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The Trinity Torch

Pastor’s Remarks


Pastor: Rev. David Brannock, Administrative Assistant: Donna Lowery Financial Secretary: Jim “Chip” McKenna Director of Music: Jerry Long Director of Youth: Amy Brown Director of Children: Jennifer McHan Custodian: Tim Cansler Office e-mail: Office Phone: (423) 638-7521 Trinity Library: Web Page:

Re-set. In the 4th Commandment, the Lord calls us to remember the Sabbath to keep it holy so we can re-set each week. To re-set means to stop and catch our breath while we let the past go and get ready for what is coming next. Football players re-set after each play. Baseball players re-set after each batter. Basketball players re-set after each whistle. Tennis players re-set after each point. Golf players re-set after each hole. Teachers and students re-set after each class. Sabbath is God’s gift to help us re-set our minds and bodies after 6 days of work. Centuries ago when God gave the 10 Commandments (Exodus 20 and Deuteronomy 5), God knew that human BEINGS would always be tempted to forget who we are and Whose we are by acting as if we are human DOINGS. Whether 2012 B.C. or 2012 A.D., God knew that humans will always feel pulled to keep going 7 days a week. That is why God made it a command (and not just a suggestion) for us to stop one day every week to re-set in Him. Sometimes, however, an extended Sabbath is needed. Athletes have an off-season to recover before practice begins for the next season. Teachers and students have a few weeks off in the summer before a new year begins in the fall. For CPAs, April 15 is followed by some down time before their workload picks up again. Some people spend summer weekends at the lake to recharge. In the church, committee members and chairpersons typically rotate off after 3 years. A chairperson or Sunday School teacher may take some time off from leadership responsibilities before accepting another position in the church. But for pastors, there is never an off-season to rest. Unlike CPAs, April 15 never comes. Unlike school, finals week never comes. After Christmas, it’s time for year-end reports and getting ready for Lent. After Easter, it’s time for end of the year activities and graduations. Then there are Annual Conference, VBS, and special summer events.

Wonderful Wednesday and other fall activities kick off in September, followed by Charge Conference and Advent. Add to that a never-ending need for hospital and other visits, plus funerals and other crisis situations. As of today, I have dealt with 33 deaths in 31 months. Much time is spent at meetings and other functions; no matter how good a sermon is, in 7 days another message must be ready for delivery. Friends, I need a big re-set. From Monday, January 23 through Sunday, March 18, I will be away on an 8-week sabbatical (a Formational and Spiritual Growth Leave). During this time I will rest, heal, and explore my call from God. During this time I won’t be available for any reason, so please honor my need to be left alone for these 2 months. Please don’t call, email, or bring any food to the parsonage. If you see me or my family in public, please do not ask how I’m doing. Instead, the biggest help you can give is pray for me and my family. While I am away, you will be in good hands. We have strong leaders. God will carry us through. Blessings, Pastor David

W e h a v e g o o d l

FEBRUARY 2012 Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established. Proverbs 16:3

For Our Armed Forces Justin Sayler Brian Benton John Penland Justin Walter Thomas White Steven Sams Jay Burns

Kenneth Kelley Jamie Moseley Joseph D. Carson Steven Ayers David Jones Stanley Keselicka

For Trinity Members & Constituents Pasty Reynolds Carolyn Bullington Carolyn Tilson Eric Waldroup Pat Rotan Robert Morris Lucille Cutshaw Frances Million Mandy Franklin Theresa Broyles Melanie Mee The Brannock Family

For Family Members & Friends Sarah Bowman Rosemary Bennington Stephanie Hite

John Novak Shea Renfro Lisa Self Anne Campbell Tommy Miles Elizabeth Miles

The Family of David “Buck” Townsend The Family of Dorothy Wilhoit The Family of Kenneth Blevins The Family of Sammy Wilkerson

Healing Needed from Cancer Ronnie Hooten Lynette Bradford Hugh Well Karen Broyles Payne Susan Ramsey Victor Knapp Rick Felton Richard Arwood Roger Solomon Lynn Rollins Evelyn Blake Leonard Harrell Patty Guinn Darnell Marie Barker Faye & Billy Kelton Edna Cutshaw John Headrick

Ed Stalcup Mary Peters Benny Goodwin Earnestine Gray Albert Rasnake Carl Lacher Stanton Whittaker Charlotte Nicodemas Jimmy Carter Jerry Hackney Michael Renfro Brenda Loveday Max Cox Carrie Schrefer Avery Armstrong David Lamons Hugh Allen Shipley

Families and Caregivers of those with cancer

For Our Nursing Home & Assisted Living Members: Helen Phillips Beryl Smith

Church in Mission

Anna Belle Hankins Mabel Philbeck

Fran Lynch Baxter-Willow AK Steve Geegbe/Richard Tefley - Home in Liberia For Our Homebound Members: For the Persecuted Church around the world. For the Ministry of Our Church, Its Leaders, Pastor Brannock & Staff.

