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Business Blogging Explained You may have heard a lot of hype recently about “blogs” and the importance of “blogging” as a business to increase brand awareness, traffic to your website and ranking. Trimax Solutions want to break down for you exactly what a blog is and answer the commonly asked questions by businesses to enable you to use blogging to generate the most leads for your business.

What is a blog A blog is an article written in a conversational style on a website, which an author can post on a regular basis. The activity of posting a blog is called “blogging” and the author of the blog is known as a “blogger”. Blogs contain text, hypertext, images, and links (to other web pages and to multimedia files such as articles, video, audio, ebooks etc.).

Why does my business need to blog Business blogging is one of the best ways to inform existing and potential new customers of any recent developments and exciting news within your organization. The sharing of this type of content generates trust from the customer and keeps them coming back to the site. Blogs contain dynamic content, which search engines such as Google look for and rank really well. This high ranking means more traffic to your website and increased brand awareness. Blogging is therefore a great tool to generate leads and conversions for your business.

How do I write my business blog To write a successful and interesting blog, it needs to be useful to your readers. Useful content includes information on products or services, education on industry specific topics and news relating to your company, in the form of success stories for example. The most effective blogs are ones that teach the reader how to solve a problem or need they may have, such as “how to” style guidance. The title of your blog is very important, as it is the first impression of whether it is worth a reader’s time to read on. Your blog title needs to be easy to understand and a summary up what the content is about, you want to grab the reader’s attention and stand out from the competition without confusing the reader. Your blog title is also very important as it effects your search engine optimization and therefore should include keywords. As a business, you need to make your blog as unique as possible so people will continue to come back to your site enabling you to convert these readers from occasional visitors to subscribers to your blog. Entertaining and humorous blogs are great ways to as they engage with readers.

Blogs integrate well with social media platforms, which also contain dynamic content and rank well, linking back to your main website. The integration of business blogs to social media sites allows you to write the information once and easily publish to various social media sites in one go, saving time and increasing reach simultaneously. Integrating your website blog to social media sites further increases ranking, traffic and brand awareness every time you blog as there are more chances to be found by users searching on a variety of different sites.

When does my business need to blog It is important to realise that blogging is like jogging, to achieve and sustain the best results you need to blog regularly and consistently to continue to rank highly . The most successful blogs currently publish quality content daily and sometimes even multiple times a day, therefore frequency is key to achieve returning visitors to your site. Whilst frequency is very important, quality is also therefore ensure to only post quality content, useful to readers. Quality wins over quantity when blog content is concerned, the shorter and more concise the blog the better.

What should my business blog about One of the most common myths within businesses is that they cannot blog. Businesses are wrong in thinking that blogging is too difficult or only for the younger generation and solely for copywriters and so on. The truth is that anyone can blog and it is not hard once you know how! You probably already have the content for your blog somewhere within your business and maybe even on your website. Business blog content can come from marketing material such as success stories, testimonials, press releases, product or service information and more. By blogging this content, you can direct attention and promote it easily on a variety of different sites with the help of social media integration, increasing ranking and traffic further.

You can provide inside knowledge about your business or particular area of work to benefit others not already in the know. The information you share may not be particularly newsworthy to you as it has become the norm but to others it will be. Share your knowledge to others, as this information can be valuable and can generate trust. You don’t have to focus your blog solely on text, you could make visual content the focus of your blog such as infographics or informative videos for example (on YouTube, owned by Google, which ranks highly).

Now that you have an understanding of what blogs are and how to tackle them, remember that regular blogging further increases traffic to your businesses website, ranking and brand awareness as does linking your blog to social media sites.

Good content key for successful inbound marketing, ensure to have excellent content in your blog, including strong keywords for the best SEO

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Trimax solutions article business blogging explained  
Trimax solutions article business blogging explained