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The Magazine of The Trinity Methodist Church, Shifnal Vol.117: Summer 2019 How blessed I am as in my life There's little fear of war nor strife. Each season brings a fresh awakening Early Spring when buds are breaking Warmth of Summer with gardens bright Then on to Autumn's golden light Now Winter's cold with trees stripped bare But I can see a beauty there. How blessed I am with family, friends And folk on whom I can depend; A loving church; to worship there Without oppression's angry glare. But then I watch the TV news And see for myself some shocking views; Earthquakes, floods and war torn lands. Refugee camps expand and expand, A crying toddler lost and forlorn What a place for a baby to be born. How blessed I am but how could I choose To right the wrongs on the TV news? A gift, a prayer, a small donation, A little for a starving nation? God grant, I pray before I'm gone A way to pass my blessings on. Linda Carsberg

Dear friends, This summer, Hendry is on his Sabbatical in East (Sabah and Sarawak) and West Malaysia doing Mission work among the tribal people. ‘He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of CHRIST JESUS.’ Phillipians 1:6 East Malaysia In Kuching, Sarawak - Hendry was involved in preaching and teaching ministry among the Tamil people who have been living there for four to five generations. In Bintulu – Hendry had to travel 4 hours into the interior to Long Peran and joined a local Minister who took him around to minister among the Penan tribe who are the smallest tribe living in Sarawak. In Sibu – Hendry travelled to Kapit and Song to minister among the Iban people who are the largest tribe in Sarawak. West Malaysia Johor – Preached and ministered in Johor which is located to the most southern part of West Malaysia. There were about 200 congregational members gathered for the worship service. Dengkil, Negeri Sembilan – left home at 6.00 am to travel about 2 hours to visit the Sengoi children’s ministry called Vacation Bible School (VBS) held among the Sengoi tribe. It was very hot standing under the tin roof and it was a long day. However, it was a fruitful day with wonderful worship, crafts and Bible stories shared in such an amazing way. God is good. South Korea Hendry is visiting South Korea from the 8th to the 19th July where he will be attending a Prayer Retreat. He will be also visiting a mega church over there called Yoido Full Gospel Church which has about 800,000 congregational members in Seoul. Did you read it correct? Yes, you did! They have Please do continue to pray for God to protect and use Hendry in his ministry and to bless the people who he comes in contact with throughout his ministry. “Let us not become weary in doing good,, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Galatians 6:9 Thank you God bless. Rita Hendry 2

Our minister Rev. Hendry Ponniah is away during this quarter on Sabbatical. Hendry is one of a group undertaking mission work in Malaysia and South Korea. Back home Hendry was not forgotten and Trinity was full to listen to David Corden and Andrew Timmins’ presentation of “The Magic of the Musicals” featuring songs from some of the most popular songs of the 20th century. £865 was raised on the evening which brings the sum raised in support of Rev. Hendry’s mission to Malaysia to almost £3,000.

This group has been meeting every Tuesday for many many years. We meet in various homes at 10.00am and finish about 11.30am before having a coffee and biscuit together. It is a lovely group consisting of about 10 members. Sadly some of our group have passed away. We tend to use a written course which we follow each week. Lately we have been following one about ‘Talking with and about Jesus’. There has been a video to watch and then discuss.

At the beginning of our meeting we have a time of prayer for those we know who need our prayers. We would welcome anyone who thinks they might enjoy the time we spend together. Please feel free to have a word with Kathy Insall, Rita Hendry, Janet Lander or Dot Greatorex if you feel you would be interested. Barbara Lamkin (Rev Derrick Lander Tel. 01952 275844) 3

Sarawak is a State in Malaysia located on the northwest part of the island of Borneo. As Sarawak has a hot and humid climate with a temperature ranging from 27°C and 34°C, it has got dense tropical rainforests and mangrove forests too. It’s made up of 27 distinct ethnic groups speaking more than 40 different languages and dialects. Sarawak is very culturally, ethnically and linguistically diverse, with many groups still living a simple traditional lifestyle. As it has eight of the world’s Hornbill species, it is also known as ‘The land of the Hornbills’. Kuching is the capital city of Sarawak. Kuching is the Malay word for cat. Part of my Mission trip covers Sibu and Kapit.

B.E.M. (Borneo Evangelical Mission)

Here is some information about the ethnic groups within the Sarawak population (total in 2017 = 2.79 million) : Iban Malay Chinese Bidayuh Orang Ulu “Foreigners” Melanau Others (Penan people)

28.6% 22.9% 22.3% 7.8% 6.4% 6.2% 5.1% 0.6%

It was an early start and my flight to Sibu was at 7.10 am so that we could catch the early ferry to a place called Kapit. On my arrival at the Sibu airport, I met up with 8 of the Mission trip team members and started a long 4 hour journey. Here is the boat on which we went up to Kapit. It took us 4 hours to cover 142 Km. On our way there we saw a crocodile! We were very glad that it was quite far away….

Travel up to the Rajang River by longboat

On our arrival at Kapit on Thursday the 13thJune, we went to B.E.M. (Borneo Evangelical Mission) which is also known as S.I.B. in Malay (Sidang Ingil Borneo). This is the church where I had the privilege of speaking to a group of pastors and evangelists who work tirelessly serving God in some remote areas – encouraging them to continue doing the amazing ministry that they are doing to serve God.

The next morning (Friday 14th) we were taken up to the Rajang River which is the largest river in Malaysia to a traditional long house by long boat. The ride was only an hour - but that was more than enough for my back! 4

Wed June 19th I am back in West Malaysia, a little bit browner! I didn’t know that even I can get sunburned!! The weekend of June 22-23rd, I preached at Tabernacle of Glory, Nusa in the state of Johor, the most southerly area of West Malaysia which is very close to Singapore. It has been an exciting ministry as well as an emotional one. I thank God and everyone who has been supporting in prayer and encouragement towards this venture.

On our arrival, we were met by a welcome party from the long house. . . and then our team members, who came prepared with various activities for the children, shared Bible stories and taught them some songs along with dance movements. We had a lovely fellowship and enjoyed their hospitality.

Thank you and God Bless. Hendry . 5

to be found in doing what is right. Psalm 97 : 12 ‘May all who are godly be So in verse 12 the psalmist writes… ‘May all who are godly happy in the Lord and be happy in the Lord and praise his holy name’. praise his holy name’ And don’t forget, the people of God for whom the psalms A minister friend of were their hymns and the poetry the stories of God’s love mine told how his first and purpose for them… for these people the daily experiexperience of church ence was often one of slavery and suffering; of rejection nearly caused him to and persecution; and even when brought to their own land turn his back on God. they were invaded and ruled over by foreign armies….. Although he had always had a sense of God, he had never been to church since his baptism. However, on a sudden impulse he found himself looking for a church and slipping into a pew right at the back.

