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Couch Potato (noun) informal •

a teenager immersed in fandom

anyone who loves popculture

anyone who considers books, movies, music, and television their lifee



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Editor’s Letter For as long as I can remember, couch potatoes are notorious for being bums, couch surfers, loafers, obese people who live with their parents and watch TV all day. But we, the staff of “The Couch Potato” beg to differ.

Anna Katrina Quintos Editor-in-Chief

Khalela John Talion

Shaunna Mae Padlan

Managing Editor

Art Director

Maria Andromeda Cruz

Juan Miguel Flores

Feature Writer

Feature Writer

After watching all those TV shows and movies, after reading all those books, after listening to all those tunes, and after absorbing all the stories that mankind can tell, Couch Potatoes have the potential to be creative out-of-the-box thinkers, movement makers and belief shakers. We have lived a thousand lives through the characters we associate ourselves with. We have felt a million emotions through the heart-wrenching songs that we just can’t express ourselves in any other words but “FEEEELS!”. We have learned about religion, culture, identity, globalization and other issues because of the films we’ve watched and the stories we’ve read. It’s just a matter of turning this power into actions. This summer, it’s time to get off the couch! Celebrating the power of youth and stories, together, we will redefine what being a Couch Potato is. Proud Potato, Trina

April Tancio

Ayana Tomas

Feature Writer

Feature Writer @couchpotato COUCH POTATO | ISSUE 1 VOL. 1

Special Thanks To:

Anna Loraine Balita Catalina Cruz Jay Cruz Evelyn Flores Noel Flores Sunshine Domine Natividad Luna Elizabeth Padlan Rody Padlan

Amelita Quintos Antonio Quintos Josephine Refrea Juan Talion Mang Edgar Benny & Kenny De La Salle University Comm. Dept. LR19 ID112


Tater Thoughts “Yung mga fans ng Marvel Cinematic Universe, may ilan na laging nagsasabi na “Di yan spoiler, nasa comics yan” para dun sa mga fan ng movie na di binabasa yung comics. Parang nagkakaroon ng diskriminasyon sa comics at non-comic reader. Pero in the first place kasi, dapat ienjoy lahat ngfans yung movie kahit comic book fan siya o hindi. Magkaibang medium siya, so dapat pwede mo siya ienjoy as is.” – Carl Corilla De La Salle University


Why I Will Never Read John Green: Okay so at school I’m surrounded by people carrying that thick, blue book that everybody loves because it was poignant, beautifully written, etc etc and while I’m okay people reading The Fault in Our Stars, I would rather not (read: never) give it a go. It’s not that I hate John Green or his books, but I pledged to myself that I will never read any of his books because to me they reek of sadness, AND I WOULD RATHER NOT BLEED TEARS THANKYOUVERYMUCH. People say “NO IT’S SO GOOD AND IT’S NOT A TRAGEDY READ IT”, I still vehemently SAY NO, NOPE, GOODBYE. One of the main characters gets A LEG AMPUTATION and the OTHER NEEDS A MACHINE TO BREATHE PROPERLY and THEY’RE IN LOVE--I’d rather not upset myself FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. – Joey Rose De Leon University of the Philippines Diliman

The “How I Met Your Mother” finale was the biggest let down I have ever had to experience throughout my entire life. It was like the writers of the show turned the show into my best friend and during the last episode, I find out that my best friend was sleeping with my mom. Wait, that analogy wasn’t appropriate. Let’s just say they gave me a goldfish and they helped me nourish it for 9 years, and on the 9th year, they barbecued it fed it to the cat. Well let’s just say I didn’t like it. Watch it for yourself if you’ve been following the show and if you find it nice well screw you and your opinion! – Raco Ruiz De La Salle University

HIMYM’s Season Finale gave so much character development to Barney and Robin, so it was unacceptable that in the finale, they just just decided to divorce after 3 years of marriage. I learned to love the Mother even with her short appearance to the show. HIMYM Finale was nothing I expected it to be, but I guess it still ended well. — Denise Rogationist College

It would be an understatement to say that the movie adaption of Divergent was amazing. It was beyond amazing, beyond any other synonym of the word amazing. It gave me chills because it was so accurate with the book, plus its soundtrack is now my most favorite soundtrack ever. It’s honestly one of the best movie adaptations of a book I have ever seen since Warm Bodies and Harry Potter. — Monica Padillo University of Santo Tomas



For Couch Potatoes by fellow Couch Potatoes.

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I’ve recently watched the modern adaptation of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (again). It never fails to motivate me to pursue things that I would want to do, plus the shots used were wonderful. Besides Walter Mitty living instead of daydreaming, one inspirational element about the film is Life Magazine’s motto: “To see things thousands of miles away, things hidden behind walls and within rooms, things dangerous to come to, to draw closer, to see and be amazed.” This motto never fails to get me all hyped about chasing (and actually pursuing my dreams, even those as farfetched as Walter Mitty’s.) Although, one perplexing thing about the film was Walter’s “incredible phone reception” that he could even converse with Todd Maher (of eharmony) while trekking the Himalayas. It made me doubt if everything that Walter did was real or if he just zoned out for a very long time. – Glenn Antonio De La Salle University

“I think one of my pet peeves are seeing all those people walking around with dystopian books and going, ‘Oh, I love Divergent! I’m Dauntless!” or whatever faction they’re in. Whenever I see those, I feel so tempted to walk up to them and say, “You love Divergent? Really? Was it because you walked into a bookstore, saw the book and fell in love with it? Or Was it because the trailer had a really hot guy in it?” You fall in love with books not because there’s a movie coming out but because it really appeals to you.” – Jill Go De La Salle University

I’m looking forward to the Bane Chronicles. I just really like his character and how he was portrayed in TMI series. I’m also looking forward to how his adventures, witty remarks and eccentric fashion since we were already given a brief yet colorful anecdote of those in the series. I find it unfair that it gets released around November. But then again, I should be somewhat thankful that it’s this year’s November and not next year’s.I sort of don’t agree with how they portray Magnus Bane in the book cover too. He’s too “macho” for me. They got the eyes I guess but I still don’t think that’s Magnus Bane. In the end though, I hope I don’t end up complaining all the more about the cover once I read the novel. In the end, I can say that I am more excited for this one than the latest TMI book. – Ann Miciano De La Salle University

Book: Maximum Ride It is an equal mix of adventure and romance. Scifi because of supernatural bird kids, each with special abilities, suspense because of all the people running after them. I like it! The romance is probably the annoying part. Either too shy or just too dense to see it. — Macarena Rocha De La Salle University I’m excited to see EXO and Infinite’s comeback this april. I’ve been waiting for it since last month and now that it’s just days away, my inner fanboy is screaming. Both group’s teaser photos are being realeased, but infinite already released their teaser video. Both of have interesting concepts for their comeback and that alone adds up the excitement. What I don’t like is the possibility of another fanwar. It already happened before with Girls’ Generation and 2ne1 fans, and it wasn’t very nice. With all that said, I am very excited.for.their comeback and would root for both of them and hope that there will be no fanwars. — Alain Renon Southville International School COUCH POTATO | ISSUE 1 VOL. 1







Naermyth is a Filipino fantasy novel set in post-apocalyptic Metro Manila. It is Dystopian-themed wherein chaos and war take place between citizens and Filipino mythical creatures such as the aswang, tikbalang, kapre, and a lot more. In this literary piece, we follow Aegis’ story as she battles between issues of bravery, love, and sacrifice. A sequel is on its way soon and readers cannot wait for its release. Meet the face behind the novel as the amusing and bubbly author Karen Francisco shares her life as a family member, student, writer, and daily fangirl. In this interview, she also shares the obstacles she experienced in pursuing her desired course in college and in writing Naermyth. Through her story, one can truly see that it takes passion and a daily dose of creativity in


creating a world of our own and weaving it into words. For aspiring authors out there, keep an eye out on tips from her on how to defeat your worst enemy – writer’s block. So what are you waiting for? Read on to know more!

What was school like for you? High school was okay. I was the trademark creative kid so I stayed with the people who are equally creative. It was fun as far as we were given freedom; but when it came to structural things, of course, there was this ‘call for rebellion’. Usually, I was a butterfly. Not so clique-ish. But college life for me was a lot nicer. I feel like I got the freedom that my character usually asked for. Anything specific? Did you join any organizations during college? How did you exer-

cise the ‘freedom’ in college? I wasn’t part of any organizations during college. It was more of a geographical problem because I lived in the South. I went to Ateneo for college so it was a commute back and forth. So staying was a difficult task. I tried varsity of Taekwondo for the first year. That was fun, but if you get up at 5AM commute all the way to Ateneo to train at 6AM, go to class, get out by seven, then train all the way until midnight. It was a little difficult so I had to stop that in my first year. I was part of Aegis, the school yearbook, for a while. But it was more of commission based. I didn’t like the structural part of it. So being in an org was counterproductive to what I want. Did you choose to go to Ateneo? It’s actually a pretty long story. I wanted to go to UP for Fine Arts. My


parents were like, ‘Oh, you speak English pretty well so why don’t you go to Law School?’ I never entertained the idea of going against it. But then I repeatedly pressed that I want to go to art school. I applied in Ateneo, UP, La Salle, UST, UA&P. Ateneo, I just gave what my parents wanted: Legal Management, Political Science, and I forgot the last one. UP, I got Legal Management and Fine Arts. I just made it second choice so my parents would be fine with it that I applied for Legal Management. I got into Ateneo; UP, I qualified for Fine Arts; La Salle and UA&P were okay. The funny thing about UST was that when I called them while waiting for the results, they said that my application never arrived. I told my mom about it. She gave me this really guilty expression saying that she intercepted my application. She really didn’t want me to go there. It’s okay, it’s what mothers do for love. I ended up taking Political Science, basically because there was no math involved. Haha! I finished it.

