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The Trinity Torch

Pastor’s Remarks

JUNE 2011

Pastor: Rev. David Brannock, Administrative Assistant: Donna Lowery Financial Secretary: Jim “Chip” McKenna Director of Music: Jerry Long Director of Youth: Amy Brown Director of Children: Jennifer McHan Custodian: Tim Cansler Office e-mail: Office Phone: (423) 638-7521 Trinity Library: Web Page:

1. Jesus said, “But about that day and hour no one knows, neither the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father…Therefore be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an unexpected hour…The master of that servant will come on a day when he does not expect him and at an hour that he does not know.” (Matthew 24:36,44,50)

Am I worried that members will just stay home and listen on the website instead of coming to worship each week? No. For starters, facial expressions and hand gestures are a vital part of communication, which you lose with audio. Also, each message is set up by the music, Joys and Concerns, and Children‟s Lesson – none of which are included online.

Jesus is clear that no one will know ahead of time the hour of His return. Yet though Jesus said He will return suddenly, over the years various “prophets” have gained a following by claiming to have used the Bible to calculate the date of His return with certainty. On April 27, warnings of approaching severe weather gave us some time to seek shelter before tornadoes hit. But Christ will not return when we are expecting Him: not on May 21, not on October 21 (Harold Camping‟s revised prediction of the Rapture), not on 12/21/2012 (supposed end of Mayan calendar), not on any other “doomsday” timetable. The bigger question is this: whenever you see the Lord, will you be ready?

3. Everyone is invited to wear red on June 12 for Pentecost. Red symbolizes Christ‟s gift of the Holy Spirit who gave birth to the church. Revs. Boo and Phyllis Hankins are scheduled to come say hello and give greetings to us during worship that day, and then do the same at Asbury. So on Pentecost, wear red and come celebrate the work of the Holy Spirit. Blessings, Pastor David

2. You can listen to the Scripture and message each week on our website. Lyle Montieth records the sermon, and this audio is downloaded to the website later. (Sermons cannot be read online; audio only.) Step 1 – Go to Step 2 – Click on the “Worship” tab (3rd from the left at the top of the page) and follow the instructions. If you miss a Sunday, or you listen on WGRV but it cuts off at 10:30 a.m. before the sermon ends, or you want to listen again to refresh your memory – you can hear each week‟s proclamation. As part of your witness, you can invite others to go to our website if there is a particular message that you think would be helpful to them.

Prayer List June 2011 God has set a day when He will judge the world with justice by the man He has appointed (Christ). Acts 17:31a

For Our Armed Forces Justin Sayler Brian Benton John Penland Justin Walter Thomas White Steven Sams Jay Burns

Kenneth Kelley Jamie Moseley Joseph D. Carson Steven Ayers David Jones Stanley Keselicka

For Our Known Bereaved


The Family of Dr. George Scott

Healing Needed from Cancer Dale Ann (Dyke) Ladd Lynette Bradford Hugh Well Karen Broyles Payne Susan Ramsey Victor Knapp Rick Felton Richard Arwood Roger Solomon Lynn Rollins Evelyn Blake Leonard Harrell

Ronnie Hooten Mary Peters Jeff Rohn Earnestine Gray Albert Rasnake Carl Lacher Stanton Whittaker Charlotte Nicodemas Jimmy Carter Jerry Hackney Michael Renfro Brenda Loveday

Families and Caregivers of those with cancer

For Trinity Members & Constituents Robert Morris Buddy Kinser Fran Smith

Rev. Tom Lynch Larry Neas Jack Johnson

For Family Members & Friends Jewel Burger Allison Holt Dwayne Parker Christy Tucker-Kelley Tornado Survivors

For Our Nursing Home & Assisted Living Members: Dorothy Wilhoit Kenneth Blevins

Beryl Smith Helen Phillips

Bonnie Woody Anna Belle Hankins

Mabel Philbeck Evelyn Holley

Church in Mission Fran Lynch Baxter-Willow AK For Our Homebound Members: Josephine Gilreath Steve Geegbe/Richard Tefley - Home in Liberia Bob George Patsy Reynolds Belva Drake Pastor Boo and Phyllis in Sudan For the Ministry of Our Church, Its Leaders, Pastor Brannock & Staff.

Faye Reynolds Virgie Gray Nellie Basinger Kitty Knittel

Virginia Stegall Doc Dowden Helen Jeffers

Jerry Long - Director of Music …this is YOUR Special Introductory Offer !! Come Sing in YOUR choir !! Summertime choir allows you up to a 60 day free trial offer … Just come to an 8:45 rehearsal any Sunday morning! There we practice that morning‟s anthem…and preview the next week‟s music, join us in the choir loft …if you wish. You have immediate vacation privileges…just take off any Sunday you like! And then, when school starts….decide how you wish to continue your musical career. (Wednesday rehearsals reconvene August 10th, 2011.) This is a great „low stress‟ Opportunity to „check us out!‟ Drop in any time! The „offer‟ begins Sunday June 22nd! ____________________________________________________________________________

CAPITAL CAMPAIGN UPDATE As of May 22, we have (in round numbers) $64,000 cash in hand in the Building Fund and an additional $46,000 in pledges to be paid later toward the loan we will take out. We are still accepting gifts and pledges toward our $250,000 elevator project. If you have already made a donation and/or a commitment, THANK YOU for your support.

