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Second Issue, April 2011

I KNOW! THAT’S WHY I’M HERE! Years ago a friend told me a delightful Easter story. A young woman visited the Orthodox Church on Easter Day. In the Orthodox tradition, the custom on Easter Day at the peace is to greet one another with, ―Alleluia. Christ is Risen.‖ The appropriate response is, ―The Lord is Risen Indeed, Alleluia!‖ Not knowing this, the young woman was astonished when the person next to her greeted her at the peace by smiling broadly and exclaiming, ―Alleluia. Christ is Risen.‖ In her astonishment, the young woman blurted out, ―I know! That’s why I’m here!‖ How lovely that this young woman’s response was the true reason we are all Christians; the reason we gather together! Christ is risen, trampling down pain, sorrow, and death, and raising us up with Him. But to remind ourselves fully ―why we are here,‖ we need to experience the journey of Christ through his passion and crucifixion. The cycle of worship from Palm Sunday through Easter Day is designed to bring us in breathless anticipation to the Resurrection. As we experience the first Eucharist of Easter, our minds will grasp

Come and celebrate the generous new life offered to us in Christ!

Alleluia! He is Risen! I know that’s why you’ll be here! Nicolette+

Photo by Chris Southard

Holy Week & Easter Schedule See Page 3

onto the reality of the Resurrection. We too will respond to ―Alleluia, Christ is Risen.‖ with, ―The Lord is Risen indeed. Alleluia.‖ Our response is our Episcopal Church way of saying, ―I know! That’s why I’m here!‖

In this Issue: Rector Reflection


Nominating Com. Update p.2,3

I invite you to join in the services of Holy Week and Easter. You will find a complete listing of our services in this newsletter. Please ask yourself how participating will extend and deepen your relationship with God and with one another.

Holy Week Schedule


Garden Mart


Midday & Other Music


Participating fully in the Holy Week, Easter Vigil and Easter Day services will find us with our feet on a new path, with God having done a new thing and opened a newly resurrected life for us.

People-David Mayom


Bishop Reflection


Parish Commentary


More Announcements


Calendar and Lay Sched. P.6,7 Liturgical Notes & B’days p.8

NOMINATING COMMITTEE NEWS Chris Kelley As we enter Lent we continue to take steps down our path to our new rector. In the last 4 weeks we have had discussions about the nominating process at the Annual Parish Finance & Business Meeting, and posted the status chart of our progress both at Trinity and on the website. Most significantly, the position for our new rector is now open in the national church database. This means that we have completed our second big set of activities: turning the parish’s feedback gathered in the Holy Conversations (our first big set of activities) into the parish profile and getting everything approved by the vestry and the diocese.

church office will be routed to the diocese for an initial screen, as is standard throughout the Episcopal Church, and then passed back to us with additional information about each candidate, including their profile and resume.

We may receive as many as 50 to 75 candidate names. We will study each nomination and candidate profile and decide which competencies and skills as revealed in their materials match the goals and challenges established from the Holy Conversations and approved by the vestry. Those individuals will receive a letter containing a set of questions and a request for a video version of a sermon, and will be asked, if interested in the position, to return the materials by a given deadline. The Nominating Committee will give each candiSo, what comes next? The simple answer is we start date the careful consideration s/he deserves by studyour first look at candidates. The candidate names will ing answers to the written questions, and listening to/ come to us from as many as three different sources: observing sermons. From this initial pool we will select the clergy with whom we want to do phone inter The national church database will match our views. We will send them a packet of information Trinity profile with the profiles of clergy who about Trinity and invite them to visit our website to are looking for a new calling. learn more about us. After the phone interviews, we  Clergy can nominate themselves by sending their cover letter, resume, CDOs and OTMs to will determine which individuals we wish to visit as well as bring to town to visit us. the Diocesan Transition Office. 

