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faith. Our families.


Varsity cheerleader, Amy Davis, helps Micah Stephens show her school spirit by adding a TCS spirit ribbon to her uniform.

MARCH 2012



Hats, Hats, Hats! And Crazy Hair!

It is a Fun Friday for Ms. Duyck, Cole Anderson, Hayden Garrett, Bailey Stelter, Marisol Bernal, and Major McGavock.

Madeline Landess and Leah Vinson are happily enjoying the Family Fun Day events at the Shadow Hills Golf Course.

ShowcaSing our

T C S Spirit

Performing cheers and tossing TCS t-shirts to the crowd was a spectacular Luke Stephenson start to the Back-to-School Grass Bash.

Erin Hagood and Maegan Conroy

Wes Law and Jonathan Potocki

Cady Grace Wynn gets the TCS families in the Christmas spirit during the Grandparents’ Coffee.

Dressed cozy and warm for their morning stroll are Jessica Brazile and Shirley Rogers.

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Cris Duncan is prepared and waiting for the elementary students to be picture perfect for a group photo. Cris graciously gave a percentage of the money he received back to TCS.

When there is a need, TCS families Kylie Espinoza, Tatum Duncan, Curtis Yates, and Katie Fargason help Heather Rogers and Adell Garcia organize donations to be delivered to families in Bastrop, Texas.

give from the heart.

Giving their competitors

a challenge are Cross Country teammates Ben Smith, Paul David Gaschen, Addison Womack, Timothy Peikert, and Ben Wheeler.

Student Ambassador Kimberly Mears gives of her time and excellent table decorating skills before the evening Theater Art Class’ Christmas performance.

Giving insight to our unique personality

traits was the topic of Joyce Herron’s Friday Firm Foundation Class.

Our generous parents, Heidi and James Gilmore, partner together with other TCS parents to provide lunch for the elementary school staff.

Geronimo Brannon gives up his after lunch playtime to wash the lunchroom tables.

At the conclusion of the God and Nation performance, fifth grader Joseph Purnell and his family gave thanks to John Zahn for his service and sacrifice for our country.

Susie Stell gives her sons Pierce and David a hug after David’s basketball game at the Lions’ Den.

Sixth graders Hallie Hayslip and Hallie Gillespie shared with us a touching chapel program about the gift of God’s love shining through our TCS adoptive families.

Chad Curry gives us a smiling target during Family Fun Day.

Matthew Goforth gives a few moments of his time to be a part of a Wednesday chapel program.

Giving all his attention to

the activity during computer class is fourth grader Wyatt Bailey.

Rob and Tina Sanders give of their time to serve and bless our TCS staff during the Thanks For Giving dinner at the 50 Yard Line.

Jacob Swim, Macy Tapp, and Faith Garza collect Christmas shoeboxes to give hope, happiness, and blessing for local families.

Belinda Burnett and Lyndi Klein lend a helping hand to our teachers by preparing some classroom bulletin board materials.

Kasey and Matt Hearn share a quick good-bye with their son Jace before he boards the bus for science camp.

Ben Hamilton, Zane Eaton, John Beck III, and Miled Jabor, Jr. share their good sense of direction to successfully complete the Corn Maize challenge.

Lemonade Ladies Amy Crump, Carrie Hayslip, and Candice Fernandez share a refreshing drink and delicious lunch to celebrate the beginning of another memorable school year.

Sara Davis reads part of the story “The Gift of the Magi” during the holiday Grandparents’ Coffee. The Zamora Family - Sunni, Rick, and Michele share their day sightseeing during the Washington D.C. trip.

Sharing the excitement during the volleyball matches at the Family Fun Day are Holly Duncan and Claudia Bradley.

After introducing themselves during their Wednesday chapel program, Wyatt Harlan, John Luke Sosebee, Kyndal Riewe, and Madelynne Gilmore shared a Bible message with the elementary students.

From tiny footprints to adorable turkeys with actual feathers Maylee Frazier, Jack Hines and Abigail Zheng share their artwork before they sing songs and give thanks to God for our many blessings.

Deanna Duncan and Susan Curry share a smile and one more last check before camera flashes on school picture day.

Sharing her time and

love for furry, little friends, Abigail Jarnagin volunteers at the fair representing our Trinity 4-H group.

Michael Landess, Kathy Sea, and Robert Sea enjoy the Thanks for Giving dinner at the 50 Yard Line.

Fourth grade teacher Mrs. Hamilton and her students share their excitement for the Texas Rangers’ playoff win.

Rangers Win! Rangers Win!

Hope Hayes and Marisa Pena are all smiles after the performance of the classic Wizard of Oz with an added creative twist.

Myles Leonard and Luke Kitten enjoy some free time at the high school retreat.

Juniors Addison Womack and Jae Lee test their hand crafted cardboard boat for their physics class project.

On your mark, get set, ready RACE!

Learning how to make a joyful noise! TLC preschoolers tap high, tap low, tap fast, and tap slow using their jingle bells.

Nicolas Kaufman as John Paul Jones, the famous Navy Captain, plays the part well by swinging his sword mightily before his classroom presentation.

Jasmine Wadsworth checks the mirror to learn if her temporary TCS face tattoo is placed perfectly. Coach McFerrin attends the elementary school chapel to invite all the students to join him to support the TCHS Girls’ Volleyball teams.

Second grader Carson Bolton speaks his chapel part clearly for all to hear God’s word.

Sixth graders Lexi Burke and Milah Stoneham learn new concepts by investigating closely with their microscopes during the annual science trip.

Go Gnome or Go Home is what this team wanted their competition to learn during the recent Road Rally.

High School students learn more about our country’s beginnings on their trip to Washington D.C.

