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T R I N I T Y E PISC O P A L C HURC H 2012 A N N U A L R E P O R T J A N U A R Y 27, 2013

1011 Vermont Street Lawrence, Kansas 66044 (785) 843-6166

The Vision of Trinity Episcopal Church: To be One in Christ

To Love, Listen, and Learn

The Mission of Trinity Episcopal Church: To love one another as Christ loves us through: Listening and Responding to the Holy Spirit; Welcoming and Nurturing all People; Learning and Teaching the Gospel;

Caring for, and Sharing, God’s creation.

T able of Contents

2013 A nnual M eeting Agenda…………………………………………………………………


December 2012 V estry Meeting M inutes…………………………………………………….


January, 2012 A nnual Meeting M inutes……………………………………………………..


L eadership and Staff of T rinity C hurch……………………………………………………...


E piscopal M embership Definitions……………………………………………………………


2013 E lections for T rinity E piscopal C hurch: 2013 Nominating Committee Report………………………………………………….. 2013 Vestry Nominees…………………………………………………………………. 2013 Diocesan Convention/Convocation Delegates…………………………………… 2013 Endowment Board Nominees…………………………………………………….

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2012 Baptisms, Confirmations, M ar riages, Memorial Services……………………………


O rganizational Diagram of T rinity E piscopal C hurch……………………………………..


M inistry Reports of T rinity E piscopal C hurch:

Clergy and Vestry Rector…………………………………………………………………………. Deacons……………………………………………………………………….. Vestry Senior Warden ………………………………………………………… Vestry Junior Warden…………………………………………………………

20 21 21 22

Administration Parish Administrator………………………………………………………….. Communications Team……………………………………………………….. Diocesan Convention Delegates/Convocation Representatives……………… Endowment Board…………………………………………………………….. Treasurer……………………………………………………………………….

22 23 23 24 24

Discipleship Adult Forum…………………………………………………………………… Christian Classics………………………………………………………………

41 41

G.I.F.T. Program………………………………………………………………. Library…………………………………………………………………………. Early Christian Awareness and Nursery………………………………………. Sunday School…………………………………………………………………. Trinity Environmental Stewardship Team (T.E.S.T.)…………………………. Vacation Bible School…………………………………………………………. Youth Group……………………………………………………………………

41 41 42 42 43 47 48

Outreach BackSnack Program……………………………………………………………. Christmas Giving for Foster Children………………………………………….. Cursillo Group………………………………………………………………….. Holy Stir-It Men’s Group………………………………………………………. Kansas 2 Kenya………………………………………………………………… L.I.N.K. (Lawrence Interdenominational Nutrition Kitchen) ………………….. Ploughman’s Lunch and Bake Sale……………………………………………. Trinity Treasures Group……………………………………………………….. St. Petca’s Guild……………………………………………………………….. Trinity Interfaith Food Pantry …………………………………………………. Vintage Sale…………………………………………………………………….

48 49 49 49 49 49 50 50 50 51 52

Parish Life Brandon Woods Eucharist…………………………………………………….. Episcopal Church Women (ECW)…………………………………………….. Eucharistic Visitors and Pastoral Care Team………………………………….. Morning Prayer………………………………………………………………… Prayer Chain…………………………………………………………………… Hospitality and Kitchen Committee…………………………………………… Pump’n Pray Men’s Group…………………………………………………….. Wednesdays at Trinity………………………………………………………….

52 52 53 53 53 54 54 54

Worship Acolytes………………………………………………………………………… Altar Guild……………………………………………………………………… Altar Flowers Committee………………………………………………………. Greeters and Membership Committee…………………………………………... Lectors, Intercessors, and Chalice Bearers……………………………………… Trinity Adult Choir……………………………………………………………… Trinity Consort Choir…………………………………………………………… Trinity Choristers Children’s Choir…………………………………………….. Ushers……………………………………………………………………………

54 54 55 55 56 56 56 57 57

By-laws of T rinity E piscopal C hurch…………………………………………………………


By-laws of T rinity E piscopal C hurch Parish E ndowment F und……………………………


2013 A nnual Meeting Agenda T rinity E piscopal Church Sunday, January 27, 2013 12:30 p.m. A Nursery will be provided. A Potluck Lunch will take place in the Parish Hall, following the 10:30 Service.

Call to Order

Patricia H enshall, Senior W arden

Opening Prayer

T he Reverend Rob Baldwin, Rector

Declaration of Quorum

Patricia H enshall

Appointment of Clerk and Parliamentarian

Patricia H enshall

Approval of Minutes of the December, 2012 Vestry Meeting

Patricia H enshall

Approval of Minutes of 2011 Annual Meeting

Patricia H enshall

Nominating Committee Report

Patricia H enshall

E lections

Patricia H enshall, Rob Baldwin

Acknowledgments and Other Business

Patricia H enshall


Patricia H enshall


T rinity E piscopal C hurch M inutes of the V estry Meeting Monday, December 17, 2012 Present: Rob Baldwin (Rector), Susan Terry (Assistant Rector), Patricia Henshall (Senior Warden), Steven King (Junior Warden), Lindy Eakin, Dave Griffin, Brian Haupt, Pat Kehde, Terry Mandle, Donna McCain, Patrick Musick, Debbie Pitts, Sandie Willey, Bill Benso (Treasurer), Maria Thompson (Clerk). Absent: Proctor Crow Call to Order The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. Mthr. Susan led the opening prayer. Declaration of Quorum A count was taken and a quorum declared. Approval of the Minutes of the November 2012 Meeting Patrick made a motion to approve the Minutes of the November meeting. Brian seconded. The motion passed by unanimous vote. Stewardship To date $350,000 has been pledged, which is similar to the amount pledged at this time last year. Fr. Rob thanked everyone who helped make phone calls to parishioners. The response was good, including a few new pledges. Committee Reports Hospitality: Terry passed around a sign-up sheet for hosting the Sunday morning coffee hours through 2013. Trinity Interfaith Food Pantry (TIFP) 821 people were served in November, which was less than in the previous few months. The pantry has received many donations of food and money, including $950 from Trinity Lutheran Church and $700 from Trinity parishioners. We are still waiting to hear back regarding the grant requests that were submitted to the Rice Foundation and DCCC. Organ The Organ Committee met, and currently has more questions than answers. They are trying to clearly determine what we have contracted and paid for. They need to determine exactly what needs to be done, and in what order. They have to figure out how we will pay for work that needs to be done beyond the repairs from the lighting strike. The committee has discussed engaging a consultant to help figure out our best course of action. The consultant would be asked to help work through the technical issues, as well as sort out the different visions by various members of the committee and music staff in regard to what they would like in the organ. Senior Warden’s Report The Nominating Committee has three names for the vestry ballot so far, and a couple others who are considering running. They would like to have seven to eight names on the final ballot. -5-

Junior Warden’s Report The stucco on the Matthews Center has been power washed, repaired and painted. Steve will be inspecting to see if any other repairs to the exterior of the building are needed. The Property Committee has been changing light bulbs in the church building. The floors will be cleaned and buffed before Christmas. The solar flagpole light has been installed. Steve will look into getting new signs for the parking lot. The Junior Warden’s  funds are still under budget. Treasurer’s Report Bill presented the financial report for November. Insurance payments have been moved out of the Income line. The end-of-year giving over the last five years has been $47,000 - $103,000, averaging $75,000 in December. If we meet that average this year, we will begin 2013 with a surplus. Draft 2013 Budget Bill presented a draft of the proposed budget for 2013. This budget includes a modest increase in utility costs. The Maintenance budget has been pared by 50%. There is a 3% increase for housekeeping and pest control. Liability insurance will increase. There is a slight increase in the Administration budget, mostly because our postage costs are down. The costs for youth ministry come out of the Education budget, rather than the operating fund. Executive Session The vestry went into executive session to discuss staff salaries. The draft of the budget was approved with some amendments. Rector’s Report Fr. Rob named goals for 2013: Development of an accurate calendar of events; A more robust campus ministry that will serve both KU and Haskell; Completion of the organ rebuild; Yearround stewardship; Strengthening the Sunday evening service. Annual Meeting The 2013 Annual Meeting will be on Sunday, January 27. Vestry Retreat The 2013 Vestry Retreat will be on Saturday, February 16. Adjournment The meeting adjourned at 9:40 p.m. Respectfully submitted, Maria Thompson, Clerk


2012 M inutes of the A nnual Meeting of T rinity E piscopal Church Sunday, January 29, 2012 Call to Order and Opening Prayer The meeting was called to order in the nave by Fr. Baldwin at 12:30 p.m. He led a prayer to open the meeting. Appointment of Clerk and Parliamentarian Fr. Baldwin asked for a motion to appoint Garth Burns as Parliamentarian and Maria Thompson as Clerk. The motion was made and seconded, and passed by unanimous vote. Quorum Although a quorum is no longer necessary, motion was made to establish a quorum and recognize that there were 82 communicants in attendance. The motion was seconded and passed by majority vote, with one opposed. Minutes of the 2011 Annual Meeting Fr. Baldwin asked for comments regarding the Minutes of the 2011 Annual Meeting. As there were none, a motion was made to approve the minutes. The motion was seconded and passed by unanimous vote. Nominating Committee Report The Nominating Committee was made up of five outgoing vestry members: Dave Edington, Mark Holmberg, Joan Ring, Micah Seybold and Dan Ward; as well as two at-large parishioners, Elaine Penney and Tod Sutton. Emmanual Birdling was an additional outgoing member, but had left Lawrence to continue his studies and did not serve on the Nominating Committee. Because of the number of people who were nominated for vestry seats, either by others or themselves, the committee developed a ballot, rather than a slate of one person per position. There were six open seats on the vestry, four of which were for regular three-year terms, and two which were the remaining one year of two unexpired terms. The top four vote-getters would take the 3-year terms, and the fifth and sixth highest would take the 1-year terms. The Senior Warden for the coming year is appointed by the Rector, and the Junior Warden for the coming year is elected from the membership of the Vestry. Patricia Henshall was appointed Senior Warden, and Steve King was elected Junior Warden for the coming year. Nominees for seats on the Vestry: Jennifer Attocknie, Proctor Crow, Lindy Eakin, Dave Griffin, Pat Kehde, Steven King, Glenna Kleinkauf and Sandra Willey. Fr. Baldwin asked for nominations from the floor. There were none. A motion was made to close nominations to the vestry. The motion was seconded and passed by unanimous vote. Three candidates were nominated to fill two positions of Diocesan Convention/Convocation Delegate and one position of Alternate Delegate: Patricia Johnson, Marilyn Russell and Micah Seybold. Fr. Baldwin asked for nominations from the floor. Patrick Musick nominated Carl Edwards. The nomination was seconded and passed by unanimous vote. There were no other nominations from the floor. A motion was made to close nominations for the position of -7-

delegate. The motion was seconded and passed by unanimous vote. A motion was made to elect two Alternate Delegates. The motion was seconded and passed by unanimous vote. The top two vote-getters would take the delegate positions, and the third and fourth highest would take the alternate positions. One candidate was nominated to fill one open position on the Endowment Board: Sandra Wiechert. Fr. Baldwin asked for nominations from the floor. There were none. A motion was made to elect Sandra by acclamation. The motion was seconded and passed by unanimous vote. Ballots were handed out, marked and collected, and then the deacons left the meeting to count them. Rector’s Address Fr. Baldwin offered some words of welcome and thanks. Budget The vestry passed a deficit budget for 2011, and had planned to increase membership and raise funds to close the gap. There was a successful capital campaign, which resulted in our ending the year well, including payment of what was owed on our apportionment. For 2012 the vestry passed a budget that included an expectation of a smaller deficit and some fund raising by parishioners. Fr. Baldwin praised the office staff for keeping expenses under control. We have done a good job of living within our means and making do with what we’ve got. He expressed appreciation for our treasurer, Elizabeth Miller. Her hard work during a trying year was vital to our success.  She was stepping down from the treasurer’s position due to a greater load in her  regular job. Staff Fr. Baldwin introduced the church staff, and expressed appreciation for their hard work over the past year. Deacons: Dick Tracy, Rita Tracy and Steve Segebrecht; they have served in a variety of roles, including ministering to people in Lawrence and overseas. Office staff: Marilyn Bean, Parish Administrator; Patty Johnson, Financial Secretary; and Chris Worley, Office Assistant. Music staff: Henry Smith, Music Director; Mark Stotler, Organist; Filippa Duke, Associate Organist; Sexton: Diane Leming. Review of 2011 We accomplished two very important goals in 2011. Expand Christian formation – we have done this well, including the addition of some groups that are being run by the laity of the church. Numbers have grown for the Wednesday evening meal and Bible study. Sister Sophia is offering a contemplative group. We are starting a new Episcopal Church Women (ECW) group. Financial stability – we overcame a deficit budget. We had a successful capital campaign that paid down a large portion of our building debt. Crossroads Campaign The diocese ran the Crossroads Campaign to raise funds to expand the mission of the Kansas School for Ministry (KSM). Bishop Wolfe believes the future of the church will be in the hands of locally trained clergy, and KSM must be able to meet those needs. Goals for 2012 Fr. Baldwin is looking forward to 2012 and outlined some goals for the coming year. We need to continue to evangelize to the world. Fr. Baldwin called upon every member of the church -8-

