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“TRIMIT Furniture solution can control our five billion combinations, and is an inevitable help for our production and order management� Jan Rasmussen, Logistics Manager, Montana.

The words on the front are stated by Montana’s Logistics Manager Jan Rasmussen, who speaks highly of their solution TRIMIT Furniture on Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

The drastic reduction of item numbers was made possible as the solution TRIMIT Furniture was developed to focus on variant control. The system has been tailored for furniture companies and supports variant control in all processes of the company’s value chain. Customers create their own Montana bookcase from some of Montana’s five billion combinations: functions, colors and shapes. The five billion variants are ”hidden” behind 100 item numbers, and the system makes sure that an automatic generation of item numbers takes place. The outcome is dependent on the parameters and drawings the customer and sales-person fill out in the store. ”It’s a great help for our production and order management, and this was the main reason that we chose TRIMIT Furniture”, Jan Rasmussen explains. Customer Orders are Directly Filed to Production When vendors of Montana bookcases sell a solution to a customer, they technically perform not just a sale, but also a design. The customer – together with the sales

person – must construct the given solution in Montana’s design-program ”Montana Furnish Lite” which gives the customer a realistic feeling of his choice of combination.”Then the order process is integrated into the heart of TRIMIT Furniture. Further development of standard system based on customer requests and ideas TRIMIT Furniture is basically developed by our customers. Montana has – along with a large amount of other TRIMIT customers within the furniture industry – contributed with requests and ideas creating solutions which have subsequently been incorporated as functions in the solution. This is beneficial for other companies in the industry, who also contribute with their experiences and so forth. The result is a more complete and accurate solution for all parties because the developmental costs are shared among a vast amount of TRIMIT customers. In other words, the customers get an individualized industry solution which ALSO includes all the benefits of the standard system.

Sold, implemented and supported by CORNATOR A/S

Five Billion Variants- from 100.000 to 100 item Numbers ”In our previous ERP-system we had 100.000 item numbers registered, but when we changed to TRIMIT Furniture, it was suddenly possible to reduce that amount to 100,” Jan Rasmussen explains.

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Montana | Customer Postcard | TRIMIT Furniture  
Montana | Customer Postcard | TRIMIT Furniture  

Montana postcard with case story. "TRIMIT Furniture solution can control our five billion combinations, and is an inevitable help for our pr...