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Pastor Joseph is a missionary with many God-adventures to tell. With a heart to bring the Gospel into hard-to-reach places, he and his family have lived and served in different parts of Asia for the past twenty-four years. Through his ministry, he has witnessed the blind healed, the possessed set free, and many receive salvation. Undeterred in the face of persecution, he continues to raise leaders and send teams to establish missionary programs among unreached people groups. Hear God's passionate heartbeat through this man!

Missions Convention 2017

Mar 3 –5, Trinity@Paya Lebar This page has been intentionally left blank

Missions Rally

Cultural Performance

Fri, Mar 3, 8pm*

Fri, Mar 3, 6.45 –7.45pm Level 4, Summit

Come dressed in an ethnic costume.

Bring dinner and come as a carecell to enjoy the cultural performances by our language ministries! The Summit will be open for dinner from 6pm onwards.

Interpretation via headsets: Japanese, Mandarin, Spanish & Thai.

*Bus services to and from the West are available. Please refer to www.trinity.sg/mc2017 for details.

Missions Weekend Sat, Mar 4, 5pm Sun, Mar 5, 8.30 & 11am


WAGC Day Conference Join us for a time of plenary sessions and workshops taught by anointed speakers from around the world. Find out more at https://ag.org.sg/wagc/ and register today!

Invite someone to experience a powerful move of God at the

POWER RALLIES March 29 to 31, 2017 Trinity Christian Centre Trinity@Paya Lebar 247 Paya Lebar Road Singapore 409045


Grace Assembly of God Grace 1 355 Tanglin Road Singapore 247960



Rev Jason Frenn has held more than 75 international crusades around the world, allowing more than five million people to hear the Gospel. He also is a bestselling author, occasional speaker on the television show Hour of Power, and has been a guest voice for the Washington Post.

Rev Nathan Morris gave his life to Jesus in 2002 after a life-changing encounter. In 2006, he launched Shake The Nations Ministries (STN) and began to travel to the nations. In these crusades, numerous documented miracles took place with the blind, deaf and crippled all testifying to their healing.

Rev Samuel Rodriguez is the Senior Pastor of New Season Christian Worship Center in California, USA. One of Charisma Magazine’s 40 People Who Radically Changed The World, he also serves as the President of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, the world’s largest Hispanic Christian organization.

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DECADE OF EXPANSION Watchnight Message 2016


36 SILVER FORCE A closer look at the 2017 initiatives


TRINITARIAN HERO Generational Serving

HEARTBEAT 46 THE CHURCH AND THE POOR Senior Pastor’s message

48 38 REAL LIFE MIRACLES Impossible, Possible!


MISSIONS AT A GLANCE An overview of Trinity’s missions outreach from JanDec 2016

49 MISSIONS REPORT A highlight of Trinity’s missions efforts from Jan-Dec 2016

52 TRINITY’S GLOBAL IMPACT IN 2016 A local church’s worldwide reach

58 44 MISSIONS SPECIAL 2016 Embracing God’s Passionate Heartbeat for the Nations

THANK YOU TRINITARIANS FOR GOING TO THE NATIONS! Missions trips that happened from Jan-Dec 2016



68 CHRISTMAS IN THE HOME Gifts of love that keep giving

74 MENTORING PASTORS Greetings from the M2 Network





Was Judas Destined to Betray Jesus?

issue 01







WATCHNIGHT SERVICE 2016 Gearing up for a season of breakthrough



GALAXY QUEST! DiscoveryLand’s Christmas event

22 FAMILY CHRISTMAS 2016 Celebrating the greatest gift of all

24 FAMILY COMMUNION 2016 A Trinitarian tradition

86 FIRST PRAYER MEETING OF 2017 Getting ready for a Decade of Expansion

88 CAMP ILLUMINATE DiscoveryLand Camp 2016


SURGE Campus Leaders’ Camp 2016

96 GRADS’ CAMP 2016 Campus Ministry



g n i r e t n E to a

e d a c e D n o i s n a Exp in

1 4


DEAR TRINITARIANS AND FRIENDS, 2017 is a significant year for Christendom. Five hundred years ago, Martin Luther nailed The 95 Theses on the door of the Wittenberg Castle church, a bold act that birthed many expressions of Christianity. Our denomination owes her heritage to the Reformation, to a man who carried this fresh revelation of God and who was bold enough to share and pay the price for reformation. In the same way, God desires for you and me to engage with His new revelation and be daring enough to move forward in this Decade of Expansion. He is looking for men and women bold enough to break through limitations and arise to new levels of faith. As you read the Watchnight Message (pg 28), take courage to enlarge, stretch, lengthen, and strengthen. Believe that this will be the season where you will see expansion in every area of your life. Expect expansion in

the spiritual realm like never before where God will use you for powerful manifestations of His power. As Trinity continues to extend her influence locally, regionally, and globally, our missions endeavors must also expand. We cannot proclaim to love God without loving our neighbors – especially those who are poor, helpless, and neglected. God never gave us the option to turn away from the problems of the world. That is why Trinity continues to engage in developing churches and communities. Though we’ve done many great things in 2016 (pg 44-79), God is calling us to do more: to pray like we’ve never prayed before (pg 80), to give like we’ve never given before, and to go where we’ve never gone before. Trinitarians, step forward in boldness with new revelations from God. Get ready to leave a legacy that will impact the generations!

God is looking for men and women bold enough to break through limitations and arise to new levels of faith.”

1 5


Trinity’s annual Christmas production was filled with holiday songs, festive pop hits, and exciting dance numbers. Buzz for the event started early as Trinitarians partnered with God for open heavens. Nyon Yit An shares more.


eeks before the production, Trinitarians were challenged to live out Contagious Faith and Audacious Fervor by engaging in a 4-Week Prayer and Fast (November 21-December 18), believing God for the miracle of salvation during the Christmas season.

1 6

In a greater demonstration of faith, carecells throughout the island stepped out to hand out Who Needs Christmas? tracts in their neighborhoods. In the week of December 5, over 100,000 tracts were given out and Trinitarians testified of breakthroughs they had in the area of evangelism. “For my daughter Ezann, this was her first tracting event and she did really well – approaching strangers and handing out tracts with a cheery ‘Merry Christmas’ greeting. We saw many surprised faces when they received the invitation. Some were thankful for the invites and a few came back asking for more tracts! We also struck a few conversations about Jesus and were very encouraged by their responses.”

–– Joanna Tan

“This was my son Jeriel’s first tracting experience and he was full of zeal and energy. He would walk up to each person and explain to them that the tract was for a Christmas presentation. There was one army boy who said he could not come for Who Needs Christmas? Instead of giving up, Jeriel went the extra mile to invite him for church service!”

–– Joanne Ong

The production’s premise was staged at the opening of a new shopping mall where three radio DJs went on air to ask one very important question: Who Needs Christmas? For three days (December 22-24, 2016) 10,709 people watched as several actors and actresses shared how each of them struggled to find joy in the Christmas season. In a turn of events, one of the DJs (Betty Kool), played by Pastor Sabrina Chow or Pastor Beatrice Kang, shared that Christmas was a season of hope found through the birth of Jesus Christ. We thank God for the 130 people who made decisions for Jesus during the productions. “Christmas 2016 has become special for me and my family because I was able to lead my dad to say the sinner’s prayer after one of the presentations! After countless prayers and invitations to Christmas presentations, he finally took the leap of faith after witnessing how God healed his knees after we prayed for him.”

–– Adeline Tan Trinitarians young and old gave their time and talents to be involved in Who Needs Christmas? Many who served for the first time testified of the supernatural favor, renewal, and refreshment they found through serving.

As a result of tracting, Trinitarians sowed thousands of seeds and helped 41 people to make decisions for the Lord, even before the first presentation was staged!

1 7

PULSE “My previous job had irregular working hours, meaning that I couldn’t commit to serving in past productions. Before rehearsals for Who Needs Christmas? started, God opened the door to a new job with regular working hours. However, there were problems with the issuing of the work permit and I was told to return to Malaysia until it was issued. This troubled me because it meant that I wouldn’t be able to attend rehearsals. I thank God for a boss who helped me to appeal to MOM the next day. The work permit was granted shortly after, allowing me to stay in Singapore for the rehearsals. Praise God! I feel very blessed to be a part of this production and thankful for this opportunity to serve.”

–– Cindy Hor “It is truly a joy serving in the house of the Lord. I thought that serving for these big events required a lot of skill but I learned that it is the heart that matters. The amount of effort that went into rehearsals was worth it when I saw many oikos coming to accept Christ through the production. Serving also helped me look at Christmas and other events in a whole new light and helped me grow in faith.”

–– Lim Zhi Qi

1 8

“One thing that struck me was that we always prayed and worshiped God before each rehearsal and presentation. It showed me how important it was to put God first. It is heartening to see the Holy Spirit working through us to draw people to Jesus.”

–– Cherylene Tan Personally, as a member of the Who Needs Christmas? choir, it has been such a joy and privilege to serve God in this capacity. Though much time was sacrificed, I have gotten back so much more in return: favor with colleagues and even taxi drivers who gave me discounted fares! Being naturally shy and timid, I’ve also grown in my faith and boldness to invite strangers for the presentation. After the storyline of Who Needs Christmas? was shared to the cast and crew, I was convinced that God would use this presentation to draw people to Him, fueling a desire to invite more people to come and hear the message. Most of all, I’ve learned so much about the heart of serving. Choir members displayed Incredible Unity as we helped one another learn the parts and spoke words of encouragement to keep one another going. The choir leaders brought us through each musical number without complaint, always patient and exercising Relentless Belief in us. Some even found time to bake cakes and cook extra dishes for us in the midst of a hectic production schedule. I’m also inspired by the Trinitarians who offered their time and talents to help with makeup and hair styling. Their behind-the-scenes work was essential and their heart to bless the community evident. Indeed, it is a joy and a privilege to partner with God to see His purposes come to pass through us. 

A season to spread message of love and hope This is the season to be jolly – with gifts, games and delicious treats as Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. But not everyone may be feeling the Christmas cheer. This is something some churches in Singapore hope to change, by taking the opportunity to spread the message of hope. Trinity Christian Centre, for example, did that through its 1½hour Christmas Eve production yesterday. Pastor Victor Toh, who is overseeing the production, said: “Some people may treat Christmas as a money-making event, while others would consider it just like any other day. Another group of people, who are facing trying circumstances, may consider Christmas an inconvenience. But we want to let them know that Christmas is also a season of hope, no matter what their circumstances are.” The performance featured the stories of five people, each facing difficult circumstances. One of the characters in the drama is a 15-year-old boy whose mother has dementia. As the only child, he has to care for her while his father goes to work,

explained Ms Noelle Wee, who volunteers as the production’s assistant creative director. She added: “He is struggling, and he is wondering if he could ever have a life like his peers. “In the performance, he had just been to the supermarket, buying groceries for the family during the Christmas rush, and to him, Christmas was an inconvenience.” At the end of the performance, however, he learns about the true meaning of Christmas – celebrated around the world as the day that Christ, the bringer of hope, was born. Said Mr Alfred Tan, the production’s creative director: “With the current bleak situation people are facing – economic downturn, political upheavals and unrest, and all the geophysical disasters, people are wondering what all these mean for themselves and their loved ones.”

Source: The Sunday Times © Singapore Press Holdings Limited. Permission required for reproduction.

1 9



Christmas Adventure

By Carrie Lam, a Ministry Intern assigned to DiscoveryLand

2 0


n Christmas Eve, children embarked on an exciting Galaxy Quest! 521 children, including 147 first time visitors, joined Princess Eveleen Ng, a Storm Trooper, Luke Skywalker, and several Jedi to take back gifts stolen by the evil Darth Vader. In a series of “pose battle” games, Darth Vader was quickly defeated and all the gifts were retrieved: “I Am Precious!” notebooks that each child could decorate. Creativity flowed through the room and each notebook included a personalized Christmas message signed off by the children. Princess Eveleen shared the significance of what they had done: each notebook would become a blessing to Trinity’s sponsored children –­­­ a wonderful reminder that each recipient is precious and loved by Jesus. Using John 3:16, Princess Eveleen also shared that Jesus was God’s Christmas gift to humanity. When asked whether the children would like to accept God’s gift into their hearts, 153 of them said, “Yes!” Through Galaxy Quest, God did a deep work in the hearts of our children as they invited their friends for the event. Esther Phua (6 years old) shares her experience in bringing eight friends.

WHO DID YOU WANT TO INVITE WHEN YOU HEARD ABOUT GALAXY QUEST AND HOW DID YOU INVITE THEM? I thought about inviting my friends from school. A few days before Galaxy Quest, I had my birthday celebration and I invited them then. I also asked my mommy to help me text their parents.

WHO WERE YOUR FRIENDS THAT CAME FOR GALAXY QUEST? WAS IT THEIR FIRST TIME IN DISCOVERYLAND? Elise and her cousin, Kaili and her little brother, Don, Asher, Xiu He and his little sister. Six of them were firsttime visitors.

HOW DID YOU BLESS YOUR FRIENDS DURING GALAXY QUEST? For every friend I brought to Galaxy Quest, I received one gift. Instead of keeping the gifts for myself, I decided to bless my friends with them.

For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16

DID ANY OF YOUR FRIENDS ACCEPT JESUS DURING GALAXY QUEST? Yes. Kaili, her little brother, and Asher accepted Jesus!

WHAT DID YOU THINK ABOUT GALAXY QUEST? I enjoyed Galaxy Quest a lot! It was fun and we got to play a lot of games. My friends and I enjoyed decorating the notebooks. I’m also very happy to know that my friends had a chance to hear about Jesus! 

2 1


Family Christmas 2016

The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us…”


n the morning of December 25, Trinitarians young and old came together to celebrate Christmas, remembering the Savior who came and made His dwelling among us. Reflecting on the Word shared by Senior Pastor Dominic Yeo from from John 1:14, Diana Lim reflects.

Christmas is more than the manger; it’s about the message! The message of God’s hope and love. Hope for a new day, a new year, a new beginning, and a turnaround. It doesn’t matter how bad the year may have been or whether we feel oppressed. We can hold on to the divine hope and everlasting love in Christ. Christmas is more than the presents under the tree; it’s about God’s presence! He is Emmanuel, God with us! He is with us wherever we go – our homes, offices, schools, and places of recreation. It’s His presence that guides and leads us in the way to go, warning us before we do something foolish. As believers, it’s important to be aware of His presence that lives in us and continually be bearers of His presence. May Christmas be in our hearts all year round. Choose to remember the message of hope and love, being bearers of His presence wherever we go. 

2 2

2 3


y l i m a F union m m Co n dicatio e D d n ving a anksgi h T f o A Time

Communion is an integral part of our Christian faith. We partake in emblems of Communion in remembrance of what our Lord Jesus Christ has done for us. Apart from partaking in Communion once a month, Trinitarians also participate in a time-honored tradition where biological and spiritual families come together for Family Communion.

