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Welcome to the all new Dublin University Ladies Boat Club newsletter. Whether you

are alumni, current rowers, parents or friends of DULBC we hope you will enjoy reading about what we have been up to over the past year and all that is in store for the 2010-11 season. We would also greatly appreciate your feedback. If there is anything you would like to contribute to, or read about in future editions don‘t hesitate - get in touch! Useful DULBC contact details can be found on the back page.

If I all I wanted to do was win medals I’d find something I could play on my own. The real experience comes from spending time working together as a team. Having just entered my sixth rowing season, my third with DULBC, I can definitely attest to the fact that real reward in rowing comes from being part of a crew and club in which the members thrive in each others company, and push each other to reach their potential in every aspect of life. Last year in DULBC we learnt that we could train, and race hard but most importantly we learnt that training and racing is easy when you are surrounded by your closest friends and having the time of your life. My name is Iseult Finn and I‘m the current Captain of DULBC. I am so lucky to be Captain of such a talented group of athletes. The members of DULBC are not just dedicated rowers but also accomplished students who in their spare time between training, studying and socialising run one of the most vibrant and successful sports club in Trinity. The rate of growth and development in DULBC is phenomenal. In the last two years we have seen an explosion in our number of active members, we are

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Back row: Franky Sheridan, Sinead Roger, Emma Jacob, Susannah Cass, Rebecca Deasy, Caoimhe ProudMurphy, Andrew Coleman. Front row: Caitlin Carr Condon, Siofra Bennett, Iseult Finn, Rachel Nazarin.

Victory in the Intermediate 8+ at the National Championships was one of the highlights of las t s eas on marking only the third national 8s pennant won by the club. The crew, which included three generations of DULBC Captains, took an early lead and held off the second place Portora crew to a length, both crews comfortably ahead of UCD and NUIG.

This impressive performance by a fairly young crew is an indication of the talent, dedication and determination evident throughout DULBC. It is also testament to the enormous investment of time and effort volunteered by all of the club‘s fantastic coaches without whom none of the season‘s victories would have been remotely possible.

National Champions 2010

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DULBC News October 2010

Continued from cover... increasingly successful at regattas and have built a club which can compete at every level from Novice to International. We are currently managing our biggest ever budget and are increasing our fundraising efforts to try match our increasing expenditure. This dynamic expansion is a testament to the endless hours of hard work invested in the club by coaches, alumni, staff members, parents, friends and athletes. It really is an honour to be Captain of a club that so many people shown such a commitment to. At the same time being Captain of DULBC can be as daunting a task as it is rewarding (as I‘m sure some of you reading this will know). Occasionally, when the problems, injuries and mishaps mount up, and I am pacing in club rooms wondering how we are supposed to fix it all, I remind myself that many committees have been here before us and there will be many more after us, and I am just one in a long line of enthusiastic, but slightly crazed DULBC Captains. That is one of the best things about DULBC - that for what is actually quite a brief period, this club becomes the most important thing in our lives and then when we‘ve finished doing everything we can to make the club even better, we pass it on, and it becomes someone else‘s life, a different committees task and another squad‘s ambition. Every crew though leaves their

A View from the Bike In 2007 the fateful knock at my door….. The question….. ―Will you coach?‖ ―OK. If you do what I ask‖. It has been that way for the last four years – sometimes a blind faith but it seems to be working. Needless to say we have all made mistakes along the way but you learn from them and make yourself better because of it. The Corcoran Cup was won in 2009, after six straight losses, and then retained in 2010. Other clubs are now nervous about lining up against DULBC, from Novice to Senior. In 2010 there have been wins at all levels and Irish representation at the Home International as well as at World Championship Level. Why has this happened? Success breeds Success! DULBC were fortunate to attract a couple of junior rowers, Iseult Finn and Sarah Dolan, in 2009 and they helped to bring a fairly inexperienced crew forward. In 2010 there were four more experienced recruits; three juniors and a Cambridge Blue. This year there are again

own legacy, starting or continuing different traditions and in different ways, we have all contributed to the way the club is today. Today the club is looking forward to a bright 201011 season. We have set our aims high, hoping to build on last year‘s successes. Six of the girls who won the Intermediate Eight National Championship are returning to row again this year. Joining this solid senior crew in training are the returning Intermediate crew which has been strengthened by Fresher‘s with rowing experience and by last year‘s novices, some of whom have already broken status. Having this many experienced rowers in the club is a real asset and it is also brilliant to have so many able volunteers to help out with the new Novices. We had a huge number of sign ups this year and ‗club circuits‘ on Tuesday evenings is really an impressive sight. Between our various races and social events the next nine months look set to be really busy for all of the crews. I think if we stay focused and enjoy our training as well as our ‗pot luck‘ dinners and nights out, we will be able to reach any of the goals we set ourselves. Last year was brilliant and I‘m happy we get to update everyone with our wonderful first ever newsletter. I look forward to many more editions and am definitely excited to see what DULBC does next.

