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A Qurius View “The parameters that underpin our vision are in constant flux, assailed by external factors that force us to re-align and re-focus the vision from time to time. This document needs to be seen in that context. It is a fluid, never-ending story, one which will change and evolve depending on circumstance - but the vision itself? That remains true, always.�

Leen Zevenbergen, CEO, Qurius N.V.


qurius Vision doc. 2010

u we introduce to yo ‘the new Qurius’

Qurius provides technology answers: design, architecture, infrastructure, deployment and systems management of Microsoft-based business and IT solutions. Headquartered in Zaltbommel, the Netherlands, we serve customers across Europe, including Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, the United Kingdom and the Czech Republic. In 2010, we openly declared a target of 100 per cent sustainability by 2014. A bold objective, designed to drive the company to European leadership in the field of sustainable ICT. We aim to be the number one choice for customers with the same ambition and the same sustainability goals. Qurius has been publicly quoted on Euronext Amsterdam since 1998. For more information, visit



qurius Vision doc. 2010

Colophon April 2010


This report is a publication of Qurius NV Visiting address Qurius NV Van Voordenpark 1A 5301 KP Zaltbommel

1. Before the Vision - The Values 2. Our Mission & Vision 3. Qurius: It’s in the Name 4. Building Brand Value 5. It’s Time to Make a Change 6. Opening Doors 7. Three Pillars for the Future

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New Way of Working

8. A Professional Structure 9. The International Leadership Programme: Unique Trust 10. Ambitious Targets, Ambitious Growth 11. The Technology Link 12. The Code of Conduct; Our Values in Practice 13. It’s Teamwork

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qurius Vision doc. 2010

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qurius Vision doc. 2010


“Don’t try


 efore the Vision B The Values

to be

but Values represent the ‘soul’ of our company, its essence and ultimately its character. Our values define our interaction with our environment - sociological, economical and ecological. They define why our employees want to work for us, why companies partner us, why customers choose to work and stay with us, why people believe in our future and continue to invest in us.


Without defined values, without a character or corporate culture, we cannot have a true vision. Values can be very personal and, consequently, shared personal and corporate values can be a powerful central force, a unifying call to action with common understanding, common beliefs, common goals and a common direction.

to be

It’s important to have a shared vision, but it’s critical to have shared values. Values that are inherent, entrenched and entwined in everything we do. Our company values can be summarised in the following - we aim to:

• Be a primary advocate and example of Sustainability: Working to the three principles of People, Planet and Profit and where any development should meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs;

of value”

• Make a positive difference: to the world, and our work should reflect the desire to leave the world a better place than when we found it; • Be trusted, authentic, open and honest: to those around us and to consistently seek and speak the truth; • Take responsibility: we’re accountable for our actions towards others, the community and the world around us. We believe in the maxim - “Say what you do, do what you say;” • Have mutual respect for all our stakeholders: customers, employees, shareholders and partners alike. We value ourselves and others, property and diversity. We understand where our rights end and someone else’s begin; • Be compassionate and courageous: to show care and kindness for others, helping others who are in need. To face challenging situations with confidence and determination, standing up for our convictions when conscience demands; • Value life in all its forms: and enjoy every single moment of every single day. Values only have true meaning when we implement them consistently, carefully and clearly. And even in difficult times, when the pressure is on, we must try and adhere to them, because only then can we truly call them ‘our core values.’



qurius Vision doc. 2010

2. Our Mission & Vision

Our mission: We partner with our customers today to help them face the challenges of tomorrow. We do this by delivering sustainable ICT solutions, services and infrastructures with visible, sustainable performance and permanent value. Our future and the future of our customers are aligned, so we work alongside all of our stakeholders to drive a better future for all of us underpinned by sustainable technology solutions and environments. And our definition of sustainability? A quick look at other definitions first:

Our vision also describes the desired outcomes for our future and creates a sense of direction and opportunity. It’s a world where:

• An environmentally sustainable society satisfies the basic needs of its people without depleting or degrading its natural resources and thereby preventing current and future generations of humans and other species from meeting their basic needs. • Sustainability is the capacity of someone to endure. It is ability to live or sustain in any opposing or fatal condition and also one of the most important properties of living species…

