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• Scholarships Nearly Double - 6

• Student Voices -14

• Papers & Presentations - 23

• Networking Through Business - 7

• Education Mentors -18

• Athletics - 24

• Adult Studies RN-BSN Program - 9

• Math Triathlon - 20

• Development - 26

• Bob Rice - 22

• Dean’s List - 28



• Class Notes - 29

Trinity Christian College Board of Trustees 2013 James M. Achterhof Bonnie Beezhold ’77 Paul Boice Larry W. Bolt ’63 Barbara Brouwer ’67 Keith E. Bruxvoort Robert Buikema David J. Buter Beth M. Decker ’67 Dianne De Groot Larry De Vries Jeff Eenigenburg ’87 Gary K. Foster Charles A. Geenen Lynn Hollender ’72 Terry Katsma

Peter Madany ’82 Jayme Morren ’94 Frederick V. “Fritz” Olthof Martin Ozinga III Henry Perez Rosetta Polk-Pugh ’04 Rev. Lambert J. Sikkema John G. Stob, Jr. ’80 Grace Tazelaar Felecia Thompson Steven G. Van Drunen Dan W. Van Prooyen ’71 Rick Van Til, Sr. Lynette Vos Calvin Walstra ’62



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PHOTOGRAPHY Peter Clevering ’01 Samuel Mahtani ’10 Marketing and Media Associate Cover: Navy photo by MC1(AW) Rachel McMarr

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FEATURES Extending our Reach, Expanding our Influence


s I’m finishing my 10th year as president of Trinity, I’ve been reflecting on this decade of service. Often, I’ve returned to a set of clauses that centered prominently in my inaugural address given in the fall of 2003: Extending our reach, Expanding our influence. Indeed, the College has extended and expanded, as you will read in the articles of this issue. How have we been able to extend our reach and expand our influence? In typical Trinity style, let me highlight three ways. First, we’ve been able to flourish because of the dedication of faculty and staff. Those who work for Trinity go beyond the call of duty over and over. Two examples. Staff live out the mission of the College in their jobs and in their lives. A recent SSI (Student Satisfaction Inventory) survey of the College confirmed the high level of service and hospitality that staff provide our students. Off campus, staff carry that heart for serving others into their churches, communities, and abroad. And while it’s difficult to pick just one example of dedication to teaching, I was thrilled last year when, before his retirement this year, Dr. Bob Rice was selected as Professor of the Year—a faculty member whose faithful influence has extended to thousands of students. The rule rather than the exception, our faculty are distinctive in the experience of students who consistently comment on the caring mentorship relationships they enjoy with professors. Second, the campus has expanded with building projects here in Palos Heights and to locations in Addison, Chicago, and next fall, Northwest Indiana. Trinity has been blessed with wise trustees and the incredible generosity of donors, enabling us to practice prudent stewardship. The result is that we are solidly positioned for the next exciting phase in Trinity’s rich history. The campus has several outstanding new facilities that provide spaces for enrichment and learning, experiences that will benefit our students now and for a lifetime. We recognize that we have been entrusted with a deep responsibility in the mission of providing a Christian liberal arts education, and we consistently focus on ways to stay faithful to our mission while providing a top quality academic, social, and spiritual experience for our students. Third, our influence has grown as well. Personally, I serve as president of two state organizations of higher education and continue to assist with national organizations as well. Others, too, represent Trinity in similar ways in their professional circles. I suspect we are chosen for these opportunities because others see us as people of integrity. We know that it’s because of the saving grace of the Savior and God’s Spirit that lives in and among us here at Trinity. One God in Three, we praise you!

Steven R. Timmermans, Ph.D. President


r. Steven Timmermans began his presidency in 2003 with an idea, a vision to expand Trinity’s influence and extend its reach. As he celebrates his 10th anniversary, he sees not only how that vision has been realized but also how it still applies to the future of the College.

A psychologist and educator, Timmermans came to Trinity with a deep commitment to Christ; an unwavering embrace of Reformed perspectives on faith, learning, and living; and extensive experience in rehabilitation, teaching, and administration.

spring 2013



“Campus life and home life are so fluid.”

Over the past 10 years, those qualities have helped Timmermans lead the College through times of abundance and times of economic downturn while his vision to expand and extend has come to fruition in several ways: Traditional enrollment has increased significantly, as has the percentage of diverse students. Adult Studies enrollment has nearly doubled. The number of endowed and outside-funded scholarships has nearly doubled. The addition of master’s degree programs The addition of semesters in Ecuador and Kenya The expansion of the Adult Studies program into Chicago and Addison New facilities have been started or completed, including: • Alumni Hall • Bootsma Bookstore Café • Art and Communication Center • Elizabeth Meyer Memorial Student Health Center • Trinity Athletics and Recreation Complex (Phases 1 and 2) • George and June Schaaf Athletics Complex, which brings the total campus acreage to 138 acres



trinity christian college

“Expanding and extending works for this era, too,” said Timmermans. “Trinity has a history of expansion. Moving forward, we will use other things in our gift set to thrive.” Expanding influence and extending reach have been hallmarks not only of Timmermans’ presidency but of his life and that of his wife Dr. Barbara Timmermans, professor of nursing. Over the years, the couple has expanded their family of four children--Katie, Paul, Becca, and Jess (a junior at Trinity)--inviting other young people into their home. Then in 2010, the Timmermans adopted two orphaned brothers from Ethiopia: Getenet, now 18, and Fekadu, 14. The following year, the boys’ older sister Yaineabeba joined the family; and while she once served as mother to her young brothers, today she enjoys her role as sister and as a student in Trinity’s Adult Studies business program. In true Trinity fashion, the College community embraced the newest members of the Timmermans family. One of the president’s fondest memories in the initial days of the adoption process is the prayer said over him at the annual employee picnic before his departure to Ethiopia. Since then, the boys have been included in campus life and especially enjoy the camaraderie of the men’s

“Expanding and extending works for this era,too.”

soccer team players. “Campus life and home life are so fluid,” said Timmermans. “There is a holistic integration into the community. It is a way of living.” That way of living extends to Barbara who serves as a half-time professor in the nursing department. Timmermans said that his wife helped strengthen the focus on community health in the nursing program and expanded the curriculum to include a service requirement promoting health in the local communities as service to others. This is an integral part of Trinity’s mission. Outside of the immediate College community, Timmermans shares the message of Trinity and its mission to educate and serve. Through various roles, Timmermans has the opportunity to be a “voice for Trinity” locally and nationally as he chairs the boards of state higher education organizations such as Campus Compact and Associated Colleges of Illinois and is involved in leadership teams for national groups, including the Association of Reformed Colleges and Universities and the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities. Timmermans also shares his perspective of higher education and the College with the Palos Heights community in his bi-monthly column for The Regional newspaper.

While Timmermans has actively sought to expand Trinity’s influence and extend its reach, he has also been changed over the past 10 years. He said he has been affected most by the Trinity family: constituents who have been “dear friends” of the College for decades; the “cloud of witnesses” made up of former presidents and professors who offer advice and encouragement; and the students who inspire him. While the College’s 50th anniversary has passed, Timmermans continues to lean on a phase often quoted during that year of celebration, a phrase from the Junior College Society newsletter of 1956: If we begin with Christ and continue with Christ, we have the assurance that we will be blessed. “Indeed, God has blessed and continues to bless Trinity,” said Timmermans. “I am grateful that I’ve been able to help lead Trinity these past 10 years, and I trust God’s continued blessing on us— Trinity students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends.”

spring 2013



40 0

Increase in Number of Scholarships Since 2003


rinity Christian College is able to offer financial aid to more than 98% of its undergraduate students. Many of the scholarships that are awarded to students are due, in large part, to the generosity of friends of the College. Currently, there are 104 scholarships that are funded, either through annual contributions by donors or endowment funds established by donors. Since 2003, 50 of these scholarships have been added. By making financial aid for all students a priority, President Steve Timmermans, Ph.D., and College personnel have been able to nearly double the number of scholarships over the last 10 years. Junior Brittany Homan, of Englewood, Colorado, is a music major who has benefited greatly from scholarships. “Trinity’s community has opened so many doors for me. Without the scholarships I’ve been given, I would be missing out on many opportunities preparing me for a great future.” The College is grateful for the many friends who have helped make these scholarship funds available. If you are interested in establishing a Trinity Christian College scholarship, please contact Larryl Humme at 708.239.3977 or Brittany Homan ’14

