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sunday august 27th west side is the fest side.

3 rd A n n u a l B in gh a m ton Porchfest 1

Bringing good things to light. 2 bi ng hamt onporch fest.c o m

Proud sponsors of Binghamton Porchfest 2017! 365 Harry L Drive, Suite 110, Johnson City (607) 729-5805 3 rd A n n u a l B in gh a m to n Porchfest 3


Restaurant & Pub

Proud sponsor of Binghamton Porchfest 2017. Stop by during the festivities for live tunes, easy eats, and a fully stocked bar!

62 LEROY ST BINGHAMTON (607) 779-BEEF 4 bing hamt onporch fest.c o m



FR O M T H E O R G ANI Z ER S. . . 5 FAQ. . . 9 ACKNO W LE D G E M E NTS. . . 13 SCH E D U LE . . . 14 B AND B I O S. . . 17 FE ST I VAL M AP. .. 31

S H A RE TH E S TREETS! P LE ASE R E M E M B E R TO KE E P O U R NE I G H B OR H OOD CLE AN. P I CK U P AFTER YO U R SE LF, R E CY CLE, AND TAKE CAR E O F E ACH OTH ER ! 3 rd A n n u a l B in gh a m ton Porchfest 5



here is something beautiful about our neighborhood, and the extended Binghamton community as a whole. It’s not just the old Victorian houses on tree lined streets. It’s not just the relationships we’ve developed with our neighbors. It’s the hopefulness that we all see in Binghamton. We are survivors. We weathered the storm, and look what we have to show for it. It is no secret that the second half of the 20th Century was less than kind to our fair city. Our once booming industrial town fell on dark days. The factories closed. The storefronts were boarded up. People left in droves. Economic depression hit the Parlor City hard. And yet, over the last decade or so, there has been a glimmer of hope. Call it revitalization. Call it reinvention. Call it a fiercely proud community that has refused to let time forget it. 6 bing hamt onporch fest.c o m

We are no longer a cigar city. We are no longer a shoe city. What we are is a city finding new life through the efforts of a tireless creative class of musicians, artists, chefs, thinkers, doers, movers, and shakers. Binghamton Porchfest is here to celebrate that creative class, to showcase the plethora of amazing musicians that walk amongst us. The idea is not new- we owe a debt of gratitude to the residents of Ithaca, who have been hosting the original Porchfest for the last decade (check out Ithaca Porchfest this September!). Similar festivals now exist in over 85 cities across the country, with each one showcasing the unique talents of their local music scenes. It’s a simple concept. Get together every single local musician we can find, and put them on an assortment of neighborhood porches to

tell stories and share their craft… for free! Easy peasy! No tickets. No cash to exchange. Just musicians and porches and all of you lovely people walking around to soak it all in. It is our gift to the community, and it is our pleasure to present it for a third year in a row. Porchfest is for you, and what it develops into is completely up to you. Make it your own. Get the family together. Jump on your bicycle and cruise around to our 40 different stages. Hook your kids up with a lemonade stand. This is the time for traditions to be made. What a sweet song we’re singing. Enjoy it! -Chris Bodnarczuk, Festival Director

3 rd A n n u a l B in gh a m to n Porchfest 7

8 bing hamt onporch fest.c o m


Wh at ’ s t hi s Po r c h fest thi n g y o u s peak o f?

It goes like this: Binghamton Porchfest is a completely free celebration of community, music, and togetherness, taking place in Binghamton’s West Side neighborhood for the third year in a row on Sunday, August 27th, 2017. It is the grassroots collaborative effort of hundreds of individual musicians and dozens of resident hosts of the West Side neighborhood of Binghamton (specifically the area including and directly surrounding the historic Abel Bennett Tract), who get together for seven hours on the last Sunday of every August to boogie down with their neighbors to the sounds of over 100 musical acts, presented on the front porches, stoops, and lawns of select homes and businesses. Based on a grassroots, decentralized festival model created by residents of Ithaca, NY in 2007—which has since led to over 75 similar independently operated festivals across the US and Canada—Binghamton Porchfest turns stoops into stages, yards into venues, neighbors into promoters, and the West Side into a gigantic cel-

ebration of community togetherness. Kind of like a giant block party, but with more blocks, more bands, and less mac salad sitting in the heat.

Participating locations lie within (roughly) the borders of Riverside Drive, Beethoven Street, Main Street, and Front Street.

Dozens of residents offer up the use of their front porches to hundreds of different musicians who perform over the course of seven hours to thousands of attendees who spend their afternoon meandering the neighborhood by foot, bike, fancy glowing hoverboard, or unicycle. While it’s happening, the neighborhood is welcome to make of it what they will: in past years, we’ve seen people offer lemonade stands, garage sales, impromptu break dance showcases, and magic shows, just to name a few. Sky’s the limit!

Is th is a fa mily f riendly ev en t?

Wh ere d o es it ta ke pl ac e?

Binghamton Porchfest takes place at various mostly-residential locations in a portion of the West Side neighborhood of Binghamton, specifically the area in and around the historic Abel Bennett Tract. Porches is a bit too particular of a word-- you’ll see music performed on stoops, driveways, front yards… you get the idea.

It sure is! With so many different musical genres being represented, music lovers of all ages are bound to find something to put a shimmy in their step. Bring the kids, bring the in-laws, bring friendly dogs!

Ca n I wa lk to a ll the p o rch es ?

That depends on you. To get from one corner of the participating neighborhood to the other, you’re looking at about .6 miles, total. It’s walkable, but can get tiresome if you’re going back and forth all day- plan accordingly! If you’re in a wheelchair, please keep in mind that while the West Side neighborhood is mostly flat, there are a few small hills to conquer. If you’re planning on driving around the neighborhood, we’d like to remind you to watch out for bicyclists and pedestrians, and expect it to be a big ol’ pain to keep trying to find parking. Share the streets! 3 rd A n n u a l B in gh a m ton Porchfest 9

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Ar e t he m u si c ians paid ?

Binghamton Porchfest is reliant each year on the combined volunteer efforts of hundreds of volunteer musicians, hosts, and neighbors. While we’re firm believers of supporting local musicians, an event of this scope simply wouldn’t be possible without the goodwill of the performers. Musicians may opt to put out tip jars during their performance or sell music and merch after their set. If you like what you hear, throw something in the jar or bring a CD home with you. The best way you can support the local music scene is to be an active participant. Binghamton is full of great music, not just on August 27th but on the other 364 days of the year, too. Get on out to shows as often as you can!

D o I n e e d a ti c k et ?

Nope! Binghamton Porchfest is a completely free event. Attendees are encouraged to tip performers, though!

Wil l y o u b e c l o si ng d o w n s t re e ts?

This year we will not be closing down any streets. Pedestrians and bicyclists should take care to avoid congesting roads, and drivers should expect a larger than normal amount of people in the street. Drive slow, be safe, and share the streets! Watch out for each other!

Wh e re do I p ee?

Wil l th ere be f o o d ?

Properly licensed NYS food vendors and non-profits are welcome to set up on private property, with permission of the homeowner (of course!), throughout the neighborhood. Keep an eye out for some real good barbeque and real sweet lemonade stands!

Wil l th ere be a lco h o l?

