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Becksöndergaard Copenhagen is one of today´s hottest names in the accessory business. Using Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) and TRIMIT Fashion Becksöndergaard has found an IT- solution that works - even if it grows to be ten times the size it is today. Becksöndergaard was established in 2003 as a side project, yet it had instant success with its fashion accessories in genuine eel skin - a new material in Danish fashion. In a few years the company tripled its size and ever since it has grown steadily. Today the company employs eight fulltime workers and eleven sales agents. Becksöndergaard has no investors, it has grown organically. The primary markets are still Scandinavia and Europe, but the fashion company also has customers overseas. It sells wholesale to more than 500 customers of which 120 are Danish. Becksöndergaard has four collections each year featuring bags, purses, belts, leatherwear, knitwear, scarves and more. The company designs them and has them produced in the East or Italy, and afterwards it sells them to both small and large fashion shops and department stores. A collection typically consists of 60-70 styles and a number of these styles are also produced in as many as 15 different colors. An effective IT solution Such a business demands a good IT solution. “We have many variants, we keep stock and all functions such as distribution, invoicing and order treatment are all in-house. Furthermore, we have many small orders and invoices, so it is crucial for us to have an intelligent and flexible IT-system. TRIMIT Fashion works really well. It is quick to work with, easy to input data and the hot keys work well - as a matter of fact, everything can be done without using the mouse,” says Anna Søndergaard who, together with Lis Beck, has founded the company. Anna Søndergaard explains that TRIMIT Fashion controls their stock in a way that allows them to always tell when there are intakes and when there are deliveries. That way they do not tie more goods to their stock than necessary. She describes it as a sophisticated tool for their sales agents because it shows how much is in stock at a specific date in the future. This way the agents always know how much they can sell, what is sold out, and when they can deliver specific goods. “Altogether, TRIMIT Fashion has supplied us with a much better overview and a much more efficiency in our working routines, which allows us to handle even more customers,” Anna Søndergaard adds. Why TRIMIT Fashion? “We grew ultra fast, so in 2005 we decided to find a steady IT solution that would allow us to grow as big as we wanted. We carried out a thorough market analysis and asked around a lot. We wanted an established system that wasn’t in danger of going off the market, and moreover, we wanted to minimize the risk of

being unable to upgrade in the future. However, the standard systems were not particularly accustomed to our business, partly because of our need to have variant control on our stock. So it looked like we had to spend a lot of money to get a standard system that fitted us,” says Anna Søndergaard. “Such a detailed solution would also demand that the system would have to be thought through minutely, but we are constantly changing and we had no idea how the situation would be in a few years time,” she adds. And so becksöndergaard initially shelved their plans. “But later we heard about TRIMIT Fashion and it suited us perfectly. It had been developed using the knowhow of many fashion business people, so the challenges in our business - especially variant control - had already been solved. Furthermore, CORNATOR had good references in the business and the system could be scaled. It was a good day when we found this system,”Anna Søndergaard says. Quick implementation CORNATOR ran a pilot project which focused on a standard version for smaller companies. Becksöndergaard became a part of that project, and it ran over a span of a few months. They had planned a strict schedule because it had to be ready for the next intake of orders, and they set up a budget of 65 consultant hours. “The schedule was kept, and except from half an hour we sticked to the planned budget,” says Anna Søndergaard. Training secures optimal use Becksöndergaard chose to have one of the founders, Anna Søndergaard herself, be trained in using the system at CORNATOR. She now knows so much about the system that she can train the remaining employees in using the system’s many opportunities. “It has turned out to be the right way for us. We feel that we get many benefits from the system without paying for expensive two-week courses for our emplyees. We can use a hotline for support which we used extensively at first, but today we are fairly self contained,” Anna Søndergaard explains.

About CORNATOR CORNATOR is a Danish Partner of TRIMIT A/S and since 1990 it has implemented TRIMIT into more than 250 companies in Denmark. Furthermore, CORNATOR is a Gold Certified Microsoft Business Solutions Partner specializes in Microsoft Dynamics NAV solutions to manufacturing and trading companies within: - - - - -

Wood & Furniture Textiles, Shoes & Fashion Iron & Metal Machinery & Electronics Plastics and Rubber

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About TRIMIT A/S TRIMIT is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with both the Microsoft Business Solutions, and the ISV competency. Our goal is to extend, optimize and improve the use of Microsoft Dynamics NAV in a manufacturing or trading company. This includes a web portal solution with seeming less integration to Microsoft Dynamics Nav and a complete CMS (Content Management) system. The overall concept is the idea of a Standard system The objective is that Microsoft Dynamics NAV and the TRIMIT solutions cover all requirements of the company thereby ensuring customizing to be minimized. Each company adapts the system to the company by adjusting parameters - not by programming customizations! TRIMIT is developed as a standard component fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and the development of TRIMIT is following the development of Microsoft Business Solution. The objective is that TRIMIT does not replace any functionality from Microsoft Business Solution, but extend and/or improve existing functionality. Any Microsoft Dynamics NAV TRIMIT customer is kept up-to-date by frequent updates. Each update also provides the latest in functionality from Microsoft Business Solution. All our customers are working on the exact same version of TRIMIT. New functionality is developed in close dialog with the Partners based on the needs of their customers and then distributed to all customers by the next update. This way TRIMIT is always matching the market demands and ensures that your company always will be up-to-date. Learn more about the company at

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