to talk about how this is a good place for exploring one’s relationship to God. He charged the congregation with bringing in new members, with the goal of at least twelve baptisms by the end of the year. We need to increase our presence in Lawrence. The Episcopal Church is one of the best kept secrets in Christendom, and that is not a good thing. We need to engage with the community through such events as marches, concerts, book readings, and items in the newspaper. We need to grow our youth program. Fr. Baldwin planned to hire a new youth director early in the year. In April Trinity will host a diocesan youth event. A new Hispanic ministry is being developed, and the response to it has been good. There currently isn’t one in the  diocese. Vacation Bible School (VBS) did not happen in 2011, but it will happen in 2012. Volunteers will be needed. The first planning meeting is scheduled for February 16th. We will need a new columbarium soon. The current one is 80% full, and we expect it to run out of spaces in approximately five years. The vestry will need to determine how this need can be met; it may require use of money from the Endowment Fund. Fr. Baldwin expressed thanks to those who helped to make his ministry a success over the past year, including his family and the vestry. He presented the outgoing vestry members with tokens of appreciation. Treasurer’s Report Treasurer Elizabeth Miller was ill and unable to attend the meeting, so her written comments were made available to those in attendance. 2011 Financial Report The key assumptions for the 2011 budget were: A capital campaign to raise $50,000 and pay down the building loan, which would then be refinanced; Additional fundraising income of $39,538. Key elements of our 2011 financial results were: Prudent management of administrative expenses; A capital campaign that raised $80,666 to pay down our debt; The Episcopal Church Building Fund (ECBF) loan balance was reduced by 55% to $79,423, and refinancing the loan was awaiting diocesan approval; The capital campaign income of $80,666 exceeded the budgeted amount by $40,752, which is slightly more than the $39,538 that had been budgeted as additional fundraising income. At the end of 2010, Trinity owed $20,000 to the diocese for apportionment, but by the end of 2011, we were current on our apportionment payments. The only expense category that exceeded budget for 2011 was Worship Expenses, which was 35% over budget due to Adult Music Expenses being 59% over budget. The vestry and Fr. Baldwin have addressed the issues underlying this problem, and it is not expected to occur in 2012. 2012 Budget The vestry adopted a reasonable budget for 2012, with total income budgeted at about the same level as in 2011. However, the 2012 budget will be less reliant on fundraising income, with only $9,000 projected. Total expenses were budgeted approximately 2% higher than in 2011 ($10,186 more). Worship Expenses and Parish Life Expenses were budgeted at the same level as 2011. The only Outreach Expense in the operating budget was diocesan apportionment, which was scheduled to decline by 5%, or $3,981 in 2012. Discipleship Expenses were budgeted at approximately the same level as 2011. Administrative Expenses (which make up 78% of the total budgeted expenses) were planned to increase 4% in 2012 because of: ECBF loan payments (did not budget savings from expected loan refinancing); Office expenses were budgeted to be 9% higher than in 2011, which is a reflection of actual experience in 2011; Maintenance expenses were budgeted to be 20% higher than in 2011, which is a reflection of actual experience in 2011, as well as a projection of higher maintenance costs in 2012. Utility expenses -9-

were budgeted to be 3% higher than in 2011, which reflects actual experience. Clergy expenses were budgeted 3% higher than in 2011, due to a 4% salary increase requested by the vestry. Office Staff expenses are budgeted 4% higher than in 2011, due to a 4% salary increase requested by the vestry. Other Business Jerry Hare noted one marriage that was left off the list on page 22 in the meeting booklet: Vance Shriner and Sally Hare-Shriner. Jerry also made the suggestion that we consider having an outdoor columbarium with a patio. David Paden announced that there is an effort underway to identify exactly how many children we have in middle school and high school. Election Vestry Name Votes Proctor Crow 67 Pat Kehde 64 Stephen King 61 Dave Griffin 58 Lindy Eakin 56 Sandra Willey 50 Jennifer Attocknie 44 Glenna Kleinkauf 41

Term 3 years 3 years 3 years 3 years 1 year 1 year

Delegates Name Marilyn Russell Patricia Johnson Carl Edwards Micah Seybold

Votes 65 50 42 42

Acknowledgements Deacon Steve Segebrecht thanked Fr. Baldwin for the great job he has done as our rector. The meeting adjourned at 1:15 p.m. Respectfully Submitted, Maria Thompson, Clerk


T rinity E piscopal Church, 2012 L eadership and Staff Rector Assistant Priest Deacons Parish Administrator Church Treasurer Trinity Consort Choir Solemn High Mass F inancial Secretary Youth Program Trinity Adult Choir Sexton Sunday School Trinity Choristers Organist Nursery Parish Librarian Food Pantry Office Assistant

T he Reverend Rob Baldwin T he Reverend Susan T er ry Steve Segebrecht, Dick T racy, Rita T racy M arilyn Bean Bill Benso F ilippa Duke Sylvia Forbes Patricia Johnson T yler K er r Doug L awrence Diane L eming David Paden Susan Ralston M ar k Stotler Jasmyn T urner, Natalie W ilkins Ruth T urney, A ustin T urney Ray W ilbur, Bar ry Molineux, Sue Shackelford, Rachel Schwaller C hris Worley

Office Volunteers

M argaret Bearse , L iz H are, Nancy H ause, M ar k Holmberg, Susan Mor ris, M ary Mozingo, Shirley Reese , Barbara Roehl , Don Roehl , E llen T racy , M arian W ilbur

Vestry Members

Patricia H enshall, Senior Warden; Steve K ing, Junior Warden; M aria T hompson, Clerk; Rob Baldwin, Ex Officio; Proctor C row; L indy E akin; Dave G riffin; B rian H aupt; Pat K ehde; T er ry M andle; Donna Mc C ain; Patrick M usick; Debbie Pitts; Sandra W illey

Diocesan Delegates

Nancy K elley, Patricia Johnson, M ari Russell, M icah Seybold

Endowment Board Mbrs

L iz H are, Chair; C harlie Becker, M artin Dickinson, T ed H aggart; Sandra W iechert, Bill Benso, Ex Officio


E piscopal C hurch Membership Definitions Baptized Member: A person baptized in the Church by a Trinitarian formula, and enrolled on the books of this Parish.

Communicant: Any Baptized Member receiving communion at least three times in the previous year.

Confirmed Communicant: Any Communicant who has had the laying-on of hands from a Bishop of this Church.

Q ualified Voter: Any Communicant in good standing, who is 16 years of age or older.

Communicant in Good Standing: A Communicant who is a member of this Church; who worships regularly; who takes part in this Parish’s activities; and who has been a financial contributor of record for the past year.


2012 E lections for T rinity E piscopal C hurch 1.

Nominating Committee Report. The 2013 Nominating Committee was appointed by the Vestry for the purpose of putting forward candidates for consideration, to be elected at the 2013 Annual Meeting, to serve as: Members of the V estry and Members of the E ndowment Board. Members of the Nominating Committee consist of the O utgoing Vestry M embers, the Senior W arden, and T wo (2) T rinity Communicants (eligible to vote in Parish elections). Senior W arden Patricia H enshall serves as C hair of the Nominating Committee, and Debbie Pitts, Sandra W illey, Becky Buchanan, and Donna G riffin serve as Members of the Nominating Committee.

According to Canon Law, Nominees for: Members of the Vestry and Members of the E ndowment Board must be Confirmed Communicants in Good Standing of this Parish, i.e., (1) each is a member of Trinity; and (2) each worships regularly; and (3) each takes part in Parish activities; and (4) each is a financial contributor of record. Nominations for: Members of the Vestry and Members of the E ndowment Board may be made from the floor at the time of the Annual Meeting, but the Nominee’s  permission must be obtained in advance, and he/she must be approved by the Vestry. 2.

2013 V estry Nominees. T he Nominating Committee presents the following C andidates to fill four (4) open V estry Member positions: R O D N E Y O LSO N Episcopal Experience: Chalice Bearer, St Margaret’s – 1999 – 2003 Assistant Treasurer, 2001 St Michael’s and St. George, St. Louis, Missouri, 1985 -1999 Sunday School Fifth Grade Teacher, 1994 Christ Church, Prairie Village, Kansas, 1982 -1985 F amily: Spouse, Donna Olson, married 1981; Children: Abigail (27), Sara (27) Ted (24) Business Experience: CEO United Rotary Brush, Lenexa, KS 2011–present North America’s largest replacement street sweeper brush supplier CEO Loud Technologies, Woodinville, WA 2008–2010 Music equipment manufacturer (speakers, amplifiers, mixers) CEO Cardinal Brands, Lawrence, KS 1998-2007 Office supply manufacturer CFO Sabreliner Corporation, St. Louis, MO 1992-1998 Aviation maintenance & modification, engine repair & overhaul service provider CPA Ernst & Young –1978-1992 Kansas City, Washington DC , St. Louis, MO Education and Community Activities: B.S. Accounting & Business Administration, University of Kansas, 1977 Boy Scout leader – 2004 -2005 -13-

JO HN BUL L O C K Professional Experience: Stevens & Brand, L.L.P., Lawrence, Kansas: Partner, August, 2009 to Present. Civil litigation in state and federal courts, mediation, trials and appeals. Representation of businesses, governmental entities, and individuals in disputes involving commercial law, employment, constitutional rights, real estate/land use, personal injuries, construction, insurance, taxation, and intellectual property. Coblentz, Patch, Duffy & Bass L.L.P., San Francisco, California: Partner, 2005 to July, 2009; Special Counsel, 1999-2005. Complex commercial litigation in state and federal courts. Arbitration and mediation. Lead and colead trial counsel in business, real estate, construction, employment, environmental, constitutional, and consumer protection actions. Shook Hardy & Bacon L.L.P., Overland Park, Kansas, Kansas City, Missouri, and San Francisco, California: Associate Attorney, 1993-1999. Defense of products liability and personal injury litigation. Complex commercial litigation. Constitutional litigation. Defense of class actions. Extensive work with experts in accident reconstruction, medicine, occupational therapy, engineering, accounting, and economics. Judicial Law Clerk, Hon. Earl E. O’Connor, Chief Judge, United States District  Court for the t District of Kansas, 1991-1993: Drafting judicial opinions, jury instructions, and bench memoranda. Drafting bench memoranda and work on appellate opinions for United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit. Assistance with jury selection process and other courtroom procedures. Assistance with pretrial motions and legal issues arising during trial. Education: J.D., 1991, University of Kansas School of Law; B.A. Social Sciences, 1988, Kansas State University Selected Professional and Community Involvement: Bench-Bar Committee, United States District Court for the District of Kansas; Judge Hugh Means American Inn of Court, Lawrence, Kansas, Vice-President; American Bar Association (Litigation Section); Douglas County, Kansas Bar Association; Missouri and California Bar Associations; Kansas Association for Justice; Leadership Lawrence, Class of 2011-2012; Lawrence Arts Center, President of the Board of Directors; United Way 2012 Campaign, Co-Chair, Professionals Division; Member, Trinity Episcopal Church, Lawrence, Kansas; Board Member, Good Samaritan Family Resource Center, San Francisco; Youth Group Leader, St. Mary the Virgin Episcopal Church, San Francisco; Representation of indigent defendants in landlord/tenant and child support actions; Representation of high school students in library censorship action; Graduate, Leadership Overland Park; Overland Park Chamber of Commerce State and Federal Affairs Task Force; Board Member and Treasurer, Kansas City Chamber Orchestra; Graduate, International Association of Defense Counsel Trial Academy; Earl E. O’Connor American Inn of Court, Johnson  County, Kansas; Chair, Johnson County Bar Association Bench-Bar Conference. Professional Licenses: Licensed in Kansas, Missouri, and California. -14-

ANDY H O Y T The Hoyt Family joined Trinity Episcopal Church when I was eight years old, and shortly thereafter I was baptized and confirmed by my own choice. While growing up in the Church, I was active in the Children's Choir, Acolyte Program, and Youth Ministry. I attended Camp Wood for a number of years, and I took part in Happenings, Diocesan Conventions, and many other KEY activities. I have been able to bring food to both the Canterbury House and to the Trinity Interfaith Food Pantry. I am the Chef for the Gamma Phi Beta Sorority, on the KU campus, and I have a professional background in Hospitality. My goal, as a member of the Vestry, is to work along the "spirit to serve" concept. I will look for new ways to determine the needs of the Parishioners, and try to fill those needs and wants, while taking into consideration a limited budget. I am honored to be considered for the opportunity to become a member of the Vestry. L I N D Y E A K I N (eligible for another term) Attended Trinity since about 1981 Married at Trinity (to Elizabeth Miller) in 1982 Became a member through inquirers process under Mother Holly (early 90's) Served at Trinity: on the Foster Home Board; on the Endowment Board; as the Assistant Treasurer; on the Stewardship Committee; as an Usher; as a Food Pantry Volunteer, and as a Member of the Vestry. Raised Southern Baptist, and baptized in the Church 30+-year Career in Higher Education Finance and Administration Taught History at The University of Kansas for over 12 years BS in Business; MBA and PhD in History; US and Native American

Four (4) will serve new, three-year terms, (2013 through 2015).

Continuing V estry Members are: Proctor C row, Dave G riffin, B rian H aupt, Pat K ehde, Steve K ing, T er ry M andle, Donna Mc C ain, and Patrick M usick.

O utgoing V estry Members are: Patricia H enshall, Debbie Pitts, L indy E akin, Sandra W illey.

T he Senior W arden shall be appointed by the Rector at the A nnual Meeting; and the Junior W arden shall be elected at the A nnual M eeting by Members of the V estry. T he Senior W arden is appointed from among the Members of the Vestry; and the Junior W arden is elected from among the Members of the Vestry.

Four C andidates, who receive the highest number of votes, will serve as V estry Members, each for a full, three-year term (2013 through 2015). -15-


2013 Diocesan Convention/Convocation Delegates. T he following Delegates to the Diocesan Convention will be continuing in 2013: Patricia Johnson, Nancy K elley, M ari Russell, and A lternate M icah Seybold.


2013 E ndowment Board Nominees. T he Nominating Committee presents the following C andidates to fill two (2) open E ndowment Board Member positions: T O D SU T T O N Tod Sutton has been a member of Trinity for about 12 years, and he has been active as a Chalice Bearer, Lector, and Member of various Property Committees. Tod coordinates the BackSnack outreach ministry with Greg Hazen, and works in association with the Harvesters Food Network, and the Lawrence Public Schools. Tod regularly attends the 8:00 a.m. Service on Sundays. He has also served on the Diocesan Building Committee of the Crossroads Project for Bethany Center in Topeka. Tod is a lifelong Episcopalian, having started growing up at St. Andrews Church in Kansas City. He is a Civil-Structural Engineer by training, but currently counts himself as retired. His wonderful wife, Sidney, is a yoga instructor, and they have been married for 37 years, and have two grown sons. He and Sidney also served as mentors for the Education for Ministry Program at Trinity for about eight years. T E D H A G G A R T (eligible for another term) Professional Experience: President and CEO, Douglas County Bank, Lawrence, Kansas Board of Directors, April 2001 - present Community Bank President/CEO, Commerce Bank Manhattan, 1994-2001 Senior Vice President, Commerce Bank, Kansas City, Missouri October 1989 – April 2001 (Union National Bank 1989 -1994) Senior Vice President and Investment Officer First National Bank and Trust (now Sunflower Bank), Salina, Kansas, (August 1982 - September 1989) Assistant Professor of Economics (August 1973 - July 1982) Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas, U.S. Senate Budget Committee, Washington, D.C. Senior Economist, Minority Staff (June 1975 - July 1977) Education: Doctor of Philosophy in Economics, University of Minnesota, May 1973 Emphasis: Monetary Economics Bachelor of Arts Summa Cum Laude Mathematics and Economics, University of Kansas, May 1967 Diploma, Salina (Central) High School, 1963 Community Activities: Kansas Technology Enterprise Corporation (KTEC), Topeka, KS Board of Directors, 2000 – present Chairman, 2002 - 2004 -16-

Lawrence Regional Technology Corporation, Lawrence, KS Board of Directors, 2002 – present Board Chair, 2005 - 2008 Lied Center of Kansas, University of Kansas United Way of Douglas County, KS Spencer Art Museum, University of Kansas Native Sons and Daughters of Kansas Lawrence Chamber of Commerce Lawrence Junior Achievement, 2009 Lawrence Memorial Hospital Endowment Association Board, 2009 Rotary International Lawrence Rotary Club, 2001 – President, 2008-2009 Personal Information: Family: Married - Nancy Stadler Haggart Children - John (38), Marie (35), Andrew (33) Grandchildren – Mary Ellen (12), Sam (10), Olivia (8), Hayden (5), Jane (3), E mma Claire (1), Lauren (1), Morgan (1)

T wo (2) will serve as M embers of the E ndowment Board, each to serve a term of three (3) years.