For many, December 30 and 31 was a time of reflection and thanksgiving. Andrew Chua (Creative Ministry) has not missed a Family Communion since he became a believer 17 years ago. “It is a time when the carecell comes together to reflect on the milestones for the year and give thanks to God. We close the year together as a carecell, put the year behind us and move forward together into the New Year.” For Dawn Kuah (North District), Family Communion is particularly meaningful because she and her husband had rededicated their lives and marriage to the Lord seven years ago. “Family Communion is a time when we come together with our spiritual family, whom we are very close with, to thank the Lord for the past year and usher in the New Year together.”

2 4

B y Loh

Dan Lin

Daniel Goh and his wife Rhodora Santos (East District) took their first Family Communion this year. Daniel, a new believer, said that, “As a family, we reflected on and gave thanks for the past year and dedicated the New Year to the Lord. It was the most meaningful experience I’ve had compared to how I previously spent my year-ends. We intend to make Family Communion a tradition for our family.” For some Trinitarians, the significance of Family Communion has evolved over time. Jonathan Kit (Campus) joined Trinity in 2006 when he was a primary school student. Over the years, he has taken Family Communion first with his family’s carecell, then his IGYNTE carecell, and now his Campus carecell. As an Associate Leader, Jonathan sees Family Communion as more than a tradition – it is a time where he and the other leaders gear the carecell up for what the Lord will do in and through them in the coming year.

Family Communion also holds a very special place in my heart because it also marks the anniversary of my new birth – the day I became a child of God. At the invitation of an ex-colleague, my husband and I started attending carecell meetings and services in October 2010. During that time, I was going through a very difficult period, seeking answers to my questions and solutions to my problems. Though I heard pastors and leaders talk about Jesus dying for me on the Cross, I doubted, thinking to myself, “How could it logically be?” Nevertheless, I sensed God was drawing me to Him as I was often overwhelmed with tears in service. I also saw the love of God through my carecell members. After struggling for two months, I knew that Jesus was my answer and solution and gave my life to Him on December 31. It was also the day I took my first Family Communion with my husband and our carecell.

We partake in emblems of Communion in remembrance of what our Lord Jesus Christ has done for us.”

Whenever I partake in Family Communion, my heart is filled with gratitude for another year spent. This year’s Family Communion marks my sixth year as His child and there is much to be thankful for. My husband and I have been blessed with a beautiful 20-month old daughter. Our carecell has also grown and multiplied. Through the good and bad times, I am certain that God has always been there for us.  2 5


t h g i n h c Wat

Service 2016

When the year comes to a close, numerous venues in Singapore promote their countdown activities and vie for attendance. What brings Trinitarians, to celebrate New Year’s Eve in the house of God year after year? Imelda Lie finds out.


n December 31, I joined thousands of Trinitarians in packing the Sanctuary for Watchnight for the first time. I’d often heard of how electrifying Watchnight Service was but it wasn’t until I experienced it that I understood why Trinitarians choose to be here on the last day of every year. The night began with a dynamic opening dance performance by our IGNYTErs, priming the congregation for what was to come. God’s presence was so palpable during praise and worship, every song was a declaration

2 6

of God’s goodness in our lives. From the young to the old, various testimonies demonstrated how He can use anyone to extend His miracles of healing, provision, and salvation. We also looked back at some of the year’s breakthroughs through a Facebook Timeline – how God has moved the church forward while strengthening us as a community of believers. From The Big Move to the #Jubilee50k Challenge, Trinitarians have demonstrated that we are a collective force to be reckoned with! After reflecting on the year that passed, Pastor Dominic revealed God’s plan for Trinity to enter into a Decade of Expansion. Pastor Dominic exhorted us to expand personally and as a corporate body (read the Watchnight 2016 message on pg 28). Dwelling in the House of God for the final and first moments of a year is significant. First, it is an act of thanksgiving for the year that has passed. Though 2016 was a tough year on many fronts, hearing the testimonies shared during Watchnight reminded me to be thankful for His faithfulness in the midst of adversity. It’s also an act of surrendering

ourselves for the year ahead. While we may be facing what the economists predict to be a slow year, we must, as Pastor Dominic shared, acknowledge and profess the truth that God is still in control. Before this Watchnight Service, I associated New Year’s Eve celebration with feasts, champagne-popping, and parties that culminate with fireworks. Sitting in the Sanctuary that night, I am certain that God was stirring my heart for the year ahead. Had I been elsewhere, I would probably go through 2017 without realizing how I had missed God’s plan for the year. Having said that, what does it take to sustain this stirring when the festivities give way to ordinary and bumpy days ahead? I may not know what is going to happen in 2017, but I thank God that His truth will impact our circumstances and not the other way around. Trinitarians, let’s choose to make 2017 count for His glory. Let’s take responsibility for our walk, step out in faith, and embrace the expansive future He has for us in 2017!  2 7


Watchnight Message 2016 By Senior Pastor Dominic Yeo

2 8


is a significant milestone in the history of Christendom. This year we celebrate the 500 th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, the day when Martin Luther received a fresh revelation of God and nailed The 95 Theses on the door of the Wittenberg Castle church, changing the course of Christianity as we know today. Similarly, God has a new revelation, a now word, for us as the Church continues to move forward with Him. 2 Kings 6:1-7 The company of the prophets said to Elisha, ‘Look, the place where we meet with you is too small for us. 2 Let us go to the Jordan, where each of us can get a pole; and let us build a place there for us to meet.’


And he said, ‘Go.’ Then one of them said, ‘Won’t you please come with your servants?’


‘I will,’ Elisha replied. 4 And he went with them. They went to the Jordan and began to cut down trees. 5 As one of them was cutting down a tree, the iron axhead fell into the water. ‘Oh no, my lord!’ he cried out. ‘It was borrowed!’ The man of God asked, ‘Where did it fall?’ When he showed him the place, Elisha cut a stick and threw it there, and made the iron float. 7 ‘Lift it out,’ he said. Then the man reached out his hand and took it. 6

When we read 2 Kings 6:1-7, we often focus on the miracle that happened in the end, marveling at the supernatural event where Elisha caused the iron axhead to float. However, by doing that, we can miss the prophetic significance of this passage. In verse 1, we read this: “The company of the prophets said to Elisha, ‘Look, the place where we meet with you is too small for us…’” When take a deeper look at the word look (‫ –­ ה ֵּנ ִה‬hinneh), we discover that the word “look” is not passive in nature – it is used with energy and in exclamation: “Lo!” “Behold!” or, in our current context, “Yo!” It is a word used when there is a moment of revelation, as if the prophets were awakened in their spirit to see and realize that their place of meeting was too small! The word “small” in Hebrew (‫ – רַצ‬tzar) means “limits” or “cramped,” a barrier that stops us, capping or preventing us from moving forward. The church needs to arise to another level of expansion and in order to break through limitations, we must breakthrough and expand. It is with this perspective that God wants us to have this season. The prophets saw their place of meeting as a limitation, a barrier that was stopping and holding them back. The reason why the axhead sank was because the prophets were at work chopping down trees. They made a decision to enlarge their tent of meeting! Trinitarians, God is also calling each of us into a season of expansion and 2 9

ENVISION breakthrough. 2016 may have been a tough year, a year of limitations and setback. However, don’t let that determine what your 2017 will look like. In God, 2017 will be a year without limits. Notice how the prophets emphasized the smallness of the place (“too small”). It is almost as if they saw themselves as being trapped. In the same way, God wants us to recognize that we are to break out, to reject the limitations we have placed on ourselves. Our God is not a small God. That’s why we as His people cannot have a mindset of smallness, of limitation. Scripture tells us that we are the head and not the tail (Deuteronomy 28:13).

‘Let us go to the Jordan, where each of us can get a pole; and let us build a place there for us to meet.’” – 2 Kings 6:2

The driving force of the prophets was expansion but not for expansion’s sake. They wanted to expand so that they could host the presence of Elisha who, in this passage, represents God – His presence and anointing. Similarly, you and I must choose to expand so that we can host the presence of God, to engage with Him and be refreshed. It is in this 3 0

place of refreshment that He enables us to break out of our limitations. Let’s look at another passage, Isaiah 54:2, to illustrate the importance of expansion in our lives.

Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back;

lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes. God is calling every man and woman, boy and girl in this house, to step into a season of expansion. We will begin to see expansion in our personal lives, our ministries, schools, and workplace. For those in the marketplace, it’s easy to be skeptical with the projections of various economists. If we are to expand and grow in the business arenas, we the church must turn our ears away from the predictions of the world and onto the One whose report really matters to us. When Moses sent out the 12 spies (Numbers 13) he didn’t just send out ordinary men, he sent out leaders. Only two of them gave a report of the Lord while the other 10 reported doom and gloom. The Israelite community listened to the latter reports and, as a result, the whole generation perished before they could enter the Promised Land. The 12 spies taught us this: if we are to engage in expansion, we must be able to discern facts from the truth. While we cannot live life as ostriches with our heads in the sand oblivious to what’s happening around us, we must stand in affirmation and exhortation in the truth of God. Though the economists

tell us that times are tough, the truth is that God is ultimately in control. Though markets may be crashing, the truth is that God is Jehovah Jireh (“The Lord will provide”). With this truth, we can hold steady because of His promise of expansion. There will be expansion in the spiritual realm where we see a move of God like never before. There will be the manifestation of God where miracles will happen all the time and through our hands. Corporately, we will continue to expand our influence locally, regionally, and globally. We will continue moving forward with plans of center and church plantings. Our pastors and leaders will continue to train and consult with churches around the world. Therefore, if we are going to continue making an impact for His glory, we must do it together. As we come to understand the importance of expansion in our lives, we look further into 2 Kings 6 to understand more about how expansion works. Where did the company of prophets go to receive their expansion? 2 Kings 6:2 tells us that they went to the Jordan River.

“Let us go to the Jordan…” The Jordan River holds great meaning to the Israelites because many significant and prophetic events took place along its 270-kilometer route.

A place of prosperity and fruitfulness In Genesis 13:10, when Lot saw the plain of the Jordan, he saw a place that was “well-watered, like the garden of the Lord, like the land of Egypt.” The first time the Bible talks about the garden of the Lord was in reference to the garden of Eden. This was a place that was luscious, fruitful, and prosperous. As we expand and break out of our limitations, God promises that we will step into a place of fruitfulness and prosperity.

A place of crossover In Joshua 1-3, we read of how Joshua and the Israelites crossed the Jordan and entered into the Promised Land and into freedom. They were no longer identified as slaves from Egypt but as sons and daughters of the promise. As you and I step forth and step out, we will step into the place of promise, freedom, and blessing.

Our God is not a small God. That’s why we as His people cannot have a mindset of smallness, of limitation.”

A place of healing 2 Kings 5 tells the story of an army commander by the name of Naaman who struggled with leprosy. At Elisha’s advice, Naaman dipped himself in the Jordan seven times, miraculously restoring his skin. As you and I step out in expansion, we will also step into a place of wholeness and healing – physically, mentally, and spiritually.

A place of miracles The Jordan was also a place where many miracles took place. When Joshua 3 1

ENVISION and Elijah parted the Jordan and walked across, the ground they walked upon was dry (Joshua 1-3; 2 Kings 2:8). When Elisha threw a stick into the river, the axhead floated (2 Kings 6:1). Expansion means that you and I will step out of our limitations and into a place where we will see the miraculous happen in our lives, to live in the supernatural and do the impossible.

A place of spiritual victories The Lord led many Israelites into battle against their enemies: Ehud against the Moabites (Judges 3:12-30), King Saul and David against the Ammonites (1 Samuel 11; 2 Samuel 10:17) to name a few. Many of us have been engaged in spiritual warfare in the past and this season is no different. When we stretch and enlarge, strengthen and lengthen, we can expect to face resistance from the enemy. God has victories awaiting us but if we stay back in the place of limitation and avoid doing great exploits for God, we will never see or experience the spiritual victory that He has prepared for us.

A place of empowerment and consecration In the New Testament, Jordan was where Jesus was baptized and the Holy Spirit fell upon Him (Matthew 3:13-14; Mark 1:9-11; Luke 3:21-22). In the same way, the Jordan represents the place of consecration where we are set apart, and dedicated to the task of being discipled and equipped. It will also be a place where we experience the empowerment of the Holy Spirit so that we can achieve all that He wants in 3 2

and through our lives. God will expand us in our discipleship program and cause a deepening of our faith to do greater things for His kingdom.

A place of power Now filled with the Holy Spirit, Jesus went north to be tested for 40 days in the wilderness (Luke 4:1-13) before returning to Galilee in the power of the Holy Spirit to start His power-filled ministry. There will be an expansion of the Holy Spirit’s power upon our lives. No more wimpy prayers. No more staying behind the walls of limitations. We will breakthrough and enlarge our territories! The expansion God wants to bring Trinity through won’t happen in a year or even two years. It will be something that will happen over the next ten years during the Decade of Expansion. Trinitarians, this will be the season where we will enlarge and stretch, lengthen and strengthen as we claim what God has set aside for us: prosperity and fruitfulness, healing and miracles, empowerment and consecration, power and spiritual victories. To achieve all these things, we must understand the seven requirements for expansion.

REQUIREMENT 1: WE MUST BE AWARE OF OUR LIMITATIONS Expansion requires us to understand what limits us and holds us back.” In 2 Kings 6:1 the prophets were aware of limitations – their current place of meeting was “too small.” If we are not even aware of our limitations, we will forever be a

“potential” because we are blind to how the enemy has kept us from being all that God want us to be. Seek the Lord for a revelation of the wrong mindsets and perspectives that hold you back!

REQUIREMENT 2: WE MUST CHOOSE TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY Once we have a revelation of what limits us, we need to do something. God will hold each of us accountable to the unique plans and purposes He has set out for us. After recognizing their limitation, the prophets chose to do something about it (“Let us go to the Jordan, where each of us can get a pole; and let us build a place there for us to meet.” – 2 Kings 6:2a) You and I must take responsibility for our walk with God. If your parents are believers, know that you cannot ride on their faith. You still need to come to a place of confessing your own faith in God. You cannot expect to live to your fullest potential by depending on the faith of your physical or spiritual parents. Their walk may give us the right foundations but it is ultimately our responsibility to build from there. We need to take responsibility for our growth and breakthroughs. Husbands and fathers, your wife cannot be expected to do “spiritual heavy lifting.” It’s not enough for her to be the only one praying, fasting, and tending to the spiritual health of the family. Take responsibility as the head of your household to set the spiritual tone. Use your words and actions to demonstrate the importance of putting God first in all things.

REQUIREMENT 3: WE MUST RECEIVE THE APOSTOLIC COMMISSIONING After the prophets took responsibility for enlarging the place of meeting, notice that Elisha gave them the commission to act (“And he said, ‘Go.’ “– 2 Kings 6:2b) The word “go” is powerful because it’s not a proposition, request, or suggestion. It was a command, an instruction to carry out the task now. It’s almost akin to the weight of the Great Commission when Christ said “Go!” It’s a commissioning from God, coupled with His presence and authority, for us to step forth with apostolic courage to what we have been commanded to do.

