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Fri, Sep 23, 8pm* TRINITY@PAYA LEBAR COMMEMO ORATIVE TRIN NIT TY@ADAM POSTCARD D SET A limited edition set of postcards, capturing the journey from 1981–2016, will only be available on Friday’s Vision Rally, for a minimum donation of $20! All proceeds will go toward the building fund.

*Two-way bus services from the West will be provided.




Pastor Dominic Yeo

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Re Rev ev Dishan Wickramaratne Wic ickr ic k amarat atn n serves as serves serv as the t e Senior th Se Pastor Pastor of People’s Church Chur Ch rch Assembly Asssem e bl blyy of G God od a and nd tthe nd h G he General Superintendent S pe Su peri rint nten e de dent nt o off th the he As Asse Assemblies semb mbliies e off Go God of Sri Lanka. L nka. La k H He e is p passionate assion nat a e ab about bou ut pr providing rov o idin ing a means for every ever eryy pers person rsson in in his h s nation hi na ati tion o to on to hear he r the the Good Goo od News of Jesus. Jesu Je sus. H His is cchurch hu urc rch h ha hass plan planted ante ted d ov ove over er 60 Ho Hom Home m Mission Churches Ch hur urcches es and and n have hav ave e missionary misssio i naryy works wo orks kss that tha at reach re out to Sri Lankans Lank La nkan anss in S Singapore, inga in g po ga pore re, Ho Hong ong Kong, g, and and Lebanon. Leb eba a A dynamic speaker, Dishan shares Word of God dynami micc sp spea ake ker, Revv D isha h n shar hare es the es he W with conviction, and relevance. wi great con on nvi v ction, n, clarity, clari la arity ty, an nd re rele leva vanc nce e.




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Thank You To the staff of Trinity Christian Centre, Thank you for the support and coordination for our late mother’s wake and funeral. We wish to specially thank Pastor Alana, Brother Peter, Pastor Patricia, Pastor Jonathan, Pastor Sunny, Pastor Melvin, and Brother Melvin for their outstanding dedication, thoughtfulness, and words of encouragement.

A blessing for the church

May God continue to bless your ministry! Warm regards,

Annie and Yanni (North District)

Dear Trinity, My grateful thanks for your prayers and get well hamper that I received today. I hope to be discharged ASAP when my calcium level returns to normal. Thank you and blessings,

Sally Yeo Dear Chinese Ministry,

Warm regards,

I want convey a word of thanks and appreciation for putting together Timeless Love. Trinity is not my home church but I heard about the concert and brought oikos to hear the Gospel. I was encouraged by the thought that went into Timeless Love and the seeds that were planted in the hearts of the pre-believers. The concert was a great way to attract the Chinese-speaking community, even the pioneer generation could relate to it. My thanks to the entire team (leaders, crew members, hosts, and the stage performers) for their hard work to put the item together for winning souls to Christ. I also want to thank the three guests (Zhou Dailan, Liza Foong, and Anthony Png) for their willingness and humility to serve in this special manner. I thank God that your church is doing great things for the sole purpose of spreading the Good News. I pray that God will continue to grant you church strength and wisdom for the furtherance of His Kingdom.


Mei Hsien Goh

Genevieve Dear Trinity, ty, ty, I would like to share that I am truly blessed by a chance encounter of your radio ministry (BE 107FM). I had been deeply hurt by a friend and still mulling over an unpleasant exchange. While driving, I tried to tune the radio to my usual station but for some strange reason, it couldn’t connect. Through the statuc, I suddenly heard the following: “God says that at times where we won’t know why we have to go through trial and suffering. However in His timing, it will be revealed to us. In the meantime, take delight in Him and trust that He will bring you through.” I knew that it’s God speaking to me about forgiveness. I was comforting to know that I have a great God who speaks to me whenever I seek Him. Thank you for being a great blessing in my faith journey. I pray that this channel would continue to be used mightily by God to minister to people. Warm regards,





THANK YOU TRINITARIANS FOR GOING TO THE NATIONS! Missions trips that happened from Apr to Jun 2016

98 14 TRINITY@ADAM’S COMBINED CLOSING SERVICE Trinitarians commemorate a place of legacy

TRINITARIAN HERO Our Children Serve His House!



VISITATION TO HABITATION Bringing the manifestation of God’s power into our everyday lives


22 MOVING FORWARD INTO A LASTING LEGACY Take hold of a vision that impacts and transforms

54 CULTIVATING A HABITATION Partner with the Holy Spirit to see breakthrough today!

55 CULTIVATING THE PROPHETIC WORD Partner with the Holy Spirit to see breakthrough today!

56 THE #JUBILEE50K CHALLENGE Move forward to become a greater blesser!

HEARTBEAT 58 MISSIONS AT A GLANCE An overview of Trinity’s missions outreach from Jan to Jun 2016

59 MISSIONS REPORT A Highlight of Trinity’s missions efforts from Apr to Jun 2016

62 RAISING CHAMPIONS An interview with Trinity’s Ambassadors to Thailand

66 TRAINING AND CONSULTATION Impacting the Land of the Rising Sun

68 EQUIPPING THE NEXT GENERATION A look at Trinity’s scholarship program through Aya Uchmura

70 CARE FACTS Care Community Services Society’s 20 th Anniversary

issue 03


38 Becoming people sharpened by the Holy Spirit


PULSE 18 THE BIG MOVE Trinitarians get ready to worship together as one church!

72 MOTHER’S DAY 2016 Trinitarians share about the joys of motherhood

75 FATHER’S DAY 2016 A Trinitarian shares about the importance of fatherhood

78 LIFE CONFERENCE 2016 (DAY CONFERENCE) Trinity’s leaders discover what it means to lead with a prophetic edge

82 LIFE CONFERENCE 2016 (CHILDREN’S TRACK) Our children operate in the prophetic!


84 RELENTLESS IGNYTE’s Overnight Prayer

86 CAMP VOYAGE Campus Camp 2016

88 TIMELESS LOVE Chinese Ministry’s evangelistic event

92 TOUGH QUESTIONS ANSWERED How Should Christians View Miracles?


A Vision for a

Lasting Legacy 1 2

DEAR TRINITARIANS, On August 3, 2016, Trinitarians came together for a special Trinity@Adam Combined Closing Service (pg 14). I spent quite some time contemplating what to share during that service because, like many of you, Trinity@Adam holds a very special place in my heart. Not only was it a place of memories, it was a place of lasting legacy. Building a lasting legacy is not something that happens based on a whim or fancy. It requires a roadmap, a God-given vision. It is essential for each of us to be visionaries because that propels us to move forward with purpose, meaning, and direction. The Bible exhorts us to have vision for “Where there is no vision, the people perish…” (Proverbs 29:18, KJV). God has given Trinity a vision to build this house – a corporate body of men, women, and children who carry Vibrant Atmosphere, live in Incredible Unity, are gripped with a Passionate Heartbeat, and arise in Strategic Leadership. As a Trinitarian, it is important to understand that your individual destiny is found in the destiny of this church. Your life’s vision will be realized when the church’s vision is fulfilled because you have chosen to be a part of Trinity. When I read of Trinitarians growing and thriving through various platforms (pg 22), I am encouraged because I see the manifestation of Trinity’s God-given vision. Even our children are choosing

to give their time and talents to serve His House! (pg 98) Trinitarians, before we become too comfortable worshipping as one church, recognize that the Kingdom of God is advancing. How do we move forward with His agenda? By choosing to be people who operate with a prophetic edge (pg 38), carry the presence of the Holy Spirit (pg 46), and experience the breakthroughs of God in our lives (pg52). God has called us to make an impact in Singapore and the nations. That’s why we will be planting a new worship center in the western part of Singapore by end of this year. As the Spirit leads us into new strategies for extending the Gospel’s reach, let’s do so in faith, with courage, and expecting to witness a manifestation of the harvest. Become people who choose to come into alignment with what God wants to do in and through Trinity. Attend Vision Rally and Vision Weekend with a desire to be a part of fulfilling of God’s plans. Let the dreams God has for this house become your dreams, propelling you into a lasting legacy.

Where there is no vision, the people perish…” Proverbs 29:18 (KJV)

1 3


A Trinity@

da m

m August 3, 2016 will be a day to remember for many Trinitarians. 26 years after Trinity first moved into the church building, we gathered at Trinity@Adam to give thanks to God for His faithfulness. Diana Lim, who joined Trinity@Adam in 1990, shares more.

1 4

rinity@Adam was the first home that we could call our own. Committing to her down payment was an act of faith. If we could not come up with the remaining $2 million within 3-4 months, Trinity would forfeit the down payment. Nevertheless, our small and young congregation had a faith large enough to proceed. Many gave sacrificially to build a legacy for the generations to come.


The property at Adam Road stands testament to God’s faithfulness. Whether it was a humble bungalow with the rambutan tree and round tub baptismal pool or Trinity@Adam with its signature stained-glass

windows, it has been a place where thousands have encountered God and experienced His transformation, healing, and restoration. In a session reminiscent of Trinity’s Adam Road bungalow days, Senior Pastor Dominic Yeo invited Trinitarians to a time of spontaneous thanksgiving. Men and women came to the stage to share their memories and testimonies of miracles, breakthroughs, and transformation. Listen to these testimonies by scanning this QR code.

1 5

PULSE Pastor Dominic brought these testimonies together with a sharing from Proverbs 13:22 (“A good man leaves an inheritance for his children” ). Indeed, Adam Road is our inheritance. Physically, the freehold red brick building represents our place of beginnings. Spiritually, she represents the place where our legacy of faith began. It is with this faith that we continued and claimed Trinity@Lavender and Trinity@Paya Lebar as our homes. Adam Road represents our legacy of souls. Every seat within her halls represents an opportunity for someone to hear the Gospel. It is a place where people met with God in dramatic and miraculous ways. She also represents our legacy of service where generations serve alongside one another. Whether it’s the Hospitality ministry (Pantry@Adam), or other forms of Ministry Expressions, serving is part of the DNA of Trinity.

1 6

Wherever there was a need to be met, Trinitarians quickly responded with a, “How can I help?” and, “Count me in!” Trinity’s legacies don’t end when this building comes down. Resident Apostle Naomi Dowdy closed the service by exhorting us to move forward.

“The building can go but the memories will never go. The miracles will never stop. They can take away mortar and clay but they can never take away the results of what God has done in this place. Trinity@Adam has been built out of a fire and passion for God that does not take Him for granted but dares to believe for miracles.” –

Resident Apostle Naomi Dowdy

As we close the doors of Trinity@Adam for redevelopment (on August 14, 2016), we persevere in living out our legacies of faith, souls, and service. Let’s continue to build for the generations to come for a good person will always leave an inheritance for their children. 

1 7


Trinitarians Gear Up fo for or

The BIG Move! August 20, 2016, marked the day when Trinitarians came together to worship at Trinity@Paya Lebar as we upgrade and upsize Trinity@Adam.

1 8

O n the On t h e we weeke ekend nd o off JJu un u n e 2 5 and a nd d 2 6 , t h e We are Trinita tar arr iia ian a n s Trai raill w as unveiled d , s howcas ass iin n g Trr ini ng i n t y’ss inity’ he h e r ita t ge. Trinitarian n s s ub u b m itt itted ed an nss wers to week k ly qu u i zzzzze uiz e s for a cha c han h ce to win limit ha mit ite t ed ede d d--e e ditio on Tr i n Tri nit ni it i t y@A y@ @A dam @A m EZ Z-Lii nk k ca cards car ds ds ds.

We are Triini nita tarian anss Tr Trai al Ass Trinit Trinitt ari Tri arian a pre ans eparre ed d fo or The he BI BIG G Move o , they remembere ed th theirr begi b inni n ngs by by dropping g a bal balll into into th t e box where whe re th they the y became me e a pa artt of ar o the e Trin rinity ity ty y ffa amil mily. y.

1 9

PULSE A one seaso As on end ende ded d ( Tri Trinit nity@A y@Adam dam C Com bined d Clo Clo ossin iin ng ser ervice), Tri Trinit ni y’s ys staff sta ff ded dic icate ica ted te ed the e reop open ening of th the San S anctu ctuar ary r y at ry at Trriini nit y@Pa Paya Lebar on the mo morrniing of of Au A ust 3. Aug 3

2 0

“Who do you want added to the Kingdom of God?” During the weekend of August 13 and 14, Trinitarians were encouraged to exercise Audacious Fervor by writing down the names of oikos they wanted to see come to know Jesus.

On August 20 and 21, Trinitarians finally came together, as one church, showing their house pride by coming to service in their Trinitarian tees.

# eare #w etrin init itar aria ians n ! Ph hoto Co Com mpetition Congratulations to ou ourr Pho hoto Comp o etiitio ion n Winnerss! Here Her e are are som so e off the the e win winnin ni g entr entries ies we we received ved.

“Will miss these red brick walls and all that they have blessed me with been. Overwhelmed with new beginnings recently but moving forward in faith & hope”

– Lydia Lee

“nnnnnddddddd That’s a Wrap!!! The last PL band ready to head to the Chapel! Today’s service was amazing :’) What an amazing way to end a season for IGNYTE. Onward to greater things and greater seasons of faith and breakthrough!!” #goodbyeT1 #hellochapel #thisisLEAVINGnow #thisisleavingnowforreal#newseasons

– Hannah Lee Shi Yan 2 1


2 2

Trinitarians are people with a Godgiven vision.

Vibranttmosphere Passioenaartet beat A H We see our worship services, prayer meetings and carecells as places where people hunger for the presence of God and where God delights to inhabit and dwell. In a vibrant atmosphere of worship, prayer and discipleship, we see people encountering God and the manifestation of signs, wonders and miracles.

We see a people consumed with a vision to touch the world for Jesus Christ and to see His glory displayed throughout the world. We see a church with a passionate heartbeat to fulfill God’s global agenda through sending men and women of faith to equip and empower churches and the body of Christ.

ible I ncredU n it y

Strategeiac dership L

We see Trinity Christian Centre as a church living together in covenantal relationships; where carecells, ministries, families and individuals are flowing in corporate unity to fulfill God’s purpose and plan for the church for that hour.