No alcohol will be served as part of Binghamton Porchfest, however if you’re looking to grab a quick brew, some of our participating venues are bars/restaurants that will be serving. If you’re looking for a refresher, think of checking out The Beef (62 Leroy St.), Abel’s Pub (65 Rotary Ave.), The Belmar Pub (95 Main St.) or Cyber Café West (176 Main St.). If you’re planning on bringing a cooler, please keep in mind that alcohol consumption/open containers are always illegal on sidewalks and city streets and open container laws will be enforced. Consumption on private property (porches/yards) is at the discretion of each hosting homeowner. Have fun, but remember that there’s kids around and you’ve got to work on Monday!

Is t h e re a h a s h tag?

We’re not entirely sure what a hashtag is, but sure: #bingporchfest. Feel free to tag us in your tweetagrams and instabooks!

Wh o orga n iz es th is ?

Binghamton Porchfest is organized each year as a gift to the community by Chris Bodnarczuk, publisher of the Binghamton region’s free monthly arts and culture magazine, Triple Cities Carousel. Support is provided by our gracious sponsors and donors, and nothing would be possible without the help of our amazing hosts.

There will be port-a-potties scattered throughout the festival route, and real live facilities are available at a handful of neighborhood establishments, including Cavanaugh’s Grocery (69 Leroy St.), The Beef (62 Leroy St.), Abel’s Pub (65 Rotary Ave.), The Belmar (95 Main St.), The Bundy Museum (127 Main St.), Cyber Café West (176 Main St.) and RecreWh at if it ra in s ? ation Park (Beethoven St.). Check out Shh! Don’t even say that filthy word. the festival map in the back of this It’s not going to rain, and shame program for restroom locations. on you for bringing it up. But since 10 bi ng hamt onporc hfest.c o m

you asked: theoretically speaking, Binghamton Porchfest is a rain or shine event. Organizers will be keeping a very close eye on the weather report in the days leading up to August 27th. If a bit of inclement weather is an issue, we’ll be prepared to confront it with tarps and canopies and if necessary, a few venue changes. Of course, the safety of our performers and attendees is of the utmost importance, and if we’re in for something really bad, rain date is scheduled tentatively for the following Sunday, September 3rd. Keep an eye on our facebook page for any weather related updates. But seriously, it’s not going to rain. It’s not. Stop worrying your pretty little head off about it. And stop saying that word.

Wh at s h o uld I bri ng?

That’s up to you, but we suggest sunscreen, a folding chair or blanket, a bicycle, a cooler, some cash to tip the musicians with, a camera, some friends, and a healthy dose of wanderlust.


Yes! The inaugural Binghamton Porchfest 10K is being presented by the Empire Road Race Series the morning of Porchfest. Find out more info on facebook.

Will th ere be t-s hirts o r o th er merch ?

Yes! We’re excited to welcome back our friends from Muckles Ink for another year! They’ll be live printing a few t-shirt designs at the event. Be sure to check ‘em out at 35 Chestnut Street and get yourself some new threads. Additionally, this year we’ll be selling can coozies and bumper stickers at 35 Chestnut Street and 129 Main Street (Bundy Museum). During or after their respective sets, bands may be selling t-shirts or CDs of their work stage side. If you like what you hear, take something home with you!

3 rd A n n u a l B in gh a m to n Porchfest 1 1

Binghamton University Off Campus College The mission of Off Campus College is to provide services and programs that support the University’s goal of achieving an environment that encourages and promotes educational excellence. OCC seeks ways to assist all students in learning how to live safely, successfully, and independently in the communities that surround the University.

OCC will be hosting a welcome back kick-off during Binghamton Porchfest on 8/27 from 12pm-4pm at St. Patrick’s Church, 9 Leroy St. The event is open to students and community members. Come celebrate the first weekend back to school with a BBQ, ice cream, ceramic mug painting, carnival games, raffles, live music, performances and more! Schedule: 12-4pm Barbecue (until the food is gone) 12-4pm Carnival Games 12-3pm Ceramic and Glass Mug Painting 12-1pm Ice Cream Truck 1-3pm Balloon Twisting 3-4pm Caricatures Performances by: Stand & Wave, POOL, The Harpur Harpeggios, The Binghamton Treblemakers, The Tasty Cakes, The Nesbitts, and Uyai Nnua

12 bi ng hamt onporc hfest.c o m


Very special thanks to…

Scott Freeman & Associates from Merrill Lynch, The City of Binghamton Local Development Corporation, Greater Binghamton Obstetrics & Gynecology, Guitar Center Johnson City, Triple Cities Carousel, The Beef Restaurant, Cavanaugh’s Grocery, Off Campus College, Abel’s Pub, The Belmar Pub, Callahan’s Sportsman’s Club, The Bundy Museum, Peterson’s Tavern, Lost Dog Café, Leroy Package Store, Grotta Azzurra, Kellam Realty, Cyber Café West, Muckles Ink, Equinox Broadcasting, The Empire Road Race Series, Leighton Rogers, Bob Murphy, Earl Walker, Celia Dauerer, Stephen Schweitzer, Paul Koanui, and Jim Ehmke.

Special thanks to…

Michael Hall, John Hastie, Steven Button, Patti Hart, Therese Hans, Emily Hugenbruch, Michael McGuane, Al Moring, Michael Le, Dick Mindemann, Rick & Anne Schoonover, Helinka Lenkiewicz, Bill Walworth, Eric Lopez, Lauren Cemelli, Stuart Post, Jeff Artman, Wendy Graham, Marjorie Huey, Matthew Strange, Patrick McMahon, Katherine O’Connor, Laura Musselman, Mrs. Laddie Vana, MJ Byrne, Emmilie Urda, Suzette Fahey, Adam Gabriel, Eileen & Mike Fitzgerald, Jude DiLella, Patti Schwartz, Jim Reyen, Carla Bruce, Gary Schwartz, Earl Walker, Joshua Witter, Tom Egan, Ayse Brammer, Rebecca Quilty, Jeff Estes, Janna Rudler, Lindsey Webb, Lynda Davis, Jessica Bannister, Scott Graham, Koenraad Gieskes, Ronnie Vuolo, and Jody Reynolds.


SCHEDULE 3 b e n n e tt ave. 1 3 B e n n e tt ave. 1 9 B e n n e tt Ave. 2 C ath e r i n e st. 3 5 C h e s tn u t st. 3 3 C o l l e ge St. 3 7 C o l l e ge St. 3 4 Dav i s St. 5 7 Dav i s St. 3 0 F r o n t St. 1 Gr a n d BLVD . 1 4 J E F F E R S O N AVE. 7 J o h n s o n Ave. 3 2 J O H N S O N AVE. 4 6 J O H N S O N AVE. 1 L ATH R O P Ave. 1 9 L ATH R O P AVE. 6 9 L ATH R O P AVE. 4 6 L A U R E L AVE. 9 L E R OY S T. 6 2 L E R OY ST. 7 9 L E R OY ST. 8 4 L E R OY St. 5 9 L I N C O L N AVE. 6 6 L I N C O L N AVE. 7 0 L I N C O L N AVE. 9 5 M A I N ST. 1 2 9 M A I N St. 1 7 6 M A I N St. 1 9 0 M A I N St. 6 5 M U R R AY St. 8 4 M U R R AY St. 7 9 R i v e r s i de Dr . 8 3 R i v e r s i de D r . 9 0 R i v e r s i de D R . 9 7 R i v e r s i de Dr . 4 9 R o ta ry Ave. 8 6 R o ta ry Ave. 2 9 S e m i n a ry Ave. 7 5 S e m i n a ry Ave. 1 4 5 S e m i n a ry Ave. 14 bi ng hamt onporc hfest.c o m



































































welcome back kickoff REPRISE



















3 rd A n n u a l B in gh a m to n Porchfest 1 5

16 bing hamt onporc hfest.c o m

performer bios 5 M a n T ri o

(rock/americana) Former members of the bands Mother Funk and Kuppa Joe, Scott and Rich have been playing in bands together since 1992. Brittany (Rich’s daughter) joined 5 Man Trio in 2013 and has recently taken over lead vocal duties. Mr. Whoopie (er, I mean Rich) plays a one of a kind drumitar (patent not pending) and bass with his feet (he’s a legitimate phenom), Brittany on lead vocals (and occasional tambourine), and Scott is the fellar in the band that simply plays geetar. 86 Rotary Ave., 4-5pm

