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“I don’t think I pay enough attention to what people want or what people say to feel. We’re trying to please humanity, not peoples’ whims and notions of what is or what it should be.”

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12 Increase Savings or Pay Down Debt

15 Naila Proves She’s Good Enough

18 Summer in a Glass 27 Fly Rasta, Ziggy Marley

33 Full Blown Ent.: Hart to Hart

52 The Mystical Island of Mustique

33 21 Days to Fit & Lean 55 Entrepreneur Workout Plan

36 Spring Must Haves:

Ear Cuffs & Bucket Bags

39 6 Lipsticks to Try Right Now

42 For Jamiel, Everything is

Kenrick Sutherland

58 Konshens Named Pepsi (Jamaica) Brand Ambassador

59 Kerwin Dubois

Carib Partnership


45 drennaLuna:

Relaxing Spring

CONTENT Issue 30 April 2014



ST. MAARTEN 21st–22nd

Oneness Reggae Festival Jamaica

17th-18th Rebel Salute Jamaica

13th – 16th

Moonsplash Anguilla


28th – 30th

3rd - 4th

St. Croix Food and Wine Experience

9 Mile Music Festival Miami, FL

United Nations of Dub UK

30th-Feb. 1st

Jamaica Jazz & Blues


6th – 12th

Raggamuffin New Zealand

Dominica Mas Domnik

30th–Feb. 4th

3rd - 4th

Grenada Carriacou Regatta

Trinidad and Tobago Carnival

6th – 9th

St. Maarten Heineken Regatta Carnival


Guyana Music Festival

7th – April 27th

Jamaica Carnival


Reggae on the Hill Barbados

26th – May 2nd Sailing Week Antigua

30th - May 11th

St. Lucia Jazz Festival



8th - 14th 1st – 3rd

VI Carnival St. Thomas



Grenada Carriacou Maroon Music Festival

9th – 11th

Sunshine Reggae Festival on the Beach France

23rd – 25th


California Roots California

Jamaica Reggae Sumfest

13th – 15th

15th – 17th

20th – 22nd

26th - August 5th

Reggae in the Hills California

Sierra Nevada World Music Festival, California


Best of the Best Florida

27th – July 5th

29th – Jun 1st 6th – 8th

Riddim Festival Aalborg Denmark


1st – 3rd

Grenada Spicemas Carnival

Reggae Jam Bersenbruk, Germany

3rd – 6th 4th – 5th

12th – 14th

Unity Festival Guernville, CA

Lakesplash Festival Switzerland

4th – 6th

Summer Jam Germany

8th – 10th

6th – 12th

9th – 13th

St. Croix Food and Wine Experience



6th – 8th

City of Trees Music Festival ,California

Antigua Carnival

St. Vincent & The Grenadines Six Flags Reggae Concert Series Vincy Festival New Jersey

International Festival of Life Chicago

Ruhr Reggae Summr Germany

One Love Festival Leighton Buzzard, UK

26th - 28th

St. Kitts & Nevis Music Festival

23rd – 26th

Kentucky Reggae Festival Kentuck

13th - 19th

Ocho Rios Jazz Festival

20th – 25th

Welcome to Jamrock Cruise Miami, FL

Riddim Stage Sonde borg, Denmark Bababoom Festiva Marina Palmense, Italy Issue 30|April 2014 5

Creative Director’s Note NO REGRETS

Theodore Roosevelt once said, “The only time you really live fully is from thirty to sixty. The young are slaves to dreams; the old servants of regrets. Only the middle-aged have

and there should be no regrets.


summer in a glass, featuring ingredients from several Caribbean islands. And rounding out

Victor E. Lewis Your Creative Director /bartenurablue @bartenurablue

Ladies Who Brunch We combined food, great company, a fabulous venue

assistance and shared resources.

“Ladies Who Brunch� geared toward empowerment, will return in May with a different theme and will be open to the public. Stay tuned!