Why did you make Trinity your home church? We interviewed some Trinitarians about what it means to be a part of the Trinity vision.

It is in Trinity that I have grown to understand my purpose and identity. This is a church with strong core values and a vision statement that I could embrace. “We are Trinitarians” resonates deeply in me because I see a church that cares for its sheep and for the lost.”

– Joyce Ho

East District Trinitarian since June 2003

We see the church as a place for the empowerment and development of Spirit-filled leaders who will be strategically positioned and deployed within the Body of Christ. Every Trinitarian a leader with a ministry.

Trinity is the place where I encountered God in a personal way. Through the carecell, I found a safe place to grow in my knowledge and faith in God. The culture of serving gives me a sense of ownership. In a family, we love, care, and serve one another. In Trinity, I feel the same kind of love and acceptance. This is home!”

– Ivy Ng

Creative Ministry, Trinitarian since October 2007

2 3


How has Trinity helped you grow in your walk with God?

God’s presence is so real in the services. I always look forward to worshipping through singing because that’s when I feel so connected to His Spirit.”

– Roland Tan

West District Trinitarian since July 1983

My wife and I were looking for a church with an established children’s ministry where our one-year-old girl could grow up in the House of God. She was so comfortable with the Nursery teachers. My wife and I were so ministered here that we decided to make Trinity our home church.”

– Cornelius Ang

South District Trinitarian since March 2006

The reinforcement of godly values through the weekly services has helped to kick off bad habits like 4D and drinking beer. It also drove away my belief in fengshui and superstitious thoughts because He has become my ultimate provider and protector.”

– Peter Chua Chang Boon South District Trinitarian since January 2013

Through the Vibrant Atmosphere of Celebration Services

Being in my Father’s House, with my brothers and sisters, worshipping God and hearing His Word is the best day of the week.”

– Roxanne Ana Fay L

Jomento Filipino Ministry Trinitarian since August 2010

2 4

One of the areas that I wanted to grow was to becoming a prayer warrior. With time and faithful attendance at the monthly prayer meetings, I grew stronger in my prayer life, praying with authority and power in the Spirit.”

t n a r b i V osphere Atm

– Jessica Chong

North District Trinitarian since March 2008

Through Church Prayer Meetings, I learned to pray using the Word of God and I grew in my prayer life. As a family, I want to cultivate the lifestyle of prayer in my household, to show my children the importance of coming together to pray for Trinity and the nations.”

– Kevin Liew

North District Trinitarian since June 1991

Through the Vibrant Atmosphere of Prayer

Prayer 365 sharpened my prayer life. Through this platform, I remain connected to what God is doing in this church and know that I am a part of His plans for us.”

– Josias Teo

Campus Ministry Trinitarian since January 2011

Prayer 365 taught me the importance of praying for God’s hand to continue directing the leadership of this nation.”

– Daphne Tan

North District Trinitarian since December 1998

2 5


How has Trinity helped you grow in your walk with God?

Through the #Jubilee50K Challenge, I have learned to break out of my comfort zone and intentionally look out for the needs of those around me. I am blessed to be a blessing and it is indeed better to give than to receive.”

– Priscilla How

Creative Ministry Trinitarian since October 1994

When I first started the #Jubilee50K Challenge, I was concerned about what people would think about my posts and about me. Along the way, I came across #Jubilee50K posts that really warmed my heart. These became constant reminders for me to look out for people to bless. The #Jubilee50K Challenge has also given me greater boldness and courage to speak about God’s goodness in my life and who He is to me.”

Proclaiming God’s faithfulness and kindness through the #Jubilee50K Challenge opened an avenue for me to share the Gospel with my colleagues. I even led one of them to accept Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior!”

– Jill Ann Arididon

Filipino Ministry Trinitarian since April 2002

Through Incredible Unity by being a part of the #Jubilee50K Challenge

2 6

From the Incredible Unity found in a carecell

– Lee Lexin

IGNYTE Ministry Trinitarian since January 2007

I learned how to apply my faith in practical ways. As a carecell, we are committed to supporting and encouraging one another in this faith journey. There is a basis of trust as we share our lives and struggles. We know that we are not alone and have a spiritual family cheering us on and praying for us.”

– Ivy Ng

Creative Ministry Trinitarian since October 1997

e l b i d e r I nc Un ity Through Covenantal Relationships

I felt the warmth of genuine relationships and intentional discipleship the moment I stepped into my first carecell. Through my Spiritual Parent, God changed my perspective towards serving. He has given me many opportunities to serve in different platforms, growing my character and person tremendously.”

– Josias Teo

Campus Ministry Trinitarian since January 2011

My carecell members are all very supportive of one another. There is never a lack of encouraging and edifying words. This is a community with a unique culture – different from a company, a recreation club, or a group of acquaintances.”

– Ong Say Yang

West District Trinitarian since March 2010

I thank God for my pastors and leaders for their love, time, and patience. They have helped to instill spiritual disciplines into my life. I am blessed and privileged to be part of a disciple-making church!”

– Charissa Kok

West District Trinitarian since July 2006

2 7


How has Trinity helped you grow in your walk with God?

Through the recent missions trip, I learned what it meant to flow with the Holy Spirit, discern His voice, and be sharp in ministry. Stepping out of my comfort zone helped me learn to surrender my inadequacies and fully rely on Him for wisdom and direction. Going on a missions trip has stretched me, widened my capacity in ministry, and was the place where I caught on to the heart of service.”

Serving as a worship leader has been a very fulfilling journey. I’ve grown a whole lot because it has taught me what worship really is: a sacrificial lifestyle. It’s caused me to step out of my comfort zone countless times and helped me recognize how important it is to be in tune with God.”

– Tashia Yang

IGNYTE Ministry Trinitarian since September 2009

– Elisa Tan

Campus Ministry Trinitarian since March 1996

Going on a missions trip helped me catch God’s heartbeat for the nations and for the lost. I also learned how to work in a team and avail my gifts whenever possible.

– Sarah Lee

Campus Ministry Trinitarian since April 2009

By developing in me a Passionate Heartbeat through a missions trip

e t a n o i s Pas eart beat H 2 8

Through serving as a Celebration Host, I learned to be submissive to God’s calling and avail myself for His House. God can use me in any capacity and enables me to serve with joy and makes resources available so that I can help with all that I am.”

– Cornelius Ang

South District Trinitarian since March 2006

By discipling me in Passionate Heartbeat and Strategic Leadership through AlphaTrack

I took three months off work in 2014 to take part in AlphaTrack and it was a life-changing experience. Besides being equipped for ministry, I have overcome my fear and reluctance for evangelism. There were many valuable lessons learned and friendships built, a great journey of discovering who I am in God.”

c i g e t a r St p i h s r e Lead It’s amazing how God equips you when you commit your time and talents to serving Him. Previously, I saw myself as more of a follower than a leader. He blessed me with leaders who believed in me and invested in my life. Through serving, God expanded my heart to love His people and to see them as He does. I see serving as a privilege because it was how I experienced the kind of God we serve – One who is living and active in His people’s lives.”

I am blessed by the different LEAD courses available to equip us. Much thought has gone into the structure and development of these courses. Each time I attended a course, I walked away not only with new insight into God’s Word but new perspective to living my every day in Christ Jesus.”

– Joseph Chia

South District Trinitarian since August 2012

– Lee Lexin

IGNYTE Ministry Trinitarian since January 2007

– Alice Tan

South District Trinitarian since June 2010

By instilling Strategic Leadership through serving in Ministry Expressions

By serving as a lay leader

Serving as a leader in the Filipino ministry has given me the opportunity to minister and pray for my kababayans (countrymen). Though there are trials and challenges, God sustains me with His grace and mercy.”

– Jill Ann Arididon

Filipino Ministry Trinitarian since April 2002

By equipping me for Strategic Leadership through LEAD courses 2 9


How has Trinity helped you grow in your walk with God? I have participated in Trinity’s Faith Promises for many years. One thing I can testify is this: I may not be a millionaire but I am never in lack.”

– Roland Tan

West District Trinitarian since July 1983

During Vision Weekend 2015, God impressed upon me a figure. I told God that it was impossible because my salary was not very high and I had a lot of commitments. Furthermore, I had not been able to fulfill my Faith Promises in the past. I heard God telling me that He would provide so, by faith, I decided to write the figure on my card. This February, I received a letter informing me that my insurance endowment policy had matured. The amount was exactly two times of my Faith Promise. I was moved to tears. I thank God for fulfilling His promise to me. Amen!”

– Emily Wong

– Sarah Lee

Campus Ministry Trinitarian since April 2009

Chinese Ministry Trinitarian since April 1987

Faith Promises constantly stretch my faith, reminding me that God’s ministry is unending and there are still people to be reached.”

– Daphne Tan

North District Trinitarian since December 1998

By participating in Faith Promises

3 0

Participating in Faith Promises helped me to grow in exercising faith in giving. I had applied for a scholarship before entering university and committed in faith to give God 20 percent of the allowance. God opened the door to bless me with the scholarship. He also provided for me in many other ways! Through Faith Promises, I have learned that as I seek first God’s Kingdom and righteousness, all things will be added unto me.”

Faith Promises have always been a challenge for me because it really ‘challenges’ my faith to give something that I don’t yet have. However, God has always been faithful to provide.”

– Roxanne Ana Fay L.

Jomento Filipino Ministry Trinitarian since August 2010

The fulfillment of our vision requires us to act in faith – giving of our time, talents, and treasures. As we enter into Vision Rally and Vision Weekend, God is inviting you and I to rise to a new level of faith through our giving of a vision Faith Promise!

What is a Vision Faith Promise? • A commitment, made in faith, between you and God. • A time to ask the Lord how much He wants you to give towards a specific area of His Kingdom-work (e.g., Trinity’s Vision) • An opportunity for God to provide through you. God has given Trinity an incredible vision. Let’s take courage to be used as God’s channel of blessing and provision!

How do I Make a Vision Faith Promise? • Come to Vison Weekend on September 24 and 25! Collect a Faith Promise Card from one of our Celebration Hosts. When instructed, complete the Faith Promise Card and return the upper portion to our Celebration Hosts.

• If you can’t make it for Vision Weekend From September 26 onwards, collect and return your Faith Promise Card at the Level 2 Information Counter.

3 1


Married to a great wife. Father to two young children. A smooth career as a journalist. Life was good for me. Then, suddenly, a brain tumor hit, hard.

By Kevin Kwang

3 2

t lasted for just a few milliseconds. During that time, the shopping mall spun wildly as my legs buckled. Cold sweat quickly formed, followed by nausea. Thoughts swirled in my head during those initial moments.


“This is not good.” “I’m too young to die.” “My wife and kids need me!” It was supposed to be a normal afternoon, on leave after the grueling coverage of the 2015 General Election. My wife and I were supposed to catch a movie at Junction 8 in Bishan. She was coming up the escalator when I became really unwell. As she came and tended to me, two policemen walked past us outside the cinema. You may wonder why are these details are important. I believe these little “coincidences” were actually planned by God to assure me that I was not alone in this. My life was not ending just yet. What are the Fast-forward to a few hours later. I had been sent to Tan Tock Seng Hospital’s (TTSH) Accident and Emergency (A&E) department. The A&E doctor on duty thought I had a “vasovagal attack,” but its effects (dizziness and nausea) were supposed to clear up after five hours. They didn’t. I still had dizziness and pressure at the back of my head. An external scan at my neck didn’t show anything so an MRI scan was ordered. Stroke was a possible prognosis.

It turns out that none of the above were true. Instead, a benign brain tumor, about 3.3cm, was the cause of all my symptoms. It was a “vestibular schwannoma,” a non-cancerous tumor sitting on the eighth cranial nerve. A registrar, Dr Julian explained that this nerve was responsible for right facial movements, speech swallowing, hearing from my right ear, and balance needed for standing and walking. That explained the dizziness I felt earlier. According to him, the tumor may have been growing since the start of the year and had bled a little. The symptoms I felt could have happened anywhere and at any time: While I was carrying the children, driving the family, or just crossing the road. But they did not. It was another assurance that God is with me on this journey.

Percentages. Doctors love to deal with percentages, and my case was no different.”

3 3

UP CLOSE STAGE 1: SURGERY After my admission, Dr Julian informed me that I had three options: adopting a wait-and-see approach, radiotherapy, or surgery Option one was out of the picture since the tumor had already bled. Option two was also a non-starter because radiotherapy was meant for tumors not larger than 2.5cm. That left me with option three, something I had somehow expected. The main objective was to remove as much of the tumor as possible without affecting any of the nerves surrounding it. “Sounds simple,” I thought to myself before Dr Julian explained the length of the procedure. “You’ll be wheeled in around 7:30-8:00am on Monday

3 4

(September 21) and the whole thing should be done around 2:00-3:00am the next morning,” he explained. Percentages. Doctors love to deal with percentages, and my case was no different. I had less than one percent chance of dying from the operation (phew!) and 5-10 percent chance of complications to the bodily functions the tumor sat on (phew?). In other words, I could lose my facial control over the right side of my face, speech, swallowing and/or my right ear’s hearing ability. Decent odds, I figured. I was not scheduled to undergo operation so soon after being warded. However, Dr Julian and the surgeon-in-charge, Dr Vincent, were able to ask another patient to shift his operation to a later date. I would

undergo operation four days after my initial diagnosis, another provision from God.

GOD’S LOVE IN ACTION Now, my concern turned towards my family. How would my wife cope with our two kids? It was already a challenge when I was fit, healthy and present.

to tending to our patch – children, marriage, work, and finances – that He had been cut out of many of these aspects of our lives. Through this ordeal, God reminded us that when we ask, He hears. And delivers. We just have to obey, no matter how tough it could be.

How would my wife cope with our two kids?”