Bob George Belva Drake Norma Cureton Doc Dowden Helen Jeffers

Kitty Knittel Faye Reynolds Virgie Gray Nellie Basinger Patsy Reynolds

How did we do compared to last year? Worship Sunday School


For Our Known Bereaved

Prayer List

For 2010 227 163

For 2011 224 163

Change -3 0

For 2010 For 2011 Revenues $307,067 $317,678 Expenses 296,788 304,064 Net Inflow $ 10,279 $ 13,614 __________________________________________________________

MISSIONS GIVING Trinity’s Sunday School Classes and individuals generously support a number of worthy causes in our community and beyond. If you send a donation directly to a charitable cause, please let me know the Charity’s name and amount given, or you can send it through the church office, then Trinity UMC will get credit for this missions giving on our Year-End report to the Holston Conference. Thank you, Dave Ritter Missions Outreach Evangelism (MOE) Chair

BIRTHDAYS 02/01 02/02 02/02 02/02 02/02 02/02 02/03 02/03 02/03 02/04 02/04 02/06 02/06 02/07 02/07 02/07 02/08 02/08 02/09 02/09 02/09 02/09 02/09 02/10 02/11 02/12 02/12 02/12 02/15 02/16 02/16 02/16 02/17 02/18 02/18 02/19 02/21 02/21 02/21 02/22 02/23 02/24 02/24 02/25 02/25 02/26 02/27 02/28 02/28 02/28

Jerry Graham Frances Lynch Heather Miles Kevin Smith Norma Cureton Walter Graham Cindy Sayler Mitzi Hunter Tammy Reaves Carroll Link Irma Miller Barbara Ellenburg Jonathan Moore Debbie Ray Melanie Foreman Melissa Ball Blake Rogers Timothy Harrison Alyne Renner Cooper Reed James Boles Jr. Tonya Neas Carrol Lynham Connie Moore Jill Renner Brian Moore Carolyn Broyles Joni Parker Britt Neas Michael Ball Sandra Smith Rebecca Marie Stokeley Loretta McHan Diana Crum Hunter Duff Josh Bolling Cynthia Whitlock Eugene Harmon Wilma Lynch Buford (Boo) Hankins Tyler Jones Anna Belle Hankins Jackson Renner David Miles Eric Williams Helen Paxton Alexandra Miles Carolyn Tilson Doc Dowden Josh Webb

FEBRUARY CHILDREN’S ACTIVITIES: Jennifer McHan - Children’s Director The children's department is working toward creating a Children's Library. This is located in the former 2/ 3s classroom. We are accepting donations at this time … rather it be books, bookshelves , or children's media. Any donation will be greatly appreciated . As the school year continues, our children's department is still offering a Wonderful Wednesday After School Program, in which the children are dropped off at the church @ 3:30, and we provide various activities, including snack & study hall.

Thank you, Jennifer McHan _________________________________________________



February 5: In the morning during Worship and Sunday School, we will be collecting soup for the Food Bank in Honor of Super Bowl Sunday Super Bowl Party

February 12: We will continue our Max Lucado Study

February 19: Regular Youth Meeting

February 26: Regular Youth Meeting

This month I want all of us to focus on experiencing We are looking for volunteers to visit the sick in the God through His presence. Focus on the choice to hospitals, the nursing homes and our shut-ins. Let the take time to spend with God directly and deliberately. Church Office know of any know sickness and also let the Church Office know after you have made a visitation. Coming Soon: Samson’s Coffee House and a Ski Day _______________________________________________________________


2012 Feasibility Study

Brooks Bequest Project Grants During 2011

Your church leaders have approved research to determine the 1. College Scholarships advisability of implementing Contemporary worship here at TUMC 2. Boys & Girls Club (Traditional worship will continue unchanged.) 3. Greene County Youth Council Your opinion is welcomed! 4. Restoration Depot Participate in our Early Survey! 5. NPAC These are available in the church office. 6. Imagination Library A small task force will be recruited from among Early Survey respondents. The task force will: visit nearby contemporary worship sites; attempt to bring sample worship to TUMC; discern what TUMC might be by: location, frequency, use of muti-media, leadership TEAM; costs The study would be concluded in time to report to the TUMC Charge Conference (Sept 2012). Until the study is underway with its own leadership, direct any questions to Jerry at or (423)477-8337

