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AMERICA NEEDS YOU The number of U.S. welders dropped from 570,000 in 1988 to less than 360,000 in 2012. Median age for a U.S. welder: 55. Probably not a shock, but certainly cause for concern amongst those in the manufacturing industry. Especially since the end of the recession in 2009, manufacturing growth has outpaced the rest of the entire U.S. economy. Manufacturing companies have added jobs four years running and demand continues to skyrocket. Decades of attrition combined with looming retirements within the current workforce paint a bleak picture for the future. The American Welding Society estimates that by 2020 there will be a shortage of approximately 290,000 manufacturing professionals. The main problem being that, over the last 30 years, young people were not being taught trades nor were they encouraged to consider them as a

career. Additionally, those jobs have continually been either outsourced or automated, further compounding the issue. But there are some out there who stay committed to reversing the trend. The Hobart Institute of Welding

may not be a household name, but is steeped in rich heritage and tradition. Since 1930, it has been one of the top national programs for welding and prides itself on a solid return on investment for its students. For $25,000 tuition, students receive books, living expenses and an intensive, hands-on, nine month educational program designed to


LINKEDIN Your headline is possibly the most important part on your LinkedIn profile.

Your headline is your 120 character hook to people finding you in a LinkedIn search; it should be about what you do as opposed to what you are. It should be memorable and enticing. Your headline should also be peppered with keywords.

teach them everything about the trade. Students learn how to weld steel, pipe, aluminum, titanium etc…with more than 1,000 hours spent “under the hood”. But that’s simply one piece of a larger puzzle. Students are also classically trained in mathematics, geometry, trigonometry and other calculative areas that are a major part of what makes a skilled trades-person. Understanding tangents, cosines, angular degrees and circumferences are just as important as understanding how to operate equipment. This all-encompassing approach is what helps Hobart and its students thrive. Roughly 300 students graduate from Hobart each year, eighty-three percent of which have a job when they leave.

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America (Continued from page 1) That is a mind-numbingly large number considering that, according to a survey conducted by consulting firm Accenture, only sixteen percent of 2013 college students had secured jobs by graduation. Now that’s a sobering statistic. For years, the idea of “go to college and get an education” was seen as the only path to success. Consequently, people became conditioned to believe that blue collar work is lesser work and that anyone that works with their hands only does so because they aren’t educated enough to find a “better” or “real” job.

that what you know is sometimes far less important than what you can do. Today, the competition amongst manufacturers is so fierce it is impossible to meet demands. Combined with the fact that many mid-level and even billion dollar manufacturing enterprises cannot compete with oil and gas industry wages; many are left on the outside looking in. It is difficult to quantify just how large an impact this has on companies, but rest assured it’s costing millions. Some manufacturers are even forced to turn down business due to lack of manpower. Schools like Hobart are helping to restore the balance but, they cannot go it The truth is that education in and of alone. Some grassroots initiatives, itself is not a pre-requisite for success. at the high-school and community Righting the ship is predicated on college level will also help to teach shifting these perceptions and realizing and develop a new generation of

Trinity’s Veterans Program Our Veteran’s program is in full swing and continues to add great value and great employees across our business units. The WOTC and Veteran’s initiative has helped to add 66 vets so far this year and promises to add many, many more. As we continue to involve more and more facilities in the WOTC, enrollment and continued financial benefits will climb higher. As of Q1 our total Veteran population stands at 825.

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Over the coming months, we hope to roll out several other Veterans’ initiatives aimed at recognizing their efforts, creating touch points for increased communications and finding an individual that will serve as the face of our program. We plan to add a landing page on our internal website that will serve to provide information for ongoing Veteran initiatives within our company and our community. We also hope to establish a mentorship program that will pair current Trinity Veterans with incoming new hires. This will help to establish both personal and

skilled workers. It is incumbent upon companies who need these individuals to aid and foster that development. Caterpillar is one company who has taken such steps. They have created partnerships at the local level, donating equipment and helping design curriculum aimed at guiding youth towards these desperately needed professions. Yet, this is just a small example of the massive shift that is needed. The bottom line is that demand for skilled tradespeople will rise exponentially for years to come. And for the individuals and companies that recognize the trend and act accordingly, the sky is the limit.

professional relationships strengthening our workforce.


We encourage all our employees to aid us in our continued efforts regarding Veterans. If you know of any additional service, recognition or employment programs that may better help to serve our current and future Veteran workforce, please contact your HR representative with details. We look forward to continued growth and sustained excellence in this arena.