STAGE 2: RECOVERY Unknown to the both of us, a Trinity pastor who visited me at the hospital had gotten in touch with some of my former carecell members. Our family had not been regular in attending the carecell because of our trying work schedules while caring for the kids. She saw our family’s needs and asked for volunteers to help my wife and children as I went through the surgery and recovery. And volunteered they did. While I spent time in the hospital, various people from the carecell helped out: feeding or entertaining my children, bringing the kids to play during the weekends, or ferrying all of them to visit me. They really came through for us. One of them even sacrificed his mornings to ferry my wife and son to work and school during the haze period. “You’ve been the church that I read about in Acts – giving of all you can,” my wife told this friend. She is not wrong. I previously thought that we only receive God’s love through worship or His Word. I was wrong. These “care acts” were God’s love in action. This season was also a time for my wife and I to learn to obey God. In this case, it was to depend on God for everything. We were so used

Before surgery, my doctor had detailed my expected recovery timeline: 1-2 days in the ICU and 7-10 days in the general ward. I would be assessed on suitability for rehabilitation before being transferred to another facility for 2-3 weeks more. In all, my time in hospital was expected to be about six weeks. By God’s grace, my recover time was shortened to a total of 21 days and I was discharged on October 9. I know that God was there in every step of my recovery process. For example, I was transferred to the rehabilitation hospital on September 30 and had my first physiotherapy sessions a day later. I was still slightly unsteady on my feet and my head felt heavy. I was also easily tired. During the first session, the physiotherapist had me do a balancing test where I scored 44 of 56 points. Usually, people would achieve a perfect score. A weekend passed and physiotherapy sessions resumed. Activities such as kicking a ball and endurance walking were attempted and overcome. Another balance test was conducted on Tuesday. My score: full marks! That was another tick off the mental 3 5

UP CLOSE checklist. Two days before my actual discharge, both the physiotherapist and occupational therapist came by to tell me there was no need for further sessions.

In the grand scheme of things, God has given me a second chance to live life right, to walk on His straight and narrow path.

“Thank you God,” I prayed, “Now, let’s get me home.”

STAGE 3: LIFE GOES ON Friday. October 9. A date I will remember for a long time: it was the day I went home to my family! I was excited to carry and hold my children after nearly a month away, to be with my wife and kick-start our marriage after its “hiatus.” In the midst of the transition, I was reminded of how God’s provision covers every possible aspect of any ordeal. During the time in the hospital, my wife had told me that, based on rough calculations, the surgery and hospitalisation could set us back around $17,000. So imagine my surprise when I looked at the final calculations to find that thousands whittled down to zero. After factoring in the Medisave and insurance payouts, we had no expected out-of-pocket expenses. Moreover, when my boss visited me, he gave me with a check for $3,500. My colleagues had come through for me even though many didn’t know what had happened. I was flabbergasted. It was just too neat for that to be a coincidence. It had to be God. There are many reasons to dispute why there is a God, and what can

3 6

a seemingly faraway God do in our everyday lives. Yet, when the cost of a brain surgery had been reduced to nothing, there is no dispute from me: this is God’s doing.

THE STORY CONTINUES Now that the worst is over, I live knowing that there will be challenges that I might have to face for the rest of my life.

In the grand scheme of things, God has given me a second chance to live life right, to walk on His straight and narrow path. Each day I have with family and friends is a blessing from Him. But much more than that, I now have a story to tell and a desire to tell it to anyone who would listen. All glory to God!  

Despite an “overwhelmingly successful” surgery (as my neurosurgeons proclaimed) the remaining tumor is still in my head. It’s unlikely to grow again but frequent MRIs will be needed to monitor for any potential growth. I’m also undergoing a one-off radiotherapy session to control and curb any potential growth. The back of my head, where the surgeons operated, is numb and will likely be that way for the rest of my life. Moreover, I cannot hear out of my right ear. That said, life has really started to pick up. I’m back at work with colleagues that continue to bless me by taking on additional assignments. This gives me more time for radiotherapy, my family, and rest. I thank God for such understanding colleagues. I also thank God for my carecell. Though our schedules haven’t lightened up, and we are not always able to attend every carecell activity, we now try our very best to be there. We are so appreciative and thankful for how great they are – then and now. 3 7


By Senior Pastor Dominic Yeo

3 8

s a Pentecostal church, it is important to come to a place of Pentecostal encounter. We must understand that our traditions are founded and grounded on the person of the Holy Spirit, who lives inside of us and empowers us. When we go through the baptism of the Holy Spirit, we hand over our lives to the Holy Ghost so that it can lead and drive our lives.


What is the baptism of the Holy Spirit? It is:

That is why it is so important for you and I to receive regular revelation of God for without it, we cast off restraint (Proverbs 29:18), easily distracted by what’s happening around us.



• The power of God that takes us into His purpose and sees the establishment of His Kingdom here on earth;

• The passion of God to see the nations touched for His glory; and


• The hammer of God to break the grip of sin that hinders us from becoming who He meant us to be. Each of us walks and lives on the prophetic unction of God – we are called to live a life of proclamation and declaration. We are men and women empowered to see visions and dream dreams, operating with the same power that was poured down on the early church (cf Joel 2:28-29; Acts 2.17-19). If you and I claim to be Spiritempowered, then we will regularly receive revelation for own lives as well as for the lives of those around us. Those who operate in the prophetic are not shaken when the storms of life come because they operate in the revelation of the promises of God.




As Christians, we are the mouthpiece of God calling people to turn from darkness and live in the light. We are also entrusted to be social engineers and architects, speaking life and purpose so that men and women move to align to the will of God. To live with the prophetic unction of God – a prophetic edge – is not something mystical. Rather, living with a prophetic edge is about hearing God’s word and then articulating, demonstrating, or expressing it – the will, intention, and/or passion of God – to those around us. If you and I want to live with a prophetic edge, we must understand the prophetic process, the stages that take place in our lives where we become people that operate by the Spirit in order to move in the Spirit.

OUR STARTING POINT: INFORMATION We live in a world where we are flooded with information: on paper, from the television, through the internet, and by interacting with the people around us. However, information in and of itself is meaningless, even irrelevant, unless we give it meaning and insight. When it is not wanted, it can even harden our hearts. The information we are looking for, the right information that will bring

3 9

ENVISION us to a place of revelation, can only be provided by the Holy Spirit.

STAGE 1: REVELATION In every aspect of life (school/work, family, ministry) we need revelation for without it, we will not know what to do. That is why the first stage of the prophetic process is that we receive a revelation from God, a download from heaven. It is His way of helping us make sense of what’s happening and where things will go. Revelation is a reflection of heaven for it is God’s voice. That’s why Jesus taught his disciples to pray, “Your kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven” (Matthew 6:10). Whatever that’s happening on earth echoes what has already been decreed in heaven. When we strive, it is because we operate without the revelation of God. In order to thrive, we must receive revelation by coming before God with the right position, proximity, and posture.

• Position is about operating in our God-given identity. John 1:12 tells us that, “to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God.” To be a child of God is to recognize that we have been bestowed a level of privilege that no other relationship can give us: direct access to our Heavenly Father and a claim to His promises, provision, and power.

4 0

• Posture has to do with the attitude of our heart, our willingness and desire to be intimate with God. 1 Chronicles 16:11 exhorts us to, “Look to the Lord and His strength; seek His face always.” When we engage in prayer and the reading of His Word, we demonstrate our desire to hear our Heavenly Father’s voice.

• Proximity has to do with the distance between us and God. John 10:27 assures us that we can hear from God (“My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me”). The closer in proximity we are to Him, the louder His voice will be. Moreover, the way we follow God will determine how well we hear his voice. If we follow Him from behind, it’s very hard to hear God because

His voice projects forward. The right way to follow Him is side-by-side where it’s possible for us to see and interact with Him. Once we receive revelation from God, it will always be succeeded by the next stage of the prophetic process.

STAGE 2: ILLUMINATION When God reveals, He brings understanding. Just as the contents of a dark room become visible when we turn on the light, the illumination of God brings clarity so that we are able to see what’s really going on around us. That is why Psalm 119:105 writes that, “Your Word is a lamp for my feet, a light for my path.” Illumination helps us see with insight and understanding; something clicks within our spirit and we gain new perspectives about the circumstances around us. However, perceiving the illumination of God doesn’t happen automatically. We must create the right environment within us for it to happen.

The illumination of God brings clarity so that we are able to see what’s really going on around us.”

First, we need to stop using logic. Many times, the promises of God require us to go into the unknown, to walk by faith and put logic aside. The moment we question the prompting of Holy Spirit, we move into the realm of logic. Logic holds us back because it sees a situation and calculates the probability of success based on human factors (e.g., past experiences).

4 1

ENVISION Next, we must live in the right atmosphere. One trend I’ve noticed among those that regularly receive revelations from the Holy Spirit is the atmosphere they create within their spirit. They live with a sense of expectation, anticipation and adventure for what the Holy Spirit wants to do in and through their lives. Many of us are so engaged in the earthly realm that we spend all of our effort firefighting. Friends, that’s not how God intends for each of us to live. Choose to start your days expecting God to use you for His glory.

Choose to start your days expecting God to use you for His glory.”

beings, we tend to move in the natural. However, God wants us to move in the supernatural. That starts with faith, recognizing how big our God truly is. Though we may have giants in our lives, faith is about recognizing that God is with us through every season. They are also are very sensitive to even the slightest promptings by the Holy Spirit. When the Holy Spirt tells them to move, they move immediately and without hesitation. That kind of discernment comes with practice and discipline: the more we start yielding to the prompting of the Holy Spirit, the more sensitive and insightful we become.

They also live with a strong element of faith. Faith is the currency of heaven for “without faith it is impossible to please God” (Hebrews 11:6). As natural




STAGE 3: CONVICTION AND ORDINATION The purpose of revelation, which leads to illumination (that brings understanding), is to bring us to a place of conviction. As Christians, we straddle between two Kingdoms, touching the Kingdom of God while living in the Kingdom of Man. We are not of this world (John 17:16) but have yet to enter into eternity. Therefore, you and I have been called to live as citizens of the Kingdom of God and receive His revelation so that we don’t conform to the patterns of the world (Romans 12:2). Once we receive the revelation and encounter illumination, we come to a crossroad – either we trust God or succumb to our logic and disbelief. Trusting God can only happen when there is conviction within us, a strong belief that pursuing the things of God reaps greater rewards than pursing the things of man. How do we get to that place of conviction? Suppose you try to tell someone to quit smoking. You list out all the downsides but it’s highly unlikely that he/she will stop habit until there’s a rude awakening – lung cancer or health problems to a loved one due to second-hand smoke. It’s the same with getting our children to study. All the dreams of a better future fall on deaf ears until they experience the consequences of their actions like failing an exam or having to repeat a subject. Suddenly all that information immediately turns into illumination

that brings conviction (“If I don’t do something about it now, I will continue to suffer”). The truth is this: we don’t need to wait until we experience negative consequences. This includes whatever promptings the Holy Spirit is bringing to our hearts. Upon receiving the revelation and encountering illumination, remain in God’s presence. Ask Him to search our hearts and remove all that is standing in the way of pursing His plans and directions. I believe each of us wants to fly high and last long in this journey of faith. If you want to continue fighting the good fight and finish the race strong (1 Timothy 4:7), you will need conviction to keep you on the path God had planned for you.

You and I have been called to live as citizens of the Kingdom of God and receive His revelation so that we don’t conform to the patterns the world.”

4 3

ENVISION True conviction activates ordination where the hand of God causes His purpose to be fulfilled in our lives. When His purpose and our conviction come together, the final stage of the prophetic process occurs.

STAGE 4: MANIFESTATION We all want to experience the power of God at work in our lives. I believe each of us wants to carry God’s heart and move with great compassion for the lost – to be His salt and light in our families, our schools, workplaces and communities.

Pastor Dominic Yeo is the Senior Pastor of Trinity Christian Centre. Hear his message, at www.trinity.sg (Media > Sermons)

Whether it’s physical, emotional, or spiritual, we all desire to reach a point of manifestation because that is where miracles and breakthroughs occur in our lives when chains are broken and the sick are healed. When we don’t see manifestation taking place, that shouldn’t cause us to question God, rather, we must take a good look at each stage of the process.

Did we get the revelation right? Was there illumination? Were we brought to a place of true conviction? There’s no doubt that God wants to manifest Himself through our lives. The life that releases the power of God is one where God is in the driver’s seat.

4 4

Now that we understand the prophetic process, the million-dollar question is this: are we operating in it? God invites each of us to experience His ways and methods so that we will produce everlasting fruit. If we want a constant manifestation of the Holy Spirit’s power in our lives, it starts by asking ourselves how much revelation we are getting from Him. Are we tuned in to hear His voice? How is our proximity with God? To live with a prophetic edge, we need to regularly draw near to God to receive revelation for own lives as well as for the lives of those around us. We need to hear what God says about our situation and not just get thrown about by life’s circumstances. As we receive the revelation, let us create the right environment to gain insight and understanding. Put aside all that hinders us from receiving an illumination and respond in faith and conviction that will release a manifestation of God’s power. Let’s choose to live Spirit-empowered lives, one that is sharpened with a prophetic edge so that we can unlock Heaven’s miracles and breakthroughs in every arena of our lives. 