FITNESS Kamila McDonald Alcock

FEATURES Jody-Ann Williams Malaika Lepine Shantell “SHANZ” Hill

LIFESTYLE Jo Wheeler Raine Martin




Caribbean E-Magazine, Triple the Focus launched its publication on October 5, 2011. With features that run the gamut from Music, Entertainment, Fitness, Beauty, Travel, Lifestyle and Finance, the Magazine has a reach that extends across the globe and includes countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, South and Central America and by large the Caribbean. To date, the magazine has over 2,300,000 million page views not including other high traffic websites that hosts the link of the magazine on a monthly basis.

On July 23, 2013, Triple the Focus was featured on the homepage of Digital Publishing website, Issue. Out of 11 million publications, Triple the Focus’ February 2013 issue featuring athlete, Asafa Powell, June 2013 issue featuring Grammy Award winning reggae artist, Shaggy and July 2013 issue featuring 2010’ Miss Universe runner-up Yendi Phillips, were prominently featured on the site exposing the magazine to 72 million readers.

CONTACT EMAIL: PHONE: 201-981-6960 (US)

INCREASE SAVINGS may have some credit FIRST OR PAY DOWN you card debt to pay off, an emergency fund to build up, DEBT? and a retirement to invest for but your savings to fund One of the most common

customized according to your individual situation, here are some general guidelines to consider in setting your priorities.

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protection against overdraft fees. (With actually earn more interest than in a

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FOCUSED ON | Finance

HEALTH SAVINGS Max out a health savings account. If

to it pre-tax and use the money tax-


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or Coverdell account so your investments can

These guidelines can provide some much needed guidance for an

Issue 30 | April 2014 13




We are glad that she overcame that fear and pursued her music career Trinidad and father, a pastor.

is more than good enough. Naila is When currently touring in India promoting her “High Girl.” She mentions

started singing at the tender age of artist had to say. the case. Naila informs us that she felt Issue 30|April 2014 15

a cassette tape recorder at church. My father, who was and still is a pastor, recorded it. I sang ‘Jesus Loves Me.’ At that age I already knew that I wanted to be a singer. Yes I am I guess I was a bit scared that I might not be good enough! The combination of music just came about naturally. I come from a large multicultural family – my mom is a classical pianist living in Trinidad, the land of Steelpan and Calypso. So when I combined my own musical background with that of my French producer, Jeoffrey - Voilà! Fresh out of High School I started singing in a girl group studio vocals for radio ads and then backing vocals for different artistes. One thing led to another and I started doing live shows! album is full of fun loving, high energy music


One of my band members Sebastian fell in love with India when he visited some time ago and he sent the album to a producer over there. We have all now fallen in love with India. Their response to is overwhelming, positive vibes! I’ve been to Austria and was amazed. We had an outdoor performance and the rain began to fall but instead of leaving, they just pulled out their umbrellas and kept dancing! I loved it! It is one of my favorite memories. Probably the fusion of music that I record and perform. album High Girl

Promoting my

SUMMER IN A GLASS By Neka Williams

even a family picnic. Some prefer not too Ingredients (1 serving):

Watermelon Delight

2oz. Perrier (champagne) or club soda Mint leaves

Delight.� cocktail

Directions: Muddle the mint leaves and lime

This origi-

rum, Perrier or soda there is no need to travel to St. another brand.

this drink in the -

Passion Honey Shandy

Ingredients (1 serving): 2- 3oz. Piton lager beer

½ tsp. honey Mint leaves Directions: Strain and serve in a pilsner or pint glass over ice beer of your choice.

a bottle.

The Painkiller -

Ingredients (1-2 servings) Rum

grated nutmeg

1 oz. cream of coco- hands on the Royal Nanut the rum of your preferGrated fresh nutmeg ence. Directions:

and stir

Rum & Coconut Water summer day.