You ended up taking Political Science instead of Fine Arts. How was that like for you? It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I wanted to know if could handle the load. What I absolutely loved about Political Science was that it was a great avenue for reading and writing. Case reading, we had 500 pages per subject. A lot of my friends were like, ‘Oh my gosh we have to review this!’ and I was just like, ‘Oh, I’m halfway done!’ It was really fun. For writing, you’re expected to write from a certain format. You have your methodology, etc. You can’t be very flowery with how you go. Structurally, it was a great way to learn and the people, the characters… I just want to say this about Humanities! They’re the best people you’ll ever meet! Like

I told my parents how I was going to apply to every one of them. I applied only to Ateneo thinking that I would fail, but then I got in. So I had no choice but to go into law school.

the arguments and discussions you can have with them. You go through a Philosophy class for just two hours and you end up talking about it for four days.

We have your book right here and it says that you had a ‘memorable stint in law school’. Can we know about that ‘memorable stint’? Why was it only a stint? I was there for two years. It was the most grueling experience of my life. Although I do love to read, case studies are completely a different matter. It’s for some people, and it just wasn’t for me. I felt like my life was only constricted to reading and analyzing on my own what I’ve learned. The analysis part was really good. It makes you think in a very specific, structural way which is tantamount to that. I think it helped me write more structurally than I used to. Eventually, it was just too much. Compounded with the stress and the fact that I didn’t want to be there. I just had to go after two years.

What was your life like after college? What track did you go into after college? The issue came up again after college. At that point I was still 50/50. Should I continue law school or should I take a second degree. My parents were out of money, and they said, ‘Finish political science. Why can’t you just do what you were supposed to do in the first place?’ So

How was it like transitioning from college to work life? What was your first job outside college? First paying job is the job that I have now. I work in a French company and they do a lot of computer work. They allowed me to stay part time.

The cover of Naermyth was drawn by the author herself.

So you mentioned art, what track in art did you want to go to? Specifically, Advertising. Graduate from Visual Communications then go into Advertising and become a designer in the advertising world. But since I passed Ateneo Law School and Fine Arts was not an option during that time, I just went ahead.


Did you have a plan of what you’re going to do after law school? Was there a moment when you said, ‘Okay I’ll just stop and go for something else’? Yeah. I secretly applied to Fine Arts. That was in 2009. I had a friend in political science that was in the same position as me. So he invited me to try it and we applied together. We got in and I saw it as a sign. I told my parents that I quit law school, I’m going to Fine Arts and that I’ll finance it myself.


I worked three times a week and I went to school two times a week. The transition was very difficult because of the travel time and having to shift your mind from work to having to finish plates in school. It was something I had to learn on my own. It was worth it because I knew what I was going to get from there.

What was it like applying for a job? I was terrified because I came out of Political Science. I did apply to several advertising jobs for graphic design. I did get a few. Three out of four of them asked me why I was applying for graphic arts when I graduated from Political Science and I just tell them the usual story with what I told you. I asked them to look at my portfolio so it could speak for itself. I was accepted into one of four. They were willing to train me, but it was also the time when I was applying for law school. I had no choice but to abandon the application. What were the obstacles you encountered as you applied for a job? Did you have a hard time because you came from Political Science? When you’re in a line to be interviewed, I come out and people ask what took me so long. And I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh you don’t want to know. It’s my life story’. I realized that you just talk to people and be honest. If the job means enough for you and you explain that, the interviewers will see it. May we ask about your family? How many siblings do you have? Sure. I am the second of four sisters. We’re all girls. Me and my sister are a year apart. I have another sister who’s 21. The youngest is 12. Are there any members of your


family artistic? In my family, my parents skipped that generation. My grandfather was a painter. My grandmother was also a writer. My great-grandfather in my father’s side was also a painter and a writer. My younger sister performs. The youngest has potential. Aside from competing in taekwondo as you have mentioned, do you have other hobbies or do you play other sports? I was in basketball varsity in High School. It didn’t last long because the varsity dispersed when we graduated. I play the piano ridiculously, pathetically. People say that I can sing but I think they just want money from me or something like that. I don’t really sing. Right now, I’m into boxing. Have you tried writing your own music? Terribly so, yeah! They ended up sounding like Disney music or choir music so I just gave up.

Delving into the ‘writer’ part of you: do you have a favorite author that influenced your writing? Growing up, I ate and breathed Arlstein. Loved it, goosebumps. But my favorite author really has to be Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre – hands down.

Since we’re already talking about heroines, was there an inspiration for Athena’s character? Part my mom and part my great grandmother. The thing about my great grandmother is she’s like this legend in my family where she was left alone with a number of kids during the Japanese war. She was in the Mountain Province and it was constantly bombarded and attacked. She would go with the kids all under ten years old to safe areas. So the

bravery comes from the matriarchy in the family. My great grandmother imbued that strength at the same time, I was told that she was the kind of person who wouldn’t let anyone tell her what to do. I wanted to see how that would play in a girl set in a situation like that.

Aside from Naermyth, have you written other books as well? Unpublished. Throughout high school and college, I’ve been working on a lot of high fantasy. That’s what I was into. I do want to publish those but when you’re thinking about publishing locally, you have to understand that publishers are very, very genre oriented. This work for example, you have to make sure that people can relate to your work. If I was going to be writing about English fairies and ladies-in-waiting, it’s odd coming from a Filipino. Reading back on my work, it feels like a copycat of Dungeons and Dragons or George R. Martin. Those still exist although abandoned. I decided to write Naermyth as a more localized fantasy horror story.

Dystopian-fantasy genre, has this always been the genre that you have been writing? I just fell into it. It’s really weird because Naermyth started out as a thesis paper. I was in my fourth year doing my internship at a government office and I hated it so much that I contemplated on writing a thesis paper instead. So while doing my outline, I was listing down the possible things. One of them was a possible projection of political states if ever a world war will come or any nuclear disaster calling for a dystopian reality. Outlining that, I made two characters. Initially, it was called, ‘The Fairy and the Knight’. The story will be told of what caused a war and what happened to the


An artwork of Tito Bing, one of the characters in the book, drawn by the author.

Philippines and the government. Eventually it turned into something high fantasy. Something more unrealistic.

I am currently reading the book, and I found hints of being Filipino like how they act towards others. Was that Filipino identity in the character intentional? It felt like how my mom would treat us. You know like when you have a mom and you spill the milk and instead of your mom saying, ‘Aww, my poor baby you spilled the milk’ she says, ‘Ano ka ba! You clean that up now!’ It felt like something like that. It felt like the way a Filipino would react. Before Naermyth, what were your past experiences as a writer? I’m not necessarily published but I do participate in journals, reports, where I write everything and poetry to my teacher’s dismay instead of writing it in proper research form. Writing my own stories – short stories, comic books, scripts, etc.

What got you started in your interest in Filipino mythology? While I was writing the initial script, I didn’t think it was going to be mythology related. I just thought that the world was going to end. But you know, the world ends all the time. You can have a nuclear holocaust… zombies…but then how do I localize that? So I thought that I would just use Filipino mythical creatures who come from nowhere. It’s something…I wouldn’t say different but perhaps nobody’s written it before so maybe I can write about it first. As I continued to explore it – the variety, the different stories told in each dialect – the opportunity for the story and the research put together was just there. It was just waiting. So I had to grab it. Of all the things that you are to choose from, which Filipino mythical creature would you be? Obviously, you can see from the work that I love the kapre. I love them so much. It’s a great creature you can play with. It’s a popular creature. The crazy thing about them is they get mixed up with other


mythologies. I believe that the kapre is the mythical creature to the Renaissance man. It can do absolutely anything. During my research, we tried to narrow it down where these mythologies come from, who they are, where they are, what exactly is the origin, and how come they’re a myth in the first place. People have said that some African individual slaves were brought to the Philippines and us, not knowing who they were, assigned them as a mythical creature. Then here come the Spaniards who use the opportunity to scare the natives. It’s more of the history that comes with it. Why the name Naermyth? It means ‘never myth’. If I was to think that you were in war, you just kind of bastardize the language a little bit. It was a little fun for me to change something and make it original.