Yet these are the people of God, and their trust in him is based on the promise that their past, present and future is held in the love of God, the one who promises salvation and the hope of eternal life.

After singing a hymn that reflected on the sinfulness of humanity… then listening to some prayers that called on God to forgive the congregations failures and disobedience… followed by an appeal for the congregation to increase its offertory… my friend decided this was not a fun place.

So today as we gather around a table, let us worship God with a real sense of joy and happiness. For the God of the Psalmist is the God who we know and experience in Jesus.

Of course, in most churches you find a good balance in worship, and worship should always involve the different elements of praise and adoration; of confession and forgiveness; of challenge and commitment; of joy and hope, and there should always be an element of celebrating the transforming and life-giving love of God.

If ever there was a prayer through which we can feel the care and passion Jesus had for those who were (and indeed are) his followers…. then it is this prayer.

That is why they can rejoice in their God, and why the Psalmist says… ‘May all who are godly be happy in the Lord and praise his holy name.’

And while the psalm was written long ago, it’s truths are the same today as when they inspired the people of God all I just felt there was just nothing happy about that place, he those centuries ago. said, and just had to get out. But if we need further encouragement, then there is none Fortunately, in another church he experienced a very differ- more wonderful than in the words of Jesus himself. ent atmosphere, and while it is right that the people of God recognise their need of forgiveness and grace… to hear that The glorious and unequalled love and faithfulness of God is in Christ there is a fuller life, joy and happiness to be en- revealed uniquely in Jesus, in a relationship he had with joyed led him to seek a real faith and commitment to the God his Father, and for which he prayed for us in that marLord Jesus. vellous prayer recorded in John’s Gospel.

But sometimes we have to be reminded that God showed himself to the world in Jesus because humanity had lost its way and was no longer in tune with the life and the purposes of God. As a result, humanity had become separated from God because humanity had chosen to be so… and it was only through the death and resurrection of Jesus that there was made a way back to God.

And what Jesus wants for his followers is summed up in the words in John 17 verse – My prayer for all of them is that they will be one, just as you and I are one, Father – that just as you are in me and I in you, so they will be in us and the world will believe you sent me. Jesus must have been aware that having completed his earthly mission, that mission passes on to his disciples. To fulfil their mission, they would need to enjoy the same relationship with their heavenly Father as he did, so he prayed that they might be one and alive in himself, in God, and know that as he and the Father were one, so his disciples could be one in Him, and he in God, and he and God in them.

What a wonderful and glorious gift this is, and that’s why of all the emotions we should be able to express, joy and con- What courage and empowerment that will give to all who tentment with the life we share with God in Christ are some follow Jesus, and what a gift that oneness of life and love in of the most important in revealing the nature of our relation- God with Christ is for the unity and life of the church. ship with God. At the Lord’s table we celebrate and express that oneness That’s why I felt attracted to the Psalm. Psalm 97 tells of we share in Christ, and forgiven and renewed by His Grace the glory of God, and speaks of His power and wisdom; his we find new joy and life as we serve a living God. justice and mercy. As the psalmist encourages us to rejoice in God’s providing And because God is all-loving and all powerful – he will pro- and sustaining love – may all who are godly be happy in tect those who trust in him; he will save his people from the the Lord and praise His holy name. wicked. In him there is light to shine on the godly, and joy Reverend Derrick Lander 6

Congratulations from all at Trinity go to when they were the leading amateur Bill and Pat Hadley who recently team in the district. celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary. Although married at St Andrew’s Church, where Pat was christened, Bill and Pat were married at confirmed and still attends today, Bill St Andrews Church, Shifnal on 4th July has continued to follow the Methodist 1959 with the Reverend Dodd from tradition at Trinity. From an early age Priorslee in charge of proceedings. Bill attended Snedhill Methodist Church where as a lad he would Their first home was in Victoria operate the wind bellows of the Avenue, Shifnal in the house known to organ and be rewarded with many people in Shifnal as the former 6/6d every three months. veterinary surgery. They moved later Bill recalls the church to a cottage in Aston Street before treasurer , Geoff Beech, saying settling in Greenfields Crescent. Bill would be the financial ruin of the church! Their honeymoon was a weekend in Pat is well known as the Shrewsbury followed by a week in organiser of the “J Team” who London before returning to Shifnal. organised the ‘Junk, Jumble and Jolly’ events at the Shifnal Bill’s early employment was at Edge Village Hall for over 40 years. and Sons chain works before Started originally to raise cash redundancy forced him to seek out in support of the building of the employment away from Shifnal but Bill new “Scout Hut” the events was soon back in Shifnal when went on to raise money for Shakespeare’s dropforging took over many organisations including the old Chain works factory. the local schools and Air Ambulance. Bill has always been a football enthusiast and suffers and celebrates Today Pat enjoys working in the failures and successes of the garden although the Shrewsbury Town and The Wolves. vegetable garden has got Bill has had his own successes as a smaller over the years to be footballer playing at centre half as a replaced with more lawn area member of the very successful for the grandchildren. Sankey’s Football Team in the 1950s 7

Pat and Bill celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary with a family tea party, a truly ‘Shifnal’ event as only one member of the family lives away from Shifnal. Congratulations to Pat and Bill.

On Monday 10th June Dawley Food Bank cupboards were bare!

This is mainly due to a change in the benefits system where people are The Dawley Christian Centre operates being put on to Universal Credit. All their usual benefits are stopped until the food bank from the church they have been re-assessed and then premises. they are reimbursed with a new amount which is usually less than they were on before.

We had clients who had needed our help in the past who are now on their feet who bought over £100 of goods each, and we even had a cheque arrive for £100 from a lady in Malaga, Spain who had seen our Facebook post.

Meanwhile, their money is drastically reduced and they simply cannot make ends meet. We are very fortunate that our local churches support us all through the year, but with so many more mouths to feed the supply didn’t match the demand. We decided to put a plea for help on Facebook in the hope that it would generate a few more donations. Well, we were amazed by the response! We had so much food in the first week it was totally amazing.

The Mayor of Dawley Cllr. Malcolm Randle

We had extra donations from most of the churches, from the local schools including Ladygrove Primary School who also had a non uniform day to raise money for the food bank and Southall School in Dawley.