Continuing E ndowment Board Members are: L iz H are, Chair; M artin Dickinson, Sandra W iechert, and Bill Benso, Ex Officio.

O utgoing E ndowment Board Members are: C harlie Becker, T ed H aggart.


2012 T rinity E piscopal C hurch Baptisms, Confirmations, M ar riages, and Memorial Services

Baptisms: Benjamin Peter Benalcazar G iroux, F ebruary 12, 2012 Asher M arcelo Benalcazar G iroux, F ebruary 12, 2012 M aril H azlett, April 15, 2012 C leo H azlett T rigg, April 15, 2012 M arvui C hidinma Ndidi O para, June 3, 2012 C hansi Rose Long, July 29, 2012 D rew A nthony M artin, September 11, 2012 Betty Shaffer, October 16, 2012 A lex C ateforis, October 16, 2012 Cooper Bullock, December 17, 2012 K iefer Bullock, December 17, 2012 O liver Nathan Johnson, December 23, 2012 C lara M ay M er kel, December 23, 2012 Confirmations: Doyle Comfort, June 3, 2012 M aureen Comfort, June 3, 2012 John Y ungmeyer, June 3, 2012 M ary K ennedy, June 3, 2012 Marriages: K atherine K ristine C lar k and James Ford, March 16, 2012 Betsy W ilhite and C hris Ostrander, April 21, 2012 Jane Sutton and Beau Jackson, May 19, 2012 Burial Offices David H udson O wen, April 28, 2012 C larence F rederick Stolz, June 11, 2012 C harles M ilton Paden, July 20, 2012 E lizabeth Jane H urd, August 2, 2012 John Spencer M acauley, August 2, 2012 V irginia Poteet A twater, August 21, 2012 David L eon Parsons, August 7, 2012 James S. Ralston, November 7, 2012


O rganizational Diagram O f T rinity E piscopal Church



T he Reverend Rob Baldwin Each year I reflect a bit on what has happened at Trinity Church over the past year, and how my personal ministry has been a part of that. It would be difficult to not notice that 2012 brought many changes to the staff of Trinity Church. The position of Music Director was divided into two positions, one for the 10:30 a.m. Service, and one for the 6:00 p.m. Service, as we now are blessed to have Doug Lawrence and Fillipa Duke in those ministries. The organists' positions, previously separated between the two services, are now combined into one, being faithfully fulfilled by Mark Stotler. In addition to filling existing staff positions, we also added two new staff to the Trinity family. First, a Youth Director to oversee our junior high and senior high student ministries, now being filled by Tyler Kerr, and second and most significantly, we now have a part-time assistant rector, the Reverend Susan Terry. In addition to assisting me in the liturgical duties as priest, Mother Susan is also working intensively with our Christian formation programs. But, in addition to putting together an outstanding Parish Staff, what have I been up to? In last year's report, I mentioned wanting to expand our opportunities for adult Christian formation, and I have continued to lead the Adult Forum on Sundays and the Wednesday evening classes. The Adult Forum has tended to be short-term programs featuring audio-visual presentations followed by brief discussions, while the Wednesday evening program has been longer-term classes that have had more in-depth discussion on a particular book of the Bible or a religious concept like “grace” or “forgiveness.”  I'm very happy about the success of our monthly class for newcomers and confirmands, which is being taught by different members of the congregation. I continue to serve as Chair of the Congregational Development Committee for the Diocese of Kansas, which is rewarding and educational at the same time. We continue to look for ways to equip all congregations to grow and thrive in this day and age. In 2012, we welcomed the Rev. Scott Gunn, of Forward Movement, to both the Diocese, and to be our guest at Trinity as well. I think that, rather than continue to list all the many, many things that have happened here in the past year, I can accurately summarize where I feel my ministry has been by saying the following: Over the past year I have begun to think less about figuring out what Trinity was, and more about what Trinity will be. Understanding the history and culture of a parish is very important f for a relatively new priest, but now I have started serious planning for the future. We need to be laying the foundation for ministries that will continue to be a part of our presence here in Lawrence and in surrounding areas for years to come. It is why I have been calling for us to begin to build young adult ministries here at Trinity Church, and why we are expanding our offerings to young children. It is why we are doing more to provide for spiritual reflection and development in the form of retreats, quiet days, and discussion groups for both women and men. Looking ahead, I hope to see Trinity's ministries to college students and young adults expand; our newcomer programs continue to refine and develop; our organ repairs begin; and our membership grow. I will close by once again thanking everyone here at Trinity who continues to help make this place an outstanding church. Being Christ's hands in the world is no easy task, but together we continue to proclaim the Gospel to a world that desperately needs it. -20-

Deacons Dick T racy, Rita T racy, Steve Segebrecht All Deacons are ordained and assigned to the Parish by the Bishop. We work under the supervision of the Rector, and cooperate with the Clergy and lay people of the Parish to assist them in their roles. We also report to the Archdeacon and the Bishop of the Diocese. We perform the liturgical roles of the Deacon in the Sunday morning services; in the monthly service at Brandon Woods; and at special services, such as funerals, Christmas, and Holy Week. We preach several times each year, and anoint anyone who desires it for healing. We visit the sick, shut-ins, those in the hospital, those in nursing homes, and those in their own homes, and we take Communion to them when needed. We lead the Pastoral Care Team and Eucharistic Visitors, and we train the Lectors, Intercessors, and Eucharistic Ministers (Chalice Bearers). We try to support others in their ministries, as well. We attend the weekly Staff Meetings, the Annual Deacons’ Retreat, the Diocesan Convention, and any special meetings of our Church Committees. We participate in continuing education each year, and we read Holy Scripture, and material related to the diaconate, the church, and theology. On the third Sunday of each month, a portion of the loose offering goes to the Deacons’  Discretionary Fund. We use this Fund to assist people in need. Currently, our priority is to prevent homelessness. The most common need in 2012 was assistance with utilities. In the past year, we disbursed $8,213, with 57% of that amount going for utilities; 27% for rent; 9% for prescriptions; 3% for licenses; 3% for transportation; and 1% for clothing. In all, we were able to help 130 people in 2012, through the generosity of our Congregation. Whenever possible, we work with other agencies, such as The Salvation Army, Bert Nash, the Community Shelter, and EKAN. We often suggest that people use our Food Pantry to conserve their financial resources. We wish to thank all our friends at Trinity for their generosity and support, and especially Trinity Treasures for their contribution.  Deacon Steve continued in 2012 to lead the men’s fellowship  group, Holy Stir-It, along with Bruce Roberts, Brad Tate, and Charlie Becker. Deacon Steve also coaches the men’s exercise and prayer group, known as Pump‘n Pray. For the Diocese, he serves as Director for the mission program to Kenya, known as Kansas 2 Kenya, or K2K . He also leads medical teams to Kenya during the summers. In 2012, Deacon Segebrecht served as a Delegate for the Diocese of Kansas at the National Convention for the Episcopal Church of the United States. V estry Senior W arden Patricia H enshall 2012 was another good year for Trinity Episcopal Church. We continue to see new members, including a baptism at the 8:00 a.m. service—a wonderful experience for us early risers! The opportunities for fellowship continue to expand. We continue to look at establishing one or two events for Trinity, which will serve as a way of getting us all together – such as the Harvest Dinner – and which will help raise money for the budget, outreach, and mission ministries; and perhaps even grow our Endowment monies. We also need a year-round stewardship program to enable us to maintain our current programs, and to expand outreach programs, like the Food Pantry and the BackSnack programs that are sorely needed by the Lawrence community. We seek and need your participation to help get these projects off the ground and to keep our church healthy and vibrant.  If you find you want to get more involved at Trinity, but don’t know how or  where, please talk with Father Rob, or any member of the Vestry. To quote a sermon from Father Rob, it is time for you to “just do something”.    Please continue to keep Father Rob and his family, the Staff, the Deacons, the Vestry, and all of Trinity in your prayers during 2013. -21-

V estry Junior W arden Steve K ing A highlight of 2012 was my reverence in assuming the responsibilities of the position in 2012, a personal event, second only to the honor of being selected to serve on the Vestry Board. I was blessed to have so much assistance in my efforts last year. The Church has many sophisticated systems, and we are all well-served by so many who work behind the scenes. A tragedy this year was the lightning strike. The strike caused significant damage to the phones, elevator, heating and air conditioning systems, alarm systems, and the organ. Many thanks to everyone who stepped in to add their individual expertise in assessing damage; making sure all our damages were accurately reported; and the right and proper repair solutions identified. The most significant accomplishment for the year was that the maintenance expenses were 52% under Budget. Had the elevator not malfunctioned, our savings could have been greater. Other activities for 2012 included: Power-washed, removed and replaced failing stucco; then painted the Mathews Center Repaired floor tiles in the Mathews Center Painted all doors and trim in the Mathews Center Painted parking lot strips Picked up hobo trash monthly Installed retaining block and top soil by back door for new garden area Repaired broken hinges on kitchen cabinet doors Sanded and painted handrails of both front doors to the Nave Repaired pillar outside the back door Replaced 11 failed bulbs in the Nave with Garth Burns, Tom McCoy, and Jerry Hansen Replaced washers in kitchen faucets Painted back doors of the Nave Patched and repaired steps to Nave Installed glass in Rev. Terry’s office Painted all office, front doors, and jams in Mathews Center My thanks everyone for their assistance in helping me to maintain our beautiful buildings. I could not list these accomplishments without your help. A D M I N IST R A T I O N Parish A dministrator M arilyn Bean Although I am about to complete three years at Trinity, I remain in awe of the caring and committed mindset of the Parishioners every day. Trinity is blessed to have ten very capable Office Volunteers, who not only offer a friendly face for someone walking into the office, but also are able to extend a helping hand and first-hand knowledge of Trinity to a potential member who seeks information. In addition to working on office tasks, these Volunteers spend large amounts of time assisting, and listening to, those who come seeking food and living assistance, as well as answering questions and passing on information to members of the Parish. I have truly enjoyed working with all of our Office Volunteers and the various Trinity groups -- every year, I have a finer appreciation for what they do; and marvel at how their activities contribute to the overall church family at Trinity. The Trinity Parishioners put so much hard work into all of their events, and these events are well-received not only at Trinity, but in the community, as well. I appreciate the caring support of the congregation, as we perform daily tasks in the office to further the church’s work.  Without dedicated commitment from all of you, the Staff, and our Office Volunteers, it just would not be possible for us to get all the work done. Your input is always a welcome event for me, which often results in better and more streamlined approaches to our work. It is absolutely my pleasure to serve all of you at Trinity, and to help achieve a unique place in the Lawrence community. -22-

Communications T eam C raig Patterson During the past year, Trinity's Communications Committee has stressed further development and enhancement of our digital media assets, to include our Website and Facebook Services. The Committee has discussed enhancing printed media per se, but has taken great strides in incorporating publication of the Weekly Electronic Newsletter, and the Quarterly Trinitarian, via the Internet (Website and Facebook), allowing the Church administration to "print" from the electronic publications, copies for those interested in having traditional printed copies of these documents to review. These copies are then "archived" on the Website, and back-copies are readily available for recall. Father Rob Baldwin's sermons are recorded, and made available as PodCasts through the Website, where they are also archived, so past sermons may be recalled and reviewed by those unable to attend the services, and who have access to the Internet. Trinity's Facebook page has gained increased popularity and access by many within the immediate area of the Parish, and includes many outside the immediate area who were former members, who moved out of the area (including Gay and Ron Pogue). The Facebook content has increased to include video/photography of Parish life, special events, and upcoming events or programs. There are means within Facebook, the Newsletter, and the Website for accessing the broadest assets of the Parish, including the Online Directory, which is on the Committee's agenda, to review and refresh. It is hoped that all can participate by forwarding their favorite photos for use in the Directory. The dynamics of our Parish make us aware of the need to update this valuable asset, which can be accessed over the Internet, or printed, for those who want a printed copy for their reference. The Committee has made great strides forward in connecting our members internally with one another, and reaching out through the Website to those wanting to know more about Trinity. To that end, we will be collaborating with members during the first quarter of 2013 to produce a "Welcome /About Us" video, which will appear on the front page of the Website. We look forward to linking the Parish with more of its activities and programs during 2013, to bring an expanding awareness of our leaders, members, opportunities, events, and mutual successes, as one community serving God. Please let us hear your opinions, ideas, and comments about communications within our Parish. Diocesan Convention Delegates/Convocation Representatives Nancy K elley The mission of the Northeast Convocation of the Diocese of Kansas is to promote member Parishes to work together to fruitfully make disciples of Jesus Christ, and to enable their ministries. Two Delegates and one Alternate Delegate, elected by Trinity for 2012, were Marilyn (Mari) Russell and Patricia (Patty) Johnson and Micah Seybold as the alternate. The Alternate Delegate is to attend and participate in four meetings of the Northeast Convocation--a body of Delegates, Clergy and Lay People -- from 12 churches, in or around the Kansas City metropolitan area; and to attend the Annual Diocesan Convention. Much of the Delegates’ work prior to the Convention takes place at the Convocation meetings. In 2012, the Convocation held meetings in February at St. Clare’s, Spring Hill; in April at St. Paul’s, Kansas  City; in June at St. Luke’s, Shawnee; and in September at Bishop Seabury, Lawrence. This year  was one of the first times that Bishop Seabury hosted a Convocation meeting, and they were able to show off the school and the new construction. Convocation meetings provide an opportunity to get acquainted with people from other Parishes, and also provide information about outreach programs from other Parishes. The Northeast Convocation has been instrumental in supporting the newest Parish in Spring Hill -- St. Claire’s. The report this year is that Spring Hill continues  to thrive. The Convocation also must approve any Parish’s request that money for physical improvements be exempt from the Diocesan Apportionment (income tax). Much of the focus this year at Convocation Meetings was on the General Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana, -23-