Agu s C a i r de

(celtic) Agus Cairde (and friends) is a gathering of six, or so, musicians playing traditional Celtic tunes and songs. An array of fiddles, flute, concertina, bodhran, guitar and vocals joined together to bring joyful music and stories from across the pond. 75 Seminary Ave., 1-2pm

A T o u c h o f B r ass

(folk/jazz/classical) Since its inception in 1983, A Touch of Brass quintet has entertained audiences, young and old, within the United States and abroad. Along their journey, they have created numerous long-lasting friendships and supporters. As performers, they thoroughly enjoy the brass quintet configuration because of its versatility to perform many genres of music. 1 Lathrop Ave., 1-2pm, 3-4pm

Aco u s t i c B re w

(acoustic blues) Acoustic Brew has been playing the local music scene for 12 years. They play acoustic blues, folk and roots music; a mix of originals and covers featuring rich vocal harmonies and guitar instrumentals. 2 Catherine St., 2-5pm

Ada m At e t h e Appl e

(new-age americana) Adam Ate the

Apple is a Binghamton based newage Americana band that plays all original music, written by songwriter and guitarist Dan Pokorak. Kali Cornwell’s beautiful voice fills out the vocals, while Taze Yanick’s electric lead guitar adds layers of intrigue. Stephen Schweitzer bass and Tony Sulzynski’s drum playing keep the groove going, and Greg DeAngelo adds to the rhythm with djembe and other auxiliary percussion. Phil Hazen’s saxophone adds a certain special something. 37 College St., 4-5pm

Ai m ee Backus S uz uki Fl ut e S tud io & F rien d s

(classical) The Suzuki Flute Studio of Aimee Backus is comprised of students ages 8 through 18. Students attend various schools throughout the greater Binghamton area including Maine-Endwell, Vestal, Union Endicott, and Binghamton. Students will perform solo and chamber works and will be joined by Aimee Backus, Jennifer Pham, and Stephany Marilley. Favorites will include selections from William Tell Overture, Beethoven’s 7th Symphony, Mozart’s Magic Flute and more! 65 Murray St., 3-4pm

Al ex Crea mer

(folk/blues) Alex Creamer has been performing her folk/blues inspired music in the Binghamton area for three years. As well as solo she performs with the local “Hats Off Band” and percussionist Reid Miner. Her debut album “Shaking the Shelter” will be available soon. 7 Johnson Ave., 12-1pm

Al ph a Bra s s Ba n d

(NOLA funky brass) Alpha Brass is a fierce, funky, bodacious band from Binghamton, NY that plays originals and New Orleans style brass band music in the vein of Rebirth, Dirty Dozen, Dr. John. etc. 35 Chestnut St., 1-2pm

A n d rew A llp o rt & Jo e Weil

(folk/rock) Drew will perform a set of mostly covers and sparse originals on keyboard, guitar, and vaguely tuneful shouting, with maybe an occasional band instrument thrown in; his “day job” is teaching band at Chenango Forks. Joe has been playing piano and faking guitar for thirty years. He collaborated with Vic Ruggiero of the Slackers on a CD called “I Hate Life” in 2007. Weil is also an assistant professor at Binghamton University. 69 Lathrop Ave., 2-3pm

Bes s Green berg

(alternative americana) Bess Greenberg is a singer-songwriter and visual artist based in Binghamton. Recognized for rich, textured vocals and open hearted lyrics, Greenberg performs on upright bass and a hollow body electric guitar. Her songs build in passionate swells, and her conviction is a reminder that our greatest strength can be found in vulnerability. Greenberg debuted as a solo performer in the summer of 2016. In the 5 years she has been playing music, she has performed at festivals along the east coast, joined honored musicians such as Richie Stearns & Rosie Newton, Donna the Buffalo, and Preston Frank on stage, and is currently touring as a solo artist. 37 College St., 2-3pm

Th e Billy Da n Ba nd

(funk/jazz) “We are Billy Harrison from Syracuse on keys/guitar/ vocals/loops and Dan Bolten on sax/wind midi/vocals and we play original funky, jazzy jams as well as an assortment of funky jazzy covers that make you move with the music. While only two of us, we produce a soulful ‘wall of sound,’ that you’d swear was coming from a 5 piece group. 97 Riverside Dr., 3-4pm

3 rd A n n u a l B in gh a m to n Porchfest 1 7

PERFORMER BIOS Bo b W i l s o n

(acoustic) Dr. Bob is a regular performer at Binghamton Porchfest. He teaches at Binghamton University. 70 Lincoln Ave., 2-3pm

Bra d M e rre l l

(folk rock) “I am a 22 year old singersongwriter from Endicott, writing songs about radio towers, melting glaciers, and occasionally hope. I’m a photographer in addition to being a musician, hence the moniker View Finder. I have an EP titled “Lost Clouds” being released on Urgency! Records later this year. 49 Rotary Ave., 5-7pm

Bro o k e A l b r i g h t & N i c k G ac i o c h

(country) Brooke and Nick are forming a new country group with a little rock thrown in. They are always ready to play good music so be prepared have a great time because they believe music is about bringing people together. They have played at some local bars including Buffalo Head Bar and Grill, Bawka’s, Lippy’s and private parties, along with both playing with other bands such as Two Dollar Pistol, Frostbit Blue and others. They both have a lot of music experience and when they met they knew they had to make music together. They both love and appreciate all the support from God, family and friends. 34 Davis St., 121pm

C h ri s B o dn ar c z uk

(folk/country) Chris Bodnarczuk is the founder and director of Binghamton Porchfest, publisher and editor-in-chief of local arts rag Triple Cities Carousel, former folk director and host of “Six More Miles with the Rumrunner” on WHRW and author of a 2012 collection of poetry, “Filthy Smut and Other Bedtime Stories.” Expect classic country and folk tunes and craigslist “missed connections” set to music. 7 Johnson Ave., 1-2pm 18 bi ng hamt onporc hfest.c o m

C elt i c Ch a rm JC

(scottish/irish fiddle) “Formed in 2010 by local fiddler MJ Wojtowitz, Celtic Charm of Johnson City plays a lively variety of instrumental Scottish and Irish fiddle music. You can find us jamming with a mixture of traditional tunes and contemporary compositions in the Scottish and Irish styles, interpreted though original arrangements. Our band includes several fiddles, a viola or two, Celtic flute, bagpipes, guitar, and keyboard. Expect a foot-tapping mix of reels, jigs, marches, strathspeys, airs, and more!” 46 Laurel Ave., 12-1pm

C o untin g F is h & A lG

(acoustic) Counting Fish & AlG (formerly known as Curbside Find) is an acoustic duo made up of members Pam Harris and Al Gnall. Performing an eclectic variety of music from the 60s to now, they have performed various local venues for the last two years. Why are they changing their name, and how did they come up with the new one? Just stop by at Porchfest and ask! 84 Murray St., 2-3pm