Our Facebook post reached over 25,000 people from all around the world. So many people took the effort to reach out and help us to look after We had a donation from the Tax Office the people in our community who are and many local companies including in need of help right now. Schneider Electrics, the Co-op stores Our shelves are well stocked at the in Dawley and Dawley Bank, Myfam, It is our mission to look after the most the Ladies Circle who are based in moment but we know the food will go quickly, so please keep us in mind if vulnerable people in our community. Shrewsbury, Sweetcheeks Boutique you are able to give anything to the This we wouldn’t be able to do without who are in Dawley High Street, the the help and support of churches in Telford Crisis Support who had plenty Food Bank. The people who receive it truly appreciate your kindness and our Circuit, including our Anglican and of beans and soup to share. Many Baptist friends, Waitrose and The more companies dropped food off and generosity. Salvation Army and also the went away without saying where they We are showing God’s love to all that generosity of people in our local had come from. come through the doors of the Dawley community who regularly make a Christian Centre. May they feel His The Mayor of Dawley Cllr Malcolm donation. love and blessings upon them all. Randle gave a donation of £250 and In recent months there has been a even went and bought the food significant increase in the number of Sharon Roberts himself. people who need our help. Dawley Christian Centre

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(“Sudoku puzzles are provided by – visit them and get a new Sudoku every day!”) 8

Congratulations to David Lea who recently celebrated his 90th birthday. David and Cindy were photographed standing outside Trinity Methodist Church, Shifnal where David has worshipped for very many years. David is also a regular visitor to Trinity Coffee Mornings on Wednesdays and enjoys the fellowship of the Food For Thought service and meal which follows the monthly Bread Church baking days at Trinity.

(Methodist News Service) In May a coalition of churches called for an independent and discredited system. review into benefit sanctions, saying recent changes to the “Since 2015 the Churches alongside many others have system will not fundamentally change the impact on called for a full independent review of the benefit sanctions struggling families. regime. The human cost of the UK’s harsh sanctions The Government announced an end to benefit sanctions regime is very high. We see the hunger and hardship it lasting longer than 6 months, but the Joint Public Issues causes every day in churches and foodbanks. Team (representing the Methodist Church, the United “The Governments claim that their harsher sanctions drive Reformed Church, the Baptist Union of Great Britain and more people into work is not supported by published Church of Scotland) say this will only help a small evidence. We need a proper independent review – where proportion of families affected by sanctions. all the evidence is looked at and where the effects of JPIT says the expanded sanctions regime continues to sanctions of people’s lives are properly and publicly examcause hardship and drive families to foodbanks and the roll ined. out of Universal Credit further expands the reach and “Universal Credit further escalates the sanctions regime. duration of benefit sanctions. More families will be under threat of sanction - including for Paul Morrison, policy adviser to the Joint Public Interest the first time those in work. Sanctions for families on the Team said: “We welcome the announcement that the new Universal Credit system are more frequent and on maximum length of a benefit sanction will be reduced. It average last longer. We must properly review this system however does not fundamentally change this damaging before expanding it still further.” 9

It is with sadness that we learn of the passing of was turned on at 4.00pm. Ron Griffiths on May 2nd 2019, days after the diamond anniversary of his wedding to Doreen. They established a farm shop selling their own vegetable produce and Ron employed drivers to deliver their own The funeral was held at Sherrifhales Parish Church on produce to local shops including Carrefour which had Saturday 1st June. recently opened in the town centre. Doreen recalls the farm shop ‘never was closed’ selling everything at any time Ron spent the last eighteen months of his life in The Priory of the day. Nursing Home, Wellington. This was in marked contrast to the life he led previously. Doreen and Ron were blessed with two children David and Ruth but sadly Ruth died. Ron had met Doreen when she was only sixteen at a Young Farmers Party in Wem. Both of them were from Ron suffered a severe stroke in 1995. Doreen believes farming families. Doreen remembers Ron having a moped that the prayers of the church families pulled Ron through. but she was too frightened to ride on it so would travel on David continued to work on the farm and Ron would the bus while Ron followed on the moped. accompany Doreen to markets. In the year of their ruby wedding anniversary with David now working at Park Doreen had left school at 14 to help her Mom at home on Lodge Farm, Cockshutt they decided to sell the farm. the farm but as soon as Ron had secured his own farm they became engaged and married on 29th April 1959 at Both Ron and Doreen have always been regular churchMoreton Mill Methodist Church , Shawbury. goers and would attend St Mary’s Church Sherrifhales and Trinity Methodist, Shifnal regularly. Lacon Farm near Wem, which they named Homeleigh was their first farm and they had 16 cows for milking, 100 pigs Doreen has wonderful memories of her life with Ron and and lots of poultry. remembers her husband with daughter Ruth’s words: They wanted a bigger farm and eventually moved to Woodside Farm in Sherrifhales. The farm was bigger but terribly rundown and they had to work very hard to get it into shape. Their was no electricity and workmen were erecting poles on the day they moved in and the electricity 10

“My Daddy is like gentle Jesus”.

Ethan thoroughly enjoyed his 3rd Birthday with his big brother Jack at soft play followed by a pizza and cinema visit. All he wanted for his birthday was 'chocolate' so he had a chocolate caterpillar birthday cake. He had a trike, lego, jigsaw puzzles and a construction kit and of course chocolate. Thank you to Trinity once again for his birthday card. God Bless. The Henrywood Family 11

Life Without Isaiah 1: JUSTICE – Nature of discipleship or life without the Holy Spirit.

Indictment 1: 9-10 Sodom Isaiah uses the picture of Sodom as a sharp instrument to pinpoint the central complaint. The people of Judah at that time would no doubt have got his meaning and Isaiah did not need to spell it out. But today as we read these two verses what we may be accustomed to understand is probably a mistaken idea, so if you think you know what the sin of Sodom is about, forget it.

Matthew 28:19 go and make disciples of all nations, Micah 6:8 do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with your God. Is 1:17 Learn to do good, seek justice, rebuke the oppressor, defend the fatherless, plead for the widow. Isaiah has got under my skin to an extent that I liken it to a skin disease which I have called Isaiahitis. The early chapters of Isaiah’s message are an indictment of Judah, mixed with pictures of the consequences of their way of life without Him. The question is “Is this applicable to us today?” I see in Isaiah’s 1st chapter not just an indictment, but a description of “Life without the Holy Spirit” but in addition I see a description of the lifestyle God expects from His disciples. Essentially Isaiah’s message is a description of exploitation of those that cannot help themselves by those that have power which I feel could

be directed at much of the world’s 21st century life style. This is why Isaiah has got under my skin.

