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Haiti Update Convoy of Hope Europe HAITI OPERATIONS

Convoy of Hope food distribution in Port au Prince.

At the time of the Haiti earthquake, Convoy of Hope country director Kevin Rose was in country for the cataclysmic event. The week prior to the earthquake our warehouse had been filled because of the ongoing feeding program which was feeding 7000 children daily. Kevin Rose was able to immediately begin the Convoy of Hope disaster response by feeding people because of the 1 million plus meals which had been delivered just a few days prior.

Within 40 hours of the quake the first response team was on the ground in Port au Prince and the second team arrived one day later. Several of the Convoy of Hope response team members worked with the existing local network to establish immediate points of distribution for the food while others began working with injured victims. By the middle of February, eight response teams had been deployed to Haiti and the COH work on the ground was running smoothly.

As of February 8, 2010: *3,159,719 meals distributed *360,218 people served *Ongoing training with Sawyer Water Filters *2 of three high volume water filters running. Each capable of filtering 56,000 liters per day *21 total points of distribution with 2 static high volume distribution points in Port au Prince.

The Future in Haiti Convoy of Hope Europe Chaussée de Waterloo 45 • 1640 • Rhode Saint Genése • Belgium • +32.2.358.6757

The Following is a general overview of the Convoy of Hope plan in Haiti. The situation on the ground in Haiti is extremely complicated in a many ways and very simple in others. Convoy of Hope is constantly assessing the viability and efficiency of the response effort in order to maximize donated funds for the people of Haiti.

Convoy of Hope Europe appreciates your willingness to partner with us in the massive undertaking. We are mindful of the sacrifice you have made on behalf of the people of Haiti and we are endeavoring to do our best on your behalf and for the Kingdom of God.


Report to donors regarding 3 year plan in Haiti

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