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BIG CHANGES TO GOOGL E ADWORDS THAT MARKETERS NEED TO KNOW It goes without saying that generally, people love progress but hate change. This is usually the case when Google announce changes and updates to its features and products. An example of this is when Google announced, on Tuesday April 22 2014, over ten huge changes to Adwords and the fall out that followed. Many people took to Twitter and the Adwords community to voice their concerns over these changes and the intentions of Google. One of the main worries raised, amongst the many worries, was that the changes would impact on users with large costs associated with current campaigns. These worries are, however, unnecessary as the new features are entirely optional with no existing features being discontinued, as a result of the changes. The new features will be rolled out over the course of several months on a gradual basis, so there is no need to go into panic mode!

How are AdWords different Read on for a breakdown of the recently announced updates to Adwords and how they will effect users:

THE CHANGES SUMMED UP 1) INNOVATIVE NEW AD FO RMATS Apps are more important than ever Mobile app sales and revenue have continued to increase in the last 3 years, especially in 2013. Apps installation and discovery This will help marketers create awareness and engagements for their apps across the entire Google network, including Search Display and YouTube. It provides app keyword suggestions through Google Keyword Planner Tool, based on what people are actually searching for (in the Google Play Store). App downloads via Google Display Network Targeted apps can be installed based on what apps people use. YouTube True Video ad format What’s new is that we can now promote our apps alongside video ads. 2 billion YouTube videos are viewed a month with 40% viewed on a mobile.

App "deep linking" from search results Improves re-engagement with apps to allow customers to easily find what they have previously interacted with. For example if you go to download an app you already have, the app will open instead of downloading it again. 2) NEW REPORTING TOOLS FOR MOBILE Estimated Total Conversions This feature provides ad conversion estimates for your mobile ads across multiple devices, as well as conversions via phone calls. New Estimated Offline Conversions Ad conversion estimates are provided for your mobile ads through customers visiting stores. The Data about who are clicking your ads (email, etc.) will match up to the vendor’s data, in terms of number of in store buyers. They use an algorithm called hashing. 3) ENTERPRISE TOOLS FOR EFFICIENCY AND SCALE FOR MASSIVE CAMPAI GNS Bulk Actions This will allow you to carry out actions such as upload, change, disable or enable hundreds and thousands of campaigns at once, rather than having to carry out the desired action individually. This will save time in managing campaigns. Automated Bidding Strategies There are 2 strategies for this feature:


Max conversion strategy, which is the ability to automate bids and maximize the number of conversions, mostly for brand awareness and return on ad spend.


The ability to automate bids and maximize revenue, focussing on sales and not on conversions.

New Advanced Reporting A multi-dimensional reporting tool, which you can now use to directly create pivot tables, pie charts, bar graphs and reporting in Adwords. Previously this was only available in an Excel document. New Draft Campaigns in Adwords This will allow you to carry out changes to your current campaign whilst the actual campaign is still running. You will be able to experiment with your draft, before implementing it as a live campaign. It will help marketers to make more data driven decisions. WHAT THE CHANGES TO ADWORDS MEAN FOR YOU ? MOBILE APPS Mobile apps will allow you to access new information and perform different task to make your life easier. It has been said that web search is in decline as apps are stealing traffic from searches. Google's app ad formats are not performing well, compared with Facebook who receive half of their advertising revenue from mobile ads and mostly from app install ads. Google recognise this and realise a need to dominate the app market, however Apple is a strong rival to Google's. The changes to AdWords are Google’s way of competing. MOBILE ROI Mobile ROI is difficult to measure. This new system is very interesting and we look forward to seeing how it works! Google have stated the following goals:

They must deliver consumer value They need to protect user privacy They must deliver actionable insights to marketers ADWORDS COMPLEXITY If you are a full time enterprise search marketer working on a large account, you will now have access to new tools, such as bulk actions and advanced reporting, which can be used to manage big accounts and will make it simpler. IT’S NO LONGER ABOUT DEVICES It’s now all about trying to connect with people at different times of the day based on the context of what they are searching for, the time and the location.

GOOGLE ADWORDS START UP PACKAGE Trimax Solutions work closely with you to develop a tailored Adwords package that focusses on your individual business needs relevant to your industry, with multiple AdGroups and highly targeted keywords. In turn these trigger optimised AdTexts, which contain hyperlinks to direct you to specific landing pages. Trimax solutions can easily implement Google Adwords once the keyword strategy has been defined and applied to the relevant pages of your website, in addition to quality content within your pages. The keywords defined by Trimax are most likely to rank on the first page of Google, dependant on the current competition. Google Adwords is a great tool to achieve higher ranking quickly and is a flexible option as the campaign can be controlled with a daily budget, which can be turned off and on as required. Our Google Adwords Start Up Package includes the setup of an Adwords account with account activation and the configuration of keywords. Once set up your business will be able to manage your Google Adwords account in the future. Once we have carried out a keyword and competitor analysis, we will then investigate the cost and potential success of keywords to optimise the money you spend. Trimax Solutions Google Adwords Start Up package ensures that your Google AdWords campaign is optimised to perform at its best, whilst minimising wasteful clicks. Visit Trimax Solutions Google Adwords Start Up Package webpage to find out more about how applying the package can increase your online presence and your websites ranking, when applied to your website.

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT GOOGLE ADWORDS AND WEBSITE KEYWORDS ARE IN PLACE AND SET UP CORRECTLY, TO ACHIEVE THE BEST SEO FOR YOUR BUSINESS TO REAP THE REWARDS TAKE ACTION NOW - INCREASE RANKING, TRAFFIC AND BRAND AWARENESS FOR YOUR BUSINESS Contact Trimax Solutions or visit Trimax Solutions website to find out more about setting up a Google Adwords to increase your ranking, traffic and brand awareness. Opt in to Trimax newsletters and blogs to receive valuable current on Internet Marketing and more.

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It goes without saying that generally, people love progress but hate change. This is usually the case when Google announce changes and upda...

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