Providing a New Scholarship Opportunity






News News


new scholarship, funded by Professor Emeritus of Business John Kooyenga ’66 and his wife Audrey, benefits Adult Studies students pursuing a degree in special education. Kooyenga explains the purpose of the scholarship and the importance of giving. What is the Audrey H. Kooyenga Adult Education Special Education Scholarship? Audrey spent her professional career in elementary education, the first 12 years at Chicago Southwest Christian Schools teaching primarily fifth grade and the last 20 years in Kirby School District 140 in special education. Audrey acquired her graduate degree in special education as an adult student at St. Xavier University. The purpose of the scholarship is twofold: (1) to acknowledge Audrey’s dedication and devotion to elementary education from a Christian perspective for students who require special education, and (2) to provide financial assistance to students in Trinity’s Adult Studies Education Program pursuing a degree in special education as they also pursue their professional goals. How does your connection to Trinity influence your giving? I attended Trinity for my first two years of my collegiate education. These two years provided an outstanding academic foundation, Reformed perspective, and Christian worldview for my remaining undergraduate/graduate education and professional career. In 1981, I returned to Trinity as a business professor and spent the next 30 years providing business students with the same educational perspective I had received. I had a wonderful professional career, and without question, Trinity Christian College provided me with a life-shaping experience. What inspires you to give to Trinity? In looking back on our lives, Audrey and I cannot do anything but marvel at the way God has blessed us. The least that we can do is attempt to provide Trinity’s Adult Studies education students with assistance and encouragement in the pursuit of their dreams. James 1:17 states, “Every good and perfect gift is from above coming down from the Father.” We are only sharing what God has so richly blessed us with.



trinity christian college

GasBuddy SENIOR petroleum ANALYST Shares Insight Patrick DeHaan


he Trinity Business Network (TBN) provides Christ-centered business learning and service opportunities for Trinity students, alumni, and friends. This spring, TBN hosted a number of events that offered attendees opportunities to network, hear from fellow business people, and engage in discussion on topics relevant to their professions and businesses. On April 11,’s Patrick DeHaan, senior petroleum analyst, answered these and other questions: Why do gas prices fluctuate so dramatically, and how do consumers make informed purchasing decisions? DeHaan has appeared on the Today Show, ABC World News, and other nationally-televised programs. This event welcomed guests on campus as well as guests attending the firstever simulcast in Michigan.

Other events have this year included “Spiritual Leadership” with Scott Pothoven, director of Business as Missions; “Strategies for Growth” with Zak Thomson ’01, chief financial officer for Homewood Disposal Corporation, and John Pausma ’88, president of Service Sanitation; and “Creating a Business” with Jeff Van Drunen and Ryan Wories ’09 of FutureCeuticals, who spoke to Trinity business majors on the challenges of starting and expanding a business. To read more about these and upcoming events, visit

Why Do We Give?


iving to Trinity deeply affects the lives of students whose callings are solidified while at Trinity. And one gift can affect the lives of hundreds of students for years after the gift is given. Alumna Kelly Netjes ’02 shares her journey from Trinity student to donor. How does your connection to Trinity influence your giving? My husband, Mark, and I were both blessed by our college experiences, and we both benefited from scholarships. To us, it only makes sense to give back to the colleges where we were given so much. I have a different perspective than most alumni, having worked for Trinity as the director of alumni relations for six years. I know how important it is to provide support for students. How would you encourage other alumni to give? I hope that our giving encourages other alumni to give as well. We are not wealthy, and we can’t give amounts to the point of wings of buildings named after us, but we do what we can as we can. Mark and I hope other alumni can see that all gift amounts matter to the College.

The Netjes family: (l-r) Gavin, Mark, Kelly ’02, and Liam

Why do you give? I often think about coming to Trinity as a student almost 15 years ago and how the scholarships I received helped make it possible for me to go to a Christian college. Many of my friends from high school were choosing local state schools in order to keep costs down. I’m thankful that I was able to attend Trinity and that the costs were lower than what they could have been because of those scholarships. If our gifts to Trinity make it possible for an incoming freshman to choose Trinity, I’m glad to help provide the same opportunity that someone else did for me. spring 2013



News Collaborating on Green Solutions


nspired by the Food Justice Interim class led by Assistant Professor of Social Work Cini Bretzlaff-Holstein, students Kaleb Dean ’15 of Caldwell, Iowa, and Caleb Steele ’15 and Calob Lostutter ’13, both of Tucson, Arizona, have built an aquaponics system with the cross-campus support of various academic departments and the Campus Ecological Stewardship Advisory Group (CESAG). The structure imitates the ecosystem of a healthy pond. The “pond,” complete with fish and plants, is housed in the Heritage Science Center greenhouse. (l-r) Assistant Professor of Social Work Cini Bretzlaff-Holstein, Assistant Professor of Chemistry Michael Bosscher, Kaleb Dean ’15, Caleb Steele ’15, Calob Lostutter ’13, and Assistant Professor of Biology Abbie Schrotenboer



he recipients of the 2013 Founders’ Scholarship are Trevor Dalla Santa of Lynden, Washington, and Ben Hoekstra of Brookfield, Wisconsin. The Founders’ Scholarship is a renewable, full-tuition award available annually to two incoming freshmen who exhibit stellar academic achievements and leadership. Trevor Dalla Santa



trinity christian college

Ben Hoekstra


(l-r) Angie Nwoko, Nicole Joseph, Linda Oskvarek, Angel Wells, and Theresa Kimpell

New RN-BSN Program Welcomes First Cohort


rinity’s Adult Studies program welcomed the first cohort to its new RN-BSN program in January 2013. Students Angie Nwoko, Nicole Joseph, Linda Oskvarek, Angel Wells, and Theresa Kimpell bring a variety of nursing backgrounds to class each week--from telemetry to adolescent psychology to MedSurg to home health. Together, the five students have been working in the field for a total of 75 years, most currently in hospitals. Dr. Joyce Azzaline, professor of nursing and coordinator of the program, served in the nursing profession for over 25 years. Azzaline said that nurses comprise the largest healthcare professional group and provide individualized, quality care to patients of all ages and to patients in all settings. “The RN-BSN program at Trinity is focused on the student and each student’s personal and professional development,” said Azzaline. “It is an exciting time for

nursing and healthcare. Major healthcare reform has been introduced in the U.S., and nurses are on the front lines to make sure patients receive the best care possible.” Current students are pursuing bachelor’s degrees in nursing largely to broaden their nursing knowledge. They said they were attracted to the blended format offered at Trinity. “The advertisement I heard caught my attention because classes weren’t strictly online.You actually meet once a week,” said Angel Wells. Nicole Joseph also appreciates the personal interaction. “The classes are challenging, but the faculty and staff are nurturing.” Faculty work closely with students to foster their professional growth and help them achieve their goals. “Dr. Azzaline and the professors are approachable, flexible, and care very much that we succeed,” said Theresa Kimpell.

Did You Know? You can complete a degree in one night a week.

Adult Studies degree programs • B.S. Business • B.A. Criminal Justice • B.A. Education/ Professional Educator License • B.A. Special Education/ Dual Teaching License • B.S. Nursing (must be RN)

Programs for licensed teachers • Special Education Endorsement or Approval • ESL/BL Endorsement or Approval

spring 2013






trinity christian college

Art & an ADDY Award for Alumna T

he artist leans over her paper in the studio space she also calls home in Chicago. She is a self-proclaimed “maker of things” and “perpetual paper folder” who likes to keep her hands occupied with creating art. As she works on a new wedding invitation design, her cat Laszlo curls up in the pile of scrap paper to provide quality control. Alumna Emily Van Hoff ’11 graduated from Trinity with a degree in studio art with a concentration in graphic design, a major she found to be especially beneficial because of the variety of art classes required. Her Trinity art education was also formational in the mentorship relationships she had with professors; the opportunity to work with professional artists on installations in the College’s Seerveld Gallery; the proximity of Chicago’s art scene; and the time spent working with fellow art students in the Art and Communication Center studios. Now a freelance designer, Van Hoff was recently awarded a 2013 West Michigan Silver ADDY award. The American Advertising Federation’s ADDY Awards are the advertising industry’s largest and most representative competition, recognizing and rewarding creative excellence. Van Hoff, collaborating with a team from Hyde Creative,* received the award for her work on the Steelcase Foundation Annual Report. The original artwork, later photographed for the report, involved an

intricate design of highly structured cuts and folds and represented the ways each organization had used its funding to make an impact on its community. Van Hoff explains the process on her blog: Each story starts with a single sheet of paper to represent the funding from Steelcase. A series of highly structured cuts and folds reveals an intricate design through shape and shadow to show the ways each organization has taken the funding and used it to make an impact on their communities. The entire sheet of paper remains intact, leaving no waste just as every bit of the funding is used to its fullest extent. Although the art is mostly abstract, I worked hard to make sure there was a connection to each story. Early influences for the design began in Van Hoff ’s sculpture classes at Trinity. “I feel so honored to be recognized for my work,” said Van Hoff. “Receiving this award is an affirmation of my decision to pursue my passion for design and sculpture at Trinity.” To view Van Hoff ’s work and the annual report, visit

*Sherrie Wilson, writer. Emily Van Hoff, cut paper art. Rachel Hyde, concept, art direction and design.

spring 2013




Walking in Faith, Flying with Angels T

he second grader watches the sky as the plane flies above him, like a toy far out of reach. But that day at the air show with his parents launches a dream for Michael Van Wyk ’03 that takes him through his college education at Trinity to the desert of Afghanistan to the skies over the country he has fought to protect. Today he is a Captain in the U.S. Marine Corps and last year was inducted into the Blue Angels, flying Fat Albert, an aircraft that provides logistical support for the team. But the pilot’s service to his country began long before 2012. Van Wyk’s grandfather served in the U.S. Army in Europe during WWII and was a recipient of the Silver Star, and his father served in the U.S. Navy on submarines during the end of the Vietnam War. Early on, Van Wyk desired to continue this legacy of service. In his sophomore year at Trinity, he was accepted into a Marine Corps program and attended Officer Candidate’s School in Quantico, Virginia, during the summers of 2001 and 2002. On May 17, 2003, after walking across the stage to receive his Trinity diploma, he was commissioned as a Second



trinity christian college

Lieutenant in the U.S. Marine Corps in the amphitheater outside the Ozinga Chapel. While the study of music and theology at Trinity may not appear to be the ideal prerequisites for a career in Marine Corps aviation, Van Wyk said his liberal arts education provided two important benefits. First, having to perform music on stage trained him to also perform under pressure and to deal with the anxiety that accompanies focused scrutiny. The second has been the ability to apply lessons from faith, education, life, and work across the entire spectrum of human experience. “This is a trademark of the liberal arts model and a crucial skill to have in the environment that is encountered during combat,” said Van Wyk. “Compartmentalization is a serious impairment to being able to make a split-second decision that is both tactically and morally sound.”