Trinity’s Social Media Program

By helping people understand what it’s like to work at Trinity, you can build a pipeline of talented people who are excited to come work for us… before we’ve even posted a job opening. That makes it easier (and less expensive) for us to find candidates. Social media for hiring purposes is at an all-time high: 92 percent of companies use platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook for recruitment, and 45 percent of Fortune 500 firms include links to social media on their career page sections. Amongst the top social networks, LinkedIn leads the way, favored by 93 percent of companies, ahead of Facebook (66 percent) and Twitter (54 percent). Almost three-quarters (73 percent) of recruiters say that they have made successful hires through social media. The infographic to the right is from and takes a closer look at social media and recruitment.

Trinity’s 2014 Campus Program In Full Swing We are pleased to announce Trinity’s 2014 Summer Internship program is well underway. While all positions are at different stages in the hiring process, sixty percent are in the interviewing or selected stages, with eighteen acceptances so far. The majority of the positions will be located at the corporate office in Dallas, but several plants across Texas, Illinois, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Louisiana and California will also be participating in the internship program. The expected start date for all interns is June 2nd with an end date of August 8th, but dates are flexible depending on individual availability. The calendar of planned events includes first day orientation, a kick-off event with executive speakers, special lunches,

plant tours, learning workshops and an outing at the Perot Museum. Interns will have project-based, real work experiences related to their major(s) that are challenging and valuable to the organization. Supervisors will offer continuous feedback through written and verbal evaluations. At the end of the program, Interns will deliver individual presentations to showcase their hard work to their departments and senior leadership. At Trinity, we continue to demonstrate our commitment to connecting the best and brightest students with our unique culture and career opportunities. Please join us in welcoming all our Interns this summer!

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National Women’s History Month In March, we celebrated Women’s History Month by commemorating women’s contributions to history, culture and society. We promoted women’s history month at Trinity by celebrating “Trinity’s Women of Character” and highlighting three amazing Trinity women. You might recognize one as our very own Trish Rayford. Her Q&A is below: What woman inspires you and why? Laura Bush because she emulates how a woman should present herself as a business woman, mother and wife. She holds true to herself by putting God first, then family. She is always respectful even when disagreeing with another’s point of view and stands firm in her beliefs even when it isn’t popular. During her time as First Lady, she showed all of us how you can juggle many hats; mother, business woman, wife etc…while still being there for her daughters and setting a positive example for them. What will be the biggest challenge for the younger generation of women? To find the balance to put family first while still focusing on their careers. So many times our careers pull us away from our families and vice versa. It’s important for women who want both to find a company that understands her needs as a mother and wife and how coincides with her desire for a successful career. I truly believe if you can find a company/boss who understands that, then you can have the best of both worlds. You also have to have a very supportive spouse who is willing to share some of the responsibilities at home so that you aren’t doing two full time jobs. If you are in a situation where it is one or the other and there’s a lack of support at home then at some point you have to make a choice. As a mom/wife I know that choice will be a mom/wife but there will always be that desire to also have the career as well. Finding that perfect job/career to give you both is hard but they are out there! What do you think is the largest barrier to female leadership? To overcome the mentality that as women we can’t commit completely to our job or that we can’t juggle a career and family. So many times when you are up against a male for the same role even if you have the same skill set and ability the doubt that you can be as successful comes into play. I like to think that is evolving and I truly believe it is, but unfortunately there are still some out there who have the old mind set. As a woman, being able to prove we can be just as successful if not more so while still focusing on our family will always be a challenge and a barrier we will have to overcome.

Magellan 2014 Your Source Campaigns

Access Magellan’s campaigns to be empowered, learn ways to enjoy life more, and identify opportunities for improvements at home and work. Campaigns are located on under the In the Spotlight section. Access it today and throughout the year, and share with your family members! There will be member material provided every month based on the topics below. Highlights Live Webinar Webinar Topic/Speakers Month Theme May Caregiving *Finding a balance May 14 The Sandwich *Focus on you 1-2pm CST Generation June Healthy Aging *Healthy at any age June 11 Healthy Aging and the *Focus on your future 1-2pm CST Brain *You and your family