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Randy Walker Judy Paxton Glenn Cope Parker Wilhoit Grant Tunnell Joseph Kite Tori Sell Kylie Reaves Sarah (Tootie) Sayler Derek Keasling Vance Walker Debra Scott CeJ Jones Jessica McHan Michael Cooper Alice Marshall Amanda Adams Sharon Duncan Tim Cansler Pamela Rose Johnson Kathy Vinatieri Ron Chesnut Katie Hood Louis DeBusk Bryce Ball Carmen Fillers Donald Williams Robert Brown Trey Whitfield Hank Hope Gladys Renner Iva Walker Jewel Westmoreland Jim Cope Buddy Coyler Ken Oldenberg Charles Fisher Helen Jeffers Angie Tipton Chris Oldenberg Eva Sams Michael Knapp Jr. Mike Franklin Sam Biddle Riley Jones Delana DeBusk Paula Moore Dewey Holley Tommy Carter Wayne Susong Eric Feltman George Wilhoit Terry Miles

JUNE CHILDREN’S INFORMATION: Jennifer McHan—Children’s Director

HELP WANTED!!! -Alternate Sunday School teacher for the 3rd, 4th, & 5th grade class. -If you would like to volunteer to help TUMC with crafts at

“The Boys & Girls Club‟s VBS” June 13-15 (Mon-Wed) from 9-12...just let me know. ( I need about 10 people for each day) *contact me at or 823-8370

"Move Up Sunday" will continue to be in the Fall, however the Youth are opening their doors to our 5th grade graduates to go ahead and join them for their summer activities if so desired. Please make note of our VBS, July 17th-21st (6-8), this gives us plenty of time to invite friends!

JUNE YOUTH ACTIVITIES: Amy Bown - Youth Director

I am very pleased to have our rising 6th graders joining us for the summer!!! Welcome to youth!! Please remember that youth meetings starting June 5 will begin at 6pm and end at 7pm. June 5: We will be having a regular youth meeting!! June 12: We will be having a regular youth meeting!! June 15: We will be helping with the Boys & Girls Club VBS!!!! We need to meet at the church at 8:30 am. Please come out and help us!! June 19: (Father‟s Day) NO Youth Meeting. June 20-22: We will be having our 3 days of local mission (this is a tentative event) more details to come. June 26: We will be having a fun activity!! Attention Congregation: Please don't forget to honor your father on Father's day by including them in the Trinity Father's Day Flower Project.



Trinity United Methodist Church

Maude Landmesser - June 9 Ruth Group Meeting - June 13

Due to Jack’s illness and care needed, I will be resigning my position as nursery worker. I have enjoyed my duty as helper. Thank you, June Johnson Thanks for all the prayers, calls, cards and support during my time of illness. Jack & June Johnson

11:00 @ The Tannery West 227 West Bernard Avenue (Dutch Treat)

Lister Circle upcoming events: June 15 – Holston Home – Painting fences June 17 – Relay for Life 6:00pm

Church Wide Yard Sale to be held @ Trinity UMC NEW DATE! September 10 (8:00 - 12:00 Noon) Sponsored by U.M.W., to help with missions giving.

Trinity UMC Youth

Father’s Day Flower Project Trinity‟s Youth will be accepting donations this year for the adornment of the altar on Father’s Day. Honor your loved ones by placing their names below to appear in the Sunday, June 19th Bulletin. DEADLINE: Monday June 13, 2011 Placed by:

In Honor

In Memory


Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Greeneville, TN 37745 PERMIT 135

United Methodist Church 524 Tusculum Boulevard Greeneville, TN 37745



Monthly Item Trinity‟s Food Bank item for July is Crackers. Donations can be placed in the cardboard boxes provided in either the Large Fellowship Hall or the Old Narthex outside the Sanctuary. Pick up will be July 3 .

Vacation Bible School is coming - mark your calendars! Sunday - Thursday, July 17-21 (6-8 pm) We will be getting "hands on" with the Bible & singing classic hymns with some 80's retro hip-hop influence! Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. It's time to kick it old school!!!!" Angel Carter, VBS Director

Tornado Relief & Recovery Any team/group from a local U.M. Church MUST receive permission from the Holston Conference Office before going to help at a disaster site. The Conference Office Call Center will match your group with an opportunity that has already been screened in order to: (a) best match your skill set with needs, and (b) spread the help around. Also, either Vance Walker or Pastor David MUST accompany your team because they have received Team Leader Training.

___________________________________ ECHOES News On Friday, June 3rd the ECHOES group will be going to the Ottway Fish Fry. The TUMC Bus will leave @ 5:15 Cost: $10.00 per person R.S.V.P w/ Lucille Cutshaw __________________________ On Thursday, June 16th the ECHOES group will be going to the Titanic Museum. See Vance Walker or Lucille Cutshaw for further details. R.S.V.P w/ Lucille Cutshaw Kitchen Crew Event: Chuckey Doak High School Class Reunion Saturday, June 11

_________________________________________ Kitchen Crew Projects For 2011, Trinity‟s Kitchen Crew will spend $4000 for the following projects: VBS food, summer camp sponsorships, Boys & Girls Club, DVD‟s for church library, help a family at Christmas, Lister Circle trip, Building Fund elevator, Red Cross, Christmas lights, clock for small hall, entry mat at church office door, hose and wall mount to be installed outside back door of kitchen, and replace counter tops and kitchen cabinets. Thank you, Kitchen Crew! ______________________________________________________

Church Wide Yard Sale to be held @ Trinity UMC NEW DATE! September 10 (8:00 - 12:00 Noon) Sponsored by U.M.W., to help with missions giving . _________________________________________________

Music Announcement After 28 years of dedicated service, Kathy Hoard has decided to step down as the pianist for Trinity. Jerry Long will assist the Staff-Parish Relations Committee in finding her replacement. We will formally recognize Kathy at a later time for blessing us with her talents for many years.

June 2011 Torch  

June 2011 Newsletter of Trinity United Methodist Church in Greeneville, Tennessee.

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