Van Wyk said, “I had the underlying confidence to know that Christ would work things out for his glory one way or another. In a lot of movies you see people praying out loud in the midst of danger, but I guess for me, with my friends beside me and aircraft overhead, a wounded corpsman and the overall situation in doubt, the pragmatic overcame the dramatic. I relied on my faith, and I just did my job for them. That day, everyone made it home alive.” Van Wyk said that when insurgents threatened the Afghans or others, the Marines fought “with a calculated intelligence and moral maturity beyond their years.” He calls this deployment the “crowning achievement” of his time with the Marine Corps. “To serve alongside these men and women was an absolute honor that I will never forget,” said Van Wyk.

Building on his education, Van Wyk entered Marine Corps combat and flight training. During a four-year tour in Japan, he participated in everything from humanitarian assistance and disaster relief missions in Myanmar to combat missions in Afghanistan. In 2011, his second deployment to Afghanistan called upon Van Wyk to serve as a Forward Air Controller with 2nd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, calling in airstrikes and conducting air medical evacuations. For seven months, Van Wyk traveled in light armored vehicles or walked on foot alongside the Marines as they conducted operations. From his liberal arts education to his military training to his strong faith, Van Wyk called on everything he knew during combat. Helmand Province, October 2011: Van Wyk is pinned down by Taliban sniper fire as another part of his patrol attempts to reach a wounded medic. Not only does superior training kick in, so does his faith. But faith didn’t come in the form of whispering the words of a favorite Bible verse into the desert sand. The fact that his faith defines him, that it provides the lens through which he views the world and determines his actions, was unspoken, but very real.

This life can be a challenge for his family, but his wife Karen, whom he married one week after his graduation from Trinity, and their three young daughters have been with him throughout the “crazy journey,” a journey that Van Wyk said has brought them closer together through God’s grace. Being part of the Blue Angels team is more than a second grade boy at an air show could have dreamed of. Van Wyck has had the opportunity to tell the story of the Marines and Sailors that he served shoulder to shoulder with in combat in Afghanistan in addition to carrying out various humanitarian missions. “I love being able to visit kids in hospitals and bring a little hope to their day. I love that after spending years exporting American goodwill abroad in war and in peace, I get to load up Fat Albert full of toys from Toys for Tots and fly them to kids who lost everything in Hurricane Sandy,” said Van Wyk. “This has been a great privilege and a unique opportunity, but my heart remains with the Marines in the air and on the ground. I am glad to tell their story, but I look forward to being able to serve alongside them again.”

spring 2013



In Our Own Voices What students say about their Trinity experience

Chicago Connections



Preparation for a Career

Halie Wisse To further illustrate what we were being taught about signs and worldviews, my communications professor took our class to Chicago. Being able to see firsthand examples of signs and worldviews in my culture made what we are learning about real and applicable to my life.

Sarah Jongetjes I had the opportunity to be a marketing management project manager. I led a team to build a marketing plan for a local business and worked with my professor, a company contact, and five classmates. What I learned in this outside-the-classroom setting was truly invaluable.

Jenna Stech Trinity has given me so many opportunities to go to Chicago for class activities and enjoy student activities on the weekends. There are so many activities that you can get involved in, and so many sporting events that you can attend.

Alexis Warden Standing out post-graduation requires experience. I’ve gained valuable insight and experience as a student writer for marketing and communications. When the position became open, my English professors encouraged me to apply and were willing to serve

trinity christian college

Hannah VanBeek ’13 Biology and Chemistry Pella, Iowa

Alexis Warden ’14 English Pella, Iowa

Jenna Stech ’13 Business Communications Hinsdale, Illinois

Halie Wisse ’16 Business Communications Oostburg, Wisconsin

Adam Perez ’13 Music Education Racine, Wisconsin

as references. They support all my academic and professional endeavors, and I value the interaction with them. Thanks to them, and the internship experience I’m currently receiving, not only am I improving my web writing, interviewing and editing skills, I am gaining pieces for my portfolio. Lindsay Slager Being involved with Student Activities has shaped my life. I’ve grown in areas such as organization, communication, and leadership because of the people who have pushed me to give my best in every area of my life. I love being able to provide opportunities for students to have fun and to meet new people. Student Activities has been one of my favorite experiences at Trinity, and I can’t imagine my life without it. Adam Perez In the music department, multiple professors invited us to attend conferences of professional organizations in their respective fields. These were very rich times of growth in our educational lives but also in our department as a micro-community. They were also great opportunities to hear insightful presentations from leaders in the field.

Sarah Jongetjes ’14 Business Marketing and Management Delavan, Wisconsin

Lindsay Slager ’13 Elementary and Special Education Oak Forest, Illinois

Halie Wisse I recently met with one of my business professors to talk about my future career plans. I had already declared a business communications major but needed to find out how to start preparing myself for a job in that field. My professor was able to connect me to some of his business contacts who provided me with valuable advice and opportunities within the business communications field. Hannah VanBeek The biology and chemistry departments are full of opportunities for undergraduate research. Since my junior year, I’ve been involved in a breast cancer research project in the biology department working with my professor to design experiments, analyze results, and explore the effects of Vitamin D on breast cancer cells.


spring 2013



Jenna Stech My favorite thing about Trinity is the relationships that are formed between professors and students. At Trinity, you aren’t just another number to a professor; they care about more than your academics, they care about you as a person. Sarah Jongetjes My business professor holds her classes in a discussionbased setting, making students feel comfortable and welcome to learn and apply new ideas and concepts. Danielle Truckenmiller I have been encouraged to excel. I can remember starting out as a freshman and second-guessing if I should be an art major. But with encouragement from my professor, I kept my major, and through the years I have been able to build my portfolio and experience. The education that I am obtaining is giving me opportunities to apply for different jobs.

Professors Brooke Wigboldy I’ve had the opportunity to learn from some amazing professors. My communication professors are passionate and knowledgeable about their subjects, and they have taught me so much. I have learned how to think critically and communicate effectively and ethically. What’s more is that I have been encouraged to think from a Christian perspective in all of my classes. Hannah VanBeek I have found that my professors strongly desire to see me succeed. They are always open to answer my questions and offer advice. While I was applying to graduate school, professors often encouraged me and promised their prayers. Adam Perez My mentoring professor has constantly challenged me to go above and beyond my coursework to study the things that I am interested in. Three independent study classes, two research awards, and 184 credit hours later, these opportunities have shaped my passions and goals – not to mention helping me get into graduate school!

FAITH-FILLED Community Lindsay Slager Living on campus has helped me engage in Trinity’s community. I was initially considering commuting, however, deciding to live on campus was probably the best decision I’ve ever made. I have met so many people, become involved in various committees, and experienced Trinity in a way that might not have been possible if I lived at home. Engaging in the community here has changed my life. I’ve met people who I’ll remain friends with long after college. Matt Wydra Outcry and the other ministries on campus enable us to connect strongly with the community in worshipping God.



trinity christian college

Valuing Our Differences Lindsay Slager Interim trips to Spain and Italy helped me explore the world. I learned about culture, food, and history; but I also had the chance to get to know fantastic people. The communities we built in those small groups are going to last a long time. Because of my time abroad, I’ve been thinking more seriously about teaching abroad after graduating. God used those experiences to help me realize my passion for culture. Alexis Warden Tutoring and managing for the Writing Center continues to challenge and bless me. After working with others to improve their writing, I’ve become passionate about helping others succeed. I work with many students from different backgrounds, and I’ve been blessed to view the college experience from their point of view. Trinity helps me engage with cultures different from my own and gives me confidence that I have the right tools to work in a culturally diverse world.

Matt Wydra ’15 Accounting Tinley Park, Illinois

Brooke Wigboldy ’14 Communication Arts Tinley Park, Illinois

Leadership Samuel Lankah During my four years at Trinity, I have developed into a Christian leader and servant. My involvement in student leadership has offered me many responsibilities and has helped me to effectively relate and communicate with others. Matt Wydra Trinity’s Leadership Expo and Involvement Fair enable students to explore the different leadership opportunities on campus and assist in discerning God’s path for them in leadership.