Dav is S treet S h a k edow n (grateful dead tunes) A Grateful Dead Tribute Band, formed just for Binghamton Porchfest, by musicians in several different bands, who love to play together and love the Dead. Come groove with them on Davis Street! 34 Davis St., 6-7pm

D ea r Red Riv er

(americana) Gathered together from the various Red Kettle Inn contingent, they seek to take their humble strummings from the dimly lit barroom into the light of a Sunday afternoon. Mandolin, guitar, cajon. Middle aged stepchildren of the American soundscape. 65 Murray St., 4-5pm

D ev in n e Meyers

(singer-songwriter) Devinne Meyers is a singer-songwriter with influences in folk, soul, and alternative genres. 7 Johnson Ave., 4-5pm

D irt Fa rm

(alternative country) As the first AltCountry band to emerge from the Binghamton region, The Dirt Farm Band has been a staple on the scene C r aig H awkin s for over 10 years. Established in early (folk/bluegrass/rock) Craig has been 2000 Dirt Farm was first used as performing since he could talk. Some moniker for singer/songwriter Jeff of his musical influences include Stachyra and then became a working bluegrass, classic rock, big band jazz, band in 2005. They have released and some newer pop. 19 Bennett 3 independent studio albums Ave., 1-2pm (Somewhere Near Itaska in 2002, Grampa in 2006 and Working The C r o ssP o in t P ra is e Soil in 2009) and 4 live recordings. 32 (contemporary praise and worship) Johnson Ave., 5-7pm CrossPoint Praise is the praise band for CrossPoint Community Church. D us ty Wayn e & Mr Pete They play mostly contemporary (folk rock) “We are a two-piece praise and worship music, with some band playing much of our original newer arrangements of traditional material from our 3 CDs, out in the Christian songs. Members include local establishments. We played Joyce Barber (vocals), Linda Dittmar Binghamton Porchfest last year and (keyboard/vocals), Elisabeth had a great time.” 69 Lathrop Ave., Evans (flute/vocals), Joy Randall 3-4pm (percussion), Keith Rogers (bass), Bill Witte (vocals), and Marcia Zick (vocals). 1 Grand Blvd., 12-1pm



Bummed out about not performing? We’re hosting Porchfest Karaoke starting at 5:30pm on festival day! Stop by for some food and sing a little song for us... Hosted by DJ Dave!

If we’re open, the kitchen’s open! Burgers, spiedies, phillies, reubens, wings, fries, etc. 190 Main Street, Binghamton

(find us at the corner of beethoven and main on the west side) sun-thurs 3p-1a, fri-sat 3p-3a

3 rd A n n u a l B in gh a m to n Porchfest 1 9


STOP BY DURING PORCHFEST 2017 FOR PIZZA, SUBS, SODA, & MORE 64 Leroy Street, Binghamton (607) 724-2935 OPEN NOON-6PM FOR PORCHFEST 20 bi ng hamt onporc hfest.c o m


performer bios Edg y S k e t c h

(acoustic) When Thom and Beth met, 27 years ago, making music wasn’t part of their lives. They were happily raising their son when, in the mid 1990s, a friend was selling an acoustic guitar and Thom took to playing again. Thom had been making music in a couple bands and with friends in the 70s but an injury to his left hand took him away from playing for 15 years. Since returning to playing he has been in several different local electric rock bands and his now happily making acoustic music with his wife Beth. Seven years ago, Beth started taking African drumming lessons. She had been in choir starting in elementary school and continued through high school with the Vestal Voices. Beth greatly enjoyed the African drum lessons but her long term intent was to make music with Thom. And now those dreams have come true with the acoustic duo Edgy Sketch. 34 Davis St., 2-3pm

The E g o m a n i ac s

(rock) The Egomaniacs are a highenergy rock band from Binghamton. An original spin on the cover band formula. The Who, Madonna, Rush, Sublime, A-Ha, and more! The schedule says they’re on at noon at Abel’s Pub, but really, they’re starting the day off a lot earlier than that. They’’ll be performing as part of the official cooldown party for the Porchfest 10k race taking place the morning of Porchfest, so they’ll be taking the stage at the intersection of Seminary and Rotary at 10:30am. Get an early start and check ‘em out! 145 Seminary Ave., 10:30am

Em e k a & t he Al l i e C at

(jazz/blues) She needed a guitar player. I needed a singer. We met up and started making magic. Check us out at Porchfest with some very special guests! 19 Lathrop Ave., 1-2pm

Fal l Creek Bra s s Ba n d

(brass funk) The Fall Creek Brass Band’s headwaters are found in the funky beats, groovy bass lines, and hot licks hidden in the hills in the outskirts of Tompkins County. The waters of Fall Creek flow, at times slow and meandering and at times raucous and untethered, carrying this miasma of groove to Ithaca and surrounding towns where it infects the local population with an inescapable need to dance, sing, smile, and laugh. When the party ends, the waters of Fall Creek evaporate to travel back to their hilltop homes to rejuvenate their funk juices for the next party. 3 Bennett Ave., 4-5pm

Fest iv e Fago tti

(classical) “We are a group of bassoonists that are friends and love to play our bassoons. Our group has been playing together for about 3 years but we have been friends for over 15 years.” 65 Murray St. 12-1pm

T h e F irs t La d ies

(folk/americana) Haunting vocal melodies and expert musicianship from Milkweed’s original lineup, featuring Claire Byrne (Driftwood/ Lutheran Skirts), Jackie Colombo (Milkweed, Lutheran Skirts), and local singer-songwriter Bess Greenberg. 35 Chestnut St., 12-1pm

Fl o atin g D o wn

(country/folk/soul) Floating Down brings the variety and the party with music featuring country, folk, bluegrass, and soul/funk influences. They can be spotted hosting open jams at Red’s Kettle Inn and various venues in the Binghamton area. 84 Murray St., 4-5pm

G eo r ge Giv en

(soul/jazz/brazilian) “I was born and raised in Endicott and always return to the Triple Cities at least once a year. I’m 67, now reside in Syracuse

and have been a soul and jazz music fan since the 1960’s, having played guitar for the past 30 years. I started playing at open mics about 15 years ago - with friends in an informal group, The Dry Heaves, and solo. I greatly enjoy these endeavors and relish the opportunity to perform music that I have loved for all these years.” 79 Leroy St., 2-3pm

Go o d Grief

(rock) Good Grief is a three piece rock act from Owego. Performing original songs and a variety of covers, Good Grief hopes to interest listeners with their unique musical dynamic. Having played together for several years, occasionally performing covers at open mics and small one-off gigs around town, Good Grief recently decided to add a third member and create some original music in a formal capacity. 33 College St., 5-6pm

Go rd ie & Go rd ie Go ttlieb

(folk) A father/son aoustic duo playing folk, blues, and some Americana. Gordie III on bass and Gordie II on guitar. Covering a range of artists from Jason Isbell, Chris Smithers, U2, and some original material as well. 84 Murray St., 3-4pm

Guilty P lea s ure

(pop/rock) Guilty Pleasure plays the hits, the dance floor beats, and all the pop infused melodies that have moved your feet since the early 2000’s. Covering everything from Outkast to Adele, the band performs an electric set that will make you want to sing along just like you do alone in your car. Elizabeth Ealy, Joe Guistinani, Brody Terry, and Brendan Cleary are Binghamton natives who’ve been playing together off and on for years and are coming together again to play the hits you kinda (totally) love. 66 Lincoln Ave., 6-7pm 3 rd A n n u a l B in gh a m ton Porchfest 2 1