You and I must take responsibility for our walk with God”

If we are to receive an expansion, we need to receive God’s commissioning for the work planned for us. If you have a call to serve Him in a full-time capacity, then receive it, embrace it, and walk in it.

REQUIREMENT 4: WE MUST ENTREAT HIS PRESENCE The prophets knew that they couldn’t carry out their plans alone and asked Elisha to come along with them (“Won’t you please come with your servants?” – 2 Kings 6:3) Moses, a spiritual giant, also knew that to pursue the plans of God without the presence of God was futile (Exodus 33:15). These great men of God teach us the importance of desiring and needing the presence of God with us. That’s why you and I must spend time with Him, to come into His presence and invite His presence to follow us wherever we go. It’s not enough for us to pray three times a day when we give thanks for our food. We must be 3 3

ENVISION deliberate in seeking His presence and relentless in pursuing it. Choose to be so in tune with God that we can sense where He is and how He wants us to move.


Don’t just think about it, pray about it, dream about it. Just do it!”

God’s plans will always be bigger than us, involving more than we could ever imagine. Sometimes, the thought of His plans can be so daunting that we are tempted to reject them, to run away from them. However, if we do nothing, you can be sure that nothing will happen. Very often, the miracles of God are hindered because we are afraid to step forward in faith. We hear of how God led different ones of us to share the Gospel with prebelievers and how salvation takes place. Imagine if no one step forth to start the conversation. Expansion happens when we step forth in faith! Don’t just think about it, pray about it, dream about it. Just do it!

REQUIREMENT 6: WE MUST MAINTAIN OUR ANOINTING “As one of them was cutting down a tree, the iron axhead fell into the water. ‘Oh no, my lord!’ he cried out. ‘It was borrowed!’” – 2 Kings 6:5 In the days of Elisha, metal was an expensive commodity and, thus,

3 4

borrowing an axhead was a big deal. It was not an exercise of merely asking: the prophet would have to beg to be entrusted with this precious possession. That’s why the prophet was in great dismay when the axhead dropped into the river. The axhead was not his to lose! In this season of expansion, God will pour out His anointing into our lives. However, this anointing is not ours, we are merely stewards of His anointing. The anointing has been entrusted to us and we must care for it, be good stewards of it, and maintain it so that it doesn’t leave us.

REQUIREMENT 7: WE MUST PRESS THROUGH! “‘Lift it out,’ he said. Then the man reached out his hand and took it.” – 2 Kings 6:7 When the axhead floated, it was not Elisha who retrieved the axhead but it was the prophet who stretched out to take it. God will do His part but we must recognize that each of us has a part to play. Breakthroughs do not come about by standing around and doing nothing. It requires us to stretch forth! To press in. To dip our hands in the rushing water and reel it in. Yes, while you have taken responsibility and stepped forth in faith, sometimes breakthrough requires more. That’s when we need to press in and stretch.

Keep praying. Keep believing. Keep sowing. Keep on sharing. Keep serving.


Don’t give up when the axhead seems to sink. If we want to see expansion, we must be willing to dig our heels in and press through!

It is not possible to operate in the status quo and expect expansion because the plans of God require change and sacrifice. We must make a choice to keep things as they are or flow with what God wants to do in and through us.

Besides understanding the requirements for expansion, we need to know the five principles of expansion within which expansion operates.

PRINCIPLE 1: GRACE IS PRESENT IN EVERY ENGAGEMENT Just as Elisha was with the prophets when the axhead fell into the river, every endeavor of God will also have His grace that will carry us through.

PRINCIPLE 2: EVERY ORDINATION HAS AN APOSTOLIC COMMISSIONING In every endeavor of expansion, God’s hand must have already been on it – an apostolic commissioning where He affirms what we are doing. You and I never operate alone; we operate in a community that is accountable to one another and to God. That’s why church leadership must be on board and agreeable to what we do when it comes to expansion. We move together in one voice, one command, and with one plan.

PRINCIPLE 4: EVERY ENGAGEMENT IN EXPANSION COMES AT A PRICE Expansion always requires sacrifice. Whether it’s time, preferences, or finances, every endeavor of God come at a price – a cost to maintain God’s anointing in our lives.

PRINCIPLE 5: NO VICTORY WITHOUT HIS PRESENCE Finally, beyond all that we do, divine expansion requires our divine God to bring the breakthrough and victory. I cannot stress enough on how important this is for us as a church. The best technology in church will be futile if God is not in our worship services. The best lesson plan will only remain as head knowledge if God is not present to bring the revelation for transformation.

Pastor Dominic Yeo is the Senior Pastor of Trinity Christian Centre. Hear this message, and other sermons, at www.trinity.sg (Media > Sermons)

This Decade of Expansion will be an exciting season for the church. It will come at a price. And it will certainly be victorious as we have Him go with us! 

3 5


Quick Facts!

3 7

SERVING OPPORTUNITIES Hospitality, Missions, LEAD Development



PARTICIPANTS in the Silver Force Survey

247 MEN


337 WOMEN 399


Whether you’re approaching, in, or beyond your 50s, let God “re-tire and refire” you in the next lap of life! 2017 will be a year when the Silver Force will expand into three serving opportunities. Discover how you can use your passions and talents for His glory!

Hospitality WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THIS SERVING OPPORTUNITY? To give the Silver Force opportunities to demonstrate hospitality at Trinity events. WHO SHOULD SERVE? Everyone! We are all called to be like our Lord Jesus Christ, who came to serve and not be served.

3 6

HOW WILL THIS SERVING OPPORTUNITY EXPAND ME? Expand your heart for hospitality by serving in various settings! WHAT DO I NEED TO SUCCEED IN THIS SERVING OPPORTUNITY? Flexibility – Hospitality initiatives are project-based, having different requirements and different needs. Making time for the various events is key.

Heart for service – No special skills or experience is needed, just a desire to serve God and His people! WHAT KIND OF TRAINING WILL BE PROVIDED? There will be special training sessions and peer-learning to sharpen your hospitality skills.


WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THIS SERVING OPPORTUNITY? To give the Silver Force opportunities to lead and be involved in Trinity’s missions endeavors. WHO SHOULD SERVE? Everyone! We are all called to make disciples of all nations and be His love in action. HOW WILL THIS SERVING OPPORTUNITY EXPAND ME? For those little/no experience in

missions: Engage in a Silver Force missions trip to discover how you can reach the nations! For those with experience in missions: Take your missions endeavours to the next level by training to be a team leader. Discover your missional calling with opportunities to go on long-term programs. WHAT DO I NEED TO SUCCEED IN THIS SERVING OPPORTUNITY? Teachability – From building homes to sharing the Word, missions

LEAD Development Team

require a willingness to be equipped for the task ahead. Leadership experience – Use your corporate leadership skills to lead others on missions trips. WHAT KIND OF TRAINING WILL BE PROVIDED? Every person will undergo a time of training before embarking on the missions field.

WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THIS SERVING OPPORTUNITY? To partner with LEAD pastors in expanding the church’s education arm.

HOW WILL THIS SERVING OPPORTUNITY EXPAND ME? Use a lifetime of experience and a passion for education in a whole new way.

Teaching/training experience – From teachers to trainers, LEAD Development is looking to use marketplace training for Kingdombuilding.

WHO SHOULD SERVE? For LEAD course development • Those with experience in • Preparing syllabus for teaching/training • D  evelopment of curriculum/ training materials • Able to commit 1-3 months for syllabus preparation • Available to work with Trinity’s LEAD pastors

For LEAD – Partner with Trinity’s LEAD pastors to help bring together biblical truths for application in everyday life.

WHAT KIND OF TRAINING WILL BE PROVIDED? Every member of the LEAD Development team will receive direction and guidance from the LEAD pastors. 

For Life Skills Seminar (LSS) • Have at least 2 years of experience in conducting course or functional/practical training in an area of expertise • Able to provide ready content (e.g., handouts, slides)

WHAT DO I NEED TO SUCCEED IN THIS SERVING OPPORTUNITY? Time – From meetings with LEAD pastors to research, making time to develop and expand curriculum is essential to strengthen our church education arm.

For LSS – Conduct a short presentation or seminar on your core expertise, which serves as a platform to reach out to prebelievers while helping others to develop their life-long skills.

Sign up for the Silver Force at www.trinity.sg (Ministries > Serving Opportunities > Be Involved)

3 7




Paying for university fees after fulfilling a Vision Faith Promise All of these situations seem impossible. However, nothing is impossible when we put our faith in God. Lye Huixian interviews three Trinitarians who have experienced His powerful work in their lives.

Healing from Stage 3B ovarian cancer

Salvation for an 82-year-old mother

God is aler M y H eJenny Poh Despite 2015 being the Year of Jubilee, it was a year of seemingly never-ending challenges to my physical body. In April, I sprained my ankle while walking down the street. In May, I slipped on a slippery floor and re-sprained the ankle.

A few weeks after the surgery, I experienced very bad stomach pain. When I consulted a general practitioner, I was immediately told to go to the Accident and Emergency department. Sensing that something was horribly wrong, I sent prayer requests to my carecell members. After some scans were carried out, the gynecologist found a tumor in my ovary 25 centimeters long – I had Stage 3B ovarian cancer. Surgery was immediately needed to prevent the tumor from rupturing and spreading throughout my body.

In June, I tore my shoulder tendon while cleaning my room. In July, I continued to experience pain in my neck and back. An x-ray showed that I had dislocated my neck in the L5/L6 region, requiring weekly physiotherapy sessions. In October, I went for operations to repair my torn tendon and remove a bone spur in my shoulder. What a year it was! 3 8

My husband, sons, and I were devastated. I had not even recovered from the last surgery. Now we had to battle cancer. Our world seemed to crumble right before our eyes.

When the doctor started asking about my family history, it brought back memories of a childhood without a mother. She died of heart failure when I was 10. I didn’t want my sons (16 and 18 then) to suffer the same fate – to have so little time together as a family. Since my stomach pain was coupled with a high fever, low red blood cell count and high blood pressure, the surgery could only be carried out in three days’ time. Though the urgency and bleakness of the situation shook our family, I still felt an inner peace – a sense that my God was with me. Over the next three days, I prayed every day. I worshiped and meditated on songs my leaders had sent, reminders that God was my healer. My pastor and carecell members visited and prayed with me daily. We cried out for God to intervene, to turn things around. With their encouragement, my focus shifted from anxiety about the upcoming surgery to the promise that He was my healer. Again, I was assured that He was with me. After more than five hours in the operating theatre, the doctors informed my waiting family that the surgery had been a success. Though the tumor was completely removed from my body, I still needed to undergo weekly chemotherapy sessions and booster jabs for the next six months. The chemotherapy sessions made me nauseous. I was in pain and so much discomfort. My veins had become so narrow that nurses had trouble administering the booster jabs. I had been poked and prodded so many times that a fear of needles started to develop.

My carecell members really supported and encouraged me during this season. They took turns accompanying me for appointments, setting up a roster to make sure that someone was always there to take me to the hospital and fellowship over lunch. Their support was beyond physical. For 21 days, they fasted and prayed, entreating the Lord about my condition. Prayers and impressions were constantly sent over the group chat, encouraging me that He was with me through this ordeal. I held onto Isaiah 41:10 during this season and continued to place my trust in God. Despite the nausea and discomfort, I chose not to take the antinausea medication, instead depending on God to sustain me. When negativity plagued me during the night, I prayed and rejected these thoughts, declaring Jesus’ name over my life. He gave me the strength I needed to endure. He also provided wonderful hospital staff to care for me. The doctor was wise and kind, the Christian nurses filled with words of encouragement.

He gave me the strength I needed to endure.

I used my chemotherapy sessions as opportunities to share the Gospel, building relationships with other patients and praying for them. One man who had been undergoing chemotherapy for ten years was greatly encouraged when I shared about our God who heals. When I finally completed chemotherapy six months later in May 2016, I was hopeful that the cancer was gone. Instead, a CT PET scan found another tumor in my right thyroid gland. “God, what is happening?” I cried out to Him, “Could things get any worse for me?” 3 9

UP CLOSE My carecell members reacted differently. Instead of being daunted by the bad news, they immediately fasted and prayed for another seven days, declaring divine healing over me. The group chat was filled with prayers and verses to encourage me. During my personal time of prayer, God told me to have faith in Him, that He would use me as a testimony of His healing. A biopsy in October 2016, the end of the Year of Jubilee, confirmed that the tumor in my right thyroid gland was benign. Other tests showed no traces of cancer in my body. In January 2017, additional scans confirmed that the cancer was gone. The tumors that once plagued my body were no longer a threat. I have been healed by Him! Beyond that, our family has been strengthened. I saw my sons grow stronger in the Lord, their faith maturing with every prayer they declared over me. Their IGNYTE leaders played a big part in their growth, walking with them and speaking words of encouragement during this difficult time. We share more of our lives with one another and make family time a priority.

Cancer has also shown me the importance of being a part of a spiritual family. I am so thankful for their Incredible Unity to stand strong in the Lord with 4 0

me. Their acts of service and words of encouragement helped me place my hope in Christ, to lean upon His divine strength in the midst of this difficult period in my life. I constantly encourage people to join a carecell so they, too, can also experience God’s love in action. Today, I grasp every opportunity to share my journey of healing. I am privileged to be a testimony of His healing and the goodness He has poured upon my life.

God is avior S s ’ y il m a ye My F R u s se l L My 82-year-old mother was, as they say, a hard nut to crack.

She lived a very hard life, her character toughened when she was young. At the age of five, she started cooking for the entire family. At seven, she had to manage household chores while helping out on the family farm and selling its produce at the local market. She continued to work hard even after marriage, taking care of four children while supplementing the family income as a laundress. World War II was also a significant part of her youth. One day, an air raid released bombs on their neighborhood, dropping and exploding all around them. My mother and the neighbors ran for their lives. In the chaos, she found shelter in a temple. She prayed to the deity, promising her devotion if she survived. When the bombing stopped and the dust cleared, she was the only one among the children who survived the raid. Attributing her survival to the deity’s power of protection, she pledged her loyalty to worship it.