Over the years, the Trinitarian magazine has blessed many readers with articles about God and how He works powerfully in lives of His people, inspiring many to walk in greater faith. Distributed for free, the Trinitarian is a magazine that is passed from household to household. We invite you to support this publication by advertising with us! Available online at no additional cost, your ads can go even further. For advertising rates, contact Jessie Chew (6304 7721, jessiechew@trinity.sg). Thank you in advance for your partnership to shout out God’s faithfulness, one issue at a time.


moving from to

By Reverend Ong Sek Leang

If you’ve been a Christian long enough, you would have seen or experienced the power of God. Therefore, our struggle is not whether our God is powerful but, rather, why His power appears to be intermittent. Why is it that sometimes we feel the power of God and other times we feel nothing? Why is it that sometimes He turns up and sometimes He doesn’t seem to turn up at all? We need to recognize that the manifestation of God’s power has to do with the state of God’s presence in our lives. His promises don’t need the presence of a guest speaker or a special event to come to pass. Is His presence a mere visitation or is there a habitation of God in our hearts? To understand this, let’s look at the ministry of Elisha and his encounter with the Shunammite woman. 4 6

2 Kings 4:8-17 8 One day Elisha went to Shunem. And a well-to-do

woman was there, who urged him to stay for a meal. So whenever he came by, he stopped there to eat. 9 She said to her husband, “I know that this man

who often comes our way is a holy man of God. 10 Let’s make a small room on the roof and put in it a bed and a table, a chair and a lamp for him. Then he can stay there whenever he comes to us.” 11 One day when Elisha came, he went up to his room and lay down there. 12 He said to his servant Gehazi, “Call the Shunammite.” So he called her, and she stood before him. 13 Elisha said to him, “Tell her, ‘You have gone to all

this trouble for us. Now what can be done for you? Can we speak on your behalf to the king or the commander of the army?’” She replied, “I have a home among my own people.” 14 “What can be done for her?” Elisha asked. Gehazi

said, “She has no son, and her husband is old.” 15 Then Elisha said, “Call her.” So he called her, and

she stood in the doorway. 16 “About this time next year,” Elisha said, “you will

hold a son in your arms.” “No, my lord!” she objected. “Please, man of God, don’t mislead your servant!” 17 But the woman became pregnant, and the next

year about that same time she gave birth to a son, just as Elisha had told her. 4 7


Desire is rooted in a will of a person, going beyond one’s mind and affecting his/her will.” THE MINISTRY OF ELISHA

available to us today. God can, and will,

hen we look at the life of the prophet Elisha, his ministry focused on three specific areas. First, Elisha’s ministry was known for miracles. The Bible tells us that he performed twice as many miracles as his master, Elijah. Second, Elisha’s ministry was also known for life. He brought life to the Shunammite woman and later revived her son from death (2 Kings 4:35). Elisha was so full of life that even his bones could bring people back from the dead (2 Kings 13:20-21). Finally, Elisha’s ministry was also known for possession. Elisha was a strategist and aid to the nation’s kings, sharing wisdom and knowledge so that his armies would know how to fight and win against the enemy.

demonstrate His power in any and every


The miracles, life, and possession demonstrated through Elisha are still

4 8

setting. In fact, God wants to anoint us to become life-givers – not just for the physical body but into the spirit-man. He wants our presence and words to bring people to a place of experiencing the Spirit of the Living God. He wants to take us to a place where we not only speak Truth but seize every arena He has placed us in for His glory. In order for all these things to happen, it requires us to move from a visitation of the Holy Spirit to a habitation within us. In 2 Kings 4:8, we read Elisha was passing by when a well-to-do Shunammite woman met with him. Other translations describe this woman as “notable.” I

believe the author chose this particular description to demonstrate that this woman was well-balanced: she was not super-religious, overly-emotional, or of unsound mind. When she heard that this prophet had the ability to

bring forth miracles and life, she did something important: she invited Elisha to come to her home. In those days, prophets were antisocial, choosing to live in caves so that they would not be distracted from hearing the voice of God. We don’t see them mingling with the people for their role was to come out, deliver the Word of God, and then go away. This encounter with the Shunammite woman was different. When she asked Elisha to stay in her home, he stayed!

WHAT CAUSED THIS PROPHET TO MOVE FROM VISITATION TO HABITATION? Reason 1: A Deep Desire for the Presence of God The Bible records that the Shunammite woman did more than ask – she persuaded Elisha to stay. This speaks

of a strong desire in her heart for the presence of God in her home. Psalm 37:4 tells us that God will give us the desires of our heart. Likewise, the habitation of God will only happen when there is a serious desire for the Lord. If we adopt a tidak apa (passive) attitude towards God (“If something happens, then great! If nothing happens, then it’s okay”), then the presence of God will only come to us once in a while. If we want the presence of God all the time and everywhere, then our attitude towards God must demonstrate it. Many Christians claim to have a desire for God. In reality, it is wishful thinking, an idea that begins and remains in one’s head, never moving. Desire is rooted in a will of a person, going beyond one’s mind and affecting his/ her will. For instance, if we desire

4 9

ENVISION good food, it doesn’t matter if we’re tired and the food is far away – we will do whatever it takes to reach our destination so that we can enjoy a good meal.

A visiting anointing will cost us nothing but if we desire a resident anointing, it will cost us everything.

5 0

Today, let’s grow in our desire for God. Boldly confess that His presence is our heart’s desire. Reason 2: An Attitude that Welcomes God in our Midst We read that the Shunammite woman persuaded the prophet to eat some food. In a culture where food and entertainment went hand in hand, her invitation demonstrated a desire for his company and a willingness to make sure he was comfortable in her home. When we invite people into our own home, I’m sure we do the same: providing directions, tidying our home, and buying their favorite things to eat and drink.

If we want the habitation of God, it requires an attitude of hospitality. Do we welcome the presence of the Holy Spirit? Is our heart filled with reverence and our lips with praise? Do we exalt God, telling Him how great He really is? The habitation of God also requires us to focus on Him, to ask questions – “What are You like? What do You want to do in this season? How and where do You want me to move?” – and then to wait on Him for a response. When our heart desires the constant presence of God, His presence can touch us in such a way that our life is decisively and permanently changed. The touch of God is a powerful touch. The sweetness of God is an enduring sweetness. The peace of God is beyond all understanding. Choose to welcome God today!

Reason 3: An Understanding of God’s Holiness The Shunammite woman perceived Elisha as more than a guest – he was a holy man of God. Though we do not read about how she treated him, we can be sure it was with utmost reverence and honor. Friends, do we exhibit the same attitude when we step into God’s House? The church is a place where pastors do their best to be friendly, engaging, and understandable. Sermons are preached in a way that makes the Word of God relevant and relatable. In such a welcoming environment, it is easy to forget that we are actually in the presence of a Holy God. We talk among ourselves while the pastor is speaking. We treat worship like a karaoke session. All these things indicate that there is a lack of preparation in our hearts. When we enter into the presence of God, we must do so with a sense of reverence, acknowledging His holiness, and grateful for grace that has washed our sins away. Reason 4: A Willingness to Sacrifice for God In the beginning of this account, we read that the Shunammite woman turned the upper room into a resting place for Elisha, furnishing it so that he could have a place to turn in. This renovation was a sacrifice of money, space, and comfort for her household. The same is true for us today. A visiting anointing will cost us nothing but if we desire a resident anointing, it will cost us everything – our comfort, talents,

and treasures. It will cost us the most precious commodity of all: our time. If we want a church where the power of God manifests at every service – miracle healings, salvations, breakthroughs – then willing to pay the price, we must be willing to sacrifice every part of us so that His glory can flow freely through this place. Towards the end of this account, we read that Elisha asked the Shunammite woman if there was anything he could do for her. Isn’t that amazing? But what’s even more amazing is her response, “I don’t need anything.” If God asked us if we needed anything, how many of us could respond as she did? Most of the time, we’re the ones running to God with a checklist of wants and needs! The heart of the Shunammite woman demonstrates what happens when God goes beyond visitation and into habitation in our lives: He becomes our satisfaction. We become so filled with God that we don’t need anything, or anybody, else. The truth of the matter was that this woman was barren. In her culture, she was considered cursed, a shame to the family. When God insisted on blessing her, He knew the desires of her heart and chose to open her womb so that she could have a child.

Reverend Ong Sek Leang is the Senior Pastor of Metro Tabernacle in Kuala Lumpur and the General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God, Malaysia. An anointed speaker and recognized prophet, Rev Ong brings a fresh understanding of God’s Word that releases faith to walk in victory.

How many of us are ready for the habitation of God in our hearts today? How many of us want to become so content with God that we perceive no lack in our lives? Choose to desire God. Welcome and entertain Him. Focus on who He is and wait for His revelation. Move from visitation to habitation today! 

5 1


Are You Ready for a

Habitation of the Holy Spirit? How do we make our heart His home? What will it take for us to walk in step with the Holy Spirit and live life with a prophetic edge? By moving from visitation to habitation!

5 2

Bound in sin

Overcomer (Freedom) in Christ

Repent from sin. Seek help for deliverance. Walk in freedom and enjoy life in Christ.



Focus on Him. Be lost in worship with the One that deserves your worship. Don’t focus on the singers, the stage, the …. (Don’t be distracted).


Sacrificial giving

Don’t tip him for blessing you! Don’t give God loose change. His giving cost Him everything – give like He gave.

Being fed

Being hungry (Under-nourished Well-developed)

Don’t only wait for feeding at the weekend services. Feed yourself by having Time Alone With God, go for LEAD classes, read books, etc.



Don’t stay in doubt. Talk to Him and godly people about your doubts. Step out in faith knowing He will be there.

Crowd pleaser

God pleaser

Please God, the One who has given you everything that you have. Don’t please man at the expense of God.

Fair weather believer

Faithful disciple

Don’t be there only when He blesses you with health and wealth. Stick with Him even when things get rough.

Selective obedience

Complete obedience

Don’t only obey Him when it is convenient. Obey Him in every area of life. Following His ways and timing.

Careless and casual attitude

Holy and reverent attitude

Don’t treat God like a pal or a bro – on equal level with us. Treat Him as He deserves – a holy God.

5 3


Cultivating a


Partner with the Holy Spirit to walk in faith and breakthrough today!

Here are a few activities to get you started. 1. When you prepare your keys to open your gate and leave your house, invite God to take charge of the day – hand him the keys of your life (1 Peter 3:15).

4. When you drive or take public transport, use your commute to pray for Singapore (provision, prosperity, protection) (Psalm 67).

2. When you scroll through at Facebook, ask God to touch your Facebook friends and bring them to a place of encounter with Jesus (Acts 9:3-19).

5. When you encounter people, greet and wish them a good day. Ask God to use you as a channel of blessing to them (Luke 4:18)!

3. When you need to make a major decision, fast and pray (one meal a day) until you hear from God (Isaiah 58:3-7). Want to take it to the next level? Follow Jesus and consider a 40-day fast! Need help developing this spiritual discipline? Go to https://www.cru.org/train-and-grow/spiritual-growth/

6. When you give thanks for your meal, include a prayer for your pastors (relationship with God and family, courage to obey God’s promptings) (John 5:19, 10:27). 7. When you read the news, pray maranatha (“come, Lord Jesus”) (Revelations 22:7,12)

fasting/personal-guide-to-fasting.html for the whys and hows of fasting.

5 4

8. As you are about to sleep, ask God to give you His dreams (Acts 2:17).

Cultivating the



The prophetic word could be a prophecy given to you or to your church.

As a Trinitarian, every prophetic word for Trinity is a prophetic word for you! Do your part to fulfi ll Trinity’s God-given vision. 1. PRAY over the Prophetic Word (e.g., VIPs, other prophetic words for the season) • Make it visible Print it out and put it in your bible, on the fridge, or at your desk. Save it as a desktop wallpaper, screensaver, or smartphone background.

Personal and world-wide revival is always upon God’s heart. We need to partner with God, in fasting and prayer, to see it fulfilled. “I believe the power of fasting as it relates to prayer is the spiritual atomic bomb that our Lord has given us to destroy the strongholds of evil and usher in a great revival and spiritual harvest around the world.” – Dr Bill Bright, Founder of Campus Crusade Need help developing this spiritual

• Declare in faith Start and end the day by reading it out loud, believing that God will bring it to pass. • Ask God to use you! 2. FAST for personal and worldwide revival What is a fast? Devoting time that you would normally use for eating to pray.

discipline? Go to https://www.cru. org/train-and-grow/spiritual-growth/ fasting/personal-guide-to-fasting.html for the whys and hows of fasting.

3. DO whatever He has already said in the Bible • Christianity is a partnership: We must do our best and believe that He will do the rest! • God will fulfi ll His promises (e.g., prophetic words) but it requires us to obey what has already been revealed in His Word, the Bible. 5 5


The #Jubilee50K Challenge In the final few weeks of the #Jubilee50K Challenge, be inspired to move forward to become a greater blesser!

I had a long list of things to complete in the oďŹƒce today. But as I started talking to a colleague, I realised he needed a listening ear and advice on navigating the organization. I chose to spend 1.5 hours listening and sharing some thoughts. At lunch today, I sat with another colleague who shared about the changes in her life and family. I listened and encouraged her. Sometimes all a person needs is your time and ears. Bless and proclaim, transform our world.

5 6 Posts have been edited for length and clarity.

A friend had a dilemma: he needed to be on a businesss trip during the same time his elderly bachelor brother was having a post-heart stent operation review. I rearrange my schedule to help bring his brother for the review. I’m thankful for the opportunity to chat and d his brother who is known to be an extreme introvert.

I was preparing for an early rest after a long, tiring day when a colleague called. He was stranded in a remote area and needed a lift to. It was inconvenient but seeing the relief and smile on his face made the sacrifice all worthwhile.

It was raining heavily during bible study class and I had to run some time sensitive errands afterward. But since itt was raining, I decided to give my cell member, and fellow bible student, a lift home first. Learning to be a greater blesser and be intentional! Bless, Proclaim and Transform!

There was a jam leading out of Punggol Waterway. Turns out a massive tree branch was blocking both lanes. National Service taught me useful lessons on rope tying and how to direct vehicles. What amazed me most was seeing uncles and foreign workers working together to push the branch even after the rope snapped. I’m glad to have played a part in clearing the road.

5 7


MISSIONS Statistics for Jan - Jun 2016




4 53 14


COUNTRIES India, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Taiwan

FIRST-TIMERS Trinitarians going for the first time









in Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Thailand sponsored





China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Romania, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, the United Kingdom, Vietnam

5 8







(Helping churches transform by impacting their ministries, ministers, and members)

(Helping rebuild communities through tangible acts of love so that they can experience the love of Christ)

Four Mission Impact Teams travelled to India, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Taiwan in the second quarter of 2016. The teams touched 2,644 lives, saw 863 salvations, and were part of two physical healings. A Trinitarian prayed for healing of a person with an immobilised arm and witnessed the mobility being restored. An AlphaTracker also witnessed a physical healing when she prayed for one of the villagers. We praise God for the amazing work He has done through Trinitarians that chose to give their time and talents to reach out to the lost.