July 5-12. The Convention was held on October 19-20 in Topeka. Walking By F aith, 2 Corinthians 5:7 was the theme of the 153rd Annual Convention held in Topeka, Kansas, on October 19-20. The Convention begins with a Grand Celebration of The Holy Eucharist at Grace Cathedral. Bishop Gerald Mansholt, ELCA Central States Synod, was this year’s  preacher. Bishop Wolfe presided over the Convention. Entertaining remarks and an inspirational, insightful keynote address was given by Bishop Peter Price, of the Diocese of Bath and Wells. Trinity was well represented by Delegates and Clergy. The Rev. Patrick Funston was elected to the Council of Trustees as an at-large member; Janine Cox was elected to the Disciplinary Board; and The Rev. Craig Loya was appointed by the Bishop to serve on the Constitution and Canons Committee for the 154th Convention. E ndowment Board L iz H are During 2112, the Endowment Fund value gained 9.4% in value, from $211,781 to $231,744. The Fund’s estimated net income for 2012 is $4,826.  During 2012, no earnings were distributed, but earnings from the last two years will be distributed to the Vestry, as requested for outreach in February of 2013. The Board looked at ways to encourage planned giving within the congregation. We welcomed Sandra Wiechert to the Board this year, and we thank Charlie Becker, Martin Dickinson, Ted Haggart, and Bill Benso for their service to the Board. T reasurer Bill Benso 2012: The year 2012 was a challenging one for Trinity Episcopal Church; however, we did end the year with all financial obligations current to the end of the year, and with a positive cash position in our Operating Fund bank account. This represents a significant achievement since there was a known income projection shortfall versus the planned expenditures for the year. This year-end position was achieved through a judicious use of financial reserves, plus several events and activities of note. The largest impact on our expenses was the successful renegotiation of the capital improvement loan held by the Episcopal Church Building Fund; the renegotiation of the interest rate, combined with a partial payment on the loan principal from our Capital Campaign Fund, resulted in an approximate halving of our monthly obligation, with little change in the loan retirement date. At the end of August, it was decided to take full advantage of our financial software package, and move certain monthly activities that were being outsourced to an independent CPA, in-house. For 2013, an independent CPA will be used on a quarterly basis to provide the independent reports previously seen on a monthly basis; this will give a level of assurance that the internally-generated reports truly represent our financial position. This will result in a cost savings of approximately 75% from what had been spent on this activity in the past. Finally, administrative changes and increased use of electronic mailings resulted in improved control of our reproduction costs. On the income side, Trinity benefited from a onetime memorial gift of $25,000. From this gift, $10,000 was employed in the Operating Fund, and the balance, $15,000, was used to start the Organ Endowment Fund. A non-quantifiable step that was taken in 2012 was the introduction of an on-line giving program. This allows for credit card giving, or direct transfer from a checking or savings account. The program has been endorsed by those who use it, and it is gaining wider acceptance. 2013: The budget proposed, and detailed in this report, is believed to be very realistic with respect to expenses. Consideration has been given to utility rate increases, requests for support from the Food Pantry, and other known, cost-growth items. Comparison of expense budget to projected income does show a short fall of approximately $17,000. We believe this shortage is manageable; however, it is incumbent on all to honor their pledges and work to grow the Trinity family. -24-

D ISC IP L ESH IP A dult Forum Reverend Rob Baldwin The Adult Forum is part of Trinity's Adult Christian Formation programs. The Class meets every Sunday morning from 9:30 to 10:15 a.m., in the downstairs Jackson Kemper Room. The Forum features a variety of speakers, video presentations, and discussions on various topics. During the past year, we have studied the following topics, amongst others: The Miracles of Jesus; Embracing the Prophets; Understanding Your Calling From God; Environmental Issues; and Overseas Missionary Activity. We have hosted several guest speakers, including the Rev. Scott Gunn, Director of Forward Movement Publications. C hristian C lassics Rich and Joan Ring Christian Classics is part of the Adult Education Program at Trinity Episcopal Church. It meets every other Wednesday evening, at 7:30 p.m., in the Library, to read and discuss important texts on religion and spirituality. This group has read works from St. Augustine to C.S. Lewis. In 2012, the year began with reading and discussing The Venerable Bede’s, The Ecclesiastical History of the English People. This work took up the vast portion of the year, from winter through summer, and into the fall. Once completed, we decided to read something more “contemporary” – John Milton’s epic, Paradise Lost. We will continue this in 2013, and we hope to gain an understanding of God’s ways in our lives. Christian Classics welcomes anyone interested in exploring the development of religious thought and practice, and in joining us for fellowship and spiritual growth. For more information, please contact Rich or Joan Ring at 785842-5544. G.I. F. T . Program Bob Sanner The sale of grocery gift certificates or cards after Sunday Services was successful in 2012. This program, referred to as Trinity’s GIFT Program, generated more than $10,000 in revenue, which was applied to Trinity’s General Operating Budget.  Current participating grocers are: The Merc, Checkers, Hy-Vee, Dillon’s, and Natural Grocers. The revenue that Trinity generates from this program comes from the participating grocers, and not the Parishioners. GIFT participants receive a dollar in value for every dollar purchased. Many thanks to those Parishioners who volunteered their time after each service to administer this program, and those Parishioners who participated by purchasing these grocery cards. Our GIFT goal for 2013 is to increase the amount of revenue this program can generate. This will be accomplished by encouraging firsttime Parishioners to give “GIFT” a try, and current users to use their Dillon’s and Hy-Vee gift cards to purchase gas, pharmaceutical items, and third-party gift cards from their respective grocers. Again, thank you for your support. L ibrary A ustin T urney I have kept the Parish Library on life support throughout 2012. This has not prevented a slow deterioration in the service the Library provides to Parishioners. I have not been able to acquire, and put into circulation, new material, nor to weed the old. Neither have I been able to organize and label the system of shelving. A few members have volunteered to be of help. However, realize that I am not able to organize and direct a group of volunteers. Our Library has been, I believe, the best Parish Library in the Diocese. Now is the time for a decision. Is this ministry valuable enough to the Parish that it should continue? If so, how shall we provide the effort needed for library service to continue? I have seen too many church libraries that have become static, unused collections of obsolete material. If we will not continue to provide adequate service, we must make an orderly liquidation. -41-

E arly C hristian A wareness and Nursery L ynn Segebrecht, Melanie Seybold, M icah Seybold Early Christian Awareness remains a viable, rewarding ministry and Christian Education program available to our youngest Trinitarians! If you are a parent of a newly-baptized Christian, please read on! It is NEVER too early to begin teaching our babies and toddlers about the love of Christ for each of us, and for His Kingdom on our earth. The program consists of a series of rotated songs and finger plays, which are enacted with the children, along with the utilization of our wonderful animal resources in the classroom, donated over the course of 23 years since the program began at Trinity. Our little participants' level of engagement and responsiveness to these stimuli is amazing, and those of us who have taught the program know how the content carries beyond the walls of our nursery! If you haven't yet brought your young child, please do! Parents are always welcome to stay and participate, or not, as they prefer. And we need and want new teachers all the time! Our current teachers are M icah and Melanie Seybold (parents of ECA Alumni Isaac, Lauren and Ellie Seybold!), and L ynn Segebrecht, mother of Alumnus Ray, a member of our first ECA Class in 1989-90. All of us can tell you about how our children were impacted by the program, which has prompted our commitment to continue teaching, and to ensure that it continues. The nursery remains ably staffed by Jasmine T urner and Natalie W ilkins, both college students, who also substitute for us as teachers when we are unavailable. Natalie and Jasmine are wonderful with the children, from infants to the three-year-olds, who we sadly eventually relinquish to the Preschool Class! They are loving, kind, and patient, and exactly the type of individuals parents long to have taking care of our children when they are so young! Because of the nature of the set-up for our ECA Class with its resources, we ask that everyone at Trinity help us to remind older children that the Nursery is CLOSED at 11:30 a.m. (after the last child has been picked up by parents each Sunday, and during all other events where childcare is provided. We want to ensure that our Nursery environment remains as clean and safe as possible, with teaching resources intact, to benefit all the children who utilize it. Thanks for your help! Sunday School T he Reverend Susan T er ry and David Paden Having worked with many Sunday School programs throughout my ministry, I am deeply impressed with Trinity’s dedicated teachers, amazing children, supportive parents, and other parishioners. We are truly blessed, and the creative response to this blessing is obvious every Sunday morning. We have a vibrant, growing Sunday School! At the core of this vibrancy and growth are our remarkable teachers. Nursery: L ynn Segebrecht and M icah Seybold are using the Early Christian Awareness Program (see Lynn’s description of this wonderful Program in the Early Christian Awareness Program and Nursery Section of this Annual Report). PreKindergarten: M argaret Bearse and Sue Shackleford. It is a delight to see the wonder in the eyes of these children, as Margaret and Sue skillfully and creatively introduce them to stories from the Bible. Kindergarten-2nd grade: A nne Patterson and A nna Busby are using the handson Godly Play Program, and it is worth a visit downstairs to see the remarkable art projects Anne and Anna create to supplement their lessons. 3rd-5th Grade: David Paden and B rad E thridge. Through storytelling and music, David and Brad lead their students to a deeper understanding of the stories in the Bible. In recent lessons, the students have looked at the 10 Commandments and how they relate to their everyday lives. 6th-8th Grade: T yler K er r and K im M andle. Terry and Kim are using the Sunday Lectionary Readings as the basis of their class. This class is filled with lively discussions and “aha” moments when the students discover the relevance of these  readings to their own lives. The 6-8th grade class was newly formed in September, and because of our growing number of students, we will be adding a 2nd-3rd grade class in the Fall of 2013. In September 2012, the Sunday School Support Squad was formed to support our teachers in their -42-

ministries with our children and to spread the good news of what happens once our children follow that cross downstairs for their classes. Members of the Support Squad are H eather A ckerly, Jennifer A ttocknie, K atie Becker, Susan B rown, Janine Cox, B rian Dennis, M arcia G ranger, C aroline Howard, David Paden, C elso W ills, and Mother Susan as C hair. The Support Squad meets once a month, and this past Fall, we have been available Sunday mornings to help our teachers as needed; commissioned our teachers and Support Squad members; given each student a Nativity Christmas ornament; given our teachers a Christmas tin filled with goodies; and helped with the Christmas Pageant. From January through May, we plan to: decorate the bulletin board in the Atrium, so everyone will be up to date on what’s happening  in our Sunday School Classes; increase our exposure on Facebook, the website and e-newsletter; host the Sunday coffee hour, once in February and once in April; provide snacks for our students during Sunday School; have a “shadow” Sunday where students will participate in the Sunday liturgy; explore a program for Baptismal follow-up; help Anne and Anna bury the Alleluia at the beginning of Lent; provide Easter thank-you treats for our teachers; and work with Tyler and the youth on the Easter Egg Hunt, and on the planning of a Pentecost event to thank our teachers for the good work they have done. This Summer, we will be helping with Vacation Bible School. In the Fall, the Support Squad will help plan a Sunday School Kick-Off Event; Bless the Backpacks; organize an Advent Posada (more on that later); plan an Advent Intergenerational Sunday School Event, and much more. If you would like to be part of this exciting and rewarding ministry, either as a teacher or a member of the Support Squad, please contact Mother Susan. And, finally, we ask every member of Trinity to pray regularly for our children, teens, teachers, and Support Squad Members. With your prayers, this ministry will grow in ways we cannot even begin to imagine! T rinity E nvironmental Stewardship T eam (T . E .S. T .) Nancy H anson and E llyn O wen Purpose: Trinity Environmental Stewardship Team neither aims nor claims to be the “environmental stewards” of Trinity church.  Rather, we work to provide information, examples,  and opportunities to encourage conscientious earth stewardship by EVERYONE. And as we are able, we are happy to take the initiative in establishing earth-friendly practices in the operation of Trinity Parish, in the Diocese, and wherever possible. Meetings, M embers, and F riends: All interested persons are welcome to attend TEST meetings. We meet once a month, in the Parish Hall (or St. Francis Room), 7:00 to 9:00 p.m., to share information, ideas, and concerns and to plan actions. Since February 2012, we have made our meeting night the last Monday of the month. We begin and end each meeting with prayer and/or meditation. Our meetings are informal and guided by Robert’s Rules.  Our agenda is  usually full, but anyone is welcome to present a concern or topic for consideration. In March, we were happy to welcome Sandra Willey as Vestry Liaison for Stewardship. In April, we were deeply saddened by the untimely death of David Owen, long-time, enthusiastic, dedicated TEST Member, who led our meetings and activities as TEST co-chair for 16 years, arranged for outreach trips, effected energy audit and efficiency modifications at Trinity, kept us connected with Kansas Interfaith Power and Light and other earth-care entities— among his many contributions to the cause of earth stewardship to the glory of God. In August we were joined by new TEST Friend Ferdouz Cochran, and in September we welcomed new TEST Member Chris Worley. In August we also welcomed Trinity Financial Secretary Patty Johnson at our meeting, to hear about the ease and benefits of -43-

