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FADE IN: INT. KITCHEN – DAY SAIRA (18) is standing beside her MOTHER who is washing the dishes. Her mother looks flustered as her daughter begs her to give her permission to go away on holiday. SAIRA Mum please, please can I go to Dubai? MOTHER Aha! Siara’s mother stops and picks up a wooden spoon. I told you your aunty not good influence on you She points the wooden spoon at her and steps closure to her. And where do you think we will get the money from? Huh? They don’t grow on tree. Anyway how is this new boyfriend like? SAIRA He’s very… She is cut off at the sound of the door bell. Siara’s mother walks through the living room and opens the door and steps back surprised. MOTHER Yes? SAIRA Mum its okay, this is Trevor and Trevor this is my mum. TREVOR (24) smiles dashingly at Saira and her mother. Saira’s mother puts her hand out to shake but Trevor gives her a low five instead. Saira mother looks at her hand and then at her daughter. She smiles nervously at him. MOTHER Okay, come in? Trevor and the mother follow Saira into LIVING ROOM and sit on the sofa. He looks around the house and gasps to himself. So Trever how old are you?

TREVOR Twenty sumn Saira’s mother looks confounded. MOTHER So you have a children? Saira looks at her mother with wide eyes, shocked by the question. TREVOR Four and mi Sarah going to give me plenty more He winks at Saira MOTHER So what do you do for a living? TREVOR Dis and dat MOTHER Dis and Dat our Saira tells me you are a businessman? TREVOR Yeah, and successful one too He crosses his legs like a boss. MOTHER How long have you known my daughter for? TREVOR One week and He looks at his fingers and count seven days, whilst Saira’s mum shakes her head disappointed but slowly at her daughter. seven days! MOTHER Ver did you meet again? TREVOR Outside dat big building, with the pointy bit dat look like one ice cream scoop MOTHER You mean the mosque?

Trevor clicks his finger and points at her in agreement TREVOR That’s the one. SAIRA But mum, it was love at first sight. I was going to wait till dad comes home; I’m thinking about not going to University and spend more time with Trevor MOTHER Kya!? I thought you wanted to be a doctor SAIRA But I’ll be too busy MOTHER With what!? TREVOR Alotta sexy time Smiles dashingly and winks at saira. CUTS TO: INT. KITCHEN – NIGHT Saira’s mother walks into the kitchen frustrated and angry, she picks up the frying pan and walks back into the living room MOTHER Olo ka pata! She hits Trevor with the pan. TREVOR Mudda, Mudda? Can I use da toilet? Need to release. MOTHER Yes, upstairs to the right. Trevor exists the room and walks into he toilet. Again he looks around fascinated as he urinates. CUT TO: MOTHER Beti, have you thought about this big decision?

SAIRA But mum if I don’t take a break from studying, say in Dubai, then I might as well start a family of my own MOTHER But you said you wanted to go away for the summer SAIRA awww but money doesn’t grow on trees and aunty is a bad influence on me remember? MOTHER Did we? She is cut of by the heavy footsteps of Trevor on the stairs. His hands over his crotch. TREVOR Mudda, should I flush di toilet? Saira and her mother look quizzically at each other. Yuh see mi believe in the philosophy dat it yellow let it mellow an if it brown flush it down Mother turns back round to her daughter MOTHER Yes, you can go TREVOR Anyway mudda, this was a quick visit, mi affi babysit mi pickney. SAIRA Oh! So soon? TREVOR Yuh sweetie Saira stands up to give Trevor a hug but her mother quickly steps in and hugs her to block them. MOTHER It was pleasure meeting you Trever

Trevor holds out his hand for a shake, but the mother slaps it lightly. Besharam! TREVOR Mi ah part ah di family now SAIRA I’ll walk you out Her mother looks at her worriedly. MOTHER Ok beti, come back soon CUTS TO: INT. A QUIET NEIGHBOURHOOD - NIGHT Saira links arms and turns around to her mother with a cheesy smile on her face. They turn the corner and stop. Trevor takes of his hat and wig. SAIRA Oh my god James, you’re a Ledge! JAMES So it worked Saira nods with a massive grin on her face. SAIRA I told you I just had to scare her more and she’ll agree to the trip straightaway. Anyways heres the money like we agreed. She puts her hand in her pocket and takes out a £20 pound note. She smiles at him and gives him the money. TREVOR Ahh thank you, have a nice trip in Dubai SAIRA Will do, bye. TREVOR Bye They give each other a hug and walk away in opposite directions. FADE OUT.

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