• We make a difference: to customers and all of our stakeholders - and by being a company that matters - of value and of worth - that has a positive impact on our environment and contributes positively toward a better, more sustainable, world;

Qurius defines ‘sustainability’ as: “Sustainability is the long term orientation for people, planet and profit. For us, this means a sustainable company that provides long term direction and determines the well being of our people and the long term survival of our company. We believe that sustainability should be the default state - normal behaviour and feeling responsible for people and the environment around us at all times.” Our vision: Qurius aims to be the best possible partner for its customers in creating a better future. To do this, and provide a completely sustainable future to all midsized companies and government organizations across Europe, we also need to have scale. It is imperative for Qurius to have the right levels of intelligence, knowledge and expertise in: • Business Intelligence (BI) • Cloud Computing • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) • Internet Technologies & Hosting Environments • Unified Communications Innovation, research and development are also critical for Qurius to ensure that it maintains its lead in delivering fully integrated, wholly sustainable services and solutions. Only when we can offer these smart and integrated solutions to our customers will we be able to enter into long-term strategic partnerships. Today, only Microsoft offers the tools and this level of integration in the mid-market sector and they are a key, trusted and most valued technology partner.

• We’re best-in-class: We are ambitious, we aim high and we settle for nothing less than perfect. Our objective is to become the best in our field; we set the standard, an example to the world around us - inspiring customers, partners, investors, employees and potential employees;

• We care: about the impact we have on the world around us. We’re fully aware of the delicate global balance. As a result, we’re dedicated to our corporate responsibility programme and to a sustainable future; and we care passionately about delivering on our sustainability aims and objectives; • Everyone wants to work for us - or with us: we’ve created such a stimulating, challenging, vibrant and rewarding environment that we’re top of the list for potential customers and first in line for talented people. Everyone wants to be part of the inspiration; • We embrace and understand the ‘New Ways of Working’: without constraint, without shackles. Unfettered and unhindered. A new generation has a different work/life balance and evolving needs. Variety, challenging, satisfying, morally right - these are just some of the employment demands of a digital generation, already accustomed to being always online, always on the pulse. Our vision encourages innovation, new ways of working and different ways of thinking. Talented people want to create, to innovate and work on challenging issues and the most difficult projects. And customers deliver their most demanding ventures and their most testing assignments to where the talent resides, innovation flourishes and solutions are delivered; It’s vital to build a company based on this dynamic vision, because in the years to follow, talent will become increasingly scarce. Research has repeatedly shown that the number of working people will diminish over time and attracting the best talent will be a major challenge for the future. Creating a high energy environment, a vibrant place full of effervescence and vigour where people are not only rewarded but supported and stimulated to greatness - that’s how we will stay ahead of the pack. As the saying goes: “if you don’t reach for the stars, you’ll never reach the moon.” That’s why we’re aiming high. Our dream is bold but the vision is there. Now the difficult part begins - living it!



qurius Vision doc. 2010

“I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.” Albert Einstein

3. Qurius: It’s in the Name “Coincidence does not exist,” Jaworski writes in his book about Synchronicity

So was it an augur or prophet who selected ‘Qurius’ as the organization’s name those many years ago, knowing what the long term future would bring? Our company name is a very useful and helpful one, and fits perfectly with our values and vision. People who are curious are aiming to attain knowledge, to learn and seek advancement. And this is exactly the mentality that we foster in our company. Our curiosity is aimed at creating a better world, questioning our own role and the part we play. We’re inquisitive, always probing, delving into issues and analysing problems to find the source. Enquiring minds are constantly active, persistently rooting out solutions to complex problems always looking for ways to fix, repair and improve. Forward is the only direction we know. Curiosity is a trait fundamental to discovery, to invention, innovation, development and growth. Hence our name ‘Qurius’; because we are interested, enquiring, and inquisitive. Intellectually curious.