Ingredients: 2oz. of rum A couple dashes of Angostura bitters Directions: Combine ingredients in a glass and stir Add ice, if needed. Angostura bitters is a product of Trinianother brand. tree and a cutlass at hand to get fresh stores.

Issue 30|April 2014



LY RASTA, ZIGGY MARLEY By Stacey Bethel Photos by: Malia James & Roxanne Haynes


The name Marley is synonymous -

han, Cedella, Ky-Mani or Ziggy. Marley name is mentioned the gae music and then the next is

pecially if they chose the same career path as their famous and not measuring up? Do they enormous pressure to succeed? Do they battle feelings of inad-

grace and honestly that only Issue 30|April 2014 21

Through our conversation, I got a true sense talents and extremely proud of his heritage. He is a huge proponent of reggae music and the artists that carry on the legacy of those who came before them. His journey is not that of his father’s but his own and with that uncompromising and redemptive understanding, he is able to equally embrace those who cheer him on and those who tear him down. This “Fly Rasta” is a father, a husband, an artist, a businessman, an author, and a philanthropist. Though he has charted his own course with great precision, his is a journey that continues to be written in history. In this very intimate interview, Ziggy talks about Beres Hammond, the Grammys, his famous family and the future of Reggae music.

ZM: Its human nature you know? Human nature to doubt, human nature to question,

positive reason, but I don’t really think about it too much. It’s not like getting a Grammy award is the greatest thing in the world, but the relevance of it has to be put into its proper place. I make music not because I want to win a Grammy. Even if I didn’t win a Grammy, I’d still feel good about myself, about my music and it doesn’t matter what anybody say about that you know? So, you have to put it in perspective, but it’s not a life changing event you know?!

ZM: Hi Stacey! Hi, how are you? Still on a high from the Grammy win? ZM: Beres, Beres. ZM: Umm, (laughs) I doubt you can say that, but I feel good. Yeah. ZM: Yes. I love that album and I love Beres. He’s a legend and you know what, that would make me even more happy and I would’ve been on a high right now because one of

“Even if I didn’t win a Grammy, I’d still feel good about myself, about my music and it doesn’t matter what anybody say about that.”

my purposes in my life and in my music is to give accolades and give honor and respect to legends who set a certain pace and who were before us, who we look up to like Beres. You know I mean for me, the joy of winning a Grammy is alright, but because of my love for these other legends, if they would have won or if they win, I would be even more happy and joyous inside, because that is what I want to see. There’s nothing more I can say, yeah I won a Grammy but I can’t rejoice, but if Beres wins a Grammy, I can rejoice! ZM:You understand what I’m saying?

ZM: Ummm, not really – you don’t think about these things when you’re a child. You just enjoy the moment. You just enjoy the time and the moment that you have. When you look back on it, you kind of see if it had an effect on you and of course obviously it did. It’s like the animals in the wild, how they teach their young. How does the Lion teach the cub to hunt? By hunting, not by telling the cub this is how you hunt. By action - and how the cub learn? By seeing and watching and learning from that. So I think that was the kind us. You learn by watching and observing and you don’t even know you’re learning. When you get older, you realize you were learning.

ZM: I worked with a producer name Dave Cooley. This album was like, a really well thought through production. Creative effort, because I never just accepted what I had initially. I didn’t just - it was never like a nonchalant decision making this music. It wasn’t just, put down whatever & yea that’s it you know?! This album, I really made an ZM: I don’t think I pay enough attention to what effort to think through the song, think through people want or what people say to feel. I think the arrangements, think through the sounds, that’s where the pressure would come from, if I was like really emotionally connected to what is close to what is in my imagination of what everyone was saying. If I was someone trying to the music should be. So we worked with Dave please everyone and trying to please people Cooley, we have Daddy U-Roy which again - we try to please Jah! We’re trying to please we talk about legends. And what makes me humanity, not peoples’ whims and notions of joyful is having someone like U-Roy singing with what is or what it should be. So I don’t really me on a song. It’s nothing greater than that. have that pressure, because that’s not really And we have a lot of studio musicians from LA something that can touch me. It’s like sticks on the album still you know! Because what I and stones you know?! like to do is bringing strangers to an unfamiliar place and make them take what I have given them and add the element that I don’t have in it and that makes it unique, that makes it different, that makes it forward pushing. ZM: Yeah, most of it but I collaborated with two different songwriters on two songs. ZM: The last time, I don’t remember, a few years back. But not in the schedule right now, we’re just building the schedule, that’s it, but ZM: I think this one is an uplifting album; it’s a conscious album, as usual. You know I make conscious music, it’s who I am. But, they can expect energy, they can expect emotion, they can expect a journey. This music is a journey!