“digital giving.” We wound up our year with a festive and comradely pre-Christmas potluck party at Ellyn Owen’s. We are happy to welcome new Members at any time. We also maintain an e-mail list of “TEST Friends”—associates of TEST, with whom we share messages about upcoming events, or links to online sites with noteworthy announcements, information, and calls to action by nation-wide environmental organizations. Let us know if you would like to be added to this list. Shared E ducation at T rinity: Our most constant mode of earth-care education for the Parish is in the form of “TEST Tidbits”—brief, factual commentaries submitted for the weekly Trinity ENews; in 2012 we submitted more than 40 such articles. Writings by Ellyn Owen, Diana Dyal, Austin Turney, and Nancy Hanson kept this column going. We thank Chris Worley, who publishes the weekly E-News, for his good work! TEST also occasionally posts informative charts, maps, and other articles on the bulletin board in the Parish Hall. For Sunday-morning Adult Forums during Lent, we were pleased to (a) provide, for viewing and discussion, two DVDs:  “Tapped,” on the detrimental effects of the single-serve bottled water industry; and Annie Leonard’s “The Story of Stuff,” which traces manufactured goods from resource  extraction through production, distribution, consumption, and disposal—and to (b) bring Sandy Sanders, Coordinator for the Wetland Learners Project, to speak about the educational visits she directs for local school children to the Haskell/Baker Wetlands. Also, throughout Lent, we again made available to the Parish a brochure of “Suggestions for Experiencing Lent Being Caring  Earth Stewards.”  We try to keep Fr. Rob informed of TEST’s actions, and TEST Members met  with him occasionally through the year to request his advice and share information and project plans, etc. Shared O pportunities for T rinitarians: We like to encourage Trinitarians to make use of environmental services provided in the Lawrence community: mostly we share information about such events in TEST Tidbits and/or Sunday bulletins. In 2012, TEST helped advertise Free Document Shredding, by Lawrence Automotive Diagnostics Center (January 16); Unused/Expired Prescription Drugs Take-Back, by Lawrence Law Enforcement (April 28); and Lawrence Electronics Recycling Event, at Free State High School (May 12). TEST also sponsors the Recycling Chest of Drawers near the south door of the Parish Hall. There are drawers to receive your used mobile telephones (and chargers), cast-off eyeglasses, spent compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), and worn-out small batteries. With the help of TEST Friend Cathy Robins, TEST Member Sue Shackelford, and several other helpers, the phones go to Lawrence Senior Center (to be reprogrammed and distributed free, to make 911 calls), the eyeglasses are redistributed by the Lions Club, and the batteries and CFLs are taken to the Lawrence Hazardous Waste Center. The Lawrence Earth Day Parade and celebration in South Park, in April, were festive events. To encourage Trinity’s participation, TEST sold (in March) “Trinity  Episcopal Earth Stewards” t-shirts, with attractive logo designed by TEST Member Craig Myers-Arenth. Wearing the bright-green shirts with white logos, as we marched behind the Trinity Episcopal banner in the parade, and helped proclaim the “green”  commitment of Trinity Church. (The bit of profit we made from sale of the shirts was donated to K2K toward water filtration systems.) On Sunday mornings, after the 10:30 service, on December 2, 9, and 16, TEST Members Ellyn Owen, Sue Shackelford, and Pat Miller provided an “Alternative Christmas Market” in the Parish Hall:  participants make a donation to an earthfriendly charitable organization as a gift to a loved one. This year, the choices were (a) Heifer International, for which $675 was donated, by Parishioners, to purchase farm animals that improve lives of needy families around the globe; (b) Episcopal Relief and Development, for -44-

which $56 was collected to plant 50+ trees in areas where most needed; and (c) Kansas Interfaith Power and Light, for which $67 was received—partially from persons buying angel-design light-switch plates created by Craig Myers-Arenth. In addition, Craig was present to sell his unique bicycle bags, which he fashions from leftover scraps and recycled materials, with a percentage of the proceeds going to TEST. Service at T rinity: In June, TEST organized a team of volunteers to recycle weekly (on a two-month rotation schedule) from the recycle bin in Trinity’s  kitchen: this included five TEST Members, two TEST Friends, and two additional earthsteward-minded Trinitarians. In November, these volunteers added to their task the recycling of bulletins from Sunday worship services, to relieve Deacon Rita Tracy, who had carried on this task for many years. So thank you, TEST Members Garth Burns, Pat Miller, Craig MyersArenth, and Susie Nightingale; TEST Friends Melanie Seybold and Janet Lukehart; and Trinitarians Katie Becker, and Anna Busby—and of course Deacon Rita for your long-time service of so many kinds! In September, dedicated TEST Members Vashti Winterburg and David Severance replaced spotlight bulbs with energy-efficient CFLs in the canister ceiling lights in the Parish Hall. We want to thank all at Trinity who, when in charge of hospitality on Sunday mornings (or whenever), set out the re-usable cups, plates, and eating utensils—and wash up afterward using the dishwasher—so that single-use, throw-away polystyrene/plastic is kept at a minimum at Trinity! TEST Members make an effort to help with cleanup and dishwashing after Coffee Hour, especially on the third Sunday of each month. Service and Participation in E arth-F riendly E fforts O utside T rinity: On April 14, several TEST Members and Trinitarians marched in the Lawrence Earth Day Parade, carrying earth-care signage we created in 2011. TEST Members personed a booth in South Park, where we shared information with passers-by, played recycle-toss games, and painted children’s faces with  butterflies, flowers—crashing race cars (by a renegade TEST Friend). Special thanks to many, including Alice Weis; Alison, Craig, Arianna, and Mikayla Myers-Arenth; Austin Turney; and Fr. Rob and Abby Baldwin—for their special work at the booth. April 28, TEST Member Alice Weis attended “Sowing and  Reaping: Christian Perspectives on Food & Agriculture,” a forum at Ecumenical Campus  Ministries at KU. In May, some were privileged to catch a TV viewing of the episode, filmed partly at Trinity in 2011, of “Earth—the User’s Manual,” in which Dave Owen and Fr. Rob  appeared, speaking of Episcopal-style, faith-based earth stewardship. On June 12, two TEST Members attended the “First Annual” Dinner and Meeting of Kansas Interfaith Power and Light,  at which Dave Owen was commemorated as the first Chairman of Kansas IPL Steering Committee.   Ellyn Owen received the certificate in Dave’s honor.  Our friend Eileen Horn,  current Lawrence/Douglas County Sustainability Coordinator, was also honored, for her leadership as the first Director of Kansas IPL. Speaker at the meeting was Dr. Karl Brooks, KU professor and EPA Region VII Administrator. In June, TEST Secretary Ellyn Owen emailed all Deputies from the Diocese of Kansas to the Episcopal Church’s General Convention (July 5–12, Indianapolis), urging them to vote in favor of environmentally-focused resolutions. We are pleased that several of these resolutions passed. In September, TEST Member Austin Turney -45-

reported to us on a meeting he had attended regarding the formation of the “Lawrence Ecological  Team United in Sustainability”—or “LETUS—headed by the Rev. Thad Holcombe, Director of Ecumenical Campus Ministries, at KU, to unite local faith groups for “advocacy and parish  actions.”  Austin has continued to be Trinity/TEST’s representative to this group, with Alice  Weis now as backup. A main project of LETUS is to bring to Lawrence, in early 2013, three renowned ecologically focused theologians as community speakers. Watch for further details in TEST Tidbits and Sunday bulletins. Four TEST Members (Ellyn Owen, Chris Worley, Jerry and Nancy Hanson) and Ellyn’s earth-care-minded friend Marcy from Colorado, attended the Land Institute’s 34th Annual Prairie Festival, near Salina, September 28–30. We were privileged to hear words of wisdom from renowned earth advocate/author Dr. Wendell Berry; success stories of the sustainable-community Oberlin Project, from Dr. David Orr, Distinguished Prof. of Environmental Studies and Politics at Oberlin College, Ohio; and, from P. Sainath, awardwinning journalist from India, the desperate plight of rural small farmers in India, driven from sustainable agriculture by the behemoths of the genetically engineered mono-crop industry. On Saturday, October 13, at the request of current Kansas IPL Director Moti Rieber, TEST Members Ellyn Owen and Nancy Hanson presented a “Greening Your Consciousness” workshop  at Unity Church, Wichita, learning also a few things from that parish’s already thriving Green  Team. Considerable effort during the year was put into formulating a “petition/resolution”  urging the Diocese to “build green” in expanding the facilities and curriculum of the School for  Ministry. Some signatures were collected, but time restraints cut short the effort, and the project is as yet incomplete. F undraising: Through the generosity of a Team Member, TEST is privileged to work on one annual fundraising project: helping Vashti Winterburg produce and sell her seasonally anticipated Christmas Plum Puddings.  It’s a fun project!  We gathered in the Parish Hall on the  afternoon of Sunday, November 18, for the “dreaded stem plucking”—carefully sorting through boxes of currants and golden raisins to remove intrusive stems. Saturday morning, November 24, we gathered in the kitchen for the exciting “goo mixing”—peeling, grating, chopping, measuring ingredients into large bowls, seasoning the event with shared stories, wry comments, and laughter. TEST Members help take orders on Sunday mornings in late November and early December, Vashti works her magic with the puddings, and they are ready for delivery right before Christmas. Vashti generously donates all proceeds to TEST. Use of F unds: TEST began the tradition several years ago of donating unused funds at year’s  end to support ongoing efforts of selected local, national, and international non-profit organizations that support sound earth-care policies as a main function of their work. In January 2012, from funds received during 2011, TEST donated as follows: $100 to K2K; $100 to Operation Wildlife; $100 to Kansas IPL; $100 to Episcopal Relief and Development; $100 to Kansas Riverkeeper; $50 to the local Sustainable Action Network; and $50 to Union of Concerned Scientists (international providers of trustworthy scientific data on the environment). From June to October, TEST also donated as follows: $25 to support filming of Annie Leonards’ new video, “The Story of Change,” in which she suggests ways to tame our consumption-based lives and economy; $100 to Hidden Valley Camp, for a commemorative brick, honoring “David H. Owen, Earth Steward,” on the butterfly pathway, $50 to the Land  Institute; and $50 to Sustainable Sanctuary Coalition (a Greater Kansas City, faith-based, earthcare network). We were also happy to be able to provide some financial support to Chris Worley, to attend the EcoJustice Immersion Experience: Episcopal Leadership Institute for -46-

Young Adults, in Seattle, Washington, August 25–30. Chris reported on his inspiring experiences at the conference, at the September TEST meeting. Although amounts are not yet determined (and depend on proceeds from the 2012 Plum Pudding sales), TEST Members decided, at our December party/meeting, to make end-of-year donations to Episcopal Relief and Development, Lawrence Ecological Team United in Sustainability (LETUS), Kansas Interfaith Power and Light, and Greenfaith. Also, largely through generous donations from a TEST member, the Team will be donating $450 toward much-needed, energy-efficient, new windows in the kitchen. Some Ideas Raised in 2012 but T abled for F uture Consideration/A ction:  Help form a “TEST Junior” at Trinity.  Establish environmental information rack/basket at Trinity to share enviro info that TEST Members receive.  Sponsor Ferdouz Cochran, Ph.D. student in environmental studies, to speak at an Adult Forum or other venue at Trinity.  Help with a Lenten presentation of “Voluntary Simplicity,” a five-week study of ways to live a more satisfying, less-stuff-centered life.  Revive efforts on a Survey of green actions in parishes in the Diocese, with report to the Bishop. For More Information A bout T rinity E nvironmental Stewardship T eam, please contact Nancy Hanson, Chair; Ellyn Owen, Secretary; Sue Shackelford, Treasurer; Garth Burns, Spiritual Coordinator; or any TEST Member, including Chris Worley, Vashti Winterburg, Alice Weis, Austin Turney, David Severance, Susie Nightingale, Craig Myers-Arenth, Pat Miller, Brian Jones, or Jerry Hanson. To see ourselves as one with all creation, and as the intended caretakers of the earth, is to see ourselves as God created us to be. To live as creative lovers of the earth is to live in the image of God—the Creator and Lover of the earth. To make it our priority to respect and preserve biodiversity and the integrity and balance of nature is to place the will of God above our own selfish desires. To seek and commune with God in nature is to follow the example of our Lord Jesus, and to celebrate humbly his incarnation into our physical substance—the dust of the earth. To make every effort to preserve a thriving, healthy natural environment is to love our neighbors as ourselves. That is why our Team motto continues to be “Caring for the environment-it’s a Christian thing to do!” V acation Bible School Rachel Schwaller The 2012 VBS was June 25-29, and our theme was Abundant Life. The children learned that through Jesus Christ, we all receive abundant life, and because of what we have received, we must, in turn, give abundance and love to the world. Helping them on this journey was the puppet, Colby the Caterpillar, and his garden friends. The Parish Hall and downstairs classroom area was decorated as a garden and underground tunnel, with roots and black light. During the week, the children operated in teams named after garden vegetables, and attended “classes”, which taught Bible stories and Bible verses. They gardened, sang songs, and played games – all with the same garden and abundance theme. VBS was given a $1,000 budget, and it spent $682.41. Nineteen children pre-registered; however, throughout the week, VBS had over 25 children, K-5th grade. VBS would like to give a big thank-you to the puppet team (Father Rob Baldwin, Brad Eldridge and Colin Murphy), and the 28 other volunteers who served as teachers, decorators, snack preparers, clean-up crews, and group leaders. We would also like to thank Trinity for hosting VBS, and allowing it to store its materials in a downstairs classroom. -47-

Youth G roup T yler K er r Kicking off the school year, the Youth Group started with a welcome barbecue. A few youth from Trinity, along with their parents, attended the event. We started the year holding Youth Group at 7:00 p.m., Sunday evenings. This turned out to be a problem for all involved, so we moved the time to 6:00 p.m. Youth Group now perfectly lines up with the Solemn High Mass, held at 6:00 p.m. Sunday evenings, allowing for our kids to have a meal following nearly every Youth Group. This also gives parents the option to attend that Service. Our average attendance is around 10, with a maximum one Sunday of 15 youth. Our youth are bringing their friends to Youth Group, allowing them to come closer to God's Word, while having fun. On November 30th, we held a lock-in at Trinity; had 12 youth in attendance; and three adults. Trinity provided the youth with snacks throughout the night. We played games, watched movies, and relaxed downstairs, and most of us stayed up all night. The plans for the upcoming semester include another lock-in; a fun day trip for the Summer; and continuing the awesome youth program we are reviving at Trinity! OUTREACH BackSnack Program Tod Sutton and G reg H azen BackSnack is an outreach ministry of Trinity, with the mission to feed hungry kids in Lawrence. In 2012, we served as the Community Partner to eight Lawrence Public Schools (Broken Arrow, Hillcrest, Kennedy, New York, Pinckney, Quail Run, Schwegler, and Woodlawn), providing 210 children in those schools with weekend meals for 33 weeks throughout the school year. Since the Spring of 2010, Trinity has served as the Community Partner for schools in the Lawrence School District, which participate in Harvester's BackSnack Program. Harvester's is a regional community food network that began the BackSnack Program as a pilot operation in 2004, serving 30 students at one school. Today, it serves 19,000 students across 26 counties in Missouri and Kansas. Harvester's is able to do this for about $250 per child per year. We are hopeful it will be able to grow further next fall. At the beginning of the school year, Harvesters supplies backpacks to select students identified by the schools as chronically hungry. Every two weeks, Harvesters delivers food to Trinity to go into those backpacks. Once a week, Trinity volunteers take the food packs to the school, clean and fill the backpacks with the food supplied by Harvesters so that those chronically hungry children can have something extra to eat through the weekend. Most of these children are on the free, or reduced-rate lunch program at the schools. These food packages may be the best food available to them through the weekend; in some cases it may be the only food available. Trinity's role as Community Partner is to support the schools through the filling and cleaning of the backpacks and storing the food before delivery. In addition to the food supplied by Harvester's, Trinity supplements the foodstuffs with granola bars, raisins, oatmeal, and similar nutritious items as funding allows. Apples, oranges, and gloves were added to packs during the holiday season. This Program has taken nothing from Trinity's annual budget in these early years, but has had a meaningful impact on the community. In 2011 and before, we used solicited donations from inside and outside the Trinity family to fund the supplemental items we provided. In 2012, we requested a line item in the Parish Budget to support the Program, but that budget item was never spent. We have requested a similar line item in the outreach ministry budget for 2013. We thank all the volunteers who have helped throughout the year with this Program, and the active support of the Food Pantry.