Trinity continues to champion causes locally and abroad, supporting 1,200 destitute children in Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Thailand.

Trinity’s pastors travelled to nine countries to embark on 12 training and consultation trips. More than 870 people and140 churches were impacted in China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, the United Kingdom and Vietnam. We thank God for the impact our pastors are having in the lives of men and women around the world, as well as the growing fruitfulness of churches as they become strengthened in faith and equipped to grow their carecells.

Additionally, the church had an opportunity to provide financial support to two organizations • Project Romanian Rescue1,a ministry that cares for at risk and impoverished children and youth; and • The New Charis Mission’s, a gift to celebrate their 10-year anniversary and provide continued support for their rehabilitation work with ex-drug offenders and ex-criminals.

BE A PARTNER IN PRAYER FOR TRINITY’S MISSIONS! • Missions Impact Teams: journey mercy and effective, impactful lasting ministry • The Champions: God’s presence to cover the children as they grow in the Lord and in learning • Ambassadors and Trainers: fresh anointing and wisdom to help guide churches to transform and grow in God and in raising new leaders


This organization is not affiliated with Project Rescue in Spain or India 5 9


Thank You Trinitarians for Going to the Nations!

In the second quarter of 2016, we had the privilege of sending four MITs to India, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Taiwan. We rejoice with those that have made decisions for Christ! Let’s also continue to pray for those that have yet to receive Jesus. May every seed sown continue to be watered and nurtured to fruition! June 27 – July 3: Yilan, Taiwan

28 decisions made for Christ I am very thankful for the opportunity to pray at the altar for the Taiwanese youths and children. I have always struggled with praying for people at the altar because I felt inadequate and didn’t think I couldn’t hear from God. When it was time to minister, there wasn’t time to hesitate; we had to go out immediately and pray. As I started to pray for the youths, I felt the love of God and His heart for them. It was truly a breakthrough for me. Never did I think I would be able to hear from God and pray out of faith. I have also been inspired and encouraged to see how much the Taiwanese youths have given up so they could reach out to their friends. When I’m back in Singapore, I intend to be more intentional in reaching out to my oikos and inspiring others to do the same.

Ong Jie Qi Faith Evangeline 6 0

April 4 – 10: Hyderabad, India

73 decisions made for Christ The trip turned out to be much more fruitful than I could ever imagine. I am thankful for the opportunity to lead the children’s programs. Though I was extremely nervous each time I waited to take over the microphone, I’m grateful for teammates who were always there to assure and support me. I have grown to be more alert in the spirit. I had never prayed so intensively than when I did in those seven days. Every pocket of free time (in between programs) was devoted to prayer. Going on this missions trip has enabled me to see on the other side of this world and witness our brothers and sisters (in Christ) serving God, their country, and communities so faithfully.

Seit Wen Bing

May 30 – June 5: Iloilo, Philippines

762 decisions made for Christ I am thankful to see the children enjoying the games, songs, skit, and craft planned for them. We saw their eyes light up and laughing at each of part of the program. I do not particularly enjoy acting and singing before an audience but I am humbled by how taking an “all for Jesus” attitude allows us to glorify God. I was blessed by the opportunity to share my testimony of God’s goodness at the local church service. Hearing that people were encouraged by it reminds me that my life can be used to glorify God – He is the same yesterday, today, and forevermore. I could trust Him in the past and I can trust God for my future. I have also grown in boldness in praying for strangers and for healing. Beyond those who made decisions for Christ, I’m glad we had the opportunity to bring the reality of Jesus into the lives of many.

Lye Huixian

June 24 – 26: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

36 lives touched

6 1


RAISING CHAMPIONS Trinity’s Ambassadors to Thailand have a big heart for the children of Thailand, dedicating their lives to bringing them up in the ways of the Lord. We interview Brother Steven Leng and Sister Rita Chee (a husband-and-wife team at Champions@Chiang Mai City) and Sister Cal-Lin Neubronner (Champions@Maerim) on their journey so far.

It’s been a few years since you’ve set roots in Thailand. How long have you been in your respective Champions Homes? Can you share with us some of your high and low moments? Sister Cal-Lin: I’ve been in Maerim since 2012. I really enjoy seeing the children grow in the various facets of life: physical, mental, social-emotional and spiritual. Brother Steven: I came to Chiang Mai City one year before Rita, in 2012. When I first set foot on this land, I really didn’t know whether I could make it here. In the beginning, my journey was filled with questions, culture shock, homesickness, and lots of uncertainty. Regardless, I carried with me three tools to enter into this foreign land:

• Learn about the culture (what the locals think and do), language,

6 2

and different tribes (with different traditions and rites).

were incarcerated. A simple act like a hug or a listening ear makes a huge difference to these children.

• Grow to trust God more, in my spiritual disciplines, and in adjusting to new surroundings.

• Do as the locals do.

What are some of the activities the Champions Homes do, on a daily/ weekly basis, to help the children build character?

As I reflect on this awesome fouryear journey, I could say it is worth it. The best moments are times when I interact with the children: playing, running with them, and eating together. That’s where I get to know them – their background, dreams, strengths, and weaknesses.

Sister Cal-Lin: In order to raise them as Champions, we emphasis and deliberately include three values into everyday life:

Sister Rita: One of the most touching moments was a time when some of the girls asked Steven and I and if could they call us father and mother. That was when I realized how important our presence was because some of them were raised in singleparent homes or had parents who

• Be a Learner – Be willing to learn,

• Love and Honor God – To know and encounter God by having a personal relationship with Him;

work hard, and excel in all aspects of life; and

• Be a Leader – Use their unique leadership style and giftings to make a difference wherever God places them.

A simple act like a hug or a listening ear makes a huge difference to these children.

6 3

HEARTBEAT Brother Steven: We also inculcate values such as honesty, diligence, and humility by assigning responsibilities to each child: assisting the houseparent with preparing food, cleaning tables after meals, and various house chores. In addition, we practice a buddy system so that they learn to look after one another. Sister Cal-Lin: As they grow through the program, values are inculcated, characters molded, and disciplines are instilled. Most importantly, children have opportunities to know Jesus Christ. When they graduate from the Home, they leave with a strong foundation for their future so that they can be the Champion that God has intended for them to be.

difficult to relate to him and couldn’t wait to see him get into trouble. One day, out of curiosity, he broke several house rules and was severely punished. We were at wit’s end and thought of discharging him. Thank God for Trinity’s core value of Relentless Belief. Our House Mother, a woman gifted in ministering to the youth, began reaching out to him. Finally, a breakthrough came. Through persistent prayer, he began sharing his feelings, struggles, and needs to her. Eventually, his grades improved and his attitudes changed: he became more cheerful, eager to learn new

Sister Rita: These three years, I have seen how these children experience and live out God’s love. The children have grown in God and are boldly sharing Christ with their pre-believing family members. There was a time when we taught the children about prayer. When the mother of two children came to visit, her children boldly held her hand and prayed for her. Though she didn’t believe in Christ, she was very touched by their actions. Will you share a testimony of a child whose life has been transformed by his/her time at the Champions? Brother Steven: A youth by the name of Tim initially had problems integrating into the Home. He wasn’t interested in studying and didn’t make any effort to hand in his homework. Some of the teenage boys found it

6 4

Weekend arts and crafts. Taught the girls to make pouches and give it away as gifts to their friends who do not know Jesus. #Jubilee50K

things, hardworking, and helpful. Other teenage boys are eager to relate to him and he has been a great blessing to the younger ones. Sister Cal-Lin: When Joe (age 13) first came into the Home, he was a boy who angered easily and often lashed out at others. At school, he often got into trouble with his teachers and his schoolwork was less-than-satisfactory; he almost could not be promoted to the next grade.

he asked for us to play, “Thank You, Jesus.” As we sang, he started to tear and was soon sobbing. His friends thought that he missed his mother but he had actually been touched by the love of Jesus. From that point on, everyone noticed a change in him. When he makes mistakes, he is repentant and readily receives correction from us. All his friends in the Home testify of his improved behavior and help to encourage him. Their Relentless Belief and his posture to learn have been a blessing. 

One day, while we were playing the guitar and singing worship songs,

Our Ambassadors have chosen to leave home in order to give others a place to call home. Let’s continue to support them, and Champions Homes, through our prayers. Our Ambassadors • Wisdom and grace to lead the children, greater fluency in the Thai language

• Strength and good health to keep up with daily activities

• Good relationship with the local authorities

• Health, provision, and grace upon

The Children

• Good health, especially in the coming winter months

• Greater understanding of God’s love, irrespective of language or culture

• Courage to be good testimonies when they spend time with family during the school holidays.

their loved ones in Singapore Local staff • Strength and energy to take care of the children

The nation of Thailand • Positive growth and development (e.g., political atmosphere, collective values)

• Humility to allow God to speak in and through them

6 5


Impacting the Land of the

Rising Sun In the second quarter of 2016, our pastors traveled to nine countries (China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, the United Kingdom and Vietnam) for 12 Training and Consultation trips. The TCC Cell Church Model is doing amazing things for the churches of Japan. Read on to find out how dierent congregations have been strengthened through Trinity’s Spiritual Parenting courses.

6 6


Since 2014, leaders have been encouraged and challenged, and people have availed their homes so that carecell meetings could be conducted every week.

Since 2010, our church transitioned from small groups to the TCC Cell Church Model. This meant that our members needed to be trained. In May 2011, we conducted Spiritual Parenting courses. In September, we started two open carecells. This journey to becoming a cell-based church has its ups and downs. With the Lord’s guidance and mercy, we see that our members are beginning to understand what it means to be a Spiritual Parent and we are able to empower them to do the works of the “ministry”. Pastor Yukari Akikawa Senior Pastor Ozaki Christ Church Osaka, Japan

One sister testified that her life has changed since being a part of the carecell – she feels a stronger sense of belonging in the church. New visitors have been coming to church because of the involvement of the carecells. With the encouragement and teamwork of carecell members, people are getting baptized. The carecell has become a way of life. After our worship services, people instinctively to go these spiritual communities to enjoy meals together, fellowship, and learn about the Word. In February 2016, our church conducted another round of Spiritual Parenting courses. People were reminded of the role of the Spiritual Parent (to pray for, win and nurture two people within the year). Our hope is that this lifestyle will take root in the culture of our church and become a place where souls are saved, people are nurtured, and leaders are continuously being “formed”. Pastor Tetsuyuki Matsuda, Senior Pastor City Vision Glory Church Yokohama, Japan

It has been three years since our church started the TCC Cell Church Model. Initially we thought this was not possible because many of our members are mature (in age and faith) and, thus, more adverse to change. However, the Spiritual Parenting courses taught us that it is more important to have faithful people. As pastors, it is natural for us to worry about our leaders. However, we are encouraged to see them facing challenges head-on – they are determined to pray and obey what God has asked them to do. When we see them earnestly praying for their oikos, not giving up despite their frustrations, we know that this is the characteristic of a real disciple of the Lord. Supporting and raising up leaders has also caused us to grow in faith and numbers. We are grateful to the Lord for what He is doing in and through our church, “Hallelujah”. Pastors Ichiro and Tomoyo Noguchi Otsu Christ Church Otsu, Japan

6 7


Equipping the

Next Generation A look at Trinity’s Sponsorship for Scholars Trinity’s Missions Fund gives men and women the opportunity to be equipped for the ministry, providing financial support for their time in bible school. Aya Uchmura, from is a third-year Masters of Divinity (MDiv) student in the Asia Pacific Theological Seminary (APTS) – located in Baguio City, Philippines and a beneficiary of Trinity’s scholarship. From March 29, 2016, she was in Singapore to complete her field education requirements in Trinity. Jessie Chew finds out about her experience. 1. Why did you choose to study for an MDiv? What are you hoping to do after graduating from APTS? God gave me the desire to serve children and to be a missionary. To be eff ective in the ministry, that meant going through a season of theological study. If my studies go smoothly, I will graduate in March 2017. I have been praying what God wants me to do after APTS and I am still praying for the direction. Nevertheless, I believe that God will continue to train me in the area of children’s ministry. 2. Can you tell us more about this field education requirement? 6 8

Most MDiv students at APTS have to complete 400 hours of supervised ministry “to contribute to the equipping of the student… enhance the skills already possessed...and develop new ministry skills and abilities” (APTS Field Education Handbook, 2). This is to be done in a bible school, local church, or parachurch organization. 3. What did you expect to learn while you were in Singapore? Since this was my fi rst experience in full-time ministry, I could not imagine what my experience at Trinity would be. As I prepared to come to Singapore, I sensed that this was a time when I would grow

my relationship with God, a period of learning how to rely on Him fully through every new situation or challenge. 4. What did you do as part of your field education? Many things! I was involved in different ministries every week, starting with the North District, then Campus, IGYNTE (youth), Creative Ministry, and DiscoveryLand (children). I also shared a message in the Filipino Ministry and my testimony in the Japanese Ministry. A lot of my time was also spent observing how Trinity worked: visiting different carecells to see the TCC Carecell Model in action, accompanying pastors for funeral services and a hospital visitation, and attending pastor’s meetings. I also got a feel for what LEAD had to offer by attending Spiritual Parenting 1 and Introduction to the Trinity Family. 5. How was your experience here? What are some personal breakthroughs you’ve had during your time with us? The experience at Trinity was much greater than what I expected. Within this one and half months, I was able to do so much and learn a great deal from the pastors and leaders. One of the things I’ve learned from my field education supervisor, Pastor Melvin Lim, is the importance of having a ministry philosophy. This is one area that I will continue to think and pray about in the days to come.

uncomfortable when people blessed me. During my time here, many people treated me for meals. For a while, I would reject their offers but people insisted. “Let us bless you, just receive it!” they would say. Eventually, I began to change my attitude and learned to receive the blessing for I knew that their action came from the heart. It was when I experienced the blessing of others that I started to see what God meant when He said we are blessed to be a blessing. 6. What ministry/life lessons have you gained from your time here? My time with Trinity has had great impact in my life journey. I saw the value of teamwork, the significance of being intentional, and the need to constantly seek God for vision, values and plans. It is important to rely on Him and be sensitive to the move of the Holy Spirit. One thing that God spoke to me during the time here was my identity as a “child of God.” Hearing this was very significant to me for it gave me security and confidence. Knowing who I am in Christ is essential because it is the core of who I am and what my ministry will be. 7. Any last words you would like to share? From the beginning, I felt God’s love through this church. I pray for God’s continuous grace and will be done to and through Trinity and every Trinitarian. May God continue to bless and use you for His glory. 

