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The Vision of T r i n ity Episcopal Church: To be One in Ch rist To Love, Listen, and Lea rn

The M ission of T r in ity Episcopal Church: To love one another as Ch rist loves us th rough: L istening and Responding to the Holy Spi rit; Welcoming and Nu r tu r ing all People; Lea rning and Teaching the Gospel; Ca ring for, and Sharing, God’s creation.

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2011 Annual Meeting Minutes…………………………………………………………………..5 Leadership and Staff of Trinity Church………………………………………………………..9 Episcopal Membership Definitions……………………………………………………………10 2012 Elections for Trinity Episcopal Church: 2012 Nominating Committee Report…………………………………………………….11 2012 Vestry Nominees…………………………………………………………………...12 2012 Diocesan Convention/Convocation Nominees…………………………………….19 2012 Endowment Board Nominees……………………………………………………...21 2011 Baptisms, Confirmations, Marriages, Memorial Services………………..……………22 Organizational Diagram of Trinity Episcopal Church………………………………………23 Ministries Structure of Trinity Episcopal Church…………………………………………...24 Ministry Reports of Trinity Episcopal Church: Clergy and Vestry:……………………………………………………………………….25 Rector Rob Baldwin Deacons Dick and Rita Tracy Deacon Steve Segebrecht Senior Warden Patricia Henshall Junior Warden Micah Seybold Administration:………………………………………………………………………….29 Office, Staff, and Volunteers Communications Team Diocesan Convention Delegates/Convocation Representatives Endowment Board Finance Committee Treasurer Discipleship:……………………………………………………………………………..52 Adult Forum Christian Classics E.F.M. (Education for Ministry) G.I.F.T. Program Library Nursery Stewardship Committee Sunday School TEST (Trinity Environmental Stewardship Team) Vacation Bible School Outreach:………………………………………………………………...60 BackSnack Program Christmas Giving for Foster Children 2

Cursillo Group Habitat for Humanity Holy Stir-It Men’s Group Kansas 2 Kenya L.I.N.K. (Lawrence Interdenominational Nutrition Kitchen) Ploughman’s Lunch and Bake Sale Trinity Treasures Group St. Petca’s Guild Trinity Interfaith Food Pantry Vintage Sale Committee Parish Life:………………………………………………………………69 Brandon Woods Eucharist Eucharistic Visitors and Pastoral Care Team Morning Prayer Prayer Chain Committee Hospitality and Kitchen Committee Pump’n Pray Men’s Group Trinity Supper Club Wednesdays at Trinity Worship:…………………………………………………………………72 Acolytes Altar Guild Altar Flowers Committee Greeters and Membership Committee Lectors, Intercessors, and Chalice Bearers Music Ministry Trinity Choristers Youth Choir Ushers By-laws of Trinity Episcopal Church…………………………………..…….77 Contact Information for Trinity…………………………………………..….81

2012 Annual Meeting Agenda Trinity Episcopal Church Sunday, January 29, 2012 12:30 p.m. 3

A Nursery will be provided. A Potluck Lunch will be enjoyed in the Parish Hall, following the 10:30 Service.

Call to Order

Rector Rob Baldwin

Opening Prayer

Rector Rob Baldwin

Declaration of Quorum

Rector Rob Baldwin

Appointment of Clerk and Parliamentarian Approval of Minutes of 2011 Annual Meeting

Rector Rob Baldwin Rector Rob Baldwin

Nominating Committee Report; Elections Rector Rob Baldwin; Senior Warden Patricia Henshall Acknowledgments and Other Business

Rector Rob Baldwin


Rector Rob Baldwin

2011 Reports from Leadership, Staff, and Parish Ministries are included in subsequent pages of this booklet.


2011 Minutes of the Annual Meeting of Trinity Episcopal Church Sunday, January 23, 2011 Call to Order and Opening Prayer The meeting was called to order in the Nave by Fr. Baldwin at 12:30 p.m. He led a prayer to open the meeting. Appointment of Clerk and Parliamentarian Fr. Baldwin asked for a motion to appoint Jerry Hanson as Parliamentarian, Maria Thompson as Clerk and Deacon Dick Tracy, Deacon Rita Tracy and Deacon Steve Segebrecht as Tellers. The motion was made and seconded, and passed by unanimous vote. Minutes of the 2010 Annual Meeting Fr. Baldwin asked for comments regarding the Minutes of the 2010 Annual Meeting. As there were none, Margaret Bearse made a motion to approve the Minutes. The motion was seconded and passed by unanimous vote. Nominating Committee Report The Nominating Committee was made up of the five outgoing Vestry members: Ellen Tracy, Jerry Hare, Donna Griffin, Garth Myers and Kent Tomlinson, as well as two at-large Parishioners, Nancy Kelley and Ann Russell. Because of the number of people who were nominated for Vestry seats, either by others or themselves, the committee developed a ballot, rather than a slate of one person per position. There are five open seats on the Vestry, four of which are for regular three-year terms, and one which is the remaining two years of an unexpired term. The top four vote-getters will take the 3-year terms, and the fifth highest will take the 2-year term. The wardens for the coming year will come from the membership of the Vestry and will be elected by the Vestry. The nominees are Patricia Henshall for Senior Warden and Micah Seybold for Junior Warden. Nominees for seats on the vestry: Emmanuel Birdling, Garth Burns, Brian Haupt, Glenna Kleinkauf, Terry Mandle, Donna McCain and Patrick Musick.Fr. Baldwin asked for nominations from the floor. There were none. Ballots were handed out; then the deacons left the meeting to count them. Rector’s Address Fr. Baldwin thanked everyone who has helped him and his family settle into their roles at Trinity. He discussed plans for the future of the Parish. We are

all called in many ways, and he has seen many people rise to answer the needs. Going forward: We need to engage the untapped spiritual gifts of this Parish. There is a ministry for every member of the church. 1. 2.

We need to figure out how we will get our message out and expand the Lawrence community’s awareness of this Parish. Two areas of ministry need to be strengthened: youth and spiritual development.

Treasurer Elizabeth Miller and the Vestry have done the hard work of keeping the Parish as sound as possible, but we do need to address our financial situation. 1. We need to grow. a. We must be constantly engaged in the welcoming and formation of new members. 2. It would be helpful if pledge payments came in on a regular basis throughout the year. a. The Finance Committee is looking for ways to facilitate easier, regular giving. 3. We need to develop a healthy endowment that can help us get through the lean times. Treasurer’s Report Treasurer Elizabeth Miller presented a high level overview of the 2010 Financial Report and the 2011 Budget: -She noted that although the treasurer is appointed by the vestry, she is accountable to the entire parish, and she takes that responsibility very seriously. She invited everyone to feel free to contact her if they have any questions about the financial report or the budget. -2010 was a year of transition and challenge for Trinity's finances. The good news is that pledge income came in at 95% of the budgeted amount. The bad news is that contributions and offerings were only 51% of the amount budgeted at year end. Total giving was $47,206.60, or 11%, short of budget for the year. -Expenses for 2010 were over budget by 4% in total. Administrative expenses were 5% over budget for a variety of reasons, including: the monthly payments on the Episcopal Church Building Fund (ECBF) loan were not included in the 2010 budget; Trinity paid for two financial audits in 2010; housekeeping expenses were 32% over budget. On the positive side

total personnel expenses were 13% under budget, due to not paying the expenses for an Associate Rector. Outreach expenses were $27,021.76 under budget for the year, but Trinity owed $20,000 in apportionment for 2010 as of December 31st. (A payment of $10,000 had already been made in January, prior to this meeting, and the remaining $10,000 will be paid by January 31st.) Parish life expenses included $18,096.23 in Rector Search expenses, which were not budgeted. Total Worship Expense was 38% over budget, due largely to Adult Music Expenses, which were 36% over budget. Cash flow was negative for 2010. At December 31, 2009, the combined balance in the operating checking account and the prepaid pledge savings account was $109,597.47. At December 31, 2010, the combined balance in those two bank accounts was $36,355.17. This is a decrease of $73,042.30 in cash available. This negative cash flow cannot be replicated in 2011, since Trinity does not have the balances to accommodate it. The 2011 Budget contains two key assumptions: o (1) that $40,000 will be raised through fundraising; o (2) that a capital campaign will raise $50,000, which will be used to pay down the ECBF loan (outstanding amount of $176,282.21) midyear, and that the loan will be refinanced at 6% for a seven-year time period. These two assumptions must be met in order for Trinity to end the year with a balanced budget. The 2011 Budget was drafted using an Operating Budget philosophy. Outreach income and expenses are not included in the operating budget, but are shown in a separate Outreach Plan. Income for 2011: pledges were budgeted at the 2010 actual level. (Pledges comprise 76% of total income in this budget.) Contributions and Offerings were budgeted at 25% more than was received in 2010, but also at the 2009 level. Fundraising Events is a new income line in the budget. The Vestry has committed to raising $40,000 from fundraising, hopefully including contributions from inside and outside the parish. Total income budgeted for 2011 is down 9% from the 2010 level. We believe that this is a realistic budget. Expenses for 2011: Administrative Expenses comprise 76% of the total budget. They are budgeted to be down 15% from the 2010 level. This includes office expenses, down 13%, a rebid and reduction of housekeeping expenses, and an increase of 7% for utilities. The personnel expense budget is 27% lower than 2010, due to the assumption that we will not be paying an Associate Rector.

Discipleship expenses are approximately the same level as 2010, while outreach expenses include only diocesan apportionment payments. Parish Life expenses are dramatically reduced, as we do not plan to search for another Rector for a long time to come! Worship expenses, excluding music expenses, are up 4% over 2010 in this budget. The Vestry did take action to reduce the "Musicians Contracted" budget lines by 50% from the 2010 level. Other music expenses were budgeted at the 2010 levels. The 2011 budget is a balanced budget only if the $40,000 in fundraising revenues is realized. The plan to raise $50,000 in capital campaign funds to pay down the debt and reduce the monthly loan payment expense is also key in making the budget work. Election There were 93 ballots cast: Name Votes Term Terry Mandle 74 3 years Patrick Musick 67 3 years Donna McCain 63 3 years Brian Haupt 61 3 years Emmanuel Birdling 60 2 years Glenna Kleinkauf 54 Garth Burns 51 Other Annual Reports There was a motion to receive the annual reports as printed in the meeting booklet. The motion was seconded; passed--unanimous vote. Acknowledgements and Other Business Jerry Hare gave special thanks to Steven King and his crew for the great work they have been doing to repair the north and south walls of the nave. Fr. Baldwin had special thanks for the outgoing wardens and vestry members. He also thanked the staff and volunteers in the office for all they do, especially for their work putting together the meeting booklet, and said that they have been a pleasure to work with. Adjournment The meeting adjourned at 1:15 p.m. Fr. Baldwin led the closing prayer. Respectfully Submitted, Maria Thompson, Clerk

Trinity Episcopal Church, 2011 Leadership and Staff

Rector: The Reverend Rob Baldwin Priest Associate: The Rev. Dan Northway Deacons: Dick Tracy Rita Tracy Steve Segebrecht Parish Administrator: Marilyn Bean Financial Secretary: Patricia Johnson Music Director: Henry Heller Smith Music Director Emeritus: James Ralston Youth Music Director: Susan Ralston Organist: Mark Stotler Office Assistant/Website: Chris Worley Associate Organist: Filippa Duke Sexton: Diane Leming Nursery Assistant: Jasmyn Turner Nursery Assistant: Natalie Wilkins Office Volunteers: Margaret Bearse, Thursday Afternoons Nancy Hanson, Friday Mornings Liz Hare, Wednesday Afternoons Mark Holmberg, Friday Afternoons Susan Morris, Thursday Mornings Mary Mozingo, Wednesday Mornings Shirley Reese, Monday Mornings Barbara Roehl, Tuesday Mornings Don Roehl, Monday Mornings Ellen Tracy, Monday Afternoons Marian Wilbur, Tuesday Afternoons Vestry: Senior Warden: Patricia Henshall Junior Warden: Micah Seybold Clerk of the Vestry: Maria Thompson Ex Officio Member: The Rev. Rob Baldwin Member: Emmanual Birdling

Member: Member: Member: Member: Member: Member: Member: Member: Member:

Dave Edington Brian Haupt Mark Holmberg Terry Mandle Donna McCain Patrick Musick Debbie Pitts Joan Ring Dan Ward Diocesan Convention Delegates/ Convocation Representatives

Delegate: Nancy Kelley Delegate: Mary Mozingo Delegate: Charlotte Mueller Alternate Delegate: Ruth Turney Endowment Board: Chair: Bruce Roberts Member: Charlie Becker Member: Martin Dickinson Member: Ted Haggart Member: Liz Hare Ex Officio Member: Liz Miller

Episcopal Church Membership Definitions Baptized Member: the

A person baptized in the Church by a Trinitarian formula, and enrolled on books of this Parish.


Any Baptized Member receiving communion at least three times in the previous year.

Confirmed Communicant: Any Communicant who has had the laying on of hands from a Bishop of this Church.

Qualified Voter: Any Communicant in good standing, who is 16 years of age or older.

Communicant in Good Standing: A Communicant who is a member of this Church; who worships regularly; who takes part in this Parish’s activities; and who has been a financial contributor of record for the past year.

