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8th (Adv Computer Apps II) Mrs. Chanisse Fitchett 2012-13 Syllabus Adv. Computer Applications II: 8th Grade- This course is designed for students who possess a solid understanding of intermediate mac applications and it builds upon skills learned in 7th Grade Adv. Computer Apps. I. Students will learn advanced features of iLife 11, iWork, several Web 2.0 tools and internet safety.TypingPal software will be used to continually enhance their keyboarding accuracy and speed. Parent Role: 8th grade students have reached an age where disciplined study habits must be developed through positive encouragement and through the students’ growing awareness of personal consequences. In order for this class to be a successful experience, the teacher is dependent on the parent to make certain that their son or daughter keeps up with the assigned course material and communicates with the teacher in a timely manner if difficulties should arise. It is imperative that students complete their own assignments and come to class prepared. Teacher Role: Teacher will provide students with a safe and nurturing computer lab environment that is conducive for optimal engagement and meaningful learning experiences. Multiple learning strategies will be used to differentiate learning for various learning styles. The teacher will communicate with both students and parents in a professional and timely manner. *Each student will be required to read the Trinity Chapel Academy student handbook.

Course Objective: The primary objective of this course is to prepare students for the technological age in which we live by keeping them abreast of new and emerging technologies. Students will be equipped with 21st Century Skills that afford them the ability to function in higher educational institutions and the workforce. Students will make practical applications to real-world problems and businesses. Textbook: n/a Materials Needed: school issued MacBookPro, 4GB Flash Drive, earbuds, $5.00 Toner Printing Fee, (1) container of Lysol or Clorox wipes Course Content: KEYBOARDING (Utilize Typingpal; online keyboarding instruction with training modules to increase speed and accuracy) NUMBERS (Analyzing and interpreting graphical data, creating tables, formulas charts and graphs) KEYNOTE (Creating formal presentations) PAGES (Using templates, greeting cards, signs, business cards, formatting a report, citing sources) iLife ’11 (GarageBand, iMovie and iPhoto) WIKI (collaborative webpage) VOICETHREADS (collaborate slideshows) VOKI (animated avatar) Web Design-beginner

Course Evaluation Categories *Class assignments & participation

=15% (1-2 per week)

*Home work

=10% (1-2 per week)


=25% (approx. 1 per month)

*Class projects/test

=50% (approx.1 per semester)

*Late/Incomplete Assignments: an automatic 10 pt. deduction will be taken each day for late and/or incomplete assignments in addition to points taken for incorrect assignment questions. A “0” will be posted in RenWeb when the student has missed the assignment due date. The “0” in RenWeb will prompt a “Parent Alert” e-mail message alerting the parent and student that an assignment has not been received. Students have (3) days to submit their assignments for partial credit. Once the assignment has been received, the “0” in RenWeb will be replaced with their earned grade (Allow 2-3 days to see the grade change). Late and/or incomplete assignments will not be accepted after the 3rd day and the “0” grade in

RenWeb will remain. Students absent from school on the day an assignment is due, must submit their assignment upon their return to our next regularly scheduled class.

Parent/Teacher/Student Communication: E-mail Viewed: Mon-Fri. from 7:45 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. –messages received after 5:00 will be viewed during the next school day. I will respond to e-mail messages each morning. E-mail is the best way to communicate with me. Phone: 678.831.1062-Office will transfer your call to the computer lab during non-instructional periods.

I am happy to announce that Trinity Chapel Academy will continue to use Typing Pal online. With your guidance, your child can practice directly from home via the Internet. Technological advances and the ever-growing presence of the Internet in our daily lives have made keyboarding proficiency a must. Equipping students with 21st Century skill sets will help prepare them for higher education and the workforce. We will spend 5-10 minutes of keyboarding practice during computer class from the exercises located in the “LEARN” tab. Please encourage your child to practice keyboarding at home by completing practices in the “MOVE ON” tab. Students can always redo practices for extra practice and they may play some of the keyboarding “GAMES” located in the “MOVE ON” tab. Typingpal homework assignments will be posted in RenWeb. Students will received completion grades for Typingpal classwork and homework. To track student progress, you can click on the “RESULTS” tab. I will also log on and monitor progress. If I need to adjust their keyboarding settings, I will do so. Typingpal differentiates keyboarding instruction for each student. Grade







40 WPM




45 WPM





School Url: Username : (first initallastname ) ex: cfitchett *some students with siblings may have different username credentials Password: *Each student created their own password I thank  you  in  advance  for  your  support! In  His  service, Mrs.  Fitchett

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