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Community Development Non-crisis Humanitarian Works

The children from ChildCare Plus Programme k wrote in to than Trinity for the d sponsorships an the many gifts, s cards and clothe received. These are their simple words straight . from their hearts

It is the most card you sent me. Thank you for the uch. I take it ve the card very m beautiful card. I lo it all the time re. I open and read with me everywhe to thank you for t you. And I want ou ab k in th I en wh This year I am you have sent me. at th gs in th e es all th to grade 5 next am going to go in 10 years old and I term. ristmas day it is so much fun. Ch ch ur ch to go I n Whe of the dance. I because I was part was so much fun my very best, ve seen me as I did wish you could ha ance. How is our dance perform and you could see u well? your family? Are yo Love in Christ, Sirinya

ll. family and I are we How are you? My I am u. yo to say hello to My family wishes 2 n rte am in Kinderga six years old and I be in grade 1. but next year I will me to Church and beco Every Saturday, I go e lik es kinds of activiti involved in many things. mes and other fun singing, playing ga at you you for the gifts th We want to thank have given us. May God bless yo

u and your family

Love and Respect, Sirada



Trinitarian Issue 20 - Apr 10  

Live the Extravagant Life From Barrenness to Posterity Missions Special

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