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Answering God’s Call It was not easy to leave a job behind and having no income for at least three months. Three Trinitarians testify that as they dedicated 90 days to AlphaTrack, God honored them. By Chia Ban Seng.

quit. My senior management wanted to re-employ me but I declined the offer as I had signed up for AlphaTrack. It was at AlphaTrack that I learnt how to pursue God deeper and take steps of faith to see God work the supernatural. I experienced a breakthrough in evangelism; it was such a joy seeing people receive Jesus!

In January this year, I felt God’s prompting to attend AlphaTrack. I wrestled for weeks as I felt that I was not good enough. By the time I made enquiries, the registration for Batch 36 was closed. Initially I felt relieved, I must have heard God wrongly. However, God continued to tug at my heart. I obediently submitted my resignation and to my surprise, my bosses rejected my resignation and told me to go on no-pay leave.

During this period, my job position was left vacant. After AlphaTrack, my company kept their promise to reinstate me at my last-drawn pay. A new hire would have earned less. I was also surprised that a new boss whom I had worked well with has taken over the team. Later in October, I received a pay raise. God has shown me the full extent of His favor! Shireene Kan, banker

My life was totally transformed by God through AlphaTrack; I grew in intimacy with God and drew closer to Him. Through a renewed relationship with God, I found my identity in Christ and have become more confident and secure. God doesn’t just work during the 90 days. When I returned to work, my bosses gave me an increment back-dated to May. God is a God of providence! Adeline Lee, group leader in oil and gas industry

After spending three years in Hong Kong to head up a new branch office, I decided it was time to come home. I had already rejected an assignment to Taiwan so I asked for no-pay leave in Singapore so I could attend AlphaTrack. Not only did my bosses agree to wait for me to resume work, they even planned for me to pioneer a new business area. In addition, my allowances and benefits when I was overseas were added to my local pay package.

For months, my colleagues and I had been having difficulty working under our boss. I decided to

Through AlphaTrack, God has become more real and I have grown in my desire to seek Him. Cynthia Sam, product manager


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Trinitarian Magazine Issue 4/2011  

Trinitarian Magazine Issue 4/2011

Trinitarian Magazine Issue 4/2011  

Trinitarian Magazine Issue 4/2011