Danielle Truckenmiller ’14 Art Studio Milledgeville, Illinois

Samuel Lankah ’13 Exercise Science Warrenville, Illinois

spring 2013




Elaine Nosich ’03 and Danielle DeVries ’13


ometimes teachers will think back to the first day they walked into a classroom full of students. Often it is also the first day of the student-teaching experience. Throughout the academic year, Trinity education majors experience those “first days” and all of the excitement, concerns, ideas, and emotions that they carry into the classroom with their textbooks and red pens. They hope that their cooperating teachers will also become mentors and truly help teach them to be the great teachers they aspire to be.

Danielle DeVries ’13, teaching with Elaine Nosich ’03; Grade 1 at Crown Point Christian School, St. John, IN Danielle DeVries found it helpful that her cooperating teacher had a similar educational background. “I loved being able to bounce ideas off her, hear how she did things while student teaching, and learn more about the hiring process after graduating from Trinity,” said DeVries. “It was a blessing being with Elaine, too, because we held the same beliefs and values.”



trinity christian college

Over the past two semesters, 11 of Trinity’s student teachers encountered an interesting mentorship opportunity. They have all worked with teachers who are Trinity alumni teaching in local and out-of-state schools. Here some of them share their experiences as teachers, mentors, and Trinity students.

The field experience also solidified DeVries’ decision to teach. “On the last day of my first seven-week placement, one of my first graders suggested that I sit in a chair, and they all put their hands on me and prayed a blessing over me. There’s no other job where I could have 22 first graders’ hands on me, praying for me.”

Dawn Weinert ’04 (Adult Studies graduate), cooperating teacher for Stephanie DeBoer ’13; Grade 2 at Hoover Elementary, Calumet City, IL

Dawn Weinert ’04 said her Trinity experience helped her to mentor student teacher Stephanie DeBoer. “Since we both attended Trinity, I understood the classes as well as the values that were expected of her. We were able to bond immediately and form a mutual understanding,” said Weinert. As she imparted her knowledge and expertise, Weinert also learned in the process of mentoring. “Stephanie was a joy to have in the classroom, and I enjoyed watching her grow as a teacher. She was excited to try different things I suggested, and I was pleasantly surprised to have learned some new tactics from her.”

DeBoer also learned from her students. “My students taught me patience and reminded me that no student is the same and that a teacher needs to teach to all the students in the classroom. Overall, I learned that there is a lot more to teaching than reading, writing, and math.” DeBoer also learned something about her faith. After Weinert had given the students chocolate roses for Valentine’s Day, one child pretended his rose was a microphone and sang “This Little Light of Mine.” “Before I knew it several other students had joined him,” said DeBoer. “Even though I cannot bring up God in my classroom, it was wonderful to see God bring himself into my classroom. It’s moments like this when I know that I am called to be a teacher.”

Also, how much a teacher encourages students when they have succeeded in a certain skill or activity can directly affect their production and behavior in class.” Ritzema’s advice carries over into his work with the student-teachers. “Mr. Ritzema has mentored me in becoming a better teacher as well as a stronger Christian. His constant encouragement has had a huge impact in my life,” said Cable. “My time at Calvary has definitely solidified my calling to teach. Being able to see God work in the individual lives of my students is one way I continue to feel led.”

Kamphuis said he will never forget receiving a phone call from then education department director Provost Liz Rudenga telling him about an opening for an art teaching position at Illiana Christian. “Seventeen years later, I’m still teaching there!”

Lindsay Slager ’13, teaching with Amber Trethewey ’07; Ages 10-14 at Elim Christian School, Palos Heights, IL In her student-teacher role, Lindsay Slager said she has been prepared “to make judgment calls, problem solve, and develop methods of teaching and managing the classroom. “When something doesn’t work, I need to fix it and learn from it.” Throughout the field experience, students are paired with a variety of teachers, all with different styles, practices, skills, and values. “It has been such a blessing to know that I can ask my teacher questions and ask for help whenever I need it,” said Slager. “With a Trinity alumna teacher, I know she has the same basic beliefs as I do. Throughout my placement, the love that my teacher has for her students has been so evident every day. I am grateful for the role model that I have in her.”

Jim Kamphuis ’96, cooperating teacher for Yasmin Fernandez ’12; Art 9-12 at Illiana Christian High School, Lansing, IL

Bryon Ritzema ’97, cooperating teacher for Allison Cable ’12; Physical Education K-8 at Calvary Academy, South Holland, IL Bryon Ritzema tried to pass along two things to student-teacher Allison Cable: confidence and encouragement. “These two aspects of teaching are so important,” he said. “How you carry yourself makes a difference in how smoothly the class runs.

Jim Kamphuis stresses the importance of field experiences in preparing students for their careers as teachers. “Trinity had a good education program when I was a student, but I did not have the benefit of all of the opportunities for in-the-classroom practice that Trinity students have today,” he said. “Trinity’s education department, now as then, is devoted to the development of its students and eventual teaching candidates. As a student, I appreciated the system they had in place for making certain we were taking all the necessary steps that would lead us to a career in teaching.

spring 2013




What better way to highlight the 20th anniversary of Trinity’s annual spring Math Triathlon than numerically and geometrically? The numbers: Since the math triathlon’s inception, over 5,000 participants from 64 schools in 8 different states (IL, IN, MI, WI, IA, PA, UT, WA) have taken part. At the April 2013 event, over 240 participants from 21 schools (including Skype participation) competed. The geometry: The stories behind all the numbers have to do with people— middle school students, alumna, Trinity students, and professors. Some of them have experienced every aspect of the triathlon, coming full circle. Some of the math teachers bringing their teams to compete first participated themselves as middle school students, then as Trinity students, and now as teachers.

“When students apply for admission to Trinity, they often remember their experiences with the triathlon as one reason they chose to pursue math or math education at the college level,” said Dr. Dave Klanderman, professor of mathematics. This year’s event, hosted annually by the College’s math department, was held on April 25. Other triathlon events include an annual event for students in grades 3-6 at various area Christian schools and the Traveling Triathlon, held in alternate years during the two-week Interim in January. Colleagues in the math and math education departments, Drs. Dave Klanderman, Mandi Maxwell, Sharon Robbert, and Mary Webster Moore, lead students in writing the problems and solutions for individual, team, and relay events. Students also design potential halftime activities and administer the triathlons.

Julia Bolkema ’11, 7-8th grade math and science teacher, Trinity Christian School, Pittsburgh, PA

that involvement shaped her view of math and her future career, Bolkema strives to share the love of math with her students.

Bolkema’s students were proud of their second place finish in the team competition in 2012. But it wasn’t Bolkema’s first math triathlon. She competed as an eighth grader. That experience was a major factor in her decision to minor in mathematics education.

Bolkema said she has a deep appreciation for her math professors. “It was the little things—their excitement about math, their desire to connect math with God’s creation, their encouragement in math events—that have led me to become a math teacher. I have a deep commitment to doing the same for my students. I cannot speak highly enough about Trinity’s math program and all of the professors.”

As a Trinity student, her involvement continued in the Traveling Triathlon and writing math problems in her class. Because



trinity christian college

Megan Van Groningen ’09, high school and middle school math teacher, Intermountain Christian School, Holladay, UT Van Groningen’s first experience with the math triathlon was as a Trinity student. “Being involved in the triathlon helped me understand how to challenge students and how to introduce fun math activities in the classroom.” But as a middle school student, she wished to accompany her classmates who attended the triathlon. Today she ensures her own

students don’t miss out on the opportunity. “I wanted to give the students a way to enjoy math and work competitively,” she said. She worked with colleagues to set up a Skype connection so Intermountain could compete. “I’m glad we have the technology to be able to communicate and participate from halfway across the country,” she said. “I love to see students get excited about math.” Evan VanderZee ’03, assistant software developer, Argonne National Laboratory, Lemont, IL Math educators are not the only ones to benefit from their involvement in the triathlon or Trinity’s mathematics major. Evan VanderZee’s first competition was as a 7th grader at Calvin Christian School in 1994. He later enrolled at Trinity and went on to assist with the triathlon during Interim, writing questions, grading, and helping with event logistics. As a double major in math and computer science, he used his math skills as an intern at Argonne and, following graduation, pursued his Ph.D. in mathematics at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Today he is back at Argonne, working with some of the same professionals who supervised him as an intern.

He credits his Trinity math professors for preparing him well and gladly recalls the good relationships among students and teachers in Trinity’s math department. Spencer TenHaken ’16, of Sheboygan, WI; math major TenHaken first competed in the triathlon as a 7th grader at Sheboygan Christian. The next year, his small team of four students won first place. Although TenHaken was familiar with Trinity because of his family’s connection with the College, he experienced a connection of his own when attending the triathlon and witnessing the passion the math department exhibited for the discipline. “You can see information about a college on a website, but I wouldn’t have sensed that connection without the first-hand experience.” Working along with his professors and fellow students on planning the January 2013 Traveling Triathlon, TenHaken said he has an even deeper appreciation for the department and the “commitment” that goes into planning the event.