Parishioners can also nominate clergy through our website or with the paper form (available online and from the church office) provided they asked for and received permission from the clergy they are nominating. If you choose to use a paper form, please submit it in an envelope labeled ―To the Nominating Committee‖ so that confidentiality is maintained. All of the initial information collected from the national church database, our website and through the

As we enter this next set of activities, the Nominating Committee will necessarily become more confidential about the specifics to protect the privacy of clergy who are looking for a new calling and whose current parish may not be aware of their interest. We will still tell you how we are progressing, so keep watching the website and this space for more news of our steps down the path to a new rector. Please continue to pray for Trinity, this committee, and for clergy who may apply; that our hearts and minds may be open to the Holy Spirit and God's will for this parish.

FROM THE NOMINATING CONSULTANT: Dear Friends at Trinity, Periodically it is my pleasure to provide a little ―catch up‖ on where we are in the Nominating Process—and to tell you what a real pleasure it is to work with one of the finest Nominating Committees I’ve ever experienced! I want to thank the Vestry of Trinity for an outstanding job in creating this body, which is an entity of the Vestry , and has two Vestry representatives whose job it is to keep the two covenanted bodies linked in the ongoing work of the daily life of the parish (vestry) and the recommending of candidates to be the next rector of Trinity (Nominating Committee.) Phase #1-self study and data analysis to set goals and challenges has been very successfully completed and we now are entering Phase #2- receiving names in Nomination. (Continued on Page 3)

Trinity is one of two parishes (St. John’s, Versailles the other) in the Diocese of Lexington whose process spans the phasing out of the last part of the ―old‖ church deployment system and the beginning of the new. If we have appeared to correct ourselves here and there, causing confusion to the congregation, please forgive us, and understand that we are all learning the NEW system for receiving names (Online Transition Ministry) as we go. The good news is that the computer match with the national clergy registry has begun, as have calls and contacts from potential applicants. Trinity is a most attractive position, and your vestry will shortly begin studying the profiles of fine clergy from across the United States. Your Nominating Committee will continue to be as transparent as possible about where they are in the PROCESS, while carefully protecting potential candidates by maintaining confidentiality regarding names, locales, etc., etc. We are also working across parish lines throughout all of the transition parishes in the Diocese to insure that vestry members have every opportunity for training in the work of discernment with the Nominating Committee. More about that in my next note. In the meantime, I ask your continued prayers for the work of discernment in this wonderful parish, and in all of our transition parishes across the Diocese of Lexington. Faithfully, Kay Collier McLaughlin, PhD Process Consultant/Transition Officer The Diocese of Lexington

HOLY WEEK AND EASTER SCHEDULE Sunday, April 17 8:00 A.M. 10:00 A.M.

Palm Sunday Holy Eucharist – Liturgy of the Palms and Gospel of the Passion of Christ Holy Eucharist – Liturgy of the Palms with Procession by Acolytes, Choir and Clergy, and Gospel of the Passion of Christ Christian Formation for All Ages

11:15 A.M. Tuesday, April 19 11:00 A.M. Chrism Mass – Christ Church Cathedral, Lexington (It is a tradition in the Episcopal Church that all clergy renew their ordination vows during Holy Week. It is an extremely moving service to attend and all are invited as witnesses to our mutual ministry.) Wednesday, April 20 11:30 A.M. Midday Musical Menu – Lunch 12:15 P.M Midday Musical Menu – Music of J. S. Bach (see Page 5) 7:00 P.M. Holy Eucharist Thursday, April 21 Maundy Thursday 6:00 P.M. Holy Eucharist & Maundy Thursday Multi-generational Event (see Page 11) Friday, April 22 Good Friday 7:30 A.M. Men's Prayer Group 9:30 A.M. Altar Guild Cleaning of Brass and Silver 12:00 P.M. Stations of the Cross 7:00 P.M. Good Friday Liturgy – Communion from Reserved Sacrament Saturday, April 23 9:30 A.M. Flower Guild Sunday, April 24 Easter Day 8:00 A.M. Holy Eucharist (Without music) 10:00 A.M. Festival Holy Eucharist Choir and Brass 11:45 A.M. Easter Egg Hunt The Church Office will be closed Friday, April 22 to Tuesday, April 26 at 9:00 A.M. .

