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fter my O Levels in 2007, I did not get

to recognise God’s work in my life, I continued to serve

into my top choice of school. Instead, I

f faithfully as a Spiritual Parent and

was accepted by Anglo-Chinese School (Independent), which offers the IBDP as

a drummer in IGNYTE.

opposed to the GCE A-Level track which most Junior Colleges offered. As my cohort was only the third

Encouragement from those around me was what kept

batch of IB students, there were no statistics to gauge

me going. My Leadership Cell had weekly conference

the school’s overall academic results. Hence, I was

calls, where we prayed for each other. It was a time of


sharing our joys and frustrations, and being encouraged.

Although it was exciting to be in one of the best schools

As the IB examinations approached, I became

globally, there was much pressure on the students to

overwhelmed with worry that I could not finish studying

maintain the global ranking.

and sometimes snapped at my sisters in frustration. Despite this, my family was very understanding

As time passed I discovered the rigour of the IBDP. The

and forgiving. I

diverse modes of assessments required me to be focused

remember there

and consistent, and complete numerous assessments

was one night

while keeping up with the lessons. It was an immense

when my youngest

challenge managing my time as I juggled academics,

sister sat quietly

council responsibilities and church commitments.

by my bed as I

“Jie, the bible says that if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, nothing will be impossible for you. So you don’t have to worry. You’ll do well for your exam.”

At times,

was studying. She


suddenly grabbed

became so

my arm and said,


“Jie, the bible says

that I

that if you have


faith as small as a

God as to why

mustard seed,

He placed

nothing will be impossible for you. So you

me in ACS(I)

don’t have to worry. You’ll do well for your exam.”

and gave

Even though it was such a simple statement, I was really

me so much

touched by her sincerity and I believe it was from that

‘favour’ which

point that every form of anxiety began to dissipate.

resulted in responsibilities

In its place, there was reassuring peace that remained

I could not

with me through the examinations till the results day.

handle. Despite

During the examinations, I was very grateful for the

being unable

different friends and family members who would SMS


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