2012 Elections for Trinity Episcopal Church 1. Nominating Committee Report. The Nominating Committee was appointed by the Vestry for the purpose of putting forward candidates for consideration, to be elected at the 2012 Annual Meeting, to

serve as: Members of the Vestry; Delegates/Representatives to the Diocesan

Convention/Convocation; and Members of the Endowment Board.


of the Nominating Committee consist of the Outgoing Vestry

Members, the

Senior Warden, and Two Trinity Communicants (who are

eligible to vote in Parish elections). Senior Warden Patricia Henshall serves as Chair of the Nominating Committee, and Dave Edington, Mark Holmberg, Elaine Penny, Joan Ring,

Micah Seybold, and Tod Sutton serve as Members of the



According to Canon Law, Nominees for: Members of the Vestry; Delegates to the Diocesan Convention/Convocation; and Members of the Endowment Board must be Confirmed Communicants in Good Standing of this Parish, i.e., (1) each is a member of Trinity; and (2) each worships regularly; and (3) each takes part in Parish activities; and (4) each is a financial contributor of record. Nominations for: Members of the Vestry; Delegates/Representatives to the Diocesan Convention/Convocation; and Members of the Endowment Board, may be made from the floor at the time of the Annual Meeting, but the Nominee’s permission must be obtained in advance, and he/she must be approved by the Vestry. 2. 2012 Vestry Nominees. (6)

The Nominating Committee presents the following Candidates to fill six open Vestry Member positions: Proctor Crow

As a native Texan, I went to the University of Texas in Austin, and also to Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, where I met my wife. I came to Lawrence in 1957, as a Voicer and Tonal Finisher for the Reuter Organ Company. I was the Organist at Trinity Episcopal Church from 1963-1971. My wife was the Children's Choir Director. We moved to Texas in 1971, to carry on our family business as a Magazine and Paperback Book Wholesale Distributor. I was also the Organist at Marvin United Methodist Church (fifth largest church in the Texas Conference) from 1971 to 1988. Sue and I returned to Lawrence in 1988, as this is where we wanted to retire. I am a retired licensed Mortician, associated with Rumsey-Yost Funeral Home, here in Lawrence. I still do Tonal Finishing for Reuter Organ Company in my retirement. In my spare time, I do volunteer work at Lawrence Memorial Hospital, as an Escort, and I also work in Oncology and Endoscopy, at LMH. I have been active at Trinity Episcopal Church since our return to Lawrence in 1988. By serving on the vestry, I hope to be able to advance the presence of Trinity Church in the community, and to assure its presence in the future. While living in Texas I was elected to the Vestry of Christ Church, my parish church in Tyler. Although I worked as a musician for the Methodist, my loyalty was to the Episcopal Church. Through the years, I have created many pipe organs for the Glory of God in Episcopal Churches, even at the National Cathedral in Washington DC (1963) when there were only three bays in the nave. That organ is still used today. Glenna Kleinkauf Glenna W. Kleinkauf moved here in June 2008, in order to be nearer to family – four adult children and seven magnificent grandchildren. She holds a BS degree in Political Science, and she has been a State of Kansas employee for 23 years, currently working as a Program Expert on the new Kansas Eligibility Enforcement System (KEES) computer project. In 2009, after visiting area Episcopal churches, she joined Trinity, attracted by the excellent liturgy, outstanding music program, and the beauty of the Church. Glenna states that she is willing to give her best efforts to serve this Parish, which has been so warm and welcoming to her family. She regularly attends both the 10:30 a.m. and 6 p.m. Services; she sings in the Choir at 10:30; and she recently began helping with Altar Guild duties for

the 6:00 p.m. Service. Glenna is a lifetime Episcopalian, with previous Vestry and Diocesan Stewardship Committee experience. She has served as a Delegate to the Diocesan Convention, and as an Alternate Lay Deputy to the General Convention. Glenna graduated from EFM and KSM, and she has completed one unit of Clinical Pastoral Education. She has attended three General Conventions as an exhibitor for TENS (The Episcopal Network for Stewardship), and she has participated in thirteen TENS Leadership Conferences (including the “Living Wisely� course of study). Pat Kehde I was born and raised in the Brookside area of Kansas City Mo, and went to Scripps College in Claremont California. As an adult I worked as a Public Librarian in various places, I got a Masters in Library Science from Emporia State, another Masters at KU and then became a mid-level administrator for KU's Student Affairs Division. Then for the past 20 years, Mary Lou Wright and I owned and operated The Raven Bookstore in Downtown Lawrence. We sold the store in 2008, but I still work there a bit. Along the way my husband Ned and I raised 4 children, and now we participate in lots of outdoor activities and sports, grow flowers and vegetables, read lots of books especially history, and keep up with 10 grandchildren. I want to serve on the Vestry to give back to the church a little bit of what I have received from the people and the services of Trinity. In particular, I would like to make the church more financially stable and have more activities and events that involve the whole membership. I think my experience as a small business owner might be pretty relevant to working for Trinity Episcopal Church on the Vestry. As an owner of a small business you do lots of different things, often at the same time: managing cash flow, planning events, seeing that the floors are swept, talking to your customers, and more. I also think my experience in the past few years at Trinity has shown me how quietly and subtly one can become kinder, calmer and more open, just by being around this wonderful church and its members. Dave Griffin I am interested in serving on the Vestry because God has given me so much through Trinity in the way of spiritual richness, blessings and friends. My giving back, while fairly constant, varies in time

commitments from past Vestries, to currently important, but less time consuming, service like being an usher, greeter, and delivering back packs to Pinckney School. My blessings surpass these efforts so much that I feel the need to increase my service commitments by serving on the Vestry again, as a simple “thank you” to my Lord. The following experiences have prepared me for my role as a Vestry Member: (1) Three years on the Vestry (early 1980’s) with Father Bob Matthews, Rector. (2) Attended Cursillo (one of the most spiritually enriching moments of my life (1982). (3) Senior Warden at Canterbury House (1982-1992), Reverend Ann Clevenger, Priest. (4) Three years as Senior Warden at Trinity, with Father Tom Momberg, Rector. (5) Member of Diocesan Higher Education Committee (2005-2007), Steve Segebrecht, Chair. (6) Senior Warden at Canterbury House (2007-2010), with Reverend Susan Terry, Priest. (7) Attended Education for Ministry Classes for three years (2008-2011), Sidney and Tod Sutton, Coordinators. (8) Member of the Bishop’s Canterbury Committee (2010 to present). I am a registered Architect in Kansas and Missouri. I taught Architecture at Kansas University for 36 years. I retired as Emeritus Professor in 2005. Sandra Willey I am a Lawrence native, born and raised, confirmed at Trinity in the Father McCloughlin days, graduated from Lawrence High, attended K.U. where I lived in Sellards Scholarship Hall, knocked on doors for Eugene McCarthy, participated in the infamous Holiday Inn sit-in, and graduated with a B.A. in psychology and B.S. in nursing. I spent the next 30 years in the Colorado Springs area raising my three children, working in neonatal intensive care, and scratching my creative itches in a Christian artists' group as the token poet and community chorales as another soprano. Five years ago I moved back to Lawrence to be closer to my mother (can you get closer than sharing a home?) and married son in Olathe. I now work parttime at WalMart and full-time at being a grandma. Why am I interested in serving on the vestry? I love the Episcopal church in general and Trinity in particular. When I was first approached about this opportunity, I admit I had to resort to Google, Wikipedia, and long conversation with several friends who have served on vestries to determine what is involved in serving on a vestry and if what the church needs matches what I have to offer. I think I have the time and talent to be a blessing in this context. What experiences in my life have prepared me to serve on the vestry? What a loaded question for a short answer! Looking back over my shoulder so many experiences as a wife, mother, and nurse advise the perspective I now have on church life. I've taught a ton of toddlers, baked batches of bake sale brownies, ironed my share of corporals and purificators, read lessons, and sung carols. However, the experience which most prepares me is, perhaps, the tale of the last two parishes I belonged to in Colorado. The first was small in number, great

in vision, hospitality, warmth, and sharing. What it lacked, unfortunately, was the leadership, or discipline, or will to manage its marginal resources. It dwindled and finally died. I then attended a parish that feasted on resources and a glut of incredibly capable folk running the show. Its weakness was a kind of rigidity that hindered the ability to welcome "outsiders", compromise, adjust to change. In spite of all its assets, it suffered a tremendous church split, a fracturing that really blocked the ability to meet the needs of its own community or the greater community outside the church. The legacy of these parishes for me is a tremendous appreciation for a healthy church and personal commitment to do what I can to achieve one. Jennifer Attocknie Currently, I work as the Native American Student Services Director for USD 497/Lawrence Public Schools, managing two federal grants that serve the approximately 580 American Indian children enrolled in the school district. A member of the Comanche Nation, a single mother, and a cradle Episcopalian, I am a graduate of both Haskell (AA in Liberal Arts) and the University of Kansas (BA in Theatre). I have managed programs in a variety of settings, including non-profit, theatre, education and as a military contractor overseas. What life experiences have prepared me for serving on the vestry? Why do I want to serve on the vestry? To best explain this, I need to tell my story. My dad was and still works in the petroleum industry, and so I moved around in childhood, in the Texas panhandle and western Oklahoma, both places I'm sure you can imagine, do not have large thriving Episcopalian communities. The church in Perryton, TX had a population of 8, meaning two families of four. The priest would drive over an hour from Dalhart twice a month for services. The day before his arrival, the moms and girls of our congregation would dust the pews and sweep the former Mennonite church building that served as our church, while the dads and boys would mow, rake and take care of the outside. We would take turns leaving a picnic basket for his dinner, as he arrived late at night and would sleep in the building. On church days, we'd have Rite One, no music. Sunday school was the priest reading psalms to us kids or explaining line by line the hymns in the hymnal. It wasn't until I went to church camp the summer after 3rd grade that I realized there was music in church. Eventually, my family transferred to Elk City, OK during an oil boom in the early '80's. When we got there, my parents put an ad in the paper

asking if there were any Episcopalians in town. They got a few responses and eventually, some neighboring congregations in western OK helped to canvas Elk City, door-to-door. We ended up having reserved sacrament and Chouse. (Church+House=Chouse) There was a small group of families, about 20 people, if I remember correctly, that took turns in each others' houses, carting this coffinlooking portable altar around, week to week. Finally we rented a chapel off the side of the Methodist church which was where I was confirmed. That congregation is no longer, but it was called St. James the Just. And the one in Perryton is called All Saints; it's now a real parish. It wasn't even classified as a mission when I lived there. When my family moved to Weatherford, OK, there was an actual building with an actual priest and an organist and actual people and Sunday school! (St. Mark's, which I think is also no longer) It was so easy. I didn't realize how much work my parents did until we moved there. All this taught me that one has to contribute to church, and to never take for granted that the church community exists. I've always tried to contribute my energy and skills to my congregation because I know how much work it is to begin one. When I moved back to Lawrence to finish my degree in 2005, I began attending Trinity, participating as a lector, as that was all the energy and time I could spare. Now that I've gotten into the swing of things in my professional life, I was thinking how I could increase my contribution to this community; then I got a phone call asking if I would consider being on the vestry. It would be an honor to contribute in this way. Lindy Eakin attended Trinity since about 1981 Married at Trinity (to Elizabeth Miller) in 1982 became a member through inquirers process under Mother Holly (I think early 90's) have variously served Trinity on Foster home board, Endowment committee, asst treasurer, stewardship committee, as usher, Food pantry volunteer, etc. Raised Southern Baptist and baptized in the church 30+ year career in higher ed finance and administration in addition, I have taught history at KU for 12+ years BS Business, MBA, and PhD in History (US/Native American) Steven King A native Kansan, I was born in Liberal in 1954 to parents who were both Geologists. My father was employed in the Oil and Gas Industry and one of the herd of professionals that invaded western Kansas in the mid-50’s to develop the Hugoton gas fields. They completed that project in 1968 and we moved to Kansas City, where my father’s company had it’s headquarters. My mother was

a stay at home mom and was extremely active in local events. She ran in the Pancake race, served as both my Cub Scout Den mother, my sisters Brownie Leader and also as her Girl Scout Leader. My Father became my Boy Scout Leader. My times in Liberal were as rich and rewarding as any child could ever hope for. In Liberal, our family were members of St. Andrews Episcopal Church. I sang in the Choir and served as an Acolyte from Grade School on and was Confirmed during my Middle School years. A small Parish similar to Trinity, I remember those days fondly. I then attended both Middle and High school in the Shawnee Mission school district graduating in 1972, my High School activities focused on Music and Auto Mechanics. I was a member of the Marching Band, the Jazz Band, the Concert Band and the Drill Team, and a dozen hopeful rock bands. Enjoying cheap gas I also built a Hot Rod. During those years we attended St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Shawnee, KS. I then attended Johnson County Community College as I had challenges finding an occupation path for a musical mechanic. I then transferred to KU after one year and began studying Business, with an emphasis on Accounting. During my Junior year I started up a small Swimming Pool Service Company which absolutely exploded and after leaving KU I spent the next 37 years in the Swimming Pool Trade with a quick 10 year stint in the middle where I served as a mid level Corporate lackey, leaving that in 2001 to re-enter the Swimming Pool Trade with my wife Vera; we started our current Company, Stranger Creek Pools, Inc. and still own and operate it daily. Why: I have a deep and abiding desire to participate. To contribute. Trinity calls to me. I’ve yet to have a feeling as true and as deep as I have now to belong. I have been a member of Trinity for the last 5 years and have served as an Usher with my wife for as long. I wish to be further involved in assisting to grow Trinity and to assist my fellow members in any way I can. My Fathers funeral was in Trinity and I have never and will never forget the compassion and fellowship my fellow parishioners showed me. Life Experience: Personally I feel it’s because I’m reliable but my mother always told me I was natural born salesman in that I could always talk to anyone on any subject. I am confident that I can be a positive communicator and contributing member of the Vestry. I have a enormous practical background in construction and have and continue to find ways to affect repairs and maintenance on our building in the most economical and long term way. I also have practical knowledge of creating a business plan budget, successfully executing of the same. Most important of all is I have the time to contribute at this point in

my life. It would an honor beyond description to be selected to serve.

►Four (4) will serve new, three-year terms, (2012 through 2014). ►Two (2) will serve the remainder of two unexpired terms of one year (2012). ►Continuing Vestry Members are: Brian Haupt, Patricia Henshall, Terry Mandle, Donna McCain, Patrick Musick, and Debbie Pitts. ►Outgoing Vestry Members are: Emmanual Birdling, Dave Edington, Mark Holmberg, Joan Ring, Micah Seybold, and Dan Ward.


►The Senior Warden shall be appointed by the Rector at the Annual Meeting; and the Junior Warden shall be elected at the Annual Meeting by Members of the Vestry. Each is appointed/elected among the Members of the Vestry.