This lifetime of hardship made her a woman of strong character. Once she reached a decision, she’s not easily persuaded to change her mind. That included her perspective on Christianity. In time, my two elder sisters and I accepted Christ and started attending church. My mother was very unhappy about it. To her, this was a rejection of our Chinese roots and a betrayal of her devotion to the deity. Moreover, her selfreliant nature make it impossible for her to understand what we meant by our “need” for God. Every time we shared the Gospel or invited her to church events, she would reject us. Year after year and prayer after prayer, we were met with rejection after rejection. Seeing my carecell members’ parents receiving salvation was a mixture of joy and discouragement. I couldn’t help but question God because my mother remained stubborn and unyielding. “God,” I cried. “When will my mother ever receive You into her life?” I clung on to Acts 16:30-31, the passage where Paul and Silas told their jailer to, “Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved – you and your household.” God’s promise was that my household and I will be saved. I pressed on to pray for my mother’s salvation. In December 2015, our carecell was led to plan a Care Event specifically for our elderly parents, to bless them with a time of activities and togetherness. Eagerly, we made plans and prayed over our parents and the event. With every rejection, our eagerness dwindled. Despite all the effort we had put into planning, it looked like the event would have to be canceled. Our carecell leader, Danny Leong, was not

dismayed. Filled with Relentless Belief, he said the event would continue even if only one oikos agreed to come. Encouraged to press on, we persevered with planning, praying, and re-inviting our parents. Indeed, our God can turn any situation around. Four of our parents came for the event, including my hard-nut mother. I was surprised and happy that she agreed to come. Although most of us spoke limited Cantonese, God enabled us to share the meaning of Christmas and the bridge illustration to our guests in their preferred dialect. I was delighted when my mother also agreed to come for the Chinese Ministry’s Christmas presentation: One More Day! All I wanted for Christmas that year was for my mother to accept Jesus into her life. Imagine my disappointment when she didn’t. Though she said nothing about Christmas, my mother started telling my eldest sister and I about the testimonies her friends would share about Jesus – testimonies that were shared with her some time before the Care Event. My sisters and I were very encouraged to see that her attitude about Christianity was beginning to soften. Almost a year later (November 2016), while preparing for business trip, my sister texted for me to come over became mom was not feeling well. I put aside my preparations to visit her and as we were talking, she suddenly said she will receive Christ in future. I couldn’t believe my ears!

God’s promise was that my household and I will be saved. I pressed on to pray for my mother’s salvation.”

My mother explained that for months she suffered a swollen, infected finger that refused to heal, even after being treated with medication. Remembering the testimonies her friends had shared, 4 1

UP CLOSE she asked Jesus to heal her finger. Days later, her “untreatable” finger started to heal. She had personally experienced God’s divine goodness and wanted to devote her life to Him! My sister and I were so delighted. We told her not to wait longer and accept Christ that very moment. She agreed! I thank God for the privilege for we had to lead her in the sinner’s prayer. The seeds we have sown all these years finally bore fruit – the “tough nut” had been cracked! Although mom is not able to attend church because of her health, my sister and brother-in-law continue to share Jesus with her. Having witnessed my self-reliant mother respond to the love of Jesus, I truly believe that all the “hard nuts” in our life can be touched by Him. All God asks of us is to remain faithful by working together to reach our oikos. Together, we can reap the reward of seeing our loved ones accept Jesus in their lives!

God is vider M y PArdeoline Wong “Should I fulfill the remainder of my Vision Faith Promise? “What about my university course fees next year?” These were the questions I asked myself during Vision Weekend. I felt challenged by the guest speaker, Pastor Dishan Wickramaratne, who exhorted Trinitarians to put God first – to trust that all other things will be added unto us. Living out his message on “extravagant giving,” he shared a 4 2

time when his family gave up their car and home to build God’s house. Even then, I still had a dilemma within my heart. I was inspired to respond, to honor God by fulfilling last year’s Vision Faith Promise. However, the sum was not a small amount. I had committed my 10-year service award as well as an additional sum. These were all the fruits of my labor, my hard-earned money from working full time while studying part-time. “What about replacing my faulty 5-yearold laptop that I need for my studies?” I really struggled to take this step of faith but Pastor Dishan’s message had spoken to me. Using 1 Kings 17:9-16, he shared how the widow at Zarephath sacrificed the last bit of flour and olive oil for Elijah, a portion she had set aside as a last meal for herself and her son. God wanted our bread, Pastor Dishan pointed out, and that it was up to us to exercise faith – to first bring what little we have to God before tending to our needs or concerns. We had to believe that He would supply our needs by releasing His blessings over our lives. Taking out my checkbook, I was convicted to fulfil my Vision Faith Promise. As I wrote the check, a sense of peace filled me. I knew that my obedience to build God’s house pleases Him. A few days later, I recalled that my university had a sponsorship available for part-time students. I had heard about it the semester before but missed the submission deadline then. As I read the requirements online, my heart sank. Impressive record of academic (from O-Levels onwards) and

co-curricular activities. Strong language skills. Extensive leadership experience. My results were certainly not “impressive.” As a working adult, I had no co-curricular activities. Daunted by what was required, I felt that I couldn’t even qualify for an interview, let alone the sponsorship. Hesitant about submitting the application, I decided to seek the Lord in prayer. I felt the Holy Spirit prompting me to proceed and I did so, despite my feelings of inadequacy. The application required several essays: what I have learned from cocurricular activities (CCAs), personal challenges and how I overcame them, why I was applying for the sponsorship. I was already stumped at the first essay. If I had no CCAs, what could I possibly write about? When I asked the Lord for wisdom, I felt the Holy Spirit guiding my hands. I had no CCAs, I wrote, but spent my time serving God in church and carecell. I shared about the joy I got from serving and loving people. I recalled how God and my carecell had seen me through challenge after challenge, my testimony flowing into the second essay. By the grace of God, I submitted my application on the last day of the submission deadline. Feelings of inadequacy lingered because I knew competition would be tough. To my amazement, I found out I had been shortlisted for an interview! With a panel consisting of the University Provost and deans from various faculties, the thought of facing such distinguished men and women stressed me immensely. When my Zone

Pastor Patricia Boo found out about the interview, she prayed for me, declaring that God’s favor was upon me. I went into the interview expecting a stressful situation. Instead, I enjoyed a friendly conversation with the panel. The Provost shared that they were impressed with my desire to build relationships with the other students by tapping into everyone’s strengths and experiences. After hearing this, I was so encouraged and finally at peace about the application. Everything I had shared were values I had learned by being part of a carecell! One week later, the good news came: the university had awarded me the sponsorship! It would cover the remaining five semesters, as well as an honors program should I wish to pursue further studies. What’s more, the sponsorship was bond-free!

I knew that my obedience to build God’s house pleases Him”

God’s timing was perfect. Missing the deadline last semester allowed God to use this experience to teach me a precious lesson about His extravagant giving. Indeed, I can never out-give God who is able to provide exceedingly abundantly above all I can ask or imagine. I praise God for His divine favor.  4 3



4 4

l a i c Spe

s n o i s Mis 2016

An Overview of Trinity’s Missions Endeavors from Jan to Dec 2016

The Church and the Poor Senior Pastor’s Message


Missions at a Glance 48 Missions Report 2016 49 Trinity’s Global Impact 52 in 2016 Thank You Trinitarians 58 for Going to the Nations Freeing Children from 62 the Bondage of Slavery Training and Consultation 66 with the Nations Christmas in the Home 68 Greetings from the M2 Network


Care Faces 76 Introducing the MACL 78 14-Day Prayer Guide 80

4 5



e turn on the TV to hear news of a natural disaster affecting a nation – hundreds dead, thousands injured, countless others evacuated from their homes. Something tugs at our hearts. Is it sorrow? Pity? Grief?


CHURCH & THE POOR By Senior Pastor Dominic Yeo

Whatever it is, the feeling disappears once we switch to another channel. Soon, the images of destruction and faces of the suffering slip away, a memory soon forgotten amidst the comforts of life. It’s easy to think out of sight, out of mind. Perhaps some of you have already given and gone to meet the needs of the poor, helpless, and neglected. “What more is required of me?” you ask.

WHAT DOES THE FATHER’S HEART BEAT FOR? The Church must recognize that we have been called to continually carry the Father’s passionate heart – to constantly embrace the poor and meet their needs, both physically and spiritually. The Church cannot proclaim to love God without loving her neighbors. That includes loving the “strangers” in our land. God has called each of us to be His partners in changing the nations. This was the same call He issued to the early church over 2,000 years ago. With acts of terrorism, ethnic and religious tensions, widespread hunger and poverty, natural disasters, epidemics and human trafficking on the rise, we live in a time where people are crying out for change, for hope.

4 6

God never gave us an option to turn away from the problems of the world. Deuteronomy 15:11 reminds us that, “the poor will never cease to be in the land; therefore I command you, saying, ‘You shall freely open your hand to your brother, to your needy and poor in your land.” We cannot claim ignorance when our neighbor is in need. Not now, not ever.

are to see them as Jesus sees them, it requires a supernatural touch from God – a level of compassion that is far beyond what we have now. If He reveals prejudice or apathy in our hearts, let us choose to repent and move forward with greater love for our neighbors. If there are mindsets that need to be changed, ask for help to overcome them.



“Don’t fail to do something just because you can’t do everything.”

Trinity is committed to fufill God’s global agenda by:

• Developing churches to make These are the words of Robert Pierce, one person with a passion for people so great that he started World Vision International and Samaritan’s Purse. Though you and I may not be called to start organizations, each of us can still do something to meet needs around the world.

HOW DO WE DEVELOP THE HEARTBEAT OF GOD? You and I need to take on the heart of Jesus, who ministered relentlessly because he “had compassion for [the crowds]... they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd” (Matthew 9:36). We also need to nurture a Passionate Heartbeat to fulfill God’s global agenda by integrating the spirit of missions into our everyday life.

disciples and be a shining light to their communities, and

• Bringing His hope to communities through our humanitarian efforts. As you read this section of the magazine, discover the various ways this local church reaches out to a hurting world. 

Don’t fail to do something just because you can’t do everything.”

Will you join me at Missions Convention 2017 so that God can give us a new heartbeat? Will you rise up to proclaim the Good News through your words and actions? Trinitarians, join me in answering God’s call to reach and impact the world for His glory!

Beyond the physically poor, there are those who are spiritually poor. If we

4 7


MISSIONS Statistics for Jan-Dec 2016




6 146 45



China, India, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand




FIRST-TIMERS Trinitarians going for the first time






in Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Thailand sponsored



13 248


China, Colombia, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Poland, Romania, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and Vietnam


4 8

2,599 30






Trinity’s Missions Department has one objective: to demonstrate a Passionate Heartbeat for God’s global agenda through empowering and equipping churches, organizations, ministries, ministers, and communities. This includes the establishment of, and/or support to, charitable and humanitarian works, equipping of pastors and leaders through supporting their education. Whether it’s praying, giving, or going, every Trinitarian has a part to play when it comes to missions.

MISSIONS TRIPS In 2016, 146 Trinitarians embarked on 13 missions trips to six countries – China, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, and Thailand – bringing the light of the Gospel to over 3,000 people.

LANGUAGE MINISTRIES Locally, Trinity continues to be a blessing to the Indonesian, Filipino, Japanese, Spanish, and Thai communities through our language ministries.

HUMANITARIAN AID Trinitarians, your giving has enabled us to provide financial aid and support to refugees, victims of natural disasters and civil unrest, and a medical missions trip this year. At the end of 2015, devastating floods affected the states of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh in southern India. The city of Chennai was especially devastated with over 500 people killed and over 1.8 million displaced.1 To aid in ongoing rebuilding efforts, Trinity provided financial support to the Assemblies of God of India so that local churches could assist with the city’s rebuilding efforts.

Closer to home, two local missions trips in partnership with Care Community Services Society (CCSS) blessed 140 elderly at CARElderly Senior Activities Centre (SAC) and 50 children at the Eunos CareHut.

TRAINING AND CONSULTATION Trinity’s pastors went on 30 trainings and consultations to 13 different countries (including China, Colombia, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Poland, Romania, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and Vietnam) to equip churches with The TCC Cell Church Model, impacting a total of 2,599 people in 248 churches.

Garut after the flood The city of Garut, Indonesia was struck by a massive flash flood in the early hours of September 19, 2016. The Cimanuk River overflowed without warning, killing over 30

4 9


people and damaging more than 300 houses around the river.2 A love offering was sent to Peduli Bangsa – an Indonesia-based non-governmental organization that focuses on helping the poor and displaced – enabling them to purchase necessities (e.g., rice, portable stoves, and blankets) and minister to over 1,000 families affected by the flood.

Rice and oil for IDPs in Kachin state, Myanmar

1 “Indian Red Cross Helps Reunite Families Separated by Worst Flooding in Decades - IFRC,” accessed January 12, 2017, http:// www.ifrc.org/en/news-andmedia/news-stories/asia-pacific/ india/indian-red-cross-helpsreunite-families-separated-byworst-flooding-in-decades-70769/.

2 “Canda Yang Jadi Kenyataan Di Balik Banjir Bandang Garut,” News. okezone.com, accessed January 12, 2017, http://news.okezone.com/ read/2016/09/24/525/1497810/ canda-yang-jadi-kenyataan-dibalik-banjir-bandang-garut.

3 “Hurricane Matthew: Haiti South ‘90% Destroyed,’” BBC News, October 8, 2016, sec. Latin America & Caribbean, http:// www.bbc.com/news/world-latinamerica-37596222.

5 0

Financial support directed to Assemblies of God of Myanmar has done much to help those displaced by natural disasters and civil unrest, enabling organizations to continue providing humanitarian assistance to internally displaced persons (IDPs) in flood-affected areas. Trinity also provided monetary support to World Assemblies of God Relief and Development Agency (WAGRA) – the humanitarian arm of the World Assemblies of God Fellowship – to aid with efforts related to the deadly 6.5 magnitude earthquake in Aceh, Indonesia on December 7, 2016, an event that claimed over 97 lives and destroyed many buildings. Nearly 900 people were killed when Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti in October 2016. When the storm passed through Haiti’s southern coast,

torrential rain and winds traveling at speeds of up to 230 kilometers/hour3 flattened homes in the area. Financial support was directed to the Pentecostal World Fellowship Haiti, allowing local organizations more resources for rescue efforts and the rebuilding of homes.


SOCIAL JUSTICE Trinity continues to be in active partnership with Project Rescue, an organization that exists to rescue and restore victims of sexual slavery. This partnership started in 2013 with a commitment to financially support the children in Project Rescue India. In November 2016, we celebrated the opening of a new Project Rescue home in Nagpur, India. Discover how caring for children breaks the cycle of slavery on pg 62. Our partnership with Project Rescue extended to Spain in 2014 by empowering local staff to minister God’s love and restoration to victims of human trafficking.

Top students from our children’s home in Myanmar Trinity has been sponsoring destitute children since 2007. Now on our 11th year, this ministry has grown to support 1,200 destitute children in five countries: Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Thailand. During the Christmas season, Trinity blessed every child with a Christmas gift so that they would feel the love and warmth of Christ in this festive season (pg 68). The children’s homes give every boy and girl opportunities to develop intellectually, spiritually, physically, socially, and emotionally. We celebrate the academic achievements of five of our children in Myanmar who achieved top marks in their year-end exams. Thanks to your generous giving, we are able to help them reach their God-given potential.