PERFORMER BIOS H a m m e re d Fr et s

(classic rock/blue-eyed soul) Hammered Frets is two native Binghamtonians: Steve Beukemavocal and keys, and Thom Clementsguitars. Over the years they have enjoyed playing and playing out in a variety of bands and have recently decided to form a duo. 97 Riverside Dr., 5-7pm

H e at he r M e r l i s & Fri e n ds

(jazz) Heather likes to do all sorts of things - playing music is one of them. This will be a very laidback set of acoustic covers and originals, including special guests. 75 Seminary Ave., 2-3pm

Hemlock Groove

(funk/jazz/metal/reggae) Hemlock Groove is an ever changing collective of musicians who love to get down in sunny Binghamton. Fusing funk/folk/ jazz/industrial metal/reggae and the many inspiring elements of beauty in the earth, they hope to make your hearts sing and your limbs flail into a mosh. 90 Riverside Dr., 5-7pm

H um ble Begin n in gs Ba n d Kites & P o werlin e s (americana/blues) The Humble Beginnings Band is a three piece modern Americana band that plays music from today’s artists such as Ryan Adams and Jason Isbell.They also feature classic works by such notables as The Band, Little Feat, Johnny Winter, The Beatles, Tom Petty, Steeldrivers and many other musical visionaries. They call it hoopjack music and cow tippin’ rock. 19 Lathrop Ave., 12-1pm

(alternative) Kites & Powerlines is an alternative rock band right out of Binghamton. You may have heard their song “New Life” on local alternative station 100.5 The Drive. Having released their first full length record titled “There’s More Here Than Black and White” earlier this year, the band is looking forward to playing it live at Porchfest 2017! 97 Riverside Dr., 2-3pm

If M ad rid

(folk/rock) Kristian Veech is a singersongwriter and from Binghamton NY. In 2015 he released his debut album “I” and is also the frontman for the Boston based prog rock group “Fordham Road” as well as the rhythm guitarist/keyboardist for grammy nominated singersongwriter Amanda McCarthy. When playing solo Kristian takes the stage with his loop station, to create entire songs on the spot using only his acoustic guitar and voice. 34 Davis St., 3-4pm

(indie rock) Original indie music from Binghamton mainstays. 97 Riverside Dr., 12-1pm

J Fl o yd

(slide blues) “I front The Smokin Crows but play solo as well. I play acoustic-electric blues slide rock originals mixed with some covers.” 19 Lathrop Ave., 2-3pm

J o h n Truth Exp erien ce

(americana) “We started out as friends coming together on Friday nights to play a few tunes. Eventually we dipped into the barrel of our H o m e B re w original materials, along with a flask (grateful dead tunes) A Grateful or two of lost and forgotten songs Dead Tribute Band that consists of distilled down through our own members of a number of popular earthy essence ready to share. We local groups including Raibred, The can’t help but be soaked in the ways Rhythm Gypsys, Grace’s Ghost, of 60’s and 70’s, while looking further Honker, Wreckless Marci, and back in the older songbooks, telling Remnants! The tunes you love played those tales with a fresh perspective. by people that love them as well! 145 We are Joel, Rick, Mark And Seminary Ave., 12-1pm Michael… speaking out the truth. We be just right for porch sittin’.” 3 H o n ke r Bennett Ave., 2-3pm (funky rock) Honker is a four piece rock band with Jim Lomonaco (yolk) T h e Kitch en S in k Ba n d on bass, Tim Linkroum on guitar, (country rock) The Kitchen Sink Band Jeff Vazquez on drums and Tyson concentrates on bringing you good Alston on keys and guitar. Honker tunes with tight harmonies. Vocally plays original, funky rock and roll oriented but country-rock based, and covers by Frank Zappa, Talking featuring harmonies and sweet Heads and more. 35 Chestnut St., grooves for days. 13 Bennett Ave., 4-5pm 1-2pm 22 bi ng hamt onporc hfest.c o m

Kris tia n V eech

Kro o ked Kn uckles

(rock) Krooked Knuckles are a hard driving Punk n’ Roll band from the backwoods of upstate New York. Sometimes bare Knuckles acoustic and sometimes full throttle rock. 62 Leroy St., 2-3pm

La dy P urp le & Ja malot

(country/southern rock) “Linda Anders (aka Lady Purple) is a local songwriter and has had two songs “Guitar Hero’’ and “Honkytonk Housewife” on the internet radio station Women of Substance Radio. Bud Rappozzi is a lead guitar player and vocalist for over 30 yearsThe rest of the band is John VanSteinburg on bass and lead guitar, Mark Baker on guitar, and Mike Anders on guitar and vocals. We play originals, classic country and classic southern rock with our own personal spin.” 62 Leroy St., 5-6pm



95 MAIN ST. BINGHAMTON 3 rd A n n u a l B in gh a m ton P orchfest 2 3

Premier Student Housing

-22 Beers On Tap -Live Music Most Nights -A Binghamton Institution Since 1997 (607) 484-7790


24 bi ng hamt onporc hfest.c o m

performer bios L iqu i d

(alternative) Liquid is a high school band made up of twins Ben and Alyssa Brigiotta, and Jacob McDonald. Alyssa and Ben started the band after Alyssa asked Ben to play drums to her music, but Ben switched to guitar shortly after and inducted Jacob as the bass player in the band. 129 Main St., 12-1pm

L un a r Pac i fi c

(alternative) Lunar Pacific has been making unique rock music in several forms since 2013 with EP “What Are You Waiting For?” and their second EP slated for release later this year. Lunar Pacific has a penchant for putting on charming live shows and performing a mixture of covers and originals that capitalize on vocalist Elizabeth Acosta’s recognizable sound. The band is comprised of Elizabeth Acosta, Josh Petitte, Andrew Menichelli, Zach Ford, and Dan Clarke. 97 Riverside Dr., 4-5pm

L ut he r a n S k irt s

(rockabilly) Binghamton’s rockabilly supergroup, featuring members of Driftwood, Milkweed, The Neighbors, Adam Ate the Apple, Salsa Libre, Dutch Bucket System, Floating Down, and Oarlock. Ooby Dooby! 35 Chestnut St., 6-7pm

Mar i a n T e w k sb u ry & Trac y Rya n

(acoustic blues/folk) Longtime local and regional guitarist/singersongwriter Marian Tewksbury is teaming up with Syracuse’s hidden gem, blues singer/songwriter, Tracy Ryan. Her vocal style could be compared to that of Bonnie Raitt or Eva Cassidy. Living in Owego now, the ladies are collaborating and hosting a weekly open mic at Bills Restaurant (every Wednesday, 6-9). The ladies perform music from the past to the present with an emphasis on blues, old standards and folk rock. 70 Lincoln Ave., 12-1pm

M ar oo n Cats

(rock) Maroon Cats never sent us a biography, so we don’t really know what to tell you about them, but we know John Kanazawich is in the band, and that’s always a good thing! 83 Riverside Dr., 12-2pm

M at t Byrn e

(folk/americana) Matt Byrne brings a broad mix of song styles with guitar and banjo to the audience. Singing popular songs from the 60’s and old and new folk songs, adding old time banjo tunes and roots-style music, Matt’s repertoire is sure to please. Matt has been playing with the Java Joe Jammers for many years and participates regularly in local oldtime jams. 69 Lathrop Ave., 1-2pm