Courtney Rozeveld ’13, of Lake City, MI; math major, secondary education minor Ironically Rozeveld has lost count but said she has participated in 7 or 8 triathlons. She was an ecstatic 7th grader, ready for the opportunity to compete at the Traveling Triathlon Trinity was hosting in Grand Rapids that year. Rozeveld was devastated when a snow storm hit, preventing her school from attending. But not from participating. Trinity professors and students arranged for the Northern Michigan Christian School students to submit their answers via fax machine. Rozeveld’s renewed excitement was only topped by the fact that her team won first place. Although unplanned, it was the first time a school had participated in a Trinity triathlon remotely. That continues today as schools use Skype to be part of the day. As a Trinity student, she has helped create the triathlon tests, experiential learning that prepared her as a math educator. Her student-teaching experiences have solidified her desire to instill in students a respect for math and a knowledge of the many connections inherent in the discipline. “I want to share how math all fits together like a puzzle so my students can see how beautiful it is.”

spring 2013




A “History” of Exceptional Teaching


he professor effortlessly navigates the sidewalks crisscrossing campus, his guide cane tapping along the paths he has walked for the past 34 years. From his house that sits adjacent to Trinity’s campus, he walks the short distance to the classroom building, contemplating how he will most effectively teach history today while resting in the contentment he finds in anticipating his destination. Dr. Robert Rice, professor of history, was honored in 2012 with the inaugural Professor of the Year Award and will retire at the end of this semester. As he looks ahead to the transition, he said, “I want to go out with my good and bad habits intact.” One “bad” habit in particular, he said, involves taking on more and more challenges. While some professors might spend their last semester reading, writing, and reflecting, Rice accepted the project of developing and teaching a new course this spring on the global impact of World War II. The course came at the special request of students, 20 of whom are now enjoying learning from one of the College’s best-loved professors.



trinity christian college

Taking on challenges is nothing new for him. Born with some sight in one eye, Rice said that through God’s grace and the support of his family, he quickly accepted the eventual and complete loss of his sight at the age of 15. “I gave up my sight before I lost it. Blindness is a significant part of my life, but it is only one strand of brokenness in God’s good world.” And it is a world Rice loves. He plans to now spend more time strengthening the connections he and his wife Gail have to organizations that support the causes of restorative justice and immigration reform. He said he will also continue to read, drink coffee, and enjoy educating himself on global cultural developments. Despite the fact that retirement means leaving students, friends, and the classroom, Rice said, “There is still a world to be concerned for.” At the close of the school day, the professor walks from campus to his home, reflecting not only on the European history class he taught but on the world that stretches far beyond his well-worn path.

PA P ERS & P RESEN TAT IONS KEN AUSTIN, Ph.D. professor of music, performed as soloist with the Great Western Rocky Mountain Brass Band in Colorado. August 2012. BILL BOERMAN-CORNELL, Ph.D. associate professor of education, published a review of the graphic novels: Rapunzel’s Revenge, Town Boy, Pantheon series (by George O’Connor), Zita the Spacegirl, and American Born Chinese. Christian Home and School. (Fall 2012), p. 34. CINI BRETZLAFFHOLSTEIN, M.S.W. assistant professor of social work, presented “Food Citizenship and Our Local Community.” Christian Community Development Association Conference. Minneapolis, Minnesota. November 2012. DAVID BRODNAX, Ph.D. associate professor of history, published a review of Afro-Pentecostalism: Black Pentecostal and Charismatic Christianity in History and Culture by Amos Young & Estrelda Y. Alexander eds. Journal of AfricanAmerican History (2013). MARY LYNN COLOSIMO, Ph.D. professor of psychology, presented “Living the Balanced Life,” Integrative Therapy for Cancer Patients. Little Company of Mary Hospital. July 24, 2012. KAREN DIELEMAN, Ph.D. associate professor of English, presented “A Politics of Just Memory: Elizabeth Barrett Reads the Church Fathers.” Wheaton Conference on Religion and Literature. Wheaton, Illinois. October 26, 2012. MARK JONES, Ph.D. professor of English, published “The King of Spain is Mad Againe; or, The Agency of the Letter in The Spanish Tragedy.” Allegorica 27 (2011) 128-37.

DAVE KLANDERMAN, Ph.D. professor of mathematics and computer science, with Mary Webster Moore, Mandi Maxwell, and Sharon Robbert, published “Creating Problems and Their Solutions: Service Learning Through Trinity Mathematics Triathlons, Math Nights, and Math Centers” (in press) in PRIMUS: Problems, Resources, and Issues in Mathematics Undergraduate Studies. ROSE MALINOWSKI, Dr. P.H. professor of social work, presented “Collaboration in a Global Community: Formation of International Social Work Field Placements.” The Annual Public Meeting of the Council of Social Work Education. November 2012. MAURICIO NAVA DELGADO, Ed.D. assistant professor of Spanish, presented with Faith Marie Nava “Ya No Llamas,” International Conference of Spanish Literature. Cuzco, Peru. March 2012. PETE POST, Ed.D. assistant professor of education, presented “Docere est discere: to teach is to learn.” Fall Convention of the Illinois Council of Exceptional Children, Lisle, Illinois. November 2, 2012. ARON REPPMANN, Ph.D. associate professor of philosophy, presented “Emerging adulthood, spirituality, and honors education” at the National Collegiate Honors Council Annual Conference. Boston, Massachusetts. November 2012. LIZ RUDENGA, Ph.D. provost, co-presented “Budget Fundamentals for the CAO.” Council for Independent Colleges (CIC) Chief Academic Officer (CAO) Institute. San Antonio, Texas. November 6, 2012. ERICK SIERRA, Ph.D. assistant professor of English, presented “Theatrum Mundi: Faith, Representation, and Multiculturalism.” Southwest Conference on Christianity and Literature.

Oklahoma Christian University. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. October 5-6, 2012. RYAN THOMPSON, M.F.A. assistant professor of art and design, exhibited Dock 6 Design & Art Series #4, Dock 6 Design Collective. Chicago, Illinois. October 2012. DEBORAH WINDES, Ph.D. assistant professor of business, presented “To Teach or Not to Teach Online? Motivational Factors Across Institution Type and Online Teaching Experience.” 18th Annual Sloan Consortium International Conference on Online Learning. Orlando, Florida. October 2012.

Meet THE Registrar This spring, the College welcomed new registrar Jaynn Tobias-Johnson. Tobias-Johnson brings with her many years of exemplary service in various higher education roles at Judson University. She served as associate provost beginning in 2010, and in that position, she oversaw institutional research and acted as Higher Learning Commission liaison accreditation officer and chair of the curriculum committee. She and her husband are members of Wheaton Christian Reformed Church where she has been the director of children’s worship since 1995 as well as serving in other roles. Actively involved in Russian Leadership Ministries, she traveled to Moscow Theological Seminary in 2009 to train Russian seminary professors in online course development and pedagogy, and in November 2012, she was appointed to the board of directors for Russian Leadership Ministries. She and her husband have two sons in college.

spring 2013



ATHLETICS Mission Trips Make Spiritual Impact


triving to nurture spiritual development in each of their athletes, Trinity coaches promote growth through daily interaction and by providing special opportunities, such as the Interim trips experienced by the women’s soccer and volleyball teams. In January, head volleyball coach Bill Schepel ’85 led his team and six other students to Haiti where they partnered with Mission of Hope. During the week-long trip, the group evangelized door-to-door and worked in the village of Leveque, painting houses for those displaced by the earthquake. They visited, prayed, and shared their testimonies with the Haitians, as well as found opportunities to interact with the children in play, song, and Bible story skits. “While ministering to the Haitians, we learned to work with and to support each other,” said Schepel. “A special time of each day was the evening devotions, which gave everyone an opportunity to share. The last night was very powerful as testimonies, praises, and struggles were expressed, and it was evident that Christ was at work in the hearts of the students.”

Trolls Receive Champions of Character Team Award The women’s soccer, men’s soccer, and women’s basketball teams were each selected as a Champions of Character Team by the coaches of Chicagoland Collegiate Athletic Conference. The teams received that honor by displaying the NAIA’s five core values of integrity, respect, responsibility, sportsmanship, and servant leadership throughout the season in all aspects of their sport.

Through the experiences, the students discovered something new about God, his world, their teammates, and themselves. “The trip was an incredible spiritual experience for me in many ways,” said Kaitlin Feddema ’14 of Kalamazoo, Michigan. “Participating in

worship with the Haitians really opened my eyes to a new level of passion and dependence on God. We also spent hours listening to each other’s spiritual journeys and learned that regardless of our upbringing, the language we speak, and the place we come from, we are all broken, and depend entirely on the Lord to bring us through hard times and use us in his plan of redemption.” Also making an international trip, 20 members of the women’s soccer team, led by head coach Josh Lenarz ’98, went to Costa Rica. Working through SCORE International, the team used soccer as an avenue to ministry. Each day they conducted a soccer clinic in a different community and competed against a local team. At each of these events, the team members had the opportunity to share the gospel message and personal testimonies. “Partnering with SCORE gave us the opportunity to use soccer for his kingdom,” said Lenarz. “It also presented us with the opportunity to intentionally work through our own testimonies. We were blessed by the process and experienced growth as a team and individually as we shared with each other.” Through ministering to the Costa Rican people, the team members learned more about their faith. “The events on the trip left me in wonder, extremely grateful for what I have, more in tune with reality, and thirsty to change my life and devote it more to God,” said Morgan Matson ’15 of Geneva, Illinois. “The trip kindled a fire in me. It has forever changed the way I view God’s complex world and my desire to see him glorified in it.”