►Four Candidates, who receive the highest number of votes, will serve as Vestry Members, each for a full, three-year term (2012 2014). ►Two Candidates, who receive the next-highest number of votes, will serve as Vestry Members, each for a partial, unexpired one-year term (through 2012).

3. 2012 Diocesan Convention/Convocation Nominees. The Nominating Committee presents the following Candidates to fill two (2) open Diocesan Convention/Convocation Delegate/Representative positions: Patricia (Patty) Johnson I have been a member of Trinity Episcopal Church since the fall of 2009. I transferred my membership from St. James Episcopal Church in Knoxville, TN where we had lived for the past 12 years. My husband died in August of 2007 and my family felt I should be closer to one of my children. Since I was originally from western Kansas and have two sisters here in Kansas I decided to move to Linwood which is just one mile from my son. I have 3 children and 8 grandchildren, and am delighted to be close to six of them here. I would like to be a delegate to the Diocesan Convention this fall. I feel I'm qualified as I served as a delegate to the Diocese of Western Kansas conventions several times. I have also attended three National Conventions and two Provencal Conventions. Therefore, I understand the procedures and policies of the Episcopal Church, and I have always been interested in the politics of the Church. Marilyn (Mari) Russell Mari Russell grew up at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, in Kansas City, Kansas. As a young woman, she sang in the Choir, was a member of the Daughters of the King, and served as President of the Kansas Diocesan Youth. She attended the University of Kansas, lived in Watkins Scholarship Hall, and attended Trinity Episcopal Church, in Lawrence. She received her BFA, MA, and PhD degrees from KU. She also has a Master of Library Science degree from Emporia State University. Mari is currently the Library Director at Haskell Indian Nations University. She has been in the library field since 1985, having previously served as Library Director at the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico, before moving to Lawrence; and as Fine Arts Librarian at the University of Minnesota, in Duluth. Mari is a certified Spiritual Director from the Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation. She has studied under Rev. Tilden Edwards and Gerald G. May, M.D. In addition, her final research topic was on Evelyn Underhill, seen as the greatest Anglican mystic of the Twentieth Century. Mari was a member of St.

Paul's Episcopal Church in Duluth, Minnesota, and of Holy Faith Episcopal Church, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She joined Trinity Episcopal Church, in 2007. On a personal note, she is married to Gary Russell, and they have three adult sons, Paul, David, and Mark. She also has five grandchildren. The Nominating Committee presents the following Candidate to fill one (1) open Alternate Diocesan Convention/Convocation Delegate position: Micah Seybold ►Two (2) will serve as Delegates to the Convention/Convocation. ►One (1) will serve as the Alternate Delegate to the Convention/ Convocation. ►The continuing Delegate to the Convention/Convocation is: Nancy Kelley. ►The outgoing Delegates to the Convention/Convocation are: Mary Mozingo and Charlotte Mueller. ►The outgoing Alternate Delegate to the Convention/Convocation is: Ruth Turney.

4. 2012 Endowment Board Nominees. The Nominating Committee presents the following Candidate to fill one (1) open Endowment Board Member position: Sandra Wiechert Sandra was born and raised in Wichita, and later graduated from Kansas State University. As seniors, she and Allen Wiechert met, and were married the Summer of 1961, in Sandra's home church, College Hill United Methodist Church. They first lived in Wichita, followed by five years in the Kansas City area, where Allen began his architectural career. In 1966 they were confirmed in St. Michael's and All Angels Church. In 1969 they moved to Lawrence and transferred their memberships to Trinity Church, and have never left. Sandra has served Trinity as the Historian, and she has been on the Vestry. She has served the Episcopal Diocese as the ECW Communications Coordinator, writing monthly articles for The Harvest; and she has served as a member of the Standing Committee. With Allen, she served as Co-Chair for the Washington National Cathedral's Kansas/West Missouri Chapter for 11 years, taking two pilgrimage groups to the Cathedral, and planning two Kansas State Days there. The Lawrence Civic Choir, and the Motet Singers, both including many Trinitarians, sang at these Kansas State Days. Currently she serves Trinity by being a lay reader (since 1980); a baker for both L.I.N.K. and church receptions, and by working with the BackSnack Program.

►One (1) will serve as a Member of the Endowment Board. ►Continuing Endowment Board Members are: Charlie Becker, Martin Dickinson, Ted Haggart, and Liz Hare. ►Outgoing Endowment Board Members are: Bruce Roberts and Elizabeth Miller. ►Bill Benso, as the new Treasurer, will replace Elizabeth Miller on the Endowment Board, as an ex officio member.

2011 Trinity Episcopal Church Baptisms, Confirmations, Marriages, and Memorial Services Baptisms: Mari Evelyn Loya, January 9, 2011 Miller David Brown, February 6, 2011 Micah David Jones, February 27, 2011 Drew Anthony Martin, September 11, 2011 Betty Shafer, October 16, 2011 Alexander Cateforis, October 16, 2011 Oliver Cochran, October 16, 2011 Hazel Cochran, October 16, 2011 Confirmations: May 16, 2011 William Eldon Benso, May 16, 2011 Benjamin Daniel Winters, May 16, 2011 Carr Pearson Hoppe, May 16, 2011 Meghan Eileen McArthur, May 16, 2011 Bianca Lynn Elliott, May 16, 2011 Vera Esther King, May 16, 2011 Ashley Elizabeth Winters, May 16, 2011 Marriages: Katie Lynn Nichols and Shane Andrew Deichl, October 9, 2011 Sarah Catherine Mozingo and Drew Anthony Martin, October 29, 2011 Jennifer Lauren Moore and Alex Blaine Demos, December 3, 2011 Memorial Services: Betty Condry, April 14, 2011 James Helyar, April 30, 2011 Marie Decker, May 14, 2011 Elizabeth Stephens, June 11, 2011 Karen Letitia Stoltz, June 22, 2011 DiAnne Damro, July 26, 2011 Richard Starr, August 11, 2011 Dorothy Katherine Anderson, September 3, 2011 Paul Henry Getto, December 24, 2011

Organizational Diagram Of

Trinity Episcopal Church

Ministries Structure Of Trinity Episcopal Church CLERGY AND VESTRY Rector Priest Associate Deacons Vestry Senior Warden Vestry Junior Warden Vestry Members ADMINISTRATION Office, Staff, and Volunteers Communications Team Diocesan Convention Delegates/ Convocation Representatives Endowment Board Finance Committee Treasurer DISCIPLESHIP Adult Forum Christian Classics G.I.F.T. Program Education For Ministry (EFM) Library Nursery Stewardship Committee Sunday School

Trinity Environmental Stewardship Team (T.E.S.T.) Vacation Bible School

OUTREACH BackSnack Program Christmas Giving for Foster Children Cursillo Group Habitat for Humanity Holy Stir-It Men’s Group Kansas 2 Kenya Lawrence Interdenominational Nutrition Kitchen (L.I.N.K.) Ploughman’s Lunch and Bake Sale Trinity Treasurers Group St. Petca’s Guild Trinity Interfaith Food Pantry Vintage Sale Committee PARISH LIFE Brandon Woods Eucharist Eucharistic Visitors and Pastoral Care Team Morning Prayer Prayer Chain Committee Hospitality and Kitchen Committee Pump’n Pray Men’s Group Trinity Supper Club Wednesdays at Trinity WORSHIP Acolytes Altar Guild Altar Flowers Committee Greeters and Membership Committee Lectors, Intercessors, Chalice Bearers Music Ministry Trinity Choristers Youth Choir


MINISTRY REPORTS OF TRINITY EPISCOPAL CHURCH CLERGY AND VESTRY Rector: The Reverend Rob Baldwin Last year, I wrote this report, having just begun my tenure as Rector of Trinity. I outlined what I thought were the strengths of Trinity, as we moved forward together into the new year, and what I felt God was calling us to be. Over the last year, I have learned more about Trinity, and have watched it change. I’ve seen new ministry opportunities arise, and I’ve even seen a couple draw to a close. But, here is my sense of my own ministry at Trinity in the past year. One of the biggest things I saw that was needed at Trinity was the opportunity for more people to develop their own understanding of Christ, whether through education and study, or reflection and contemplation. I began my first mid-week Bible Study in Lent on the Book of Revelation -- a class designed to coincide with the Wednesday evening service and dinner which have been present at Trinity since the time of Bob Matthews. The response was so positive, that later in the year, I launched a 20-week course on the Gospel of Matthew, written by N.T. Wright, which has also been very well-attended. Part of the responsibility of being a priest is participating in ministries outside the Parish. Last Spring, I finished my time filling in as Interim Chaplain at Bishop Seabury Academy. Thankfully, Seabury is now being served by the Reverend Patrick Funston, with whom I have the joy and privilege of regularly working. Each month, Dick and Rita Tracy and I hold a service at Brandon Woods for residents there. On Sunday mornings, in the Adult Forum, we studied a wide variety of topics, from the growing use of social media in our lives, to how to best manage our finances according to Biblical principles. I continue to try to make the Adult Forum a multi-media program that appeals to the broadest of audiences. As my schedule allows, I participate in the local association of pastors, and I was involved with the issue of the closing of the Lawrence SRS Office. It is also about getting out the Good Word to the greater world, as well, and this year, we began to post audio versions of my sermons on a podcast accessible through the Parish Website. Over 450 people have tuned in to hear the Good News. I have written several articles for the Lawrence Journal-World, and each week you may catch my article in Trinity’s ENewsletter. This year, I was asked by Bishop Wolfe to become the Chair of

the Congregational Development Committee, which is a group tasked with supporting the life and growth of small parishes within the Diocese. The Committee is a very talented group of laity and clergy from around the Diocese, and together we are continually looking for ways to both support local parishes, such as through our Conversational Evangelism Workshops, and help develop a vision of the greater mission of the Diocese. At some point this past year, I felt like I stopped being the ‘new guy’, when people made decisions to do things “the way Father Rob did last year,” and that Lawrence became our home. At one point during one of my several trips back East to see family, I remember driving through Missouri, and feeling that pull towards coming back to Lawrence -- it was more than just where my family was. In 2011, Trinity continued to grow and thrive through God’s grace and blessings. In 2012, I expect that trend to continue, as we persist in our mission to be one in Christ, and we love, listen, and learn. – Your Servant, The Reverend Rob Baldwin Deacons: Steve Segebrecht, Dick Tracy, and Rita Tracy All deacons are ordained and assigned to the parish by the Bishop. We work under the supervision of the Rector, and cooperate with the clergy and lay people of the parish to assist them in their roles. We also report to the Archdeacon and the Bishop of the Diocese. We perform the liturgical roles of the Deacon in the Sunday morning services, and at the monthly service at Brandon Woods. We also serve at special services such as funerals, Christmas, and Holy Week services. We preach several times each year, and anoint anyone who desires it for healing. We visit the sick, shut-ins, those in the hospital, those in nursing homes, and those in their own homes, and we take communion to them when needed. We lead the Pastoral Care Team and Eucharistic Visitors, and we train the Lectors, Intercessors, and Eucharistic Ministers (Chalice Bearers). We try to support others in their ministries, as well. We attended the weekly Staff Meetings, the Annual Deacons’ Retreat, the Diocesan Convention, and any special meetings of our Church Committees. We participate in continuing education each year, and we read Holy Scripture, material related to the diaconate, the church, and theology. On the third Sunday of each month, a portion of the loose offering goes to the Deacons’ Discretionary Fund. We use this fund to assist people in need. Currently, our priority is to prevent homelessness. The most common need is assistance with utilities and rent. In the past year, we disbursed $3,767. Of that amount, 9 percent was for rent assistance, 27 percent for water assistance, 27 percent for electricity assistance, 3 percent for natural gas

assistance, 15 percent for prescription assistance, 13 percent for transportation assistance (bus tickets and gasoline), with the remainder for miscellaneous items (licenses, ID’s for work, etc.). Whenever possible, we work with other agencies, such as The Salvation Army, Bert Nash, the Community Shelter, and EKAN. We often suggest that people use our Food Pantry to conserve their financial resources. We wish to thank all our friends at Trinity for their generosity and support. Deacon Steve was involved with organizing men’s fellowship Holy Stir-It, along with Bruce Roberts, Brad Tate, and Charlie Becker. Deacon Steve also coaches the men’s exercise and prayer group, known as Pump N’ Pray. For the Diocese, he serves as Director for the mission program to Kenya, known as Kansas 2 Kenya, or K2K. He helped a lead a medical team to Kenya last summer. In 2012, Deacon Segebrecht will serve as a Delegate for the Diocese of Kansas at the National Convention for the Episcopal Church of the United States. Vestry Senior Warden: Patricia Henshall Father Rob Baldwin’s first full year at Trinity Episcopal Church has been a great one for the Church. During this year, we have seen the creation of a Wednesday Night Bible Study, the expansion of the BackSnack Program, the change to a Self-Select System at the Trinity Food Pantry, the continuation of our support of St. Clare’s, and our first All-Parish Stewardship Dinner. In addition, we recently had a good showing at a brunch to explore re-establishing Episcopal Church Women at Trinity. The Vestry met 11 times this past year, not including its retreat. We continue to look at establishing one or two events for Trinity, which will serve as a way of getting us all together – such as the Harvest Dinner – and which will help raise money for the budget, outreach, and mission ministries; and perhaps even grow our Endowment monies. We seek and need your participation to help get these projects off the ground. If you find you want to get more involved at Trinity, but don’t know how or where, please talk with Father Rob, or any Member of the Vestry. To quote Father Rob’s recent sermon, it is time for you to “just do something”. I urge the entire Parish to join me in thanking Elizabeth Miller, who is stepping down as Treasurer. This position is one of the most important in the Parish, and Liz has gone above and beyond in dealing with our budget for the past two years. In addition, thanks is owed to Micah Seybold, whose term as Junior Warden and Vestry Member is ending, as well as Emmanual Birdling, Dave Edington, Mark Holmberg, Joan Ring, and Dan Ward, whose terms on the Vestry also end with this meeting. Please continue to keep Father Rob and

his family, the Staff, the Deacons, the Vestry, and all of Trinity in your prayers during 2012. Vestry Junior Warden: Micah Seybold 2011 was a good year as far as buildings and grounds were concerned. One of the early successes was the formation of a working Property Committee. The Property Committee has been a blessing for me. I was always able to bounce ideas and get help with various projects when needed. During the year we were able to have the outside north and south walls of the Nave “tuck pointed” to fill in the cracks in between the stones. Steven King and his construction crew did a great job that will keep excessive moisture from seeping into the walls. Other notable projects were the installation of grab bars in the church office bathroom, restoring the Shirer Garden, a fire horn and light alarm installed inside the Nave (which should be noticeable even during the most raucous of organ pieces), a new door closer for the southwest Parish Hall door, and a volunteer effort to resurface and maintain the Parish Hall floor. We also had two successful work days, one in spring and the other in fall. Thank you to all of the helpers who volunteered their time to “spruce up the place”! We also continued to receive excellent lawn and snow removal service from Steve Keys and his landscaping crew. Remember all the snow and ice at the beginning of 2011? Our custodians, Diane and Mike Lemming, did a wonderful job keeping the interior clean and tidy throughout the year. Please thank Steve and the Lemmings for their hard work to keep Trinity beautiful inside and out. Even with these successes, more projects exist that we could not get to, or find cost effective solutions for. The east red Nave doors need replacing; the Nave wainscoting continues to buckle in places; the organ needs significant maintenance and the outside pillar base needs patched or replaced; the kitchen needs new windows and/or a ventilation system, etc. I have learned much in my post as Junior Warden; I cherish the experience; and I thank you for this opportunity. At least I did not have to quarry stones from the west hills of town, and drive oxen, hauling the stones, and personally lay the church walls as did the Junior Warden of 1858! Thank you, John Emerson, for that helpful perspective on the job! And again, thank you to all who helped out during the year.