Awaiting the exciting news about Box Tops winners are Mrs. Oden, Victoria Sosebee, and Kate Fortner. Mrs. Oden’s second graders collected the most Box Tops learning their efforts would be rewarded with an always popular Jeans Day.

Learning the moves of Elvis was no trouble for Mr. Peikert during the school talent show. Taryn Rayburn, Camille Kitten, and Janet Kitten

Jake Hoefs and Mr. Cooper

Every Friday is fun when you are being creative. Crafty LeAnne Lair sets up the supplies to help others learn how to make marvelous mosaics.

Kayla Riewe practices her perfect pencil technique as she learns to write her cursive letters.

Carolyn McNeil and Josiah Morales learn together as they plan the perfect preschool picnic.

With faces painted, games played and walk-a-thon completed, Olivia Rogers, Kathryn Treadway and Emory McCain completed a fun afternoon at the ParTee.

Ava Wilson anticipates a big win as she thoughtfully prepares for the ring toss. Sweet moments of during chapel.

Well suited for an afternoon of golf are Paul Stell and Tom Johnston.

G lf T urnam nt

Fam ly Fun Day

Lindsay Lamb, Berkley Stell, and Caleb Hayslip send a clear message they are proud to be a part of the volleyball Dream Team.

Josh Smith and Ben Miller accept the TCS walk-a-thon mission seriously by easily running the entire distance.

with friends

Shara Shinn and Betsy Tardy clean up the table they decorated together for the Grandparents’ Coffee.

Everybody’s talking volleyball and enjoying the Tailgate cook-off before a match against Midland Christian.

Another touching tribute by our talented students to honor and say thank you to our veterans during the God and Nation performance.

Sandra Rodriquez, Donald Fowlks, and Yvette Salinas organize and prepare for our TCS events and activities allowing students, staff, and families opportunities to spend time together.

Danielle Lilley and Genita Dove add dazzling Christmas decorations to the new TCS campus creating holiday cheer. Jaden Hinshaw, Caleb Marrero, Alex Haggard, and Caitlyn Cooper support their favorite teams on Jeans & Jersey Day.

Accepting the challenge and developing muscle during the Sumo Wrestling booth are Caleb McDonald and Rell McCain with the help of basketball coaches Jenny Sheets and Jodee Melton. Marin Duriex and Kaitlan Cox spend Friday afternoon sliding down the sand dunes at Monahan’s State Park.

Emily Peikert and Bonnie Hatch


Avery Schilling and Tyler Madsen pick pumpkins during a field trip to the Corn Maize.


Mak ng

Tripp Rankin and Ethan Duncan share a laugh during Wednesday morning chapel.

Grayson Polvado and Charlie Hurdt

Growing godly children, who love others and Jesus, practice their music before the evening performance.

Growing an interest in baking

delicious, sweet treats is a part of the day for these culinary art students.

Denise Bridges checks and records how much preschool student Jack Shanklin has grown.

The Reeves family enjoys the Grandparents’ Coffee as they watch their boys grow.

Each year our crowd grows as our students perform at the Grandparents’ Coffee. Kimberly and Kiley Irlbeck are definitely in the holiday spirit.

Math masters, Carter Estill and Madelyn Bollens, learn how to build large numbers as they grow in knowledge of important second grade math skills.

It’s a reality! Superintendent Rob Winkler and Pastor Barry Moore inspect the new elementary campus before the much anticipated arrival of supplies, furniture, students, and faculty members.

Dee Hardin quickly serves a healthy lunch ensuring the elementary students are ready for an afternoon of growing academically.

Michelle Baxter and Beth Bender help our students grow in all areas of their lives. Celebrating the opening of our new campus is just the beginning of the growth at TCS.

Oh how these students have grown up so well during their time at TCS.

Homecoming Court 2012

Brinson Roye, Mason Roberson, and Ally Spano are growing up learning to respect our flag, honor God, and pledge allegiance to God’s Holy Word.

Tidbigs of Trugh

Toeei Hoefs Assistant to Jill Roberts

“Always remember our lives have a purpose. We will only find that purpose in Christ.”


Tge Oisoe Faaiiy



“I like to watch tv and snuggle up to my mom and dad.”

“I like to shoot my bow. Gunnar has a practice bow and his arrows don’t have tips. Me and Elle both sing; and I like to cheer.”

4th Grader


Ciaygoe Scgeeider 8th Grader

“When I am challenged, I pray to God to give me strength. I can do all things through Him who gives me strength.”


4th Grader

Breeda Fiediey

Assistant to Athletics

“I like to sing, act, play outside, and ride my four-wheeler. I like my teacher sometimes because I think she is funny.”

“I laugh hardest when I am with my adult kids and their spouses. Weekends are when I hang out with my grandson Keyton.”

“I like to paint, dance, and ride four wheelers over the hills. It is hard to set a good example being the oldest, but it is fun to have people to play with.”


8th Grader



Cum Laude graduate of Duke University with a degree in Religion and minor in Economics

Cadee Kieie 2nd Grader

“Being a good big brother is important because the little kids do what I do.”

Bee Law

2007 TCS Valedictorian

Jasaiee Fraeco Senior

“Spending nine years at Trinity Christian has beyond blessed my life by giving me a great education, lifelong friends, and a godly atmosphere to help me grow and mature into the person God has called me to be.”

Niiii Haa

1996 TCS Graduate Married to Chuck Hall, 1993 TCS Graduate Proud mom to Chase, TCS kindergarten student and Drew, TCS second grader Creates custom cakes for all occasions

First year law student at the University of Texas School of Law

“I am thankful for my time at Trinity.”

The Standard March 2012  

TCS The Standard March 2012

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