you first get involved in the music biz? Me and my bestfriend and business partner started out as DJs in New York City. Who are some of your musical inspirations (artists and producers)? I’m influenced by innovators such as Quincy Jones, Sly & Robby and new school producers like Timbaland and Neptunes, who have changed the sound on radio with their hits. Who in the business has been your biggest mentor? Shaggy & Corey Hart. As icons in the business they have always believed in my craft and have also put their name behind my brand and I will always respect them for that. How did the musical link between you and Shaggy happen? I wrote and produced for NYE and Ky-Enie (former Big Yard Artists), Shaggy respected my work ethic and sound, and when he left the company he reached out to me to work with him with his new Label “Ranch Entertainment.” What is it like writing and producing for him? I’ve been co-writing and producing for him on his projects for the last 5 years on and off and the studio vibes is always great. I’m learning from a man that has sold over 23 million records, so I gain knowledge every week. Who would you like to work with if you had the opportunity? I would love to work with Beyoncé. I did an official remix for her and Mathew Knowles but I would love to be in the studio and work on a few records with her. Which local/international artist would you like to collaborate with? I would love to do a song with U2, they are my favorite band. What are some of the challenges you face in the business? The politics, it can help and hinder a new entity in this business. But with anything, adapting and studying the field in which you work is always a plus. What is your biggest personal/musical accomplishment thus far? 4 Grammy nominations in 2008 and being certified gold in Germany, the 3rd largest market for sales. What advice do you have for young and upcoming artists/producers? Read up on the business of music, know what publishing is, know your options and do what’s best for you, pimp the system don’t let it pimp you.

In addition to being a writer/producer, you are also an artist. When did you realize it was time to launch your solo career? I’ve always been a poet and an entertainer. In 2001 I started to write my own music and my delivery is like none other. That first night on stage really made me understand and love expressing and giving my all to those that will listen and I have been getting great responses ever since. Some people might think it’ll be easier for you to get exposure since you’ve been a part of the biz. What’s your take on this? This business is about selling records, if you want to perform and be heard it is easier with the technology available. It all depends on what you want to do. Music is life so you can do music anytime, anywhere. I have a goal and it comes with a steep sacrifice, never envy a person in their position cause you never know what they have sacrificed to be where they are, so you have to ask yourself “are you ready to do what it takes to get to where I am” a lot of hungry days behind me. What are some of the things you’d like to accomplish in the next 5 years? Major label release for my debut album, a label deal for the artist I sign to my independent label GCMG “G Chyl Music Group/G Chyl LLC” When you are not working, how do you unwind? I like to travel and lay out on a beach somewhere, I like going to the movies, lay in bed and do nothing, or play my PS3 (Call of Duty; Modern Warfare 3) You have traveled extensively. Where do you consider the best place you have ever visited? Mombasa, Kenya! The most beautiful place I’ve been so far. The people, sites etc. are great. How do you stay grounded? I keep God first (can’t get bigger than God so I remind myself to be humble). I also keep my Far Rockaway, Queens crew I came up with close to me, and they make it their duty to let me know when I’m feeling myself too much and shut me up at times lol. How important is family to you? Very important, I do it all for them. What is your favorite CD of all time? “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” What would people be surprised to know about you? I’m 6’3’’ and I love listening to country music. Manager: Tracy Randall (


TOTALLY INSPIRED, MUSICALLY SPEAKING For far too long one could not say the name Delus without following up with Konshen’s older brother. However, this rising star is working feverishly to move out of his younger sibling’s shadow by carving a niche for himself and some would say he has succeeded. With his summer 2010 anthem “Look Another Gal,” Delus made fans and industry executives take a second look at his body of work. Media became enamored by not only his talent but his humility and it seems that everyday he was either doing a television, radio or print interview. His continuous drive and hard work landed him an EME Awards nomination for Most Improved Artist and a MIA Awards nomination for Most Determined Artist. When the single was not being played daily on the radio, it was being played at popular weekly parties, in taxis and by street vendors. The success of the single fueled his determination to follow-up with other credible singles. And that he did. Fast forward to 2011, Delus followed up with, “Get Away,” “Life,” “Silent River,” and “Gal My Ting Deh.” However it is his current single “What Tomorrow May Bring” that has again struck a chord with the masses. With this offering, Delus removes the veil and exposed exactly what’s on his mind. And it’s a lot! The lyrical honesty and positive message has everyone cheering and singing along. While Delus might not be sure about “What Tomorrow May Bring,” here is what’s certain: (1) tomorrow he will work just as hard - or even harder - than yesterday, (2) his track record proves that he will also continue to make quality music that everyone can identify with, and (3) his servility and love of the craft will continue to win audiences worldwide. WHAT TOMORROW MAY BRING By: Delus CHORUS What tomorrow may bring, nobody doh know, nobody doh know; Mi jus a gwaan do mi ting, do mi ting, mi jus a gwaan do mi ting, mi a do mi ting; What tomorrow may bring, nobody doh know, nobody doh know; So mi a gwaan do mi ting, do mi ting, mi jus a gwaan do mi ting VERSE 1 Mi sure bout today, tomorrow mi nuh stress ova; Just a work wid wah mi have an jus a step ova; Mi nah go try fi put mi cap whey mi han cyah reach, cyah reach; Right now mi nuh the most popular, so mi work today fi mek tomorrow get betta; Some a diss true dem have it an a gwaan like it last forever and ever; Mi a gwaan live good today, tomorrow mi nuh which number a play; Pon mi knees to the father mi pray everyday; Dats why mi nuh fret an mi nuh worry; Mi have life an fi dat mi nah go sorry; So if the morning comes and mi nuh si di sun the father can say well done CHORUS