Trinitarians, thank you for giving your hands and heart to the missions field, both locally and abroad. In this Decade of Expansion, Trinity will continue increasing her missions endeavors so that more lives can be touched for His glory.

BE A PARTNER IN PRAYER FOR TRINITY’S MISSIONS! • Missions Impact Teams: Journey mercies and effective, impactful lasting ministry • The Children: To know God intimately and to grow to full maturity – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually • Ambassadors and Trainers: Fresh anointing and wisdom to help guide churches to transform and grow in God

5 1


T he l e p s Go y l n o s i

5 2

w e N d o Go



6 1 0 2 n i Sponsorship of Children

Project Rescue

Training, Teaching

Champions Missions Impact Homes Trips

Consultation, Humanitarian M2 Network Preaching, Meetings Speaking Aid

TCA College

Certain trips have been excluded from this map due to their sensitive nature.

New York New York

California Pebble Beach Los Angeles Haiti Colombia Barranquilla Bogota

Panama Panama City

Brazil SĂŁo Paulo

United Kingdom Bebington Birmingham Coventry

Doncaster Preston London

Poland Krakow Warsaw Sarajevo Bosnia Turkey Istanbul

Spain Madrid

Italy Naples

Sri Lanka Colombo Thailand Bangkok Chiangmai Chiangrai Maerim

Malaysia Kota Kinabalu Kuala Lumpur Sabah Tawau Indonesia Aceh Garut Jakarta

Jogjakarta West Timor

India Andhra Pradesh Chennai Haryana Hyderabad Kolkata Kurnool Nagpur West Bengal South Korea Seoul Japan Koriyama Nanki Myanmar Kachin state Yangon Cambodia Phnom Penh Philippines Iloilo Singapore

Vietnam Ho Chi Minh

Tokyo Yokohama

Taiwan Banqiao Huilian Kaohsiung Shimeng Taichung Tainan Taipei Xinzhuang Yilan


If it g

e r e h ets t enry H . H . F C a rl

5 3


Thank You Trinitarians for Going to the Nations!

Thank God for 146 Trinitarians who chose to be God’s hands and heart in 2016, especially the 45 who went on a Trinity missions trip for the very first time! Let’s continue to pray for the lives that have been touched and decisions made for Christ. May every seed sown be watered and nurtured to fruition!

APR 4-10 HYDERABAD, INDIA 970 LIVES TOUCHED 73 DECISIONS MADE FOR CHRIST Conducted children’s program and meal program

Engaged in ministry with villages

Number of team members: 10 Number of first-timers on the team: 1

MAY 30-JUN 5 ILOILO, PHILIPPINES 1,026 LIVES TOUCHED 762 DECISIONS MADE FOR CHRIST Conducted children’s program and night crusades

Engaged in door-todoor evangelism

Number of team members: 14 Number of first-timers on the team: 6 5 8

JUN 24-26 KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA 36 LIVES TOUCHED Number of team members: 21


Engaged in street evangelism

Number of team members: 8 Number of first-timers on the team: 7

JUL 22-28 HYDERABAD, INDIA 2,234 LIVES TOUCHED 237 DECISIONS MADE FOR CHRIST Conducted children’s program

Provided care through medical camps

Number of team members: 12 Number of first-timers on the team: 5

SEP 7-9 CCSS (CAREHUT), SINGAPORE 45 LIVES TOUCHED Conducted a children’s program Number of team members: 8 Number of first-timers on the team: 6

5 9


OCT 21-26 CHIANGMAI, THAILAND 64 LIVES TOUCHED Conducted children’s program

Taught English

Number of team members: 13 Number of first-timers on the team: 3


NOV 6-12 TAIPEI, TAIWAN 124 LIVES TOUCHED Number of team members: 14

1,300 LIVES TOUCHED 1,115 DECISIONS MADE FOR CHRIST Conducted children’s program, youth program, and night crusades

Engaged in hospital visits and door-todoor evangelism

Number of team members: 16 Number of first-timers on the team: 9

NOV 7-14 ILOILO, PHILIPPINES 1,000 LIVES TOUCHED 832 DECISIONS MADE FOR CHRIST Conducted children’s program, youth program, and night crusades Number of team members: 10

6 0

Engaged in hospital visits and door-todoor evangelism




140 LIVES TOUCHED Engaged in activities with the elderly

Participated in home visitations

Conducted children’s program

Number of team members: 6 Number of first-timers on the team: 4

Engaged in ministry with villages

Number of team members: 10 Number of first-timers on the team: 4

Here’s a look at

Trinity’s missions trips for 2017! Sep













Jun Jul Aug




















Sri lanka

More information will be released at www.trinity.sg and in Trinity’s weekly bulletins.

Feel unprepared to embark on a missions trip? Sign up for the LEAD class Preparation for Missions Impact Team to be equipped for cross-cultural evangelism and ministry in missions!

Sat, Mar 18 | 1-4pm Trinity@Paya Lebar


All trips are subject to change/ cancellation. Missions Impact Team candidates embarking on Trinity-led overseas missions trips are required to complete the course “Preparation for Missions Impact Team” before registering for any trip. 6 1


e h t m o r f n re d l i h c g n Freei

e g a d n o B y r e of Slav e India u c s e R t c Proje

6 2


ndia, a country of over 1.2 billion people, has almost 450 million people living on less than USD 1.25/day. For families living in extreme poverty, an offer of USD 200 for a young daughter can be seen as a win-win situation – the ability to earn a year’s wages while getting rid of a “curse” in the family. This combination of poverty and devaluation of girls make modern-day slavery a big issue in India, one that can devastate generations of families. Through their three-pronged approach, Project Rescue India is committed to breaking this cycle of slavery in modern-day India. We interview them to find out more about one aspect of their ministry – the children’s homes.

HOW MANY YEARS HAS PROJECT RESCUE BEEN IN INDIA AND WHAT ARE THE STRATEGIES FOR COMBATTING HUMAN TRAFFICKING? January 2017 marks the 20 th anniversary of Project Rescue’s first move to confront the scourge of human trafficking and sexual exploitation in India. Since the beginning, our strategy for rescuing and restoring victims of sexual slavery has been through long-term relationships. Building trust and forming long-term friendships are important because it allows us to help meet the physical needs of women and children, as well as minister to them spiritually.

The three-pronged approach – intervention, restoration, and prevention – has been key to the success of Project Rescue. Prevention is a crucial part of the three-pronged approach and includes efforts to educate povertystricken families in high-risk areas. All Project Rescue children’s homes, including the Trinity-sponsored homes in Nagpur, are perfect examples of prevention. These children are sons and daughters of prostitutes and without the intervention of Project Rescue, they would be groomed as the next generation of the sexually enslaved.

WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO HELP THE CHILDREN OF VICTIMS? It is inevitable that children of prostituted women become enslaved when they come of age. Girls become the next generation of prostituted women while boys are trained to be the next generation of traffickers.

HOW DOES PROJECT RESCUE BRING THESE CHILDREN INTO THE HOMES? There are various ways children can be brought to our homes: government raids, rescuing children living on the streets and in brothels. Most of the young children brought into the homes were born and have lived in the red-light districts.

6 3


It is common for prostituted women to bear children and a mother’s natural instinct is to shield their child from the pain of a life in bondage. When Project Rescue offers to take their child away from the streets, with the assurance that he/she will receive holistic care (spiritual, educational, emotional, and social development), the mothers are thrilled because it means that their child will have opportunities for a bright future. When the relationship between mother and child is a healthy one, Project Rescue will also update mothers on the status of her child. This can be a great encouragement for her as she continues on the journey of healing and freedom.

6 4

WHAT DO THE HOMES DO TO PREPARE THE CHILDREN FOR ADULTHOOD? Our homes prepare children to reintegrate into society with all the education and skills they need to not just survive but thrive. Two decades of service in this arena has proven the effectiveness of this model. The foundation for every child in the home is their discipleship in Christ. Every day there is specific devotion time set aside for the children to grow their relationship with Jesus. As they get older, they are encouraged to use their talents and abilities for His work. By the time they are in 11th or 12th standard, they are leading worship, sharing the Sunday message, helping to maintain the home, and given many other responsibilities in the home to help develop their leadership skills.

Education is a high priority in the Project Rescue homes. Many hours are devoted each day to study time. Moreover, the Project Rescue Foundation Scholarship Program provides scholarships for our children to pursue higher education. Since 2012, 84 college scholarships have been awarded through this program, including Masters and Doctoral-level programs! It is truly amazing to see God raising future leaders through Project Rescue.

Do pray alongside with us in these three areas.

• The women and children we serve – For God to continue restoring their spiritual, physical, and emotional well-being

• The staff of Project Rescue – For God to continue sending men and women to partner with us at the frontlines of sexual slavery

• The leadership of Project Rescue – For HOW CAN THE CHURCH BE A PART OF WHAT PROJECT RESCUE IS DOING? The church is the lifeblood that keeps the ministry of Project Rescue going, allowing us to minister to over 30,000 individuals each year. The first and most vital thing the church can do is to intercede in prayer on behalf of women, children, and staff of Project Rescue. When Project Rescue was launched in 1997, a wise missionary told us this: “The enemy will fight fiercely against you at every step. Therefore, we must be rooted in prayer if we are to succeed.” Those words were never forgotten and to this day, prayer is the cornerstone of our ministry.

God to grant a special wisdom as this ministry grows and we disciple the next generation of leaders, filled with a passion that only He can birth Financial support is a tangible way for the church to be part of what Project Rescue is doing. All Project Rescue homes and initiatives require resources to provide food, shelter, education, and medical assistance so that we can continue to provide holistic care for the victims of sexual slavery.

Our homes prepare children to reintegrate into society with all the education and skills they need to not just survive but thrive.”

Lastly, being an advocate for Project Rescue is a great blessing for us. We all have circles of influence we can tap into to spread the word about Project Rescue, recruiting more men and women to join the battle with us. Trinity, thank you for supporting us through praying, giving, and spreading the word. We are excited to see more lives healed and transformed for His glory. 

6 5

g n i n i a r T nsultation Co HEARTBEAT



s n o i t a N e h t with

rinity’s pastors went on 30 trainings and consultations to 13 different countries to equip churches with The TCC Cell Church Model and other areas of training (e.g., prophetic training), equipping a total of 2,599 people in 248 churches.

ako Kr

w, Poland





in g d o m

Co ven t

r y, Un

ite d K in



B i r mi




Here’s a look at some of the trips taken in 2016. 



i Colombo, Sr 6 6


i, Ja pa N a nk


h ko Yo

a, J

ap a


na m



et ,V

i nh


M H o Chi



al ,M Kuala Lump ur

Taipei, Ta

n Jakar ta, Indo




ia 6 7


6 8


CHRISTMAS in the Home

Christmas is a time of love and spending time with loved ones, celebrating God’s greatest gift to humanity. This year, Trinity demonstrated love in a tangible way by giving all 1,200 sponsored children a gift this Christmas.


Phnom Penh, Cambodia

The children enjoyed a Christmas lunch of curry and bread together, each of them receiving a 10 kilogram bag of rice to bring home to their families.


Andhra Pradesh, India The children with their new set of clothes, perfect for their growing bodies!


Brother Chan, a staff in the home, had this to share about our Christmas gifts. “Your children are full of joy for your Christmas gift. They have been asking God for new clothing and now their prayers have been answered! Thank you for feeding us every day and sending us to school every year. We can’t stop thanking God for Trinity Christian Centre and for all Trinitarian brothers and sisters in Christ.”

KANSHNOK HOME Chiangrai, Thailand

The children with their presents.


The children in their new clothes.


The children attended a Christmas celebration where they received airtight containers, fruit bread, and a mango drink.


New clothes for the children.


Our children received a Christmas goodie bag packed with love, filled with cookies, snacks, and daily essentials.


One of our Champions shares his heartfelt thanks. “We had a Christmas event in the Champions Home and I want to thank Trinity for the Christmas gifts. Everyone LOVES the presents! We received bags, earphones, toys – every gift was a good gift. I want to thank Trinity for always supporting us, providing all that we need: the food we eat, the clothes we wear, and for sending us to school. Thank you for being a blessing to us. I pray everyone will be happy and healthy and for God’s blessings to be upon Singapore. I like staying here a lot. I don’t want to leave this place because it’s God’s house. God chose us to be here.”


The children beamed as they received warm woolen sweaters and colorful clothes. “Their beautiful smiling faces tells of your goodness in sacrificial giving” ­– Headmaster, AOG Church V School


Gifts included badminton rackets and birdies, colorful blankets, t-shirts, school bags, and jackets. Students were also treated a Christmas special lunch, sweets, bananas, oranges, and cakes.

CHILDCARE PLUS Chiangmai, Thailand

HOME OF THE CHAMPIONS Andhra Pradesh, India


Photos were not available at time of print.

6 9


Greetings from the

M2 Network Members of the Ministry and Mentoring (“M2”) Network share their heart and how you can partner with them in prayer this year.

Pastor Aaron Partington Life Church

Pastors Daniel and Priscilla Kumar Trinity Assembly of God

Bebington, United Kingdom

Chennai, India

Hello Trinity! We are very privileged to network with you and your leaders over the last few years. Your ministry and hospitality have been such a blessing to us here at Life Church.

We are blessed that Pastor Dominic has been with us through the different seasons of life, sharing our joy as we became engaged, got married, and started a family. His guidance at every season of our lives has helped us grow to who we are today.

In 2017 please partner with us in prayer for: • Greater influence in our community; • Continued growth spiritually, numerically, and financially; and • Raising of more leaders.

Please pray with us that: • God’s provision will be with Believers affected by the recent flood; and • God’s protection (both physically and spiritually) and favor.

Pastors Kirk and Tracee McAtear Connect Church

Pastors Martin and Esther Storey Christian Life Ministries

Pastor Eric Lau Bethany Chapel

Birmingham, United Kingdom

Coventry, United Kingdom

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hello Trinity family,

Dear Trinity,

Hi Trinity,

Thank you for your support of the M2 Network. Every time your pastors visit us, or we have been to visit you, it is like an injection of faith, a prophetic encouragement and a mobilization for missions that propels our ministry forward.

We are so grateful for the input last year 2016 from Pastor Dominic and all the pastors who came to us for training and consultation. Their input helped us strategize for the future, step up in the prophetic, and experience our first-ever breakthrough Vision Offering in October – our whole church is getting on board and trusting God financially to a new level!

We have been truly blessed with our association with you all these years. Your pastors have provided much support, encouragement and, spiritual impartation, enabling us to move to a new level of church growth and ministry impact. Thank you for being such a blessing!

In 2017, please pray that God will fulfil His purpose and promises to and through Connect Church in the following areas: • Final signoffs for our building project to commence; • Increased engagement with our local community, consisting of many nationalities and faiths; and • Continued growth with an emphasis on reaching children and the youth.