Andrew Coleman - Head Coach two more and there is already an interest from people currently making their University choices. A standard has been set. Another reason, and arguably more important, why

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2009 - 2010 Race Results Competition



Lagan Head


1st: Fastest Women’s Crew Pennant




2nd, 5th, 7th

Corrcoran Cup


Colours Races vs. UCD

Moorehead Cup UCD ‘Goonette Cup’


London Women’s Head

Elite (Overseas)

40th, 87th

Dublin Head




4th, 5th, 9th










2nd, 4th






3rd, 6th


2nd, 5th


1st, 2nd


Lost final to Commercial




Lost semi-final to Commercial A




Won and 2nd


Won by 2 1/2 lengths


Lost by 4 1/2 lengths

University Championships

Skibereen Regatta

Trinity Regatta

Queen’s University Boatraces

Dublin Metropolitan Regatta S8+







Row over


1st, 4th

U23 2-

1st, 3rd

Henley Women’s Regatta


Lost to Newcastle University (finalists) by a canvas.

Athlone Regatta















National Championships

Carrick Sprints

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Continued from page 2 DULBC has achieved so much is due to the novice and backslapping: DULBC is now competing with group which has gone from strength to strength. At Professional Clubs in terms of the way that they the time of writing there are almost 80 attending fundraise, attract and pay athletes in the form of training and this week (start scholarships and pay their 18th Oct) another 8 have joined coaching staff: DUBC, Queens, up due to their friends dragging UCD, Newcastle, Cambridge, them along - most of the time Durham as well as any crew from not kicking, but sometimes the USA, all of whom the Senior screaming! They provide the VIII may meet in Women‘s Hencharacters and light entertainley (except DUBC!). All have at ment throughout the year and least one professional coach. To the future Senior and Intermedithis end there is a Strategic Plan ate crews are reliant on develbeing drawn up to include the oping these raw recruits into past members of DULBC and seasoned rowers. From the how their experiences can help 2010 intake there are still 11 the future of the Club. The crews rowing and competing for seats of 2011 are ambitious in what Last minute coaching advice for Irish in the Senior VIII and they have International Sarah Dolan in Duisburg. they want to win and they need taken their standards from the your support. Please turn up to more experienced members. Again, success breeds any event if you can. Above all, the future genera(the want for) Success! tions will need your support as well, so if a letter or Behind the scenes there is now a coaching panel e-mail crosses your path please do not ignore it but shown later in this newsletter. I, and the rest of the remember what you gained from Rowing for Trinity coaches, do not get rewarded for our time. It is hard and what a struggle it could sometimes be. Rework but the true rewards come in watching DULBC spond and help the club grow from strength to crews win races or at least achieve results that we strength. have faith in but they do not believe they can. See you on the tow path! However…. a word of caution in all the optimism


From Novice to National Champion Emma Jacob, DULBC 2006-2010 The amount of people, places, stories and laughter that comes flooding back when I think of DULBC is impressive and is an indication of how much this club means to me. I have only been gone from the club for a few months now and was lucky enough to have had the best end of my fours years in DULBC: a seat in the intermediate 8+ that won the National Championships in July. It had been a long build up to that moment… My novice year, beginning back in 2006, was a wonderful introduction to rowing. I fell for Kat Sheane‘s powers of persuasion in DULBC News 2010 ©

Fresher‘s Week that went something along the lines of ‗you‘re tall, you should row‘. What a small decision, to row and not to continue to play hockey, but what a huge difference it made to my experience of Trinity. For me, DULBC and my time at Trinity are inextricably linked, and I couldn‘t have one without the other. Our novice group were not particularly successful but I am sure we would all count the winning of Colours that year as our highlight. Within that original novice group I can name some of the best friends that I‘ve ever made, whom I have subsequently shared houses and adventures with. Novice year was brilliant: we learnt how

to pull on an erg, run in the rain, and pull on the water (albeit without much finesse) under the guidance of Rachel Liu and Anthony Lyons. I was hooked: friendships, competition, fitness, the desire to row the elusive perfect stroke in time with seven other people… Our novice four had great fun training for champs, coached by Big Steve- we were his first DULBC coaching guinea pigs. That year the intermediate girls won the intermediate 8+ event at the National Championships. At the time I did not really understand the significance of what those girls had done, but after three years of trying myself, and now with a national pot of my own

standing shining on a shelf in my room, I absolutely do. Second year I spent learning the ropes having been put in the deep end as the only novice in a senior boat made up of the championship winners of the previous year. Aine and Kat were inspirations on the erg. I learnt a lot that year, absorbing Andrew‘s coaching, but also learnt about the importance of having a cox, and how disheartening it can be to never quite do yourself justice as a crew on the water. There were a few high points such as winning senior events at Commercial and Trinity regattas, followed by a disappointing championships- the last for many girls on the crew, not least our visiting American Colleen, who had become one of us. Novice Colours 2007

The club gave me the privilege of being captain during my third year at Trinity. I absolutely loved it and had the most amazing year. The freedom and luxury of living in the Rubrics was coupled with the intensity of always being on call. We were lucky to really gel as a group- we worked hard, played hard and had an incredibly successful year. We won Colours for the first time in six years and won the Bank of Ireland trophy at the University Championships for the first time in a decade for being the best female university DULBC News 2010 ©