Did you have any challenges of your own in writing the book? A lot. When you’re writing, you’re exposed to so much other creative people and so many other things that it’s better, it’s wonderful. It’s like coming from watching a Disney movie and you’re crying not because of the story but because it was better than yours. I mean, not that it may distract you but it may encourage you at the same time. I specifically found out that music kind of helps. I have a compiled playlist for the fighting part, the part when everything is kind of mellow… it helps. I have a playlist called movie soundtracks. The absence of words makes it easy to write what’s happening. It’s because of the tempo. My absolute favorite is the soundtrack from Angels & Demons. You pump yourself up and the words just come to you. COUCH POTATO | ISSUE 1 VOL. 1

What kind of music do you listen to? I’m an oldies fan. I like everything before 1980. If you ask me what the sounds are now I absolutely do not know.

What were the best parts about writing your book? Sometimes I surprise myself in where the story leads. I like to confine myself in what’s already there. At the same time, it’s good for me because I don’t make the world too big. When I then find the solution to my problem while writing, and you’re like ‘Oh it was there all the time! Brilliant!’ You’ll have those moments of ‘Yes, I deserve a cookie or something like that’. For the second book, I’ve written six drafts and it took me three years. The readers are all waiting; but in the end, it will be worth it.

How long did it take the entire process from conceptualization to the first draft? The concept came in 2007 and I completed it in 2009. The writing process itself was condensed to one year. The pressure lies in making it better, but at the same time sustaining what’s written in the first book. It’s difficult in not only living up to the height, but also in keeping things consistent. I try to make it a story of its own instead of a bridge [sequel]. How do you do your research? How do you find the material that you’re looking for? - It starts off with a lot of reading in the beginning. A lot. I got everything I could on Philippine mythology. One of my supporting books that I absolutely love is the series of booklets by Francisco Ramos. It’s solely about Philippine mythology and Filipino folklore. From that, I start asking questions on how to make my read-


ers understand them. I expanded my research globally. You can also see how stories trickle to us brought on by migrants, sailors, etc. How did you come up with the development of the plot of the story? I knew where it was going to end. The hardest part actually is making those little twists and how you’ll build anticipation for the readers and playing down what’s really happening in the background. I had to write the first 15% percent of book one three times because I wasn’t sure about the conflict. It was probably just, ‘Oh, you know, somebody has written about this before’. So while you’re writing you still have to continue that. Spend time asking yourself about what happens and then eventually it all makes sense.

When and how was Naermyth published? It was copyrighted in 2009. I spent three months sending cover letters to publishers. I sent it to [numerous] publishers. I waited [for] about a month and a half until I got my first e-mail from Visprint. They said they were interested and I couldn’t breathe for an hour! I sent the manuscript and they said that they really liked it and they wanted to work on it. Who illustrated the cover? Can you talk about it? I did. For the design, it’s more from my imagination instead of Manila. The original art had a lot more detail. I figured that the creature there would be a squatting aswang. I have a thing where I want people to not know what the book is about when they see the cover. •



by Shaunna Padlan

Battling with writer’s block again? Have no fear! The Couch Potato team asked Ms. Karen Francisco on advice for fellow writers. Here are her top five tips: •

Make an outline, then write it how it is in it. When you get this idea to change things, keep it for awhile. If it’s a good change, it will stick with you. Just keep writing and stick to your plans.

• Read a lot. Keep reading, keep writing. It doesn’t matter what material you read. The flow of words and information in your head keeps you thinking and it helps a lot. It’s good to know what’s being done. Read bad reviews to be guided and to let you know what not to do. At the same time, do not write for other people. Write for yourself. The rule is you write what you read. Strive for perfection but don’t cry when you get disappointed. • When you keep writing and you find yourself deviating completely to your original story, your original story for a reason. If you have completely deviated, it’s not a good idea. Abandon it where it is and use it later on because it will be useful. • Another thing when writing something, you know what’s going to happen although you just don’t know how to say it. You’re pushing to find your inspiration when inspiration shouldn’t be forced. You just have to wait and breathe. The solution is already in the text. Just read through it again and you probably already mentioned it. It’s an Easter egg somewhere that you can use. •

Write what you know about life and not just your expeiences.


How to Motivate Yourself to Read A B


by April Tancio I have hated reading since I was in grade school, and I have never finished a book. Reading was the worst activity I could ever think of! I could not even imagine myself sitting on a couch – concentrating with a book in my hand. It absolutely sucked! However, many things have changed since I attended college. I learned to appreciate reading as leisure. I think it was because, as a college student, reading was required in almost all of our subjects. It may have also been because of my curiosity to learn new things.

book, prove yourself wrong. You can do anything when you start believing and trusting in yourself. By doing this, you will have the self-confidence and self-esteem that will make your journey fun until the last page.

The love for reading may come with a lot of struggle and effort, but it is possible. Here are some motivational tips that will help you get moving. Let’s get started!

Read the Plot at the Back Cover Try to read the book jacket first because it will give you an idea of what the book is all about. Afterwards, decide whether you like it or not. If in case the plot doesn’t fit in your taste, get another one.

Challenge Yourself Leave your comfort zone and do something new. Stop being pessimistic; instead, do the opposite. If you hate reading, then ask yourself “why don’t I give it a try”? Always remember that life gets boring when you stay within the limits of what you already know. Accept Your Willpower Always believe in yourself. If you think that you cannot finish the whole

Choose the Right Genre For You There must be some book out there for you no matter who you are: fantasy, sci-fi, fiction, romance, comedy, horror and etc. Remember, you just have to find the right thing that will suit your taste.

Give Yourself Time to Get Into a Book Not all books will completely grab your attention from page one. Most of the time, it takes a while to get into a story. If you’re not completely won over by the end of the first chapter, don’t worry. Just turn the page and keep going because something exciting might happen. Once you’re engaged, you’ll find that it’s easy to


keep reading. But if you’re not enjoying a book after you’ve read half of it, then consider ditching it. There’s no rule that says you have to finish every book you start. Start with Moderate Length Do not force or pressure yourself to dive into a 300 page book right away. Reading is a process so take it one step at a time. The first step you can do is to read something with simple words and easy sentences. Then, set goal and pace yourself. If you can finish one page a day, you will finish 30 pages per month and you will be able to finish a book in 4-7 months, which is not bad at all. Avoid Electronics Take the book somewhere with no gadgets to avoid distractions. If you can’t be get away, just go to a quite place and turn your gadgets off so that you’ll be forced to focus on what you’re reading. Even if it’s just fifteen minutes a day, you will be surprised by how time passes by when you focus all of your attention on the story. The need to know what will happen next will make putting the book down harder as you go along.


Classics Rein vented

by Khalela Talion Storytelling has evolved drastically through the existence of the internet. Multiple platforms for social media and sharing are now shaping the way story material is being made, or in this case, reinvented. Through transmedia or multiplatform storytelling, beloved classic works such as “Pride and Prejudice”, “Jane Eyre” and “Hamlet” are now being given a modern spin that incorporates not only media sharing platforms, but also social networking websites. Released through a webseries format, modern retelling of the classics are now becoming the new trend particularly geared towards the younger generation. For those who find classic books boring, this innovative approach might convince you otherwise.

Classics Reinvented

Lizzie Bennet Diaries

Original run : April 9, 2012-March 28, 2013

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries (LBD) is a

Storytelling hasAusten's Pride and adaptation of Jane Prejudice.drastically Presented in the style of a evolved video blog or a vlog, the story is mainly through the existence narrated by Lizzie together with her sisters, Jane and Lydia, and her best of friend, the internet. MultiCharlotte. Aside from the main

channel on Youtube, the series also had interactive elements on social networking sites that were directly linked with the storyline, giving different perspectives and tidbits into the everyday lives of each character. The web series was positively received by critics and was awarded the Original Interactive Program at the Creative Arts Emmys in 2013. Because their successes, several LBD spin offs were developed: The Lydia Bennet, Maria of the Lu, Collins and Collins, Pemberly Digital and Welcome to Sandition. COUCH POTATO | ISSUE 1 VOL. 1

Autobiography of Jane Eyre Original Run: February 28, 2013 - on going

This web series is an adaptation of Charlotte Bronte's classic gothic novel, Jane Eyre. It follows the same trend of the use of transmedia to interact with its audience through platforms like Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram, made popular by LBD. Through the help of Indiegogo, a website that raises funds through donations; the production is now continuing its run.

Tell Tale Vlog

Original run: October 7, 2013 - on going

This comedy series is about a fictional portrayal of poet Edgar Allen Poe a.k.a Ed Poe. Presented in a confessional style of vlogging, the show consists of two characters, Ed and Lenore, a ghost staying in his house. Instead of modernizing the setting, the team at

Shipwrecked productions delivers an entertaining mix of the old world and the new, perfect for those who like period settings. Other projects like Emma Approved, an adaptation of Jane Austen’s Emma, The Nick Carraway Chronicles, an adaptation F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby and Lil Women, an adaptation of Louisa May Alcott's Little Women, are now gaining viewership and support from fans all over the world. Because of this new trend, new projects like Anne of Green Gables and #Hamlet are now in the works thanks to fan support and positive recognition from the mainstream media. It is truly remarkable how storytelling has changed through the years — and by the looks of it, this new form of media will not only innovate the way stories are told but also revitalize classic stories, welcoming it into the modern times.