ADMINISTRATION Office, Staff, and Volunteers: Marilyn Bean This past summer, I started my second year at Trinity. As I have gotten to know more and more members, I really feel like Trinity is a “second home” for me. I have truly enjoyed working with all of our Office Volunteers and the various Trinity groups; have a finer appreciation for what they do; and marvel at how their activities contribute to the overall church family at Trinity. The Trinity Treasures Sale and the Ploughman’s Lunch are wonderful examples of this – so much hard work goes into these events, but they are well-received in the community and definitely worth it! I very much appreciate the support of the congregation as we perform daily tasks in the office to further the church’s work. Without dedicated commitment from all of you, it just wouldn’t be possible for us to get all the work done. One of my ongoing goals is to find better ways to improve overall communication between the staff and the congregation, beyond just using the weekly Sunday Bulletins. I sincerely hope improvements to the Church’s new website will be another step in this direction. We’ve added Chris Worley, as an office assistant, with primary responsibilities in this area. Many thanks for his efforts in developing the revised website, and incorporating our ideas so we can make this happen. We also look forward to your input as to how we can make things better. Father Rob’s easy-going nature, and his compassionate approach, not only set a good example for the Parish, but for those of us in the office, as well. Once again, it is a pleasure to serve you in my capacity as Parish Administrator, and I’ll do my best make things function as smoothly as possible as we journey down Trinity’s road together. Communications Team: Craig Patterson During the past year, the Communications Team has addressed a number of critical organizational issues, including advocating the hiring of a new Office Assistant to help with the assessment and redesign of Trinity Episcopal Church’s Website, and to make significant changes to support external inquiries by those interested in knowing about Trinity Episcopal Church. In response to input from the congregation regarding Internet access capabilities to websites and social networking applications, the new site design would allow more flexible access to important Parish information and resources, and the ability to update that information much more intuitively, including the most current contact information for the Parish

Office via mail, phone, email and weblinks to the Church Online Directory and Facebook pages, along with current information regarding Staff, Services, Education, Ministries, Vestry, Parish Resources, and most importantly, a Parish Calendar! The Online Directory remains partially populated with photos of Parish Member Families, which the Communications Team will be addressing during 2012, to provide Staff and Congregants the ability to recognize members, along with their contact information. The Team will also encourage members to update their contact information by providing instructions to members on how this can be done online, and by sending out written notices with forms for completion to return to the Church for updating the database and the Online Parish Directory. Perhaps the strongest appeal from our Members was for a Calendar that would show times, dates (day/month/year) for events scheduled, and the location where they planned to occur. This has been incorporated into the new website design, and it is being "tested" at this time. Feedback from users is encouraged to make it richer and more useful. The Website now actively encourages individuals to "Donate to Trinity", with the desire to provide the opportunity for allowing online payments in the future. The Team intends to address the Parish's identity and graphic design needs during 2012, with members having extensive experience in these matters and print design. Current publications (printed and otherwise) will be reviewed, evaluated and considered by the Team, and recommendations made for further consideration by the Vestry for action. Issues and concerns will include content, publication scheduling, readability, and ADA issues for all populations. This past year strides have taken place in making sermons available for rehearing/viewing online with an archive of each Sunday's sermons during the year. This feature has been actively used and appreciated by many online users. Trinity Episcopal Lawrence's Facebook Page use has increased over the past year with more users, more postings, and more viewings. Nancy Kelley has faithfully published the Weekly Parish Newsletter, while others have filled the Facebook site with content, comments, photos, and videos of current Church events and passages. The Team realizes that, while many advancements have taken place in electronic media and means for communication, there are members who are not able to take advantage of them, and would prefer to be in formed by other means and channels outside the digital domains. The Team will be addressing these issues and concerns to provide those with materials available online to others. Printed materials can be forwarded by US Mail, Email and Fax, depending upon each person’s capacities and resources. A survey is planned to determine how members desire to receive their

information, and what information is most valuable to them, given their interests, activities and capacities. Hopefully, important and valuable progress has been achieved in effective ways, with more to come in 2012. We seek more active members for the Communications Team willing to take on tasks from "filling the channels with content" to devising new means and methods for distribution of information to make the Congregation more intelligent of their community and its activities. Diocesan Convention Delegates/Convocation Representatives: Nancy Kelley The mission of the Northeast Convocation of the Diocese of Kansas is to promote member parishes to work together to fruitfully make disciples of Jesus Christ and to enable their ministries. The three Delegates and one Alternate Delegate elected by Trinity for 2011, were Nancy Kelley, Charlotte Muller, Mary Mozingo, and Ruth Turney, respectively. The essential work of each of the Delegates and Alternate Delegate is to attend and participate in four meetings of the Northeast Convocation -- a body of Delegates, Clergy and Lay People -- from 12 churches, in or around the Kansas City metropolitan area; and to attend the Annual Diocesan Convention. Much of the Delegates’ work prior to the Convention takes place at the Convocation meetings. In 2011, the Convocation held meetings in February at St. Paul’s, in Leavenworth; in April at St. Michael’s and All Angels, in Mission; in June at St. Aidan’s, in Olathe; and in August at St. Margaret’s, in Lawrence. The Convention was September 23-24 in Topeka. Convocation meetings provide an opportunity to get acquainted with people from other Parishes, and also provide information about outreach programs from other Parishes. The Northeast Convocation has been instrumental in supporting the newest Parish in Spring Hill -- St. Claire’s. The Convocation also must approve any Parish’s request that money for physical improvements be exempt from the Diocesan Apportionment (income tax). Making All Things New (Revelations 21:5) was the theme of the 152nd Annual Convention held in Topeka, Kansas, on September 23, 24. Our challenge was to find ways to make change useful and fulfilling to strengthen the Church. The Convention begins with a Grand Celebration of The Holy Eucharist at Grace Cathedral. The sermon was given by The Reverend Bob Honeychuch, the keynote speaker, who is the Missioner for Congregational Vitality with the Episcopal Church based in Los Angeles. A highlight for this Delegate was the breakfast with Archbishop Albert Chama, of Central Africa, which was arranged by Deacon Steve Segebrecht. The Archbishop met with a few of us, and had a casual talk about the

election situation in his country. Two important items of business during the Convention were a Financial Mission Plan for 2012, which was adopted in the amount of $1,874,248; and a proposed debatable resolution, which was adopted, that encourages next year's General Convention to continue its funding for the Millennium Development Goals. Useful information about the Convention can be found in the Harvest Newsletter, at Endowment Board: Bruce Roberts During 2011, the Endowment Fund value decreased 3.2% from $218,290 to $211,252. This decline in value occurred during a very volatile year in the stock market. The Fund’s estimated earnings for 2012 are $4,577.In accordance with By-laws, the board distributed 50% of 2010 earnings ($1,438) to the Vestry for outreach, which benefitted Trinity’s Interfaith Food Pantry. The Board discussed ways to develop the Endowment Fund, but agreed that such efforts need to be carefully coordinated within the overall financial planning for the Parish. The Board developed an informational pamphlet to encourage planned giving to increase the corpus of the Endowment. We welcomed Charlie Becker and Liz Hare to the Board this year and also thank Bruce Roberts, Ted Haggart, Martin Dickinson, and Liz Miller for their service on the Board. Finance Committee: Dan Rosenthal The Finance Committee was reestablished by Interim Priest Ron Pogue in April 2010. Current members are Dan Rosenthal (Chair), Liz Miller (Church Treasurer), Joan Ring (Vestry member), Kent Tomlinson, Ted Haggart, Ruth Turney (Church Librarian), and Fr. Rob Baldwin (Ex Officio). The Committee meets monthly on the Wednesday evening before the Monday Vestry Meeting. The Committee functions as an advisor to the Vestry on financial matters. Committee recommendations included paying down the Church building loan, purchasing an online giving service for payment of pledges and gifts, and an increase in focus on giving to Trinity under the rubric of “in-reach”. Committee actions included review of proposed annual budget, monthly monitoring of revenue and expenditures, communications encouraging timely giving to the Church, review of Church financial policies and contracts (e.g., for TIPF), review of Church accounts, and selection of an auditor. The Committee endorsed the 2011 Capital Campaign that raised approximately $80,000. These funds are designated solely to reduce the

Church building loan. We thank all of those who contributed. Thanks to Liz Miller and Lindy Eakin for leading the Capital Campaign. The Committee recommended refinancing the (reduced) building loan at current lower interest rates. Dan Rosenthal researched and presented an online giving scenario, including vendor supplied banking and computer services, that tie into our existing church software. The Committee recommends proceeding with an online giving option. Treasurer: Liz Miller I am pleased to report that the financial condition of Trinity Episcopal Church improved during calendar year 2011.Total income exceeded budget during 2011 by approximately 8%, or $32,789.06. Total pledges received were approximately 98% of the budgeted amount, while total contributions and offerings were far in excess of budget, due primarily to the $80,665.75 in contributions to the capital campaign to pay down the Episcopal Church Building Fund (ECBF) loan. The original goal of the capital campaign to pay down the debt was $50,000, which was exceeded by 60%. Thanks to the wonderful generosity of many Trinitarians, Trinity’s ECBF loan balance was reduced by 55%, from $176,282.21, at December 31, 2010, to $79,422.73, at December 31, 2011. (Once approval to refinance is received from the Diocese, the Vestry plans to refinance the loan at a lower interest rate, which will lower the interest costs and allow the remaining loan balance to be repaid more quickly.) Although no fundraising income was realized during the year, non-pledged income (net of the capital campaign contributions) was sufficiently higher than budget to offset the lack of fundraising income. The Vestry is in the process of developing fundraising projects for 2012.Total expenses exceeded budget during 2011 by 5.16%, or $23,164.43. Administrative expenses, which make up approximately 77% of the total expense budget, were managed effectively during the year, and came in slightly under budget at $343,522.03. Discipleship expenses were also favorable relative to budget. Outreach expenses exceeded budget, due primarily to the $20,000 which was owed to the Diocese for apportionment, at December 31, 2010, and paid in January, 2011. (Net of the $20,000 remaining apportionment for 2010, outreach expenses were within 2% of budget for 2011.) Total worship expenses for 2011 exceeded budget by approximately 35%, due primarily to total adult music expenses, which were$5,711.12 over budget, or 59%. (An additional $6,884.02 of adult music expenses were funded by designated gifts for music in 2011, and are therefore not included in these totals.) Therefore, even though total

income net of capital campaign contributions exceeded budged, the combined effect of the $20,000 2010 apportionment payment made in January 2011, and the expense overrun of the adult music program caused net income to be negative (-$27,781.37) again in 2011. However, during 2011, Trinity did make solid progress toward being a fiscally responsible, financially sustainable ministry. The combination of prudent management of administrative expenses, reduction of outstanding debt by over half, a pending loan refinancing to lower ongoing interest costs, and the development of plans to generate income from fundraising in 2012 should allow the Parish to promote sound financial stewardship and support financially the fulfillment of Trinity’s mission.

DISCIPLESHIP Adult Forum: Reverend Rob Baldwin, Deacons Dick and Rita Tracy The Adult Forum is part of Trinity’s Adult Education Program. It meets every Sunday morning from 9:30 to 10:15 a.m., in the downstairs Jackson Kemper Room. The Forum offers a variety of live speakers, video presentations, and discussions on various topics. During the past year, we studied the following: Nooma, by Rob Bell Upside Living in a Downside Economy, by Mike Slaughter Digital Disciples, by Adam Thomas Jesus of Montreal Mudhouse Sabbath, by Lauren Winner We hosted The Reverend Fletcher Harper, Director of Green Faith Christian Classics: Rich and Joan Ring Christian Classics is part of the Adult Education Program at Trinity Episcopal Church. It meets every other Wednesday evening, at 7:30 p.m., in the Parish Library to read and discuss important texts on religion and spirituality. This group has read works from St. Augustine to C.S. Lewis. In 2011, the year opened with Piers Ploughman, which we had begun at the close of 2010.Then, we read Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Next the topic of the Harrowing of Hell was explored by reading mystery plays in the Chester Cycle of 1572, and the thirty-seventh play of the York Cycle. We closed the year with Thomas Aquinas’ Question 52, Christ’s Descent into Hell from Summa Theologica. The Venerable Bede’s The Ecclesiastical History of the English People is the first selection for 2012.Christian Classics welcomes anyone interested in exploring the development of religious thought and practice, and anyone interested in joining us for fellowship and spiritual growth. For more information, please contact Rich or Joan Ring at 842-5544.