The prophet Ezekiel is far more explicit, in ch 16:49 he spells it out: “Behold” says Ezekial “this was the sin of Sodom…She and her daughters had pride, excess bread, and peaceful serenity, but she did not strengthen the hand of the poor and the needy” There you have the seed of Isaiah’s argument, or God’s argument with His people. But does this apply to us today? The Jewish faith has other writings which do not appear in the Christian scriptures. One is the Talmud – a collection of stories and interpretations which amplify the Law and the Prophets and contributes to their teaching.

In this collection there are more details about this sin of Sodom. At the time of Isaiah, Sodom with five other cities, had the reputation as being the Eden of its time, a However at a first reading of chapter 1 to our eyes all is rich plentiful land. You may remember Lot choosing this not made clear but something is very amiss as the middle area to settle in leaving Abraham the less fertile hill section makes exceptionally clear. So the question country. The Talmud explains it further. The people of becomes four-fold: just what is the indictment? Does it Sodom insisted on preserving their high quality of living apply to us? If the 2nd question is answered in the to such an extent that they established a principle not to affirmative: What does God ask of us? How can this be let the poor and homeless reside in their city. The city implemented? was bound by a river, to enter the city one had to cross a bridge. They imposed a heavy levy, a tax, to cross that There are a number of traps in the text which over the bridge which would discourage anyone without the centuries may have been misinterpreted either through necessary financial means from entering. If one decide to ignorance or maybe because of male dominance in the swim the river the tax was doubled. There is even a story early centuries of the church. Just one is evident in in the Talmud of a woman who helped such a person to particular in chapter 1: Isaiah, in common with other enter the city – she was put to death. prophets frequently talks about “daughters” which might suggest that it is women who are largely to blame and Consequently when a destitute person would come may have helped to fuel the oppression of women over seeking help, they would revoke their right to any welfare – public or private! By doing this they figured they would the centuries. But surely this term is a way of showing God’s special relationship with His people, like a father preserve an elite upper class community who would for his daughter. Daughters of Jerusalem, daughters of monopolize the profits that the bountiful land offers, Judea in the same way you who read this are daughters without having to distribute any revenues to a “lower of Telford or your own locality irrespective of gender. It is class” of people. Does this apply to us today? I leave you symbolic of God’s special love for His people. to decide for yourself – if you think not, read no further. 12

The Holy Spirit Isaiah particularly identifies the leaders of the community. He does it a number of times as his writings continue, but that does not excuse ourselves because their decision affect us: we may benefit from their decisions, whilst others may suffer. God’s Requirement: 11-19 Worship / Jn 14: 15-18 Paraclete and discipleship. God hides His eyes and closes His ears when they come to worship and accuses the worshippers of having blood on their hands. They are guilty of taking away the life of others through oppression, refusing to help the hungry and needy. He accuses the leaders of civil and military authorities, the leaders of the nation, of being assassins, open to bribes, deliberately choosing to extort taxes and inheritance from those who cannot afford to bribe them. Gods dramatic declaration: STOP! Repent, make yourself clean do right seek justice defend the oppressed take up the cause of those in need. This I believe is the nature of the Discipleship He calls for.

together. We have God’s demand and Jesus’ means to accomplish it – the promise of the Holy Spirit. Disciples are not just to be people who pray, study God’s word, enjoy fellowship, experience forgiveness but people who are so filled with God’s love and compassion and the power of the Holy Spirit that they seek to do what is right, do justice, defend the oppressed at what ever cost to ourselves. I cannot change the world, neither can you, only God can. But he has a vital role for each and everyone of us who dare to call ourselves disciples: believers, those who have experienced God’s forgiveness, love, redemption, the relationship all of which He offers to absolutely everyone. Everyone is included. But don’t look at what someone else is doing, God’s plan could be something totally different for you or it just might be something that will involve the calling of a group – it is God’s choice. If we allow His Holy Spirit to guide us and work in us we can accomplish the specific work he has for each individual, and together with Him the world can be changed and His will and purpose for all humanity accomplished.

“Now let’s talk about this” says God. But what does Jesus say? His last commission recorded in Matthew is “go and make disciples of all nations”, but He also promises the Holy Spirit without whom we can do nothing. Surely here Doug Hughes lies the answer to the World’s condition. Jesus and His father are on the same wavelength. So let us put these two


(Methodist news service) In June the Methodist Church welcomed a ruling by the Court of Appeal on the legality of UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia. The Revd Dr Jonathan Hustler, Secretary of the Conference, said:

The Methodist Church, together with other denominations, has campaigned over a number of years for the trade of arms to Saudi Arabia to be stopped.

“The Methodist Church welcomes the Court of Appeal’s ruling that the UK’s on-going arms sales to Saudi Arabia are illegal. The Methodist Church has been actively campaigning for the suspension of arms sales to Saudi Arabia for a number of years. The practice of our government to license arms sales without being clear that they will not be used to commit atrocities or otherwise violate international law is unacceptable. A fair and legal assessment of the harm caused by these sales should conclude that arms sales to Saudi Arabia should be immediately suspended. The United Nations have warned that at least 13 million lives are in jeopardy as a consequence of conflict in Yemen. The Methodist Church repeats our earlier calls for the UK and other major nations immediately to cease all exports of arms to Saudi Arabia and support a ceasefire in 13

Congratulations 14

The hottest day of the year brought out a huge crowd to enjoy the Shifnal Carnival and Fair. They were not disappointed with plenty of decorated floats, bands and walkers in costume. An awful lot of hard work went into the planning and preparations on all sides and the success was well deserved.

to all involved. 15

and 16th July, from 5.45pm – 7.30pm. We still have “Moneywise” and “Craft” sessions to come, finishing with “Team Chill!?” Thankfully, this Half Term, Mark is able to focus on the Transition lessons with the Year 6’s in the Primary Schools. They have proved reassuring for pupils and parents in the past. Mark is now driving and managing with crutches in the main.

We must start by saying a huge thank you to Dot and Brian for coming to share their talents at the 50P Youth Club held at Trinity; Dot for her wool craft and Brian his traditional printing for Father’s Day - not a computer or photocopier in sight!