C hristmas G iving for Foster C hildren V era K ing This Christmas, we had 60 Foster children for Christmas Angels from KVC. I'm happy to say all 60 angels had a wonderful and happy Christmas, thanks to Trinity. We, at Trinity, have helped KVC for the past five years, making children's Christmas wishes come true. C ursillo G roup Nancy H ause, Sue Shackleford Trinity has an active Cursillo Group, which meets every Monday morning, at 9:30 a.m., in the Church Library. If you are interested in Cursillo, and would like more information, please contact Sue Shackelford, at 843-2207; or

Holy Stir-It Men’s Group

Steve Segebrecht

K ansas 2 K enya

Steve Segebrecht

L .I.N. K . (L awrence Interdenominational Nutrition K itchen) C atherine H ale Robins Every day now, people ask me if L.I.N.K. (Lawrence Interdenominational Nutrition Kitchen) is still necessary, since the “Community Shelter has moved.”  On Tuesday, January 15, 2013, we  served, along with St. Margaret’s, 154 meals.  This is just about our average for the last few  months. There are some new people, but mostly the same group. Let me tell you about a typical guest at L.I.N.K. -- an individual I have known for some years. He is in his early forties, charming, a heart as big as the sky, and endlessly industrious, optimistic, and motivated. He also began “huffing” in an orphanage at five; is ADD/HD and dyslexic; and a long-term drug and alcohol recovery person -- clean for years. He is strong, impulsive, and often injured on the job. He has a bachelor’s degree from an area college.  He is single and intermittently employed.  He  is not a candidate for the Community Shelter, or for the programs at the Salvation Army.  “Fred”  is one step away from ever-looming disaster. If he becomes permanently disabled, or his diabetes gets out of control, or his car breaks down again, or . . .? L.I.N.K. provides him with a place to network, good food (which may help keep his diabetes in check), and another opportunity to help encourage other people to resist their additions. Truthfully, I believe that L.I.N.K. is still faithful to its original purpose: to provide a nutritious meal, a safe place for a couple of hours, human companionship, love, and respect from those of us who serve. We turn no one away . . . drunk, crazy, smelly, or old . . . as long as they respect others. We believe the addicted need food, perhaps more than the rest of us, and that the frail need our special compassion and attention. We Episcopalians serve every third Tuesday of every odd month (you can’t get much more Anglican than that!), beginning at noon in the basement of the First  Christian Church, facing 10th Street, and the now-emptied Shelter. I profoundly wish we could serve more often. THANK YOU so very, very much for your contributions to L.I.N.K., and the kindness of the office staff in producing the sign-up sheets! Despite the rising costs of food, the frenetic lives of two-job parenting households, the stiff joints of the elderly preparing and delivering food on limited budgets, our Parishioners are stalwart in providing a very much looked-forward-to meal for these folks. Guests know who we are and that our food and hearts are good. THANK YOU! Where do our homeless clients go for a safe night’s sleep now?  I  -49-

don’t know.  Would you or I hire them, or take them into our own homes, with the levels of  mental and physical issues that bring them to us? The least we can do is provide a good meal once every two months, read, and re-read Matthew 25:34-40. For more information about L.I.N.K., please contact Catherine Hale Robins, at 785-766-0883. Ploughman’s Lunch and Bake Sale Susan Ralston The Ploughman’s Lunch was held on Friday, November 9, 2012, from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., in the Parish Hall. Three kinds of soup, cheese, bread, and apple pie were served to many people in the community. Special thanks are given to Terry Mandel and Shirley Reese for organizing the kitchen, and for food preparations; to Susie Nightingale for heading up the serving crew; and to Anne Patterson for supervising the Bake Sale. Many other parishioners helped in the kitchen, acted as servers, and assisted with the Bake Sale. Unfortunately, this year’s profits were much  lower than past year’s profits.  Total profit was $774.07.  A donation of $500 was given to  Trinity’s Food Pantry, and $500 (from the Ploughman’s Lunch fund from previous years) was given to C.A.S.A. T rinity T reasures G roup Ger ry M iller and C harlotte M ueller th th We celebrated our 16 year on Friday, November 9 , with the Ploughman’s Lunch.  On  Saturday, November 10th, we were open from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. It was our hope that the Saturday hours would provide a time for those who are employed. Also, we provided a light lunch (free of charge). All ladies of the Trinity Treasures Group supported the Ploughman’s  Lunch and Bake Sale with items. Profit realized from the Trinity Treasures Sale in 2012 was $5,635. This profit was presented to the following groups: C.A.S.A.; the Deacon’s Assistance  F und; H ealth C are A ccess; K ansas School for Religion; L .I.N. K .; M idnight Farms–C . L . O .; Salvation A rmy; T rinity Food Pantry; V isiting Nurses Association; W illow C reek C enter for Women; and W arm H earts. The following volunteers worked all year, donating their time and talents: Bev Benso, M argaret Bearse, M arilyn Dowell, M ary E merson, C arol F rancis, Joanne Feist, C heryl F lessing, Nancy H ause, Pat K ehde, K aren L ind, Ger ry M iller, C harlotte M ueller, M ary Mozingo, H arlanne Roberts, Jeannot Seymour, Pam Simons, M ary Smith, M ary Stauffer, A nn W alton, A nna C arol W right, and M ary Lou W right. We would welcome any one who would be interested in our group to join us every Thursday morning, from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon, February through November. Also, we are making a quilt this year. Anyone interested in hand-quilting? We extend our hearty thanks to everyone for their support. Thank you to all the shoppers! St. Petca’s Guild Patricia H enshall St. Petca's Guild currently meets on the second Monday of the month, at 7:00 p.m., in the Parish Library, for the purpose of working on needlework and other craft projects. This year, members of St. Petca’s Guild donated articles to the Trinity Treasures Sale, as they have for the past  several years. The Guild also enjoyed its yearly Christmas Tea. Anyone who would like to learn how to knit, crochet, or do other handwork, or who would like to spend time with other “crafts  people” is invited to attend our monthly meetings.  Please email Patricia Henshall, at, if you have any questions.


T rinity Interfaith Food Pantry Ray W ilbur, Bar ry Molineux, Sue Shackelford, Rachel Schwaller, C arol A rmstrong, Louise E cord, and Josh Johnston Our mission is to provide food to people who are hungry in Lawrence and Douglas County. Our ministry seeks to serve Christ by giving to those who are hungry with the support of the parishioners of Trinity Episcopal Church, First United Methodist Church, Trinity Lutheran Church, Saint John The Evangelist Catholic Church, and Saint Margaret’s Episcopal Church. The need for food from TIFP remains significant: The need for food assistance in Douglas County is considerable, based upon studies in Kansas indicating that while Douglas County has an average unemployment rate for Kansas counties it is in the second highest bracket of poverty and food insecurity. And, despite having one of the highest brackets of food insecurity in Kansas, it is in one of the lowest brackets of those receiving SNAP-(USDA Food and Nutrition Program). One of the many results of these studies is that joblessness and homelessness does not correlate to food insecurity. Given this clear and demonstrable gap between income and poverty limits imposed by other programs and full food security, TIFP represents an essential outlet for feeding the 49% of food insecure families. TIFP gave food to its patrons 102 days this year and served: 9,592 (3,491 households). Children: 3,644 (38%) Adults: 5,419 (56%) Seniors: 529 (6%) 45% of this food was purchased locally. 55% of this food was in-kind donations, donations from Just Food, and food purchased at a discount by Harvesters. 1,275 loaves of bread were donated by a parishioner from Trinity Episcopal Church reducing expenses by $ 1,400.00 and making that money available for purchase of other foods. Each bag of groceries given to a household has a retail value of $ 20.50. Total food purchases in 2012: $ 26,273.60; Food purchased locally: $13,451.97; Food purchased from Harvesters: $ 12,821.63; approximate total value of groceries (from all food sources and donations) distributed to our patrons: $ 70,595.00; Overall budget and expenses for TIFP: 70% of TIFP’s financial budget comes from donations  and memorials given throughout the year by partner churches and a large percentage of the retail value of the food distributed came from donated food through our partner churches and food drives. 51% of the total expenses for the 2012 year were at local business and not at Harvesters. This is due mostly to food unavailability at food banks (Harvesters and Just Food). We would like this number to be lowered significantly. Food for TIFP is donated and purchased from many sources: We receive an abundant supply of food from direct donation from the congregation of Trinity, our partner churches, Just Food, community groups, and individuals. We order food directly from Harvesters. Food items received are shelved by category so that our patrons may select foods easily. Volunteers help explain our system to visitors and help the patrons organize and bag their food choices. Each family receives about $20.00 worth of groceries which can provide up to twelve meals. It is enough food to help a family get through a month, or help a family conserve money for other purposes. It is not enough to create dependency or discourage initiative. Volunteers maintain Trinity Interfaith Food Pantry: A total of 90 volunteers served in different capacities throughout 2012—picking up food from Just Food, picking up food from partner churches, serving in the food pantry on Tuesdays and Saturdays, making food purchases, sorting, stocking and restocking food in the pantry, and cleaning the pantry. Volunteers are from Trinity Church, partner churches, churches in Lawrence, Canterbury House at KU, Bishop Seabury Academy, Community Living Organization, and people from the community. Activities during 2012 included: --Student, faculty, and families of Bishop Seabury Academy with the guidance of Fr. Patrick Funston produced 2,400 individual packets of laundry detergent to distribute to the patrons. --A Trinity Interfaith Food Pantry Group composed of six people including a Food Manager, Volunteer Coordinator, Grant Writer and Fund Raiser, Communication Liaisons, and, recently, a Treasurer began meeting on a monthly basis to coordinate and share responsibilities. --A computer database was created from existing records to manage information on patrons, households, and frequency of visits. Reports of patrons’ visits  -51-

can be generated easily with the software which is useful for information on the food pantry. The launching of this database software was initiated by two volunteers and supported by several volunteers entering the data. ---Grants were written in 2012 and submitted to two foundations in Lawrence, along with two grant progress reports for the grants received in 2011. ---A “Fund  Raising Planning Committee: with goals for developing fund raising activities for the food pantry with the partner churches was initiated. We are grateful to all who donate food, who donate money for buying food, who bring food, who pick up food, who give food -- and on a daily basis -- we seek the wisdom and love of God to extend to “all the families of the earth,”  who happen our way. V intage Sale M ary Mozingo and Bev Benso There was no Trinity Treasures Vintage Sale in 2012. However, mark your calendars for Friday, April 12th and Saturday, April 13th, when we will be back in action. On Friday night there will be an admission charge, and we will offer wine and cheese, as well as the first chance to shop. Saturday, we will be open all day with no admission charge. The Vintage Sale started as a small department of the Trinity Treasures' Sale at the Ploughman's Lunch in November. However, it grew and grew, both in size and popularity, until the group decided it needed to stand alone. And, unlike the November sale when our profits are distributed to worthy causes throughout Douglas County, profits from the Vintage Sale are given to the Church. This year, we have decided to give our earnings to the Trinity Organ Fund. This is by no means a "church rummage sale." We are given some wonderful items by church members and friends of church members. Some of our merchandise is old and valuable, some is utilitarian, some is quirky - it's always fun to see what will come our way. This year we've been promised some very old Haviland China! For more information, please contact Mary Mozingo, 856-8085, or Bev Benso, 842-3575. PA R ISH L I F E B randon Woods E ucharist Dick T racy, Rita T racy, T he Reverend Rob Baldwin On the second Thursday of each month, at 10:00 a.m., Father Rob Baldwin, assisted by Deacons Rita and Dick Tracy, offer a service of Holy Eucharist and Healing for the residents of Brandon Woods Retirement Community. Judy Heller plays the piano, and Diana Dyal plays the flute, so that we may enjoy hymns in our Service. Everyone is invited, and quite a few persons of other denominations, in addition to Episcopalians, attend this Service. This Service keeps us in touch with a number of our Parishioners, who are unable to regularly attend Sunday Services at Trinity. E piscopal C hurch Women (E C W) T er ry M andle Trinity Episcopal Church Women (ECW) was re-established in late 2011. All women of Trinity Episcopal Church, and any other women who are interested, are invited to participate in ECW activities. The purpose of ECW is to encourage all women of the Parish to the vision of the Church through a program of worship, study, service, gifts, and fellowship, to the end that each woman may find her place in the Parish family, and in the mission of the Church. During 2012, ECW By-Laws were written and adopted. Officers and Committee Chairs were elected or appointed. In addition to the organizational meetings, the women participated in a baby shower and a Welcome Brunch for Mother Susan Terry.   In December, members participated in “Soup  and Sanity”, a delicious soup luncheon with time for visiting, quiet time and reflection.  A  -52-