VERSE 2 One life mi have an mi a go live it how mi want; Mi nah go mek nobody come an tell mi say mi cant; Puppeteers with dem strings wah tie mi up because mi fresh to the game dem wah spoil me up; I cut my hair like dis, rock my clothes like dis, you can chose what you want but I like this; Oh I know I am not perfect but I still try; And I’ll be whatever I wanna be; Cause I’m free nobody can control me; No one on earth can predict my destiny; Dats why mi nuh worry mi have life an fi dat mi nah go sorry; So if the morning comes and mi nuh si di sun the father can say well done CHORUS BRIDGE Take it step by step up the ladder; Mi nah go badmind mi bredda; A stay focused on my dreams; Because my slice a di cake deh out deh, u know cyah tell mi it nuh deh out deh; Mi a go fah any weh out deh and give thanks seh mi have today; What tomorrow may bring, nobody doh know; So mi a gwaan do mi ting, do mi ting, mi jus a gwaan do mi ting, mi a do mi ting; Warrior music, uplifting music, Delus representing CHORUS 35

SHE’S IN THE DRIVER’S SEAT Who runs the world? Keida! Well maybe not, but boy is she in the driver’s seat – taking charge of every aspect of her career. Call her talented, driven or beautiful but don’t mistake her for an uptown girl. “I am actually from Bull Bay, Jamaica. Not quite uptown!” Often told she could be the next Rihanna of Jamaica, Keida commands attention when she walks into any room – just look at her. But she is more than just a pretty face. This siren is dominating airwaves with her singles “Can’t Sleep,” “Baby Girl” with Erup, “All Again” with Protoje and newly released “Riddim Sound Sweet,” “Wickedest Thing,” and “My Body.” She showcased her raw talent on breakout single “Jamaican Boy” and cemented her career with singles “Can’t Get Enough,” “Hot It Up,” “Bubble Up,” and “Dancefloor/Care Not.” But it is her spitfire, DJ skills on track “Hot It Up” that shows her versatility. Penning her own lyrics, Keida not only rides the riddim but delivers every verse with the gumption expected only of her male counterparts. “Keida is on fire, like a fyah mi a blaze style an mi fashion a mash up dem head fi days, weh yuh seh? Mi lef di people in a craze, have dem runnin round like mi lef dem inna maze. So flippin terrible smoother dan mayonnaise is like a game a chess but they cyah predict ma plays…” At 5’ 3” she packs a lyrical punch that has afforded her the opportunity to work with top billing producers such Don Corleone, Liv Up Records, Romeich Record, UIM Records, Keep Left Productions, Birchill Records, Chimney Records, Jam 2 Productions and share the spotlight with artist such as Protoje and Erup. In September, Keida traveled to New York for a ten-day promotional tour. Her first time in New York, Keida took over the airwaves and interviewed with Pat McKay on Sirius XM Radio, DJ Kevin Crown on LinkUp Radio, DJ Natralis on Road Block Radio, Max Glazer of Federation Sound on East Village Radio, Chip Smith on One Caribbean Radio, among others. Additionally, Keida performed at the Reggae Rhythm and Blues concert on Sunday, September 4, 2011. The starlet shared the stage with R&B sensation Monica and Babyface, reggae artists Mavado, Tarrus Riley and I-Octane and soca artist, Machel Montano. Keida also hosted Brand New Machine at Happy Ending with Max Glazer, where she also performed. What’s in the works for 2012? Keida’s manager Woodrow Whyte remarks, “I am getting inquiries from the Caribbean, United States and working on something for Europe for Spring 2012. Additionally, Keida will be working on her mixtape to be released the first quarter. We have some other things that we are working on but un- til they are conclusive, we are apprehensive to reveal at this time. The forecast for 2012 looks very promising - that much I can say.” 37

Creative Director’s Note Living as part of this technological world, we recognize that there are many options of giving and receiving information. The Triple The Focus Team is very excited that you continuously choose our e-magazine to be apart of your world. The year 2011 has been an exciting and eventful journey for VICRAE INC, Triple 7 Entertainment LLC, clients and TEAM. Our crusade to always follow sun has taken us from kick off album release in St. John’s Love City Live Fest in January; Montego Bay, Negril Jamaica and South Florida in February thru March; Spring in New York City, New Zealand; Summer in Europe; Fiji & Australia in September and October thru November in the Caribbean. We have endured the various emotions of growth while we celebrated THIRD WORLD’s 38th year, the release of album 23, Patriots and band members suffering a few significant losses of close family members. However, we increased our European presence by establishing a Team consisting of Anna, Natasha, Orson, and created a number unique friendships. These many life changes and moments have provided a strong platform for development and relationship building among us. It has challenged us to appreciate the many blessing, hence allowing us to share through many mediums including Triple The Focus. So as we continue to be a vessel delivering and sharing our client’s activities and the various aspects of the industry, we hope you join us. 2012 is gearing up to be another exciting year of events including Jamaica’s 50th Anniversary celebrations international tour, artist releasing new materials, the filming of the documentary series Caribbean Dreamers and many more. Stay connected as we gladly bring you the images and stories of our expeditions. We would like to thank you again for your support as we close 2011 and begin another 12 months. We are looking forward to your continued support and feedback. Please continue to write and share your thoughts. Until next month “T-Focus and think Creative.”

Vic Rae

Your Creative Director 39

Triple The Focus December issue  

Triple The Focus December issue

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