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Everett | Washington

Trinity students Sarah Toomata, Darwin Paet, Shannon Van Bavel, Christian Paige, Deja Acevedo, Mallayana Bradley, Miranda Solsberry, and Dasha

Photograph by Kevin Russ

Trinity Lutheran College Trinity is a private liberal arts college in Everett, Washington. Deeply rooted in the Christian faith and committed to high quality academics, we are passionate about preparing students to be transformative contributors to a wide variety of fields. Moore on the shores of the Puget Sound

Photograph by Kevin Russ

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Trinity student C

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At Trinity, you will be challenged to think critically, to share openly, and to be yourself.

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Trinity welcomes students from anywhere across the spiritual and religious spectrum. Engaging diverse and important ideas from around our world is central to what we do. But the heart of our conversation at Trinity is the Christian Faith: A good and loving God revealed to us in the person of Jesus Christ, recorded in the Christian scriptures.

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In the end, what m arks Trinity gradua tes is not a uniformity of thin king or belief, but rather the rich experiences of life and vocation exam ined in the light of the wild hope of Christ’s Gospel. Whether you’re Ca tholic, Protestant or somewhere far outside the Chris tian tradition, we in vite you to explore your life an d your work in the context of the ressurection, grace and strength of ou r Lutheran heritage.


Trinity Lutheran Co

llege |

Photograph by Annie and Mark Mulligan

A vibrant tapestry of unique ideas an d traditions feed our studies an d discussions. A wi de array of life experiences, ho pes and beliefs shap e our time together, clarifying our identities and se nse of purpose.

Photograph by Kevin Russ

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lth of edu Trinity professors bring a wea Not only will you find experience to their teaching. sors trained at Oxford yourself studying with profes taught by teachers who or Yale, your classes will be excel in their field. h EmmyŽ award winning Whether you study film wit ercultural Studies with film maker Doug Tolmie, Int or other courses with a missionary-in-residence, to Trinity from careers at professors who have come wlett-Packard, you’ll find Microsoft, Nintendo or He prepares you for real world real world experience that success.


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Trinity Student Fra

Photogra ph contrib uted by Stina Lun d Williams

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Trinity S tudent

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At Trinity we want to do more than grant degrees. We believe that God invites all of us into meaningful lives and vocations overflowing with grace, justice, hope and creativity. Because of this, studies at Trinity are interwoven with up to 800 service hours, vibrant spiritual opportunities and a deep commitment to see our world impacted for good.

ARTS is LOR OF degree. E H C A AB dited 0 ar accre a four-ye hoose from over 3 c s r n jo a a c m s Student f study within 10 y it il b o a s the area ors, with in m m a r g 12 o r d p an lize their to specia terests. in e u iq n u ir e h to t

STS ANNUAL CO 012 2 for 2011 F d n ees – • Tuition a $21,760 nt Living – • Apartme es) $5,883 (vari pplication Preferred A Deadlines rch 1 • Fall – Ma uary 1 Jan • Spring – r Applying fo asy e is s n admissio pply /A u d .e www.TLC

Financinugcation Your Ed e lowest tuition

ne of th in Trinity has o vate college four-year, pri id and sch y n a f o s te ra al a . With financi n Washington rice gets eve p e th ilable, va a e s iv m ce ra re g ro ts p uden ent of our st y year 95 perc attend Trinit to ce ssistan a l a ci n a n fi f o OLARSHIPS p to $12 TRINIT Y SCH olarship – U ch S s t’ en d si $9,00 • Pre rship – Up to 7,0 la o ch S y it n • Tri Up to $ cholarship – • Honor’s S to $3,00 p U rship – la o ch S c si u Schola • M t Awards and en al T l ia ec • Sp % annua e – Up to 60 cl ir C ’s n ea • D hip – p’s Scholars o h is B A C L • E nual tuition Up to 50% an ship Scholarshi Leader • Heritage year rship Music Schola d an c ti le th ed on • A t – varies bas n ra G y it n ri • T Details at