Rules and regulation can stifle ingenuity and growth often the search for optimal security is at the expense of trust. Qurius aims to foster a culture of ‘trust’ and to make it an intrinsic part of working life, creating a safe haven across every part of its operations. We believe in a better balance between ‘rules’ and ‘trust’. It makes no sense lose all the rules and regulations because many of them are there for good reason, but we want to encourage and cherish the responsibility of the individual. Trust and individual responsibility can be given the space to breathe by leadership. We want to implement this new environment for us and our customers by encouraging certain behaviour, including: • • • • • • •

Personal contact; Well-defined and shared goals; Leading by example; Building trust with sensible rules; Confidence to bestow trust and responsibility; Empowering individuals to achieve; Following a steady course, neither wavering nor losing nerve; • Be mild with misunderstanding, rigid with misuse; • Sharing knowledge, intelligence and experience; • Daring to experiment and learning from experience.



qurius Vision doc. 2010

4. Building Brand Value

Over recent years, Qurius has under-estimated the importance and value of its brand - it hasn’t featured highly on the corporate agenda. Outside its existing customer base, the company has very little nameawareness. Today, that’s an advantage as we have a green field site on which to build our reputation in tandem with a new strategic direction, new aims and objectives. Now it will be a cornerstone of our strategy to build the brand through clear and systematic communications with our main stakeholder groups: customers, employees, society and our shareholders. Communications are almost always two-way and we intend to build up meaningful relationships that produce mutual value. Qurius will be a trusted partner, with integrity and an inspiring spirit. In essence a brand is a promise. It embodies who we are and the values we believe in. It is a materialisation of our identity with relevance to all our stakeholders. At the centre of our identity stands ‘curiosity’. We want to understand and to know. The Brand Experience We’ll make the Qurius brand an experience in itself and any encounter of the Qurius kind will always be creative. Any Qurius touch point will energise the intellect. We want to create lively and vibrant business

environments where we will actively participate in the debate for a better planet and deliver concrete solutions in our own practices as well that those who are geared and committed to the same goal. The development of Qurius will be a brand journey that sets the standard. We’ll make our intentions clear to all of our stakeholders, developing strong and inviting concepts that support our communications. People will position Qurius as a smart brand - unleashing the collaborative power of many minds, finding new ways to connect, discovering new and inspiring solutions. The Brand Talks Qurius is a brand that talks. Speaking to its audiences in the language they understand and empathise with. Communication is in our genes, it’s in our name. We’ll be embarking on an energetic and innovative brand, marketing and communications journey with our customers and all our other stakeholders. It will be a journey that empowers individuals as Qurius brand advocates, bringing together multi-disciplined experts in communications and developing: a new brand identity; professional recruitment programme; seminars, workshops, roundtables and conferences; a Qurius community; customer research and surveys; comment and case studies. Qurius will be a universal language.

“We have chosen to focus on customers who are those mid-size European firms who care about the world in the same way we do. Our customers empathise with our aims and ambitions and our vision. It’s therefore imperative to make that vision visible to potential customers.” Geerd Schlangen, Chief Brand Officer



qurius Vision doc. 2010




qurius Vision doc. 2010

5. It’s Time to Make a Change

“It is curious that physical courage should be so common in the world and moral courage so rare.” Mark Twain

We also believe that wanting to be 100 per cent sustainable isn’t anything special - and nor should it be, it should be commonplace, standard and normal behaviour in any organization. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. All too often the cost implications or, more frequently, the perceived cost implications prevent companies from travelling the sustainability road.

“Qurius wants to play a leading role in making the world a better place. It’s a strategic choice we’re making. Even with the understanding that ‘sustainability’ is a broad term; we are making the public statement that we aim to be 100 per cent sustainable by 2014.” We know this is a very bold statement. Nor do we yet fully understand the ramifications it will have upon our company- either upon cost or revenue. But what we do know is that it is the right choice - it marries with our values, our vision and our beliefs. It is the right thing to say. It is the right thing to do. We’re ambitious and we will make it happen. We live in a different world - certainly very unlike the one we grew up in. And if behaviours do not change, the world as we know it will cease to exist. Resources are running dry and it’s time to choose the right direction - a choice for change and to show we really care. It’s also our duty - to ourselves, our fellow citizens and future populations of the world. We have a responsibility that we cannot shirk or deny.

