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Future Approach of Mobile Apps Development Technology has been at forefront and moving at a very fast pace as there has been a slew of smartphone releases from various manufacturers. A major part of it has been the popularity of mobile OS like android as well as iOS with emphasis on various ace consumer markets. The end user in that aspect has been getting dizzy in anticipation of the latest Smartphones being released in fourth quarter of this year. Mobile development organizations are under enormous pressure to provide flawless experience through enhanced Smartphones and tablets applications. with every major update or a new device, developers have to ensure that they take advantage of the latest mobile devices and operating systems. But on the other hand it has been getting relatively difficult to choose and recommend the most effective type of mobile application development practices. Most of the organizations approach vendors to develop applications using mobile best practices. This mobile first approach has become very popular as organisation have taken cognizance of the fact that mobility is the way for the future. It is completely vendor’s privilege to suggest the best methodology for mobile apps development following the type of the organization, the domain, the consumer base they are dealing with, along with the impact of the mobile apps at the business growth and procurement of the whole enterprise. Since Native apps have the capabilities to take advantage of the Smartphone features with its core functionality they have been preferred by mobile app developers. But with the coming of age of HTML5 as well as hybrid development, developers have started to move away from native application development. Native apps interact directly with the mobile operating system along with any of the intermediary application using core services like notifications and real time updates. They use APIs released by the operating system vendors to get root level functionality. In this technology captured market, Smartphone comes up with the powerful browsers embedded with the support for many HTML5 capabilities, advanced javascript and CSS3. Developers usually create websites that adhere to latest technology like HTML5 and source them to mobile devices to cede web pages that are adaptable to various screen sizes. When developers are more into developing custom mobile application collaborating the web and native apps, it calls for a more holistic approach in the form of hybrid apps, that can the best of the both worlds. Hybrid app is basically an native app with embedded HTML. Having all the benefits of native capabilities, developers find it easy to have cross platform migration of their apps using hybrid model. While most of coding is done via API’s and SDKs, selected part of the apps is created using web technologies.

Future approach of mobile apps development  

Technology has been at forefront and moving at a very fast pace as there has been a slew of smartphone releases from various manufacturers....

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