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The 'Trini-T' Takedown System:

Custom Wood Options


Curly Myrtle


Macasar Ebony


Figured Maple

Tiger Myrtle

Black Myrtle

Tennesee Red Cedar

Zebra Wood

Cocobolo Straight


Claro Walnut

Black Wenge


Rouge Master Series

The 'Trini-T' Takedown system was born from our desire to a have a simple to use system that had the same style of grip of a one piece, that had nearly invisible hardware, and was not excessively heavy. This is a two piece bow system that slides together with a one thousandth of an inch clearance, making it very solid, yet easy to put together an take apart. It will not come apart or slide around during string up, it shoots like a one piece, and it comes with a roll on rubber grip, or can be fitted with a leather grip for an extra $75.

Custom Options Carbon Limbs Take Down (Rouge, Elite Black Moose Only) Leather Grip Extra String Extra String with Yarn Silencers Inlay Trinity Logo Stippled Grip

$100 $225 $75 $15 $20 $100 $50

Other wood options available at:


Rouge with Trini-T Bocote and Black Glass

Trinity Bow Series The Journeyman Series: is designed for the beginning archer who wants to explore each model without the extra expense of more asthetic detail, or the serious hunter who wants a simple bow that they wouldn't feel bad dragging through the brambles. Each model comes with a solid Bubinga riser (Maple, or Walnut are other options at this price), black glass on the limbs, a Fast Flight string and a bow sock. (Other riser options are available at a modest up charge.)

About Edward Boyd My professional life has evolved from being a fly fishing guide to becoming a furniture maker, and it was into this that my unexpected meeting with Gary Sentman (professional longbow builder of 30+ years) took place. Many years ago now he graciously passed on to me the fruits of his knowledge and experience. After perfecting my craft and style in bow making I opened Trinity Longbow, dedicated to the beauty of nature, good craftsmanship, and most important to us, serving an excellent and interesting niche of humanity, Traditional archers and bowhunters.

The Craftsman Series: is designed for the archer who loves the beauty of wood, and the extra detail that gives a custom bow a hand made feel. Each model comes with clear glass, your choice of veneers (some woods will incur a small up charge), your choice of riser wood (again some woods will incur an up charge, for example Cocobolo, Ebony, and Snakewood), accent stripes in the riser, nicely layered tips to match the limbs and riser, a Fast Flight string, and a bow sock. The Master Series: is designed to be a bow that will always grab attention. We work very hard at choosing our woods and combinations to be both tasteful and gorgeous. Both riser and limbs are footed with your choice of species (some species will incur an extra charge) and are accented with herringbone style mosaic stripes. We put extra attention in the tips and grip overlays, and details you will notice everywhere. Each bow comes with a Fast Flight string, and a bow sock.

Falcon Master Series

One Year Guarantee: Shoot with confidence. Our bows are backed by a one year guarantee on workmaship and materials

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