Top 10 Must Reads This Season by Khalela Talion

Tired of looking for the next book you should read? Here is a list of the movers and shakers in recent and upcoming Young Adult books for the month of March, April and May. Rest assured that these titles will hit your bookish sweet spot with unique, fascinating and interesting beautifully written novels fresh from the press.

1. Panic

by Lauren Oliver

Published March 4th 2014 by HarperCollins

Graduating seniors from a run-down town participate in an annual game called Panic, a sixevent survival contest where the winner takes all. With a cash prize that may be their only ticket out, the stakes are life-threateningly high. This new novel from Lauren Oliver, author of the best selling trilogy Delirium, delivers a fast paced realistic story of friendship, loyalty, courage and hope.

2. The Winner’s Curse (The Winner’s Trilogy #1) by Marie Rutkoski

and discovers her calling in these desperate times. This historical debut novel gives readers an in depth glimpse of one of history’s most widespread outbreak of disease through the eyes of an unwilling heroin.

Published March 4th 2014 by Farrar Straus Giroux

4. Side Effects May Vary

Published March 18th 2014 by HarperCollins/ Balzer + Bray

Kestrel, a member of the ruling class, has only two choices: join the military or get married. However, she has other plans on her mind. She impulsively buys a slave that might cost her her heart and her home. This beautifully written fantasy with rich complex characterizations will hold readers in rapture until its breathtaking conclusion.

3. A Death-Struck Year

by Makiia Lucier Published March 4th 2014 by HMH Books for Young Readers 17 year old Cleo Barry is struggling to survive the 1918 Spanish Influenza pandemic. Faced with death and disease, she volunteers to serve as a nursing maid in her local community. In doing so, she builds friendships


by Julie Murphy

When Alice is diagnosed with leukemia, she enlists the help of her friend Harvey to accomplish a bucket list that….let’s just say she could’ve gotten away with, if only she passed away. However, her cancer goes into remission and she now has to face the consequences of her actions. This honest and believable story gives a new spin on a cancer story most books fail to achieve.

5. The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender by Leslye Walton

Expected publication: March 25th 2014 by Candlewick Press

This multi generational magical novel explores the life of Ava LavCOUCH POTATO | ISSUE 1 VOL. 1

ender, a girl born with the wings of a bird, and her mystical family. It is not only about love but focuses on its many dimensions. It is a unique and fresh story that, combined with beautifully written prose, can be appreciated by both teens and adults alike.

6. Nearly Gone by Elle Cosimano

Expected publication: March 25th 2014 by Kathy Dawson Books

B o swell lives a nearly low-key exis tence up until when her classmates start getting killed off one by one. When the murderer leaves coded messages intentionally for her, she has no choice but to solve this case before more people get hurt or she takes the blame. Described as Bones meets Fringe, this debut thriller mixes a bit of the supernatural and intelligent investigative prose that will keep readers on the edge until the last page.

7. Noggin

by John Corey Whaley

Expected publication: April 8th 2014 by Atheneum Books for Young Readers

Travis Coates died of leukemia when he was 16. That was five years COUCH POTATO | ISSUE 1 VOL. 1

ago. Now, through the help of cryogenics and the latest technological advancement, his head is reanimated and is attached to a buffer and taller donor body. From the Printz Award-winning, Where Things Come Back author, this novel is a coming of age story with a humorous and interesting twist.

8. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before #1) by Jenny Han

Expected publication: April 15th 2014 by Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers Lara Jean Covey writes love letters to all the boys she ever loved. Not for them, but for her own catharsis. This was her secret until her letters were mailed and sent to the boys in question. From the New York Times bestselling author of The Summer I Turned Pretty series comes this charming story of naiveté and guile that is a contrast to the usual worldly portrayal of teen girls today.

9. One Man Guy

by Michael Barakiva 272 pages

Expected publication: May 27th 2014 by Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR) Alek Khederian comes from a traditional Armenian family who arranges him to go to a camp for the summer to improve his grades. While there, he meets Ethan who gives him adventure and opens his eyes to new possibilities. This romantic comedy is reviewed by Publisher’s Weekly as “avoids stereotypes and clichés to create a sweet portrait of nascent adolescent love”.

10. The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August by Claire North Expected publication: April 8th 2014 Published by Orbit Books

Harry August is destined to live his life in an endless cycle, experiencing the same events over and over again with the all his memories of his previous lives intact. He is a kalachakra, and he is not alone. Told that the end of the world is nearing as each cycle pass, he must use all his knowledge to know know why and how to save it. This stunning debut from author Claire North delivers a fresh and complex concept that may leave you contemplating life and its purpose.


Rising Music Artists found a new platform in by Juan Miguel Flores Boyce Avenue

Christina Grimmie

Alex Goot

5.4 Million Subscribers

2.5 Million Subscribers

1.6 Million Subscribers

Composed of brothers Alejandro, Daniel, and Fabian Manzano, Boyce Avenue averages 10 million hits per song cover. For their Mirrors cover (originally by Justin Timberlake), they received over 42 million views. Because of the rise of the Youtube music scene, they are now as famous as other artists on television. They have also produced original songs, like One Life and Every Breath among others. Because of their popularity, Boyce Avenue has held sold out concerts and international tours. In fact, they just had a concert in Resorts World Manila last December 2013.

Christina Grimmie started her Youtube career in 2009. Because of her cover of Just a Dream alongside Sam Tsui, Grimmie was able to increase her fanbase with the video reaching over 92 million hits. She has also released her original compositions such as Find Me and Advice. Currently, she is a a contestant in The Voice US Season 6 under Team Adam.

Alexander Gut, or popularily known as Alex Goot is an artist based in New York. He became famous after having collaborations with other Youtube artists such as Sam Tsuio and Chrissy Costanza. As a testament to his popularity, his recent cover of One Republic’s Counting Stars already received over 7 million views on Youtube with just over two months in the web. Similar to other artists, he has produced originally composed music like Lightning and Secret Girl.



The internet gets stronger as it gives everyone an avenue to showcase their talent. This new medium serves as an alternative for anybody who has not broken through in the TV or music industry to make a name of their own. For new breed music artists, Youtube gives an opportunity to be discovered. With millions and millions of people visiting Youtube everyday, new artists get the opportunity to present their songs, — whether an original or a cover — hoping that it will garner views. They are able to publicize themseleves for free throught their videos as well as steer viewers into buying their songs through alternative platforms such as iTunes or Spotify. As they climb the ladder of fame, they manage to have their own concerts and tours. Let’s look at some Youtube artists who are successful in this platform.

Sam Tsui

Alex G

Justin Bieber

1.1 Million Subscribers

1.1 Million Subscribers

9.1 Million Subscribers

Sam Tsui is an American music artist who started his Youtube career in 2009. He has over 70 million views for the video of his cover of Nelly’s Just a Dream with Christina Grimmie. Sam Tsui has already produced his own individual songs, which are available on iTunes. He has also produced an album called “Make It Up” under an Sh-K Boom Records, an American independent recording company. Because of his Youtube success, he already had his own tours and concerts around the U.S. and has performed on Ellen and Oprah last 2010.

Not to be mistaken with fellow Youtube star Alex Goot, Alex G is an American artist who was inspired by Tyler Ward and Julia Sheer – other Youtube artists. Two years ago, she joined a contest founded by Tyler Ward. It turned out that she didn’t win yet Tyler Ward personally messaged her asking for music collaboration. Since then, she now has more than a million subscribers on Youtube. Alex G’s most popular video is her cover of Maroon 5’s Payphone, with more than 13 million viewers. She also has originally composed music such as 4 A.M and Find You to name a few.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or have been in a coma for the past few years, you’ve probably danced to this pop star’s feel-good beats. Arguably one of the youngest and most famous artists in the world, Justin Bieber began his journey to world domination on Youtube, when manager Scooter braun came across his cover of Chris Brown’s “With You”. Bieber has mentored by RnB superstar, Usher, released 3 albums, received numerous awards including 2 Grammy nonations, named the “third most powerful celebrity in the world” by Forbes Magazine in 2012, and has sold over 15 million records worldwide.



Sweet Summer Soundtrack

Feel Good Albums to Spice Up Your Summer by Shaunna Padlan

On the way to your summer getaway without new tunes? At a beach party without the latest house music? Feeling bored and wanting to listen to new jams? Do not fret! From relaxing by the poolside to being on a road trip or partying with friends, Couch Potato has got it covered for you. Spice up your summer with these new albums of 2014.