Did You Know? Trinity Students Volunteered Nearly 31,000 Hours Last Year. 24


trinity christian college

Kaitlin Feddema ’14 on a service trip to Haiti

up running a 45-second personal best time. The 4x800 relay at NCCAA nationals my senior year was also a highlight, as were spring break trips to Florida with the track team and any bus ride home after NCCAA nationals. What marathons have you run? How did you place? I’ve run five marathons. While I was at Trinity, I ran my first marathon at the NAIA Track and Field National Championship and finished in 2:36:01 (8th place). I’ve also run the Chicago Marathon two times; in 2010 I ran 2:29:23 (69th overall), and in 2012 I ran 2:31:55 (80th overall). I also ran the 2012 Rockford Marathon in 2:42:56 (1st place). Most recently, I ran the Honolulu Marathon in 2:43:33 (26th overall).

Andrew ’09 and Korynn ’09 Jellema

Running the Race: Jellema Reflects on Trinity Athletic Career


t the Honolulu marathon last December, alumnus Andrew Jellema ’09 placed 26th and second among males from the U.S. Not bad for being one of 27,000 entrants. It was the fifth marathon for Jellema, who came to Trinity as a sophomore and set several records as a member of the cross country and track and field teams. What was your involvement in athletics at Trinity? Both the track and cross country programs were fairly young at the time. Aside from a good education and being close to my family (and my girlfriend, now wife), I saw this as an opportunity to help build a team and challenge myself in other areas besides running. What were some of the highlights? The Illinois intercollegiate cross country meet my junior year. I had an awesome race and felt great the whole time. I ended

Is running a spiritual experience for you? Just the act of committing to something and sticking with it is a spiritual experience. God plants a seed of desire to do something, run a marathon, for example. Signing up is the first step, then you have the day-to-day process. But you’re committed. Honor that commitment; get through this day, this run, this week of busyness. Be patient and have faith for one more day; soon you’ll come out the other side and will have accomplished more than you ever thought you could. Your wife also runs marathons. What benefit is there to this shared experience? Korynn [’09] and I occasionally train together. Right now, we’re expecting twins, so she isn’t able to run. After being on a sports team with someone, you have a unique bond with them. The same is true after completing a marathon. You have a “connection” with everyone else who ran. I have this special bond with my wife. Our experiences as runners have made our relationship much stronger. What interests you about physical therapy? I love playing sports and being outdoors. That combination and God whispering in my ear led me into this field. I’m pursuing postgrad physical therapy studies at Governors State University. I don’t know what my specialty will be, and I’m trying to leave myself open to multiple options. How did your Trinity experience shape you as an athlete/ student/Christian? During my three years at Trinity, God challenged me. I took on a lot more during those years than I thought I could. I worked as a tutor, wrote for the Courier, worked as a rehab tech, ran track and cross country, and had classes. God placed me at Trinity for some reason. I can’t say that it has come full circle yet, but I do know that those three years changed my life. I can honestly say that I would not be where I am today if I hadn’t gone to Trinity. God’s plan is amazing. We just need to step back and see the whole picture and have faith in him for where he’s leading us.

spring 2013



The College wishes to acknowledge these donors, some of whom have passed on to their heavenly home, whose gifts were received for the Trinity Fund between July 1, 2011 and June 30, 2012.

DEVELOPMENT Founders Circle

The College honors these friends whose combined gifts to the Trinity Fund reached $500 to $999 in the fiscal year 2011-2012. For more information, please contact Larryl Humme, vice president for development, at 708.239.3977, or e-mail Anonymous (4) Peter & Michelle Baldwin Laura Bartleson Bruce & Amy Baty Jim & Renee Belstra Stanley & Jola Bernard Ronald Biesboer John Boeringa Larry & Judith Bolt Tim & Beth Bolt Robert & Debbie Boomsma Ann Bos David & Mary Bosscher Jack & Joan Bosscher Richard & Cheryl Brown Tillie Bulthuis Kevin Butler Russell & Sharon Clousing Jim Cook & Joyce Van Der Molen Edward & Kellie Damstra Jacob & Sandra De Boer Etta de Jong John & Sheryl De Jong Richard & Patricia De Jong Kenneth & Brenda De Vries

Kenneth & Nancy De Young Henry & Doris Doorn Dick & Dorothy Dykstra James & Lynell Dykstra Randal & Martika Gartman Donald & Sheryl Hammer Gerald & Marilyn Harms David & Rose Hiskes George & Audrey Hiskes William & Janice Hoffman Mark & Janella Hop Steven & Terry Huizenga Peter & Sylvia Humme Henry & Ardythe Iwema Brian & Nancy Jongetjes Arthur & Judith Jongsma Barb Kamp Henry & Carol Kamp John & June Kamp Lambert & Lori Kamp Gerald & Barbara Klompien John & Helen Kooima Roger & Karen Koole Tony & Joan Kunz Richard & Patricia Leppink

Edward & Tosha Leyendekker Jonathan & Jane Marcus Dr. Robert McNicholas John & Pauline Meekma Charles & Karen Meyer Greta Miersma James & Marilyn Olthoff Ronald & Florence Oosting Grace Ozinga James & Jan Ozinga Jamie & Melinda Prins David & Anna Jean Ridderhoff Edward & Eileen Rosenwinkel William & Jannette Rowland Michael & Deanne Schoneveld Kenneth & Linda Schoon Lambert & Elisabeth Sikkema Donald Sinnema Glenn & Sharlotte Smits Joseph & Patricia Stavola James & Laurie Teggelaar Mary Tillema Roger & Geraldine Triemstra Linda Vander Laan Gerrit & Muriel Vandermolen

Craig & Gail Van Der Veer Ted & Judy Vander Wall James & Jayne Vander Woude Clarence & Luella Van Englehoven Jack & Carolynn Van Namen Dan & Deborah Van Prooyen John Van Schepen & Shirley Pals Christopher & Rebecca Van Til Cornelius & Rosemary VanTil Joyce Van Till Dale & Linda VanVeldhuizen Jan Veenstra Lee & Nancy Veldhuizen Chris & Kadie Verstrate Richard & Joan Vie John & Shereen Vinke Robert & Melody Voss The Weidenaar Family Herman & Jacqueline Westerveld Richard & Debra Wiltjer Brent & Mary Yurschak Ron & Kim Zantingh

President’s Circle The College honors these friends whose combined gifts to the Trinity Fund reached $1,000 to $4,999 in the fiscal year 2011-2012. For more information, please contact Larryl Humme, vice president for development, at 708.239.3977, or e-mail Anonymous (9) Nick & Linda Ahrens Geoffrey & Carolyn Baker Nicholas & Bonnie Beezhold Derk & Cheryl Bergsma John & Margery Bernbaum Charles & Mae Boender Brian & Mariellen Boomsma Ken & Denise Bootsma Frank & Nellie Bosman Ken & Margie Boss James & Angie Bosscher Marcia Bosscher Bernard & Dorothy Bruinius Keith & Bev Bruxvoort Cornelius & Florence Bussema Marilyn Davids Jack & Nancy Davids William & Debra Davids Jack & Jennifer De Boer Jeanette De Boer Eugene & Beth Decker Phillip & Dianne De Groot Roger & Joyce De Groot Charles & Monique DeJong Leon Denning John & Tammy DeVries Marvin & Mildred De Vries Michael & Louella DeVries Wavern & Beverly De Vries Anthony & Jeane Diekema Albert & Janyce Diepstra Judy Doot Oliver & Candace Dorn Donald Dykstra Richard & Marion Dykstra



Edwin & Patricia Gabrielse Charitable Foundation, Inc. - Michael & Kathi Brueggemann Jim & Carol Evenhouse FBO Molenhouse Charitable Lead Trust - Richard & Wilma Molenhouse Chuck & Julie Geenen Brian & Kathy Gesch GNJ Management - Hyoung & Hee Ja Lee Pete & Linda Hamstra Dennis & Brenda Harms Tim Hoeksema Fred & Barbara Hoekstra Case & Pat Hoogendoorn Kenneth & Gwendolyn Hoving Grace Huitsing Marian Huizenga Peter & Heidi Huizenga David & Barbara Huyser Dorothy Ibershof Bob & Beryl Jansen Earl & Harriet Kallemeyn Henry & Grace Kamp Terry & Nancy Katsma Kerkstra Family Charitable Foundation - Lawrence & Virginia Kerkstra Jac & Cindy Klinger Herman & Jean Kok James & Joyce Lagestee Floyd & Laureen Leo Jack & Karri McIntyre Kenneth & Marcia Mels David & Linda Meyer Mark & Kelly Netjes Aaron & Amanda Ozinga Hilda Ozinga

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Howard & Betty Vander Meer George & Harriet Vander Velde Delores Vander Wagen Kenneth & Cynthia Vander Wal Loren & Cornelia Vander Wilt Edward & Linda Vander Woude Todd & Jennifer Vander Zee George & Gayle Vande Werken Elmer & Georgian Van Drunen Keith & Cheryl Van Drunen Andy & Elgene Van Dyk Rick & Sue Van Dyken Willis & Connie Van Groningen Richard & Esther Van Hattem John & Sue Van Laten Rick & Barb Van Til Samuel & Judith Van Til Gordon & Margaret Van Wylen Vermeer Midwest, Inc. - Junior & Beverly Kool Wayne & Barbara Vriesman Calvin & Grace Walstra Mark & Annalee Ward William & Suzanne Weidenaar Mac & KarĂŤn Wiener Douglas & Lucille Wierda John & Beverly Wigboldy Richard & Marilyn Wiltjer Robert & Theresa Wiltjer John & Ann Wind Marvin & Phyllis Wolterstorff Donald & Kay Woo Charles & Linda Woodside John & Joan Wories Jay & Carol Zandstra