Jerry Long - Director of Music

7. Scottish Rite Shoes 8. Rural Resources (Farm Day Camp Scholarships) _____________________________________________

Remember your someone special on


Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Greeneville, TN 37745 PERMIT 135

United Methodist Church 524 Tusculum Boulevard Greeneville, TN 37745



Wonderful Wednesday Cooking Opportunities If your Sunday School Class or Church Group is interested in cooking one Wednesday night this Spring, please contact Tracy Horner (552-8810). ________________________________________________

New Trinity Cookbook The Lister Circle will be publishing a new Trinity Cookbook. The new cookbook will include ALL of the recipes from the two previous Trinity cookbooks, "A Taste of Trinity" and "Feeding the Flock". If you would like to include your favorite recipes in the new cookbook, please submit your typed recipes as you want them published to the Church Office by Feb. 19th. We will only accept "typed" recipes, if you do not have access to a computer or type writer, please contact Lori Knapp @329-7959. _________________________________________________

Lister Circle will be hosting their annual "Treats for your Sweets" Bake Sale, Sunday, Feb. 12th after Church & Sunday School in the Narthex. We will have cakes, cookies, pies and candies available by donation. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Monthly Item Trinity’s Food Bank item collected during February is

Sugar. Donations can be placed in the cardboard boxes provided in either the Large Fellowship Hall or the Old Narthex outside the Sanctuary.

Pick up will be March 4th.

___________________________________ ECHOES News On Friday evening, February 3rd the ECHOES group will be having their Monthly Dinner Meeting & Program @ 5:30, SFH. Menu: Meatloaf, Spiral Ham, Green Beans, Corn, Slaw, Cherry Cobbler, Sugar Free Cherry Pie & Ice Cream The meal will cost $6.00 a person. R.S.V.P w/ Lucille Cutshaw Entertainment: Susong & Edward Families

UMW News Lister Circle meets Wednesdays in the Junior High room @ 5:10. (February Dates: 1, 8, 15, 22 & 29) All junior & senior high girls are invited to join us. Shalom - February 7 @ 6:00, FATZ

Junior Girl Scout Troop 20642 needs YOUR help! Rebecca Marie Stokeley, Victoria Harmon, & Kelsey Jones are members of Junior Girl Scout Troop 20642. They are currently working on their bronze award, which is the highest award a Junior Girl Scout can earn. They have chosen paper recycling as their project. They need your help! The girls will be placing recycling containers in each narthex and in the upper hallway for you to place your unwanted paper and bulletins. They will be responsible for seeing that the containers are emptied on a timely basis and taken to recycling bins. Please put only paper in these boxes! Thanks so much for your assistance. If you have questions, please see Rebecca Marie, Victoria or Kelsey.

Maude Landmesser - February 9 @ 11:00, TBA Ruth Sub-Group - February 13 @ 7:00, SFH Wonderful Wednesday - February 15 @ 5:45 UMW Bean Dinner UMW Mission Trip to Jubilee - February 25 ________________________________________________________

Dave Ritter is the chairperson this year of the newly combined Missions, Outreach, & Evangelism Committee


Important Contact Information: If you have a need or question that you would normally go to Pastor David about, please contact either the Church Office or one of the following persons, and we will either assist you or help you obtain the assistance you need: Ron Bennett Tom Garland Susan Price Steve Sayler Marcia Whaley

329-7227 620-1318 552-3985 552-5865 335-4233 Thank you, Ron Bennett, SPR Chair Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved by Him, a worker who has no need to be ashamed. II Timothy 2:15a


Important Contact Information: If you have a need or question that you would normally go to Pastor David about, please contact either the Church Office or one of the following persons, and we will either assist you or help you obtain the assistance you need: Ron Bennett Tom Garland Susan Price Steve Sayler Marcia Whaley

329-7227 620-1318 552-3985 552-5865 335-4233 Thank you, Ron Bennett, SPR Chair Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved by Him, a worker who has no need to be ashamed. II Timothy 2:15a

February 2012 Torch  

February 2012 Newsletter of Trinity United Methodist Church in Greeneville, Tennessee.