7 4

Please keep us in your prayers – especially: • As we seek to breakthrough for Jesus in every sphere of society in our city, Coventry; • For unity as we partner with many other churches; and • For continued financial breakthrough to resource our expanding ministries and missions.

For 2017, please pray for: • Continuous church growth and strong discipleship; • Effective community outreach to the needy; and • God’s financial provision for our new church facilities.

Pastors Pramod Kumar and Blessy Manohar The Rhema Global Ministries Kurnool, India Dear Trinity, Our journey with you has been like one as a family and we have been immensely blessed by your ministry. It all started 14 years ago when our church was very young and small. With training, guidance, and engagement from your leadership, our congregation has grown from less than 50 to over 1,500, exponentially expanding our influence in the community. Please pray for that we will continue to, • Develop a stronger leadership base, and • Continue in faithful ministry that produces lasting fruit.

Pastor Terence Ong Centre of New Life

Pastors Yoshio and Toyomi Sanga Grace Garden Chapel


Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture,

Hi Trinity! We are so grateful for the generosity you have shown us in the name of Jesus. Your relationship with us over these years has affirmed God’s calling for our church. Through the guidance of your pastors, we have been strengthened in our ministry effectiveness. May our Father in Heaven never cease in pouring His blessings over you for the faithfulness you have shown toward His household. In 2017, please pray that we will: • Carry and serve God’s heart for the children, and their families, through our kindergarten; • Strengthen our ministry expressions in Gek Poh neighborhood; and • Generate leaders devoted to God’s vision for Centre of New Life and will be responsive to the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

Japan Hi Trinity Christian Centre, Thank you so much for being a blessing to us over the years. We have been encouraged by the support given and the many friendships formed with your pastors and members. In 2017, please pray that we will: • Expand our missions outreach to the communities, not just in Koriyama City but to the whole of Fukushima Prefecture; • Find favor with the local authorities for our building project, as well as more manpower; and • Raise strong leaders in our Youth, Young Adult and Senior generations

Terence Ooi and Deborah Chan Starfish Malaysia Foundation Missionaries in Sabah Dear Trinity, We’ve been greatly inspired, challenged, and encouraged by our relationship with Trinity. Our season in Sabah has matured us greatly as we continue to pioneer work in this region of Malaysia. We are incredibly blessed to have mentors such as Pastor Dominic who’ve invested in our lives, purposefully sowing into our lives so that we can go farther and soar higher. In 2017, do cover us in the following areas: • Understanding of the times and season for us in Sabah; • Wisdom in managing more hostel centers, as well as the children and youth under our care in rural Sabah; and • His grace and strength to juggle our marriage, family, and ministry so that we can give our best to God.

7 5


Serving and Empowering the Community with You I feel my Saturday mornings are spent very meaningfully serving as a volunteer at d’Klub. Personally, volunteering is simply an expression of a desire in my heart to empower the lives of children in need. All these children are full of energy, always on the go, and full of surprises. On many occasions, they have also helped to brighten my day. When I enrolled to be a parttime student at TCA College in 2013, I didn’t think to give up volunteering at d’Klub. To me, it’s a just matter of planning and managing my time around what’s important. I would encourage anyone who has a few hours to spare to become a volunteer at CCSS. It is an incredibly rewarding experience.”

–– Alex Chan d’Klub Volunteer

I started volunteering with CCSS in April 2010 as a Befriender in our Seniors Activity Centre, switching to be a tutor with the Eunos CareHut in November 2013. I’ve also expanded my volunteering in Carefé Express in September 2015. I feel motivated to stay on whenever I read how CCSS has helped the beneficiaries. I’m also very happy each time I encourage people to partner with CCSS as volunteers, donors, or sponsors. I even recruited a volunteer while queuing at the bus interchange! As long as you have a desire to help others, don’t worry about not knowing what to do or how to help. The staff and fellow volunteers are always there to help and guide you. All you need is a heart of compassion and a sincere smile for the beneficiaries.”

–– Connie Ng volunteer-turned-staff of CCSS

7 6

I started volunteering with CCSS many years ago as a volunteer driver. After some time, the needs in CCSS changed and I became a Befriender to the elderly. I have come to realize the importance of showing respect to the elderly because they cherish dignity, no matter how heartbreaking their circumstances may be. When I observe how much improvement an elderly has (in health and spirit) after regularly participating in the activities of the center, it encourages me to continue serving them. Though some will inevitably pass on due to illness, that does not stop me from serving. I know they have enjoyed a brief moment of care and love while at the center.”

–– Low Lum Soon Carefé Express and CARElderly volunteer

Volunteer and empower the community today! Alex Chan d’Klub Volunteer

Low Lum Soon (Middle) Carefé Express and CARElderly volunteer

Connie Ng volunteer-turned-staff of CCSS

Be a d’Klub Mentor!

Be an Elderly Befriender!

Your role is to provide guidance, through tuition, and befriend the child through weekly interaction in the center. You will be split into teams and take turns to facilitate character building lessons or sports each week. Four locations islandwide!

Your role is to be a friend to the elderly, be a listening ear, and encourage them to participate in the activities that help to promote activity aging. Our center’s regular program includes exercise, art therapy, social outings, and festival celebrations.

Be a CareHut Tutor!

Be an Ambassador!

Your role is to supervise the children’s homework in a classroom environment, befriending them and being a good role model. Once a week at six different locations islandwide!

Help bring awareness about CCSS and what we do in a café setting at Carefé Express – a volunteer-run café that operates on weekends. Help CCSS raise more funds for our programs and services by volunteering once or twice a month!

For more information, contact us at +65 6304 7604 or email us at ccss@carecom.org.sg 7 7


Introducing the MACL What does it take to be an effective, bible-based leader? How do my worldviews and experiences shape my leadership style? What can I do embrace a changing ministry landscape? Sharpen your leadership edge by pursuing a

Master of Arts in Christian Leadership (MACL) with TCA College.1

This two-year dynamic program has been designed with a leader’s busy lifestyle in mind with a combination of online modules and two, one-week, face-to-face residences. Upon completing the MACL, graduates should be able to: 1. Display growth as an individual and help others toward their potential; 2. Apply biblical and theological perspectives to leadership and ministry; 3. Relate research to diverse real-world situations; and 4. Effectively lead others to achieve strategic objectives. The capstone project will require MACL candidates to put all they’ve learned to a realworld situation, developing a strategic plan for a management/ministry initiative within the organization of their choice. 1 MACL is a graduate program jointlyoffered through a strategic partnership between TCA College (Singapore) and Life Pacific College (United States). Life Pacific College is accredited by WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC) and Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE). Pending WSCUC and ABHE approval.

7 8

Take your leadership to the next level. Be a leader of leaders, mentors, coaches, and consultant for churches. 

Find out more about the MACL by visiting http://www.tca.edu.sg/en/academics/school-of-leadership/ Discounted tuition fees are available for full-time pastors and ministers.


“EVERY WORK OF GOD CAN BE TRACED TO SOME KNEELING FORM.” - D. L. MOODY Embracing God’s Passionate Heartbeat begins with prayer. Prayer enables us to become conduits of God’s passion for the World. Prayer changes destinies. See children rescued from trafficking, disaster victims find hope, pastors receive encouragement and empowerment, new leaders raised, and churches experience breakthroughs. Commit to continually praying for Trinity’s missions endeavors with this 14-Day Prayer Guide.

8 0

D AY 1

D AY 2

Trinity helps churches around the world transform by impacting their ministries, ministers, and members. We also impact communities through the establishment and support of charitable and humanitarian works.

Missions Impact Teams (MIT)

Training and Consultation (T&C)

“You must go or send a substitute.” – Oswald J. Smith

“We must be global Christians with a global vision because we serve a global God.” – John R.W. Stott



• Anointing of the men of Issachar for Trinity’s leadership and Missions Executive Group to understand the times and know what to do (1 Chronicles 12:32) • Birthing of new plans and strategies by the Spirit of God (Amos 3:7) • Courageous workers for God’s harvest field (Matthew 9:38) • Divine alliances to connect Trinity with the right partners

Trinitarians invest their time and treasures to go on short-term missions trips and partner with local churches to share the Gospel and the love of God through • Children and youth ministries, • Evangelistic meetings, • Street evangelism, • Carecell visitation, • Hospital visitation, and • Ministry in schools


• More Trinitarians to step out of their comfort zones to go on missions trips and be God’s mouth, hands, and legs • Ministry of the MITs to have a lasting impact where every person touched will come to know the Lord and grow in their faith (Matthew 13:23) • Every MIT sees signs, miracles, and wonders (Psalm 34:7; Mark 16:17,18) • The local church to be able to connect, assimilate, nurture, and disciple the harvest of souls

D AY 3

Many churches around the World do not have a repeatable cycle and system to reproduce leaders. Trinity equips churches through training and consultation in the TCC Cell Church Model, effectively raising Spiritual Parents and leaders who impact their community. We also provide other forms of training • Leadership organization and management • Prophetic and Worship Training • Divine Exchange and Wholeness Training • Children’s Ministry

PRAY FOR Churches receiving T&C

• Church leadership and members

• • • •

to receive God’s vision for their churches Breakthrough anointing, focus, and perseverance to make changes Strong carecells and ministries to be established Church growth and community impact Model churches will be established to help others

Our Ambassadors and Pastors

• Divine insight and breakthrough anointing

• Wisdom and authority • Good health and protection

8 1


D AY 4

Project Rescue “Let my heart be broken with the things that break God’s heart.” – Bob Pierce, Founder of World Vision Trinity partners with Project Rescue, a ministry that exists to rescue and restore victims of sexual slavery through the love and power of Jesus Christ. Read more about Project Rescue on pg 62.


Enslaved victims and their children

• Rescue from slavery • Restoration spiritual, emotional and physical wholeness

• Rehabilitate learn new skills and re-integrate back into society Frontline workers and Staff of Project Rescue • Spiritual strength, courage, and safety as they stand against human trafficking • Spiritual discernment and authority as they counsel and pray over the women, girls, and boys in the homes • Favor and wisdom to establish partnerships with authorities to fight against human trafficking

1 2

D AY 5

Trinity’s Sponsorship of Children’s Homes Children – The Champions “No child should be neglected, deprived or abused. Trinity can play a part to see them rescued from the streets and given a safe place to call home.” – Senior Pastor Dominic Yeo Trinity began sponsoring 165 destitute children in 2007. Today, we sponsor more than 1,200 children and have set up our own Children’s home: The Champions@Maerim and The Champions@Chiangmai City.


Our Children

• To love and honor God, and grow in their relationship with God

• To learn the Word of God, life

Child sponsorship includes homes, slum schools, as well as learning centers. Things that we take for granted – food, shelter, safety, and education – are not so common in many parts of the world. The lack in all these areas make children vulnerable, to sicknesses, death, and exploitation. • Undernutrition contributes to nearly half of all deaths in children under five and is widespread in Asia and Africa1 • About 263 million children and youth are out of school2


Our Children’s development

• To develop physically, be healthy, and be safe

skills, social skills, and have a good education • To lead and make a difference wherever they are, fulfilling their God-given destiny

• To develop spiritually, know God,

Our Ambassadors (Steven & Rita Leng, Zhi Chao & Cal-lin Wang) • To have good health and protection upon marriage and families • To have wisdom to work with our partners • To have favor with authorities for smooth operation of our children’s homes

emotionally, embodying Godly character and values, and develop healthy self-esteem

https://data.unicef.org/topic/nutrition/malnutrition/ http://www.unesco.org

8 2

D AY 6

and have a relationship with Him

• To develop intellectually and have good education

• To develop socially and

Our partnering Churches and their caregivers • To be Godly examples and raise the children up in the ways of the Lord

D AY 7

D AY 8

Church Planting Humanitarian

M2 Network

“Expect great things from God; attempt great things for God.” – William Carey, the father of modern missions

With refugee crisis and geodisasters escalating around the World, Trinity has been involved in two areas of work: (i) P  artnering with trusted agencies to provide for immediate aid (e.g., medical supplies, food packages, bore wells); and (ii) Sending in MITs to do more humanitarian work (e.g., rebuilding houses, running medical clinics as communities rebuild).

“If you are ever inclined to pray for a missionary [M2 Pastors], do it at once, wherever you are.” – Mary Slessor

As Senior Pastor Dominic Yeo declared a Decade of Expansion for Trinity, missions will expand into church planting so that more lighthouses for God’s Kingdom will be established.


• God to be glorified in this endeavor (Matthew 5:16)

• Godly wisdom to be upon the • • • •

leadership (James 1:5) Open doors and divine connections (Colossians 4:3) Provision of resources (Philippians 4:19) Strong teams to be raised God’s protection to be upon lives, resources and reputation (Psalm 91; Matthew 6:13) Establishment of the church as a light in the new communities


• God to sensitize our hearts to the pains and pleas of the affected

• God’s wisdom and leading to partner with the right parties

• Resources funded by TCC to reach the affected

• The affected will experience the love of God and encounter Christ • Favor with authorities so that our MITs can continue to be sent in to rebuild the community

D AY 9

For many small churches, it’s usually a one-man show. The Pastor-inCharge doesn’t have close spiritual mentors in whom they can confide in and often walk a very lonely path. In 2014, Trinity launched the Ministry and Mentorship (“M2”) program, where Senior Pastor Dominic Yeo personally walks alongside these ministers in both their ministerial journey and personal lives as a spiritual mentor.


Pastors in the M2 network

• To foster a strong mentoring relationship with Trinity

• To experience a vibrant and intimate relationship with God

• To lead their churches and ministry with God’s vision, and new passion and wisdom • To be successful in raising leaders and reproducing disciples More prayer pointers for our M2 Network can be found on pg 74.

8 3


D AY 10

D AY 11

AlphaTrack and Ministry Internship Language PRAY FOR Ministries These local leadership development programs are heavily subsidized for the raising of leaders to fulfill God’s global agenda. AlphaTrack (AT) is a three-month full-time program that enables participants to discover their Godgiven destiny, ignite their passion for the lost, and position them to impact the church and marketplace.


• Trinitarians to rise up in faith, take leave, and go for AT • AT participants to experience personal breakthroughs in their relationship with God and evangelism • AT participants to discover their calling and destiny in God Ministry Internship

Ministry Internship (MI) is a oneyear full-time training program that equips leaders with a full-time call of God to minister effectively at the level of a pastor, as well as develop them in the person, perspective, and practice of a minister.

• Trinitarians to respond to God’s full-time call in their lives

• To commit to prepare themselves in matters of their family, finances and ministry development

“Don’t complain to yourselves that you can’t go to the mission field! Thank God for bringing the mission field to you!” – Andrew Van der Bijl, smuggled Bibles across borders during the Cold War About 24 percent3 of the professionals, managers, executives and technicians (PMET) roles are held by non-Singaporeans. Trinity’s Language Ministries reach out to the increasing number of Filipino, Indonesian, Japanese, Spanishspeaking, and Thai that live and work among us.