Education for Ministry (EFM): No longer a Trinity program. G.I.F.T. Program: Bob Sanner The sale of grocery gift certificates or cards after Sunday Services was moderately successful in 2011. This program, referred to as Trinity’s GIFT

Program, generated more than $10,000 in revenue that was applied to Trinity’s General Operating Budget. Current participating grocers are: The Merc, Checkers, Hy-Vee, and Dillon’s. We plan to add Natural Grocers in 2012. The revenue that Trinity generates comes from the participating grocers, and not the Parishioners. GIFT participants receive a dollar in value for every dollar purchased. Many thanks to those Parishioners who volunteered their time after each service to administer this program, and those Parishioners who participated by purchasing these grocery cards. Our GIFT goal for 2012is to increase the amount of revenue this program can generate. This will be accomplished by encouraging first-time Parishioners to give “GIFT” a try, and current users to use their Dillon’s and Hy-Vee gift cards to purchase gas, pharmaceutical items, and third-party gift cards from their respective grocers. Again, thank you for your support. Library: The Turneys Trinity’s Library serves the Parish’s total educational ministry to children and adults, with an expanding collection of books, music, compact discs, and DVD’s. In July, the three of us attended the three-day Annual National Conference of the Church and Synagogue Library Association, in Washington D.C. Each year, we assist with a large, silent auction, and in so doing, acquire a number of new publishers’ exhibit items to add to Trinity’s Library. At present we have over 100 new items to be processed so that they can be put in circulation. The two most-used areas of the Library are, surprisingly perhaps, light reading such as the Jan Karon Father Tim novels, and serious Bible reference materials. The Library is brought to the Parish members each Sunday through a topical selection of materials displayed on a table in the Parish Hall. These highlight the theme of the season or a particular aspect of the Church. They include variety of readable materials on that theme. Beside the table is a cart with a wide variety of music on CD. These range from hymn collections to spirituals, classical religious music and service music. For this year a goal, in addition to putting the new items in circulation, is to put labels on the shelves to identify the various subject groups. Nursery: Lynn Segebrecht The Trinity Nursery continues to be ably staffed by Natalie Wilkins and Jasmine Turner each Sunday morning. The Early Christian Awareness (ECA) Sunday School Class has been taught weekly by Melanie Seybold

and Lynn Segebrecht, with Micah Seybold also teaching the class this spring. The ECA curriculum is based upon a wonderful collection of animals accumulated over the years and categorized on shelving to be utilized during the songs created by the program's founder. The songs teach babies and toddlers language and music about God's creatures and His Love for them and for all of us, as the children interact with the stuffed animals that the teachers bring to "life" through music, movement, conversation and an occasional story. The animals highlighted vary from week to week, so that over time the children are introduced to, and subsequently reencounter many "stuffed" friends! Their enjoyment is evident in their attention, smiles, laughter and utilization of growing language skills. The 20 minutes or so of class time each Sunday flies by quickly! Class begins at 10:30, or a few minutes after that each week. Natalie and Jasmine have volunteered to serve as substitute teachers when the regular teachers are unable to teach, so that families can be assured that their children will always have ECA available to them when they come to the Nursery. The ECA teachers welcome additional participation and observation, especially by parents of the babies and toddlers who attend the Nursery. Parents, please feel free to stop by and observe our ECA class any Sunday to see if you would like to try teaching. Melanie, Micah and I have taught this program to our own children when they were in the nursery, and we have found this to be a truly rewarding and memorable experience! (My son, Ray, was in the first "graduating" class of ECA, 22 years ago, when it was started at Trinity, and he is still attending church regularly!) Come, join us anytime, and see firsthand how joyful this experience can be for YOUR child! Stewardship Committee: Rev. Rob Baldwin This year, the entire Congregation gathered together for an opportunity to give thanks to God for all the blessings of this life, especially our life together as a Parish, as part of our annual Pledge Drive. The event, called the Harvest Festival Dinner, had all of Trinity’s members gather together at Maceli’s for an evening of great food, fellowship, and some unexpected entertainment. For many, it was a chance to meet people who, despite having been members of Trinity for years, had never had the occasion to be in the same place at the same time. At his presentation, Father Rob outlined in broad terms the vision that the Vestry and he had for 2012, and the new initiatives they would like to see happen -- like the adding on of a staff person for youth ministry, and much-needed repair work to our organ. He was interrupted by John Vernon Oaks, the Stewardship Officer of the

Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis, who had some interesting ideas about how to increase giving. All silliness aside, Trinity is pleased to have Mr. Oaks be the guest facilitator at the 2012 Vestry Retreat. While we won’t be doing our Stewardship drive the same way every year, it seems that everyone who attended had a great time, and would love the chance for the entire Parish to come together, in a spirit of fellowship and faith, very soon. Vacation Bible School: This program was not held at Trinity in 2011. Sunday School: David Paden Over the past year and half, we have worked to include older children in our Sunday School Program. One year ago last fall, we added a 4th through 6th Grade Class. This fall, we added an additional class for 3rd and 4th grade, as well as extending the upper class to include 7th and 8th Graders. This fall, we had Lynn Segebrecht and Melanie Seybold working with the Early Christian Awareness Class. Margaret Bearse, along with parent volunteers, worked with the Preschool. They have been following the Old Testament stories from Moses through the return from Babylonia. Last spring, they learned about some of the parables of Jesus. They have served as many as 14 children, and they averaged around 6 children. Anne Patterson, Anna Busby, and James Deng worked with the K-2 group. They follow the church calendar through vibrant storytelling, and they create captivating crafts. They averaged about 5 children this fall, but also had the students who were in the 3rd and 4th Grades last spring, and averaged about 12.James’ schedule will not allow him to continue full-time this spring; however, he will be willing to substitute when needed. David Paden and Sue Shackelford are rd th teaching the new 3 and 4 Grade Class. Valerie McCord and Micah Seybold have also helped with this class. This class is going into more depth with our Old Testament story, from creation through the Israelites following Joseph to Egypt. They will continue with the story of Moses this spring. They are using the Rock Solid curriculum as a base for this class. They have served 11 children and averaged about 4.Katie Becker and David Paden taught this class in the spring. Katie Becker, Heather Thornton, and Donna Griffin have been teaching the older group this fall. They have combined the church calendar with the Bible, as they try to deepen the students’ understanding of being an Episcopalian and connecting their beliefs to their everyday lives. This group has served 15 young people but usually averages 3 to 5 students. This year we are trying

to have at least three teachers for each class. This allows continuity for our students, while allowing for the fact that few teachers can be here every Sunday. It is important that we have at least two teachers with each class each Sunday for the protection of our children. We need four new teachers at this time to achieve this goal. This fall, we tried having Sunday School from 9:30 to 10:15 (during the Adult Forum). Although this appeared to help parents attend the adult classes, it reduced our averages for all of the children’s programs. Therefore, we have changed the Children’s Sunday School Class time back to during the 10:30 service. During the coming year, it is our hope to increase our average attendance to at least 50% of the children we serve. We are looking for a thematic approach to working with our 5th to 8th Grade students. We also hope to start a Youth Program for our young people. TEST (Trinity Environmental Stewardship Team): Nancy Hanson Trinity Environmental Stewardship Team does not intend to be “the environmental stewards” of Trinity. Rather, we seek to convey the message—through education, inspiration, and opportunity—that it is God’s call to ALL Christians to be good stewards of creation. Some highlights of our year were Trinity’s first-time participation in Lawrence’s Earth Day Parade in April, and coordinating with Plymouth Congregational’s Green Team in May to present Lawrence’s first “Awakening the Dreamer” symposium. Here is a summary of TEST’s activities during 2011. Membership and Meetings: ● Twelve members; 25 interested persons on “TEST Friends” list. ● Team Leaders: Ellyn Owen, secretary; Sue Shackelford, treasurer; Garth Burns, spiritual coordinator; Nancy Hanson, chair. Newest member: Pat Miller. ● Eleven regular monthly meetings in 2011 (including one potluck dinner-meeting at Owens’). ● Meetings: fourth Monday of the month, 7:00 p.m., Parish Hall/St. Francis Room. We would love to have you come and join us! Ongoing TEST Services at Trinity: ● TEST Energy Audit Subcommittee continues analyzing; researching; adjusting; assisting Property Committee— for increased energy efficiency in Trinity facilities. ● TEST Members continue recycling from Trinity kitchen. ● Third Sunday each month, we help with after-coffee dishwashing/cleanup following 10:30 a.m. service. ● We collect used CFLs, batteries, mobile telephones, eyeglasses in collection drawers in Parish Hall, for recycling/re-use. Please continue to bring these items to the collection chest! ● TEST does research and writes

and publishes to inform the Parish on environmental matters; in 2011: approximately 50 “TEST Tidbits,” plus some additional articles, for Trinity’s weekly E-News; three articles in Trinitarian; variety of educational posters in Parish Hall. Additional Education and Opportunities for Trinitarians in 2011: ● Jan. 29, TEST Movie Night, at Trinity: documentary film “Tapped,” about adverse effects of bottled water industry; Trinitarians and others invited. ● Sun., Feb. 13, thanks to Fr. Rob for his sermon, reminding us of our need to check/alter our behavior to avert long-lasting harm to natural environment, our lives, and posterity. ● Lent 2011: TEST provides brochure for Parish, with suggestions for earth-friendly Lenten disciplines. ● Sun., April 10, after the 10:30: Parish participates in making posters with earth-care themes; and ● Sat., April 16, 20 Trinitarians march with posters in Trinity’s first-ever participation in Lawrence Earth Day Parade; TEST provides educational materials, face-painting, booth in South Park. ● Sat., Oct. 15, six Trinitarians participate in TEST bicycle ride, Southwind Theaters to Clinton Overlook, for picnic lunch and back; wearing new “TEST Ride” T-shirts designed by Craig Myers-Arenth. ● Sun., Oct. 23, Fletcher Harper, Director of Greenfaith, celebrant/preacher at Trinity. His uplifting sermon advocating an environmental Christianity is well received by Congregation; TEST Members confer with the Rev. Harper over lunch. ● Oct. 30–Nov. 6, TEST Member Dave Owen collects old appliances/scrap metal items from Parishioners for recycling; proceeds donated to Kansas Interfaith Power and Light. ● Advent: TEST Alternative Christmas Market at Trinity results in donations to Heifer International ($180), K2K ($81), Arbor Day Foundation ($21), Kansas Interfaith Power and Light ($27.50). Thank You to All who participated! ● Nov./Dec.: TEST collects 35 signatures at Trinity on “Do It in Durban!” postcards urging strong, effective treaty at Climate Change Conference, Durban, South Africa Education and Service in the Diocese: ● Sept.: Episcopal House of Bishops, meeting in Quito, Ecuador; issues Pastoral Teaching on the Environment; TEST requests link to its on-line publication be provided on “Environmental Stewardship” section of “Development and Stewardship” page on Diocesan Website; “TEST Tidbits” in Trinity Nov. e-News calls attention to the “Teaching,” summarizes its key points. ● Diocesan Convention, Sept. 23–24: TEST booth shares photos and reports of environmental stewardship actions in eight parishes in Diocese. TEST begins circulating (1) a Survey of Environmental Action in Parishes in the Diocese, and (2) a Petition urging

Diocese to “build green” when expanding Kansas School for Ministry and to include environmental stewardship education in KSM’s curriculum. (Circulation of these two documents will continue in 2012.) Connecting with Nature and the Community: ● Jan. 22, Kaw Valley Eagle Day, Free State High School: several Trinitarians attend. ● Feb. 19, two TEST Members experience “Awakening the Dreamer” symposium in Overland Park. ● Feb. 26, three TEST Members, participate in Sustainable Sanctuary Coalition Green Teams Training. ● Feb. 28, Michael Almon, Lawrence Sustainability Action Network leader, speaks at TEST meeting. ● Late April: Dave Owen accompanies Moti Rieber, Kansas IPL Coordinator, to National IPL convention, Washington, D.C. They meet with Senators and Representatives from Kansas and present faith-based urgings for support of pro-environmental policies. ● June: Dave Owen is elected Chair of Kansas IPL Steering Committee/Board of Directors. ● May 5, TEST Member attends Cruelty-Free Food and Fashion event at Ecumenical Christian Ministries. ● June 4, TEST Member helps Lawrence Take Charge Challenge program distribute free CFLs in local neighborhoods. ● May: TEST article, “Environmental Stewardship as Part of Christian Stewardship,” published in Newsletter of the Episcopal Church Network for Stewardship, edited by Trinitarian Ann Elizabeth Bishop. ● Sat., May 21, TEST and Plymouth Congregational Church Green Team present “Awakening the Dreamer” symposium (at Plymouth); 22 attend from community. ● July 14, two TEST Members attend Building Sustainable Communities Dialog, at K-State. ● July 21, documentary film “Vanishing of the Bees” at Pachamama’s; TEST Member attends. ● July: two TEST Members meet with LJWorld director of media strategies to set up Web page on, where TEST can share articles and announcements with the community. ● July 29–30, four TEST Members participate in campout at Pomona Lake, ● Aug. 17, Trinity Junior Warden Micah Seybold, and two TEST Members, attend workshop for physicalplant managers, presented by Kansas IPL and Sustainable Sanctuary Coalition. ● Sun., Aug. 21, Rabbi Moti Rieber, Coordinator of Kansas Interfaith Power and Light, presents IPL’s “Cool Harvest” program at Trinity’s Adult Forum. ● Sept. 10, Lawrence Energy Fair, at Community Building; several TEST Members attend. ● Sept. 10, three TEST Members attend Presbyterian Eco-Team potluck/meeting; hear Rep. Tom Sloan speak on dealing with environmental issues in Kansas Legislature. ● Sept. 23–25, four TEST Members attend the Prairie Festival at Land Institute (near Salina); report on this event published in November

Trinitarian. ● Oct. 5, Richard Louv, author of books on “nature deficit disorder” and reconnecting with nature, speaks at Lawrence Arts Center; two TEST Members attend his inspiring talk. ● Late autumn: several TEST Members volunteer time and labor to help with repairs on a Trinitarian’s home. Fund Raising, and Use of TEST Funds: ● TEST’s main revenue source: annual sale of Christmas plum puddings made by Vashti Winterburg. TEST members and friends help with preparations; orders taken in Nov. and Dec.; puddings delivered for Christmas. Some proceeds from 2011 will be donated for water filtration systems to be distributed by K2K in Kenya. ● July, TEST Member secures $100 grant for TEST from his employer. ● TEST’s usual year-end distribution of donations to selected pro-environment non-profits delayed till early 2012. ● Donation made during 2011: $50 to Land Institute in Sept. For the Coming Year: ● We look forward to working in 2012 with Everyone at Trinity, and with the Diocese, to find ways to heighten interest and participation in earth-care discipleship! ● Please remember that TEST members are available to help you find answers to your questions about environmentally sustainable living. Contact Nancy Hanson (, 842-6887) or Ellyn Owen (, 842-1643) with your questions or comments—or to be placed on the “TEST Friends” e-mail list. Our sincere thanks to All at Trinity who support environmental stewardship efforts! Caring for the environment—it’s a Christian thing to do!