On that road trip to your summer destination

No new sounds to cruise to on the highway? Well, here’s a rare mix of different genres such as pop and electronica combined altogether! Foster the People’s second album, Supermodel, features tracks ‘Coming of Age’, their featured song from this album, has a chill vibe which will turn back time and bring you back to feeling the music of the 80’s once again. Unlike their first album that mainly composes of electronic beats, Supermodel is guitar-driven. The theme of the album centers on social issues specifically the negativity concerning modern popular culture and capitalism. This album is perfect for easy listening to accompany you during cruising on the road with its light beats and feel good vibe. A highly recommended track to listen to is ‘Coming of Age’, which time warps you to rocking out on an 80’s tune.

Bike rides through the park

Who wouldn’t love to have that de-stressing bike ride after loads of work from school? A good album to cruise to relaxing, breezy bike rides either alone or with friends is A Trip to The Coast by British singer-songwriter, instrumentalist, musical arranger and producer Bill Pritchard. Released on March just this year, it is his first album and it composes of ten songs on love and loss. The simplicity of his songs is brilliant and perfect for easy listening. From the cheerful tune of ‘Trentham’ to the adorable lyrics of ‘Polly’, Pritchard’s guitar pop and melodic ballads will take your worries away and will truly give you that summer soundtrack experience. Be careful of getting into any accidents if you’re using earphones though! 20


At a picnic with friends

With a combination of alternative rock, folk, and pop in their music, Oh, What A Life by American indie rock band American Authors (released March 2014), is the ideal album to listen to when you’re with friends. It composes tracks with lively lyrics and catchy tunes. Their songs truly emanate optimism, which are perfect additions to enjoying one’s day. Recommended songs to listen to in this album are ‘Best Day Of My Life’, ‘Believer’, and ‘Love’.

At the beach

The ultimate beach experience – feeling the summer heat, hearing waves crashing on the shore, and the smell of sunscreen – will not be complete without listening to MKTO (released January 2014). The album consists of upbeat rap, RNB, and pop tunes. MKTO does not only stand for the name of the two singers, which are Malcolm Kelley and Tony Oller, but it also means Misfit Kids and Total Outcasts. One of their most catchy songs are ‘Classic’ and ‘Thank You’. Just by the intro of these songs, it will make you dance to their tunes and remove the beach bum in you. This album will absolutely give you energy for a wonderful day at the beach.

All-time summer album

Recommended for any relaxing activity one is currently doing, The Fray comes back with their latest album, Helios. This album was released on February this year and its tracks are a mix of alternative rock and pop rock. The band drew inspiration from the most popular bands of today such as British rock band Coldplay (with their song ‘Hurricane’), American pop rock band Maroon 5 (‘Give It Away’), and Irish rock band U2 (‘Keep On Wanting’). Fortunately, The Fray does not fail to impress fans with their unique edge at innovative beats and heartfelt lyrics. Why is this good for any summer activity, you ask? Whether you’re whiling away time in your room, spending time with friends, or relaxing outdoors under the moonlit sky, Helios provides both upbeat, feel good songs and relaxing songs that will stir your emotions.



Step Into Music Fancy by Trina Quintos

With the beginning of summer comes a variety of must-do activities that allow you to let loose and forget about everything school related. In recent years, concerts and music festivals have surged in the Philippines, along with the heightened popularity of indie music. The summer of 2014 shall be no different. May 17 promises the return of “Wanderland”, a music festival that launched last 2013. It was one-day music festival organized by Karpos Multimedia in Global Circuit Makati. It’s success has ensured its return this year, with a lineup that is yet to be released. Last year, Wanderland’s lineup boasted a variety of artists, headlined by indie pop group, The Temper Trap, and pop rock band, Neon Trees. According to Colwin Tanheco, Karpos Multimedia’s Social Media Content Manager and International Artist Road Manager, Wanderland gives it’s dominantly adolescent audience a relaxed, “hippy” vibe while serving up a diverse line up. Setting itself apart from other music festivals, Wanderland combined both music and art to create a unique artistic experience. While the music acts were performing onstage, street artists and mural artists were creating their own masterpieces on the concert grounds. Called the Philippine version of Coachella, it was widely attended by teenagers ranging from 15-25 years of age, who lived out their hipster dreams by laying on picnic mats and prancing about in bohemian clothing and flower crowns. This year, Wanderers will step into a world of music fancy youth as a circus-themed Wanderland returns. Both local and international singing groups will perform. Wanderland 2014 will also feature live art by Anjo Bolardo, JP Cuison and Dee Jae Paesye. For “Wanderland 2014”, the bar has been set high and people are expecting a bigger, better event with a strong indie pop rock oriented lineup. With preparations well underway for this year’s circus-themed “Wanderland 2014”, it will surely be an exhilarating summer escape.



Line Up

Architecture in Helsinki

Last Dinosaurs

The Ransom Collective

Genre: Indie rock

Genre: Indie folk-rock

Genre: Pop


The Drums

The Royal Concept

Genre: Rock

Genre: Beach-pop

Genre: Indie rock band

Lucy Rose

Woody Pitney

The Paper Kites

Genre: Indie folk

Genre: Folk-pop

Genre: Folk


Techy Romantics

Chocolate Grass

Genre: Indie rock

Genre: Electro-pop

Genre: neo-soul



Travel through time.



The Sandler-Barrymore Connection:


It’s one of a kind for an onscreen couple to make a hit on the big screen three times in a row – especially when they’re a decade in between. In an interview at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, on-screen partners Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore spilled an interesting trivia: “Every 10 years, we get to fall in love again.” In their new movie, they are once again reunited to be the couple people loved in the ‘90s. With all the successful past movie projects they had, the Sandler-Barrymore tandem doesn’t seem to lose its love spell. Even if years went by, their onscreen chemistry and spark has never failed to cast its spell. Let’s take a look to where it all began:

The Wedding Singer (1998) Who can ever forget the lyrics of the song, “Oh I could be the man who grows old with you”? Apparently, it was also when Sandler and Barrymore's onscreen relationship clicked. In a debut film that started the decade-wide love connection, Sandler portrays the life of a wedding singer named Robbie Hart while Barrymore plays the role of a waitress named Julia Sullivan. Meeting in a wedding reception, what started out as a casual acquaintance eventually turns into something more. Critics gave it a positive review proving that the Sandler-Barrymore team-up is indeed effective. The general public welcomed the couple’s rom-com debut making the movie a box office hit as it ranked number two in ticket sales unCOUCH POTATO | ISSUE 1 VOL. 1

der Titanic.

by Juan Miguel Flores

50 First Dates (2004)

Blended (2014)

This classic film puts their second “decade movie” on the books. Sandler, in this movie, portrays Henry Roth, a playboy veterinarian who meets Lucy Whitmore, played by Drew Barrymore, in a café. He falls in love with her and asks her for another date. However, Lucy is suffering from Goldfield’s Syndrome, a type of antergograde amnesia, that makes her unable to create new memories because of an accident years ago. This is why when Henry Roth chats with her again, she does not remember even a single detail about him. This inspired the classic pursuit of Sandler to the forgetful Lucy Whitmore. And so he takes on the challenge of making her fall in love with him every single day. Critics had a mixed response on the film. Michael O'Sullivan, a critic from the Washington Post gave it a positive review saying, “A chick flick for guys, with a pH balance in perfect equilibrium between the crass and the sweet”. However, Rex Reed from the New York Observer responded negatively saying, “[It’s] stupid, coarse, and abysmally funny.” Moreover, in this movie, Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore were awarded as the “Best On-Screen Team” by MTV Movie Awards in 2004. People’s reception was very positive, so much so that the movie’s received an income of over $190 million from a $75 million budget.

This coming June 11, the “Decade couple” is back together for a romantic comedy movie. Director Frank Coraci, director of the Wedding Singer, teams up again with the duo for some old-school romance. On their third movie together, Sandler will play the role of Jim Friedman, single dad who’s fond of dating while Barrymore will play Lauren Reynolds, a single mom who’s into dating as well. The story goes after the two find themselves stuck in a resort in Africa so they could treat their kids for a family vacation. As they prioritize their own children, a seemingly accidental acquaintance will turn into a relationship between the two. In few months, the audience will once again see the decade-long on-screen comeback of the “Sandler-Barrymore Connection” completing the movie for the third decade. The audience don’t seem to lose taste on the Sandler-Barrymore connection. Maybe Sandler wanted his song in The Wedding Singer to be a reality, making him “be the man who grows old with Barrymore” – on the big screen. As long as viewers are under the Sandler-Barrymore connection, the on-screen tradition every decade might continue. So count years from now because who knows? You might see them together again after Blended!



by Meda Cruz

Imagine that a movie you’ve been waiting for has finally been released. You rush to the nearest movie house and get the best seat in the house. You buy your popcorn and your drinks. The movie starts and you just relax and enjoy the show. But suddenly, the guy beside you answers his ringing phone and talks with a loud voice. The mom in front of you stands up and blocks your perfect view. The group of teenagers on the other side of the movie house burst into loud laughter and you can’t understand a thing you’re watching. Even if you really want to watch what’s on the screen, you just can’t. And it’s because of the most annoying people you could ever encounter in a movie house.