One personal breakthrough I had was in the area of blessings. I always felt 6 9



Care Facts

CCSS’ first Elderly Meal Service (for 32 elderly) was held at Leng Kee Community Centre in 1996.

In 1996, CCSS also started her first Before-AfterSchool Care center at Townsville Primary School.

The first d’Klub mentoring program was conducted at Bukit View Primary School in 1998.

CCSS’ first Charity Golf fundraising event (in 1999) raised a total of $136,965.

CCSS distributed 20,000 kilograms of rice to disadvantaged families at the first rations distribution.

CCSS first started with four staff in 1996. Today, she has over 60.

In 2007, CCSS formed Prison Care Services to serve ex-offenders and their families

In 2009, CCSS opened her first CARElderly Seniors Activity Centre (SAC) at Block 37 Circuit Road to serve single and lowincome elderly living in the neighborhood.

4 In 2006, the Make Their Day program was birthed to bring delight and surprise to CCSS beneficiaries.


As of 2016, CCSS runs four CareHuts: New Town Primary School, Queenstown Primary School, Stamford Primary School, and Eunos Primary School.

Carefé Express, a volunteer-run fundraising initiative, started operating at Trinity@Paya Lebar on September 2014.

CCSS’ office has been in three locations: Trinity@Adam, Carepoint, and Trinity@Paya Lebar.


CCSS’ Facebook page started in April 2010 – www.fb.com/ CareCommunity ServicesSociety. Care Community Services Society

CCSS’ latest d’Klub Programme, opened in January 2016, is located at Queenstown Primary School.

CCSS’ d’Klub Programme, held in four locations, serves a combined total of 90 children from disadvantaged families.

Chemical X, a platform for at-risk secondary school students to explore their strengths, was birthed in May 2016. Chemical X currently serves 15 youths at a secondary school.

7 0

CCSS launched ReARTiculate in April 2015 to teach art forms and life skills to at-risk primary and secondary-level youths.

ReARTiculate had its first run for 20 children at one primary school. ReARTiculate now runs in two primary schools, helping a total of 30 children.

CCSS serves almost 300 seniors who live at housing blocks along Circuit Road and Merpati Road (as of August 2016).

Our CARElderly Satellite SAC at Merpati Road caters to seniors with mobility issues who are unable to make the 10-minute walk to SAC at Circuit Road.


2016 On Mother’s Day Weekend (May 7-8, 2016) Trinity Christian Centre dedicated its Celebration Services for a time to appreciate and encourage mothers. Rebecca Vinod, mother of Aditya (10) and Abhishek (6), reflects.

ears ago, while watching a movie, there was one scene where a young woman walked into an office for an appointment. Her dialogue with the receptionist went something like this:


RECEPTIONIST “Your name and occupation?” YOUNG WOMAN gives name, then pauses, looks thoughtful. YOUNG WOMAN “I’m a full-time mother.” RECEPTIONIST looks suspiciously at the YOUNG WOMAN. RECEPTIONIST “You don’t look like a mother.” YOUNG WOMAN “I’m sorry, but what do mothers look like?”

The repartee was interesting and filled with so much truth. On the outside, we may not have a defining “mom feature” but we

7 2

all carry the same heart: sacrifice, patience, and, most importantly, the ability to multitask! On May 8, 2016, many countries around the world celebrated Mother’s Day. Trinity also did the same, celebrating the irreplaceable role of mothers with the gift of encouragement. In addition to receiving a thoughtful gift (Love Notes from God), the congregation caught a glimpse of a mother’s heart through a short tribute video. In it, Trinitarian Moms shared their perspectives and reflected on their experiences. A lot of what they shared resonated with me, especially this one line, “Motherhood is challenging and demanding, but it’s all worthwhile.” Pastor Danny’s message, “7 Spiritual Lessons From A Mother,” impacted me greatly, particularly about the need to submit to God with childlike faith. Motherhood has been a yo-yo journey, filled with ups and downs, mountain-top and valley experiences. I remember the time when it was exam season for my son. My steely resolve

Trinitarians Share Their Thoughts About Mors And Morhood.

to remain calm and commit everything to God went out the window as I worried and frantically prayed for A’s. Mothers are also prone to frustration, especially when sacrifices have to be made and patience is tested on a daily basis. Nevertheless, it is still the most rewarding and satisfying call a woman can have. Even as I write this, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for this priceless call in my life. Believe me when I say that, at the end of the day, it really is all worth it! 

“As a stay-at-home mom of three, every day is hectic and filled with challenges. When they don’t do well in school or can’t get along with one another, it’s easy to believe that I’m not being a good mother. That changes when my kids call out to me, a reminder that I am important and needed in their lives. I marvel at the three masterpieces God has given me and thank Him for the privilege to see their transformation, growth, and desire to serve God.”

That changes When my kids call out to me, [it’s] a reminder that I am important and needed in their lives.”

– Ang Bee Leng, mother of Joshua (18), Joslyn (16), and Janelle (12)

7 3

PULSE “My mother was the pillar of strength in our family. In 1998, she was hospitalized because of diabetes. It was during that time when she accepted Christ. Eventually, she led all her children, four sons and four daughters-inlaw, to know the Lord. Although she is not with us today, her legacy lives on. Today, most of us – and our families – are faithfully serving in church. Indeed, God lavishes His love and blessing to the generations.” – Barnabas Lee

Motherhood is a God-given calling. Though it is filled with a unique set of challenges, the sense of satisfaction and fulfilment is unparalleled.”

Today, my daughter Rachel is pursuing Marketing Communications in an overseas university. She is strong, healthy, and never misses an opportunity to give me her opinion or advice on just about anything! “As a working mom, I admit that it’s not always smooth sailing. There were times when it’s difficult to set aside time for my kids or to discipline them when they don’t get along. Nevertheless, it is a joy to see them grow up and write encouraging cards for me. Sometimes they even encourage me with a Power Word!” – Nancy Ang, mother of Esther (9) and Joseph (6)

7 4

“Rachel was born after a long season of waiting so my husband and I were thrilled when we could finally hold her in our arms. The feeling of joy turned to despair when, a few months later, she fell very sick. She endured frequent trips to the hospital and had to be put on strong medication. There were times when we didn’t know if she would even survive. In these dark moments, I turned to God in prayer, asking Him to restore my daughter’s health and life. I also sought Him for strength because I had to be strong for my daughter.

Motherhood is a God-given calling. Though it is filled with a unique set of challenges, the sense of satisfaction and fulfilment is unparalleled.” – Elizabeth Daniel, mother of Rachel (21)

DAY 2016 On Father’s Day Weekend (June 18-19, 2016) Trinity Christian Centre celebrated the important role fathers play at home and in society. Koh Zhi Guo Daniel – father of Zoe (9), Zachary (7), Zelda (4), and Zion (born July 2016) – reflects on what fatherhood means to him.

captains have asked me what it was like to be the Commanding Officer. “Like being a father,” I answered.

“Hi, I’m a father.” wonder how many “high-fl ying” men choose to be identified as “father” – above his job credentials, educational qualifications, or sporting prowess. I know one such “big-shot,” and you probably know him too. He is God, the Alpha and Omega, and He prefers to be called “Abba” or “Daddy.”


When I was commanding a ship several years ago, a few aspiring ship

From ensuring the vessel is “shipshape,” to training crew and lifting morale, a captain is responsible for every aspect of his ship. Fathers, too, are appointed by our Heavenly Father to lead, steward, and serve. A father is accountable for his child’s spiritual, mental, emotional and physical development and well-being. Captains and fathers both have heavy responsibilities with rewards that are, for the most part, intrinsic and intangible. A smile, a “thank you,” a skill learned, a bond strengthened – these moments are to me, immeasurably more gratifying than any extrinsic reward.

A father is accountable for his child’s spiritual, mental, emotional and physical development and wellbeing.” 7 5

It’s a privilege to command and also is a privilege to be a father. After my Executive Officer’s wife gave birth to their first child, I shared these words with the beaming young father, “This is your first Command. This is your family to lead, and your first priority now.” As a captain, the ship is your responsibility and pride. So, too, is a father to his family. During Trinity’s Father’s Day celebration, a tribute video was played to the congregation and children shared why their fathers are superheroes. IGNYTErs sang “Because You Loved Me,” and reminded everyone of a father’s pivotal role in the family. Pastor Dennis Lum’s message on “Fathering God’s Way” spoke of the need for fathers to first grow into, and experience the Father’s love.

7 6

While some of us may not have experienced an earthly father’s love, all of us have experienced the relentless love of a Heavenly Father, for we have all been estranged from God and “gone our own way” (Isaiah 53:6). In Rembrandt’s painting, “The Return of the Prodigal Son,” we see the image of a father drawing his shabby, broken son to himself. This is the same, unconditional love we have with God. We experience the Heavenly Father’s love when we accept His relentless heart and the identity He has given us.

have their children live. A reminder for me to be the man I want my sons to become and the man I would want my daughters to marry. Being a godly father is a choice and a commitment. Fathers, choose daily then to be the captain of your family. Be proud to be a father – it’s a privilege to be called “Dad”. After all, that is also how God Himself has chosen to be identified.

“Train a child up in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.”

Proverbs 22:6

Relish the joys of being a father: our Heavenly Father does and I’m confident that you will too! 

Pastor Dennis exhorted fathers also to be role models to tell, teach, and train their children in the ways of the Lord. In addition to providing them with a safe and secure environment, fathers are called to live as they would

7 7


Conference 2016

LEADER’S SPECIAL From June 9-10, 2016, Trinity’s leaders came together for a Life Conference specially tailored for them. King Rachel, a carecell leader in the IGNYTE ministry, shares more about her experience.

“I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions.” (cf. Joel 2: 28, Acts 2:17)

7 8

astor Dominic set the tone for the day sessions by sharing that each of us could operate as leaders with a prophetic edge, using Elijah to demonstrate that each of us is meant to live a life of proclamation and declaration. Tag-teaming with Reverend Ong Sek Leang, each session expanded on what it meant to live with a prophetic edge. As Trinity’s leaders sought the heart of the Kingdom, men and women were challenged to develop the prophetic anointing within them by choosing to hear God’s voice regularly and heeding the Holy Spirit’s prompting with faith and courage.


“When I stepped into the conference, God started speaking and answering all my questions. It’s really unexpected because I had almost given up on hearing from God. It’s really a divine time for me! I now have a clearer focus on my direction.”

– Sarah Lau Spiritual Parent West District “After the first session, I told God that I longed to see visions. That night, when Reverend Ong said, “Lift your head,” I saw angels and cherubim, beings that I’ve only read in Revelations. When I asked God if this was really from Him, He responded by giving me a sense of peace.”

– Doris Kng Associate Leader Chinese Ministry

7 9

PULSE God visited His leaders in very personal ways, bringing forth healing, new revelation, and renewed conviction. Altar calls overflowed with people who wanted to move forward in freedom, victory, and power. During the presbytery, hands were laid on each leader as the pastors engaged in a time of prophetic prayer. “I was blessed by the prophetic prayer. When Pastor Danny Leong prayed over me, he shared of a knot in my heart and prayed for God to remove it. During the Night Rally, I saw two angels flying over me and untying the knot. It was a moment my eyes were filled with tears of joy. Since Monday, I experienced a pain on my right hand so great that I could not even open a bottle of mineral water. When Reverend Ong prayed for those who needed physical healing during Night Rally, I started to experience healing and by 2:00am there was no more pain. Praise the Lord for spiritual and physical healing!”

– Agnes Goh Spiritual Parent East District The two Night Rallies were also powerful times when the whole church came together for God’s rhema word. Reverend Ong challenged men and women to wait upon the Lord, unite in prayer and purpose, until they received the power of the Holy Spirit. On the second night, he added that we should not be content with a visitation from God but, rather, make

8 0

every effort to have Him inhabit in our hearts. (Read this sermon, “Visitation to Habitation,” on pg 46.)   “We have been greatly blessed by attending Life Conference and deeply appreciate the prophetic messages and prayer. It was a clear message of how important it is not to lose sight and direction – to allow the Holy Spirit to move in ways that we may not always comprehend. We also thank Trinity for the Children’s Program because we believe they received an important experience during this Life Conference: fellowship. Through the interactions with other children, they were encouraged to ask us to attend the Night Rally. Through Life Conference, I observed that there were many leaders with young children and their desire to encounter God.

– Martin Goh and Michelle Gondokusumo Associate Leaders South District

Personally, Life Conference has been a time of unexpected encounter. For two days and two nights, God put me through His spiritual surgical knife, helping me deal with issues that I had little time to work through: breaking negative mindsets and affirming my identity in the midst of wavering selfesteem. Indeed, God breaks us so that He can make and mend us My prayer is that every leader will not be content with a mere visitation from God but choose to invite Him to dwell in our lives. May we be leaders with the prophetic edge! “My wife and I were immensely blessed by the power of God during Life Conference. I was challenged by God to move forward in proclamation, declaration, and prophecy. The two days of anointed and power-packed messages helped me experience the presence of God from visitation to habitation. Life Conference has awakened my spirit to be a prophetic-edge leader.”