people who do the work and say I haven’t been to the Caribbean in a long time and I will come sometime this year, maybe closer to the end of the year.

Issue 30|April 2014 23

“Don’t complain, just do the work, get the music together and do it for the right reason. Because with this music, it has its own reputation and if you try to spoil that reputation, it’s not going to work.”

ZM: I like Beres Hammond (laughs) - we just talked about Beres Hammond. Beres has a good balance between new and old I think, in his music and musical style. You know, right now the younger generation has to pick up their thing, they really need to get it together. Don’t complain, just do the work, get the music together and do it for the right reason. Because with this music, it has its own reputation and if you try to spoil that reputation, it’s not going to work. This music is a life unto itself, it exists, it has a face, it has a name, it has a look, it has a feel, it has emotion, it has a heart, its breathing and its living. It’s not something that was, it’s something that is and its living and people know about it so you know, you have to be careful.

ZM: I don’t think it’s a downward spiral. It’s just a different spiral - it might be a sideways spiral (laughs). It might have a different take or a different way of doing it, because obviously the younger youths making the music now had a different experience than the generation before, even my generation, because my generation is a little bit of the old you know. That’s why we stay how we stay. Now, when they get a touch of the original thing, but the youths will never get a touch of the original thing. They making music in a different way so it’s not downward, it’s just the way they do it. Whether that will resonate with the rest of the world is a different thing. You know what I’m saying? And if you want it to resonate with the world, then you have to go study and learn about the Roots, because the Roots is what has resonated. So if you want to resonate, you don’t have to do the same thing you know, but Roots has to be a part of it. The root is a spirit, it’s a spiritual thing that makes the music resonate around the world. It’s not just a beat, it’s not just a baseline, but it can resonate to “yea we like it” but for it to have

world appeal, its needs a spiritual element in it and that is what I call the magic.

ZM: Well studio wise on this record I collaborated with my sisters, Erica Newell, from Cedella, Sharon and Erica. We use to sing together you know when it was The Melody Makers. Well Steve we collaborate, but usually it’s not something that is recorded, because usually we talk to each other and it’s “what you think about this, and what you think about that” so that’s a different type of collaboration where people don’t really see it, but there’s still collaboration going on. So those are the two that is happening right now. In terms of any plans, no we don’t have any plan right now but sometimes it happens without timing.

you released a Comic book. Is there going to ZM: Yeah, those things are on the back burner right now though compared to Fly Rasta. Fly Rasta is on the front right now - me personally, I am kind of focused on music at this point in time. I have to give it 100 and 200 percent. So the other things like the comic book and these things, I have ideas and thing that will happen, but they’re not right now. Music is right now. Fly Rasta is right now.

ZM: You can do a review right now. (Laughs) ZM: Listen to it over 2 weeks before you review it. Don’t listen to it one time. (laughs)

ZM: Alright, thank you very much.