Garden Mart

Volunteers Where would we be without Volunteers Who quickly respond when a need appears! This is a way you have chosen to serveWhat appreciation you do deserve! There are very many things to do And your time can only be given by YOU. So without complaint and without demands You offer the labor of your hands. The world is a better place to live When people like you are willing to give. With this attitude of love and care You wi ll find a welcome anywhere. As you freely share your hours and days, May you also be blessed in many ways! Photo by Jim Swearingen

Carolyn Kells

Have a heart, support the mart by being a volunteer! Proceeds fund garden projects at Trinity. The fun begins on May 6th, 9 am-8 pm, and continues on Saturday, May 7th, 9am-1 pm. The event is sponsored by the Women of Trinity with significant HELP from the men and youth of our parish. Want to volunteer? Please sign the GREEN sheets on the table at the entrance to the May room. ď Š

HOW CAN YOU HELP? PLANT SELLERS: We need you to SET UP, SELL, and ADVISE buyers with the many excellent choices of bedding plants, herbs, and perennials we will have for sale. PASSALONG PLANTS: Successful plants grown in the gardens of Northern Kentucky and donated by you the gardeners will be available for sale at reasonable prices. When dividing your perennials this spring, think about what you can contribute to the sale. Contact Karen McKim with questions/concerns (781-3609). LUNCH: Help prepare, cook, and serve a delicious lunch and dinner on Friday. Linda Tabeling is preparing our menu and making necessary arrangements (331-9203). Robb Dorward and David Wolff will be our dinner chefs. (491-4770). RAFFLE: Ticket sales will begin on March 27 th and continue through May 1st. The contacts are Darry Rhine (341-5058) and Heidi Toelke (341-8955). Items will be on display beginning March 27th. The drawing will be May 8th after the 10 am service. BOUTIQUE DE JARDIN: Gently used/or antique garden items, statuary, tools and pots for sale. Contact Gina Russ if you have donations or questions (426-0701). You can also bring items to church labeled, garden mart boutique.

***Things to Remember HAVE A HEART, SUPPORT THE MART BY  

Marking your calendars, Friday, May 6th, 2011 Inviting your friends (email, personal invitation, flyers); and, by

SIGNING UP T0 VOLUNTEER AND HAVE FUN WITH US! Carolyn Kells 859 384-1911 Ginger West 513 751-3057 Gay Smith 859 331-1565 Ann Hicks 859 341-6788

MIDDAY MUSICAL MENU: Because the April luncheon concert is the Wednesday of Holy Week, Jim Gard, Bass, Rodney Hill, Flutist, and John Deaver, Organist, have chosen an all-Bach program. Jim will sing Mache dich, mein Herze, rein from the St. Matthew Passion and Et in Spiritum sanctum Dominum from the Mass in B minor. Rodney will perform movements from the Orchestral Suite No. 2 in B minor. They will combine forces to end the recital with Sheep May Safely Graze from the Birthday Cantata. The concert is Wednesday, April 20, at 12:15 P.M. Lunch is available from 11:30 A.M. for $6.00. The concert is free of admission charge. Because of the timing of concerts and The Chimes deadline, we are a month behind in thanking people. Thank you to Lisa Edwards, Bonnie Smyth, Darry Rhine, Lily McCraven, Barbara Baglien, Arohanui Bender, Linda Tabeling, Audrey Board, Donna Deal, Bob Deal, Don Neff, Don Will, Dennis Kelley, and Richard Putthoff for their help with the February luncheon when more than 90 people were served.

SUNDAY, MAY 15—NEXT EVENSONG The final Evensong of this season will feature Benjamin Britten’s Rejoice in the Lamb, the delightful setting of the poetry of Christopher Smart where all of creation praises God, even the poet’s cat Jeoffry! Organ accompanist for the Britten will be Shi-Ai Park, Associate Organist at Christ Church Cathedral in Lexington and doctoral student at CCM. Mark your calendars for Sunday, May 15 at 7:00 P.M.

CHILDREN'S CHOIR (ages 4 through 4th grade) will rehearse April 17th, 24th and May 1st and 8th at 9:30am. We'll sing at the 10:00 service on May 8.

We will be singing a Celtic Alleluia and a Puerto Rican folk song in celebration of Easter. If your child is interested in singing with us, please contact Jane Owen at 261-3221 or, so that Jane can send you copies of the music.