• Powerful services that host the presence of God

• Bold evangelism to take place in their communities locally

• Mighty harvest of foreign nationalities

• Discipleship to take place • Leaders will be raised and return back to preach the Gospel boldly in their own countries



8 4

D AY 12

TCA College Most who have a call to be a pastor put themselves through a seminary or college to prepare and train themselves for the ministry. However, not every Christian leader has the finances for such training. Founded by Trinity Christian Centre in 1979, TCA College provides these leaders with a scholarship so they can lay the foundation to achieve their God-given purpose.


• People who answer the call of God to be equipped here

• TCA students will experience an education that is God-centered, life transforming, and become culturally relevant leaders • TCA graduates will go back to their nation and become strategic leaders in their churches or vocations • Faculty staff to continually grow in the Lord and allow God to use them to impact the next generation of leaders learning under them

D AY 13

D AY 14

“Social responsibility becomes an aspect not of Christian mission only, but also of Christian conversion. It is impossible to be truly converted to God without being thereby converted to our neighbor.” – John R.W. Stott

“You can give without loving. But you cannot love without giving.” – Amy Carmichael, missionary to India

Care Community Sponsorship – Services Society Other Christian Ministries

Care Community Services Society (CCSS) was founded in 1996 by Trinity Christian Centre to enhance the welfare of the needy and disadvantaged in our society. Through CCSS, we want to see individuals and families transformed and become empowered people who are then channels of blessing for others in the larger community.


Trinity provides financial support to many trusted missions agencies for community and humanitarian outreaches, as well as for the spread of the Gospel in hard-toreach places.


• Strategic disbursement for meaningful causes

• Protection upon the work that our partners do 

• CARE Kids – Children to develop

their fullest potential and grow in character CARE Youth – Youth will respond well to the counsellors to rise above the challenges faced and achieve their potential CARElderly – Elderly to be empowered with a renewed sense of purpose and become a channel of support for the needs of other elderly in the community CARE Prison – Ex-offenders will be able to re-integrate into their families and society to start life afresh. CCSS staff – To carry God’s heart and joy as they minister to those under their care 8 5


t s r i F r e y a Pr g n i t Mee

of 2017


n January 6, 2017, the Sanctuary was packed to capacity, both upper and lower decks. A crowd like this was normally reserved for events like a Christmas production or Watchnight Service. One would be excused for forgetting that this was actually a “prayer meeting” – the first one of the year. There was a heightened sense of expectation in the air, almost palpable. As the praise and worship got underway, the presence of God began

8 6

to fill the hall. When Pastor Dominic took to the stage, in step with the Holy Spirit, he led the congregation in a time of restoration. Those with ailments were asked to raise their hands to heaven, believing for a miracle to take place within them. A man who suffered from tinnitus (persistent ringing in the ears) was healed overnight. This was just one of many healing testimonies Trinitarians would hear of in the days to come – all because men and women dared to exercise Audacious Fervor that night. Emphasizing God’s plan for Trinity to embark on a Decade of Expansion, Pastor Dominic shared once again from 2 Kings 6:1-7, a reminder that we are called to break out of our limitations both personally and together as a church. It was time to cross over our own Jordan River into God’s new season, he explained, by first consecrating ourselves before Him. The first group to be consecrated were Trinity’s lay leaders, all of whom were called down to the altar. From Spiritual Parents to Section Leaders, Pastor Dominic shared a vision he had received from the Lord: a blanket of fresh anointing was waiting to be poured over each one of them,

saturating and overflowing in their lives, so that they would operate in new power and authority. Only six days into the New Year and Trinitarians were already experiencing God’s abundant love and power. Imagine what subsequent prayer meetings hold for us this year! Indeed this is the Decade of Expansion in every area of our lives. Trinitarians, God’s power and presence is not limited to “special events” – it can happen during our weekly Celebration Services and monthly prayer meetings! This year, let’s make it a priority to come regularly to God’s house with expectant hearts, believing that He will do great things in our midst. 

Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you.” Joshua 3:5

8 7


On the morning of November 29, 211 children (ages 9-11) streamed into the Chapel for Camp Illuminate. The delight of being at camp was apparent as great enthusiasm and anticipation buzzed throughout the room. While this was the first time away from home for some, the “regulars” also could not wait to see how this year’s camp would unfold. Sarah Png, a DiscoveryLand Teacher, shares more.

8 8


inutes into the opening ceremony, campers watched as the brightly-lit neon Camp Illuminate sign flickered once, twice, then went completely black.

“Something horrible has happened!” a voice echoed throughout the Chapel, “The power source has been tripped! Agents, we need your help to complete all the missions, earning batteries so that we can power up Camp Illuminate once more!”

Excitement and eagerness flooded the entire hall. Every camper was now an Agent with a purpose and special mission to fulfill. Everyone had a crucial part in generating power for Camp Illuminate. Before Agents embarked on their missions, Chief Agents Brother Melvin Wong and Brother Jimmy Chiang shared that a successful mission required them to remember Camp Illuminate’s verse, Hebrews 4:12. The Word of God truly came alive to Agents as boys and girls carried out each mission and listened to every service.

For the Word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any doubleedged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.”

8 9

PULSE On the first day, Special Agent Pastor Susie led the children to grow two cups of green beans. Agents learned that in order for the seed (God’s Word) to produce a harvest, the seed would have to fall on good soil – hearts that are willing to truly hear, understand, and obey God’s Word. Agents had an exhilarating first night at camp when they went through a series of treasure hunts in pitch darkness. Armed with neon glow sticks, flashing strobe lights, and UV lights, each encoded, decoded, and found the Word of God amidst the darkness (an illustration of Psalm 119:105) that unlocked a most precious treasure – supper! Day two was a filled with adventure and missions at East Coast Park. Agents basked in the sun and played station games that brought Matthew 7:24-47 to life. Teams built houses upon the sand and rocks that were put

9 0

to the test, enduring strong “winds” and torrential “flooding.” There were breath-holding moments, shrieks of fear, and sighs of relief as Agents saw how a house built on solid rock could withstand all tests. Likewise, Agents discovered that God’s Word was their rock to build their lives upon so that each of them could stand strong in all trials and tribulations. On the final morning (December 1), Agents went to the Singapore Science Centre to experience Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N, learning about the powers of some of their favorite superheroes and battling alongside them to take down Ultron. When the Agents returned for the final service, Special Agent Pastor Priscilla shared that God’s Word is a sword and that each Agent could harness its great power through declaring God’s Word. After two-and-a-half days of camp, His Word was undoubtedly alive and active as Agents practiced

their incredible power by declaring prophetic words and verses over their team leaders. The boldness of each Agent touched the hearts of team leaders and one of them, Pamela Koh, shared that she was blessed by an Agent’s “timely and apt” prayer that brought God’s assurance of fruitfulness in her life. Had the Agents accomplished their mission? As the batteries were put in place, the Camp Illuminate sign flickered. Screams and cheers resounded throughout the Chapel as the neon sign came to life. Mission accomplished! They did it! Praise and worship filled the air as the Agents sang at the top of their lungs, dancing in joyous celebration, pumping and waving their lights in the air as one.

“I learned that we should read, understand, listen and memorize God’s Word. God’s Word is a seed and that we have to have a heart of good soil for it. After this camp, I will continue to let God’s Word take root in my heart and not be a shallow Christian. I <3 Camp Illuminate!!”

–– Leia Sim,

10 years old

Every child who entered Camp Illuminate as an Agent now departed as a Special Agent who held the power of God and His Word – a seed, lamp, rock, and sword. 

9 1


By Luke Williams, Ministry Intern assigned to IGNYTE

9 2


rom November 28 to December 1, 2016, 506 IGNYTErs travelled to Batam, Indonesia to engage in a secret mission. As “trainees” for a secret service agency, they were assigned to foil the plans of the evil Hinderburg. As his name alludes, Hinderburg represented the hindrances in their lives – areas that could be defeated as trainees grasped God’s powerful truths, rooted in Scripture and reinforced through activities. As the days progressed, each trainee uncovered key values needed for God’s potential to be unleashed in their lives: obedience, perseverance, and unity. Camp was also a time to understand that God’s desire was to unleash their potential for His purposes. A momentum was built as IGNYTErs acknowledged who God was and who they were in His Kingdom. Various workshops taught them what it meant to live for Him, including one on purity and how society has warped God’s design for sexuality. In a time of confession and repentance, God released His love and forgiveness, bringing wholeness and freedom into the lives of many youths. It was beautiful to see their courage and willingness to be vulnerable before the IGNYTE leaders and, most importantly, their Heavenly Father. In a world where much is left in the dark, we believe that it will be our IGNYTErs that will bring their generation into the light. During the night sessions, Pastor Dominic Yeo used the story of Gideon

to help them discover their God-given identity, charging them towards His destiny for their lives. Many were unleashed in the Spirit as they received the gift of tongues. There were testimonies of instantaneous healing during an altar call on the final night of the camp. What’s more, over 30 adult leaders and IGNYTERs came forward to acknowledge God’s call of full-time ministry, declaring that they would choose to unleash their lives fully for His glory. Joining us at camp were 20 firsttime visitors, including 10 oikos. We praise God for doing a deep work in their lives as nine people responded to Christ over the course of camp, including one hotel staff! God is truly empowering and equipping this generation for greater things, unleashing them, in a year of no limits, into the Decade of Expansion. 

When the angel of the Lord appeared to Gideon, he said, “The Lord is with you, mighty warrior.” Judges 6:12

9 3


More of His Presence and Power Is it possible to have more of God’s presence and power in our lives? 62 leaders from Campus Ministry would find out as they made their way to Johor Bahru from December 26-28, 2016, dedicating themselves for a time of soaking in God’s presence and bonding with the leadership community, so that they could emerge refreshed, recharged, and raring to serve God with passion. Rachel Lim shares more.

9 4

“We want more of God’s presence and power!” we exclaimed at the start of the camp. These eight words were more than a verbal expression – it was a declaration of our heart’s desire and expectations for this camp. Plunging deep into God’s presence and learning from His Word, Surge was a time where God’s power moved among, in, and through us. The morning and evening services were significant moments where Pastor Janice Chng, Pastor Wendy Chang, and Sister Phebe Ngan charged us towards fulfilling God’s vision of a “doubling” of our ministry. When Pastor Wendy spoke of being gripped by God (instead of being gripped by fear), God provided Debi Lim (NTU, Year 3) with the assurance that His presence is there with her.

“God unveiled areas where I had given in to the enemy’s lies, allowing him to limit what God can do in and through me. For many years, I struggled about being a leader for God, wallowing in selfdoubt and insecurities. God opened my eyes to see that He is the head shepherd of the flock, assuring me that He knows the way forward and I can step out purposefully and confidently. I am thankful for this camp where God reminded me that I am not alone on this journey. I am blessed with a leadership community where I can be open about my joys and struggles in serving. Their constant support has played a vital role in this growth journey, shaping me to become a more effective leader for Him.” For Hannah Tan (NTU, Year 1), God dealt with her fears of rising up as a leader.

“Though my fears may never go away, God is always there with me and He will see me through it. This revelation has impacted my perspective on leadership. It will be a journey of courage as I learn to step out of my comfort zone. Despite having fears, I now hold on to the truth that with God, I can overcome!” Nathanael Leng (SIM, Year 1) was captured by a revelation and is now filled with new reverence for who God is in his life. “Like the people of Mark 6:1-7, God showed me how I had become too familiar with Him. Familiarity could breed contempt but the things of God should be treated with awe and trembling of who He is. It was time to become ‘unfamiliar’ with Him, to engage in worship service, communion, and prayer meeting as though I was encountering God for the first time.”

God also spoke to Lim Kheng Ann (NUS, Year 4) through John 8:12. “God assured me that His presence and authority are akin to being a light for Him to speak into lives and bless others.” From nurturing frameworks to dealing with difficult issues, the workshops brought insight to our ministry and reminded us that we carry the anointing to move in the prophetic. Through this, we were encouraged to take up God’s authority to nurture lives.

“God spoke to me powerfully through the prophetic prayer sessions, revealing areas I needed to surrender and let Him take control. I thank God for His comforting presence and assurance that He is walking this journey with me and I look forward to what God has in store for me in 2017!”

–– Caitlan Miew (NUS, Year 2) “The workshops helped me understand how I could be more effective in walking my Spiritual Babies through the challenge of having pre-believing parents. I also grew in prophetic prayer, breaking the perspective that only a few people can pray prophetically. We all have God’s power and presence to carry out signs, wonders, and miracles in His name.”

–– Mirabel Jiang (NUS, Year 4) “The workshops equipped us with the skills to effectively nurture our Spiritual Babies in areas commonly experienced by university students, giving us a chance to clarify our doubts about these issues and solidify our own convictions.”

–– Eleanor Woon (NUS, Year 3) Having heard God’s voice, capturing visions of His promises, and accepting the challenge of “doubling,” we are ready to be launched further into God’s purposes for our generation. Refreshed and empowered by the Holy Spirit, we are excited for the greater things God has in store for us! 

I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” John 8:12

9 5



Gradsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Camp

2016 By Pamela Koh


hange is the only constant.

Transitions spare no one, not even graduates. To help them understand the transition from school to marketplace, Campus Ministry held a weekend camp from January 7-8, 2017. Packed with workshops facilitated by Trinitarian marketplace leaders, graduates were equipped with important life skills. Day One began with Seah Keok Choon, a private client manager, on the topic of personal financial management. After candidly sharing his personal finance habits, he challenged us to honor God and our parents with our wealth regardless of how difficult it may be in the beginning. Every graduate had the chance to plan their finances with a budgeting exercise. While that

9 6

seemed overwhelming, we were intentional and keen in learning how to steward our wealth. To help transition into the geographical carecells, graduates were segmented into their new districts for a time of bonding over lunch. It was extremely exciting and heartening to see how willing we were to reach out to one another, knowing that these will be the very friendships that would carry us through the transition into young working adults. With bellies full and minds ready to be filled, graduates were challenged by Pastor Steven Tay’s sharing on the theology of work. Work can be worship unto God when we make Him the center of every decision. I learned that we can take a healthy pride in the work we do through the pleasure of God-enabled fruitfulness, helping me to embrace Pastor Steven’s call to “Thank God it’s Monday!”

In Day Two, we moved out of our comfort zone as we practiced an important but little-practiced skill: networking. Lily Koh, a certified coach and image consultant, encouraged us to take on the roles of Helper, Hero, and Host – roles that could be used beyond the marketplace. Networking was no longer a selfish endeavor but a way to build people up and help others along.

Resource Director Eileen Cheng also facilitated a time where she shared the Human Resource perspective in applying for jobs.

During the closing service, Pastor Wendy Chang used Joshua 24:1-24 in exhorting graduates to remember, fear, and serve the Lord. Amidst the gloomy economic outlook, we were encouraged to focus on God. What stuck with me was the illustration used: an empty container representing our lives. It was now up to us to decide how to fill the container.

