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the relevant authorities were on site, including the deputy director, regional officer, regional manager, and senior engineer. The deputy director informed me that I was very, very fortunate that none of the 14 home owners had called to complain! I told him that I had a whole cell praying and petitioning for me! He then mentioned that I was the most responsible contractor he had ever met.

My Talents Currently in IGNYTE there is a film in the making for an upcoming event. I am serving in this production as an Assistant Director. My role is to maintain the order of sets and to prepare and ready the cast for

I was let off with


a small fine as the deputy director and regional manager

God blessed me way beyond in abundance: overwhelmingly excellent business, favour and good repute!

wrote a good report on my behalf. What was more,

I chose to give of my talents in this area

none of the house owners made any demands of compensation.

My Talents With the completion of this project, I was able to fulfill the first

Last year, because of my O-Levels,

installment of my faith promise.

I took a step back in serving to focus

Through this crisis, God gave

on my exams. This year, I wanted to

me and my company a good

come back to serve Him again.

name; I am now known as ‘the good and responsible contractor’! As this incident got passed by word-of-

The opportunity

mouth, even more projects started coming my way. As I

came when

honoured God with my treasures, God blessed me way

IGNYTE ministry

beyond in abundance with overwhelmingly excellent

started on a film

business, favour and good repute!

production for an upcoming

Cindy Lim, managing director


event. I went

Trinitarian Issue 20 - Apr 10  

Live the Extravagant Life From Barrenness to Posterity Missions Special