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Increase your Google Ranking and website traffic by EASILY building your own article database on your site. BUILD YOUR OWN INFORMATION LIBRARY BY CREATING ARTICLES


Ultimate Articles

Dynamic Content and increasing your ranking.

Twitter and Facebook Integration

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Do you want to have and EASILY maintain your own article database on your site?

Do you want to allow users to publish articles which you can then moderate?

Do you want to be able to inform your customers when a new article has been published?

Do you want to allow your users to comment and rate your articles?

Do you want to control who can read your articles and who can’t?

Do you want to have an exclusive member’s area that is only viewable to users you specify?

“Trimax deliver, quick, cost effective integrated solutions, that help our customers maximize their online presence.”

Backups It can be as simple as a hard drive failing. This can cause major headaches unless you have done your backups!

Do you want to integrate your articles with Facebook and Twitter?

If you answered YES to any of the above, then Ultimate Articles is for YOU! > WHY ARE ARTICLES SO IMPORTANT?

Articles, just like videos, blogs and news are a great example of “dynamic content” which in turn increases your Google ranking and therefore increases the traffic and potential sales to your site, its that simple.

Have you done your weekly backups and offsite external backups? These can easily be done with an external drive and stored at a different location!


Ultimate Articles gives you the ability to build content approval workflows into content management. You have the ability to control approvals at the portal or article level. With email notifications tied to a specific role, managing the content of numerous users becomes easy. CONTENT ORGANIZATION

With Ultimate Articles you can organize your content into categories and subcategories. Categorizing your content improves navigation for your visitors and simplicity for content managers. Additionally, with featured articles, you can choose to feature articles from across categories. In Ultimate Articles, articles also can be associated with multiple categories using the related category functionality. CONTENT VERSIONING

With Ultimate Articles your content history is safe and sound. You have the ability to roll-back past versions or breathe new life into previous work. Content versioning keeps track of approval statuses, past authors, and version dates. You can even give your content version titles and descriptions to help you keep track of your content's history. FLEXIBLE CONTENT DIS PLAY

With Ultimate Articles you control how you want your content to be displayed. Both articles and categories can be created with an abstract (description) and thumbnail image. Ultimate Articles allows you to display your content in a number of ways. You can even display the same content in different ways on different pages. Optional display items include: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Title Description Thumbnail Image Author Created Date Read More (link)


Make your content come to life with ratings, comments, and tagging. Ultimate Articles uses AJAX controls to give your content pizzazz. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZED

Ultimate Articles gives you the ability to ensure your content is recognized by search engines. With human-friendly URLs that include the title of your content, the ability to define meta keywords and descriptions, Ultimate Articles gives you control over how your content is recognized. The Ultimate Article Database is available for $1,290

**Articles as well as other website content can then be integrated with Facebook and Twitter using our Media Integration package which is available for $1,490. Contact us to find out how you can drive more traffic to YOUR site!

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