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Blessing the Elderly

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(CCSS) is one Care Community Services Society ough CCSS, last of Trinity’s missions expressions. Thr extra mile to year, Trinitarian volunteers went the rations to needy spring-clean homes and distribute d CCSS in its homes. Your giving has also supporte Lim shares how administrative operations. Corinne g to the elderly. one such initiative has been a blessin Serving the elderly: Singapore

(SAC) at Block Since the Seniors Activity Centre on 1 October last 35 Circuit Road began operations ying the new year, many elderly have been enjo rt-warming facilities there. It was especially hea ng place in the witnessing the transformation taki the centre, lives of different individuals visiting a blessing to many of whom have in turn become the community. e elderly The sense of ownership among thes gestures. One can be seen through their simple e dried leaves elderly member noticed that som ediately took had blown into the centre and imm another the initiative to sweep the floor. On occasion, one of our existing elderly members came with packets of nasi lemak, keropok and biscuits to bless the staff and elderly at the SAC. There was even a first–time-visitor at

there by the centre who blessed everyone able table, sponsoring the purchase of a fold a basin and a waste-basket. e also been Friendships among the elderly hav r old met Lily, forged in the SAC. Elsie, an 82 yea while chatting, 77 for the first time at the SAC and discovered that they both lived in the same block. Noticing that her new-found friend walks with a limp, Elsie now takes the initiative to contact Lily whenever she is going to the SAC so they can go together. Elsie helps support Lily along the way.

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Trinitarian Issue 20 - Apr 10  

Live the Extravagant Life From Barrenness to Posterity Missions Special

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