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Iff I will do thee natu ural thiing – ob bey, Go od will do the sup perrnatural thin ng – pr provide. I have learned this: if I will do the natural thing – obey,

of God on our family.” The little one said, “Is this a holiday

God will do the supernatural thing – provide. If I will do

or do we really get to stay here?”

what only I can, then God will do what only He can. I can obey and that sets a miracle in motion.

Eight months later, the Holy Spirit spoke to me, “Bryan, give me the most valuable thing that you have.” I knew

Extravagant giving is a lifesty yle

immediately it was my home. I said to God, “But God,

That year without a salary, we watched God provide. Yet

this cannot be you, because I’ve already passed this

in that year, He stripped us of everything in this world

season of my life, I’ve already proven that I can be

that we held dear as He taught us to trust Him and

faithful in obedience when it doesn’t make sense. We’ve

depend upon Him. Yet in that moment of breaking us

already been stripped of everything and we gathered

down, He built us back.

every ounce we could to be able to buy this home and we have nothing left. This is all we have.” The Holy

We were pastoring a small church in Southern U.S.

Spirit said, “It is not a season, it’s a lifestyle.”

The congregation was full of poverty. It was a small environment; we did not have much. When we moved

I said to Him, “My wife has followed me in every act of

to Dallas, we were able to see God’s provision in our

extravagant faith and she finally has a dream. She lives


in it and I’m not going to ask her to give it away. If you want us to give it away, you tell her! If she doesn’t hear

Having given everything we had to the Lord as an

from you, we’re saved and I get to stay in my home.”

extravagant act of obedience and devotion, we felt that God was honouring us for our sacrifice by moving us to

A few weeks later, Haley was troubled in her spirit in

Dallas. We were able to buy a large home. Our home was

the middle of the night and she went to prayer. At three

even big by Texan standards.

o’clock in the morning, she came and wakened me in a hotel room where we had a conference. She had tears


When my kids walked into the home, the first one said,

running down her face and she said, “Bryan, does God

“Dad, is this a hotel or a house?” I said, “It’s the blessings

wants us to give our home away?” I began to talk to her

Trinitarian Issue 20 - Apr 10  

Live the Extravagant Life From Barrenness to Posterity Missions Special

Trinitarian Issue 20 - Apr 10  

Live the Extravagant Life From Barrenness to Posterity Missions Special