“It is our aim to be the European Leader in the field of Sustainable ICT. We want to set the standard and be recognised for it.”

Leen Zevenbergen, CEO

A Commercially Sound Choice We are convinced that this vision - this moral choice - will not only create worth , but will transform the company into a more valuable and responsible member of a global community - that’s not only what we want to be, it’s what we have to be.

There’s a lot of persuasive research that clearly demands a behavioural change - a more responsible approach to humanity and Earth matters. There’s also plenty of evidence to suggest that the ICT industry can take the lead. The Qurius ‘vision’ clearly states that we care and we want to make a difference. So we will be a technology company, inspired by innovation and willing to make the difficult choices, to both show that we care and help make the difference. In a changing world, it’s time to make a change.

We aim to demonstrate that being a fully sustainable company will not create costs but drive sustainable profit. For us, it’s about emphasising the three ‘Ps’: People, Planet and Profit. And taking the broader view, this is a perfectly logical argument. Our approach will increase profitability because the ambition, the initiative and practical implementation of the sustainability programme will attract like-minded talent and organizations to work and partner with us. We firmly believe we can and will attract new colleagues as well as new customers. Some of these organizations will be at similar stages of their sustainability lifecycle, others may want to learn from, and share, our experiences and the challenges we are sure to face on the journey ahead - but above all, we will all have the same sense of community. And we are fully aware that we are not making corporate life easy but then, the world is not easy. Key Business Drivers Remain Unchanged It’s important to emphasise that Qurius’ business drivers will not change. Profitability and cash flow will remain the compasses that steer our organization. But we know that making the right choices will lead to increased profitability. It’s one of our central goals to build a more strategic relationship with all of our customers described in the next chapter, ‘Opening Doors.’ In this changing world, we know that we can only survive with healthy profits and we also realise that there is no infinite growth to profitability. But neither is there a need for infinite growth. “Enough is enough”, as the famous Dutch entrepreneur Eckart Wintzen used to say. But our dream to become an important opinion former and leader in our field of business, demands a company of stature and size. To command respect is the result of our actions, but we need to be a sizeable organization to have a voice and walk in a field of giants - and be heard.



qurius Vision doc. 2010

We are not one of the many commodity ICT suppliers. Nor do we wish to be one - it’s neither part of our strategy, nor consistent with our values, vision or ambitions. Another reason to avoid that market is a simple one of ‘smart business’ - the revenues in the commodity, low margin, business simply will not sustain or build our company into a sustainable economically-viable entity.

“It is our goal to make ourselves, our products and services so intriguingly different that we can address our customers’ and potential customers’ long term needs.”

6. Opening Doors

Every research paper or analyst report describing the future addresses a variety of important strategic issues to our customers and potential customers. It’s clear that many of our customers’ decision makers are worried about their future and their survival. How can they make sure that their company or organization will still be in business and viable five years hence? The strategic issues they face are, among others; • Sustainability and the need to comply with government regulation; • Innovation in product development and market approach; • Social innovation in the way organizations and people work (often called The New Way of Working). To put it bluntly; today our customers are looking at survival and the main dilemma is how to achieve it. They all understand that within five years from now, every company and organization will have to comply with new and existing sustainability rules and regulations. Without compliance, they will not be awarded projects, they will not sell their products, and they will go out of business. Qurius can help to answer the fundamental questions. We have chosen to be the thought leader and opinion former in this field. We have elected to enter the uncertain world of 100 per cent sustainability. Our thoughts, our organization, our people, our products, our services - everything we do has to be 100 per cent sustainable. This might seem impossible, but these uncertain questions are exactly the same uncertain questions faced by our customers and potential customers today. We are offering a life-line to the marketplace; by talking about our values and our vision, our experience and how we’re solving both the simple and complex questions posed by delivering 100 per cent sustainability. And, importantly, by offering the right ICT consultancy, products and services that support an end-to-end sustainability programme.