Look out for the Spree Camp photos in the next edition! THANK YOU

Pete, from the Table Tennis Club made a return visit to share the fun side of the game as well as his expertise, which was great. Please don’t be shy in coming forward to “help”. Jack, who is doing part of his Duke of Edinburgh Award with us, is taking on more and more responsibility at the Toast Bar, but we need a volunteer to support him on Tuesday 9th

email OR find us on Shifnal and Albrighton Christian Youth Project Company limited by guarantee registered in England No. 6784541: Charity No. 1128054 St Mary's Church Centre, Vicarage Field, Albrighton, Wol-

(Methodist News service) those reliant on surplus or donated food. Supplies of essential medicines are likely to be disrupted. Again the most vulnerable will be the least able to cope with this.

Statement from Church Leaders

As Church leaders, we have chosen not to make political statements around Brexit. Members of the Churches we represent have in good conscience come to different We urge that all possible efforts continue to be made to conclusions; some voted remain and others voted to leave. avoid an unplanned No Deal Brexit given the consequences for the most vulnerable in our society. At present the risks that flow from an unplanned “No Deal” Should the decision, or indecision, of political leaders, Brexit endanger the poorest families in our nation and together with a lack of preparation, expose the poorest to therefore we feel compelled to speak up. these risks, it will be the responsibility of Government to ensure these families are protected. As Christians we are called to demand justice for the millions locked in poverty. A No Deal Brexit risks tightening We continue to pray for our politicians and for all who are poverty’s grip on families up and down the country. experiencing poverty. Over the past decade, our Churches have witnessed and responded to the slowly rising tide of hunger in the UK. A No Deal Brexit risks restricting the nation's supply of food and increasing prices. This, alongside further cuts to benefits on Monday 8 April, could have grave consequences for many in our communities. Many charities are warning us that food supplies to the most vulnerable are most at risk: hospitals, prisons and 16

Rev Lynn Green, General Secretary, Baptists Together Rev Michaela Youngson, President of the Methodist Conference Mr Bala Gnanapragasam, Vice-President of the Methodist Conference Mr Derek Estill, Moderator of the General Assembly of the United Reformed Church Revd Nigel Uden, Moderator of the General Assembly of the United Reformed Church

Learning to fly In Numbers 13 we read about a pivotal event in the history of Israel. Moses has led the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt, they have travelled through the desert from Mount Sinai, where they received God’s Law, and have at last arrived at Canaan, where they are about to take possession of the land that God has promised them. Before they take possession, God tells Moses to send out one leader from each of the 12 tribes to explore the land. And so Moses sends them out to explore, saying “see what the land is like, and whether the people who live there are strong or weak, few or many. What are the towns like, do they have walls, are they fortified? Is the soil fertile or poor? Are there trees? And bring back some of the fruit.” The 12 men went, and explored the land for 40 days, before reporting back.

over to him, what is he calling you to leave behind, where is he asking you to trust him, or to obey him? How can you be rubbing shoulders with other Christians, so that your wings and theirs grow, your faith strengthens, and your walk with Jesus becomes closer? An opportunity to rub shoulders

For me, the places where my wings have grown longer and stronger are those places out of my comfort zone, where I have had to trust in God and His faithfulness. In these places and times, He has stretched me and done more through me than I could have imagined. Short term outreaches here in the UK and overseas have been an integral part of this. In October, our family will be going on a week-long outreach to Moldova, to serve alongside the church there as they minister to the needs in the community. And what was their report? “The land is fantastic! God is Situated between Romania and Ukraine, much of Moldova’s great! Let’s take this land that God has promised to us! adult population has left to find work in other countries, There might be enemies, but our God is bigger! We know leaving their children in the care of elderly relatives. we can trust Him to win the fight. Let’s follow Him!” Poverty, drunkenness and neglect are common, and during the outreach we will be involved in running activities for Well, sadly, not quite. In actual fact, we see in the second vulnerable children, as well as providing food packs and fire half of Numbers 13 that the people of God were not willing to be followers of God – they did not trust him and would not wood for poorer families. This will be a perfect opportunity obey him. They were scared of their enemy, forgot that their God was bigger, and started spreading lies through the camp – “the land isn’t what we have been promised”, “we will be destroyed if we try to enter it”. They had seen giants, and compared to them they felt like little grasshoppers. Together, they rebelled against Moses and against God, and refused to take the land. An interesting fact about grasshoppers, is that when they face drought and famine, they will go off in search of food. They will often find themselves in huge numbers, thousands upon thousands of grasshoppers all in the same place. Usually solitary creatures, the grasshoppers are crammed in close together, and they literally rub shoulders with each other. As they rub shoulders, hormones are released that change them physically, causing their wings to both lengthen and strengthen. These little creatures, who could previously just hop, and maybe catch a glimpse of the heavens, can now fly, and swarm, and destroy and defeat others. They are not grasshoppers any more – they have become locusts. After their rebellion against God, the Israelites spent the next 40 years in the desert learning to trust God and learning to obey Him, witnessing his endless faithfulness and provision, passing on these stories to their children, rubbing shoulders as they encouraged and uplifted each other, until ultimately, the people of God were transformed into followers of God. This 40 years in the desert wasn’t about punishment for disobedience, it was about discipleship. The next time they came to cross into the land and take it as their own, they had learnt their lesson. They weren’t grasshoppers anymore. They were locusts. In the book of Joshua, we see the Israelites take the land God had promised to them. They had truly learnt to trust God, to follow Him and to obey Him.

to ‘rub shoulders’ with Christians from different walks of life, to learn from each other, see God in action and see His faithfulness as we step out in faith and share the love of Jesus with others. We would love to take others from the local churches with us! If you would be interested in coming along, please do get in touch (email If you can’t come, please would you consider supporting our various fundraising activities to help cover our family’s costs of joining the outreach – including a sponsored famine on 21st July, an afternoon tea murder mystery on 5th / 12th October (date to be confirmed), and orders of Moldovan chocolates (which are fantastic!).

Some of us have been fans of Jesus or even friends of Jesus, for a long time, many years maybe, perhaps even all our lives, but are we following? If not, now is the time to take that step and make the decision to leave everything and follow him. What areas of your life do you need to give 17

Sara Butler

Members of 'Live at Home' Shifnal and Albrighton joined the service at Trinity, Shifnal and explained the benefits of membership of Live at Home. Shifnal, Albrighton & District Live at Home scheme, want to enable older people to stay living independently in their own homes for as long as possible, with the best possible quality of life. Through befriending, lunch clubs, assisted shopping, activity and friendship sessions, outings, escorts to appointments and much more, MHA's Live at Home

schemes across the UK help to tackle loneliness and isolation in people over 55 – helping them to lead fulfilled lives and remain as active members in their local communities. The scheme's activities programme is designed and led by its members and volunteers to ensure that they are providing the practical and social support which those they serve need. Trinity have been able to give them a donation of £334-00 for their work in our community.