The Barkada

These are the people who go in cliques when watching a movie. It’s not that it’s bad to watch movies with your best buds. It’s just that when one goes to the movie house, the supposed intention is to watch—not to laugh their butts off because of each other’s stories. These friends are commonly in their early to mid teenage years, bunched together and giggling over the latest YA flick.

The curious Not everyone in the movie house knows the full summary of the movie; that’s why everyone’s watching it. But there are just some people who are desperate to know all the how’s and the why’s of the movie that they just have to ask their seatmate and their seatmate’s seatmate about it. Sometimes, they really just lose track of what’s going on. Other times, they are the loyal friends who are forced to tag along by their fan girl friend, without any prior knowledge on what’s about to happen.

The storytellers The Storytellers are best friends with The Curious. They eagerly answer the questions and eventually spoil the whole movie, especially if it’s a book adaptation. They are the fans who know all the ins and outs of a story, including irrelevant trivia and director’s notes. Storytellers come from a long-existing fanbase, especially of movie series like Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. Word of advice for Storytellers: It’s great to be in-the-know when it comes to your favorite movie, but please don’t spoil the fun for everyone.

The Standing Ovation It’s natural to want to express excitement and elation when watching a much-awaited movie. But some people just get so worked up that their cheers and their reactions distract the momentum of the rest of the audience. The movie deserves praise but please do it at the end of the movie, or at least make sure that no one is disturbed. These people are usually fans of movies that already have a large and intensely loyal fanbase, like Marvel flicks.

The answering machine

Cellular phones are not prohibited in movie houses. It is understandable that there are some calls that need to be answered. But it is also understable that one must be considerate to their fellow movie patrons. Everyone paid the same amount to enjoy the movie; let’s not rob them of that experience. Remember to switch your phone off, or to put it on silent mode. If it’s an important call, step outside before picking it up. The theater is like a museum of movies; and in a museum, you wouldn’t want other people disturbing your peace and concentration on the art. So if you know someone who is any of the mentioned or if you see one who does so in the next movie you watch, please do stop, politely remind them.



Watch & Live Movies Featuring Vacation Ideas by Ayana Tomas

Movies not only showcase stories and characters that could be relatable or have life-changing effects to the audience. Sometimes, it also gives people ideas on what they could be missing out on. Ideas like what to do and where to go for a vacation. Here is a list of movies that might just convince you to try activities you haven’t done before and suggestions on local areas where you could experience them.

The Holiday House-Swap

Two women from different parts of the world decide to swap houses for a week to escape their broken hearts. One is from the warm Los Angeles while the other is from the snowy London. Plunging into a lifestyle that completely contrasts their own, the two unknowingly break free from their shells. This form of house renting is already a common practice. Basically, two house owners agree on a common date and time frame to which they stay at each others’ house (instead of paying for a hotel, they offer their houses to save up on money). Though it poses quite a number of risks due to false-advertising and even scams, there are still those who prefer house-swapping than staying at hotels and resorts. It may seem as more of a hassle with cleaning up on your own during a vacation, but staying in a house offers a welcoming experience for a less-expensive treat. Owners open for house-swapping post on websites such as and Most specify which places they accept offers from and rarely do they accept from their own country. So if you want to go local and are willing to pay then you could reserve houses at or




Theme Park and Resort Jane is a solid fan of Jane Austen’s book. Her devotion was so strong that her whole apartment was themed after the era and her requirement for a boyfriend was encapsulated in just one character, Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. Upon coming to the conclusion that her life would not be complete without the Austen experience, she decides to blow off her savings to go the famous “Austenland”. It is a themed residential land which offers a complete immersion to the life in Austen’s books from the food to the undergarments and even to the ending of a great romantic ball. There she finds herself living Elizabeth Bennet’s romance from Pride and Prejudice with her own Mr. Darcy. The closest local thing similar to that of Austenland is Fantasy World, Tagaytay. It is an adventure parkland with a medieval theme (minus the accuracy of the clothes and food). There are entertainment and recreational facilities to golf courses, playgrounds, pool areas, and more. There are so many activities available that a week wouldn’t even be enough to experience it all. However, Fantasy World remains exclusive. To avail access one must either become a member and buy a room or gain contact of a member and rent it out. Offers are up on and other similar websites.

Chasing Liberty

Romance to Adrenaline A girl runs away from the constricting lifestyle brought by her father’s presidency. She then hitchhikes with an attractive stranger and together, they explore Europe. Though she kept on making plans on where to go next, they really just end up where their feet would take them. In the process, she takes on romantic activities such as gondola rides and opera watching to adrenaline rushing ones like bungee jumping, skinny dipping, and even running from the police. If you’re looking for a gondola ride with an array of possible dining areas, you could visit Venice Piazza Mall, McKinley Hill, Taguig. It has a replica of the gondola ride along the Grand Canal and Venice’s famous landmark, the Rialto Bridge. They also hold dance and musical performances and even public playgrounds. But if you want a kick for your vacation it is not advisable to go skinny dipping or do things that would lead to a police chase. However, bungee jumping is an activity one must one miss. A place for a local ultimate experience is in E.A.T. Danao Adventure Parkland, Bohol. There, you would jump off from a bridge with a 200 meter high cliff but with a cable of only 45 meters and dangle for about 5 minutes. The total time is said to be 10 minutes but the rush of the jump? A day.


Kings of Summer Relaxing in Nature

Three young teenage boys decide to build a house in the woods to escape from responsibilities and rules, making themselves the master of their own destiny. Filled with the sense of adventure and rebellion, they stay there and live off from the land (harvesting and even hunting). They then entertain themselves by cliff-diving, swimming, and even just goofing off and walking around. However, as the trio faces the usual problems of being an adolescent and living on their own, they realize just how important families are. Maybe running away and building a house in the middle of nowhere is not such a grand idea especially if you’re not that into living in nature and hunting for your own food. However, if the call of the water compels you to take a similar vacation (with being away from the busy life) you could visit Ariel’s Point, Boracay. Besides its allure of the white sandy beach, Boracay offers water activities from riding the flying fish, the banana, to jet skis, and such. But for a more intense water sport, there’s cliff-diving at Ariel’s point. There they have 5 platforms which range from 3 to 15 meters in height. Starting at the highest is not advisable though. Work your way up instead and jump off each to truly enjoy the rush of the fall and the welcoming splash of the sparkling waters.  




This summer’s events Couch Potatoes shouldn’t miss out on! 26























20 GODZILLA (2014)






Upcoming Dystopian Movies This Year

by April Tancio & Trina Quintos

Dystopian movies and books have become a hot genre this 2014. It commonly focuses on a society that either has massive dehumanization, powerful totalitarian government, rampant disease, pervasive violence, post-apocalyptic environment or cybergenetic technologies. It may seem pretty depressing but fans seem to love it. The recent success of the books-turned-movies Divergent and Hunger Games has set a trend that has taken over since the decline of the vampire craze. With the upcoming release of movies like Lucy and the highly anticipated Mockingjay: Part 1 of the Hunger Games series, it seems like the dystopian theme is here to stay. Here are some of the dystopian films that will arise this 2014. X-Men: Days of Future Past Release date: May 23, 2014 The ultimate X-Men mutant superheroes team up with their future selves to fight evil for the survival of the species across two time periods. Bryan Singer, who produced the 2011 prequel and directed the X-Men trilogy, will direct this movie. James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender will return as the younger Professor X and Magneto respectively. Patrick Stewart (Professor X) and Ian McKellen (Magneto) reunite as their character’s present selves (or future, depending on how you will look at it). Hugh Jackman, along with Jennifer Lawrence, Halle Berry, and Ellen Page will also be returning for an exciting new installment in the X-Men universe. Jupiter Ascending July 18, 2014 Set in the future where gods rule over humans, a toilet cleaner named Jupiter (Mila Kunis) possesses “the same perfect genetic makeup as the Queen of the Universe”. She becomes a threat to the incumbent Queen’s rule and gets targeted for assassination. With the aid of Caine, an interplanetary ex-military initially sent to kill her, Jupiter ascends to meet her fate. The film is written, produced and directed by Lana and Andy Wachowskis.

Guardians of the Galaxy August 1 In the depths of space, Peter Quill becomes the target of a manhunt after stealing an orb wanted by the Ronan the Accuser. He teams up with a group of misfit heroes to save the galaxy from the risk that the stolen orb posed. The Marvel film is written and directed by James Gunn and features an ensemble cast including Chris Pratt, Dave Bautista, Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana. The Giver August 15 Set in a seemingly perfect community, Jonas is chosen to be the Receiver of Memories. He is taught by a sage called The Giver. From him, Jonas learns of the painful truths of the “real world” and what his ancestors had to sacrifice in order to achieve a perfect society. Confronted with a harsh reality that destroys his eutopia, he is faced with difficult decisions about the future. The upcoming sci-fi movie is based on a book of the same name by Lois Lowry, and is directed by Phillip Noyce. Maze Runner September 11 Waking up in a maze without any recollection of who he is, except for his name, Thomas finds himself in a world of teenage boys, all struggling to survive in their enclosed environment. They have tried to escape through the maze that surrounds them, but with little success, they have given up hope. But things change when a comatose girl with a strange note arrives in the maze. This sci-fi thriller is adapted from the 2009 book by James Dashner, and features “Teen Wolf”’s Dylan O’Brien as its lead.