Issue 30|April 2014 25



IN REVIEW: Ziggy Marley’s FLY RASTA Album pop-snappy, lively album that grazes social consciousness, relationships, and spirituality


lyricism and preachy-ness. The tempo is you home alright.” upbeat throughout most of the album and the chorus-driven, melody heavy singles create a palatable and commercial product laments on the current systems of social norms many other places on Fly Rasta. “Society my and bass featured on most singles and the

rising.” While most of the ten songs on Fly Rasta are pretty groovy, the one outstanding blight is

distinctly Ziggy.

screaming “you’re my yoko ono” over a My Yoko”

Rastafarian livity in a colorful and uplifting


Overall, Fly Rasta is light, upbeat and fun

through struggle, is perhaps one of the

photo from

Issue 30|April 2014


TRACKLISTING Fly Rasta Lighthouse Sunshine You So Many Rising You’re My Yoko

his dream is being realized.




Production Company based in Trini- Kevon and Kory are men of faith, dad and Tobago. A family affair, the literature and traveling the globe, -

their brand.

They started in 2011 and have since attained the International Soca Mon- lit room, giving the illusion of a vast Issue 28|February 2014 15

FOCUSED ON | Music Kevon: It’s been a roller coaster of emotions. At times we felt like we won it right off the bat, like in 2013 with Machel ‘s “The Fog”, which we knew Kevon: We are so thankful for this opportunity. would be a monster hit. This year with Kerwin Du Much thanks also to the artistes who have believed in us and our work, especially Machel taking home the top prize, even though the word Montano and Kerwin DuBois. In recent years my on the street was very positive. All in all though, it life hasn’t changed much to be honest. The major has been fun working with these artists and seeing our work come to life. The feeling of winning titles songwriting career with other duties, secular and otherwise. I get the feeling that there are major be put into words. changes on the way however. You guys seem incredibly humble and easy Kory: To me it’s amazing that people can be paid to do something that they enjoy this much, so this is a blessing in itself. We stay grounded by the constant reminder that nothing in life is permanent. Not even life is permanent. So just make the most of your opportunities while you can and be thankful for them.

Kevon: Kory is Kevon. Kevon is Kory - maybe with a few minor differences (obviously I’m the more handsome brother). Truthfully it’s very easy working together. We hardly ever disagree. I see only advantages. No negatives. Kory: Neither of us is business oriented so I have forced myself to become more assertive and outgoing in that regard. This has been challenging at times but it has also helped me to grow as an individual and expand my knowledge. On the

them and Machel on the recent release “Can’t Kory: showcase our versatility. It’s only a matter of time before other types of songs that we have written will be heard.

Kory: Writing with one shoe on and one shoe off is a hidden trick. I would recommend it to everybody. I’m sure the readers would be submitting their testimonials to you guys pretty soon. Kevon: Be original. Respect your craft. Be patient. Know your worth.

creative mind. He has taken the lead in coming up with concepts and ideas while I focus elsewhere. love for your brother will motivate you to make Kory: When I eliminate all distractions around me, an extra effort to ensure all bases are covered. it’s as if the music speaks to me clearly. I interpret the piece of music I’m writing to and I let that guide me to the type of song I write. It’s as if a painter begins a new painting on a blank canvas in an empty room, as opposed to him trying to start a new painting on an already used canvas in Kory: It all started with a studio session down at a cluttered room. It helps you keep your material Precision Productions, one of the top production fresh when you start with a blank mind. teams in Trinidad and Tobago. We were actually Kevon: Point of note: we are normally in separate working on two R&B songs that day and they were dark rooms! very impressed with our writing. They approached us to work with them on some Soca songs, an offer offer and came up with Machel’s song entitled “Vibes Cyah Done.” When Machel heard the demo he was impressed and requested to meet us. The rest is history!

Kevon: When we started messing around with songwriting and production, people thought what we did was cool, but nothing to be taken seriously. Needless to say, I used that as fuel to propel me forward. So having said that, I put no limits on where we can go or what we can do. Time will tell. Issue 30|April 2014 31

21 DAYS TO FIT AND LEAN: THREE-WEEK WORKOUT PLAN By Carolyn Kylstra (Women’s Health Magazine)

much that at the end of the three


(none of them last more than

12–15 per move




Issue 30|April 2014 33

FOCUSED ON | Fitness

intervals. Complete as many reps of each move as you can in the prescribed amount of time.