workshop on Anglican Rosaries was also held, where members could make their own Anglican Rosary, and learn of the various ways to use the rosary during their prayer time. A successful United Thank Offering (UTO) was conducted by Elaine Perry, UTO Chairwoman. Anyone wanting more information about ECW, and the opportunity to participate, can contact Terry Mandle at 785-766-0673, or E ucharistic V isitors and Pastoral C are T eam Dick and Rita T racy The Eucharistic Visitors take bread and wine from the Holy Eucharist to members of our Parish, who are prevented by age or long-term physical condition, from attending Sunday Services. Many of these Parishioners live in retirement homes, but some are still in their own homes. We try to make sure that each person is visited at least once per month. Deacons Dick and Rita Tracy train and supervise the Eucharistic Visitors and schedule the visits. Members of the Pastoral Care Team do not take the communion out, but they visit shut-ins on a regular basis. These ministries provide contact with the Church and feedback to the Clergy. In 2012, the Eucharistic Visitors and the Deacons made 86 visits to our Parishioners. We would like to thank Ray Segebrecht, Brian Haupt, Austin Turney, Diana Dyal, Don Warders, and Janine Meston for their work in these ministries. Morning Prayer T he Reverend Rob Baldwin Prayers are read in the Chapel, on Monday and Tuesday mornings, at 9:00 a.m. Readings may include Prayers of the People; readings from the Book of Common Prayer ; readings about specific Saints; and readings which commemorate Holy Days. The Chapel is located in the Matthews Center, and everyone is welcome to attend. Prayer C hain Colette Bangert Our Trinity Prayer Chain consists of 34 parishioners who pray daily for people in need of prayers. We exist to support those who need prayer: the sick, the hospitalized, the suffering and troubled, those offering thanksgivings, praise or special intentions, and the departed. We also pray supporting our Parish Clergy, Office Staff, Vestry Members, and Trinity Episcopal Church itself. The individuals who give us the names we pray are the heart and soul of our Prayer Chain. This September our Chain Get Together was hosted by Colette Bangert. We socialize during our annual meetings, while we work toward refining the Prayer Chain. This year, we have found ourselves blessed by well-functioning Chains, new people being added to the Chains, and ample support from Trinity itself. Our Prayer Chain has three Chains and Leaders: E llyn O wen continues leading the Hope Chain. Yet Joan Ring, who is a long-time member of the Hope Chain, was the Acting Chain Leader, while Ellyn took personal time off. M argaret Bearse continues to lead the Faith Chain. Diana Dyal leads the Peace Chain. We retired her Strength Chain into the now-enlarged Peace Chain, which Sidney Sutton led. The Prayer Chain is grateful for the prayer leadership of Sidney Sutton, who retired from leading the Peace Chain. The Hope Chain leadership for much of 2012, Joan Ring, was a great and a wonderful blessing for the Prayer Chain and Trinity Episcopal Church. We continue being thankful for the ongoing help to the Prayer Chain from Deacons Rita and Dick Tracy, Marilyn Bean and the Parish Office Staff, and our Rector Rob Baldwin, with his super enthusiasm and active support of Trinity Episcopal Church’s prayer life.


Hospitality and K itchen Committee Shirley Reese The kitchen seems to always be the hub of activity throughout the year. Sunday Morning Happenings are due to many folks who volunteer their time, money, and talent. The calendar always needs new names added to it. So, if you have a Sunday available -- please check the sign-up sheet in the kitchen. Two or three friends working together make a happy time. C heryl F lessing and Barbara Roehl are the two angels who clean the kitchen each Monday morning. It’s always helpful to them to walk into a tidy place. Many other activities throughout the year call for the kitchen involvement. So, be prepared to volunteer when the need arises! Your help is needed and appreciated.

Steve Segebrecht

Pump’n Pray Men’s Group

W ednesdays at T rinity T he Reverend Rob Baldwin Each Wednesday evening, at 6:30 p.m., Trinity hosts a casual service in its Parish, followed by a meal and fellowship. The service alternates weekly between a Eucharist and Evening Prayer, and celebrates the feast day of the saint for that day. Following the service and dinner, there is a Bible or Book Study, at 7:30 p.m. In 2012, the classes covered topics, including particular books of the Bible, such as 1 Corinthians, as well as passages of Scripture following a common theme, e.g. Grace. These Classes are ongoing throughout the year, and change topics regularly, so check Trinity's e-newsletter for updates. Everyone is welcome to attend the Service, Dinner, and Class, or any portion thereof. W O RSH IP A colytes B rian H aupt During the 2012 calendar year, Acolytes and Vergers served at the Altar for Trinity’s Services, at 10:30 a.m. Most services were served by one Verger and four Acolytes. Those participating were A bby Baldwin, A lex Baldwin, O liver Cochran, B randon Cole, Jesse Cox, G eoffrey K eys, Rebekah K eys, Josh M ilota, Courtney Pitts, Z achary Pitts, Isaac Seybold, K aty W ard, M ateo W ills, and M ia W ills, as A colytes; Joan Ring, David Severance, B rian H aupt, as Vergers. Thanks also go to the parents of the Acolytes for their continuous support throughout the year. The Acolyte Corps participated in training sessions, a spring picnic, and a winter game night, in addition to the many services. Thanks also to Father Rob for leading the training sessions. A ltar G uild Joan Ring For the Altar Guild, 2012 was a year that will be remembered for a wonderful increase in the number of Baptisms – babies, children and adults. Baptisms at Trinity happen at times that work best for the family – there were Baptisms at three services in Advent. Altar Guild preparation involves setting out in the chancel the silver bowl on the pedestal, the Paschal Candle, the ewer filled with warm water, special towels embroidered with a shell, as well as the silver shell for the water of Baptism, and the chrism stock with oil for anointing. A sea shell and a candle are given to remember this spiritual event. And we must not forget the brush that Fr. Rob uses to sprinkle water of Baptism on all the children gathered to watch. Setting up for a Baptism is a rewarding -54-

task for the Altar Guild. We look forward to many more baptisms in 2013! The Guild is made of three teams who prepare the Chancel and the Altar for the two Sunday Morning Services, and the evening Solemn High Mass Service. Members of Team A are: M elinda Mc K night (C aptain), Nancy H ause, Barbara H averty, K aren K eim, Jennifer Sanner, Sue Shackelford, and G ail V an Loenen. Members of Team B are: K atie Becker (C aptain), Nora C lar k, C heryl F lessing, Nancy H aggart, C harlotte M ueller, Shirley Reese, Joan Ring, and M arty Smith. Members of Team D are: C arl E dwards (C aptain), M argaret Bearse, W innie Getto (E merita), C arol H atton, K atherine M c G illivray, Donna O lson, Melissa Padgett, and L ynn Segebrecht. The Team for the Solemn High Mass Service includes: G lenna K leinkauf, K atherine F airchild, and Connie Price, with assistance from C arl E dwards and B rian H aupt. For the monthly Thursday Eucharist at Brandon Woods, M arilyn Dowell assists the Clergy with preparing for this service. Thank you to all for your dedication and willingness to serve. New members are always welcome. Anyone interested in being a part of Trinity’s Altar  Guild, please contact Fr. Rob, 843-6166; or Joan Ring, 842-5544. A ltar F lowers Committee Pat K ehde The Altar Flower Guild has five members: A nn E lizabeth Bishop, Pat K ehde, Ger ry M iller, Pam Paden and M ary Stauffer, who take turns arranging flowers for the Altar every Sunday, except for the season of Lent. We join together during Advent to arrange the Advent Wreath and Altar Greens; and at Christmas, we decorate the entire Church. Before Palm Sunday we order palms for the members of Trinity, and for Easter we decorate the Nave, and provide flowers for the children. In addition, for the past two years, children have volunteered to make bouquets for the Altar for Mother’s Day.  As an ongoing ministry, we clean the Altar, the Flower Sacristy, and the Nave after every Sunday and every holiday. In addition, we arrange flowers for funerals during the year. We will gladly do flowers for special occasions, such as anniversaries, birthdays, or weddings. We ask that the requests for these special occasions come to us with at least a week to spare, and that the folks requesting the flowers pay in advance. We buy the fresh flowers weekly from various sources: grocery stores, florists, and farmer’s markets, and we use flowers from our own gardens or from friends’ gardens.  We use vases or containers that are in  the Flower Room, and make sure that they are in good condition and clean. People who are requesting flowers for a memorial or for the Sunday services, should sign up on the Altar Flower Calendar in the Parish Hall, or sign up in the office. Please put your name on the appropriate date; fill out a form; and take the form and money to the office. A minimum donation of $35 is greatly appreciated. We have plenty of room for flowers on the Altar, so if you wish to choose a Sunday, and someone else has already chosen that day, we can accommodate both requests, if both parties are agreeable. We are happy to celebrate the many gifts of the Lord with one of the greatest gifts of all: flowers. G reeters and Membership Committee Shirley Reese The task of Greeters is simple . . . a cheerful greeting at the door on Sunday mornings is all that is required. Smiling faces are at each door. It is our mission to show hospitality to our faithful members, and to any newcomers. We particularly like to meet new folks and make them welcome at Trinity. We always encourage them to join us for the reception following the service. We also like to follow up on any names that are signed on a Welcome Card. All Trinitarians are a part of the Greeting Committee, whether you stand at the door, or sit next to a new person in the pews. Your participation is welcome and very important. -55-

L ectors, Intercessors, and C halice Bearers C aroline Howard I have really enjoyed taking on the organization of the lay ministers for the Sunday morning services at Trinity. It has proven to be a wonderful opportunity to get to know more of the wonderfully active Parishioners, who serve as Lectors, Intercessors, and Chalice Bearers for our congregation. I took over officially from Marty Smith last September, and it has been a good 4½ months, with lots of patience from those I have been scheduling – thank you for your help while I've learned the process! I am looking forward to a smoother future of organizing the lay ministers, as I have now graduated from KU, and I will have more time to work with this program. My one petition for the New Year is for more volunteers to serve as Chalice Bearers for the 10:30 a.m. Service. Several of our long-time Chalice Bearers have had to retire from the roster -- some temporarily -- but some permanently. I am so grateful for their wonderful service for so long! Unfortunately, this means that the remaining Chalice Bearers are rather overbooked. If you are interested in serving as a Chalice Bearer for the 10:30 a.m. Service, or if you are interested in serving in any other lay ministry role, please contact me at (620) 704-0228, to let me know. I pray for a blessed 2013 for our Church Community! T rinity A dult C hoir Doug L awrence Following the departure of Former Choir Director, Henry Heller Smith, just prior to Easter, Judy H eller became the Interim Director, and for many months, led the choir skillfully and with great devotion through the search period leading to my appointment to the permanent position in October. I have been a dedicated church musician for more than 40 years. The Adult Choir, made up primarily of members of the Trinity congregation, also attracts those who are interested in music; are curious about the culture and tradition of the Episcopal Church; or simply want to “sample” the life of Trinity in this unique ministry. All are, of course, welcome to come into our fellowship. Our belief is that God has a plan for our lives (Jeremiah 29:11), and that the Choir is just one vehicle for discovering that blueprint. The Choir said goodbye to its beloved Director of Music, Emeritus, James S. Ralston, in November, following a long illness. Jim served Trinity for 35 years. It was his diligence and commitment that helped build the fine reputation of the Trinity Choir, and, indeed, the entire ministry of the church. Members of the Choir and alums from past years sang at his Memorial Eucharist Service on November 17, 2012. I took the Choir through my first Christmas at Trinity (a lovely F estival of Carols, which concluded their liturgical year on Christmas Eve), with a desire to continue its excellent tradition and help shape its future. I believe that what lies ahead will hold new and exciting experiences for the Choir Family and the church as a whole. T rinity Consort C hoir F ilippa Duke The Trinity Consort Choir had a wonderful year, and welcomed several new members. The Choir resumed rehearsals for our first Solemn High Mass of the Fall of 2012, on September 16th, under the direction of Filippa Duke. Mark Stotler served as the organist and accompanist for the Choir. Wednesday rehearsals continued in the traditional 7:30-9:00 p.m. timeslot. The Choir prepared anthems, service music, psalmody, and Anglican Chant for the weekly Mass. Sylvia Forbes graciously continued the preparation of the bulletin. The highlight of our year was the Annual Service of Lessons and Carols, on December 9, 2012. Readers from all three of the Sunday Services, as well as representatives from a variety of age groups, were chosen to read the nine lessons. Several members of the Morning Choir, as well as instrumentalists, joined the Consort for the Service, which was extremely well-attended by members of Trinity. A final Advent Evensong was offered on December 16, 2012, before the Service began its winter break. -56-

We are looking forward to welcoming several new members in the upcoming year, as we begin 2013 with an Epiphany Evensong. The Choir would like to invite anyone interested in joining the Consort to contact Filippa Duke, at T rinity C horisters Children’s C hoir Susan Ralston Trinity Choristers completed another successful year of singing an anthem once a month at the 10:30 a.m. service. Currently, there are 10-12 choristers participating on a regular basis. Choristers consist of youth from age eight through sixth grade. Pizza parties were held in June and December, along with caroling at the Castle Tea Room for the Holy Stir-It Christmas Party. Trinity Choristers also participated in the Christmas Pageant, and are responsible for most of the solos. In addition to working on anthems and vocal skills during rehearsal, music theory is also included in most rehearsals. Rehearsals are not held during the summer months. New Choristers are always welcome, and may join at any time. A Chorister needs to be at least eight years old, be able to match a singing pitch, and should have good reading skills. Please contact Susan Ralston, if interested. Ushers

Jer ry H anson I want to thank all of you who have served in the usher ministry this past year and are willing to carry on in the New Year. The Ministry as described by Paul Getto, a longtime member of the Parish and Senior Usher for many years, was: The Ushers are members of the Parish who provide an important service to our worship experience. They are there before you arrive, and stay after you have left! They welcome members and visitors of the Parish, along with the Greeters and are also available to answer any questions or concerns, and they are instant responders for any emergency. Each week when you arrive at Trinity, you are presented with the bulletin for the week. The Ushers are responsible for taking an accurate count of those worshipping, and following each service, the Ushers make certain that the pews are cleared of papers, returning the books to the pews, accounting for the gifts of the offering, locking the doors, recovering the flag, and making the Church ready for the next event. Your Parish needs your help! We have lost a number of Ushers in the last year, and we need replacements for the 10:30 a.m. Service. This is a job for members, regardless of the amount of time they have been with the Parish. You will be given instructions, and you will work with experienced Ushers, as needed. Singles or couples are welcome, and we can work with your schedules. At present, we need four ushers and two substitutes to fill our seven teams, which would mean that you would only have to serve once every seven weeks. If you could serve in the Parish in this capacity, please contact the Senior Usher, Jerry Hanson, at 785-842-6887; or email:


By-laws of T rinity E piscopal C hurch A dopted January 23, 2011 Section 1:

Name, Location, and A uthority


Trinity Episcopal Church is located at 1011 Vermont Street, Lawrence, Kansas 66044, with offices at 1027 Vermont Street. As a constituent part of the Diocese of Kansas and the Episcopal Church in the United States of America, it accedes to, recognizes, and adopts the General Constitution and Canons of that Church, and the Constitution and Canons of the Diocese of Kansas, and acknowledges the authority of the same. These By-laws shall be interpreted in their plain and literal sense, except that words of male gender shall also imply the female gender.


