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Here are excerpts from a Thank-you note by Reverends Daniel and Deborah Cheah from Malaysia who were blessed by a Training and Consultation Trip:

Dear Trinity Christian Centre, We are grateful to the leadership team in Trinity for your passionate and strategic approach in empowering churches beyond your own. Dr Daisy Osborne once wrote to me saying, “You become successful when you help make others successful.” Trinity is a fine example and a praiseworthy living testimony to illustrate this equation of success. We just started on this adventurous journey of the Carecell System. Your pastors have been excellent experienced trainers to us. To date, we have commissioned 129 Spiritual Parents, with more who attended the training but have yet to be commissioned. One of our spiritual parents shared that she has led 29 of her friends to receive Jesus. She believes the course has enabled her to bring God’s love to her pre-

believing friends and even a few backslidden ones. She benefitted so much from the systematic process to pray, win and nurture her oikos. We commenced on our next level of Leadership Cells at the start of January 2010 with 150 people in it. Our first Carecell Leader’s Training (CCLT) and Sectional Leader’s Training (SLT) are slated in April and we plan to launch our open cell in July. We plan to sow the initial foundational concepts of Carecell System this June during our annual Missions conference. It has been good this far since we started our first leadership cell. The leadership team, the pastoral staff and the larger body of churches have all been positive and affirmative as they anticipate the exciting future growth of our movement with your Carecell system. We are thankful for your love and investment in our lives and churches.

Trinitarian Issue 20 - Apr 10  
Trinitarian Issue 20 - Apr 10  

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