Benefactors Circle The College honors these friends whose combined gifts to the Trinity Fund reached $5,000 or more in the fiscal year 2011-2012. For more information, please contact Larryl Humme, vice president for development, at 708.239.3977, or e-mail Anonymous (3) Derke & Doris Bergsma Jay & Dorothy Buikema Robert & Danette Buikema Christian Evangelical Foundation - J.C. Huizenga Marvin & Joan Cooper Sandra Cooper

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Kathleen Driscoll Martha Gerry Robert & Mary Ann Guenzler Chang & Sue Han Kuhn & Kyung Hong Gerald & Judith Hoyt Peter Jeung Julie Jun C. Gilbert & Haesook Kim Juhyun Kim Young & Choon Kim Jerry & Sharon Kubasak Tai Ho & Evelyn Kwon Hee Ja Lee Uhun Lee Walter Lee Yoon & Hwa Lee Wayne & Deborah Moravec Ignacio & Rochelle Mungcal Wilfredo & Nimfa Mungcal Hyun & Cecelia Oh Moon Ki & Tae Hee Paik Palos Community Hospital - Medical Staff Palos Community Hospital - Medical Staff- Dept of Pediatrics Kaushik Pandya Young Jong Park Eugene & Elizabeth Paschall Walt and Carolyne Schindler Brian & Jin Shin Emily Taylor Christine Tesmond Thomas F. Courtney & Associates. P.C. Steven & Barbara Timmermans John & Dianne Truesdale Rick & Sue Van Dyken

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CLASS NOTES Trinity Christian College Alumni Class notes Policy The Alumni Class Notes of Trinity Christian College are published as a way for the Trinity alumni community to share in each other’s lives. They are not intended to reflect the views of the College or to support a particular point of view. Trinity Christian College reserves the right to edit or to not publish submissions for space, tone, and content that does not reflect Trinity’s mission. As alumni, we are still a part of and responsible to this community and mission. Class Notes and photos can be submitted online at or mailed to Trinity (attn: alumni office) or e-mailed to

1970s Eduardo Echeverria ’73 My new book will be out soon: Berkouwer and Catholicism, Disputed Questions (Leiden; Brill, 2013).

1980s Karine (McNicholas) Close ’88 Karine is a graduate student at George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia in the Master of science in the senior housing administration program. Her anticipated graduation is date May 2014.

Brian ’89 and Jennifer ’89 (Westendorf) Fears Brian and Jennifer have been married for nearly 24 years with 10 children-7 girls and 3 boys. Brian is working as a psychotherapist for Choices Family Education Services and in parttime sales for West End Lighting.

Lakeland Hospital and Ryan is a trooper with the Michigan State Police. The family resides in St. Joe, Michigan.

Jennifer (Markatos) Landeen ’99 My husband, Justin, and I celebrated the birth of our second child, son Jionni, born on August 30. He was 8 lbs., 5 oz., 22 inches. Our daughter, Jiovanna, now 2, is celebrating her new title as big sister.

Kristin (Devine) Mueller ’99 Glen and I were delighted to welcome our son, Joshua Richard Mueller, on July 22. He was 7 lbs., 6 oz., and 20.5 inches long at birth. Joshua is our first, and we are enjoying the adventure of parenthood. This little guy definitely has us wrapped around his little finger.

2000s Elizabeth De Jong ’00 Currently working as head of circulation at South Holland Library and attending Dominican University to receive my master’s degree in library science.

Angie (Michalik) Hren ’00


I married Carl Hren on October 20, 2012 and am a Chicago Public School teacher. We live in Lincoln Square.

Ross Ondersma ’02 I am practicing radiology in Port Angeles, Washington.

Ryan Schoonveld ’98 Heather and Ryan welcomed daughter Charlie Grace Schoonveld, born June 20, 2012. Charlie is well cared for by big sisters, Ashley and Alyssa, and big brother, Hunter. Heather is a nurse at

Nate ’05 and Sue ’03 (Huisenga) Damstra Nate and Sue welcomed their son, Cohen Harris, on May 21, 2012. He joins his big sister Addison Faith.

In Memory of Dr. Harold Van Kley, January 13, 2013, age 80 Dr. Harold Van Kley served as a professor in the chemistry department for 15 years. He came to the College in 1982 from the St. Louis University School of Medicine, where he both taught and conducted research for over 20 years. The nursing program was starting when he arrived, and Van Kley was well-qualified to teach freshmen pre-nursing courses. He served on several key committees, including curriculum, teacher education, and personnel. “We will miss Professor Van Kley, our brother Harold. But we also rejoice, because we know that he was a lifelong servant of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Harold knew his hope for this world – and for the world to come – was in the hands of our God. And today the Trinity community rejoices with him, because he is at peace, at home, in the arms of Jesus.” – Dr. Burt Rozema, director of off-campus programs

spring 2013




AJ Haan ’05 After a nearly 8-year run working in marketing and communications with the Chicago-based company General Growth Properties, I’ve recently switched gears and have been hired on as the corporate communications specialist for Gordon Food Service (GFS) in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Matthew ’05 and Heidi ’05 (DeRooi) Koster Matthew graduated from the internal medicine residency program at Loyola University Hospital in June 2012. He will complete chief residency in June 2013. Our family will be moving to Rochester, Minnesota, this summer as Matthew was accepted to the Mayo Clinic for a fellowship in rheumatology. We welcomed Lydia Grace into our family on August 12, 2012. She has a proud big sister, Laila Rose, who is 2½ years old.

Josh ’05 and Stephanie ’06 (VanEe) Van Drunen Josh and I are excited to have had a baby girl. Hadley Jo was born on December 19, 2012. She weighed 8 lbs., 12 oz. and was 20½ inches. She is doing great.

Kevin Walker ’05 Kevin recently accepted a position with Corporate Chaplains of America as the director of field development.

Mike Deckinga ’06 We welcomed our second baby girl, Taylor Beth, into the world on July 13, 2012. She weighed 9 lbs. and was 20 inches long. We are blessed to have another addition to our family. Praise God!

Eric ’06 and Ashley ’07 (Afman) Holtrop We are the proud parents of Troll Tot Heidi Claire; born November 21, she was 7 lbs., 14 oz. and was 20½ inches. Perfect gift for the holidays!

Nate ’06 and Kim ’07 (Haan) Laning We welcomed our first child, Jackson Dale Laning, on August 23, 2012.



trinity christian college

Joel ’06 and Maria ’06 (Kayim) Tuten Joel and Maria announce the birth of a beautiful baby girl, Elena Mae. Elena was born June 12, 2012 weighing 8 lbs. and was 18 inches long. We are truly thankful to our heavenly father for the joy Elena brings us each day.

Leif ’07 and Erin ’07 (Grell) Anderson We joyfully welcomed our son, Ethan Kurt, on September 25, 2012, and are enjoying this new season from God. We are currently living in Charlotte, North Carolina, and are both employed through our church. Leif is an outreach specialist working with global and local missions, and Erin works in the community life ministry.

Jessica (Sikkema) Bulk ’07 I got married to JanDirk (aka John) Bulk on March 2, 2013, and moved to my new home in Oakdale, California. I will be working with my husband at his family business, Oakdale Cheese & Specialties.

Dawn Centracchio ’07 I am currently working at Mercy Home for Boys and Girls and I have been there for five years. Mercy Home is a residential facility for teenagers who come from abused families. I was recently accepted into the Masters of Public Safety Administration Program at Calumet College of St. Joseph’s in Hammond, Indiana.

Katie (Wolters) Emery ’07 Katie and Alex Emery were united in marriage on August 3, 2012, in East Lansing, Michigan. Katie is currently in her sixth year of teaching at Lansing Christian School. She teaches 7th12th grade art.

Joanna (VanderWoude) Hodges ’07 Joanna looks forward to graduating from Westminster Seminary California in June 2013 with a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies. Upon graduation, she and her husband Ross will be moving to Charleston, South Carolina, where Ross will be the assistant pastor at a church plant of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). To learn more about their exciting new ministry opportunity at Christ Church Presbyterian, visit

Esther (Peters) Villarreal ’07 Esther was married to Riqui in June of 2011, had a baby boy, Emory Ignacio, in March of 2012, and is excited to celebrate one year of parenthood this March. Esther works part time for the city of Grapevine, Texas, where she and her family reside.

Ryan ’07 and Kendra ’07 (VanWyk) Zantingh We are expecting a second daughter in June 2013.

Alicia (Whiting) Dyke ’08 Tim and I welcomed Naomi Jeanette into the world on December 28, 2012. We are overjoyed to begin this awesome journey as parents with this blessing from above.