“Customers are our key stakeholders. It is our goal to become a thought leader and opinion former in our chosen ICT field, and to become our customers’ partner of choice, helping them to survive through the tough challenges ahead. By establishing this objective, we are moving away from the ‘back door’ commodity delivery market and entering through the front door as partners and key strategic advisors. The result? Substantially increased margins.”



qurius Vision doc. 2010

7. Three Pillars for the Future Our values and vision naturally lead us into our three pillars, our foundations for the future. The three pillars are: • Sustainability: In everything we do. A difficult and challenging path we have elected to follow; • Innovation: Our thirst for knowledge, for solutions and the challenges ahead provide the logical second pillar of innovation. It will be innovation that turns strategy into success; • New Way of Working: political, sociological, economic and technological changes are all driving a new way of working. The ways in which organizations and people work and organize themselves will change dramatically. These three Qurius pillars are very probably mirrored by our customers’ own strategic principles. Are we coming late to the game? Our research suggests that, whilst every company may be developing similar principles - or pillars - hardly any of them take the major steps needed to qualify as serious initiatives. But as the leader of the pack, we are well-placed to become strategic partners to our customers.

Sustainability in Practice Below is a list of sustainability initiatives, projects and programmes that are already underway within Qurius. It’s a beginning, and any long journey begins with those first few steps. • Define our CO2 Footprint: calculate our CO2 footprint; minimise it and compensate what is left; • Sustainable propositions: developing and integrating sustainable elements in our customer offers and examining and deploying solutions to assist customers’ own sustainability performance; • Internal IT: make sure we have a sustainable internal infrastructure; • Integrate the New World of Work: the employee decides how, where, when, with what and whom he or she works. Key components are customers, location/interior, technique/IT, organization and culture; • Mobility: make sure our transport is sustainable (cars, planes, trains etc.) without losing points on customer and employee satisfaction; • Strategic customer dialogues: strategic meetings between top management of Qurius and important customers and prospects, focusing on sustainability; • Sustainable recruitment: to guarantee enough input of top talent, maintain interest, focus on new target groups including increases in women, employees aged 55+, and those with functional diversity and special needs; • Supply chain hearings: suppliers and partners informed about our sustainability objectives and need to define how they can contribute; • Remuneration: bonuses should reflect the priorities and goals in realising sustainability objectives. Starting with top management; • Communication: externally and internally.

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” Walt Disney



qurius Vision doc. 2010

8. A Professional Structure Qurius is a technology company and will always be a technology company - working on intelligent solutions for its customers. But we’re also a company about people. Our values talk about trust, mutual respect, courage and compassion. These are all human characteristics, personality traits that we look for in everyone we employ. And we also look for people who want to make a difference, who believe absolutely in our sustainable dream. To develop the best possible solutions that address and overcome our customers’ challenges, we need to have a solid talent base, employing consummate professionals. It is of utmost importance to Qurius that we work with the best professionals in our field - and consequently that we are a respected, attractive and sought-after employer.

“Qurius only wants to employ the very best professionals and will develop an environment in which these professionals want to work. Investment in training and education is a key component designed to attract and retain the best.” In order to be able to facilitate customers’ success and our own strategic vision, we have to communicate with customers at the strategic level. So we need to have a team of professionals capable of developing ‘future roadmaps’ for our customers. These future roadmaps are built from a range of criteria and designed around our customers - matching their needs to supporting technologies and infrastructures - to enable our customers’ stability and potential future growth. This team of professionals is called Qurius Strategy Consultants (working 90 hours per week and loving it) and is a Qurius division under construction. The Qurius Strategy Consultants division is a new group being groomed for growth and represents a real strategic step and a significant development in the future of the company. This team will initially be started from within, but quick recruitment is needed to build a small cohesive unit that operates on a pan-European basis. The division, as well as the Qurius Advanced Technology Group, will consist of pan-European teams with talent assembled from across our European operations. The Qurius Advanced Technology Group is a collection of Qurius’ finest. The most talented group of professionals brought together to develop, based on the corporate vision, outstanding solutions and tools to nurture and underpin customers’ own technology infrastructures that support their growth and economic development.