M ic h ael P ero

(standards) Local singer Michael Pero sings the songs of the 40s-60s: Sinatra, Dean Martin, Tony Bennett, Bobby Darin, etc. 13 Bennett Ave., 1-2pm

M il k weed Electric

(electric folk/roots) Local folkie heros Milkweed are plugging in for the day, becoming a six-piece electric band with the help of some talented friends from New Jersey. It’s almost as big a deal as Dylan at Newport. 37 College St., 3-4pm

M o l in a

(alternative) Molina is a Binghamtonbased band derived from local artists who are making a big impact in the music scene. 84 Murray St., 5-7pm

M o sa ic F o un datio n

(reggae) With a style as unique as its members are diverse, Mosaic Foundation is forward thinking reggae that stays true to the roots. Formed in 2009 and based in the Finger Lakes region of New York, the band has grown a loyal following, thanks to electric live performances and three studio releases. Blending roots, ska, dub, dance-hall and

beyond, Mosaic is an exploration in reggae that is pushed to the limits and sometimes spills over. With lyrics that inspire dancing in the moment, and activate the mind in reflection, the songs encourage positivity, sustainable living and community. 35 Chestnut St., 5-6pm

Th e N eigh bo rs

(folk rock) A graduate of the Berklee School of Music, Joe Kollar is best known as a founding member, singer, and banjo player in the nationally known, Binghamton based Driftwood. If Nick Drake had collaborated with Jimmy Reed, or any other delta blues artist from the 1920s and 30s, the resulting album would have probably come out sounding a lot like Pete Ruttle. Pete blends folk and blues music traditions with a contemporary approach to songwriting that translates to a heartfelt vocal delivery backed by rustic resonator guitar and harmonica accompaniment. Calya Pericelli is a young singer with an old soul. With influences like Sam Cooke, Aretha Franklin, and James Taylor, she encompasses the Motown sound, with a hint of folk thrown in for good measure. Put the three of them together, and you have The Neighbors. 37 College St., 12-2pm

N ext To Kin

(folky rock) Next to Kin is truly a family affair: the band is comprised of Ryan Cirbus on the bass, his sister Mallory Evans on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, “adopted” sister Mary Tewksbury on lead guitar and vocals, and “might as well be their brother,” Andy Thomas on the drums. The band released their first full length studio album, “Kindergarten,” earlier this year. With originals and covers that span many genres, Next to Kin serves up good music and good humor which makes for a really good time! 46 Johnson Ave., 1-3pm

3 rd A n n u a l B in gh a m ton P orchfest 2 5

PERFORMER BIOS No S o a p Ra d i o

(americana) No Soap Radio is a collaborative duo of Steve Strauss and Matt Burt. Steve has been playing in Matt’s Band, The Casual Acquaintances, over the last 18 months. You know Steve from Monkey’s Typing and Strauss & Company; he’s been playing in venues in the Tier for years. Steve has a style deeply rooted in folk music and Matt comes from a Country and Rock tradition. Put it all together and you have No Soap Radio. 3 Bennett Ave., 1-2pm

Oar l o c k

(surf rock/spaghetto westerns) An original band born on the banks of the mighty Susquehanna, Oarlock offers a barrage of incredibly fast, danceable surf rock and opium den spaghetto westerns, featuring horns, Hammond organ, baritone guitar and a rhythm section with pockets oh so deep. 35 Chestnut St., 2-3pm

happen this time around! 66 Lincoln Ave., 5-6pm

O u t d oo r O p en Mic

(variety) Forgot to sign up to play Binghamton Porchfest but got an instrument with you and a yearning to play? The Belmar’s got you covered! Stop by from noon-3pm and play a few songs at the outdoor open mic, hosted by Adam Ate the Apple’s Dan Pokorak. 95 Main St., 12-3pm

Par l o r Cats

(blues) A swingin’, harp driven, jumpin’, West Coast blues kinda thing, featuring Brian Potenziano, Brian Swan, Mike Connerton, and James Christopher. 32 Johnson Ave., 3-5pm

Par l o r City F lute Ensemble

(classical/pop/jazz) The Parlor City Flute Ensemble, under the direction of Melanie Valencia, was formed in 2013 and derives it’s name from Olds Ko o l Binghamton’s moniker “The Parlor (classic rock/blues) Olds Kool is an City.” The core ensemble includes established classic rock and blues Melanie, Molly Drum, Lindsey band playing the music of Santana, Williams and Jamie Dybas and can Allman Brothers, Steelers Wheel, and be expanded to fourteen flutists lots more. 19 Bennett Ave., 12-1pm depending on the program. They cover not only classical styles but Old T i m e J a m also jazz, pop, Americana, marches (old-time) Bring an instrument to pick and show tunes. Past performances and join host Paul Koanui and friends include private events, local music for an open old-time jam on Johnson venues, church and senior center Avenue! All are welome! 7 Johnson events, First Friday Binghamton, the Ave., 2-4pm Windsor Green Summer Concert Series, Binghamton Porchfest The O ’ N e i l l B r o t h er s 2015, Ross Park Zoo Friends of the (bluegrass) The O’Neill Brothers Philharmonic and Mohonk Mountain features former Susquehanna Hat House Music Week. 79 Leroy St., Company members Gary, Kevin and 1-2pm John O’Neill. Joined by youngest brother Tim on mandolin, they have Pau l McD o n a ld continuously entertained local (singer-songwriter) Paul McDonald bluegrass/newgrass fans with their is a singer-songwriter who dabbles solid harmonies and acoustic sound. in the styles of folk rock, Americana, They broke the record of Porchfest country, bluegrass & blues. A long crowd size at their set last year, and time West-sider, he is a regular we can only assume the same will in the open mic scene here in 26 bing hamt onporc hfest.c o m

Binghamton. This will be his third year participating in Porchfest. 75 Seminary Ave., 3-4pm


(folk/light rock) “PBJ consists of Paul O’Heron, Bob Shores and Joe Valenti, who have been friends since the mid 1970’s. We share joy and laughs in playing the songs of John Prine, Gordon Lightfoot, the Beatles, and their compatriots, mixed with some more contemporary folk artists and the occasional banjo tune. Coming in from Buffalo, Rochester, and Endwell, we will be doing some of our favorite songs to celebrate 45 years of friendship.” 13 Bennett Ave., 12-1pm

P each es & Crime

(old-timey americana) Be transported back in time to a glamorous bygone era with all original music crafted as an homage to early jazz, blues, swing and more ranging from the Prohibition Era of he 1920’s and 30’s up through 1950’s rockabilly. 30 Front St., 5-7pm


(alternative) The band formerly known as the Three Fours, winners of Binghamton University’s 2016 and 2017 Battle of the Bands competitions. POOL brings a mix of rock, jazz, and groove to their music, resulting in their unique and fresh sound. They plan to keep their success going, with their sights set on releasing new tunes and playing more shows. 3 Bennett Ave., 3-4pm

P o rch f es t Ka ra o ke

(variety) We know you’ve been walking around Porchfest all day thinking to yourself “I wish I was a singer in a band!” Make your dreams come true at Callahan’s Sportsman’s Club! Stop by after 5pm for an earlystart karaoke night, hosted by DJ Dave. 190 Main St., 5pm

performer bios Pr o j e c t DC X

(hip-hop/R&B) Project DCX is a group of individuals that redefine the musical taste of hip-hop and R&B through their unique sound and performance. 129 Main St., 1-2pm