Which Faction Are You? Take this quiz and find out!

START noticeable




if you are inside a sinking boat, would you...

ignore them


would you rather be a...

would you rather go... reading

mountain biking

teacher to help

(Go to #2)

(Go to #1)

if a thief steals student to learn charity work your bag, would you...

(Go to #1)



if someone says something bad about you, would you...

save yourself

help other people

let him keep it as help


If you are inside a sinking...

move on to avoid trouble take it back

talk to them

would you rather go to...

amusement park

(Go to #3)

if someone picks a fight with you, would you...

ignore them

accept it confront them

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The ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Season Finale by Meda Cruz

Nine years. That’s how long Ted Mosby took telling his kids—and the rest of the world—the story of how he met The Mother. Aired on March 31, the gang finally took their last bow with a 40-minute series finale. The final season was set during the weekend of Barney and Robin’s wedding--and in the last episode contained the life of the gang after that weekend. Being one of the most anticipated series finales, the episode received high ratings on its first airing. According to TV Guide, it drew 12.9 million viewers. “The show was up almost two full points from last week’s 3.5 rating,” said TV Guide on Aside from the high ratings, it also garnered mixed reactions from the fans. Some liked it, while some hated it. Right after the episode aired, social media was in a frenzy! Everyone wanted to voice out their opinion on the finale, everyone wanted to be heard. But no matter how the destination, whether it was The Mother or Aunt Robin, HIMYM took us all on a great journey. Let’s take a look at the nine seasons that were definitely memorable and LEGEN--wait for it--DARY!




2001 2005


2007 2008

• Ted and Marshall meet in college by being assigned to the same dorm room during their freshman year • The next morning, Lily looks for someone who can fix her stereo but instead ends up knocking on Marshall’s door

• Ted meets Barney in the bathroom at MacLaren’s • Barney eventually hangs out with Ted, Marshall, and Lily

• Lily and Marshall get engaged in their apartment • On the same night of Marshall and Lily’s engagement, Ted meets Robin at MacLaren’s • Ted asks Robin out and steals the blue French horn from the restaurant they ate from but everything gets blown off when Ted tells her “I love you”. On their first date. • Robin joins the gang and regularly hangs out with them • Ted takes another shot on Robin and steals the blue French horn once again and asks her to go on a second date with him • The next morning, Lily breaks off the engagement, leaves Marshall, and moves to San Francisco. Months later, Lily returns to New York and reconciles her relationship and engagement with Marshall • Barney, Ted, Marshall, and Lily find the lost tapes of Robin when she was a Canadian teen pop star named Robin Sparkles • Lily and Marshall get married • At a St. Patrick’s Day party, The Mother accidentally leaves her yellow umbrella. Ted finds it and brings it home.


2009 2010 2011



• Ted teaches his first architecture class—in an Economics class. In that same class sits The Mother where she meets her new roommate, Cindy. • Ted dates Cindy but eventually, they find out that their interests are not compatible • Ted impulsively buys a house in the suburbs which later on became his future home • In Winter, Robin finds out that she’s infertile • Lily gets pregnant with her first child with Marshall • In Spring, Lily gives birth to Marvin, hers and Marshall’s first born • In Winter, Barney meets The Mother at a convenience store and she gives him advice about Robin • Barney orchestrates his final play — his proposal to Robin • On the way to Barney and Robin’s wedding at Farhamptons, Lily meets Tracy, in the train and gives each other pieces of advice regarding their problems in life • Tracy learns that the she is being kicked out of her own band, who was set to play at Barney and Robin’s wedding, by Darren • After getting punched by Ted, Darren gives up on kicking out Tracy and leaves the band • Tracy rejects a proposal from her boyfriend and breaks up with him. • Tracy moves into Farhampton Inn wherein her room is right beside Ted’s room. • The day of the wedding, Marshall learns that Lily is pregnant with their second child. Marshall drops the judgeship offer and decides to go to Italy with Lily. • Robin runs into and meets Tracy • Barney and Robin get married • Ted meets Tracy at the Farhampton train station • Ted goes on a first date with Tracy


2014 2015 2016 2017 2020

• Ted brings Tracy back to the Farhampton Inn where he made a promise a year ago that he’ll bring the love of his life a year after • Marshall and Lily move to Italy


• Ted proposes to Tracy at the Farhampton Inn lighthouse • Barney and Robin get a divorce • Lily gets pregnant with her third child with Marshall • Tracy gives birth to hers and Ted’s second child

• Marshall runs and wins as the State Supreme Court Judge of New York

CBS has already ordered a pilot episode of the spin-off of the beloved series, How I Met Your Mother. Greta Gerwig is slated to play the main character, Sally, and Anders Holm, her soon-to-be ex-husband. The story will follow Sally, the female Peter Pan , as she gets through her divorce and searches for the man destined to be the dad of her future kids. It will be set in the same “universe” as HIMYM, so it is plausible for the characters to crossover at some point. There is no premiere date for HIMYD yet, but if the pilot episode does well, it is possible for CBS to approve a season. - by Trina Quintos



• Ted and Tracy go back to the Farhampton Inn for their anniversary. It is hinted that Tracy is sick and dying. • Tracy dies of cancer.

• Ted tells his kids about how he met their mother • Right after telling the story, Ted’s children pushes him to pursue again their Aunt Robin who appears to be finally ready to settle down



IN& OUT TV SHOWS by Trina Quintos


IN New shows (less than 2 seasons) that are

looking good and has been renewed OUT New shows (less than 2 seasons) that are already confirmed to be cancelled LOOKING GOOD Shows that are 3 seasons or longer that are still going strong with consistent ratings LIMBO Shows that are currently uncertain of being cancelled or renewed

Orphan Black

The Originals The CW has renewed this supernatural TVD spin-off for Season 2. Follow the world’s original vampires, the Mikaelson siblings (minus Rebekkah), as they wreck havoc on New Orleans to reclaim their territory. Season 1’s finale will air on May 13.

BBC America has greelit this sci-fi drama for another 10-episode season. Revolving around a clone named Sarah Manning, “Orphan Black” is making waves by raising issues that are hardly seen in mainstream television, like morality of human cloning and loss of personal identity.


Orange is the New Black


Syfy has picked up another 13-episode season for this drama-thriller. The story revolves around a team of scientists who are stuck in an Arctic research facility, battling a potential epidemic that can change the future of humankind. Although production will begin this year, fans should expect a late 2015 release of the second season.

This comedy-drama TV adaptation of Piper Kerman’s memoir of the same name has been renewed by Netflix for a second season. Relive Piper’s experiences in women’s federal prison as she reexamines her relationship with ex-girlfriend, Alex, and learns to deal with tough inmates. Season 2 is set to premiere on June 6, 2014.

This fictitious take on history has been given advanced renewal by The CW for Season 2. Mary, Queen of the Scots, will return, alongside the charming Francis and his half-brother, Bash, to continue to their scandalous love triangle that will make or break the future of nations. Season 1 is currently ongoing until May 15.



Glee (Season 6, final season)

OUT How I Met Your Mother (Finale: Mar 31, lasted 9 seasons) Last March 31, after 9 incredible years of legen-wait for it-dary humor, Ted met “the Mother” and the gang bid us all farewell. But many fans hated the ending, because, after all these years, it was not about the Mother after all; it was about Aunt Robin! HIMYM co-creator, Carter Bays, says that they will be releasing an alternate ending in the Complete Series DVD. It is yet to be seen if that ending will satisfy disappointed fans, but at least its something to look forward to.

Raising Hope (Finale: Apr 4, lasted 4 seasons) After 4 years, the Chances family delivered another round of insanity as a proper and heart-warming farewell that provided their fans with closure. The critically acclaimed series ended on a bittersweet with a renewal of vows by Burt and Virginia. It was lovely send off to the chances that left viewers with the sense that, no matter what could have happened, the Chances were going to be just fine.

The initial plan for main characters Rachel and Finn, played by real life lovers, Lea Michele and Cory Monteith, was that she would become a big Broadway star and he would take over the Glee Club. After a few years, she would come back to Ohio, where he Finn would be teaching, and she would say “I’m home”. But with the unfortunate and early death of beloved actor, Cory Monteith, Glee’s creator, Ryan Murphy, decided to take the series into a different direction. “Glee’s 6th and final season will be set in NYC and will revolve around Rachel and the original cast of New Directions. Nothing is certain about Season 6, except for the closure it should bring to the stories of its beloved characters.

Once Upon A Time In Wonderland (lasted 1 season) The short-lived spin-off of “Once Upon A Time” has been cancelled after 1 season. Set in the world of Alice in Wonderland, it was cancelled due to low viewership. Executive producers Adam Horowitz and Eddie Kitsis said that, although there are no definite plans to merge the spin-off with the mother series, it is possible. “Wonderland’s Knave of Hearts, played by Michael Socha, is set to appear in OUAT’s fourth season. There is currently no news if other characters will crossover as well.