Lay Ministers Schedule


April 3 and April 10 April 3 Lector: 8:00 am Cathy Barwell 10:00 am Ralph Wolff Intercessor: 8:00 am Koren Schrand 10:00 am Mary Ann Wolff







Lay Eucharistic Minister: 8:00 am Paul Reichardt 10:00 am Liz Blincoe, Robert Horine Bread: Lisa Edwards Oblation Bearers: Parton Family Ushers: Jean Brann, David Davidson, Sally Davidson, Frank Dempsey Acolytes: Claire Bickers, Kendall Kelley Helen Wharton, Sylvia Powell Chimer: Mulford Martin Greeter: Jim Swearingen Altar Guild: 8:00 am Amy Heilbronner, Heidi Toelke 10:00 am Lisa Edwards, Kathy Allnutt, Emily Challis Counters: Brenda Israel, Sylvia Jordan April 10 Lector: 8:00 am Paul Reichardt 10:00 am Laura Mitchell Intercessor: 8:00 am Amy Heilbronner 10:00 am Karl Lietzenmayer Lay Eucharistic Minister: 8:00 am Ellen Hackman 10:00 am David Davidson, Sally Davidson Bread: Bonnie Lucas Oblation Bearers: Dorothy Taylor, Audrey


8:00 am H.E* 4

9:20 am Choir


7:30 pm Rehearsa

10:00 am H.E. 11:15 am Church School 12:15 pm Soup 10 8:00 am H.E* 11 5:30 pm

12 7:00 pm

9:20 am Choir

Nurture Mtg

10:00 am H.E.

7:00 Vestry

Daughters of the King 7:00 pm St Anne’s Mothers’ Group

11:15 am Church School 17 Palm Sunday

13 7:00 7:30 Cho hearsal

18 6:00 pm

19 6:30 pm

20 12:15

18 8:00 am H.E* Dinner and Prayer Expriencing Shawl Ministry 9:20 am Choir Benedictine

Midday M Menu

10:00 am H.E. 11:15 am Church School

7:00 pm 7:30 Cho (advance registra- hearsal tion) Spirituality

* H.E. — Holy Eucharist * EYC — Episcopal Youth Community

24 Easter Sunday 25

26 7:00 pm

25 8:00 am H.E* Office Closed

Daughters of

9:20 am Choir

the King

10:00 am H.E.* 11:15 am Easter

27 10:00 Books an 7:00 pm

7:30 Cho hearsal

Lay Ministers Schedule

2011 Thu

April 17 and April 24




7:30 am


Lay Eucharistic Minister:

Men’s Prayer

8:00 am Paul Reichardt

9:30 am Garden Mart Meeting pm H.E.


6:00 pm

8 7:30 am

9 10:00 am

Choir al

Dinner and Lenten Activity

Men’s Prayer

Building and Grounds Workday

pm H.E. oir Re-

14 6:00 pm

15 7:30 am

16 3:00 pm

Dinner and Lenten Activity

Men’s Prayer

Cooking for Outreach Dinner

5 pm


H.E. oir Re-

10:00 am Mary Ann Wolff, Debra Taylor Bread: Frank Dempsey Oblation Bearers: Mulford Martin, Don Will Ushers: Greg Gemeinhardt, Robert Edwards, Lisa Edwards, Keith Johnson Acolytes: Natalie Roenker, MacKenzie Robinson Heath Parton, Julia Bullock, Allyson Johnson Chimer: Cynthia Walker Greeter: Keith Johnson Altar Guild: 8:00 am Rita Schmitt, Kim Hope 10:00 am Esther Parton, Mary Ann Wolff Counters: Jim Kells, Joe O’Brochta April 24— Easter Sunday

21 6:00 pm

7:30 am

Lector: 8:00 am Koren Schrand 10:00 am Mona Jo Williams Intercessor: 8:00 am Amy Heilbronner 10:00 am Jim Gard

Men’s Prayer

Lay Eucharistic Minister:

9:30 am Altar Guild Cleaning

8:00 am Ellen Hackman

22 Good Friday


Maundy Thursday Office Closed Dinner, Lenten Activity and H.E.

