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Letter from the Rector Dear Members and Friends of Trinity Episcopal Church, “Oh, you’re the Rector of that parish.” Those were the exact words from a new seminarian I met at a Clergy Conference in October. It turns out that there is a “buzz” throughout the Diocese about the tremendous growth and vitality of Trinity Episcopal Church. We have grown in several ways in 2018. We continue to be the fastest consistently growing parish in the Diocese; we gained seventy new members, and our average Sunday attendance has grown by six percent. We introduced new ministries to young families such as Stepping Stones and Storytime. Our music program is flourishing under the direction of our new Choral Director, Mr. Anthony Baron. By late 2019, we plan to have our new Christian preschool, the Trinity Academy, up and running in the Education Buildings. Most importantly, people are growing in their personal commitment to God and the Lordship of Jesus Christ. But, of course, all of this growth requires resources and our mission is laid out in the pages ahead. Please prayerfully consider your financial support of your parish. Our continued growth and future success are up to you. Yours in Christ, Fr. Chris Rodriguez Rector

What is the 2019 Annual Fund? The Annual Fund provides the yearly operating income for the mission and ministry of Trinity Episcopal Church and is a reflection of our call to Biblical Stewardship. It must be renewed every year with your annual pledge. Trinity Episcopal Church is funded solely by the members and friends of this parish. We receive no money from the Diocese, the Episcopal Church or any other organization. All of the financial support for our Annual Fund comes from members and friends of Trinity Episcopal Church like you.

With a freewill offering I will sacrifice to you; I will give thanks to your name, O Lord, for it is good. (Psalm 54:6)

What does Stewardship mean? When we speak about material resources, we use the term stewardship rather than ownership. A steward is a person appointed to manage/supervise another’s property. Our society believes that you own what you possess, but as Christians we believe that God is the only true owner of everything. God created all things and He never revoked his ownership, nor did He transfer His ownership to us.

Why should I give to the church? We give to the church because our mission is unique. As the church, we alone offer hope for the salvation of the world. While we are among many who actively address the material needs of the poor, it is the saving person of Christ alone that redeems us from our sins and changes lives for good.










We are working on a program at Trinity to connect local churches to non-profit organizations to streamline care given to those in need, reduce waste and redundant services and offer a pathway out of poverty.

Music at Trinity

Beginning with the success of our recent Faure Choral Requiem Mass, the momentum behind our music program will only grow over the next year. We will focus on enhancing our Choral Scholars program and expanding our repertoire to include several exceptional choral mass settings more frequently into our weekly worship.

Trinity Academy

Our preparation to launch a child learning center that provides a high-quality Gospel-centered education is nearing completion. We have begun our search for a Director and are nearing the end of our licensing process.

The 2019 Annual Fund goal is $1,536,000. 2019 Ministry Budget* Spiritual Growth

Ministry Support Worship

Fellowship Outreach

Pastoral Care

*A Ministry Budget is a budget that breaks the expenses down into allocations for ministry and mission priorities. Summary budget available upon request from Jeanne Mudge at

Key Dates January 10th .................................... Annual Fund Launch January 27th ............................................... Annual Meeting February 2nd & 3rd .................. Commitment Weekend Christian stewardship is rooted in thanksgiving to God for all of His blessings. We are called to be stewards of what He has given to us, mindful of our responsibility and ministry together at Trinity Episcopal Church. We look forward to another amazing year of reaching our community and people with the transformative Gospel of Jesus Christ. Prayerfully consider your Annual Pledge to Trinity Episcopal Church. Please mail the enclosed Annual Fund Campaign card to Trinity Episcopal Church or bring it to church and place it in the collection plate on Commitment Weekend (February 2nd & 3rd).

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The Annual Fund 2019  

The Annual Fund 2019