Ravenswood (lasted 1 season) In a surprising move by ABC, the plug has also been pulled on the “Pretty Little Liars” spin-off after only 1 season. It was not living up to expectations in terms of viewership, but “Ravenswood” had potential and perhaps just needed time to mature creatively. Executive producer, Joseph Doughtery, expressed disappointment in the abrupt cancellation and feels the responsibility to provide fans the closure they deserve. PPL creator, Marlene King, said that the Liars’ 5th season will tie up loose ends for “Ravenswood” and that Caleb will return to the original series.



TV SHOWS CONT’D LOOKING GOOD 2 Broke Girls (Season 4)

Big Bang Theory (renewed until S10)

Named the #1 Freshman Comedy of Season 2013-2014, The CBS comedy sitcom has been renewed for a 4th season. Williamsburg Diner waitresses Max and Caroline will once again attempt to rise from the poverty line, assuredly gaining many laughs and missteps along the way.

Fans of the hilarious geek-tastic sitcom can sit back and relax until 2017 because TV’s #1 comedy has been given a whopping three season renewal by CBS! Leonard, Sheldon, Penny and the gang will continue to serve up geeky comic relief until Season 10.

New Girl (Season 4)

Arrow (Season 3)

Zooey Deschanel’s clumsy charm will continue to grace the small screen as “New Girl” has been green lit for Season 4 by Fox. Expect more crazy antics from the ‘adorkable’ Jess and her insane male roomies in this Emmy and Golden Globe awarded sitcom.

DC Comic’s hero, Green Arrow, has become The CW’s mostwatched series and is gaining viewership among men. This is enough reason for the costumed vigilante to return for a 3rd season. Fans can expect more crime-fighting entertainment from his superhero, and rest assured that he won’t be leaving Starling City any time soon.


Suits (Season 4) The suave suited duo of Harvey Specter and Mike Ross shall return for Season 4 of the USA Network’s legal drama, “Suits”. Even though the finale of Season 3 has just aired last April 10, production for Season 4 is already underway. Fans can expect to see new faces, with the casting of Brendan Hines (“Lie to Me”) and DB Woodside (“Parenthood”) for multi-episode story arcs, and the new season’s premiere later this year. COUCH POTATO | ISSUE 1 VOL. 1


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Star-Crossed

Things are not looking too good for the intergalactic forbidden lovers of “Star-crossed”. The Romeo-and-Juliet type of tale revolves around a teenager (“Friday Night Lights”’ Aimee Teegarden) and an alien (“90210”s Matt Lanter) who fall in love in the midst of adversity and prejudice. Its consistently low ratings are making it a front runner for cancellation by The CW. Teegarden says that Season 1’s finale will end with a cliffhanger, which may garner enough audience impact to warrant them a second season.

Audiences have tried hard to love Marvel’s first TV effort, but “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” is currently falling way below expectations. Executive producer Jed Whedon urged fans to not expect a Marvel movie every week, and acknowledged that the show needed time to grow and find its legs. Whedon says that, despite low ratings, they now have a loyal audience. Upcoming Marvel movies and a guest spot by Jaimie Alexander from “Thor” may help the show’s survival chances, but there is currently no news on its renewal or cancellation.

The Carrie Diaries

Tomorrow People


No official decision will be made about the future of “The Carrie Diaries” until May. But with consistently dropping ratings and the fact that main cast Katie Findlay, who plays Carrie’s best friend, has already signed on for the pilot of another series, all signs currently point to the show being cancelled.

Season 1 of the sci-fi series will continue to air until May 5, but there is currently no news if the CW will ask for a second season of “Tomorrow People”. However, Executive producer Phil Klemmer feels optimistic about having Season 2 because the story is unique, and they will pitch a second season “that’s pretty hard to refuse”. The series is about a group of people who, due to human evolution, have developed the powers of telepathy, telekenisis and teleportation.

There is still no word if NBC will or will not renew the comedy sitcom, but creator Dan Harmon said that there might be unexpected and last-minute news on it around May. Harmon has come to accept that “Community” will be in an “eternal limbo” because its five years of near-cancellation proved that it never supposed to last 5 seasons, but it did anyway.



Editorial Board’s

Rant And Rave

Trina, Editor-in-Chief Period dramas usually do not appeal to me, and neither do teenage romance dramas. But there’s just something about the combination of the two in The CW’s freshman series, “Reign” that excites and entices me! Set in the 1500s, it is a centered around the highly fictionalized life and experiences of Mary, Queen of Scots. Critics are not huge fans of the series, calling it “historically inaccurate”, but I think that’s irrelevant. If we wanted historically accurate, we’d watch the History Channel. It dabbles in the supernatural, while handling sensitive issues such as premarital sex, teenage pregnancy, religious acceptance and of course, monarchy. It does not boast a star-studded cast, but they are all competent actors who breathed life into lovable characters. No doubt, they have stars-in-the-making with lead actress, Adelaide Kane, who plays Mary and almost British Torrance Coombs, who portrays Sebastian. “Reign”’s first season is currently still airing, but it has already been renewed for Season 2.

Khalela, Managing Editor One of the reasons I love watching Grey’s Anatomy is because of the soundtrack. I always am on the look out for new artists and great songs whenever I watch an episode. Recently, I noticed that most of the songs being used were songs that sounded familiar to me. Searching for it online, I discovered that the show’s creator, Shonda Rhimes, has decided to use 80’s songs for the remainder of season 10. Together with the shows music supervisor, Alex Patsavas, Rhimes will only feature 80’s songs covered by different indie artists. Whats great about this project is the covers are really nice and very unique as compared to other covers. Songs of Whitney Houston, Phil Collins, Cindy Lauper, Michael Jackson and other famous artists of that decade have been featured so far. One cool fact is that Patsavas actually looks for artists to do these covers. New and upcoming artists like Sam Smith, Young Summer, Josh Record and The Wind + The Wave have done covers for different episodes. Fans speculate that an official season soundtrack might be in the works for release when the 10th season finishes.

Shaunna, Art Director I can’t say I love all of the songs in The Fray’s new album, Helios. I’ve been a fan of theirs since their first album. For Helios though, some of their songs remind me too much of U2 and Coldplay (I’m also a fan of these bands — Coldplay is amazing!). I see it as a bad sign for them because basing their songs from their past albums, they can do better with creating new tunes. What I like about this band is their lyrics, especially in their songs ‘How To Save A Life’, ‘Absolute’, and ‘The Fighter’. ‘Wherever This Goes’ is constantly on repeat in my music player, I highly recommend this song for your summer playlist.



Meda, Feature Writer I still don’t know how what to really feel about the HIMYM finale. First of all, I just can’t get over the fact that the Mother that we’ve been dying to meet for 9 years is actually dead already. We grew to love her so much in Future Ted’s stories, then she is snatched away from us just like that. I felt really cheated. And betrayed. Another thing that bothered me is that I was a Ted-Robin shipper before but when they broke it off and introduced the Barney-Robin ship, it just grew on me and I eventually loved their chemistry. But in the series finale, they had to sink that ship by getting them a divorce after three years of marriage. Lastly, it was really hard for me to accept that in the end, Ted and Robin were the ones who ended up together. They spent two whole seasons building up Barney-Robin and an episode to convince the audience that Ted has moved on. Yet, it felt that it was just right that the series began with and ended with Robin. It just goes to show that timing is the perfect ingredient for a perfect love story—no matter how bumpy the road was.

April, Feature Writer I love this song, so catchy and painful yet awesome! Let Her Go is an emotional heart-tugging song, mixed with achingly angelic voice of Michael Rosenberg. I like it because of the slow-pace rhythm, the nice composition of lyrics and the hidden message. If you listen to it carefully, you’ll realized that it has two meanings: first is that when you love someone and that person didn’t love you in return, let her go, but if s/he comes back, you’re meant for each other. Another meaning is that people tend not to realize what you have until it’s gone because you are taking things for grante. A lot of people can relate to this song, especially after their break up. 5 stars, Apir!

Migs, Feature Writer Due to the success of critically acclaimed “On The Job”, a Filipino movie by David Matti, an American remake of it is underway. However, the orginal production, which stars Gerald Anderson, Piolo Pascual, Joel Torre, Angel Aquino, and a lot more big names in the Philippine film industry, was a flop. This begs the question... Why? Does it speak about the film? Or does it speak about the audience? This is one thing I want to voice out whenever we, Filipinos, watch films. We don’t support a well done film. If we don’t support them then producers will stop making them; and we end up having those shallow films again. OTJ is proof that Filipinos can produce quality-over-quantity kind of films. Yet, producers have limits. They can only lose so much of their budget. So I propose this: Why don’t we support these films so the producers will get even and produce more quality movies. Again, does this fact speak about the film or the Philippine cinema? Or does it speak about the audience?



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