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TCA College was birthed by Trinity Christian Centre to provide ministerial training and raise leaders for churches and the Christian community. The College is Trinity’s missions expression. It endeavours to train and release well-rounded leaders who are ministerially trained, to make a fresh impact wherever God places them. The ripple effect is in principle here: as these students are impacted through the College, they are in turn impacting their churches, communities and nations. These students have also caught the passionate heartbeat for the nations – every year, the College organises a missions trip for its students with the objective of exposing them to the missions field. Amos Lee was a student who went for one such trip. The second-year student from the School of Divinity shares how blessed the team was to be a blessing to the villagers in Batam

On 15 April last year,

the people in Batam, we first had to

a team of 12 full-

demonstrate and extend it to one another.

time TCA College students, comprising

The reception we received from the villagers can only


attest to the ongoing work of many Christian groups

Koreans, Malaysians,

who have gone before us. Many village kids were

Singaporeans and Taiwanese arrived at Jemera Island,

running around gleefully, with such angelic smiles

Batam for a three-day mission trip.

displayed on their faces. Many were dressed in torn and soiled clothes with no shoes on, but they were happy.

Batam, despite being a modern city by today’s standards,

We divided ourselves into groups of threes and visited

still has many kelongs there. I was pleasantly surprised

the homes of some villagers. There, we spent unhurried

to discover that our accommodation, a kelong, was very

time listening to them and understanding their needs.

clean albeit having wooden planks as its flooring. The fabulous view of the ocean and the quiet surroundings

We also planned and played games with the youths,

far made up for the simple amenities. Soon, the countless

volleyball with the villagers, interacted with and prayed

stars in the sky lulled me and my team-mates to sleep as

for the younger kids. These kids then performed a

we readied ourselves for the next day.

song-and-dance routine for us. The day ended with us distributing the gifts to them.

Early the next day, we faced our first challenge. In order to get to the village, we had to take a 15-minute boat

I experienced first-hand the camaraderie and love within

ride. As the tide was low, the boat was unable to land

the team. I was touched by the humility and service

near the shore and thus we had to get off the boat and

of the kelong workers. It was indeed heart-warming

wade through the waters. It was a humbling witnessing

having people from different nations joining together

how each of us looked out for the other. Surely as the

for a common purpose – to minister

Lord prepared our hearts to engage in the work towards

he heart of God!

Passionate Heartbeat ... Be a Blessing to the Nations


Trinitarian Issue 20 - Apr 10  

Live the Extravagant Life From Barrenness to Posterity Missions Special

Trinitarian Issue 20 - Apr 10  

Live the Extravagant Life From Barrenness to Posterity Missions Special