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Biblical Studies • Old an d New Test Intercult ame • Pre-Sem ural Stu inary Stud nts dies • Global M ies • Biblica ission l Languag • Urban es Mission Business , Leaders M usic & Wo hip & Managem rship ent • Vocal a • Busine n d In strumenta ss M • Contem l En • Nonpro anagement p o r a r y and Trad sembles fit Leader W o itional sh r sh ip ip Managem and ent • Theatre Arts Children , Youth & Psy c h F ology amily Stu • Childre dies • A n’s pplied Be • Youth M Ministry havior An in • Forensi alysis • Outdoo istry cs r Leadersh • N e u ip ropsycholo • Pre-Co unseling S gy tudies T h e ology & P Commun hilosoph ications • Historic y • Public al Theolo Relations g y • F aith & Cu and Mark • Rhetor eting ic • Philoso lture phy of Re Early Ch ligion ildhood Visual Co Educatio mmunica n tions • Digital Design • Video & Film Prod uction • Web De sign

kPho (Trigger Photography on iStoc

ttle, Everett sits alo Just 30 minutes north of Sea by the Cascade ed nd the Puget Sound, surrou , snowboarding on nd Sou Mountains. Kayaking the sional sports, massive world-class powder, profes music festivals: it’s all here.

Photograph by Jen Trenchard

Photograph by Annie and Mark Mulligan

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ge | Trinity Lutheran Colle

A glass artist works at the Schack Art Cente

er while Trinity students watch on

IN THE HEART OF IT ALL Experimental. Creative. Fresh. Trinity’s retro-urban neighborhood is in the heart of it all. You’ll be surrounded by coffee shops, artist lofts, galleries, funky stores and every flavor of food you could hope for.

Photograph by

Kevin Russ

vin Russ ph by Ke Photogra

Women’s Trinity’s



Music ATHLETICS Trinity sponsors both women’s and men’s teams in three intercollegiate sports: • Cross Country • Golf • Soccer

MUSIC • Concert Choir • Chamber Choir • Playfest


dent Apartments

Students live in vin tage-style apartmen ts, complete with kitchen, living room, bedroom an d bathroom. Add to that your stu dent membership at the gym down the street—wi th pool, work-out fac ilities, yoga and more—and you have the perfect se t-up. Trinity’s unique EP IC (Explore. Play. Im agine. Connect.) pass prov ides you: • Tickets to local an d national sporting events • Entrance to intern ationally-renowned museums • Access to concer ts and plays • Guided day trips with professors

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Trinity Lutheran Co

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Photograph by Gerald Pope Photography

Campus Life

Photograph contributed by Professor Beth Elness-Hanson

e Journey of a Lonifisethtie m hands-on

y educati A key part of a Trinit during e around the world nc rie pe learning we ex dying dy trips. Whether stu our January Term stu rmany or e Reformation in Ge the foundations of th orphanage in hood learning at an exploring early child ucation in a eys open up your ed Vietnam, these journ quite get at. oks or lectures can’t tangible way that bo a global open student eyes to lp he es ss cla h ric e Thes ical and students the art of eth ch tea d an e tiv ec persp that crossvel. And we believe life-transforming tra that we not on ati al to your educ vit so is l ve tra l ra cultu p, we pay one January Term tri only require at least your way.

n-Term 2014 Jan-Term 2013 Ja n • Social Revolutio • Classical Communication Contexts: Greece &

—Eastern Europe • Service through Sports —Costa Rica Tour • Holy Land Study — • Jesus and Surfing California

Rome • Pilgrimage: Holy Journeys to Iona, Wittenberg, and Taizé • Business in Asia • New York City Communications in Context ge | Trinity Lutheran Colle 16 |

Trinity students Dakota Daoura, Leigha L

ntributed by

Photogra ph co students

Lange and Melissa Foltz



m trip to Italy











Sara Harris & Michelle Napier

Photograph by Gerald Pope Photography

Trinity Lutheran College Since 1944, Trinity has provided a fresh approach to higher education. You’ll love our independent spirit, biblical center, space to be creative, commitment to grace and hospitality, dedication to helping students discover their life calling and integration of faith, living and quality scholarship. | 1.800.843.5659 | 2802 Wetmore Ave | Everett, WA 98201 | | 425.249.4800 | Set with Info and Mrs Eaves | Written and designed by Trinity Professor Tucker FitzGerald. | Printed on 105# Reincarnation Matte Book with 95# Reincarnation Matte Cover.

Trinity Lutheran College Viewbook Spring 2012  

Trinity Lutheran College Spring 2012 Viewbook