0 am 28 nd Beliefs H.E.

oir Re-

12:00 Noon Chimes Deadline

April 17 — Palm Sunday Lector: 8:00 am Amy Heilbronner 10:00 am John Bickers Intercessor: 8:00 am Koren Schrand 10:00 am Shannon Gemeinhardt

29 7:30 am Men’s Prayer


10:00 am Mulford Martin, Mary Ann Weiss Bread: Ellen Garrison Oblation Bearers: Herrick Family Ushers: Mike Bender, Arohanui Bender, Bonnie Lucas, John Lucas, Karen Vannasdall, Larry Vannasdall Acolytes: Morgan Milburn, Claire Bickers,

Liturgical Notes April 3 I Samuel 16:1-13; Psalm 23; Ephesians 5:8-14 John 9:1-41 Prayer Cycles: Anglican—The Diocese of Multan (Pakistan). Diocesan: Calvary Church, Ashland, Jeff Queen Interim Rector.

Liturgical Notes April 17 Isaiah 50:4-9a; Psalm 31:9-16; Philippians 2:5-11; Matthew 26:14-27:66 Prayer Cycles: Anglican—The Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East. Diocesan—The Church of St. George the Martyr, The Cathedral Domain; Stacy F. Sauls, Bishop; Ronald Summers, Dean; Bryant Kibler, Priest in Residence; G. Andrew Sigmon, Facilities Director. The palms on the altar are in Thanksgiving for the people of Trinity by Don Will and Don Neff

Liturgical Notes April 10 Ezekiel 37:1-14; Psalm 130; Romans 8:6-11; John 11:1-45 Prayer Cycles: Anglican—The Diocese of Nairobi (Kenya) Liturgical Notes April 24 Diocesan: St. Phillip’s Church, Harrodsburg. Acts 10:34-43; Psalm 118:1-2, 14-24; Colossians 3:1-4; Matthew 28:1-10 Prayer Cycles: Anglican—The Diocese of Ndokwa (Province of Bendel, Nigeria). Diocesan—The Anglican Communion; Rowan Williams, 104th Archbishop of Canterbury; Katherine Jefferts Schori, Presiding Bishop Easter flower contributions will be noted in the Easter bulletin. (See below for form.)

April Birthdays 1-John Barwell 2-Mike Bender, Tyler Perry, Hunter Perry 3-Charles Wharton 4-Chris Barwell 6- Karen Hendrix, Ken Moore 7-Betty Herriman 9-Nicholas Clements, Karl Sherman 10-Karen Wells 13-Lois Mescher 14-Craig Barwell, Quinn McMurtry, Delores Wright 15-Anita Carmack, Celeste McMurtry, Ethan Mohney, George Nalbandian, Fred Terry 16-Joe Creaghead

17-Keith Dale, Karl Lietzenmayer, Matthew Koehl, Robert Mackzum, Adrienne Seal, Lucia Todd 18-Trey Grayson, Chris Kelley 19-Cameron Walsh 21-Katie Davidson, Michael Korte, Nathanael Powell, Bryan Wells 22-Justin Bullock, Gary Leach 23-Slawomir Gorczyk, Brook Reeves 24-Elizabeth Marlette, Tom Streeter 25-Judy Adams 26-Catherine Barwell, Meg Koehl, Marcy Ozinga 27-Brady Waybe Hunt, Carson Korte 28-Elise Hyder, Garnet Myers, MacKenzie Robinson 29-Betty Jo Furman

Trinity Episcopal 16 East Fourth Street Covington, Kentucky 41011 I would like to make a gift of Easter Flowers (please circle one) in memory or in thanksgiving or in honor of ____________________________________________________________________________________ from ___________________________________________________________________ Enclosed is cash in the amount of $___________ or a check made payable to “Trinity” with a memo for Easter Flowers.

