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Conformal Coatings: To Safeguard Your Electrical Components Products: 101: Toluene and Xylene Based AR Coating 101E: Xylene and Toluene Fee AR Coating 101C: Xylene and Toluene Free AR Coating, considered “Ultra Low VOC” in certain jurisdictions in California with VOC content of only 49g/L Bright Shield Protective Coatings are single component, fast drying, easily repairable acrylic acid conformal coatings for printed circuit boards and electrical equipment. Bright Shield Coatings are clear compounds of specially polymerized resins which completely protect from atmospheric attributes such as humidity, dust, fungus, corrosion, salt spray and thermal shock. Bright Shield Coatings dry tack free in less than 20 minutes, to the touch in 1 hour and fully cure in 24 hours to a tough, flexible covering.

Features: - Penetrates porous areas to help seal out moisture and contaminants to prolong working life of printed circuit boards and electrical equipment - Repair work can be done on assembled circuit boards without burning or removing the coating - High resistance to chemical vapors - Exhibits unusual dielectic strength which helps prevent arcing and static electrical charge - Provides permanent protection against corrosion, mildew and electrolysis on all non-ferrous metals - Depending on the product, coating can withstand continuous operating temperatures between -62-127C - Contains a fluorescent tracer that can be seen under UV light to ensure complete protection - Binds parts to the circuit board to help protect components from shock and fatigue development

Suggested Application Methods: - Dip - Spray - Brushed - Suggested application of 25-75 µm

-Resistant to discoloration - Designed to be MIL-I-46058 and IPC-CC-830B Compliant - Shelf life of 24 months - Can be thinned for select coating or robotic dispensing

For more information on Bright Shield Products: Trinity Shileds, LLC 5729 Lebanon Road Frisco, TX 75034 USA Tel: +1 347 234 5388

Bright Shield Protective Coatings  

Conformal Coatings to Safeguard your Electrical Components

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