Isaac ’08 and Kathryn ’08 (Krause) Gonzalez Isaac has a new job. He is now an active duty soldier in the Army. Our son Mason just turned 2 in December.

Kari (McCarthy) Hollendoner ’08 God blessed my husband Jim and I with Joseph Daniel on October 11, 2012.

Brittany Kolenbrander ’08 I just wanted to give the update that I got a new job (August 2012) as the accounting manager for Schuil Coffee Company. Schuil Coffee is a gourmet coffee roaster in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Check out the site for more info: I am a huge fan of the coffee and feel very blessed to have found a job I enjoy and a company I get to be a part of.

Brittany (Storkel) Kuhn ’08

Grant Mulder ’08

Kelly (Kamp) Voss ’10

My husband, Brad Kuhn, is graduating on May 24, 2013, as a M.D. from Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. We just matched into a community program in general surgery at Spartanburg Regional Hospital and will be moving to Spartanburg, South Carolina, at the beginning of June. We are so excited to take this next step in our lives and can’t wait to see what God has planned for us in the sunny south.

I graduated in June 2012 from Northern Baptist Theological Seminary and am now serving as the youth pastor at Gibbsville Reformed Church in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin. Currently, I am working toward my ordination in the Reformed Church in America.

Kelly and Jason Voss were united in marriage on August 10, 2012. Jason is a graduate of Calvin College and works as a carpenter. Kelly is a Spanish and ELL teacher. The happy couple purchased their first home and are excited to start their life together. “And above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony.” Colossians 3:14

Kathy (VenHuizen) Zehr ’08 My husband Jon and I welcomed a baby girl, Adelyn Grace Zehr, on August 26, 2012.




Peter ’09 and Valerie ’09 (Leffring) Jongert One year ago on March 21, 2012, we welcomed our first child, Liam Peter, into our family. We are so blessed!

My wife, Tanya, and I welcomed our second daughter, Aliya Rose Kindler, on August 5, 2012.

Kelsey (Garrison) Feucht ’11 I am a fourth

grade teacher at Lincoln Elementary in Morton, Illinois. On December 29, 2012, I married Caleb Feucht. I absolutely love teaching my 4th graders, and being married has been truly a blessing from the Lord.

Kristen (Tamminga) Van Oostenbrugge ’11

I got married this past October (2012) to Christopher Kuiper, who graduated from Dordt College in 2009.

My husband and I are now home owners. We live in Jenison, Michigan in a beautiful Cape Cod home where we are close to family and friends.

Bethany Zapata ’09

Bonnetta Vaughn ’11

I graduated from Olivet Nazarene University with a master’s in reading education and welcomed beautiful baby Elouise Grace on September 15, 2012.

2010s Stay up-to-date with fellow alums:

I am nearly halfway through my first year teaching at Glenn Westlake Middle School in Lombard, Illinois. I am the Bilingual/ELL language arts and reading teacher for 6th and 8th grade.

Jason Kindler ’09

Cara (Tacoma) Kuiper ’09


John Crosley-Corcoran ’11

Sandy (Wilken) Aggen ’10 Earned my Master of Arts in Communication and Leadership from Gonzaga University in December 2012.

Greetings fellow Trolls! My name is Bonnetta Vaughn, and I graduated from the Adult Studies program in December 2011. I’ve been accepted into Concordia University’s school counseling master’s program. My classes begin May 2013. Please pray for me that my completion of this program goes smoothly.

Douglas ’10 and Ashley ’10 (Kuiper) Wierenga Ashley and Doug were married on October 12, 2012. The ceremony was celebrated with family and friends in Holland, Michigan. They are currently living in Tinley Park, Illinois.

Visit or search “Trinity alumni office” on:

spring 2013



CLASS NOTES Tina (Miller) Lopez ’12

CHAMPIONSHIP TEACHER Jeff Heimer ’11 I cannot believe the blessings that graduating from Trinity’s Adult Studies program has bestowed upon me. Since graduating from Cohort 52, I am nearing the end of my second year as a social studies high school teacher and high school baseball and football coach. I was added to the football coaching staff at the beginning of what would become an undefeated (14-0) 2012 IHSA Class 6A football championship season.

I am working a new job as a labor and delivery RN at MetroSouth Medical Center.

Megan Regalado ’12 I currently work with teens in a residential program as an eating disorder counselor in Southern California. I hope to attend graduate school in the fall in order to obtain my Master of Science in Counseling and become a marriage and family therapist.

Jenna Rae Reidenga ’12

Amy Alheim-Jones ’12 I am a surgical nurse at Little Company of Mary Hospital.

Alisha Riepma ’12

David Hoekman ’12 I am pleased to announce that I am the newest member to the admissions team at Trinity. I got the job as an admissions counselor in December of 2012. I love what I do, and being back on Trinity’s campus is such a blessing. I am also engaged to my beautiful fiancé, Baillie Stahl. She is a senior nursing major at Trinity. We plan to get married on July 12, 2013, in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Katie Howell ’12 On August 4, 2012, I got married to Anthony John Howell. I moved in with Anthony after the wedding and have been enjoying time in the new house. I am working currently at City Brew Coffee as a barista where I am using my degree to show Christ’s love to all who come through the coffee shop. It has been a blessing to hold on to what Trinity taught me about community. We, as a couple, are actively involved at Grace Bible Church and in other Bible studies. Loving life in Montana.

Andrew and Karlie were married on June 2, 2012 in Pella, Iowa. Pella is now where they reside and work.

Katie (Alberda) Matthuis ’12

Jenna and Jason Stoit ’10 were engaged on graduation day, May 2012. Through mutual friends, the couple met at Trinity when Jenna Rae was moving into South Hall her freshman year. They are excited to unite as one in marriage on October 5, 2013. They thank their previous professors and mentors at Trinity for their prayers and support as they seek God’s plan for their life together.

All thanks in large part to the guidance, instruction, and support of the entire Trinity Adult Studies Education department, which greatly helped make my dream of being a high school educator and coach a reality.

Andrew ’12 and Karlie ’12 (Monsma) Van Solen

I graduated in May 2012 and am working as an RN in high-risk obstetrics at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. I gave birth to a baby girl in July 2012.

About four months ago I got hired as a clearinghouse coordinator at Love In the Name of Christ of Greater Sheldon, otherwise known as Love INC. I have the awesome task of working with our 22 partner churches and organizing service opportunities for the volunteers at each church. I meet with the hurting people of our community and discuss their needs and connect them to area churches, pray with them, and love them with Christ’s help. Love INC has over 140 offices in America and five offices opening in Kenya. I feel very blessed that God placed me in a job that so closely connected with my majors at Trinity. I graduated with a double major in church and ministry leadership and communication arts with an emphasis in theatre and a minor in theology. I did not imagine a job that would fit so perfectly with my majors, but God was faithful and blessed me right away with a job that is using my communications skills and my understanding of church. Praise the Lord. Have you ever wanted to be involved in Trinity activities but live too far from campus to participate? Would you like to experience the Trinity community in your home region? Contact the alumni office at 708.239.4854 or for more information.

Scott Vermeer ’12 After graduation from Trinity last spring I was sent to Lackland AFB in San Antonio, Texas, where I graduated with honors from Basic Military Training with the U.S. Air Force. I then spent the next 5 months at Ft. Sam Houston, on the other side of San Antonio, where I earned my certifications as a Medical Technician (Field Medic) and graduated as a squadron leader with highest honors. From there I was sent to San Antonio Military Medical Center to do two months of clinicals and will be continuing this training over the next three months in Minnesota at the Minneapolis VA Hospital. During this time I also was given early promotion to Senior Airman (E-4) and am being considered for a selection to Staff Sergeant (E-5). After completion of this training, I will be moving to St Louis, Missouri, to attend St. Louis University School of Law and will be competing for a spot in the Air Force’s Judge Advocate General (JAG) Corps where I hope to gain my officer status. Thank you to all in the Trinity family for continued support and prayers!

alumnI association 2012-13 board of directors Liz Brice ’12 Chicago, IL

Mike Macco ’04 De Pere, WI

Jason Bruxvoort ’99 Orland Park, IL (Secretary)

Yvette Madany ’85 Hopkinton, MA

Shawn DeVries ’07 Pella, IA Kyle Geenen ’10 Holland, MI

Shannon Schans ’00 Maplewood, MN (Vice President)

Kathy Gesch ’79 Cedar Grove, WI

Leanne Schatz ’06 Phoenix, AZ

Barb Horn ’81 Normal, IL

Joyce Schulting ’74 Richmond, TX (President)

Brad Laninga ’89 Holland, MI Ken Litscher ’02 Jackson, TN



trinity christian college

Chad Meeuwse ’02 Modesto, CA

Deb Van Prooyen ’74 Lombard, IL

Thank you & God bless you, Dr. Bob Rice, professor of history, for more than 30 years of extraordinary teaching and passionate commitment. Read more on page 22

Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Chicago, IL PERMIT NO 4113


of Students participate IN Field Education OR An internship


The average earnings of a bachelor’s degree-holder are nearly twice as much as those of a worker with only a high school diploma.

2012 Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce (CEW) report, “The College Advantage”

Double You can double major for no additional tuition cost

Our graduates get jobs

96% 2012 Cooper Career Center

of Spring 2012 graduate respondents are employed


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