People in the Parish David Deng Mayom spoke to the Sunday Forum last fall about his homeland, the Sudan, and about his experience as one of the "lost boys of the Sudan." He has recently returned from a visit to Africa where he reunited with his mother. Here is an update from David: North and South Sudan waged war against each other for 22 years. This civil war caused the loss of 2.5 million lives and displaced over 5 million people inside and outside the Sudan, separated children from their parents and parents from their children, and made suffering and struggling part of daily life of those affected by it. The few Sudanese in the South who man-

David, above; Mom and cousins, below.

aged to survive, cast their votes in January 2011-- to stay united with the North or to break way from North Sudan. This vote was considered by international observers to be fair and free from any political machinery malfunction. As a result, Southern Sudanese decided to end decades of suffering under the hands of the North regime. And now, Southern Sudan is five months away from being the world's 193rd country after Serbia got its independence in 2006. Although the road to being a successful nation will take awhile, the Southern Sudanese are so excited and look for a bright future ahead for their newly born nation after 22 years of difficult and stressful life in displaced camps and bushes.

Rummage Sale Thank you to all who helped make the ECW Rummage Sale a big success by contributing, working, packing, donating, and selling during the week of the sale. Your hard work and generosity is much appreciated. Thanks to you: - We have funded the ECW budget for 2012 - Recycled things from our houses - Gotten to know each other better during this week and had some fun and laughs, too - Contributed things to St. Vincent DePaul and other charities - Offered things for sale to the community at a reduced price

Again, thanks for everything. We are so blessed at Trinity.

Lisa Edwards and Jean Brann

Bishop Sauls Reflection on Cathedral Domain

(“reprinted” from the February 11 Edition of Diolex)

been postponed. This year Andrew waited until he got to camp to get sick. And so he was sent to the infirmary where he had to spend one night. At least he was there. The problem was that the night he was sick and in the infirmary was also the night of one of the camp highlights, the hike to Flat Rock, which involved a fairly steep walk and some mildly difficult trails, which was climaxed by quite a beautiful view from a mountainside across the valley below. It was one of his favorites. And the anticipation of it, I'm sure, is what had resulted in this minor illness.

It's getting to be time to register for summer camp. When my son Andrew was small he looked forward to church camp more than anything else in the world. In fact, he would get so excited about it that he would get sick. Just about every year, Andrew would arrive at camp a day late because he had worked himself into such a state in the days getting ready to go that he would be sick. It took him a day to calm The nurse determined, quite rightly back down. of course, that he shouldn't go and had to stay behind with her. He One year Andrew decided he was not going to let this happen to him was heartbroken. And, of course, he cried. again. So, when the big day to

The camp Andrew went to was in another diocese, but it was a place very much like our own. And ours offers the same kind of experience. There are lots of fun things to do. There are hikes to the bat cave or to Wolf's Pen. There is the pool. There are arts and crafts and games, especially Capture the Flag, and there are talent shows and dances and camp store. All of them make for a memorable time.

There are, to be sure, fancier camps than the Cathedral Domain. There are, most certainly, more expensive camps than the Cathedral Domain. It is not hard to find camps with opportunities for activities we simply don't have, horseback riding and sailing and sports training. But there's not always Eric. And Eric is who I want my sons to grow up to be like. I want them to hoist leave for camp came, he said he felt One of the counselors, Eric, who someone smaller on their backs fine. We took him to meet the bus was himself kind of a little guy, saw and carry them up the mountain to and he waited excitedly with the how upset Andrew was. He asked see a beautiful view and to rememother campers to get going. All his if Andrew could go if he carried ber where that beautiful view came gear got loaded. He and all the him. The nurse gave permission. from. I want them to love others other kids got on. The bus door because they remember being So Eric hoisted Andrew onto his closed and the counselor pulled out loved. I want them to care for othback and up they went with Eric her clipboard and began checking ers because they can remember benegotiating the trail and Andrew off names to make sure everyone ing cared for by others. holding onto his neck. They went was accounted for. Before she across the stream and around the Money can buy lots of other things, could finish, the bus door opened. tree that protrudes out of the side but the truth is, what we offer, and Out came Andrew. He felt like he of the hill. I suppose that Eric held more importantly, who we offer at was going to throw up. We took onto the places along the way one summer camp at the Cathedral Dohim up the next day. needs to grab while Andrew held main, is priceless. No one else does Another year, though, he actually onto him. But they made it to Flat that as well as we do. made it to camp on the first day. Rock. And then Eric carried AnHe had overcome the pre-camp ill- drew back down at the end of it all. Agape, ness we thought. It had merely Stacy

Just a gentle reminder, for services, the parking lot at 4th and Madison is for people who have difficulty with mobility. Others please park in the side lot, or the bank, or the Baptist Church (make them think they’re crowded!), or the parking garage. Thanks for your understanding!