Senior Colours 2009

crew in Ireland. We did ourselves proud at London Head of the River and won Queens regatta in a 4+ and Trinity regatta in the 4+ and the senior 8+. As you all know there is nothing like being on the water when it works and the boat sings. This happened numerous times during this year, most memorably at Colours and during the senior 8+ University Championship race. This year I felt it too in the month leading up to champs. Fourth year, final year, saw me taking a few months out to focus on my finals. The wonderfully addictive nature of the sport meant that I could not stay away. After an injury I was lucky enough to be able to train myself up to an adequate level of fitness to trial for the intermediate 8+ boat for the championships this summer. It was a shock to be seat raced into the three seat and as a result my first race of the year was the intermediate 8+ straight

final. My time with this crew full of strength and experience holds so many memories: the hours in Blessington, the car journeys full of laughter, the nerves beginning to build, battling the conditions in Blesso in preparation, the race visualisations… stark contrast to the sculling I had been doing by myself in Islandbridge. Being in this 8+ was some of my happiest times on the water, but also the most stressful, with a huge desire to do myself, the girls, the club and Andrew proud. The race itself I will never forget: the warm up, the rough conditions, the age that passed on the start before the official said go, passing the 1750 and knowing that we were comfortably ahead and were going to do it. I shed many tears after the senior race the following day as we paddled our final few strokes to the slip, as the realisation hit me that that would be the last time I would probably ever sit in a boat for DULBC. DULBC will always be a part of who I am, I have never felt so attached to a club before. There is just something about it, as I am sure you will all agree. An atmosphere, a lot of personalities, the drive to train hard and race hard – ‗pull hard, pull together‘ – and have a great time while doing it.

Henley 2009

The Colours Races

a young crew, it did not lack in experience; six of the girls raced in Colours the previous year where they had recaptured the Corcoran Cup after an interminable UCD winning streak. Caitlin Condon The senior women‘s race began in the DULBC had an encouraging start to their season midst of controversy. Two key UCD rowers had at Lagan Head of the River where the senior eight took home the prize for Fastest Women‘s Crew. allegedly enrolled in part-time, 12-week, ―Adult EdSoon the focus centered on Colours where the ad- ucation‖ courses so as to be able to produce copjustment from endurance head racing to shorter ies of UCD student cards to the race organizers as regatta-style racing so early in the season posed a proof of enrollment. They were not eligible to row in University Championships later in the year unchallenge for the crew. Howevder the same credentials. Be that er, the girls were eager to conas it may, on the starting blocks front UCD on the traditional everything was irrelevant but the 2.3km Colours course from race at hand. O‘Connell Bridge to James‘ Although DULBC led off the start, Gate Brewery. DULBC seniors the powerful UCD crew rapidly had not won on this course in gained and then sustained a boat seven years—they knew they length lead over DULBC. However, had something to prove. throughout the multiple bends and Colours provided the bridges marking up the course, novices with their first taste of DULBC stayed with UCD and did side by side racing. Although not let them stretch their lead into Trinity retained the Corcoran Cup the Sally Moorehead Trophy open water. DULBC was calm and may not have been retained this year, as the season progressed, the promising novice crews soon collected throughout the entire race; they never became able to utilize their strength and gain more doubted that they were going to win. Within the racing experience. This year also marked the first last 400m, DULBC made a powerful push and time that a second women‘s novice crew had the closed in on UCD. As DULBC came up even, UCD opportunity to face off against UCD in Colours. cracked under the pressure, and in a dramatic This development is a reflection of the growing fashion their rower in the 3-seat caught a crab popularity of women‘s rowing in Ireland. The (missed a stoke), which dragged the UCD boat to ―Goonette‖ crew had an impressive win over UCD a standstill. By the time the UCD crew had recomposed, DULBC had passed the finish line. Trinity‘s beating them by several lengths of open water. The senior crew was comprised of Sarah win proved that they had the physical endurance Dolan (stroke), Iseult Finn, Susannah Cass, and mental stamina to withstand the pressure of Caoimhe Proud-Murphy, Rebecca Deasy, Siofra such an important race. As Liam Gorman of the Bennet, Niamh Murphy, Caitlin Condon (bow), and Irish Times wrote: ―Trinity‘s women stole the show coxed by captain Rachel Nazarin. Although it was with a dramatic demonstration of how patience and persistence can yield big rewards.‖

Women’s Head The Senior and Inter eights flew to London five days after the Colours races to compete in the Women‘s Eights Head of the River Race. This race is rowed over the grueling 7.2km reverse OxfordCambridge Boat Race course. The Inter 8‘s performance stands as a testament to DULBC‘s depth as they finished an impressive 87th out of 300 crews after only being able to practice once in their final line up. Due to injuries, the crew led by Rachael O‘Byrne O‘Reilly (stroke), Naomi O‘Sullivan, Sinead Rodger, Catherine Taaffe, Blaire Mulvey, Rebecca Dowling (bow) and Claire Acton (cox) were left two rowers short. Thankfully, DULBC veterans: Breda Horan and Annelies Pletsers were willing to step in as exceptional substitutes. The senior crew finished 40th and imDULBC News 2010 ©

Trinity take to the Thames with 300 eights for the Women‘s Head of the River.

proved on their performance from last year‘s Head of the River by 20 seconds although they will be working hard to improve this further in 2011. DULBC would like to extend warm thanks to Trinity Trust & Association and the Kat Miller Fund for their valued generosity and support of our competition at international races and regattas.