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Like businesses, logos go through distinct phases of conception, growth and maturity. A fresh new logo can be a great way to symbolize accomplishments and new products. A logo is instantly recognizable which is why the Workforce Training and Development team is very proud to announce the launch of the Trinity Leadership Experience logo and program. This multi-faceted program aims to further enhance the capabilities of our current leadership while developing the next wave of future talent. The program is designed to engage everyone at the plant level and will be available across all facilities over the coming months. The Trinity Leadership Experience will be available to leaders at the corporate site as well. This program is designed to develop any and all leaders throughout Trinity Industries, Inc. The Trinity Leadership Experience encourages continuous improvement for all employees in their current roles and equips them with the necessary tools for sustained and continued growth within the company. With these processes in place, Trinity can look towards the future inhouse; building and cultivating our own talent and placing

the right people in the right positions so all can succeed. This program will work in conjunction with Trinity’s Continuous Improvement Lean Transformation Initiative, creating synergies that will improve productivity and build skill sets across the board. The Trinity Leadership Experience will develop the people necessary to facilitate the Process Improvement strategy strengthening both our efficiencies and our personnel. To help deliver the message, Training and Development has added three very capable and experienced individuals; Bert Ross, Ken Gentner and Justin Haynes. Bert has more than 30 years of experience in facilitating leadership development, while Ken has more than 15 years’ experience as a field trainer in the military. Justin has the unique combination of facilitation and in-house experience having worked in the Vidor, TX Rail plant prior to making the move to corporate. If you would like more information regarding the program or how your plant may get involved, please contact Jon Cox or Rachel Aanerud.

Kick the Year off Right

As the calendar rolls over to 2014, it’s a good time to regroup and set out some fresh goals for the upcoming year. Some tips: • • • • •

Be realistic in setting goals. It’s important to move forward, but don’t shoot for goals so high that you’ll give up. If you do get off track during the year, get back up and try again! Be specific in your goals. Use dates, times, amounts – any form of measurement that helps you set clear goal tar gets. For example, lose 5 pounds by July 1, work up to 40 push-ups a day, or walk outside twice a week, etc. Put your plan in writing. Writing down your resolutions will help you 1) maintain a clear sense of what you’re trying to accomplish, and 2) chart your progress. Share your goals. If you get stuck or need a boost in reaching your goals, talk with a friend or family member about it. You might get some new ideas. Track your progress and reward yourself. Mark even your smallest progress toward your goals. Take pride in your efforts!

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2014 Annual HR Conference Sept 30- Oct 1 (Check-In Sept 29)

Hilton - Dallas Lincoln Centre Dallas, TX



Donna Graebner (1/28)-1 year Lori Honey (1/21)-1 year LeTicia Charles (1/16)-1 year Angelique Cole (1/7)-1 year Danielle Smith (1/17)-2 years Kimberly Nightingale (1/20)-4 years Anita Winkler (1/26)- 16 years Elesia Johnson (1/19)-21 years


Corporate Recruiters in Saginaw Starlyne Hernandez, Vicki Bell-Nunez, Amy Olexy

Araceli Rey (2/28)-1 year Ana Barron-Vides Rivera (2/25)-1 year Francis Meyer (2/18)-1 year Patricia Nyquist (2/18)-1 year Debra DiDonato (2/11)-1 year Ashley Mitchell (2/11)-1 year Sophia Carson (2/5)-4 years Janis Jones (2/5)-4 years Russell DeGrow (2/10)-22 years


Port Allen, LA billboard

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Rachel Aanerud (3/25)-1 year Robert Fogleman (3/25)-1 year Denise Golson (3/21)-2 years Marie Sloan (3/28)-3 years Christine Hopwood (3/7)-3 years Lisa Oliver (3/10)-6 years Patty Matthews (3/13)-23 years


Bonnie Green, Lisa Thomas, Tracy Shawn

Kr ystal


Janet Solo

man, Kris

tina Mille


Gladys Vivar, Carol Nielsen, Vicki Bell-Nunez

New Employees Not Pictured: Alicia Allen, CEMC Christina Climer, P&C, Axle John Orr, Rail/ATL Qiana Glenn, Rail/ATL Connie Zessak, Rail/ATL Scott Lowber, Rail/OKC Jana Martinez, Rail/Saginaw Samantha Trevino, TSTI/Poles Brandy Eugene, HRIS

Bert Ross, Training/Dev Ken Gentner, Training/Dev Justin Haynes, Training/Dev Jennifer Fox, Rail/Corp Lisa McNelly, Rail/Corp Amy Olexy, Rail/Corp Keran Bellah, Plant 8192 Tina Peyton Dorah Mendez

Connie Floyd

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