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Empty enough for a miracle When team member Samuel Ko was asked why he went for the trip, he simply

tu Paha Malaysi t a


remarked, ‘Where there is a need, we would go.’ Pastor Yat Wan, the first Missions pastor of Trinity recalled the teams


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indeed an exciting time for the team.


1979 Ba

The first MIT to Batu Pahat in 1979 was

s I am mpact Te

packing excitedly into different cars to make their way down to a church there, just to meet

The relationships built on that

their needs.

trip were also meaningful ones. Some of the members who were

It was a fruitful time of ministry as Pastor

attending the church then and

Naomi Dowdy spearheaded the team in

are working in Singapore, are

preaching and teaching at a small church. The objective

attending Trinity. One of them was also sent to Macau

of the trip was to provide support to them and build the

through Trinity’s Missions Department and is currently

faith of believers, energising and encouraging them. The

pastoring a church in

team members ministered through songs, testimonies

Hong Kong.

and praying for people at the altar. On the way back, the The team also went beyond just ministering by

team was met with an

connecting with the young congregation at the church

interesting encounter.

they visited, playing basketball and having hearty

Pastor Yat Wan recalls,

conversations over meals. On the last evening of the

“I remember that on

trip, the team formed a combined singing group with

the way back, our Fuel Tank indicator was at ‘E – empty’.

members of the church as they ministered together.

In those days, the highways in Malaysia did not have petrol stations as they do now. We were so worried we

Not only were the congregation ministered to but our

had to push the car all the way back.”

missions team also returned feeling greatly enriched and blessed. Anita Chia, one of the team members said, “After

Thankfully, God saw them through the journey as they

the missions trip, I remember sharing about this local who

arrived at the causeway safely with sufficient petrol.

showed me that we can minister despite our setbacks.

Pastor Yat Wan said, “We were so relieved when we finally

He had lost his front teeth and yet he ministered

crossed the causeway. Apparently ‘E’ meant ‘empty’ but in

beautifully through his singing.”

our case, ‘E’ stood for ‘Enough’ for God to do a miracle!’ Photos credits: Anita Chia, Rosie Gan and Samuel Ko


Trinitarian Issue 20 - Apr 10  

Live the Extravagant Life From Barrenness to Posterity Missions Special

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