Novice Colours From the Back of the Boat Carina Girvan - Novice cox 2009 - 2010 Thinking back on Colours I find myself remembering the events before and after the race most clearly. I was elated to be told that I would be coxing the ladies novice boat and quickly realised that I would be learning an awful lot in a very short space of time. Our first trip over the weir had everyone excited and trying to figure out quite how to get both boat a crew down. All was soon revealed and this began a week of intensive training for Colours. That week I lost all focus in my studies listening to coxing audios and on my bike rehearsing the race start when the lights turned green. On the water each day the crew developed into a cohesive boat whilst my own obsession with learning and improving as a cox was beginning to leave me sleep deprived and dreaming of 20 stroke pieces. However with a day off tired bodies and minds

Henley Women’s Regatta Sinead Rodger Having trained hard all season, on 17th June, DULBC‘s Senior crew boarded a plane bound for London, and the much anticipated Henley Women‘s Regatta. We were apprehensive but eager to see how we would fare against other crews from outside Ireland. With racing not starting until Saturday, we had the opportunity to get some training in on the course on Friday. This proved to be invaluable as we had the chance to train with the Drexel crew, who went on to win the Elite 8 event. We learned a lot about our racing abilities in this session and were ready to put it to practice in racing the following day. That evening all crews were invited to an evening in the Rowing Museum where we sported our matching outfits and had a chance to see the lineage of the sport to which we devote so much time. After much enjoyment we returned home for an early night before the big race the next day. We were up early Saturday morning for one last spin boat before the race. Back in the house we had time to relax as we waited to hear who we would be racing: Newcastle University. We knew that it wasn‘t long now until we would be sitting on the start line and nerves began to set in. We arrived at the course with our games faces DULBC News 2010 ©

had an opportunity to recover. The morning of the race arrived. Tension was in the air around the novices but with the success of the novice B boat in the morning race above the weir, our spirits were raised and we began to focus on our task ahead. Arriving on the stake boat and waiting for UCD the noise from supporters above echoed off the walls and the tension in the boat rose. After giving reminders of what the coaches had told us all I asked the crew to close their eyes and focus on their breathing, taking three steady and controlled collective boat breaths. Soon enough we were called to attention and on the 'g' of 'go' we were gone. Throughout the race we hung off the stern of UCD, making small gains only to be pushed away. The pain on the face of each girl in the boat could only rivalled by the look of determination on the next stroke. At the end of the race the sense of loss was palpable. Although we lost the race that day we gained a sense of focus and strong determination to train harder and more effectively than we had before.... after a fantastic night out! on, pumped and ready to go; rowing to the start in our matching DULBC kit we knew we had done everything that we could have to prepare. We were ready to represent Trinity College Dublin. When the umpire said the inevitable words ―Attention, Go‖ both crews exploded out of the blocks. It was Newcastle who would have the early lead but we always had them in our sights and kept fighting for it. With 3/4 length down and 700 metres to go we knew that we had to make our move. It was a dog fight to the end with both crews giving everything that they could, DULBC advancing with every stroke. Unfortunately it was Newcastle‘s bow that crossed the finish line first, just a canvas ahead of DULBC. While tears were to follow, we knew that we had given it our all, and raced at a level that we had striven for all year. We spent the following day at the course, watching the racing and supporting the other Irish crews that still remained in the competition. Once racing had finished we had one last row on the course before loading up the trailer to return home. On Monday, before heading to the airport, we visited Dorney Lake, where the 2012 Olympic Games will be held. While DULBC were not victorious at Henley Women‘s Regatta, we knew that we had put ourselves in a good position for going into the National Championships and Henley in future years.

The Novice Experience Alison O’Keeffe - Novice 2009-10 Novice rowing was one hell of an experience. It‘s fairly safe to say that we didn‘t know what we were getting ourselves into and safer to say that we all had our lives turned upside down by the sport of rowing. But we would admit in a flash that it was an exhilarating, rewarding and intensely gratifying way to spend a whole lot of time. Isobel Wilson, regular 2 seat in our A boat claims that ―My first

a whole new meaning last year. But so did the words ‗friendship, ‗bonding,‘ ‗relaxation‘ and ‗rest‘! I could never have imagined the bond that is

year in college has been the best year of my life to date and rowing contributed enormously to the fantastic time I had‖ which sums up the attitude of the 09/10 novice crew. We were a very eager and enthusiastic bunch, with 140 sign ups and 60+ people regularly turning up to training. By January and the start of the racing season we had more than three eights worth of people willing and able to race.


