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for the Nations Age is no barrier in going!

Thank Yo ou for G Goin ng

I am 77 this year. When my friend first asked ed aiwan last me to join the Missions Impact Team to Taiwan October, I was very hesitant to go for it because Indeed, we have been blessed to be a blessing. And

of my age. I was worried that the trip would be very

serving people is equivalent to serving Jesus, for

tiring for me, being the oldest in the team. In the end,

He said in Matthew 25:40 that whatever we do for “the

I decided to go, because of my

least of these” – that is, the poor and needy in both a

friend’s encouragement and

physical as well as spiritual sense – we do it as unto

also because I wished to see

Him! What a perspective that gives us. When we serve

salvation in Taiwan.

people, we are doing missions. When we serve people, we are serving God Himself!

When I took the step of faith to serve God in this new area,

Mother Teresa said, “I see God in every human being.

I witnessed God’s hand upon

When I wash the leper’s wounds, I feel I am nursing the

my life. Where previously I didn’t even dare take a bus

Lord Himself. Is it not a beautiful experience?”

on my own in Singapore, now I have been to Taiwan and back. Amazingly, in the whole trip, I didn’t even

Pastors and churches from overseas have always

feel tired despite the hours spent walking. In fact, I

applauded Trinitarians for their giving, going and

did not face any health problems at all.

praying. And I too have never stopped thanking God for you. But let us ask God for a holy dissatisfaction

God also gave me favour during the trip. When I spoke

and take a greater step of faith in serving Him this

to strangers to share the gospel, they were very open

year! Get ready for a greater engagement in praying,

and even gave their names and contact numbers to

giving and going!

me. Praise God!

Indeed, we are blessed to be a blessing to the nations!

When I came back, my family members and friends from the Chinese ministry said I looked different and more confident. Indeed, the trip opened my eyes to see what God has been doing in other parts of the world. I learned not to look back, but to look forward. I resolve to maximise the time that I have now to serve the Lord. Woo Fong Keng, housewife 53

Trinitarian Issue 20 - Apr 10  

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