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NEW PARTNERS TRIMIT welcomes our 5 new partners 6GEN Tectura Clarita Exmor Information System Qexpertise

Turkish Fashion ERP vendor 6GEN takes TRIMIT Fashion in to the Fashion world in Turkey Today TRIMIT has entered into a partnership with 6 Gen who has worked with ERP solutions for the Fashion industry for a number of years. TRIMIT COO Steen Wæver Poulsen explains. “For a longer period of time we have had our eyes on Turkey, as this is a potential huge market for TRIMIT.

fits in perfectly and furthermore Turkey have a lot of new Fashion talent that sees branded Turkish products reaching the western European retail with great success. We are very pleased to start a partnership with 6 Gen and already have the first projects lined up.

Turkey has a lot of textile and fashion manufacturing, where TRIMIT Fashion

Leading European Fashion Vendor enters Partnership with TRIMIT TRIMIT has partnered up with another very strong fashion vendor on the Swedish market - The leading European fashion vendor Tectura. Internationally TRIMIT is now perceived as the fashion solution for the future and TRIMIT Fashion is the na-

TRIMIT COO Steen Wæver Poulsen & Business Unit Manager Sales from Tectura Sweden, Staffan Nilsson shakes hand on a strong partnership based on the fashion solution for the future.

tural choice for many Swedish fashion companies. One of the main reasons for this is TRIMIT’s many dedicated and competent partners that sell, implement and support the TRIMIT solution all over the world. TRIMIT COO Steen Wæver Poulsen is confident that Tectura will be a very strong partner, and that this partnership corresponds very well with TRIMIT’s objective: to continuously being the fashion solution for the future in Sweden and the rest of the world, and to be the world’s most sold Microsoft Dynamics NAV add-on : I’m confident that Tectura Sweden’s passion and commitment for fashion make them a very strong partner, and I look forward to a long and prosperous partnership between our two companies”, Steen Wæver Poulsen, COO, TRIMIT A/S.

Staffan Nilsson, Business Unit Manager Sales at Tectura Sweden is also very excited about the partnership with TRIMIT: “Tectura Sweden already has a big focus on the fashion vertical in Sweden. With the partnership with TRIMIT we will be able to strengthen this focus and go to market with what we see as the fashion solution for the future. We have been very happy to see our fashion prospects really embrace TRIMIT Fashion, and we are very excited to have this new offering.”

Clarita Solutions, the UK leading supplier for Fashion IT focuses on TRIMIT Fashion for the Future… The UK leading supplier for Fashion IT, Clarita Solutions has joined forces with TRIMIT and thereby Clarita Solutions constitutes another very strong partner that will go to market with TRIMIT in UK.

Over the last more than 10 years Clarita Solutions have proven that they know exactly how to make results within this line of business. TRIMIT COO Steen Wæver Poulsen is excited on behalf of both TRIMIT, and

the fashion industry that Clarita has chosen to go for the solution that is now known as “the Fashion Solution for the Future”.

Managing Director at Clarita, Martin Thomas & TRIMIT COO Steen Wæver Poulsen join forces.

TRIMIT Welcomes Exmor Information System as new Swedish Partner. February 8th the Swedish ERP Vendor Exmor Information System teamed up with TRIMIT. The potential for TRIMIT is huge in Sweden, and therefore, TRIMIT COO Steen Wæver Poulsen is pleased to have another committed partner in Sweden, “It is extremely important to us that our partners show commitment from day one, Exmor Information System is a very good example of just that”.

TRIMIT COO Steen Wæver Poulsen welcomes CEO and owner of Exmor Information System Stefan Bäcklin as new partner of TRIMIT.

Qexpertise brings TRIMIT Fashion for the Future to the Netherlands. TRIMIT has just partnered up with the Dutch ERP reseller Qexpertise and has great expectations to their dispersion of TRIMIT Fashion in the Netherlands. The Dutch market for IT solutions to the fashion industry is undergoing drastic changes and TRIMIT expects a great part of the market share within a relatively short period of time. “Qexpertise is a highly compentent partner that we are very happy to join forces with. General Manager of Qexpertise Jeroen Venus is the former

CEO of Pebblestone’s International and national business and he undoubtedly knows everything there is to know about the Fashion IT in the Netherlands”, TRIMIT COO Steen Wæver Poulsen states. Furthermore, Steen Wæver Poulsen is convinced that TRIMIT Fashion with standard web portals in both ends of the value chain combined with completely integrated Business Intelligence will become a huge success on the Dutch market as well as in the rest of the world.




COO of TRIMIT, Steen Wæver Poulsen and General Manager of Qexpertise, Jeroen Venus have just signed the partner agreement.