hristm fun at C

as Com


Our Winter ‗training camp‘ was planned for Blessington lake but resigned to Islandbridge because of the unprecedented cold weather. Those few days saw us row our way through snow fall and icy temperatures but always with smiles our

In the s

un at L

agan H


formed between people putting there bodies on the line together and for each other. It‘s impossible not to feel something special towards someone when you‘re quite simply relying entirely on their ability to not give up, and vice versa. And as for relaxation and rest, it is so much more rewarding when you know you‘ve really earned it. Alison Walsh said she enjoyed ―The days when you‘re so tired you can only think of food and once that‘s sorted, thinking is too hard so you just don‘t.‖ I told you we were an enthusiastic bunch! But our enthusiasm was not wasted. We progressed steadily throughout the year thanks to the exceptionally hard work of our coaches Andrew Coleman, Connla Edwards and Franky Sheridan. L a g a n Head was our first competitive endeavor and our A boat came second only to a very experienced Queens crew, which was good news to our ears.

faces and the occasional boat v. boat snowball fight. We would start at 8 am and take an hour break mid-morning, to eat and warm up but it was a regular occurrence that an hour in the boathouse would do little or nothing to warm up cold toes and fingers. So we just had to press on. The training camp marked the start of our shift towards being ‗real‘ rowers, with longer and more frequent training in the run up towards the racing season. The hard work did nothing to hinder our high spirits, in fact, the harder we worked, the more we fell in love with the sport which started to occupy our lives. I can personally say that rowing has altered my life significantly. Coming from an athletic background, I was very familiar with the experience of sport, training and hard work, but the latter took on

Training on Blesso‘.

On the start DULBC News 2010 ©

at Queen‘s.

V ic to ri o u s fours at Athlone, S k ib e re e n Regattas.

Then came the Colours race against UCD which was a fantastic event, but unfortunately we lost out on the coveted trophy. Dublin Head followed and before we knew it University Championships was upon us. It took place on Saturday the 10th of April, and Skibereen Regatta followed on the 11th. That weekend we met with mixed fortunes, including the first medal of our group; Keira Buttanshaw won a gold with three second year novices in a coxed four, and one of the first year novice boats came second. Two other fours

under the exceptional guidance of our new racing coach, Steve Lowe. The medals finally started appearing with a win in the eight and the four at Regat ta fashion at Queens. Trinity Regatta (two very important wins over UCD) and golds in the four at Athlone and Metro. With medals come status points with 4 novices breaking status to become inters. The Queen‘s University Boatrace was another big event in the early Summer, but unfortunately the competition was too stiff on the day to clinch success. The main focus of our attention was National Championships, which was to be held on the 16th of July in the National Rowing Centre in Cork. As it drew nearer, the awareness of our efforts and achievements from the start of October up until that point were clear in our minds and we knew that the right race could secure for us our ultimate dream: to be National Champions. However, it was not to be. We all knew that we had raced well and although our times would have won gold on many other occasions, neither the eight nor the four could reach that elusive podium. Which only means one thing: we‘re just going to have to train harder to reach it this year! Pink & b la

ck attac k!

Trinity Regatta with Connla and Steve.

raced across the weekend but illness and technical difficulties kept us away from the medals. Two first year novice eights took part in each event as well, and although we raced well we fell short of the top prizes. Nonetheless an ex-

tremely enjoyable and somewhat successful weekend was had. As the college year drew to a close, the racing season kept picking up momentum and throughout the months of May, June and July we spent our days training and our weekends racing DULBC News 2010 ©

All things considered, our year of novice rowing exceeded all kinds of expectations. But probably the most surprising and unlikely thing which happened in us all was the great attachment and affection that we developed for what is essentially very hard work, achieved through the medium of enduring friendship and respect.

Putting the ‘fun’ in Fundraising Rebecca Dowling, DULBC Treasurer 2009-2010 The 2009-10 season was an important and successful one in generating new income for the club via an extensive fundraising drive. Club membership hit a record 162 last year, which put an huge strain on the already insufficient funds allocated from the college. Led by our ever passionate captain Rachel Nazarin, the club took on the challenge of raising €5,000. This task was made easier with the help of the new outgoing bunch of novices who took on each fundraiser with a wealth of enthusiasm time after time. In our bid to raise as much as possible, there was an addition of two new fundraising events to our calendar. The first of these, a table quiz held in the packed Pavilion bar on a dark night in November, generated over €500. This, along with a few days of ‗bag packing‘ in The Nutgrove shopping centre, proved pivotal in keeping the club afloat. The bag packing was a true success with €1,875 collected, but wasn‘t without hard work,

big smiles and hours spent counting every last cent. Traditional DULBC annual events continue to play a huge role in funding the everyday running of the club, from buying footplates and shoes to rigger gates and washers. The Halloween Massacre was a huge hit not only amongst Trinity rowers but also many others on the bank.