The quality of work is a testimony of the God that I worship.” ­­– Pastor Steven Tay

Camp ended with a beautiful time of consecration as graduates dedicated their future into God’s hands. It was important to remember who we serve, the faithful God who forms our destiny, and worship Him with all He has given us. We left with a full and strengthened heart, knowing that God has already gone before us to prepare a way. He will provide us with a job but we must also learn to use this provision to glorify Him and bless others. Work was no longer personal but something larger than us – a part of God’s divine plan for us all. 

In a roundtable session, we had the opportunity to interact with Campus Ministry alumni Augustin Chiam, Yee Jiahao, and Amanda Voon, who shared from their experience on ethics, work-life balance and money. Human 9 7


Was Judas destined to Betray

Jesus? By Rev Dr Edwin Perona


udas Iscariot’s betrayal of Jesus has become the stuff of legend, his name is synonymous with traitor, con-artist, or fraud. In Dante Alighieri’s poem The Divine Comedy, Judas’ final destination is imagined to be in the ninth circle of hell – a place reserved for the worst of sinners. Is this vilification justified? Is it possible that he was a powerless pawn in a giant cosmic chessboard, moved around by forces beyond his control? Could he have been destined to betray Jesus?

WHAT DO THE BIBLICAL NARRATIVES INDICATE? Through the Gospels and the book of Acts, we gather several observations regarding Judas in his time of ministry with Jesus. For purposes of this article, we will look at eight. 1. Jesus showed full awareness that Judas will betray Him and was not surprised when it happened (John 6:70-71; 13:10-11, 18-30). Was it due to Jesus’ ability to read peoples’ hearts and intentions (Luke 5:21-22)? The accounts offer no explanation. 2. Jesus said that Judas’ betrayal fulfills what Scriptures anticipated through David’s own experience when he was betrayed by his friends (Psalm 41:9 quoted in John 13:18; implied allusion found in Acts 1:16).

9 8

TOUGH “Even my close friend, someone I trusted, one who shared my bread, has turned against me.” Additionally, Psalm 69:25 (referenced in Acts 1:20) appears to foreshadow the consequence of Judas’ act upon himself. “May their place be deserted; let there be no one to dwell in their tents.” 3. It’s unclear when Judas planned on betraying Jesus. It could have been from the beginning (i.e., since becoming one of the 12 disciples) or as a way to save himself from being associated with Jesus at a time when the general public wanted Him dead.

have been good for that man if he had not been born.” This appears to be a final attempt to persuade Judas out of his intended act by highlighting its severe, long-term consequences. Nevertheless, Jesus’ words did not appear to sway Judas from infidelity. 7. Scripture indicates that the betrayal was premeditated and done with a sound mind; Judas acted out of his own free will.

• “ Then Judas Iscariot, one of the Twelve, went to the chief priests to betray Jesus to them.” (Mark 14:10)

• “ Then Satan entered Judas, called 4. It is possible that Judas took advantage of his position as treasurer to siphon money from the common fund for his own use (John 13:29). Therefore, the act of infidelity may have been another way to earn income. What’s lamentable is that thirty pieces of silver, roughly four months’ wages at the time, was enough to betray his Master (Matthew 26:14-16). 5. Luke 22:3-5 and John 13:27, hint that Satan was involved in the betrayal, set on making Judas betray Jesus (i.e., demonic initiative) or sowing the idea of betrayal into Judas’ heart and mind (i.e., conspiracy). 6. In Matthew 26:20-26, when Jesus declared the forthcoming betrayal, He also shared that, “It would


Iscariot, one of the Twelve. And Judas went to the chief priests and the officers of the temple guard and discussed with them how he might betray Jesus. They were delighted and agreed to give him money.” (Luke 22:3-5)

• “ Now Judas…knew the place, because Jesus had often met there with His disciples. So Judas came…guiding a detachment of soldiers and some officials from the chief priests and the Pharisees.” ( John 18:2-3)

Even my close friend, someone I trusted, one who shared my bread, has turned against me.” Psalm 41:9

8. Judas was fully aware of the consequences of his actions. Overcome with remorse over Jesus’ death sentence, Judas’ story would end in suicide (Matthew 27:3-10).

9 9

TOUGH QUESTIONS WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR JUDAS? These observations lead us to three possible options regarding Judas’ betrayal of Jesus.  ption A: Judas had no choice. O He betrayed Jesus because it was predetermined by God for him to do so. Judas had no choice under God’s absolute and irreversible decree. This was “foreseen” in the Scriptures (e.g., Psalm 41:9) to show God’s detailed control over His redemptive plan, within which Judas would play the default bad guy. Though there is precedent for the direct fulfillment of Old Testament scripture in the New Testament (e.g., the fulfillment of Isaiah 53:4 in Matthew 8:16-17), the use of Old Testament scripture in this portion of the Judas-Jesus narrative is not one of them. No vocabulary or theme used in the citation of Psalm 41:9 hints to any connection of divine decree predetermining Judas’ act. Instead, this was an analogy of Jesus’ disciples deserting Him in His hour of dire need, and Jesus bearing the weight of Judas’ act, against David’s lament over Saul’s desire to destroy him.

1 0 0

 ption B: Judas had no choice. O He betrayed Jesus under the powerful control of the devil that possessed him and made him do what he did. Judas had no choice under Satan’s hypnotic spell. Thus, Judas betrayed Jesus under possession of the devil, as indicated in Luke 22:3-5 and John 13:27 (i.e., entering Judas or prompting, respectively). However, nothing in the text indicates that Satan was in control of Judas by way of possession (i.e., a zombie state) or mental illness (e.g., schizophrenia, bipolar disorder). The Greek word used to describe Satan’s entering Judas in Luke 22:3-5 and John 13:27 εισερχοµαι (eiserxomai – movement from one place to another, an invasion), describes the devil’s presence being so close that it is overwhelming. However, Judas would have retained complete control over his mental faculties. Just as a recovering alcoholic would face greater temptations to drink when exposed to bottles of liquor, Judas’ temptation to betray Jesus was Satan’s exploitation of a known weakness towards money.

TOUGH Option C: Judas had a choice. He betrayed Jesus out of his own accord, following prodding from the devil. Judas, of sound mind and able to reject the temptation before him, chose to betray Jesus. In Matthew 27:3-10, it is possible to infer that he did not anticipate the full mental and spiritual consequences of his actions since he was filled with remorse, attempted to return the silver, and confessed to betraying an innocent man. The guilt of the deed was so great upon Judas that he chose to “solve the problem” by ending his own life.

THE SOVEREIGNTY OF GOD VERSUS FREE WILL Judas’ betrayal of Jesus asserts two Christian truths: While God is sovereign, humanity is ultimately responsible for its own choices.

God does not hold a cosmic remote to micromanage every affair in the world. God created humanity in His own image, which includes the provision of free will. That is why you and I are free to make choices – little or big, trivial or extraordinary – and will be held responsible for them. Judas’ account demonstrates that believers are constantly in a state of war against an enemy committed to undermining God’s plan and purposes. Satan has no qualms in exploiting our weaknesses, planting temptation into our heads, and pointing us down the path of sin (Ephesians 2:1-10; 6:10-20). As believers filled with the Holy Spirit, we have within us a willing and available guide to help us make, and stick to, choices that honor God.



Romans 3:23

Humans are sinners because of a choice to sin.

Acts 4:23-31

Persecutors of God’s people can act because of His sovereign, yet permissive, will. However, the persecutors will be held accountable for their actions.

Revelation 1:9-3:22

The Sovereign Lord exhorts His church to repent.

Revelation 9:20

Repentance is a choice.

Romans 6:23

God is still in control over the problem of sin and has decided to solve it by sending Jesus into the world.


While God is sovereign, humanity is ultimately responsible for its own choices.”

1 0 1


You and I can be assured that our Heavenly Father waits for us to come back to Him after every sin.”

ANSWERING THE QUESTION AT HAND Was Judas destined to betray Jesus? It depends on how we define “being destined.” If it is understood as being “coerced or made to do something against one’s volition,” then the answer is no. Judas, through influence of the devil, made a conscious decision to do something that would benefit him at the detriment of his Master. As terrible as Judas’ sin was, God knew what Judas would do even before it happened; Judas’ choice did not derail God since He is ahead of every circumstance and has upper hand in all situations. Nothing happens, or can happen, that will undermine His sovereign plan for humanity. Every act, including malicious ones, can be allowed to help fulfill God’s good and perfect plans.

WHAT CAN WE LEARN FROM JUDAS’ STORY? The story of Judas can teach us several lessons regarding freewill and faith.

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1.  We are responsible for all our choices. God does not coerce anyone to do something against their will. Therefore, you and I are free to make the right God-honoring choices, even if such choices are unpopular. That is easier said than done since every human is, like Judas, tempted to make bad choices for personal gain. 2.  Every choice has consequences. Every choice, right or wrong, has consequences that affect the present and the future, themselves and those around them. 3. Familiarity is not equal to obedience. Judas’ betrayal of Jesus reminds us of the real and present danger of taking our relationship with the Lord for granted. As “close” as we may claim to be, there is always a risk of throwing it away for the sake of self-serving pursuits. 4.  True friends are loyal until the end. While Jesus knew Judas’ temperament and heart, as well as the risk of being

TOUGH betrayed, He still chose to invest in Judas’ life by spending three years traveling, conversing, and breaking bread together. Indeed, Jesus is our model for true friendship as one who welcomes us to partner with Him and investing in our lives despite our flaws, mistakes, and misgivings. 5.  No mistake is too big for Jesus to restore. Every Christian will make a mistake at some point in his/her walk: hurting Jesus, others, or even themselves. Sometimes, mistakes can seem so big to be forgivable, causing us to identify as a Judas. While Judas never gave himself the opportunity to be restored in his relationship with Jesus, you and I can be assured that our Heavenly Father waits for us to come back to Him after every sin. In His loving presence, we can find redemption and reconciliation and be released from guilt and shame. In God’s sovereignty, every mistake can be used for His redemptive purpose and glory. 

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Rev Dr Edwin Perona has been a faculty member at TCA College since July 2016. He earned his Ph.D in New Testament Studies from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois, USA. Dr Edwin’s teaching interests include the New Testament, Biblical Greek, and the use of the Old Testament in the New Testament.

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Compiled by Mack Eng




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Nyon Yit An interviews a family of three-generations who served together in Who Needs Christmas? – Madam Foo Sak Yin (acting as Ng Ah Moi), her son Chen Zhi Xiong (acting as Mr Lim), and his son Emmanuel Chen (part of the children’s choir). Find out what’s it like to serve as a family!

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How did the family come to serve together in Who Needs Christmas? Zhi Xiong: I’ve always been interested in the performing arts and it’s something that I’ve been involved in since I was seven or eight. I enjoy it very much, so whenever opportunities to serve in this area arise, I would say ‘yes’ as much as I can. God also impressed upon my heart to serve in this area so it’s a perfect combination of personal interest and pursuing God’s purposes. Emmanuel: I’ve always been interested in different aspects of the production, like choir and dance, so when dad asked if I wanted to join this year, I said yes. Madam Foo: My son told me that they’re looking for a particular role to be played by someone my age. He thought I would fit the part and recommended that I try out. Madam Foo, we seldom see people of your age acting in our productions. What can you say about your experience as an actress? Madam Foo: I’m 69 years old this year so, unlike my character, I’m actually a part of the Pioneer Generation (chuckles). I don’t know whether I did well but if others enjoyed the performance, I must give all glory to God. I’m very willing to help because contributing my part to serve God brings me joy. Though I’ve been serving in the Chinese ministry for many years,

being part of a production is something entirely different. I don’t have any formal training in acting or singing and one of my biggest challenges I faced was pronunciation. My English isn’t very good and sometimes my pronunciation was off but the leaders were very patient in guiding me, explaining my lines, and giving me tips on how I can express my feelings more freely. What does it mean for your family to serve together? Zhi Xiong: It’s very meaningful for three generations to serve together because it represents the heartbeat we have for God as a family. The heart of serving God transcends generations and it’s incredibly rewarding to see the family aligned to serve one purpose. Serving is a legacy that we hope to pass on to our children and our children’s children.

It’s very meaningful for three generations to serve together because it represents the heartbeat we have for God as a family.”

What were some challenges you face and how did you overcome them? Emmanuel: I have vocal training but since it’s my first time participating in a production, I had stage fright. I thank God that He helped me overcome that fear. Zhi Xiong: The challenges I faced as Mr Lim was that his character was based on a real person. The last thing I wanted to do is to misrepresent families

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UP CLOSE with autistic children. To better understand his perspective and what he goes through, I went to a special needs facility and did my own research to learn more about parents with autistic children. I also met with the person my character was based on. His encouragement and love for his daughter touched me deeply. At the end of the day, the Holy Spirit helped to gel everything together.

Madam Foo: I’ve been very blessed not just through serving, but since coming to know God. When I was a pre-believer, I was loaded with worries but after accepting Jesus, I’ve learned to surrender everything to God, to have a heart filled with peace instead of worry.

Madam Foo: I like the meaning behind my character’s story. I know people who are very disappointed at being excluded from the Pioneer Generation, especially those facing real financial difficulties in their older years. I am glad to be a voice for them in hopes that their plight can be heard and alleviated.

Zhi Xiong: I see God’s hand in every aspect of my life, empowering me to complete all my work, even when the rehearsal period coincided with one of my busiest times at work. God multiplied my time and serving alongside fellow Trinitarians with joy and laughter was the greatest blessing. Moreover, Who Needs Christmas? allowed my wife and I to reach out to nearly 200 people. We are thankful for the opportunity to share about God through this production.

Emmanuel: I love my grandmother’s Chinese song and have even learned how to sing it from her!

Emmanuel: Through Who Needs Christmas? I learned that when I serve God, He will not shortchange me but

What do you like best about the production?

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Were you blessed through serving?

bless me with more. My first choice for Who Needs Christmas? was to be part of children’s dance. Instead, I was offered a spot in the children’s choir, my second choice. Though disappointed, my parents taught me that serving God is about serving with a joyful heart wherever I am placed. I’m glad I was part of the children’s choir. I really enjoyed singing in Who Needs Christmas? and I’m glad I was part of the children’s choir. When school reopened this year, I auditioned for my school’s dance team for the third time. I didn’t get in during Primary 1 or 2. But this year, in Primary 3, I got in! On top of that, I also got into the school choir after passing the audition for nearly 300 students! I know that it was God who has given me the ability and favor to be part of my school’s dance and choir this year. Do you have a word of encouragement for people who are thinking of joining the Christmas/ Easter production? Zhi Xiong: Many people think that certain skills are required to serve in a production. While ability is important, availability is even more important. I chose to serve because I know God enables. Don’t allow self-doubt or circumstances to prevent you from stepping up. Don’t limit what God can do through your life and be prepared to experience the miraculous! Emmanuel: It’s very interesting and fun to serve in God’s house! 

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