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trimit fashion b2b

trimit fashion b2b As part of the general business development within Fashion, many companies consider B2B sales in order to generate revenue. This is an important decision, and the result can be limited to two options– success or failure. With TRIMIT Fashion B2B we give you the foundation of a successful B2B adventure. The B2B Portal makes it possible to expand your sales through wholesale or own shops. The shops access relevant information (concerning availability, time of delivery etc.) to themselves or the customer instantly. The B2B Portal also offers flexibility, as it is possible for retailers to retrieve data or enter orders outside opening hours. This way, your shops can order directly through the system whenever they want without calling or faxing, making the entire process faster and significantly more simple. Experiences with TRIMIT Fashion B2B have already shown that the order volume increases remarkably making the ROI available within few months. Furthermore, TRIMIT Fashion B2B is a standard solution with out-of-the-box functionality integrated directly with Dynamics NAV.

Benefits • • • • •

Gives you a simple way of entering the B2B market Enables your shops to work more effective Simplifies order handling process Improves customer service Maximizes your revenue

• • •

Gives access to sales- and customer related data Standard solution with out-of-the-box functionality integrated directly with Dynamics NAV. Based on the latest Microsoft Dynamics technology*

*The TRIMIT Portal technology is based on the newest Microsoft .NET 3.5 C# platform using technologies such as SQL Server 2008, AJAX, LINQ for ADO.NET EF, XAML/WPF and Silverlight, WCF/WebServices, FTP, WebDAV, Message Queuing, SharePoint, Office 2007.


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