(Methodist News service) The catastrophic fire at Grenfell Tower started in the early hours of 14th June 2017. To mark the second anniversary, Notting Hill Methodist Church openned for quiet reflection from midnight on the Friday. The Revd Mike Long, whose church sits below the tower, said:

Since the first anniversary, a new foodbank has opened in the Church. “It was planned before the fire”, said Revd Long. Operated with the Trussell Trust, the foodbank offers support for the local community to which Universal Credit was rolled out last December.

“We want people to know they have somewhere to come if they need or wish to be together, not out of some duty, but if they feel it would help in some small way.” Over the last two years the Church and Revd Long have responded to the tragedy, offering pastoral and practical support and have hosted many community meetings and agencies supporting the people affected by the fire. “Major urgent building works more recently mean we have had less resource available but from the Autumn with new community spaces including a kitchen, we hope to focus on young people and children as well as the wide spread challenge of loneliness amongst older people”, said Revd Long.

Speaking about what has changed for people since the first anniversary, Revd Long, said: “Everyone knows there will be a long wait for answers and decisions to be made about the future for the tower. Patience is about actively sticking it out, enduring the limbo. This is hard for many, especially those worried about for example, the long term impact of the fire on the environment.” Revd Long and other faith leaders took part in a vigil in the evening of 14th June before what has become a monthly silent walk starting and ending at Notting Hill Methodist Church. “Faith can help people connect with their feelings and give expression to them”, said, Revd Long. 18

More photos from Shifnal Carnival.. If we didn’t manage to include your float in this magazine take a look on the Trinity Trumpet website where there are more photos and video from Carnival Day . 19

I was feeling particularly nasty when I dug this out to include in the magazine. I have been without my mobile phone for two weeks and consequently without my daily dose of Facebook telling me who has had what for dinner and who has been to all the places I’d like to go to. I get the phone back only to discover that the fault (namely that the phone will not charge) has not been remedied and that I barely get time to read the message that my journey to work will take longer today (even though I retired 10 years ago) before it tells me that it is out of energy and is giving up! I often feel like that but ‘she who will be obeyed’ soon gets me back on the right track. What shall I do? I’ve no dog to kick…..and then I came across this crossword. I tried it and got nowhere. The chap who set it says it is too easy to include on his website! Well why should I be the only one feeling miserable? Have a bash at it and let me know if you get anywhere.-If you dare.


Trinity were involved in the Carnival again this year opening up the church and putting tables outside for people to enjoy their refreshments although may sought the cool inside the church on such a hot day. £84.59 was raised and handed to the Carnival Committee who will distribute the money to local charities. Well done to Sara and her team for working so hard!

(Methodist News Service) The Marriage and Relationships Task Group presented its then go before the 2020 Methodist Conference. report God in Love Unites Us to the 2019 Conference Revd Ken Howcroft, Chair of the Task Group said: with recommendations about various issues around “Relationships, sex and marriage are significant issues for relationships in general and marriage in particular. the recommendations will be submitted to the wider Church for everyone and it’s important that the Church talks about these matters today. As part of its calling and mission the consultation during 2019-2020, with a final decision being Methodist Church must engage with the reality of how made at the July 2020 Conference. people are living. That raises questions about the nature of The report sets out, from a Christian perspective, the marriage, cohabitation, living in relationships and living with principles and qualities of good relationships, including different sexualities. Members of the Task Group come good sexual relationships. It also sets out an understanding from very different theological backgrounds, yet we have of cohabitation. sought to understand each other’s viewpoint and where we have disagreed, to do so well. What we share in loving God Among the changes being suggested are to allow sameand in knowing we are loved by God, is much greater than sex couples to marry in Methodist churches. The proposals anything that divides us.” also include providing resources to celebrate civil partnerships and prayers for when marriages end in Revd Ashley Cooper from the Task Group said: “No report divorce. A clause has been included in the proposals that or set of recommendations will be adequate to hold all the no-one would have to officiate at a same-sex marriage if complexities of the issues. We believe that our recommendations will enable Methodists to respect each they feel prevented by their personal beliefs and integrity. other’s sincerely and faithfully held opinions and practices “ The recommendations were brought before the 2019 Methodist Conference in Birmingham. The Conference was Revd Naomi Cooke a member of the Task Group said: “We asked to receive the 67-page report and commend it to the need to acknowledge the integrity and dignity of those who Connexion for study and prayerful discussion. the report is come to different conclusions. Our future lies in embracing to be presented to Synods from September 2019 with our differences, and growing together as we seek the heart Synod voting on the proposals in Spring 2020. A report will of Jesus in all that we do” 21

O Jesus, I have promised to serve Thee to the end; Be Thou forever near me, my master and my friend; I shall not fear the battle if Thou art by my side, Nor wander from the pathway if Thou wilt be my guide. O let me feel Thee near me! The world is ever near; I see the sights that dazzle, the tempting sounds I hear; My foes are ever near me, around me and within; But Jesus, draw Thou nearer, and shield my soul from sin. O let me hear Thee speaking in accents clear and still, Above the storms of passion, the murmurs of self will. O speak to reassure me, to hasten or control; O speak, and make me listen, Thou guardian of my soul. O Jesus, Thou hast promised to all who follow Thee That where Thou art in glory there shall Thy servant be. And Jesus, I have promised to serve Thee to the end; O give me grace to follow, my master and my friend.

O let me see Thy footprints, and in them plant mine own; My hope to follow duly is in Thy strength alone. O guide me, call me, draw me, uphold me to the end; And then in Heaven receive me, my Saviour and my friend.

John Bode wrote this hymn in 1868 for the confirmation of his daughter and two sons while he was rector of Castle Camps in Cambridgeshire.

died at Castle Camps in 1874.