NEW INDUSTRY PARTNER TRIMIT and LS Retail to release end-to-end solutions for the fashion and furniture industry Why use one system for design management and another for retail management when one solution takes care of both? With TRIMIT Fashion, TRIMIT and LS Retail present a new software solution for the fashion and furniture industry that gives customers complete control over the process from design to final sales, and an effective strategic tool for future planning. ”We expect TRIMIT Fashion to become the industrial standard software for the fashion industry,” says Steen Wæver Poulsen, COO of TRIMIT.” Essentially, this is the first solution to give the fashion industry complete control of the entire process from initial design to final sales. It covers every step from design, outsourcing, purchase orders, and streamlined inventory control.” Furthermore, TRIMIT Fashion is a great tool for strategic and day-to-day planning. Retailers can make sure they

restock the fastest selling models and designers can keep an eye on sales and fashion trends. And the system provides all the data needed to prepare for short and long term changes in customer behavior and to minimize expensive mistakes. ”It’s TRIMIT’s vision to be the world’s leading independent software vendor (ISV) based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV technology, and this solution will take us there,” says Steen Wæver Poulsen, who stresses that TRIMIT will develop and support the solution continuously. A natural partnership with LS Retail TRIMIT is widely known for its solutions in fashion, furniture and product configuration, while LS Retail has 20 years of experience with solutions for the retail industry. Both companies have common partners around the world, and together they will now be able to offer their customers a great solution.

Partner Management Director Carsten Wulff from LS Retail says: “We are two international companies with years of experience in our respective areas and with a worldwide partner network. When we join forces to build a Microsoft NAV solution that covers design, manufacturing, and retail, it will create synergy effects for our partners and especially our customers. Before, our partners had to integrate two different systems to cover the entire chain for their clients. Now they have a ready-to-use solution that is both easy to implement and customize.” In addition to TRIMIT Fashion, TRIMIT and LS Retail intends to develop a similar system for the furniture industry, called TRIMIT Furniture.

NEW TRIMIT CUSTOMERS Beneath are some of the Companies that have just become TRIMIT Customers: Customer Saki Rützou Mr Sterling Seating

FASHIONable CPH February 8-12 TRIMIT ran a seminar for new partners, called FASHIONable CPH. The seminar was an exciting mixture of social events and educational sessions that all took place in Copenhagen, at the very same time as Copenhagen Fashion Week. FASHIONable CPH was TRIMIT’s second Partner Seminar and it, once again, turned out to be a huge success. No less than 7 new TRIMIT partners attended FASHIONable CPH, and thereby, learned all there is to know about the solution for the future and the company and people behind it. The new partners, among others, learned about the company, people and strategy of TRIMIT, they got in-depth product training, and they experienced TRIMIT Partner Pipeline Builder, including all the TRIMIT Marketing Material that TRIMIT offers to their Partners. In between all the educational sessions, the new partners also had time to get acquainted with all their new TRIMIT contacts, as they joined them for dinner & drinks at various restaurants in the very cold Copenhagen. As one of the new partners described FASHIONable CPH: “cold weather in Copenhagen - warm atmosphere at the TRIMIT seminar”.

Product TRIMIT Fashion TRIMIT Fashion TRIMIT Fashion TRIMIT Furniture

Partner Exmor Information System Cornator Cornator Archer Point

NEW WEB SITE AND PARTNER PORTAL New TRIMIT Website We want to make it easy to be a TRIMIT partner and easy for the potential customers to get interested in TRIMIT. In today’s world, all that happens on the internet. That means that our website is the portal to success. We have revised the design and the structure of our website to make it more pleasant to look at and more easy to navigate in. When you go to you will notice the changes in look and feel.

New Partner Portal With the new website we have also had the change to make a real Partner Portal. The Partner Portal will be the “inside” place for our Partners to get the latest info, marketing material, product releases and documentation. The Partner Portal will also soon be opened for License ordering and My pages, where the Partner can communicate about pipeline, customers and partner specific marketing material. Find the Partner Portal Button on our new website and experience the brand new Partner Portal.

NEW MARKETING MATERIAL New Case Story Postcards TRIMIT has just released two new case story postcards from: -TRIMIT Furniture customer Montana -TRIMIT Product Configuration customer Halton

Sold, implemented and supported by CORNATOR A/S

Sold, implemented and supported by Advanced Business Systems, LLC

Halton Group Americas Recommends TRIMIT

The Case Story Postcards can be used as invitations to e.g. seminars or as part of your overall TRIMIT marketing material. We customize the Case Story Post Cards with your logo and contact information.

TRIMIT Web Package We are currently working on compiling a web package to all our partners, and will send this to you very soon. The web package will consist of a large amount of text and TRIMIT Marketing Material, ready to put onto your web site.

Furthermore, we offer to make case stories for you. We conduct the interview, write the case story and set it up in the layout, and you get a ready-to print Case Story Post Card.

TRIMIT Newsletter | February 2010  

In the newsletter you can see, some of the new customers that have just joined TRIMIT, and you can read about FASHIONable CPH -the TRIMIT ne...

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