This group will be the mainstay for developing pan European product offerings to our customers and will actively split the product development away from services, providing the company with a great opportunity to shore up any leakage and start creating substantially higher profit margins. Another important investment in growth are the Qurius Inspirience Centres. These are where we can visualise and demonstrate our sustainability, innovation and ‘New Ways of Working’ strategies. The Strategy Consultants will be based at these centres with workshops, boardroom sessions, roadmap developments and other services being delivered across all of Qurius’ customers and potential customers. Qurius will be a major player in the European marketplace. It is our ambition to be Microsoft’s most important partner in sustainable IT and in order to achieve this ambition, Qurius will focus on its four big markets: The Netherlands; Germany; Spain; and the UK. These markets will give the company the geographic coverage and platform to win even larger deals, both in individual country markets as well as pan-European contracts. This ‘Group of Four’ will also play a key steering role within the Extended Board, navigating the company safely into the future. Besides focusing on the four bigger markets, Qurius will build specialised teams in some smaller countries and these teams will be structured to support the overall European Qurius targets. These specialized teams will focus on developing market share and establishing a foothold in Belgium, Italy and Czech Republic. Every major market will also develop their own Qurius Inspirience Centres - a showcase location where customers can be shown what our strategy is and what our capabilities are. Where space and time allows, we’ll also be able use these venues to entertain, train and consult with our customers. And perhaps over weekends we’ll be able to offer corporate hospitality to host our customers and their children, showing off the latest technologies. These Qurius Inspirience Centres will play a pivotal role in positioning Qurius in our markets, showing our New Ways of Working, demonstrating innovation at work, and highlighting our proof points and ways to become 100 per cent sustainable (the Microsoft Experience Centre on Schiphol Airport had 36,000 visitors in 2009, viewing and discussing Microsoft’s New Way of Working). Our first Inspirience Centre will be opening in Q3, 2010 in Zaltbommel, The Netherlands, and our aim is to open a second Centre in Hamburg or Berlin in the fourth quarter of 2010.



qurius Vision doc. 2010

9. The International Leadership Programme: Unique Trust To deliver on our vision, the story must have its beginning. And chapter 1 is all about patience and maintaining a true and steady course of action. And to steer that course and to develop a strong company over the coming years, it is absolutely vital to have a highly motivated leadership team in the countries and at the helm - and a team that binds seamlessly together to create a true European organization. It is also about values-based leadership; leadership focused on transparency, sustainability, responsibility and accountability. The formation of the International Leadership Programme (ILP), a committed group of international leaders working alongside the Executive Board provides the company with greater focus and clarity to deliver on its short, medium and long term strategic goals. At the start of 2010, the first steps were taken to create this strong leadership group committed to staying together for a period of at least three years and who also have the desire to make Qurius a European market leader. At the beginning of the year the Executive Board invited around 25 people to take part in the ILP. It’s the role of the ILP, along with the Executive Board, to develop, drive and implement Qurius’ strategy, building on the foundations we’ve described earlier in this vision statement. Participation in the programme means taking greater responsibility to develop and execute the corporate group strategy together, and also requires an investment in the company. Each ILP member has purchased between €25,000 and €100,000 in Qurius shares for a minimum period of at least three years, demonstrating true confidence in, and long term commitment to, the company. The ILP commitment totals a €1.5 million investment and valuable vote of confidence in the company. The Qurius Executive Board has developed a share option plan specifically for the purpose of turning the ILP into a long-term leadership commitment. In creating this strong, highly committed European leadership team, Qurius hopes to lay the strongest foundation possible for the future of the company.


qurius Vision doc. 2010


10. Ambitious Targets, Ambitious Growth

Sustainability in practice focuses on People, Planet and Profitability. At Qurius, we recognize that profitability is an important cornerstone of our vision, a vital keystone to business survival. Generating healthy long term operational performance enables us to invest in our vision, our company, and products and services for our customers. Focusing on sustainability, innovation and new ways of working by itself offer numerous opportunities to reduce cost and enhance corporate performance. Think of cost savings through less energy consumption when reducing miles travelled per employee, reducing costs of materials when engaging in new ways of working; replacing physical meetings (both nationally and internationally) with IT savvy solutions (office communications) that lead to reduced travel time and travel costs. And so on. Therefore, on the one hand our vision calls for clearly defined long-term performance parameters as a goal (output parameter) and on the other hand our vision provides several opportunities for supporting this goal (input parameters). Both parameters will be further developed in the near future. Going through a transition requires investment. Investment is necessary to provide the company with the right position for its new vision. Think of investment in a new corporate identity in all its aspects for example, website and branding or new product development. The International Leadership Program team has considered that this transition is of utmost importance and making personal investments from individual and personal funds into Qurius to enable this transition. This considerable funding allows us to make all the necessary investments for the transition to the new Qurius. These funds will be used to invest in a new website, in several high-tech ‘Inspirience’ Centres and in new products. The purpose of earmarking these funds internally is to be able to confidently assure our other shareholders that funding of the transition to the new Qurius is not detrimental to the existing business.