The hymn was set to music by Arthur Henry Mann “Angel’s Story” and was published in the Methodist School John, the son of William Bode, was born in 1816 on Hymn Book in 1881. He was born in Norwich on May 16th th February 13 . He went to Eton, but went on the Charter 1850, also went to Oxford but at New College where he House School which was established in 1611 by Thomas graduated in Music. He was a chorister at Norwich CaSutton using funds from the discovery of coal on his thedral as well as organist, but in 1870 became organist at property in Newcastle-on-Tyne. It was originally set up in a St Peters, Wolverhampton and then organist at Tettenhall property in London as a hospital (almshouse) for 80 male Parish Church in 1871. He went on Beverley Minster, pensioners: gentlemen in poverty, soldiers, mariners, King’s College, Cambridge as well as University Organist merchants impoverished by shipwreck or pirates, and and music master and organist at Leys School, Cambridge servants to the crown. In addition there was a chapel and a – all at the same time! He died on Nov 19th 1929. He also school to educate 40 boys. John attended before its move wrote the tune “Wilton” used for a variety of hymns. to Godalming in 1872, to be housed in a building built by The hymn has also been set to other tunes such as the Lucas brothers who also built the Albert Hall and “Llanberis” by Samuel Wesley, “Llanfyllin” – a traditional Covent Garden. Welsh melody, “Wolvercote” by William Fergusson and John graduated from Christ Church Oxford in 1837 and Geoffrey Beaumont’s “Hatherop Castle” in more recent took Holy Orders in 1841. He is recognised as having times. written 3 hymns of which this is easily the best known. He


There was a full coach from Trinity to see Star Cross Youth Theatre present their Summer Showcase at the Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton . This traditionally is a review of their work over the past twelve months. This last year has seen the group present more varied productions. Their musical tradition was to the fore with what is arguably their best production to date - Fiddler on The Roof (although long time followers may argue Jesus Christ Superstar and early productions of Oliver deserve that accolade). The Summer Showcase was packed with excerpts from all their productions including rousing whole cast numbers from ‘Fiddler’ , a very moving presentation from Private Peaceful and a particularly disturbing scene from Blue Remembered Hills in which Brandon steals the show as Donald being teased by the girls. Not content with one ‘showstopping’ performance Brandon delighted the audience in a monologue as Mickey weeing through the letterbox in the ‘I wish I was our Sammy’ sketch from Blood Brothers. The Summer Showcase might mark the end of a season but many of the performers were repeating their performances the following day in their LAMDA examinations. The exams are quite rigorous and the group had entered individuals and groups for examination. The individual examinations are particularly difficult in that the performer is questioned following the performance and that can be about anything related to the part or the show. We wish them every success.


Only the upper works of SMS Hindenburg remained above the water s of Scapa Flow

With all this the Russian Civil war continued unabated and the Estonian and Latvian wars of independence also continued supported by the Allied Powers. 100 years ago Well the war was over and life began to get back to normal, sort of – but it was never to be the same normal. So much had changed as because humans being humans, wars were still engaged and people continued to die as a result.

The Hungarian Soviet Republic collapsed after 133 days on August 1st Romania takes advantage of the situation and occupies Budapest on August 4th. British troops open first on a Maltese “mob” protesting against colonial rule.

Amanullah Khan had become King of Afghanistan on February 28. On May 3rd he attacked the British Government in India and began the 3rd Afghan War on the 6th May. The Afghans recognised it as the successful “War of Independence” concluding with a treaty signed on August 19th recognising that independence.

400 Canadian troops losing patience at not being sent home riot in Epsom on Derby Day, resulting in the death of a police officer. On June 21st admiral Ludwig von Reuter scuttles the German fleet held in Scapa Flow resulting in 9 German deaths.

After the end of WW1 the allies set up partitioning the Ottoman Empire but Italy jumped the gun by landing in Antalya and began moving toward Smyrna. British Prime Minister Lloyd George and the Greek Prime Minister Venizolos concocted a report alleging that the Christian populations were under direct threat to convince France and the U.S. to support a Greek occupation. On 15th May Greek forces were landed by British warships.

St John Philby and T.E.Lawrence visit Cairo regarding Arab unrest

We have recently had some new members join us which is a joy. Some of our group are members of St. Andrews Church but we all share the one love of Jesus. It is perhaps misleading to call the evening a Bible STUDY because that sounds a little heavy whereas we are very light hearted in our approach. Each week we take a different subject or Bible reading and each member feels free to comment as they feel able. Lately we have been using the Methodist daily Bible passage and discussing the points we are given to ponder on. Some members of the group offer to lead whilst others

On June 28th the final treaty was signed ending World War 1 but peace still had not yet come to Europe in fact it was still quite a mess and it went beyond Europe. Would the havoc created ever be healed?

don’t feel able but one thing is obvious and that is that no one feels inhibited and we all take part in the discussions. As a group we have become very close and meeting each week to share our thoughts and views has helped us grow as Christians.No one is a Bible academic or professes to know the answer to the questions the Bible poses but we all feel able to express our views and questions. We finish the evening socialising with a cup of coffee. If anyone feels they would like to join us please come along to our next group meeting on Tuesday 16th July at 3 Stone Drive or have a word with either Helen Lutanji, Barbara Lamkin, John Morgan or David Northern or phone 01952 275844. 24

This is supposed to be an easy crossword. I enjoy cryptic crossword but found this far from easy so I thought I had better include the explanations to the solutions Chap who compiled this crossword is 100 next week. He’ll get an anagram from the Queen.

The Sudoku puzzle can be found on page 8.


The last few months have seen some very interesting speakers at Shifnal Townswomen’s Guild meetings. In April, Brian Smith came to talk about ‘Blood Bikes (Shrops, Ches & Staffs)’ – complete with his bike and all the gear. Few of us, I think, realised just how much incredibly valuable work is done by the volunteers in this organisation, often at night by people who have been working all day. Far more medical supplies than just blood (mothers’ milk, for example) is ferried around the three counties, and it was fascinating to learn how the network of such groups across the whole country join together at times for a vital, longdistance job.

She gave us a fascinating account of their travels and the activities they undertook, all of which had clearly entailed much preparation, thinking on their feet and considerable energy and endurance! The expedition was decidedly worthwhile, though; they had obviously succeeded in achieving a lot and had made many friends in the process. Having helped a little with some fundraising for the trip, Shifnal Guild members were very pleased to find out how the money had been used and were most entertained by Jo’s lively presentation.