Spring’s Must-Haves

Ear Cuffs

These statement pieces started blogs and red carpets last year feeling a dainty hoop or a fullcuff to add a little edge to your cartilage. By Camesha Powell

Spring’s Must-Haves

The Bucket Bag

sophisticated to casual, there is a bag for everyone to express their personal style. By Camesha Powell

Moschino Cheap and

Issue 30|April 2014


maybe even your life. Sometimes you might not have 15 to 30 minutes to do a full face of

Courtesy of

Stila - Fiery

Rouge Artist Intense #28 Dark Rosewood

all year-round.

Iman Cosmetics Taboo Taboo is a deep eggplant purple It is vibrant and highly pigmented

ingredients such as shea butter, cocoa butter, aloe and vitamin E.

Issue 30|April 2014

MAC Cosmetics - Touch

into your appearance.

Matte Lip Cream Copenhagen and a lip gloss. It goes on smoothly and dries matte. Copenhagen is a the moisture from your lips.

Hourglass Rouge Liquid Riviera an intense and vibrant payoff and contains antioxidant fruit extracts and vitamins to protect lips.










for a budding artist to distinguish themselves from another. Coupled and


passion for music at the age of

dedicated his life to his passion. Through the introduction of his as perseverance prevailed, he

as he recorded and garnered hits Concussion Records among many notable production teams. Rastafarian, determined and persistent.

Visual art is my second love but always doing music, even when I would say my vocals personal life is concerned but I n

by my life story and others. Artists sing about the same stuff everyday but it’s how you put your words and melody together I’ve accumulated throughout life that counts. to uplift people through the ha was listening to Bob Marley, Buju My parents are 100 percent supportive of what I do because they know how far I am coming from with this burning desire for music, “ohkay” idea came up when I w from Zip FM and Boogie from Y



By Malaika Lepine

use it as a signature sound...I took a next listen to it and we as far as I can remember I was started laughing because of the way I said it but at the end it n the pressure was on where my never gave up.

Positivity, my music is of solution e’s journey. I use it as a weapon ardest of times. Growing up I u Banton, Sizzla and I was being

from Sun City radio and promotional tour. While this might

That everything is “Ohkay.” was recording a song for ZJ Ice YVP said he liked it and I could

Issue 30|April 2014 43

Relaxed Spring These looks are Stylist: Arlene L. Martin Clothing: drennaLUNA

With the early days of Spring still cool, this linen dress is perfect for days out relaxing. Issue 30|April 2014 45

Another evening added this

girls or on a date in these cigarette trousers.

Issue 30|April 2014

or evening.

Issue 30|April 2014

THE MEMORIES WILL LAST LONG AFTER THE TRIP DOES. You’ll find paradise in the U.S. Virgin Islands. You’ll also find a delicious buffet of savory flavors that’ll make your lips smile. A rich culture of music and tradition that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. A living history where you can walk the same roads as your ancestors. And the extraordinary chance to be moved by these moments—a thrill that doesn’t always happen on vacation. Lucky for you, the USVI isn’t just a vacation.

You, unscripted. Lasting memories begin at /visitusvi


©2013 U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Tourism


Mustique M

in history and surrounded by in- There are many beaches to sports available on the island from trigue, lies in the stream of aroni and Simplicity beaches sit-

- uated on the north easterly side -


can choose from boogie boards and plore the reefs beneath the sea. The

round climate and natu- aspect of the island offer calmer at your favorite beach. and paddle boarding, perfect lands, dramatic hilltops - Scuba Diving: and pristine palm fringed the most exclusive collec-

of the best scuba diving in the Caribbean. With a dedicated team of There are a professional PADI instructors and dive -

private parties. Your villa chef or




have been captivated by the ultimate in luxury villa tropical island. Courtesy of

up your picnic for you.

to experienced divers. Sailing:




Equestrian -

- guide, or running and cycling

experienced sailors can charter a range of Schooners and Catama- a choice of deserted beaches. There are horses and ponies to The neighboring island of Carans. suit all levels of experience and nouan offers excellent golf fagroup or private lessons can be championship golf course detrips visiting neighboring islands are arranged. There are very popular three day pony camps for children the course offers many chalheld throughout the year giv- lenges given its dramatic coasting them the chance to learn al location. at Tobago Cays, a pristine group of about stable management and the daily care of their ponies.