Neptune Rowing Club was kind enough to host us for the evening‘s fancy-dress party and after all expenses were covered we raised a massive €1,200. Better things were still to come though and on a bright Friday in May we took to Grafton Street in our pink and black lycra for our annual Er g at hon. T wel ve solid hours spent bucket shaking

Calling all Alumni! Caoimhe Proud-Murphy - Alumni Officer

As DULBC enters its 35th year of existence, we are aiming to strengthen our Alumni Database. If any Alumni would be interested in helping update the current Alumni database or even let us know the names of your crew mates for the years you rowed, please contact me ( We have some great plans for the upcoming year, and would love to tell you about them and meet all ex DULBC rowers to share our stories. In keeping with the times, we have also set up a Facebook page: search for us under ‗DULBC‘ and please do join! There are some great photos online DULBC News 2010 ©

and erging proved essential in our attempt to reach the overall €5,000 mark. Despite the tough times the recession has brought, the people of Dublin remain as generous as ever. Save The Children, being our nominated charity for the event received a proportion of the incredible €1,900 total raised. A final boost came in an edible form with a very successful bake sale at Trinity Regatta. The cakes and biscuits donated by DULBC members went down a treat and we hope that this will make a regular addition to regatta day. The fundraising efforts throughout the 2009-10 season have without a doubt played a part in the club‘s huge success on the water in both novice and intermediate level. We exceeded our initial target by collecting a total of just over €5,500. The committee would like to make huge thank you to all members of DULBC, both past and present, parents and friends that contributed in any way to the club‘s efforts. As ever all support is much appreciated.

of the current members and it is a great way to keep up with what we are currently training for and the general mood in the DULBC camp. Saturday 29th January has been provisionally booked for our Alumni Dinner, at the Russel Court Hotel in Dublin. Please save this date in your diary! Trinity Regatta, will take place on 16th April. This year it is going to be run by both DUBC & DULBC, who would have thought! As you may know there is a lovely lunch in the long room, the past two years we have had a table for the DULBC parents and we would now like to extend this invite to our Alumni. It is a great day out and there have been some great races in recent years with our long time rivals UCD. We will contact you about this nearer the time and look forward to seeing you there!

News from Mars DUBC Update Captain 2009-2010: Ali Floyd Captain 2010-2011: Charlie Landale The men‘s club had an interesting year both on, in and off the water. Memorable events included the Novice men achieving the near impossible feat of capsizing their 8 in training . It clearly did them no harm however when a few months later they went on to win the Dan Quinn Shield and Goonan Cup in the Colours races. Sadly the young(ish) senior 8 with DULBC‘s own Steve Lowe on board did not win the Gannon Cup on that occasion. The year saw victories in the intermediate 4, novice pair and novice single at the University Championships and the intermediate 4 at Dublin Metropolitan Regatta for DUBC who also competed at Marlow Regatta and were represented in the Home Internationals by Patrick Jacques in the U23 lightweight scull. Off the water DUBC completed a very successful restructuring and recruitment drive for their alumni club: Lady Elizabeth Boat Club. The support they have received through membership and generous donations to ‗Lizzie‘ has allowed them to take the exciting step of employing a full time Development Coach, Neal Byrne, to oversee talent ID in their novice squad. This renewed enthusiasm has been an inspiration to us and we hope that our own alumni, under the name of Anna Liffey Boat Club might soon become as active and involved with the life of DULBC News 2010 ©

DULBC as Lady Elizabeth BC. We hope that these newsletters will play an important role in keeping old members up to date and providing a platform for them to share their memories and experiences with current rowers. In the meantime we congratulate DUBC on the efforts they have made and look forward to working with them and all of our alumni in the organization of this year‘s Trinity Regatta. DUBC have already made a great start to the new season, winning the Steve Casey Cup for fastest team in the Dublin sculling ladder for the first time in their club history. We wish DUBC the best of luck for the upcoming Neptune Head and the rest of the season and look forward to celebrating many victories together over the year.

Meet the DULBC Coaches... Andrew Coleman. Boathouse Superintendent and Senior Coach

The Boss

Andrew began rowing at school having decided that rugby was just a bit too muddy. He went on to study at Trinity and rowed in the senior 8, gaining a hat-trick of Colours victories in 1997, 1998 and during his Captaincy of DUBC in 1999. Proving that there is life after Trinity, Andrew then went on to row for Neptune RC and Lady Elizabeth BC . He has also competed on the international scene representing Ireland in World Cup regattas including in the lightweight 2- at the Hazelwinkel World Cup 1998, the lightweight 4- at the 2005 Eton World Cup and winning a silver medal in the lightweight 8 at the Lucerne World Cup in 2005. Judging from the pub‘s worth of tankards on his shelf he‘s won a fair few other things too but he‘s too modest to mention them! Andrew began coaching DULBC in 2007 and also coaches Sarah Dolan and a number of other members of the Irish squad in his ‗spare‘ time. We‘re not sure how he does it all...