– Felix Prem Spiritual Parent Creative Ministry

8 1


Conference 2016

Children’s track trac

While parents were attending the Life Conference day sessions, 133 children enjoyed a time of fun, games, and outings to East Coast Park and the Singapore Zoo – all while learning about God! Hannah Tan shares more. “I learned how I can speak to and hear from God. I learned how I can be filled with the Holy Spirit. I had a great time doing the activities with my teammates and leaders. I would want to attend Life Conference next time and I would never forget the experience I had this year.”

“I learned how to see visions.”

– Keagan Goh, 10 years old “I learned that we won’t have to be scared of praying for people older than us.”

– Ezann Chua, 10 years old

– Analee Chin, 10 years old “These two days have been amazing. I met a new friend and learned so much more about God: how to listen to His voice, to believe what He says, and to receive it. I really enjoyed it.”

– Grace Phisanuwongrak, 10 years old “I learned to speak in tongues.”

– Ezra Kay, 8 years old “I learned to listen and hear from God.”

– Iann Capistrano, 11 years old 8 2

“I learned that God puts the Holy Spirit in us and has the power to remove fear.”

– Isaac Lau, 7 years old



3 4 The adult leaders were also blessed by prophetic drawings from children under their care. 1 “Faith had a picture of me shopping with bags, a flying bird, and a basket with a puppy crying for help. The picture encourages me because I do have a big compassion for broken people.”

– Samantha Seow, A1 Team Leader 2 “The first picture reminded me that bad times don’t last forever and that there’s a rainbow after every storm. The bottom photo shows how life has been dry and how God has been pouring out into it, a promise that there will no longer be drought. Through these pictures, I was reminded again of how God showers His love over me!”

– Amanda Goh, A2 Team Leader

3 “At first I didn’t know what the drawing meant. Then, Evelyn described she saw me jumping up and down and happy. During the weekend service, Pastor Ong Sek Leang shared about faith. When he asked, ‘Do you want to be happy?’ something clicked in my spirit. I believe that God was preparing my heart to receive this message.”

– Amos Lee, Programs & Logistics Team 4 “Evangeline drew a picture that shows God as a shepherd who will guide me and lead me away in times of danger. I’m going to start university soon where there may be many different temptations and problems. This picture assured me that God will continue to be with me.”

Through these pictures, I was reminded again of how God showers His love over me!”

– Beverley Tan, A2 Team Leader 8 3


RELENTLESS IGNYTE’s Overnight Prayer

A buzz of excitement filled the air as 320 IGNYTErs converged at the doors of Theatrette 2 on the night of June 24, 2016. Giselle Goh shares what happened at IGNYTE’s Overnight Prayer. wrestle with God and come to a place of surrender, allowing God to take His rightful place in our hearts. “During the first altar call, when Pastor Gary shared that kneeling represents humility, I felt the urge to kneel before God and ask for help to overcome a certain issue in my life. After the altar call, I felt light, as if a burden or deadweight has been lifted off me.”

– Chloe Sim hen the clock struck 10pm, Pastor Kah Fei kicked off the night by rallying IGNYTErs to the altars for a time of vibrant worship. As the atmosphere of adoration began to fade, a new atmosphere took over as we began to wait upon God. Just as Jacob met with God in Genesis 32, Pastor Gary led us in a time of seeking and waiting, challenging us to

W 8 4

After a short break, Pastor Gary continued to share on what it meant to be a prophetic generation – one that operates with an expanded vision. He exhorted us to be men and women who know how to be led by the Spirit and grow in our understanding of God through His Word. As one ministry, we prayed with those that have yet to receive the baptism of the Holy

Spirit and rejoiced when they started speaking in tongues! When we hit the halfway point – 2am – it was time for us to engage in prophetic prayer, starting with all the Section Leaders stepping out – in faith and with perseverance – to pray for every IGNYTEr present. “The leader that prayed over me saw a picture of a seashore, which represented God’s peace. At that moment, something clicked within me, a timely reminder [that], indeed, His peace transcends all understanding.”

– Tashia Yang Though many were starting to feel the pull of sleep, the IGNYTErs persevered for the next challenge – a call to prophetically pray for the leaders, even those they did not know. Although afraid, many were determined and filled with faith, choosing to step out of their comfort zone and prayed into the lives of their leaders. “I was very blessed to see how youths who did not know me came forth in faith and trembling to speak God’s affirmation into my life.”

It was now 4am and tummies were starting to rumble. After a quick feast of paus, siew mai, and Milo, we were ready to conquer the final hours of the night by praying for our generation. IGNYTErs began to cry out for God to move in their generation, praying that they would not be lukewarm but burn with a passion for the purposes of God – to refrain from being disconnected and powerless, and arise as warriors for our generation. “One of my favorite points from RELENTLESS was that every big thing starts with a prayer. It didn’t matter if our prayers were ‘inexperienced’ because God hears every prayer and He will move when He hears our prayers.”

– Daniel Abadia

THIS IS US – desperate, willing, unwavering, hopeful. THIS IS IGNYTE – RELENTLESS!” – Chelsea Chew

At 6.30am, the atmosphere was pulsating with a new energy as IGNYTErs jumped and danced with praise on their lips, each one a conqueror in Christ. Eight hours later, God brought forth a generation that chooses to move in step with the Spirit.  

– Rachel King

8 5


Anchor. Align. Advance From July 11-14, 2016, over 140 Campus mates journeyed across the border to Austin Heights Golf Resort in Johor Bahru, Malaysia for equipping. The entire crew learned to anchor in, align to, and advance with with their true captain: God. Tabitha Ko reports. n July 11, 2016, Campus crewmen began their four-day voyage. While on deck, the crews had to be wary of ‘pirates’ and attacks as they built their anchor, navigated through station games, and learned to work together – as one body – to advance further.


Aside from deck work, the Campus sailors were submerged in the presence and Word of God through services and workshops. Pastor Johnathan Lee shared heartily and deeply about being anchored in God and aligning to His purpose, comparing life to a voyage and God as the anchor that is strong enough to be our support, stability and security. Campus sailors were repeatedly called

to receive God’s love and to choose to live according to Christ’s navigation. “Before camp, I thought that loving God was obeying His commands through acts like worship and faithfully doing Time Alone With God (TAWG). However, I realized that it was not about how much more I could do to love Him but about His love for me, regardless of what I did or did not do. I left camp convicted that I can anchor myself in God’s love and His perfect plans for me.”

– Bethia Neo (Year 4, National University of Singapore) “If you choose to let God navigate, Pastor Johnathan shared, “You must trust God. He is in your future and He knows what He is going to do.” This reminded Campus sailors that God was already working to bring each one of them into His plans and purposes. “Before Camp Voyage, I thrived on being in control but I knew that I could not handle what was coming in the new semester alone. The

8 6

theme about th b t th the reall captain t i off our lives shifted my perspective about surrendering complete control of my life to Jesus. On the day of surrender, I felt a lightening of a load off my shoulders. I know that I can trust God to take me through the challenges ahead.”

– Haruki Chua (Year 3, Singapore Management University) Another truth shared was this: When God calls you, you will never be ready. You are ready not because you are ready but because God is ready. “The knowledge that no matter where you are at, God still loves you is overwhelming. I am not completely ready but I guess it is time to serve.”

Word. Campus sailors were equipped d with a relationship model framework k and university life hacks. A workshop p led by Pastor Wendy Chang caused a spiritual awakening when she asked, “Are you okay with not knowing the Word of God?” “When I couldn’t give the Bible verse and the reference, I felt really helpless. Even my friend, a “newer Christian,” could give the answers that I couldn’t. And at that point, it really hit me! What if, when my friends needed help, I couldn’t encourage them (or myself) with a Bible verse? This thought kept running through my mind and spurred me to start reading the Bible properly, with meaning, and not just merely for the sake of reading.”

If you choose to let God navigate, you must trust God.”

– Nisha Vincent (Year 1, PSB Academy (La Trobe))

– Benedict Ng (Year 1, Nanyang Technological University) Campus sailors were also handed tools for life’s voyage from various workshops that focused on relationships, university life, and God’s

After four days of sailing, the final service challenged Campus sailors to dare to engage people in in-depth conversations about Christ and advance God’s Kingdom. Campus sailors, you may be back on sh shore but your voyage to heaven is jjust ju u beginning. Put out your sails and re remain e anchored in Christ, aligned to th the h Spirit, and advance with God, the ttr true r captain of your lives. 

8 7



Over the Labor Day weekend (May 1-2, 2016), Chinese Ministry hosted 跨年代,听见爱 (Timeless Love) where Zhou Dailan (周黛兰), Liza Foong (冯宝霓), Anthony Png (方钟桦) and Trinity’s very own R.O.S. (Rose of Sharon) band serenaded 2,545 people with love songs from across generations. Nyon Yit An shares more.


young man proposes to his girlfriend. She responds with a shy nod.

This sparks a celebration of love, commemorated with songs from different eras. From classics like 月亮代表 我的心 (“The Moon Represents My Heart”) to Mandopop’s latest hits, joy permeated the Chapel as every generation sang along to their favorite love songs. As the songs faded, two of our artists shared testimonies of God’s faithfulness in their lives. Zhou Dailan spent years abroad in pursuit of her career, absent from the growing up years of her two daughters. When God turned her heart around, He

8 8

also brought reconciliation to the family. Now, she and her daughters share a close relationship, her eyes sparkling as she shared of the Mother’s Day celebration they were preparing for her. Anthony Png filled the hall with laughter as he shared how God changed his life. After years of engaging in superstitious practices, several Christian friends encouraged him to go to church where he experienced the power of God in his life – miraculous healings. Through those encounters, Anthony knew that the only source of blessing was from Him. “The love of God surpasses the love professed in songs,” Pastor Christina Onn shared, “It is great and

unconditional, the only love that can truly satisfy our hearts and save us from a world full of sin.” An altar call was made so that men and women could accept God’s love for them. We praise God for the 52 who made decisions for Christ through the event. Indeed, God’s timeless love reaches out to all. 

I wanted to invite my friends for Timeless Love but all of them turned down my invitation. I was disappointed and did not know who to invite so I asked God to show me someone that I could invite. On May 2, the day of the concert, I met a woman who was unsure of her way at MacPherson MRT Station. “Where are you heading?”

Our Heavenly Father is so good! Today, He has given me a wonderful present – my mother’s salvation. As a daughter, I see this as a most difficult task, but nothing is too difficult for God! Even my father rededicated his life to God. This is indeed grace upon grace, joy upon joy! I’m very thankful that through Timeless Love, the Gospel is preached and the harvest is reaped. All glory to God. – Liza Foong

“I’m going to watch a Chinese opera show but I don’t know the way.” “Are you looking for Zhou Dailan and Fang Zhong Hua’s concert? We are on our way there. Why don’t you join us?” Praise God! Through Timeless Love, the Holy Spirit touched her and she received salvation! After the concert, she shared that she was actually on her way to watch an opera show and couldn’t explain why she followed me to the concert instead. That wasn’t all. She started coming to carecell and shared how, since accepting Christ, she had been cured of her sleeplessness. God’s protective hand continued to be with her. While climbing onto a high shelf, she lost her balance and fell, but instead of suffering injury, she felt something supporting her so she was not hurt. All glory to God! – Lee Shwu Ying (李淑莹), TY11 8 9


It has been a while since I invited my oikos to church. In the days leading up to Timeless Love, I sensed the Holy Spirit reminding me that it is time to take out my tools for the harvest. One week before the concert, I stepped out in faith to give flyers to two of my oikos. Both immediately accepted the invitation. To make sure they wouldn’t change their mind, I offered to give them a ride to the concert and take them out for dinner afterwards. They were surprised by the kind gesture. While we were seated and waiting for the concert to begin, I could see that they were basking in the vibrant atmosphere. When the testimonies were being shared, I could see that they were touched. One of them once told me that she was interested to know more about the Bible. By the perfect plan of God, Pastor Christina explained the Good News of God’s love and the significance of the Cross. This was the first time both of them heard the Gospel and when the altar call was given, they responded without hesitation. The harvest was indeed ripe and waiting to be reaped. I am elated that I could reap the harvest for God. “I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow.” – 1 Corinthians 3:6

– Vinlly Cheah (谢瑞娇), Section Leader 9 0

As Trinitarians chose to use their time and talents for the production, many were blessed in more ways than one.

At the first dance practice, I was shocked by the level of difficulty and thought of quitting. However, I felt the Holy Spirit telling me not to give up. My husband and friends also encouraged me to persevere. Dance practices were on Mondays and Thursdays. Though I am required to work overtime every Tuesday and Thursday, I thank God for His favor; when I told my boss about these practices, I was told I didn’t have to stay back on Thursdays. On top of that, I managed to exceed my target for that month! Indeed, God is Jehovah Jireh. I tend to stay in my comfort zone but after stepping out for Timeless Love, I saw that I could actually serve Him in many ways. I thank God for letting me learn through this experience! – Soh Mei Ying, dancer

Timeless Love was very challenging because of the scale and complexity of the production. There were times we felt discouraged but these experiences reminded us to rely on God. We got together, prayed and shared our struggles. We were amazed at how God can use our limited capabilities and things turned out beautifully. During this time, I also had a hectic work schedule and had difficulty finding time for my family. I am grateful that my wife released me to serve, especially since her love language is quality time. Through this period, we grew to understand each other more as we learned to work through various challenges.

All the time, effort, and muscle aches are small costs when compared to how God uses our preparation for His work. During one of the concerts, God revealed that He remembers my mother, though she had not been attending church for quite some time. My mother attended Timeless Love, and since then, has decided to start attending service again. I believe that God will continue to draw her closer with His love. Praise God who never forgets His children!