OUTREACH BackSnack Program: Tod Sutton and Greg Hazen BackSnack is an outreach ministry of Trinity with the mission to feed hungry kids in Lawrence. In 2011, we served as the community partner to seven Lawrence public schools (Broken Arrow, Kennedy, New York, Pinckney, Quail Run, Schwegler and Woodlawn) providing 180 children in those schools with weekend meals for 33 weeks throughout the school year. Since the Spring of 2010, Trinity has served as the Community Partner for schools in the Lawrence School District which participate in Harvester's BackSnack Program. Harvester's is a regional community food network that began the BackSnack program as a pilot operation in 2004 serving 30 students at one school. Today, it serves 15,000 students across 26 counties in Missouri and Kansas. Harvester's is able to do this for about $200 per child per year. We closed 2011 serving 180 students at those seven schools. In the January, 2012, Hillcrest school becomes out eighth partner school and the program is increasing to 210 students. We are hopeful it will continue to grow further next fall. At the beginning of the school year, Harvesters supplies backpacks to select students identified by the schools as chronically hungry. Every two weeks, Harvesters delivers food to Trinity to go into those backpacks. Once a week, Trinity volunteers pick up the empty backpacks at the schools, clean and fill them with the food supplied by Harvesters, and return the filled backpacks to the schools so that those chronically hungry children can have something extra to eat through the weekend. Most of these children are on the free-or-reduced-rate lunch program at the schools. These food packages may be the best food available to them through the weekend; in some cases it may be the only food available. Trinity's role as Community Partner is to support the schools through the filling and cleaning of the backpacks and storing the food before delivery. In addition to the food supplied by Harvester's, Trinity supplements the foodstuffs with granola bars, raisins, oatmeal, and similar nutritious items as funding allows. Apples, oranges, and gloves were added to packs during the holiday season. This program has taken nothing from Trinity's annual budget in these early years, but has had a meaningful impact on the community. In 2011 and before, we used solicited donations from inside and outside the Trinity family to fund the supplemental items we provided. Rather than rely on extra fundraising to support acquisition of those supplemental items, we have requested a line item in the outreach

ministry budget for 2012. We thank all the volunteers who have helped throughout the year with this program and the active support of the Food Pantry. Christmas Giving for Foster Children: Vera King

No Report.

Cursillo Group: Nancy Hause Cursillo (Cur-see-yo) is a hard-to-pronounce Spanish word that means “short course.” A Cursillo weekend is three days of living together in community usually at a camp or conference center, and involves worship, prayer, music, good food, and 15 short talks, 10 by lay persons and five by clergy. That is the textbook definition of a Cursillo weekend. It is a little like saying the Grand Canyon is a rather large cut in the earth’s surface, when there is so much more. The purpose of Cursillo is to know Christ and to make Him known. The goal is to bring all to Christ. Cursillo began in Spain in the 1920s and ‘30s, but the form we would recognize really jelled on the island of Majorca right after World War II, when churches were trying to recover from the War. Spanish Air Force cadets brought it to Florida in the 1960’s, and it spread from there. Beginning with 14 lay participants and several clergy in the 1940’s, it is now worldwide, and forms of it are in most mainline denominations: Roman Catholic, Episcopal, Cursillo, Methodist, Walk to Emmaus, Lutheran, Via de Cristo, Tres Dias, Heart of America, and Protestant Ecumenical. Kairos is Cursillo in prison; Vocare is for youngadults; Happening, Search, FISH, and Chrysalis are for high school students; and there are several more. Following the three-day weekend, there is The Fourth Day -- the rest of your life. During the fourth day, small groups, usually three to six people, get together, sometimes weekly, to worship, pray, and share. Currently there is one such group at Trinity. In his letter to the 2010 Convention, Kansas Bishop Wolfe said, “It is my hope that we make greater use of the Cursillo method . . .Cursillo strengthens and deepens the faith of our members, and serves to develop effective Christian leaders.” My own experience with Cursillo began in 1981, when my late husband heard about a weekend in Wichita and thought we ought to go. My reluctance to spend a beautiful October (football!) weekend with people I didn’t know, and listening to “lectures”, can be gauged by the depths of the ruts my heels left in the driveway as my husband dragged me to the car. But never have I experienced such love, such a servant mentality, such joy. I, who cannot stick to a diet or an exercise regimen for more than three days,

have been active in Cursillo for more than 30 years now, in four states and five dioceses. The love of Christ flows on the weekends and into the fourth day. No one is pressured or embarrassed. There is humor and spontaneity, order and solemnity. The next Kansas Episcopal Cursillo is February 16-19, 2012, at Heartland Presbyterian Center, near Parkville, Missouri. If you’re interested in knowing more about this Cursillo; if you’ve been to Cursillo but are no longer active; or if you’re just curious, please talk to me, Nancy Hause,; 841-3379; or Sue Shackelford, 865-8789. Habitat for Humanity: Garth Burns

No Report.

Holy Stir-It Men’s Group: Steve Segebrecht Holy Stir-It is a men’s fellowship that meets the second Thursday night of every month. Its focus is on fellowship and food. We meet at 5:15 p.m., at various venues, from various restaurants to Trinity’s own kitchen. Just to name a few events: we learned about the special process of barbequing from Buffalo Bob’s Smoke House; learned the art of brewing beer from the Master Brewer of a local microbrewery; a demonstration on making crème brulee and chicken satay by the amazing Chef Dave Nigro; Octoberfest was celebrated with bratwurst, sauerkraut, hot German potato salad, and a sampling of unique German beers; an amazing demonstration on how to smoke different kinds of meats by our very own master smoker Dave Edington. On a hot summer night, the group prepared and served a meal at the Lawrence Open Shelter, in which ice cold watermelon and slushes were made for dessert. The year ended with a wonderful Christmas celebration at the Castle Tea Room for the men and their guests, where we were entertained by the Trinity Choristers. Come and join us in 2012 for great fellowship and great food! Kansas 2 Kenya: Steve Segebrecht Kansas 2 Kenya, or K2K as it is commonly known, is the outreach mission program to Kenya for the Episcopal Diocese of Kansas. Its mission is to achieve the millennium development goals, and, in living out our faith, believe in community transforming community. Our efforts are geared toward projects that address the 8 Millennium Development Goals. The outreach program also entails taking teams to Kenya every summer. In 2011, there was a community team that used their wide-ranging expertise to

work on various projects. Another team consisted of college students who built two homes for internally displaced people through a partnership with Habitat for Humanity. Also, a medical team composed of doctors, nurses, medical students, pre-med students, pharmacists, and nutritionists treated hundreds of the sick. There will be three teams going again in 2012, and currently K2K is enrolling people on the various teams. Please check our website at for further information about the organization. Contact either Pam Paden, K2K Coordinator for Child Health, or Deacon Stephen Segebrecht, Director of Kansas 2 Kenya, for more information on how you can become involved. LINK (Lawrence Interdenominational Nutrition Kitchen): Catherine Robins L.I.N.K. (Lawrence Interdenominational Nutrition Kitchen) does so many good things for so many people! Oh -- in case you are unfamiliar with LINK: It is a community-based, not-for-profit that provides food, encouragement, and social contact for any person. Meals are offered at 1:00 p.m., in the basement of the First Christian Church (down the alley to the north from Trinity, fronting on Tenth across from the current location for the Community Shelter). On Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday a nutritious meal is offered to any well-behaved, hungry person, wearing shoes and a shirt -- regardless of sobriety, creed, ethnicity, or how long on the street. The meals are prepared by volunteers, mostly from local religious organizations, but also by civic groups. Being Episcopalians, we (with St Margaret's) all do our own thing, and carry in hot casseroles, etc., but some groups actually use the kitchen and cook a unified menu there. LINK clients are diverse in all possible ways. Some have been coming for at least 18 years; others are new, young families with children and nursing babies. Many of our guests will never be able to enter any kind of work because of age, a mental disability, or a physical disability. While food is the obvious draw, what matters most at LINK may be the social interaction. For a couple of hours, LINK is a safe place -- a place where an elderly person can visit and be loved and fed. A place where a recovering alcoholic can find support and understanding, and young persons might find an opportunity for a lifechanging job. Under the current board and its Coordinator, Greg Moore, many of the regular kitchen helpers are guests themselves. Since things in the kitchen change from month to month, the ongoing volunteers' continuity is critical. Where are the dish towels, the plastic bags, the soap? The volunteers know. Greg, LINK's only employee, manages to enlist enthusiastic help to clean up, recycle, and greet folks who are dropping off

contributions. The two local Episcopal churches, Trinity and St. Margaret's, serve together on the third Tuesday of the odd months (and how Episcopalian is that??!!!). Sign-up sheets are always posted in the Parish Hall at least 2 weeks prior to LINK service. We are known as the group that has fun! And we do! Our parishioners enjoy catching up between the two churches. We frolic and giggle, and the guests love that we use the opportunity to see Christ in those we serve. Questions? Contact: Catherine Robins, at 785-766-0883; or through email at: And, bless you, Paul Getto! You roped me into this, and while I have occasionally been about to tear my hair out over the "loaves and fishes" aspect (will we really have enough food for the nearly 200?), it has been a great opportunity! Thanks again, Paul, you are a hard act to follow! I miss you! Ploughman’s Lunch and Bake Sale: Susan Ralston The 2011 Ploughman's Lunch and Bake Sale were successes again this year! Over 340 people were served, and $2,000 was donated to the Trinity Food Pantry. In addition, $500 was given to C.A.S.A. from the reserve funds. Many thanks to all the generous Trinitarians who provided soup and baked goods for the Ploughman's Lunch and Bake Sale. Numerous people worked in the kitchen, acted as servers, baked pies, organized the Bake Sale, decorated the tables, and worked hard on advertisement for the event. Each person's contribution made this year's event a smooth and successful process for all. Thanks to everyone involved. We hope that even more Parishioners will become involved next year. Trinity Treasures Group: Gerry Miller and Charlotte Mueller We celebrated the 15th year of the Trinity Treasures Sale, on November 10, 2011. It was rewarding after a year’s work that so many came to do their gift shopping. Then, we were able to share the profits with many needy people in Lawrence. The following is a list of workers who donated their time and talent toward a successful sale: Bev Benso, Erika Binns, Margaret Bearse, Marilyn Dowell, Mary Emerson, Joanne Feist, Cheryl Flessing, Lew Johnston, Pat Kehde, Karen Lind, Gerry Miller, Charlotte Mueller, Mary Mozingo, Harlanne Roberts, Jano Seymour, Pam Simons, Marty Smith, Mary Stauffer, Anna Carol Wright, and Mary Lou Wright. Also, St. Petca’s Guild donated items for the Sale. The entire group supported the Ploughman’s Lunch and Bake Sale by helping serve lunch, and donating

baked goods and soup. A profit of $5,085, was realized, and given to the following groups: Trinity Food Pantry, L.I.N.K., C.A.S.A., Midnight Farms, Warm Hearts, U.N.A., Healthcare Access, Salvation Army, and the Deacon’s Assistance Fund. We welcome anyone who would be interested in our group to join us every Thursday morning, from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon, from February through November, in the Parish Hall at Trinity. We both extend our hearty thanks to everyone for their support of time, talent, and donations toward the Sale! St. Petca’s Guild: Patricia Henshall St. Petca's Guild currently meets on the second Monday of the month, at 7:00 p.m., in the Parish Library, for the purpose of working on needlework and other craft projects. This year, members of St. Petca’s Guild donated articles to the Trinity Treasures Sale, as they have for the past several years. The Guild also enjoyed its yearly Christmas Tea. Anyone who would like to learn how to knit, crochet, or do other handwork, or who would like to spend time with other “crafts people” is invited to attend our monthly meetings. Please email Patricia Henshall,, if you have any questions. Trinity Interfaith Food Pantry: Barry Molineux Our mission is to provide food to people who are hungry in Lawrence. The food pantry served 8,413 people in 2,994 households during 100 days in 2011. Our food pantry continues to give food through God’s provision along with the support of the parishioners of Trinity Episcopal Church and the four churches who are the interfaith partners to a large and increasing number of patrons who come for food on Tuesdays and Saturdays. We changed to a modified “Client Choice” Food Pantry in August. Each patron who comes to the food pantry now can choose foods offered in the food pantry with guidance from a food pantry volunteer; previously, patrons received pre-bagged groceries. The change in the food pantry model provides the dignity of choice for the patrons and has been positively received by all. We gave food to our patrons 100 days this year with the following expenses for the purchase of food: 45% of food was purchased with money. 55% of food was in-kind donations and food at a discount by

Harvesters. Each bag of groceries distributed has a current retail value of $20.50 (12-2011). • Total food purchases: $ 27,327.91; • Food purchased locally: $18,230.67; • Food purchased from Harvesters: $ 9,097.24; • The approximate total value of groceries (from all food sources and

donations) distributed to our patrons: $60,317.00; • 2,395 loaves of bread were donated this year to the food pantry by a Trinity

Episcopal parishioner (that is—each week-the parishioner picked up 40 to 60 loaves of bread and put them in carts, purchased them a grocery store, transported them from cart to car, brought them into the food pantry, and put them in the freezer)—the donation of the bread represented a savings of $ 2,580.35 to our food pantry budget.