qurius Vision doc. 2010



qurius Vision doc. 2010

11. The Link to Technology Technology is developing exponentially. Not only is computer processing power increasing at the rates predicted by Moore’s law back in 1965, but also the number of computer devices and the way we interact with technology. In more advanced countries, technology drives economies, healthcare systems, public services, banks and retailers to name just a few and private acquisition of computing power is growing rapidly.




qurius Vision doc. 2010

If there is one certainty, it is that over the next five to ten years the world we work and live in will change dramatically - and it will be mostly down to all this new technology, new computers and new smart devices - delivering phenomenal processing power and information to our finger tips.

From Green IT 1.0 to 2.0 Sustainability is quickly becoming a key element of IT solutions. We see both Green IT 1.0 and Green IT 2.0 initiatives evolving. Green IT 1.0 describes the effort in making IT sustainable, usually focussing on energy consumption and reduction.

A holistic approach Wouldn’t it be great if we could work more efficiently, using all the new technologies and devices to create a smarter and more sustainable world? We can. Qurius believes that this is the only way to sustain ourselves, our businesses, our world. Our technological approach based upon the visionary choices described in this document include:

Green IT 2.0 goes one step further and plays an important role in the strategy of all of our customers and, with the help of IT, reshapes and rethinks their business. It takes into account not only technologies’ ability to become ‘greener’ but also the overall impact of technology in helping the entire operation become smarter and more sustainable. Consequently, Green IT 2.0 plays a very important role in Qurius’ product and services offer to customers.

• We aim to offer integrated smart solutions to our customers. Solutions that integrate products and services from Microsoft and others that empower users to work effortlessly, with the freedom to work anywhere and anytime; • Our customers are partners with shared aims and ambitions in the success of what we do together; • Our product and services offer leads with sustainability, innovation and new ways of working; • We will focus on mid-market customers and government organizations without neglecting our other large, small and medium-sized customers. Today, delivering an information system is all too often focused on the short term gain and not on durability or lifespan that can be accrued over 15 years or more. Such systems have high maintenance costs; and will eventually need decommissioning, due to complexity and operational costs. Qurius takes a broader, more holistic approach in delivering and implementing sustainable systems where we consider every impact point - on the planet, the people and the economic investment. Driven by a desire to innovate, we strive constantly to redefine sustainability and expand its scope as a benefit to our customers

Qurius aims to offer customer solutions that support strategic needs. Qurius will therefore have strategy consultants, experienced in vertical sectors, innovation and market trends to ensure relevance for customers. These consultants will be able to develop long-term sustainable solutions that demonstrate a return on investment whether through efficiency, productivity and/or environmental gains. Through the Advanced Technology Group, Qurius will combine and integrate partner and proprietary IT toolsets, gathering and combining knowledge from across Europe - to develop product and services and deliver unique solutions.

European Mid Market

Sales/ Marketing

From the Cloud Qurius believes in ‘cloud’ (private or public) computing. Cloud computing is Internet-based computing, where shared resources such as software and data are provided to computers and devices on-demand, like a public utility. Qurius will also introduce services to the cloud that interact with existing ERP systems to support applications like Carbon Footprint calculations with advice on reducing footprint across logistics and supply chains. And also services in the cloud that can be used to offset Carbon Footprint by investing in projects that reduce CO2 in the atmosphere.

Consultancy Advice

Strategy Consulting

There are - and will be - multiple smart devices that connect to the cloud. Mobile applications, tablets, touch screens, the wall in the office, the kitchen table. At Qurius we’ll focus on making our solutions easily accessible wherever you are and on whatever device you have.