Commentary on Trinity “In His Steps” As I was culling books from our overloaded book shelves to donate to Trinity’s Rummage Sale, I came across a book I received for good attendance in 1952 from my father who was Superintendent of the Sunday School at the Morgan Park Baptist Church on Chicago’s South Side where I grew up. Thumbing through the browning pages, I vividly recalled reading the book and the impression it made on me. Charles Shelton wrote this in 1897 based on a series of sermons in which he posited the question, ―What Would Jesus Do?‖, challenging the congregation to ask this of themselves as part of their decision-making process throughout all aspects of their everyday lives. We, acting as Trinity Episcopal Church, are walking this same path, the search for God’s Will for us as we look for a new Rector. And, as it was with Shelton’s church members, it’s a bumpy path, filled with twists and turns, unanticipated potholes and detours; but sometimes we are able to travel on smooth Interstate Highways. The update on page 2 and the report of the Nominating Committee at the Annual Meeting in February indicates that they are asking themselves the same question: ―What Would Jesus Do with Trinity at this point in its Life?‖ or, ―What is God’s Will for Trinity?‖ Yes, our road is sometimes unknown but we cannot fail if we keep asking ourselves these same questions. Jim Adams

BOOKS & BELIEFS ―Lit‖ by Mary Karr will be the subject of the April 27th Books & Beliefs meeting at Trinity. Karr is a Guggenheim Fellow in poetry and Peck Professor of Literature at Syracuse. We will also examine selected poems from a volume of her poetry, ―Sinners Welcome.‖ Copies of the poems will be distributed after the March Books & Beliefs gathering. ―Lit‖ is essentially a 2 part story … the first is her journey into the darkness of alcohol abuse…the second is the remarkable story of her surrender and recovery and, importantly, her travels on her own spiritual faith journey and her coming to rely on the power of prayer. Karr, who at age 5 was memorizing speeches from ―Hamlet,‖ Lear‖ and Macbeth,‖ is the daughter of a ―black-belt barroom storyteller‖ who ―never picked up a book.‖ Her mother was married 8 times (twice to Karr’s father) and was institutionalized for a period of time following her assault of her two children. …Her journeys should make for an interesting discussion. All are Welcome!

Maundy Thursday The final intergenerational program in Lent will begin with a ―biblical‖ supper of bread, cheese and fruit during the Liturgy of the Word. At the conclusion of the Liturgy of the Word, we will process into the church for Holy Eucharist (the Liturgy of the Table) and the Stripping of the Altar.

With Heartfelt Thanks for the outpouring of your love and good wishes in in mymy With Heartfelt Thanks for impressive the impressive outpouring of your love and good wishes beautiful, birthday card. card. My Myfriends friendsat atTrinity Trinitywill willalways alwaysbebevery very special me beautiful, gigantic 98th birthday special toto me. -- Worth May -- Worth May

Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage

Paid Permit No. 159 Covington, Ky

16 East Fourth Street Covington Kentucky 41011

Trinity Episcopal Church, Covington, Kentucky Mission Statement Trinity Episcopal Church in downtown Covington serves a diverse community. We are committed to the celebration and worship of Jesus Christ in a parish nurtured by education and fellowship. As Christ’s servants, we strive to share God’s love, and our resources, in the greater community. Website: E-mail address: Office address: 16 Fourth Street, 859-431-1786 or 859-392-2360. FAX. 859-392-2361 The Right Rev. Stacy F. Sauls, Bishop of Lexington The Rev. Nicolette Papanek, Priest The Rev. John Deaver, Director of Music Judy Long, Administrative Assistant Tony Milburn and Mary Ann Weiss, Wardens

Chimes for April 2011  

The Chimes is the newsletter for Trinity Church, Covington KY

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