We have been blessed by support of gifts of food from the parishioners at Trinity Episcopal and from many this year: Food given in the little red wagon and the basket on Sundays along with food donated throughout the week by parishioners at Trinity Episcopal; The annual food drive in November held by the students at Bishop Seabury Academy; The abundant food given by our interfaith partner churches who have brought this food to the food pantry throughout this year: First United Methodist Church, Trinity Lutheran Church, St. John the Evangelist Church, and St. Margaret Episcopal Church Specific donations of food from birthday and holiday parties from parishioners and people in the community who wish to support this outreach program Food given to the food pantry by Just Food; Food donations by the students at Canterbury House; 1,000 cans of food from the students from Sunset Hill Elementary School and food donated by the 5th and 6th Grade Students at Pinckney Elementary School in December; Other donations including “Scouting for Food,” The Girl Scout Daisies, Relay For Life. Adding new suggestions as “MY GROCERY LIST” as an insert to our Sunday bulletins to serve as a food pantry shopping reminder for parishioners;

We are deeply grateful for these gifts of money—a total of more than $22,995.00 this year—generous giving by: - Trinity Endowment $1,948.21



Parishioners at Trinity Episcopal of $ 6,405.000 in September after an appeal was made by Fr. Rob because of our depleted resources. Parishioners at Trinity Episcopal of $ 8,926.00 in December; Trinity Treasures of $ 650.00 in November; Ploughman’s Lunch of $ 2,000.00 in December; Students at Canterbury House of $ 300.00 in December; An anonymous source: $ 1,500.00 in December; Friends of Trinity Episcopal of $ 1,000.00 in December; Trinity Lutheran Women of ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America) of $500.00 in December; And, by parishioners from weekly and monthly pledges, specific gifts from people in the community who wish to support this outreach program, specific gifts from people as memorials to family members, and “The Gap Giving Campaign.” Two grant requests ($ 5,000.00 each) were submitted to two local community foundations: The Rice Foundation and Douglas County Community Foundation for possible grant awards in 2012.



We thank many volunteer servers who have served in the food pantry: We welcomed five new volunteers to the food pantry throughout this year from Trinity, Saint Margaret’s, and from Lawrence. All of the 30 and more volunteers continue to come on Tuesdays and Saturdays and other days in the week to manage and give food. This outreach ministry will continue in 2012 by dividing food pantry responsibilities among its volunteers: a food manager, a volunteer coordinator, a grant writer, an internal communication manager, and two community liaisons. We’re grateful for the ongoing support of the additional volunteers who are Students from Canterbury House at the University of Kansas; Students from Bishop Seabury Academy; from our partner churches who volunteer regularly to bring boxes, sacks, and carts of food donations from their churches to the food pantry; and our wonderfully supportive volunteers from Community Living Opportunity, Inc. who shop for food weekly and who shelve food weekly in the food pantry.



We graciously thank all at Trinity Episcopal Church: The Vestry of Trinity, The Rev. Rob Baldwin, Rector, and the Deacons of Trinity, Marilyn Bean, Parish Administrator, Patty Johnson, Financial Secretary, and the volunteers in the Trinity church office for their continued prayers, work, and support of Trinity Interfaith Food Pantry.

- Vintage Sale Committee: Mary Mozingo and Bev Benso The first Trinity Treasures Vintage Sale to be held separately from the annual Ploughman’s Lunch and Trinity Treasures Sale in November, was held in the Parish Hall on Friday evening, April 29th, and Saturday, April 30th, 2011. On Friday evening, we charged $5 admission, and shoppers enjoyed wine and hors d’oeuvres. We netted $2,700, and presented a check for that amount to the Trinity Vestry. This was a labor of love, and we had a great time putting it together. We had a fabulous selection of merchandise donated by Trinitarians and friends of Trinitarians. The Sale will not be an annual event, however, so that everyone can have more time to fill up closets and attics with what will hopefully become our “inventory” next time. Stay tuned! -


- PARISH LIFE - Brandon Woods Eucharist: Deacons Dick & Rita Tracy, Father Rob Baldwin - On the second Thursday of each month, at 10:00 a.m., Father Rob Baldwin, assisted by Deacons Rita and Dick Tracy, offer a service of Holy Eucharist and Healing for the residents of Brandon Woods Retirement Community. Judy Heller plays the piano, and Diana Dyal plays the flute, so that we may enjoy hymns in our Service. Everyone is invited, and quite a few persons of other denominations, in addition to Episcopalians, attend this Service. This Service keeps us in touch with a number of our Parishioners, who are unable to regularly attend Sunday Services at Trinity. - Eucharistic Visitors and Pastoral Care Team: Deacons Dick and Rita Tracy - The Eucharistic Visitors are laypersons licensed by the Bishop. They work with the Deacons to take Communion from our Sunday services to Parishioners who cannot attend church on a long-term basis. The Pastoral Care Team also consists of laypersons who extend pastoral care by making monthly visits to shut-ins and retirement home residents, who are our Parishioners. This Ministry helps Parishioners remain connected to our Trinity Church Congregation after age or infirmity makes church attendance too difficult. The Eucharistic Visitors and the Pastoral Care Team also meet with the Deacons about once per month to pray and discuss our Ministry. In 2011, the Eucharistic Visitors and the Deacons made 140 visits. - Morning Prayer: Rev. Rob Baldwin Prayers are read in the Chapel, on Monday and Tuesday mornings, at 9:00 a.m. Readings may include Prayers of the People; readings from the Book of Common Prayer; readings about specific Saints; and readings which commemorate Holy Days. The Chapel is located in the Matthews Center, and everyone is welcome to attend. -

- Prayer Chain Committee: Colette Bangert Our Parish Prayer Chain consists of 30 parishioners who pray daily for people in need of prayers. We exist to support those who need prayer: the sick, the hospitalized, the suffering and troubled, those offering thanksgivings, praise or with special intentions, and the departed. We also pray in support of all of our Parish Clergy, Office Staff, Vestry Members,

and Trinity Episcopal Church itself. The individuals who give us the names of their loved ones to pray are the heart and soul of the Prayer Chain. This last October’s Chain Get Together was hosted by Colette Bangert. During our annual meetings, we socialize and work toward refining the Prayer Chain. This year’s refinement is the Trinity Prayer Chain’s listed presence among Trinity’s weekly Sunday Notes. The Four Chains and their Leaders are: Hope (Ellyn Owen); Peace (Sidney Sutton); Strength (Diana Dyal); Faith (Margaret Bearse). Any Trinity Parishioner can give a name to the Prayer Chain to pray; any Parishioner can become a praying member of a Chain by sending an email to:, or; by phoning the Parish Office at 843 6166; or by placing a completed Prayer Card in the offering plate during a worship service. The Prayer Chain is grateful for the prayer leadership of Debbie Pitts and of Christina Yehle, who retired from leading the Faith and the Peace Chains. We are also thankful for the ongoing help to us from Deacons Rita and Dick Tracy, the Parish Office Staff, and Rector Rob Baldwin’s great enthusiasm and active support. -


Hospitality and Kitchen Committee: Shirley Reese Many volunteers are involved in keeping the kitchen, hospitality, and food service going throughout the year. The Sunday Morning Coffee Time after each service is a popular event. Many folks help with this -- and of course, many more volunteers could be added to this list. If you are new to Trinity, it is a good way to get acquainted. Thanks to Cheryl Flessing and Barb Roehl, the kitchen has a thorough cleaning every Monday morning. The T.E.S.T. group is helpful every third Sunday in the clean-up after church. The Ploughman’s Lunch is the largest event of the year. Many volunteers who cook, serve, and clean help to make this a very successful occasion. If you have never helped in the kitchen or with the Sunday Morning Coffee Time before now, maybe this is the year to give it a try! Thanks to all the faithful workers this past year!


Pump’n Pray Men’s Group: Steve Segebrecht Pump N’ Pray is a men’s prayer and exercise group that meets every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, from 6:00 a.m. to 6:30 a.m. Once assembled, we have a brief prayer to pray for the needs and concerns of our families and particularly those in need of prayer at Trinity

Church. That is by an exercise

followed by a brisk exercise program that was designed


physiologist to increase the core body strength. The exercise is easily done by people of all ages and levels of fitness. The exercise has a graduated step program so that each person can tailor the exercise to a level with which they are most comfortable. The exercise allows for members to visit while exercising. (As always, we are entertained by the stories of John Emerson’s escapades as a Navy pilot!) The ages of those participating range from in their 20’s to in their 80’s. Every Friday, there is a “health tidbit-of-theweek” which centers on some aspect of men’s health. Come and join us for a program that will improve the health of your body, mind, and soul!

Trinity Supper Club: Clenece Hills Trinity Supper Club was started in the late 1960’s by Trinity Rector, Harvard Wilbur, and his wife, Sue. Intended to be an informal ministry, Parishioners gather for a potluck supper once a month (now designated as the third Friday of each month), at 6:30 p.m. Usually attendance is between 20 and 30 people, and everyone is welcome. This is not a Couples Group or a Singles Group – it is a Trinity Group. Often we meet in homes of our church members, but sometimes we gather in the Parish Hall at Trinity (as we will do on March 16th for our Lenten Supper). If you would like to host Trinity Super Club in your home, we are always looking for someone to host this Supper. Traditionally, the hosts provide table service, coffee, and tea. Everyone brings food to share, and his/her beverage of choice. Our mission is unstated officially, but we are a loving circle of Trinitarians, always with room for more in the circle, and always willing to respond to the needs of any member. This informal group is a great way to get to know people in the Parish! We welcome you! Contact information for this group is: Clenece Hills,, 785-842-6313. - Wednesdays at Trinity: Vashti Winterburg No Report. -



Acolytes: Brian Haupt During the 2011 calendar year, thirteen Acolytes and three Vergers served at the Altar for 54 services, at 10:30 a.m. Most services were served by one Verger and four Acolytes. Those participating were Geoff Keys, Bekah Keys, Josh Milota, Jesse Cox, Brandon Cole, Alex Baldwin, Abby Baldwin, Issac Seybold, Zach Pitts, Courtney Pitts, Mia Wills, Mateo Wills, and Katy Ward, as Acolytes; Joan Ring, David Severence, and Brian Haupt, as Vergers. Thanks also go to the parents of the Acolytes for their continuous support throughout the year. The Acolyte Corps participated in two training sessions, a spring picnic, and a winter game night, in addition to the many services. Thanks also to Father Rob for leading the training sessions. Joan Ring is working on an Acolyte Manual, which we hope to complete before the end of 2012.


Altar Guild: Joan Ring For the Altar Guild, 2011 was a year of transition. Sara Woods and Gail VanLoenen retired as Co-Directors. They were honored and thanked for their years of service at a Reception and Altar Guild Meeting in June. In August, I became the Coordinator of the Altar Guild activities. We welcome Nancy Hause, Donna Olson, and Melissa Padgett, as new members this year.The Guild is made up of three Teams, who prepare the Chancel and the Altar for Sunday morning services, baptisms, weddings and funerals. Recruitment is underway for a fourth Team to serve at the evening Solemn High Mass Service. Members of Team A are: Melinda McKnight (Captain), Nancy Hause, Barbara Haverty, Karen Keim, Jennifer Sanner, Sue Shackelford, and Gail VanLoenen. Members of Team B are: Katie Becker (Captain), Nora Clark, Cheryl Flessing, Nancy Haggart, Charlotte Mueller, Shirley Reese, Joan Ring, and Marty Smith. Members of Team D are: Carl Edwards (Captain), Margaret Bearse, Winnie Getto, Carol Hatton, Katherine McGillivray, Donna Olson, Melissa Padgett, and Lynn Segebrecht. The new Team for the Solemn High Mass Service includes: Lori Edington, Gail Griffin, Glenna Kleinkauf, Katherine Mayfield, and Connie Price. New members are always welcome. Anyone interested in being a part of Trinity’s Altar Guild may contact Father Rob, or Joan Ring (842-5544;



Altar Flowers Committee: Pat Kehde The Members of the Altar Flower Guild take turns arranging flowers for the altar every Sunday, except for the season of Lent. We join during Advent to arrange the Advent Wreath and Altar Greens; and at Christmas, we decorate the entire Church. Before Palm Sunday we order palms for the Members of Trinity; and for Easter we decorate the Nave and provide flowers for the children. In addition, this past year, five children volunteered to make bouquets for the Altar for Mother’s Day. As an ongoing ministry, we clean the Altar, the Flower Sacristy, and the Nave after Sunday services, and after every holiday. In addition, we arrange flowers for funerals during the year. We will gladly do flowers for special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, or weddings. We ask that the requests for these special occasions come to us at least a week prior to the event, and that flowers are paid for in advance. We buy the fresh flowers weekly from various sources -- grocery stores, florists, and farmer’s markets. We use flowers from our own gardens or our friends’ gardens. We use vases or containers that are in the Flower Room, and we make sure that they are clean and in good condition. People who are requesting flowers for a memorial for the Sunday services, should sign up on the Altar Flower Calendar, located in the Parish Hall, or sign up in the Office. Please put your name on the appropriate date; fill out a form; and take the form and money to the office. A minimum donation of $35 is greatly appreciated. We have plenty of room for flowers on the Altar, so if you wish to choose a Sunday, and someone else has chosen that day, if both parties agree, we can accommodate both requests. We are happy to celebrate the many gifts of the Lord with one of the greatest gifts of all: flowers. -


Greeters and Membership Committee: Shirley Reese Each Sunday you will be greeted by a Parishioner at each of the front doors, to the Nave and at the side door vestibule. Those happy faces are the first you see as you enter the Church. Besides greeting the “old timers”, they are also interested in any newcomers. The Greeters are available to take them to the hospitality time after church, to introduce them to other Parishioners, and to answer any questions they might have. When the newcomers/visitors sign a Welcome Card, they will be contacted the following day by a Greeter, and if possible, a Trinity Mug will be delivered to them. Presently Debbie Pitts is in charge of the delivery. It is important to realize that, as a congregation


we are all “Greeters”, and we need to be vigilant when a newcomer is in our midst. If anyone would like to be involved in the Greeters Committee, please call the Church Office to be added to the list.