The General Constitution of the Episcopal Church and the Constitution and Canons of the Diocese of Kansas shall be used to define terms within these By-laws.


In the event that procedures are not covered by Canons, such procedures shall then be governed by Roberts Rules of Order .

Section 2:

T he A nnual Parish Meeting and O ther Parish Meetings


The Annual Parish meeting shall be held during the month of January. All adult Communicants, who are 16 years or older, and in good standing, as determined by the Rector, shall be entitled to vote. At the Annual Meeting, the Vestry shall provide an accounting of the Parish finances and property for the past year, and elections shall be held for Wardens, Vestry Members, and other offices as described below.


Notice of such Annual Parish Meeting, and of such elections, shall be given during public service upon the two Sundays before such an election, or by written announcement in a Parish newsletter or Sunday Notes publication. Other Parish Meetings may be called by the Rector and/or Vestry with proper advance notice.


Those members attending shall constitute a quorum for the business transactions of any Parish meeting. Voting shall be by ballot, and a plurality of the votes cast shall be necessary for election. Absentee ballots are not permitted.


The Rector of the Parish, if there be one, shall preside at all regular meetings of the Parish.

Section 3: T he V estry and T rustees of the Parish Corporation a.

Title and Responsibilities: The Rector, Wardens, and Vestry Members, collectively called the “Vestry�, are the Trustees, corporate and politic; and when there shall be a vacancy in the Rectorship, the same rights are vested in the Wardens and Vestry Members. The Vestry shall transact all temporal business of the Parish, and take charge -58-

of all its property, subject to the provisions of the Constitutions and Canons of the National Episcopal Church and the Diocese. In accordance with the diocesan canons (Sec 5a of Canon IV. 5) the Wardens and Vestry members shall share with the Rector a concern and responsibility for the mission, ministry, and spiritual life of the Parish. b.

Membership: The Vestry shall consist of the Rector and twelve (12) Vestry Members, which shall include the Senior Warden and the Junior Warden.


Vestry Meetings: A majority of the whole Vestry shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

Section 4:

E lections and O fficers; V estry Meetings; Nominating Committee; Diocesan Convention Delegates/Convocation Representatives; E ndowment Board


The Wardens and Members of the Vestry shall be elected annually at the Annual Parish Meeting. Only Confirmed Communicants in good standing of this Parish, who are eligible to vote at Parish Meetings, may be elected as Wardens, Members of the Vestry, Diocesan Convention Delegates/Convocation Representatives, or any other elected Parish Office. The candidate receiving a majority of the votes cast at the Meeting shall be elected.


Except to fill the unexpired term of another Member, Members of the Vestry shall be elected for three-year terms, with one-third (or as near to that portion as may be) of the Members of the Vestry being elected each year. A Member of the Vestry will be eligible for reelection if he or she has served continuously for fewer than six years, and will be elected for a term that does not result in continuous service of more than six years. Otherwise, a Member of the Vestry will not be eligible for reelection until the expiration of one year from the completion of his or her current term.


The Wardens shall be selected annually from among the Members of the Vestry. The Rector shall appoint the Senior Warden. The Vestry shall select the Junior Warden. Each shall hold office for not more than three successive, one-year terms. A Warden shall not be eligible to be elected again as a member of the Vestry until after the expiration of one year from the date he or she completes the most recent period of service, whether for one or more successive terms. In the event of a vacancy occurring in the office of either Warden, the Vestry shall have power to fill the vacancy.


The Vestry, at its first Meeting after the Annual Parish Meeting, shall elect a Clerk of the Vestry, and a Parish Treasurer, both of whom must be qualified electors in the Parish, but need not be Members of the Vestry. The Treasurer shall keep an accurate book of accounts, and shall submit to the Vestry a monthly statement of receipts, disbursements, cash, or equivalent on hand, in such form as the Vestry shall direct. In addition, the Treasurer shall prepare and submit to the Bishop and the Trustees for their approval all such reports and other financial information as may be required from time to time. The Clerk of the Vestry shall take Minutes of all Meetings of the Vestry, and shall cause such Minutes to be promptly circulated and maintained.



In the event that a Member of the Vestry shall fail, for a period of three consecutive months, to attend Vestry Meetings, the Vestry shall give written notice to such Member that failure to attend the next regular meeting, or to provide satisfactory reason for failure to attend, shall be evidence of his/her inability or lack of desire to serve. In such case, if the member does not attend the next Meeting, and does not provide reason satisfactory to a majority of the other Members of the Vestry, the Vestry shall declare the office vacant, and notify the Member of its action. Whether a reason is satisfactory will be determined at the sole discretion of the Vestry.


Vacancies occurring on the Vestry may be filled by the Vestry until the next Annual Parish Meeting, at which time an election shall be held for the unexpired term or terms. A Member of the Vestry, so appointed by the Vestry, shall be eligible for election to the Vestry.


The Vestry shall meet at least bi-monthly. It shall be the duty of every Member of the Vestry to attend regularly the Meetings of the Vestry.


Special meetings of the Vestry may be called by the Rector or upon the written request of three Members of the Vestry, including one Warden. Notice of such Meetings shall be in writing to the Members of the Vestry, not later than twenty-four (24) hours prior to the hour fixed for the Meeting, except that a Vestry Meeting may be held at any hour without notice, the Rector consenting, provided that every Member of the Vestry shall be present, either in person, or by telephone.


There shall be no Meeting of the Vestry, unless the Rector, if there is one, and a majority of the Vestry be present; provided, if the Rector is absent from the Diocese two calendar months, or if when duly notified of such Meeting, shall consent to the Meeting or decline or neglect to be present, the Vestry shall be competent to transact business, if there be a majority of the Vestry, including one Warden present.


The Nominating Committee shall consist of the outgoing Vestry Members, the Senior Warden, and two Communicants of the Parish, who are eligible to vote in Parish elections. The non-Vestry members shall be prayerfully appointed by the Vestry. The Senior Warden shall serve as Chair of the Nominating Committee. In consultation with the Rector, the Nominating Committee shall nominate at least the number of candidates required to fill the open terms on the Vestry; at least the number of candidates to fill the Office of Diocesan Convention Delegates and Alternate Convocation Representatives; and at least the number of candidates required to fill the vacant places on the Endowment Board. Nominations of persons qualified for election may also be made from the floor for any Office, except the Wardens, with the permission of the person being nominated.


Diocesan Convention Delegates/Convocation Representatives: Convention Delegates/ Convocation Representatives shall represent this Parish at the Annual Diocesan Convention, and at all the Meetings of the Convocation Board. They shall report to the Parish and Vestry on the Diocesan Convention and Convocation Board meetings within thirty (30) days of its adjournment.



Starting with the January, 1996 Annual Meeting, one Member shall be elected to the Endowment Board each year (see the By-laws of the Trinity Endowment Board).

Section 5: Policies and Procedures The Vestry, in consultation with the Staff, shall develop a Policy and Procedures Manual for the operation of Trinity Episcopal Parish. Section 6: A mendments Amendments to these By-laws must be proposed in writing, and presented to the Vestry thirty (30) days prior to any Special or Annual Parish Meeting. Before presenting any Amendments to a Special or Annual Meeting, the Amendments must be approved by the Bishop, and the Diocesan Chancellor. If the Vestry reports favorably, the Amendment or Amendments may be adopted by a majority vote at the Meeting. But, if the Vestry votes unfavorably, the Amendment or Amendments, in order to be adopted, must receive a two-thirds (2/3) vote of those present at the Special or Annual Parish Meeting. Voting must be by ballot.


By-laws of T rinity E piscopal C hurch Parish E ndowment F und A pproved by the Vestry, September 20, 1999 A pproved by the A nnual Meeting, January 16, 2000 RESOLVED that the Annual Parish Meeting of Trinity Episcopal Church, Lawrence, Kansas, duly convened in the City of Lawrence, Kansas, on January 24, 1993, does hereby establish and create a new and separate fund to be known as the Trinity Episcopal Church Endowment Fund for the purpose of supporting the mission and ministry of Trinity Episcopal Church; and be it FURTHER RESOLVED that the Trinity Episcopal Church Endowment Fund be defined, organized, and administered in accordance with the Articles attached hereto, and made part of this Resolution. I.

DEFINITION There will be established an Endowment Fund for Trinity Episcopal Church, Lawrence, Kansas, in the Diocese of Kansas, the purpose, governance, and administration of which was defined by the Annual Parish Meeting of said Parish, duly convened at Lawrence, Kansas, on January 24, 1993, with revisions approved at the Annual Parish Meeting, held on January 16, 2000. The Trinity Episcopal Church Endowment Fund is created as a separate and distinct entity within said Parish, apart from the governance and all other existing Funds of the Parish. The purpose of the Endowment Fund is to support and expand the mission and ministry of Trinity Episcopal Church.

II. ORGANIZATION There shall be five (5) voting members of the Endowment Fund Board, none of whom shall be members of the Vestry during his or her term of membership. The Church Treasurer shall serve as a non-voting, ex officio member. Three (3) members of the Endowment Fund Board shall be elected for three-year terms by the Annual Parish Meeting. Members to fill unexpired terms shall be elected at the next Annual Parish Meeting. The Vestry shall appoint two (2) members to threeyear terms. Board members may not serve more than two (2) consecutive full terms, exclusive of portions of unexpired terms. A former member shall be eligible to be elected to appointed again after one year has elapsed following his or her previous service. The Endowment Fund Board shall meet not less than semi-annually. A majority of all voting members shall constitute a quorum, and the consent of a majority of the whole number of the Board shall be necessary to carry out any motion or resolution. The Board shall elect from its own membership a Chairperson and a Treasurer. The Treasurer of the Parish shall be eligible to be elected as Treasurer of the Board. The Board may adopt rules for its work, subject to the Constitution and Canons of the Episcopal Church and the Diocese of Kansas, and the statutes and regulations of the United States and the State of Kansas. For purposes of the Internal Revenue Code, the Endowment Board shall be part of Trinity Episcopal Church, Lawrence, Kansas. The Board may request other members of the congregation to serve in an advisory capacity, and at the expense of the Endowment Fund, may provide for such legal or other professional counsel as it deems necessary. The Board shall report is actions periodically to the Vestry, and shall render a full and complete accounting of its work to each Annual Parish Meeting. -62-

The Board shall provide sufficient bond and liability insurance as may be necessary at the expense of the Endowment Fund. No Board member shall engage in any self-dealing, nor in any transactions involving the Endowment Fund in which he or she has any direct or material indirect financial interest. Every Board member shall at all times refrain from any conduct in which his or her personal interests may conflict with the interests of the Endowment Fund. The Endowment Fund may receive contributions of cash, securities of every kind, real estate, life insurance, trust instruments, personal property, and other items of value. The Board shall not be required to accept contributions which contain restrictions, or which are designated for purposes inconsistent with the stated purposes of the Endowment Fund, or the religious, moral, and ethical standards of the Episcopal Church. All assets shall be held in the name of the Trinity Episcopal Church Endowment Fund. Power to hold, buy, sell, exchange, rent, lease, transfer, convert, invest, reinvest, and in all other respects to manage and control the assets of the Endowment Fund, including stocks, bonds, debentures, notes, mortgages, or other securities, is vested in the Endowment Fund Board, to be exercised in accordance with the religious, moral, and ethical standards of the Episcopal Church. The Board shall be responsible for the investment of endowment funds, with proper regard for maintaining a balance between income, growth, and security of principal. The primary investment objective shall be attainment of a maximum total rate of return, inclusive of current income and capital appreciation, consistent with prudent regard for security of principal. Expenditures of funds from the principal of the Endowment Fund may occur only in very unusual circumstances. The Board shall not have the power to expend any portion of the principal amount of the Endowment Fund, except upon its recommendation to, and approval by, two-thirds (2/3) of those voting at an Annual or Special Parish Meeting. There shall be an annual audit of the books and accounts of the Endowment Fund performed by a Certified Public Accountant; or other audit committee appointed by the Board, and consisting of persons who are not members of the Endowment Fund Board, nor members of the Vestry. The results of each audit shall be reported promptly to the Vestry and to the Annual Parish Meeting. In the event that Trinity Episcopal Church merges with another parish, in accordance with the provisions of Canon 21 of the Diocese of Kansas, entitled “Of the Dissolution and Merging of Incorporated Parishes”, the Endowment Fund shall become the Endowment Fund of the newlymerged parish, and shall be administered in accordance with these Articles to fulfill the purposes herein defined. In the event that Trinity Episcopal Church shall be dissolved as a congregation of the Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Kansas, or otherwise terminate its relationship as a congregation of The Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America, otherwise known as the Episcopal Church, all the assess of the Endowment Fund of whatever kind shall transfer and pass to The Trustees of the Episcopal Diocese of Kansas, a Kansas Corporation, to be administered by them. III. DISTRIBUTION OF INCOME The expenditure of net income from the Endowment Fund shall be directed by the Trinity Outreach Committee. Proposals and applications for expending funds may be made to the Trinity Outreach Committee under guidelines established by the Trinity Outreach Committee. Endowment funds shall not be committed for more than one year. -63-

Trinity Episcopal Church

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Trinity Episcopal Church Annual Report, 2013  

Trinity Episcopal Church Annual Report - 2012. The annual report of Trinity Episcopal Church.

Trinity Episcopal Church Annual Report, 2013  

Trinity Episcopal Church Annual Report - 2012. The annual report of Trinity Episcopal Church.