For Children

of all ages. The islands intimacy

The Pirates of the Caribbean, betreatment rooms, and a relax-

salon offering a range of holistic young children there are nanand beauty treatments. nies available to give parents Fishing: some time to themselves. A offer a host of different species from - dedicated Social Director arable to all guests staying on the ranges a fantastic array of fun - activities and events, such as racuda, to deep-sea tuna, dorado drive in movie night, tennis, of daily classes, and a yoga in- pony camp, beach picnics and marlin. increasingly popular sunrise or sunset beach yoga. safe and blissful retreat for anyThe island boasts a number of ily escape. Issue 30|April 2014 53




Corporation, a technology service provider concentrating on small and

path to success has not been that of the conventional college graduate; he started a determination to succeed and a positive young Caribbean man overcoming all the Issue 30|April 2014 55

I Initially from sales, then was born in Kingston, Jamaica in a place I sold stock to shareholders once we got called Waterhouse. I’ve been living in the to the point where the business had atUS for 15 years. I went to Ardenne High School in Jamaica and interned at the power. Career Center in Yonkers, NY. We support over a half a billion dollars in techThe idea for BrainPower Technolo- nology infrastructure and purchasing. solutions in the American market place. I’ve always challenged myself and others on how to make things better, more effec1. Loving and believing in what you tive and more innovative. The company do; 2. Get up every day to work at achievwas born to provide the best alternative ing your goals; 3. Build a team of enthuand solutions to the market. siastic, knowledgeable and hard-working members; 4. Reinvest a good portion of the

to become better and market and don’t forget the most important person is the customer and give back. Good Givers Are Great Getters!” We provide services to small, medium sized businesses and residential clients. Our services include IT Support, Hardware and Software sales, manufacturing Superior Video & Audio Surveillance equipment, Web Development/ Online Marketing, Data Backup, Video Conferencing and Remote Management Solutions.

and market and 5. Don’t forget the most important person is the customer and give back. Good Givers Are Great Getters!

BrainPower Technology will continue to grow into a global brand. We believe in building business owners and another aspect of my company will be the BrainPower Academy that will facilitate creating opportunities for others We presently do business in the and recruiting thousands of entrepreneurs. Caribbean, Europe, Canada and South Feeding and educating millions of people America. and leaving the world in a better place than I found it. We have several strategic partnerships with other companies and individuals that allow us shared with our partners. We also do direct mail, SEO and video ads.


Reggae artist

KONSHENS & Soca artist

KERWIN DUBOIS on their recent endorsement deals!

Issue 30|April 2014


Over the years Konshens has been building an arsenal of hits including and


According Manager

to for

Carla Pepsi,

and in musical circles and has

Konshens is currently getting ready to release his second full length,



opportune time. “For an artiste to be

Carnival 2014 has seen many a as Carib means that your brand has to dream come to fruition. he From non-stop performances said in the release. “To me, this clearly throughout the length and breadth of Trinidad and Tobago to the high regard they feel the same about public, Dubois has not only cemented his name on the national landscape but indeed also internationally. recognized in Trinidad and Tobago but The fact that he has managed to do so the future. It is this appeal that has led talents as one of the faces of Carib Caribbean diaspora internationally as regional and international events and each event. outstanding artist and human being

According to Murray,

Colin and Events manager said in a release. Dubois



partnership Issue 30|April 2014

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