Lectors, Intercessors, and Chalice Bearers: Marty Smith Chalice Bearers, Lectors, and Intercessors are an integrated part of the Church Services at Trinity Church. There is always a need for laymen to participate, and it is a good way to support the Clergy and Parishioners of our Church. People who serve in these capacities find that not only do they contribute to the Church with their time and talent, but many find that it strengthens their own faith. The Lectors read the Old Testament and New Testament Lessons, and they lead the Psalms. The Intercessors bring the concerns of the Congregation and the Church before God in the Prayers of the People. Chalice Bearers distribute the consecrated wine, and they assist the Priest and Deacons at the Altar. We are always interested in training new people for these important ministries. Please contact me, Deacon Dick Tracy, or Deacon Rita Tracy to discuss how you may participate. - Music Ministry: Henry Heller Smith Special thanks go to Trinity Parishioners and friends for their generous support of Trinity Music Ministries this past year! Your gifts enabled Trinity to sustain the great music tradition and standards, which have been expected on a weekly basis, at our 10:30 a.m. Eucharist Rite II Service, and at the 6:00 p.m. Solemn High Mass Service. Thanks to you, we have been able to do marvelous things for 2011, despite our budgetary constraints! Some, but not all, of the events our Congregation and the greater Lawrence Community have enjoyed are Christmas, Easter, Feast Days, and High Holy Days’ singing throughout the liturgical year. Trinity Parishioners and our friends throughout Douglas County have enjoyed many years of fine music ministry, including the long-standing tradition of Choral Scholars, initiated in the early 1970’s, by Dr. James Ralston, Music Director Emeritus. This outreach to scholars, who not only appreciate what they are given, but also graciously give back to our Congregation by sharing their talents, was drastically reduced a third time by fifty percent in 2011, due to the budgetary reduction reflected in last year's proposed budget. My prayer is that the resulting reduction in quality of singing leadership and anthems will be offset by gifts from Trinity's many supportive members! Thank you for answering that call this past year. However, we will need to count on you -

again in 2012 because of our budgetary constraints. Trinity Church has been blessed in many ways with the gift of music shared by our talented musicians, both volunteers and scholarship recipients, to the glory of our Lord and Maker. In 2010, Choral Scholars' participation brought us two infant members through the Sacrament of Baptism, blessing our congregation with an opportunity to once again be builders of the Kingdom of God. Let us continue to expect, and to financially support no less, as we continue to maintain and expand the outreach and evangelism ministry provided at Trinity Episcopal Church through our worship in music. We remember the words of St. Augustine: “Singing is twice prayer”. Finally, we affectionately remember Elizabeth Stephens. We appropriately dedicated our Christmas Eve 10:30 p.m. Concert to Elizabeth, who spent a lifetime creating lasting musical memories for all. Elizabeth was a wonderful person, and a faithful servant of music at Trinity for over 40 years. Elizabeth Stephens will be sorely missed. - Trinity Choristers Youth Choir: Susan Ralston - Trinity Choristers continue to be an integral part of the 10:30 a.m. Service, contributing once a month during the academic year with a Communion Anthem. The fall group of Trinity Choristers included Alex Baldwin, Abigail Baldwin, Katy Meston-Ward, Courtney Pitts, Bekah Keys, Ari Myers-Arenth, Caroline Schmidt, Jesse Cox, Liam Elliott, Mateo Wills, Mia Wills, Nora Hause, Alana Branch, and Miles Branch. Trinity Choristers welcomes new members any time. The beginning age is 8, and a Chorister can continue to sing through the seventh grade. Good reading skills and ability to match pitch are required. Trinity Choristers will be singing on the following Sundays during the Spring Semester: January 22, February 12, March 11, April 15, and May 6. - Ushers: Jerry Hanson - I want to thank all of you who have served this past year and are willing to carry on with this Ministry in the New Year. The Ministry, as described by Paul Getto: “Each week when you arrive at Trinity, you are presented with the bulletin for the week – and a smile and handshake -- from one of a group of people who provide an important service to our worship experience.” The Ushers are there before you arrive, and stay after you have left! They are responsible for taking an -

accurate count of those worshipping, and are also available to answer any questions or concerns. They welcome visitors,


as do the Greeters, and are instant responders for any emergency. Following each service, the Ushers make certain that the pews are cleared of papers, returning the books to the pews, accounting for the gifts of the offering, locking the doors, recovering the flag, and making the church ready for the next event. Your Parish needs your help! We have lost a number of Ushers in the last year, and need replacements for the 10:30 a.m. service. This is a job that can use Members, regardless of the length of time they have been with the Parish. You will be given instruction, and will work with experienced Ushers to start with. Singles or couples are welcomed, and we can work with your schedules. At present, we need four ushers and two substitutes to fill our seven teams, which would mean that you would only have to serve once every seven weeks. If you could do this for the Parish, please contact Jerry Hanson, 785-8426887; Thank You! -



By-laws of Trinity Episcopal Church -


Section 1:

Adopted January 23, 2011

Name, Location, and Authority

a. Trinity Episcopal Church is located at 1011 Vermont Street, Lawrence, Kansas 66044, with offices at 1027 Vermont Street. As a constituent part of the Diocese of Kansas and the Episcopal Church in the United States of America, it accedes to, recognizes, and adopts the General Constitution and Canons of that Church, and the Constitution and Canons of the Diocese of Kansas, and acknowledges the authority of the same. These By-laws shall be interpreted in their plain and literal sense, except that words of male gender shall also imply the female gender.


b. The General Constitution of the Episcopal Church and the Constitution and Canons of the Diocese of Kansas shall be used to define terms within these By-laws. - c. In the event that procedures are not covered by Canons, such procedures shall then be governed by Roberts Rules of Order. - Section 2: The Annual Parish Meeting and Other Parish Meetings a. The Annual Parish meeting shall be held during the month of January. All adult Communicants, who are 16 years or older, and in good standing, as determined by the Rector, shall be entitled to vote. At the Annual Meeting, the Vestry shall provide an accounting of the Parish finances and property for the past year, and elections shall be held for Wardens, Vestry Members, and other offices as described below. b. Notice of such Annual Parish Meeting, and of such elections, shall be given during public service upon the two Sundays before such an election, or by written announcement in a Parish newsletter or Sunday Notes publication. Other Parish Meetings may be called by the Rector and/or Vestry with proper advance notice. c. Those members attending shall constitute a quorum for the business transactions of any Parish meeting. Voting shall be by ballot, and a plurality of the votes cast shall be necessary for election. Absentee ballots are not permitted. d. The Rector of the Parish, if there be one, shall preside at all regular meetings of the Parish. - Section 3: The Vestry and Trustees of the Parish Corporation -



Title and Responsibilities: The Rector, Wardens, and Vestry Members, collectively called the “Vestry�, are the Trustees, corporate and politic; and when there shall be








vacancy in the Rectorship, the same rights are vested in the Wardens and Vestry Members. The Vestry shall transact all temporal business of the Parish, and take charge of all its property, subject to the provisions of the Constitutions and Canons of the National Episcopal Church and the Diocese. In accordance with the diocesan canons (Sec 5a of Canon IV. 5) the Wardens and Vestry members shall share with the Rector a concern and responsibility for the mission, ministry, and spiritual life of the Parish. b. Membership: The Vestry shall consist of the Rector and twelve (12) Vestry Members, which shall include the Senior Warden and the Junior Warden. c.

Vestry Meetings: A majority of the whole Vestry shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

Section 4: Elections and Officers; Vestry Meetings; Nominating Committee; Diocesan Convention Delegates/Convocation Representatives; Endowment Board a. The Wardens and Members of the Vestry shall be elected annually at the Annual Parish Meeting. Only Confirmed Communicants in good standing of this Parish, who are eligible to vote at Parish Meetings, may be elected as Wardens, Members of the Vestry, Diocesan Convention Delegates/Convocation Representatives, or any other elected Parish Office. The candidate receiving a majority of the votes cast at the Meeting shall be elected. b. Except to fill the unexpired term of another Member, Members of the Vestry shall be elected for three-year terms, with one-third (or as near to that portion as may be) of the Members of the Vestry being elected each year. A Member of the Vestry will be eligible for reelection if he or she has served continuously for fewer than six years, and will be elected for a term that does not result in continuous service of more than six years. Otherwise, a Member of the Vestry will not be eligible for reelection until the expiration of one year from the completion of his or her current term. c. The Wardens shall be selected annually from among the Members of the Vestry. The Rector shall appoint the Senior Warden. The Vestry shall select the Junior Warden. Each shall hold office for not more than three successive, one-year terms. A Warden shall not be eligible to be elected again as a member of the Vestry until after the expiration of one year from the date he or she completes the most recent period of service, whether for one or more successive terms. In the event of a vacancy occurring in the office of either Warden, the Vestry shall have power to fill the vacancy.


d. The Vestry, at its first Meeting after the Annual Parish Meeting, shall elect a Clerk of the Vestry, and a Parish Treasurer, both of whom must be qualified electors in the Parish, but need not be Members of the Vestry. The Treasurer shall keep an accurate book of accounts, and shall submit to the Vestry a monthly statement of receipts, disbursements, cash, or equivalent on hand, in such form as the Vestry shall direct. In addition, the Treasurer shall prepare and submit to the Bishop and the Trustees for







their approval all such reports and other financial information as may be required from time to time. The Clerk of the Vestry shall take Minutes of all Meetings of the Vestry, and shall cause such Minutes to be promptly circulated and maintained. e. In the event that a Member of the Vestry shall fail, for a period of three consecutive months, to attend Vestry Meetings, the Vestry shall give written notice to such Member that failure to attend the next regular meeting, or to provide satisfactory reason for failure to attend, shall be evidence of his/her inability or lack of desire to serve. In such case, if the member does not attend the next Meeting, and does not provide reason satisfactory to a majority of the other Members of the Vestry, the Vestry shall declare the office vacant, and notify the Member of its action. Whether a reason is satisfactory will be determined at the sole discretion of the Vestry. f.

Vacancies occurring on the Vestry may be filled by the Vestry until the next Annual Parish Meeting, at which time an election shall be held for the unexpired term or terms. A Member of the Vestry, so appointed by the Vestry, shall be eligible for election to the Vestry. g. the

The Vestry shall meet at least bi-monthly. It shall be the duty of every Member of Vestry to attend regularly the Meetings of the Vestry.

h. Special meetings of the Vestry may be called by the Rector or upon the written request of three Members of the Vestry, including one Warden. Notice of such Meetings shall be in writing to the Members of the Vestry, not later than twenty-four (24) hours prior to the hour fixed for the Meeting, except that a Vestry Meeting may be held at any hour without notice, the Rector consenting, provided that every Member of the Vestry shall be present, either in person, or by telephone. i.

There shall be no Meeting of the Vestry, unless the Rector, if there is one, and a majority of the Vestry be present; provided, if the Rector is absent from the Diocese two calendar months, or if when duly notified of such Meeting, shall consent to the Meeting or decline or neglect to be present, the Vestry shall be competent to transact business, if there be a majority of the Vestry, including one Warden present. j. The Nominating Committee shall consist of the outgoing Vestry Members, the Senior Warden, and two Communicants of the Parish, who are eligible to vote in Parish elections. The non-Vestry members shall be prayerfully appointed by the Vestry. The Senior Warden shall serve as Chair of the Nominating Committee. In consultation with the Rector, the Nominating Committee shall nominate at least the number of candidates required to fill the open terms on the Vestry; at least the number of candidates to fill the Office of Diocesan Convention Delegates and Alternate Convocation Representatives; and at least the number of candidates required to fill

the vacant places on the Endowment Board. Nominations of persons qualified for election may also be made from the floor for any Office, except the Wardens, with the permission of the person being nominated.



k. Diocesan Convention Delegates/Convocation Representatives: Convention Delegates/ Convocation Representatives shall represent this Parish at the Annual Diocesan Convention, and at all the Meetings of the Convocation Board. They shall report to the Parish and Vestry on the Diocesan Convention and Convocation Board meetings within thirty (30) days of its adjournment. l. Starting with the January, 1996 Annual Meeting, one Member shall be elected to the Endowment Board each year (see the By-laws of the Trinity Endowment Board).


Section 5: Policies and Procedures


Section 6: Amendments

The Vestry, in consultation with the Staff, shall develop a Policy and Procedures Manual for the operation of Trinity Episcopal Parish.

Amendments to these By-laws must be proposed in writing, and presented to the Vestry thirty (30) days prior to any Special or Annual Parish Meeting. Before presenting any Amendments to a Special or Annual Meeting, the Amendments must be approved by the Bishop, and the Diocesan Chancellor. If the Vestry reports favorably, the Amendment or Amendments may be adopted by a majority vote at the Meeting. But, if the Vestry votes unfavorably, the Amendment or Amendments, in order to be adopted, must receive a twothirds (2/3) vote of those present at the Special or Annual Parish Meeting. Voting must be by ballot.




T r in ity Episcopal Church - Church: - 1011 Vermont Street - L aw rence, Kansas 66044 - Office: - 1027 Vermont Street - L aw rence, Kansas 66044 Office Hours: M-F, 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Phone: 785-843-6166 Fax: 785-843-6984 Emai l: Website: in -




The Reverend Rob Baldwin: - M a r ilyn Bean: - Pat r icia Johnson: pj@trin Hen ry Heller Smith: - M a rk Stotler: markevanstotler@gmai -

Sunday Worship Services: -

8:00 a.m. Holy Eucha r ist, Rite I - 10:30 a.m. Holy Eucha r ist, Rite I I 6:00 p.m. Solemn H igh M ass (du r ing academic year) -


Trinity Episcopal Church Annual Report, 2012  

Trinity Episcopal Church Annual Report - 2012. The annual report of Trinity Episcopal Church.