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Cost effective advertising and promoted posts on Facebook Promoted posts and adverts on Facebook are very cost effective ways to reach your target audience compared with the likes of Google Adwords, who has its own place in the market of course, but carry a larger price tag due to more competition. If you are looking for a cheaper way to reach your audience and engage with potential customers and their connections, promoted posts and adverts on Facebook are the way forward.

What’s more you can set a lifetime campaign budget (and a daily budget for Facebook ads) so that you aren’t hit with a hefty bill at the end of the campaign. This budget is dependent on the number of clicks your Facebook advert receives or the number of impressions you receive for promoted posts based on the targeting of your advert. The higher the budget, the higher the number of your target audience will be reached.

FACEBOOK ADVERTS Facebook adverts allow you to customising your advert so that it displays to Facebook users who are most likely to be interested in the product or service your company is selling, to make it more appealing to the viewer. When your target audience view your ad they can be redirected to either a page or event on Facebook or to an external website. Read on to discover the criteria you can use to target your Facebook advert:

Location You can target your advert by location and can make this as specific at targeted to a city and surrounding suburbs by specifying the radius from the city you would like to target. This is a great way to target customers able to reach your company if your product or services are location dependant.

Interests Facebook adverts can be targeted by users interests which is worked out from the information which has been added to their timeline’s from the pages they like and groups they are involved in.

Connections Adverts can be targeted by connection, for example you can target users who are already connected to you on Facebook and have liked your page, are a member of your group or are attending an event you are hosting. You may choose to only target users who you are not connected to increase the opportunity for new leads. You can also target friends of connection to increase the number of likes by targeting a user whose friend has already endorsed you by liking your page making you appear more credible.

Relationship status This can be very useful to companies offering wedding services or dating services for example and adverts to be aimed at an audience who are more susceptible to their information. For example you can target users who are engaged, or listed as newly single for example.

Education Education targeting lets companies target their audience based on where they went to school or university for example or by the year they graduated. This could be very useful to companies looking to recruit a vacancy with a graduate in their geographical area.

Age Adverts can be targeted by age range also, which can be very useful to business’s who know there target age range. For example a company selling stair lifts or funeral cover may tailor their marketing to a more mature market than to a company selling baby products or an online dating agency.

Birthdays Birthday targeting is also an option for Facebook ads to target customers by offering them special discounts or promotions exclusively to people with an upcoming birthday to make the audience feel special. When entering the details to target your advert, Facebook gives an estimate of the number of people your advert will reach. Be careful to not target your advert too specifically as you will be limiting the number of people you will reach. However make sure to not make your targeting too broad as you want to reach an audience relevant to your advert who may be interested in your product or service. You do not need to use all the options to target your advert; the only compulsory targeting option is by country.

PROMOTED POSTS Promoted pots are a quick and easy way to extend the reach of your posts in your target audiences’ news feeds. By promoting a post on Facebook you will increase the amount of users who view your message, users who have liked your page and their Facebook friends, and in turn increase the amount of leads through seeing this post and taking action Read on to learn more about promoted posts on Facebook:

How will my promoted post be seen? Promoted posts are displayed higher up in both mobile and desktop news feeds than normal posts, so there is a higher chance that your audience will see them. As users are more likely to see the post, this increases the likelihood of an action to be taken such as commenting on, liking or sharing the post with connections. When users interact with your promoted post, this then appears in their friends news feed therefore increasing the reach of your message even further. The credibility of the post is increased when users see posts on their friend news feeds which can then encourage sharing and therefore reach even further.

What type of posts can I promote and where? The type of posts you promote can be status updates, offers, photos or videos which will be labelled “sponsored” so that users know the post has been promoted. You can decide if you want to promote your post in the news feeds of users who like your page and their connections or users who have been selected through targeting such as by location and region.

How will I be charged? Although the costs of promoted posts varies, based on factors such as location and the amount of people you intend to reach, promoted posts are relatively cheap and certainly a lot cheaper than Google Adwords. As you are able to specify your lifetime budget, and are only billed for the impressions on your post, (which can be less than your specified budget), this is again a cost effective way of reaching a larger audience without large costs.

Facebook advertising and promoted posts are good value for money when trying to reach your target audience

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