Total integration


Integration is critical It is vital that the tools for building ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence, portals, mobile solutions, and hosting along with other commodity services - in the cloud - like mail and unified communications can be integrated into a single powerful solution. Because of its size, Qurius is one of the few companies in the world able to offer this level of integration and deliver the true benefits to customers - it is one of Qurius’ key unique selling propositions (USPs). Besides

integrated solutions, Qurius will also offer specific solutions to different industry sectors and government institutions. Today, Microsoft is the only company that can offer the breadth of tools to deliver total integration across all of these applications and smart solutions to mid-market operations.

Mobile Solutions ERP

Hardware & Infrastructure Business Intelligence

Support & Products

Hosting (Cloud)


We will be a broker for commodity cloud services like email and unified communications, offering these as part of our smart solutions and, with the help of our partners, offer the most cost effective and sustainable solution possible.


“The most important thing? Choice. Any Qurius customer has complete freedom to choose where to host their applications and how to manage growth.”



qurius Vision doc. 2010

12. The Code of Conduct; Our Values in Practice It is important to make our values part of our daily work and integrate them into our operation at every level - in such a way that the values become our genes, our DNA. Here, we explain our Code of Conduct - our rules of engagement and ten fundamental principles, which we expect and demand of every single person, in whatever capacity, who works for us. We will distribute our Code of Conduct amongst all of our stakeholders, so everyone can decide how they align with our Code. Our Ten Promises: 1. W  e aim to be sustainable in everything we do: our behaviour and our focus contribute to our 100% sustainable objective; 2. Our customer always comes first: the demands of our customers will be met before anything else; 3. We’ll be curious: we’ll ask questions, we’ll search for answers and we’ll find the solutions; 4. We have a ‘can do’ attitude: we welcome the challenges; 5. We talk to each other: we communicate in person on important issues; email, voicemail and other forms of indirect and impersonal communication will be avoided; 6. We listen: we’ll be open to and welcome new attitudes, thoughts and ideas. We’ll consider, debate and discuss before any judgement can be made. We will always respond; 7. We treat each other and everyone as equals: internally, externally and at all times; 8. We say what we mean and mean what we say: an agreement is an agreement: we stick to all of our promises and agreements which we make with our clients and colleagues; 9. We say what we do and do what we say: we are open, honest and trustworthy in our communications. What we say is true and complete; 10. We treat everyone with respect: all of our stakeholders, colleagues, customers, shareholders, partners and everyone around us.

And, above all, we promote life...



qurius Vision doc. 2010




qurius Vision doc. 2010

Ton Baeten Thorsten Behrens Lucas Brentjens


Mark Cockings Jeroen van Erve Fred Geerts Antonio Gentile

It’s Teamwork

Peter van Haasteren Robert van der Kleij Robert Lagas Kay Laukat Herman van Leeuwen

Writing a Vision Document is one thing. But implementing the vision is the hardest and most important. In the past, many organizations have written many documents, believing that committing the words to paper was the most difficult part. At Qurius, we understand that the implementation ‘living’ the words - that is the challenge. And so we’ve created this document with an international team of people - all fully committed to ‘living’ it. The International Leadership team, gathered in the ILP programme as described in chapter 9, takes full responsibility for the content in this document. This team of enthusiastic people is also taking the responsibility to implement the vision. They have committed themselves to the future of Qurius; by committing time and personal investment in the company.

“We, the undersigned, believe in the Qurius vision in its entirety. It is our goal, and our responsibility to implement this vision. We are making this promise to all of our stakeholders.”

Chus Llorente Sören Moohrarend Paul Olthof Karl-Heinz Pluennecke Dick Rötgers Chema Sanchez Geerd Schlangen Christian Schneider André Sliedrecht Evert Smid Markus Stecher Jeroen Verkuyl Michiel Wolfswinkel Leen Zevenbergen


qurius Vision doc. 2010

Now the difficult part begins

living it!


Qurius Vision Doc  

Die Vision der Qurius

Qurius Vision Doc  

Die Vision der Qurius