Apart from the monthly meetings, in May we also had a coffee morning at a member’s house. The day happened to May brought Ian Goodhall to speak on ‘Sunnycroft’, the be warm and sunny and we thoroughly enjoyed sitting outbeautiful National Trust villa in Wellington. Ian was an exside in a beautiful garden to drink, eat and chat. Coming up cellent speaker – relaxed, quietly humorous and extremely in July are an outing to Oakgates Garden Centre and our knowledgeable – and he illustrated his talk with some suBirthday Lunch, to be held as usual in the delightful setting perb images. Although many of us had visited the property, of Shifnal Golf Club. We’re already looking forward to the we all learnt a lot more about its history and interesting fea- delicious food! tures and we now plan to visit as a group in August. So, with the trip to Sunnycroft, plus a Federation Bowls In June, Jo Bradley of the Trefoil Guild (the adult section of Day and a visit to ‘Peony’, with tour and lunch, coming up Guides) came to tell us about her trip to Russia to promote in August/September, we have much to look forward to. Guiding. After a rigorous selection process, Jo was chosen If any reader would like to visit us or get more details about to lead a group of four (the other three being from different Townswomen’s Guilds, please contact areas of England) to two places in Russia to spread the or 01952 460782. word about Guiding and to encourage young people and adults to become Guides and leaders. 26

Christianity in Malaysia can be traced back to Arab Christian traders who heard the gospel from Pater or Paul (Acts 2:11, Galatians 1:17) or from the ministry of Thomas. That’s before the Gospel reached that remote group of islands of the NW coast of Europe. There is little recorded of the development Christianity until the Portuguese took control in 1511. Although the British arrived in 1786, it was Catholics from Thailand who set up a seminary in Penang in 1810.

Catholic he attended Anglican schools and experienced teaching from Protestant military chaplains. He was also taught by missionaries and the childhood prayer he received “Oh Lord save me, O Lord Christ convert me” determined his faith. He was later educated at Madras Christian College, although he admits to not being a believer at that time.

After obtaining a degree from Boston which enabled him to work on a trigonometric survey of India he was invited to a tent meeting held by Methodist missionaries. He was converted in Poona, married, and while living in Poona committed to work as a missionary. He went to Pennsylvania to be trained, returning to Singapore he began the work of setting up a number of Methodist schools as well as the first Methodist church. He was keen to establish education for girls. With support from the British government he set up two schools under the umbrella of American Methodist institutions. Because of his proficiency in Tamil he William Oldham led services in Tamil in the local jail. C. W. Underwood came to help him from Ceylon by assisting and eventually In 1884 the South India Methodist being responsible for the Tamil Conference appointed William Oldham ministry. as Missionary to Singapore. By 1885 he established the Anglo-Chinese Meanwhile William school, then the Anglo-Tamil school. It was instrumental in is the seeds of this school years later setting up a publishing that probably led a young man into the ministry by purchasing Tamil Methodist ministry later to be a printing press. He sent to Britain as a missionary himself, sent William even to Shifnal! But then that is Shallabear to the another story, he can probably correct States to be trained as me on some points here. a printer but on his return became a William Fitzjames Oldham was born in significant missionary Bangalor into a British military family, in his own right; his his father was an officer of a Sepoy understanding of troop, his mother although primarily Muslim culture led him Irish in fact was believed to have into translation of the Indian blood. Baptised a Roman Bible into the Malay

language. But returning to the printing ministry, this work ultimately led to the establishment of the Methodist Printing House. William’s influence on Methodism continues as he involves himself in the formation of Medical Missions, bringing medical supplies from India. As his health deteriorated he went to the States to recover, but couldn’t hang up his boots even there, he continued his ministry in Pittsburg playing a roll in a revival there. He encouraging many to work in Malaysia. On his return somewhat recovered he was appointed Bishop to Malaysia in1904 and developed missionary work in 4 languages: English, Tamil, Malay and Chinese a structure which still exists today. This at best is only a summary of his work, he returned to Singapore for the Golden Jubilee of the establishment of the Methodist Church in Singapore, his last visit. He died on 27th March 1937 in California, an American Citizen. He is remembered annually at Founders day at the Anglo-Chinese school on March 1st. An Apse at Singapore Methodist church was built in 1957 with a stained glass window commemorating his work.

Did you nail mother’s photograph on the wall?


On 2nd July a report from the Local Government Association claimed that 1/3 of local governments will have run out of money by the next election to fund services like adult social care, protecting children and preventing homelessness. There is a threat too for drug and alcohol recovery services. It goes on to say that following a decade of austerity local councils will have lost 60p for every £1 they had previously.

banks demonstrates the will and compassion of ordinary people. (see page 8: ‘Food Bank Crisis’) So true is this of the people of Shifnal! But events are revealing a level of concern about a whole range of social issues in the town that people feel they have no control over. Some are fearful of what they see. People in need of one kind or another challenge us daily and often make many of us feel uncomfortable, even fearful. Our civil authorities can do nothing It seems that government policy today is for official unless the law is broken, which leaves a these responsibilities to be shouldered by local huge gap. But the other side of the issue is how communities, including their financing. Which is can the needs of so many be met in a an interesting turn of events because most of satisfactory, holistic manner, that helps them to this sort of care, centuries ago, was develop skills they need, self confidence, a administered by the church. People reading feeling of worth, even to receiving the respect Cadfael novels written by Ellis Peters (Edith that should be experienced by all people, Pargetter: born in Horsehay, educated in Dawley integrating them into society as fully accepted and Coalbrookdale and making her home in members? Needs are not always so simple to Madeley), would read about much of the caring meet, they are often complex, very varied and work of Shrewsbury Abbey in the Middle Ages. the root of the need is a bigger challenge than its Slowly but surely over the centuries the outward appearance. As the Rowntree Trust governments of the day took such appreciates the evil behind the need is what responsibilities from the church. In the early really needs tackling. This is part of the 1900s much debate about the responsibility for challenge that lies before us. education resulted in the take over, more or less, lock, stock and barrel by Our civil authorities recognise the issues in central government, with the Shifnal and together with church leaders, confusing exclusions of seem to be taking up the cause. If “Public” schools. businesses, and members of the resident community unite with us in this desire to Now they seem to wish create something positive, Shifnal might they hadn’t as Central even become a flag ship of ministry in the Government turns to social needs of a local community. Although local communities, I am sure other communities have gone this often without the way before us, from which we may learn. experience of the However if Martin professionals, to take Luther King could on a variety of have a dream against responsibilities. impossible odds, Costs are growing surely we can have a astronomically as dream. A dream for a healthy community where need outstrips all individual have their worth and a place in shrinking resources. God’s Kingdom. If we are led by the Holy Spirit Today, independent and His power surely we can achieve much support organisations depending upon with many lives healed, restored, turned around. financial benefactors are finding their life line cut off. Those in need face increasing difficulties and the feeling of being abandoned. But in contrast the success of food You can view this magazine online at: Keep up with all things Trinity at our website or on facebook We love to hear from you. 28

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