Pr o t o t y p e X

(rock/funk) Experimental garage rock from Binghamton. 97 Riverside Dr., 1-2pm

III, Neil Young, Marshall Tucker, The Band, Phish, Doc Watson and many more. Featuring Pat Capwell (lead vocals, lead & rhythm guitar), Tom Honeyford (bass, guitar, vocals) and Tim Hanna (rhythm and lead guitar, vocals). 46 Laurel Ave., 2-3pm

R NR & P ete Ruttle

(acoustic rock) RNR is an acoustic duo from Johnson City made up of Rob Locker (guitar/vocals) and Rai b re d Robbie Sample (hand percussion) (improg/jamtronic) They call it that began playing around the area in improg/jamtronic. We call it a hell 2009. Playing a jam of acoustic music of a party. They just celebrated their that span many musical decades and 200th show and show no signs of genres. Recently the duo has grown stopping anytime soon. They’ve to a trio by adding local musician become mainstays of the local bar Pete Ruttle to their performances. scene and the regional festival scene, Pete, who is well known throughout and we couldn’t be prouder of ‘em. the Binghamton music scene, has 35 Chestnut St., 3-4pm added a welcome layer of style to the RNR sound with his mix of Rep ri s e vocals, harmonica and slide guitar. 79 (classic rock) Reprise covers a unique Riverside Dr., 4-6pm mix of classic rock music of ‘50s through ‘80s. With their true-to-theR o setree music approach, vocal flair, exciting (folk/ethnic) Rosetree consists of guitar work and a strong rhythm Amy Shapiro and Allen Lutins. Amy, section, Reprise keeps audiences well known to the Binghamton dancing and singing along to their region folk scene, plays violin favorite, sometimes ‘forgotten’ and nyckelharpa (a Swedish folk songs.” 62 Leroy St., 3-5pm instrument). Allen performs on guitar and winds with numerous Ric k I ac o v e ll i acoustic ensembles in New York’s (folk/rock) Contemporary artist, live central and Southern Tier regions, performer and studio musician with including Rosetree, Klezmer Kings, roots from the mod era of the 60’s. Cornell University Klezmer Ensemble, His career spanning album, “Mystery Bardo Brothers and Playford Gang. on the Beach,” was released last year. Amy and allen have played together 129 Main St., 6-7pm since 2003. Their duo performances feature European folk music The R i dg e R u nner s (especially Celtic, Eastern European (acoustic grassrock) “A group of and Scandinavian), and old-time, friends that have been playing bluegrass and other ‘Americana’ together for 7-10 years. We typically classics. 46 Laurel Ave., 1-2pm play parties and social events, not big on playing in bars or late R uss S eymo ur at night. Our music ranges from (folk/rock) Russ Seymour Hails From classic rock to bluegrass to blues... Nashville, but don’t let that fool you mostly acoustic with a stand-up as his wide range of musical interests bass, acoustic and occasional make for a very entertaining and electric guitar. Grateful Dead, Hank enjoyable show. Russ can be found

working with Binghamton’s own top 40 country band, A Country Mile, or Bobby Baker’s classic rock band, Half Baked, or his own 1 Man Show. In any case, his crazy antics keep people coming back time and time again just to see what he’s up to next. Although Russ calls himself “The 1 Man Band” he’s not the cymbal on a stick and a bass drum on his back kind… his show is very advanced, allowing him to play to a wide audience. 84 Murray St., 1-2pm

Th e S co tt F reema n Band & Th e Rev iva l H o r ns

(big band/swing) For over 10 years, The Scott Freeman Band & The Revival Horns have been entertaining audiences all over the Northeast. This 10-piece band has a distinct sound, wide repitiore and tight vocal harmonies. 83 Riverside Dr., 2-5pm

S cuttlebutt

(blues) Scuttlebutt is a Stevie Ray Vaughn tribute and all around blues band based in Binghamton, featuring Jeffrey Keith, Mark Shark Gentile, and Tommy Szedlock. 90 Riverside Dr., 4-5pm

S ea n S h erwo o d

(acoustic rock) Sean Sherwood has played in numerous local bands (MesonK, Awaiting the Day, Autumn Avenue, Radio Blue, The Troubadours, DEVERoE and others), and is excited to play originals from his previous bands and new tunes, plus some sweet covers! Stop by his set for some music and baked cookies (while they last). 86 Rotary Ave., 3-4pm

S ilv er & S teel D uo

(classical/brazilian/irish) “Silver and Steel Duo is Burt Mueller (guitar) and Melanie Valencia (flutes). Our music offers a variety of genres including classical, popular, sacred, Irish, Brazilian and other styles.” 79 Leroy St., 12-1pm 3 rd A n n u a l B in gh a m ton Porchfest 2 7

PERFORMER BIOS S ilv e r L i n e Pr o j ec t

(singer-songwriter) Formed around Devinne Meyers’ new album entitled “Silver Line,” the Silver Line Project adds banjo, recorder, bass, and light percussion to music influenced in folk, alternative, and soul music. 7 Johnson St., 5-6pm

ranges from danceable originals that blend dramatic changes with groove and catchy hooks, to epic classic rock covers with a unique twist. 33 College St., 6-7pm

Spar ro w

(chick folk) The band formerly known as “Bandgina.” 34 Davis St., 1-2pm

(Singer/Songwriter) “I am a singer/ songwriter who plays an acoustic solo show with a good mix of old/ modern covers and originals.” 129 Main St., 4-5pm

S l ide way s

Spir a l Cracks

The S i r e n s

(blues/rock/country/jazz) Slideways performed from 1980 to 1984 as a five piece country rock band. Now a trio, original members Bob Merritt, Chuck Kennedy and Duke Holdsworth feature pedal steel, blues harp and Guitar, playing everything from blues and jazz standards to Willie Nelson and the Grateful Dead. 129 Main St., 5-6pm

Slow Burn

(soul/funk/R&B) Slow Burn is a 5-piece extravaganza of professional, locally-grown musicians, including Chuck Hurlbut (guitar), David Cook (keyboard), John Frobel (the left-handed wonder drummer), Michaela “Mike” Clark (lead vocals), and Ryan Jackson (bass). You’ve probably heard them around town at Number 5, Uncle Tony’s, Bawka’s - and the big news - you’ll get your next Slow Burn fix playing a full set at this year’s Blues on the Bridge! They play covers spanning at least six decades - think Stevie Wonder, Amy Winehouse, BB King, Sly and the Family Stone, Etta James, and a whole lot more. They’re all about bringing on the funk and playing tunes that get you right in your soul. 57 Davis St., 1-2, 3-4, 5-6pm

S o u l s o f R e n eg ad es

(alternative funk rock) Souls of Renegades is a high energy, alternative funk rock band based out of Binghamton. Their live show 28 bi ng hamt onporc hfest.c o m

(dance) “Spiral Cracks is a diverse group of artists who highlight the interconnection between each of us, our environment and communities. Empowering people from all walks of life to move and create with their bodies and in turn inspire eco-conscious community, peace and healthy lifestyle. The aim is to create cohesion and fill in the cracks between various creative art forms - dance, music, poetry and visual art. We aim to inspire creativity and curiosity in all people towards unique self-expression. By empowering individuals, their inspirations will spiral out into the larger community.” 3 Bennett Ave., 5-6pm