Franky Sheridan. Intermediate Coach In 1986 at the age of 8 years old Franky started coxing in Neptune RC. When he turned 11 he put his hands to rowing (―I was too big for the Coxes seat‖). In 1994 he was selected for the Junior Irish National Squad to compete at the "Home Internationals" and the moved up to the ―Coupe De La Jeunesse" squad in 1995 and 1996 when he won 2 Gold Medals and 1 Bronze. Whilst still a Junior he also competed in the Neptune senior 8 which came an epic 9th in London Head. In 1997 Franky won the Intermediate Pair's National Championship and Home International Senior 8's title. In 1998 he got injured to allow some other people to win something for a change and helped out coaching a men‘s novice 4… to National victory! In 1999 he reached the quarter final at Henley Royal Regatta. In 2000 he competed in Belgium with the Irish under 23 squad and in 2001 he won the senior 8 National Championship. In 2002 he made it to the semi-final at Henley. In 2003 he joined Andrew at Lady Elizabeth BC reaching a Henley final in 2005. Franky began coaching at Neptune in 2007 and in 2010 finally put the makeup on, crossed the river and began assisting Andrew coaching DULBC… to a National Championship victory!


Connla Edwards. Novice Coach

Connla also hopped the river in 2010 to join DULBC from Commerical Rowing Club to coach the Novice squad. Connla started in Commercial at 13 years old as a cox and soon started rowing. He has won two National Championships and has represented Ireland in the Home Internationals on three occasions, twice in the lightweight four and once in the lightweight double with many other regatta wins in between. Despite his rowing successes we suspect that he‘d much rather be known for his truly exceptional puns. Which are sometimes even funny. DULBC News 2010 ©


Hugh Carvil. Novice Coach Hugh is the latest addition to the DULBC coaching family. Having coached with Franky whilst at Neptune it wasn‘t too hard to persuade him to swap green and black for the far more fetching pink and black of DULBC and the challenge of 80+ excited novice rowers. We‘re looking forward to getting to know him this year!

Mr Neptune

DULBC 2009 - 2010

DULBC and the 2010 Intermediate National Champions, proudly sponsored by FXB Steak and Seafood Restaurant at Ryan’s of Parkgate Street .

Big Steve

Steve Lowe. Novice Coach 2008-10 Steve was President of Reading University Boat Club and rowed with Andrew and Franky at Lady Elizabeth when he came to Dublin. He has coached DULBC novices for the past few years and as an MBA student in Trinity 2009 2010, donned the stripy zephyr of DUBC himself racing in the senior Colours 8. This year he says he‘s getting a proper job but we hope he‘ll pay us a visit from time to time.

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DULBC International One of the great things about rowing in Ireland is the friendliness of this small and close-knit community. However, particularly in women‘s senior rowing, the very small number of competitive crews can be disheartening. Each year DULBC travel to a number of international competitions in order to compete in bigger events at the highest level. Last year this included two crews entering the Women‘s Eight‘s Head of the River race in London and the senior crew travelling to Henley Women‘s Regatta. Whilst we will be attending both events again in 2011 we also hope to take a larger squad to London Metropolitan Regatta which will be held on Dorney Lake, venue for the 2012 Olympic rowing. Whilst DULBC as a whole aim to compete amongst the top Irish and European Universities, individuals within the club are always encouraged to take their rowing careers to new heights and trial and compete for Ireland in international events. Last year we were delighted to be represented in the Home International regatta by Siofra Bennett and Rebecca Deasy and in a number of international regattas including the under 23 World Championships by lightweight Sarah Dolan. Sarah is a Trinity sports scholar and combines rowing at Trinity with her national squad training for Rowing Ireland. The standard of rowing at DULBC continues to rise under the skill and dedication of our coaches and we look forward to reporting more international success stories in the near future.

Home Internationals

Rebecca Deasy

On a nail-biting finish, at the Metro Regatta back in June, both Siofra Bennett and I made it to the Home International Regatta to represent Ireland against England, Scotland and Wales. This year it was held in Ireland at the National Rowing Centre near Cork. Rebecca (stroke) and Siofra (3) in the U23 coxless four at the Home International Regatta.

put in stroke while Siofra was made to steer the boat from the three seat. What would Andrew think?! What chance had we at all?!!

Siofra and Rebecca receive their medals for the Metro Regatta U23 pair from Alan Ludlow of Neptune RC.

On the Monday following DULBC‘s amazing championship win and the celebrations that came with it, we started a gruelling training regime out in Inniscara. Martin Kilbane was assigned our coach for the week. Under his direction both Siofra and I were placed in positions in the boat that we never thought we could possibly row in. I was reluctantly DULBC News 2010 ©

In the four, with my sister and her pairs partner, we struggled and struggled. After the long days of zigzagging across the lake, the unsettled rhythms and not to mention the sisterly quarrels, we finally got it to go. At the regatta we placed third in this U23 coxless four category. We also competed in the senior eight after only one training session in the boat. We finished fourth. Despite the results it was an amazing event to be part of and we thoroughly enjoyed it. To complete the week and day‘s racing, a banquet was held in the Oriel House Hotel for all competitors. Awards were presented; photos were taken and like any other rowing night out mayhem ensued.