– Ariel Lim, dancer and singer

Indeed, God honors the faithful. At work, I secured a year’s worth of sales in just three months! This encounter reminded me of Peter when he fished overnight and caught nothing, yet, at Jesus’ direction, had a catch so big that the nets began to break. Indeed, God can provide beyond our understanding and expectation! – Chow Guo Hao, singer 9 1

TOUGH QUESTIONS A BIBLICAL UNDERSTANDING OF MIRACLES iblical miracles are broadly defined as a divine act of God used as a means to reveal His character, will, and power. Biblical miracles are often associated with the work of God for His people’s salvation, and with the understanding and acceptance of His message. Examples of miracles include healings, demonic expulsions, control over natural phenomena, and personal encounters. These miraculous acts could be performed by Him or through His servants (e.g., prophets, the 12 disciples, Paul).


How Should Christians View

Miracles? Miracles are prevalent in every world religion – supernatural events attributed to the intervention by a higher being. Are they all the same? Do they all come from the same source? How, then, should Christians view and react to miracles? 9 2

In the Old Testament, miracles were broadly categorized as “signs” (ʾōt) and “wonders” (môpēt). Signs can be a part of one’s daily activities (e.g., the writing on the wall in Daniel 5:5) as well as an unexpected divine action (e.g., provision of an offering in Genesis 22:13). Wonders describe God’s supernatural activity, a special manifestation of His power (e.g., the 10 plagues). These terms are synonyms and often occur together in the same text, their definitions remaining relatively unchanged in the New Testament (e.g., Matthew 24:24; Mark 13:22; John 4:48; Acts 2:43). For the purpose of this article, the terms “signs,” “wonders,” and “miracles” will be used interchangeably and synonymously.

THE BIBLICAL PURPOSE OF MIRACLES There are two main reasons why God uses miracles. The first is to bring

TOUGH credibility to His sovereign nature since these supernatural events usually occur in conjunction with proclamation of God’s message. In the Old Testament, miracles were inextricably linked to the ministry of the prophets, serving as their credentials for it demonstrated to the people that they were divinely commissioned to reveal God’s Word and thus, taken seriously. Similarly, New Testament miracles performed by Jesus, the apostles, and the early church were often accompanied by proclamation of the Gospel (e.g., the healing of Aeneas and resurrection Dorcas in Acts 9:32-42), adding credibility to their message about the living God. The second reason for miracles is to reveal the nature of God: His love (e.g., preserving Sadrach, Meshach, and Abendnego in the fiery furnace in Daniel 3); holiness and justice (e.g., Gehazi’s leprosy in 2 Kings 5:20-27); and faithfulness (e.g., enabling Sarah to conceive in Genesis 21:1-7).


turn water into blood (Exodus 7:22), they could not transform dust into gnats (i.e., bring forth life) and, thus, acknowledged the power of Abraham’s God (Exodus 8:16-19). Characteristic 2: Biblical miracles are associated with His goodness and truth Biblical miracles have one purpose: to glorify a good and holy God. In the New Testament, the miracles of Jesus, His disciples, and members of the early church served to validate the Gospel. Paul warns that there are those who seek to divert believers from the Truth (2 Peter 2). Therefore, those who perform miracles but do not display Christlikeness (1 Timothy 3:1-13) or whose teachings are not in agreement with the Word of God (2 Timothy 2:15, 3:16-17, 4:2; Hebrews 4:12) should be approached with caution.


What does a biblical miracle look like? To discern the things of God, there are at two key characteristics.

While supernatural events are always unusual or abnormal, not every unusual or abnormal event is supernatural. In this article, we will focus on two types of phenomena.

Characteristic 1: Biblical miracles are supernatural Biblical miracles are generally phenomenon that cannot be explained by the laws of nature, and thus, cannot be replicated. For example, through the pharaoh’s magicians were able to transform a staff into a snake (Exodus 7:11) and

Anomalies that occur in nature Natural law is the way God acts indirectly in and through the world He created. For example, water will naturally (albeit very gradually) turn into wine as the rain falls in the soil, the rain absorbed by the grapevine, and the ripe grapes plucked and processed into a fermented beverage.


Biblical miracles are often associated with the work of God for His people’s salvation, and with the understanding and acceptance of His message.

9 3

TOUGH QUESTIONS They are instances where, through His sovereign power, God will also directly interrupt the natural order of things. When Jesus turned water into wine (John 2), this transformation happened immediately, successfully, and did not occur again in His ministry (i.e., a unique occurrence).

Magic The Oxford English Dictionary provides the following definitions for the word magic:

Anomalies in nature (versus a biblical miracle) may be distinguished through the characteristics provided below.1

2. Mysterious tricks, such as making things disappear and reappear, performed as entertainment.

1. The power of apparently influencing events by using mysterious or supernatural forces; and

While magic is an unusual event, it is at best a type of wonder – a controlled event that creates a sense of amazement. Every

9 4



Regular event

Not a regular event

Natural cause

Supernatural cause

Naturally predictable (in principle)

Not naturally predictable (even in principle)

Has natural mechanism

Has no natural mechanism

Does not have “divine” characteristics

Has “divine” characteristics

TOUGH performance of magic can be repeated. Moreover, once the mechanics of magic are revealed, the initial feeling of awe and mystery invariably diminishes. By contrast, Biblical miracles are unique, an act of God that is completely under His control (Hebrews 2:4, 1 Corinthians 12:11). Elijah could not cause the drought to end except by God’s command (1 Kings 18) and Mary was God’s vessel for the miraculous conception of His Son, Jesus (Luke 1:26-38).


Certain miracles, can be “repeated” (e.g., Jesus healed many physical ailments in the course of His ministry), most biblical miracles are unique occurrences that are not to be repeated. Moses did not have another “Red Sea experience,” nor the account similar to Elijah’s challenge against the prophets of Baal (1 Kings 18:1-40). Magic (versus a biblical miracle) may be distinguished through the characteristics provided below. 2



Under human control

Under God’s control

Done at our will

Done at God’s will


Not repeatable

Deception involved

No deception involved

Does not occur in nature

Occurs in nature

Does not fit into nature

Fits into nature

Unusual and odd

Unusual but not odd




Norman L. Geisler, Miracles and the Modern Mind: A Defense of Biblical Miracles (Grand Rapids, Michigan: Baker Book House, 1992), 113.


Norman L. Geisler, Miracles and the Modern Mind: A Defense of Biblical Miracles (Grand Rapids, Michigan: Baker Book House, 1992), 117.

While supernatural events are always unusual or abnormal, not every unusual or abnormal event is supernatural.”

9 5


Christianity without miracles is Christianity without Christ, since His life was one long miracle from start to finish.”

9 6



Before Jesus ascended to heaven, He instructed the disciples not to leave Jerusalem until they received the baptism of the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:4). On the day of Pentecost, the believers – enabled by the Holy Spirit – began to speak in other languages (Acts 2:4). The gathering crowds were amazed by this newfound ability (“Aren’t all these who are speaking Galileans? Then how is it that each of us hears them in our native language?” – Acts 2:8-9). In response to the doubters, Peter quoted Joel 2:2832, declaring that the promises of God’s power upon His people had now come to pass (Acts 2:14-21).

The 21st century has seen a resurgence of Pentecostal traditions where churches recognize the need to re-establish the role of miracles in the Christian experience. Following the example set by the early church, congregations increasingly integrate manifestations of the Holy Spirit (e.g., miracles) into its preaching and teaching.

The remainder of Acts documents the growth of the early church, enabled by the power of the Holy Spirit. Their ministry was filled with miracles (e.g., Acts 5:12-16, 8:12), facilitating the spread of the Gospel as men and women saw the power of God and chose to follow Him.

Though the miracles of God are unlikely to manifest as they did in the Old Testament (e.g., fire from heaven, the 10 plagues), men and women can still experience the miracles of God in every aspect of their lives. God’s healing, deliverance, and breakthrough is still available because they go handin-hand with the Gospel message, changing impossible situations and circumstances in order to demonstrate His glory and goodness.

As humanity approached and succeeded the Age of Enlightenment, faith-based Christianity became increasingly influenced by the need to explain the workings of life through science and logic. This led to decreased accounts of biblical miracles – events that cannot be explained by the laws of nature. A greater emphasis was placed on verbal proclamation without distinct manifestations of God’s supernatural power. If miracles were mentioned, such phenomena were explained in non-supernatural terms.

Do miracles still happen today? Yes! Someone once said that, “Christianity without miracles is Christianity without Christ, since His life was one long miracle from start to finish.”

Those that believe in miracles make a simple, yet strong, claim: an omnipotent God will occasionally choose to act directly inside of the world He created. Whether there actually are instances of such divine actions depends on the evidence and on what God has revealed to mankind. The critic who denies the possibility of miracles needs to go beyond the evidence and make claims that he

TOUGH would be entitled to make only if he/she actually were omniscient. Therefore, it seems more reasonable to conclude that, since mankind is not omniscient, we should retain an open mind to what God can do in the world He created (Winfried Corduan, PhD). Today we have the complete, inerrant canon of Scripture that we can use to discern whether a message, or a messenger, is from God. Thus, it is the responsibility of every Christian to be well-versed to the Word. Signs and wonders may lead one astray but His Word will always be the lamp and light unto our paths (Psalm 119:105). 

Sources consulted i. Anchor Bible Dictionary (Volume 4).


ii. Erickson, Millard J. Introducing Christian Doctrine. 3rd ed. Grand Rapids, Michigan: Baker Book House, 2013. iii. Geisler, Norman L. Miracles and the Modern Mind: A Defense of Biblical Miracles. Grand Rapids, Michigan: Baker Book House, 1992. iv. Gross, Edward N. Miracles, Demons, and Spiritual Warfare: An Urgent Call for Discernment. Grand Rapids, Michigan: Baker Book House, 1990. v. Moreau, A. Scott, gen. ed. Evangelical Dictionary of World Missions. Grand Rapids, Michigan: Baker Book House, 2000.

DISCOVER THE POWER OF GOD BY PICKING UP A COPY OF REAL LIFE MIRACLES TODAY! Lily Lim has been a faculty member at TCA College since 2006. She earned her Th.M. in Asian Christianity from Trinity Theological College in Singapore and is currently pursuing her Doctor of Missiology from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California, USA. Lily’s teaching interests include missiology, world religions, and church history.

Available in English and Chinese. 9 7



Serve His House! What does it take to serve God? A BIG heart! Hear from our children as they share what they do and why they serve in DiscoveryLand.

Sophie Lum • Ministry Expression (ME) Communion • What sacrifices do you have to make to serve in your ME? I have to come early when I serve. That means I can’t do other things during that time. • What do you enjoy must about serving? I enjoy praising God with my friends. I feel happy when I praise God. • What advice would you give someone who is thinking of serving? Don’t be shy or afraid to serve. If I can do it, so can you! 9 8

Nathaniel Tan • Ministry Expression (ME) Communion • What sacrifices do you have to make to serve in your ME? I need to be in church earlier for the preparation and can’t have fun with my friends before service. • What do you enjoy must about serving? I like to be a blessing to others and serving allows me to put a smile on people’s face. Most importantly, God is pleased with me when I serve Him.

Evan Sven Lim • Ministry Expression (ME) Celebration Host • What sacrifices do you have to make to serve in your ME?

• What advice would you give someone who is thinking of serving? Serving is honoring God. We should show God that we love Him by serving Him.

I have to wake up earlier and make go to church (by bus) on my own. I try to be in church early even if it’s not my duty week so that I can volunteer if someone is late or didn’t turn up for their duty. • What do you enjoy must about serving? It is a privilege to serve God together with my friends. I like to lend a helping hand. • What advice would you give someone who is thinking of serving? It is fun to serve God! You get to know more friends and fi nd out what you are good at. 9 9


Annetta Liang • Ministry Expression (ME) RGB • What sacrifices do you have to make to serve in your ME? On days that I am serving, I will report 30 minutes earlier. I also make sure I am in the appropriate attire. I love serving because I enjoy worshipping God. There are times when we experienced the presence of God as we worshipped together. While worshipping, God spoke to me and showed me visions! I serve in RGB & Sound because I like IT. I am glad I can serve God with my gifts and passions. • What do you enjoy must about serving? It is a privilege to serve God together with my friends. I like to lend a helping hand. • What advice would you give someone who is thinking of serving? It’s an honour to serve God. Serving is how we can express our love to Him.

1 0 0

Seth Asher Kok • Ministry Expression (ME) Sound • What sacrifices do you have to make to serve in your ME? I have to wake up earlier so that I can report on time. I also leave service later because our team has to wash the microphone sponges and coil up the cables. That means I have less time to be with friends after service. • What do you enjoy must about serving?

Katriel Choo • Ministry Expression (ME) Praise Team • What sacrifices do you have to make to serve in your ME?

I get to learn how to operate and manage the sound board. More important, I believe it is an honor to serve God. I want to serve just as Christ came to serve and I know He is pleased with me when I do.

What sacrifices? (laughs) I don’t have to give up any thing to ser ve! • What do you enjoy must about serving?

• What advice would you give someone who is thinking of serving? God is pleased when we serve and you can learn a lot through serving!

I have fun and I enjoy serving. I like RBG the most because I get to control the big screen and press the mouse and buttons! • What advice would you give someone who is thinking of serving? It’s easy and fun to serve! We should serve in God’s house.

1 0 1

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Nursery 1 Level 2, Nursery Rooms

Nursery 1 Level 2, Nursery Rooms

Nursery 2 Level 2, Childcare

Nursery 2 Level 2, Childcare

Japanese Level 1, Hostel Blk, Classroom H1 (2nd & 3rd Sun of the month)

Nursery 3 Level 2, Activity Rooms

Nursery 3 Level 2, Activity Rooms

Spanish Level 4, Classroom 7

Chinese Level 1M, Theatrette 2

Chinese Level 1M, Theatrette 2

Thai Level 4, Classroom 5

English Level 2, Sanctuary

Information is correct at time of printing and is subject to change

Nursery 1 Level 2, Nursery Rooms

Nursery 3 Level 2, Activity Rooms

Filipino Level 3, Lecture Theatre 2 Indonesian Level 3, Lecture Theatre 1

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Trinitarian Magazine Issue 3/2016  

Trinitarian Magazine Issue 3/2016

Trinitarian Magazine Issue 3/2016  

Trinitarian Magazine Issue 3/2016