Stand & Wav e

(indie/alternative rock) “Hey everybody! We’re Stand & Wave, a 4 piece indie/alternative rock band from the Hudson Valley. We play original songs that we write in our dusty bedrooms and basements so we can bring ‘em right to ya! If your looking to get your socks rocked off then we’re a band you want to check out! We’ve played a number of shows in Binghamton, including at Moefest at Binghamton University.” 9 Leroy St., 12-1pm

Su sq u eh a n n a S kin n y D ippers

(classic rock/country) “The Susquehanna Skinny Dippers play unabashed rock classics that sizzle

and ignite their listeners w songs sure to spark feelings of summer fun and reverie... Joining frontman Joe Stento will be drummer Eric “Rock” Zurbruegg, bassist Andy Troshan, and singer Heidi Regan. Come and prepare to swim with the Susquehanna Skinny Dippers! No lifeguards or swim suits necessary!” 129 Main St., 2-4pm

S yz la k

(rock) “We are Syzlak! Rocking Murphy Road for 16 years! The best rock, punk, psychedelic, blues, country, disco freakout band in the universe!” 59 Lincoln Ave., 1-3pm

Tim Wh ite

(classic rock/country) Tim White is a professional guitarist/singersongwriter from Binghamton who performs covers from classic rock to country and almost everything in between. He has played at many well respected establishments in the area including Ransom Steele Tavern, McGirk’s Irish Pub, Blind Tiger Pub, and South City Publick House. His smooth playing and powerful voice, not to mention awesome song selection, are sure to please your ears! 70 Lincoln Ave., 1-2pm

To d d F elto n & Th e Mix

(funk) Todd Felton and the mix stir up many different songs and make them their own, playing every thing from Prince to the Zac Brown Band, with their signature funky style. 66 Lincoln Ave., 3-4pm

Trea s ure

(contemporary christian/oldies) “Treasure consists of Deborah Ferraccioli on vocals, Vince Ferraccioli on guitar and vocals, Mike Dykeman on drums & congas, and Gene Slawta on bass guitar. Deborah is from Chenango Bridge, NY. Vince is from Endicott, NY. They are married and live in Johnson City. Mike is from Wysox, PA and lives

performer bios in Binghamton, NY. Gene lives in Conklin, NY. Treasure strives to bring a positive uplifting message through our music that shows that nothing is ever so tough that we cannot overcome with the the power and blood of Christ Jesus.” 14 Jefferson Ave., 4-6pm

songs; some have story lines rooted in horror and sci-fi, some are just eccentric observations. Sometimes old-timey, sometimes upbeat and jazzy, always either raising eyebrows or furrowing them. 62 Leroy St., 6-7pm

Tw o o f a Ki n d

(blues/rock) Voodoo Highway is a bluesy, funky, groovin’ original blues/ rock band based out of Binghamton, NY. Their debut album “Hidin’ Out with the Blues” has found success on Internet radio and FM stations from coast to coast and in England–four tracks hit number one on listenervoted Top 10 lists. They love to spread good vibes through their mix of rippin’ rock, blazing blues, cool reggae, and a little bit of country. They have also been known to bust out a rap song on occasion. 34 Davis St., 4-6pm

(classic rock/country) Mike and Jaime are an acoustic duo and Porchfest is their proud debut. Bringing together a love of music and performance, they cover a variety of artists from Tom Petty to Johnny Cash to Foo Fighters. More than anything, Mike and Jaime enjoy the connection that they receive through the music, the connection between each other, and together with the crowd. After all: The energy you give is the energy you receive. 46 Johnson Ave., 4-5pm

Ug ly Do l p hin

(psychedelic rock) Cyber Café West’s Thursday night house band, featuring café owner Jeff Kahn and an ever evolving collection of friends and colleagues. Playing rocking originals and covers of the likes of the Dead, the Ramones, Men at Work, and more. 176 Main St., 2-4pm

Un c l e s ha k e

(mountain grunge) Uncleshake is a Sidney based band with an eclectic acoustic rag-rock sound they call Mountain Grunge. They play original

V o o d o o H igh way

Wo ehrwo lf

(folk/punk) Original folk punk ranging from angel voice to fender liner dragging at 35mph. Always sings on key. 29 Seminary Ave., 3-5pm

Wr eckles s Ma rci

(party rock) Wreckless Marci is a Binghamton based cover band that was originally established in 2001 by founding members Craig Palmer (guitar & vocals) and Matt Jensen (drums). Mark Sedlock (bass) joined the band in 2010 followed by Sonny

Weeks (vocals & guitar) in 2012 to complete the lineup. In recent years they have enjoyed the rare opportunity for a cover band to open for several national acts including Puddle of Mudd, Rusted Root, The Marshall Tucker Band, and William Michael Morgan. They play a wide variety of songs and no genre is offlimits. From pop, classic or hard rock, to punk and even country, they make each song their own with the goal being fun for all. 84 Leroy St., 5-7pm

Th e Ya da Ya da s

(classic top-40) This is the Yada Yadas second year playing the Porchfest. Joe Lewis, Tim Lewis, Al Winans and David Shoudy are veterans of bands that have played locally since the 70’s. Haunting melodies to sing along songs are their specialty. 66 Lincoln Ave., 4-5pm

Yes terday’s Ba by

(folk/blues/jazz) Yesterday’s Baby is Barbara Vartanian and Mark Mandyck, two retired mental health professionals who started playing music together as part of a recreation program for the clients at Greater Binghamton Health Center in about 2006. They have been playing music together since that time, and play a hybrid mix of originals, folk classics, blues, jazz, and rock tunes. 65 Murray St., 1-3pm

Get practicing! The 4th Annual Binghamton Porchfest is tentatively scheduled for the last Sunday of next August... 8/26/2018 3 rd A n n u a l B in gh a m to n Porchfest 2 9

30 bi ng hamt onporc hfest.c o m


3 b e n n ett ave. 1 3 B e n n ett ave. 1 9 B e n nett Ave. 2 C ath er ine st. 3 5 C h e stnu t st. 3 3 C o l lege St. 3 7 C o l lege St. 3 4 Davis St. 5 7 Davis St. 3 0 F r o nt St. 1 Gr a n d BLVD . 1 4 J E F F E RSO N AVE. 7 J o h n so n Ave. 3 2 J O H NSO N AVE. 4 6 J O H NSO N AVE.


65 MURRAY St. 84 MURRAY St. 79 Ri versi de Dr. 83 Ri versi de Dr. 90 Ri versi de D R. 97 Ri versi de Dr. 49 Rotary Ave . 86 Rotary Ave . 2 9 Semi nary Ave . 75 Semi nary Av e . 145 Semi nary Av e . YELLOW DOTS ON MAP INDICATE LOCATION OF HOST PORCHES. YELLOW DOTS WITH A RED CIRCLE AROUND THEM INDICATE LOCATIONS WHERE BATHROOMS OR PORTABLE TOILETS WILL BE AVAILABLE. FOOD MAY BE AVAILABLE AT SELECT LOCATIONS. 3 rd A n n u a l B in gh a m ton Porchfest 31

Binghamton Porchfest 2017 Festival Program  

Schedule, Map, Band Bios and more. Join us for Binghamton Porchfest 2017, Sunday August 27th from 12-7pm in the Historic Abel Bennett Tract...

Binghamton Porchfest 2017 Festival Program  

Schedule, Map, Band Bios and more. Join us for Binghamton Porchfest 2017, Sunday August 27th from 12-7pm in the Historic Abel Bennett Tract...