World Rowing Sarah Dolan

My goal of getting onto the senior Irish squad started when I came to Trinity in 2008. I finally reached that goal in April 2010 after the final Irish Trials when I was selected to go to Wedau International regatta in both an U23 double and a senior scull. I was so grateful to be selected, but the Regatta was on a couple of days after my exams finished! I was a bit apprehensive about how it would go, but it was great experience. The course was nothing like one you would see in Ireland. It even had a warm up lake. This just made it all the more nerve racking, one of my biggest fears was that I was going to go all that way and come last by miles. I learned very quickly that the international stage is fast, very fast! Which seems obvious but you dont realise how fast until you are left for dust after the start! Although the pace was fast I was really happy with some of my results there. I really enjoyed my first international regatta but I did not enjoy the delay that happened 2007 Junior W8+ National Champion Novice W8+ National Champion Home International winner Junior W4x 2009 Inter 8+ University Champion Senior 8+ University Champion Senior 2x University Champion Colours winner 2010 Colours Winner Senior 2x University Champion Wedau International Regatta, Duisburg: 6th BWL2x World Cup 1: Bled Slovenia: 21st WL2x World Cup 3: Lucerne, Switzerland: 18th WL2x Under 23 World Championships : Brest, Belarus: 8th WL2x DULBC News 2010 ©

after it. We got stuck there for 2 extra days because of the ash cloud! After Duisburg I moved down to Cork for the summer to train with the rest of the squad. Although boring at times I loved being down t her e and t r aining everyday. I then got selected to go in a double to the first World Cup in Bled. Lake Bled is the most beautiful place I have ever seen and it was amazing to row

Sarah Dolan and Sheila Clavin compete for Ireland in the Women's Lightweight 2x at the Rowing World Cup in Bled, Slovenia. (Photo: John Gichigi)

on. But the World Cups are a big step up from Duisburg as I quickly learned. This Regatta showed me that I would have to get alot faster if I was going to be able to compete with World champions. After Bled it was back to Cork to train for the 3rd World Cup and the big one: the U23 World Championships. We were training harder than ever to do well in the U23s as this was our age group no excuses. We were racing in Lucerne before the U23s so we headed to Switzerland. Lucerne is also an amazing course. I was more nervous in there than I was in any of the other Regattas because we had put in so much more training and we were expecting more of ourselves. Again the pace was very fast and the C final was the best we could do. We had to put it behind us quickly too because we were off

on a training camp in the Swiss national rowing centre until the U23s. We worked on everything that we had learned when we were on camp. But we also had some fun as it was really hot and sunny, which was not so fun to row in but was great for swimming in! When our camp was done we headed to Belarus. Belarus was also a great course with great facilities. The U23s was a bigger event than any of the other Regattas, it even had an opening cermony, which was brillant and alot bigger than I thought a rowing opening cermony would be. Our first heat in the U23s didn‘t look too bad on paper so we knew we would just have to row our best and we would get through. Which we did in 2nd place. This gave us a day off the next day as we didnt have to compete in a rep. A whole day to get very nervous. Our aim was to get to the A final and after we saw the draw for the Semi-final we knew this was going to be very difficult as we were drawn against the current champions. To get through we knew we would have to row the best we had ever rowed. But sitting on the start the nerves got the better of us and we didnt row as well as we had hoped. The B final was a really tough race. There were three boats all side by side for the whole race; Ireland, Spain and the USA. We all finished within a second and a half of each other, with Ireland coming 2nd. Losing by so little is always hard but we raced our hardest so we weren‘t dissappointed with it. I loved every moment of my time competing for Ireland and would to do it all again next year.

Thank you! DULBC are immensely grateful for all the help and support we receive from so many people every year, especially DUCAC for our funding and all our parents, we're sorry we can‘t mention you all here but rest assured you mean the world to us! A few special mentions from 2009-10: Mr & Mrs Finn and Mr & Mrs Carr Condon for new cox-boxes. Guy Coleman, Elaine and Vic Cass and Anne Blanchard for Women‘s Head accommodation in London. Elaine, Tom & Susannah Coleman and friends for accommodation at Henley Women‘s Regatta. The Trinity Trust for money towards a new trailer. The Proud-Murphy family for an amazing picnic in Henley.

2010-11 Calendar A selection of important dates for your diary - more to come in future editions! 06/11/2010 Neptune Head, Blessington 18/11/2010 The Trinity Boat Ball, Clontarf Castle Hotel 19/12/2010 Parents & Friends mulled wine & mince pies at Trinity Boathouse 29/01/2011 DULBC Alumni Dinner, Russel Court Hotel 05/03/2011 Dublin Head, Liffey 19/03/2011 Women‘s Eights Head, London 26/03/2011 Lagan Head, Belfast 02/04/2011 Neptune Regatta, Islandbridge 09/04/2011 University and Schools Championships, National Rowing Centre, Cork 10/04/2011 Skibereen Regatta, NRC Cork 16/04/2011 Trinity Regatta and Luncheon, Islandbridge

Picnicking with parents in Henley. The Kat Millar Fund for supporting our international competitions. FXB Restaurants for their continuing sponsorship. Neville Maxwell and Brendan Farrell for fantastic guest coaching.

28/05/2011 Dublin Metropolitan Regatta, Blessington 1719/06/2011 Henley Women‘s Regatta, Henley 14-17/07/2011 Irish National Rowing Championships, NRC Cork

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