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Embrace video marketing easily with Vine on Twitter Since its launch in January 2013, marketers are increasingly delivering creative ways to promote their brands with the new mobile video app Vine which is available on Twitter. This new social media feature allows businesses to upload a 6 second video, which plays on a loop system, combining imagery and sounds to create powerful content. Twitter has embraced video marketing and optimised it by including Vine into its social media platform with its 6 second limit.

With the rise of video marketing there is an increasing amount of visual content vying for our time and consideration leading to reduced attention levels. Visible Measures state that with visual content you should “expect to lose 20% of your audience within the first 10 seconds of playback”. As Vine only allows videos of up to 6 seconds, it allows marketers to get their whole message across whilst they still have the viewer’s attention, meaning more effective delivery of the message. As Vine caters specifically to mobile devices which can be viewed on the go, it enables amateur videos to be created focusing on the quality of the content not the quality of the video. Vine makes it easier for a business to showcase its’ brand easily and effectively without a huge budget.

According to Vine "Posts on Vine are about abbreviation, the shortened form of something larger” The app is currently only available as a free download on the iPhone and iPod touch but is soon to be available on other platforms. Anyone can use Vine you don’t need to be a member of Twitter to use the app and posts can easily be shared on Twitter and Facebook, with the possibility to share on other social media networks in the pipeline.

Vine aims to make video marketing more accessible to businesses with the introduction of concise videos focusing on quality content and creativity

The best ways to use Vine to promote your business: Read on for 10 tips on how to produce video content on Vine to engage viewers with your company and increase ranking, traffic and brand awareness:

Guidelines for creating posting on Vine Keep it simple Keep your concept to the 6 second limit, don’t try to cram in information or images which would benefit from a longer time

Define the purpose Make the purpose of the video clear and communicate content, which will be valuable to the viewer. Use each post to communicate a maximum of one or two goals.

Use sound Communicate and enhance your message with sound as well as imagery, this will make your content more appealing and will help to deliver the message on two levels with the combination of both audio and visual.

Keep the message general Make sure your message is general and is applicable to all audiences. Do not limit your message to specific groups as Vine is open to everyone. You want your message to appeal to as many people as possible so that it is shared further and further to increase the reach of your message.

Introduce your company Create a brief introduction to your company as your first vine video. You can include what your company does and include you slogan and logo for instance to build awareness and recognition of your brand.

Create a human face Put a human face to your brand by showing your employees and the company culture in a fun and engaging way with humour.

Convey your brand personality Give insight into your company through a tour of your office, an interview with employees or displaying the office culture. Summarise the brand personality to give a personal touch to engage viewers with your brand.

Highlight product or service features Demonstrate a feature or two of a product or services to give a snap shot into what you are offering to make viewers keen to learn more.

Give away previews Show a sneak peak to your followers of an event or a new product or service for example to create awareness, interest and if done well, excitement.

Make your audience laugh or smile Humour and emotive posts work well on vine and encourage sharing to spread your message further.

As a business you should make use of this free marketing platform, you will be surprised how much you can get across in 6 seconds by thinking outside the box and getting creative Take Action NOW - Increase ranking, traffic and brand awareness for your business with Vine Contact Trimax Solutions or visit Trimax Solutions website to for guidance about creating and managing a Vine and Twitter account or any other social media platform for your business. Trimax Solutions can also apply the best Search Engine Optimization for your business to increase your ranking, traffic and brand awareness. Regularly visit our Trimax Solutions blog page for valuable current information on Internet Marketing and more.

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Trimax solutions newsletter embrace video marketing easily with vine on twitter