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Why a responsive mobile website is now critical to your business Recently mobile internet usage has been exploding and is now consumers preferred method of viewing. Alarmingly though however, a great amount of businesses do not yet have a mobile responsive website. Not only does having a non-mobile friendly website give users a headache, it also causes a great loss of opportunity for business owners. Mobile responsive websites (sometimes called responsive websites) adapt to the screen size of the device you view the website on and display it in the best way possible, whether it be a smart phone, tablet or desktop. They are easier to navigate as you only need to scroll vertical, as opposed to side to side also, like with desktop sites. The information on responsive websites loads faster so users can access the information they want quicker and is displayed much clearer, without any shrinking of text or images. When viewing a desktop site on a mobile device such as a smartphone, the pages are shrunk, which causes difficult navigation and slower viewing. Mobile consumption is emerging as the preferred way in which consumers interact with websites and social media. Global brands have been on-board with mobile responsive websites since it’s early introduction and are well aware of the benefits. Morgan Stanley have predicted that mobile usage will be equal to desktop usage by the end of this year and in five years’ time there will be more people using mobile internet than desktop to access the internet. Interesting statistics provided by Smart Insights demonstrate how important it is for business to make sure your website is mobile responsive. They discovered that last year, over a half of local searches were carried out by a mobile device. The finding showed that 61% of people are reported to have a higher opinion of brands who offer a positive mobile experience. An important statistic for businesses to bear in mind is that 36 % of emails are read on mobile devices (25.85% on mobile phones and 10.16% on tablets).

What are the benefits of a mobile responsive website Read on if you are not already convinced that a mobile responsive website is key, to discover some undeniable reasons why your website needs to be responsive:

5 reasons why your business needs to implement a mobile responsive website today! 1) Positive user experience is essential Mobile device users are more likely to receive a positive experience when viewing a mobile responsive site, with easier to read and access information, over slower and more difficult to navigate desktop site. If a positive experience is encounter by your mobile device it is more likely they will return to your site, recommend to a friend and ultimately make a purchase, compared with if they have a negative experience. Google states that mobile users encountering a positive experience are 67% more likely to make a purchase or use a service. The statistics also show

that if mobile device users get frustrated with a page or can’t find what they are looking for, there is a 61% chance that they will leave the site immediately and try another site which might very well be one of your competitors.

2) A fast responsive website is a must Google reports that the top layer content on a mobile responsive website typically loads in less than a second and a page loads in less than 2 seconds when accessed on a mobile device. This timeframe is simply not possible when viewing a desktop site on a mobile device. The longer a website visitor has to wait for a content to load, the greater the chance that they will leave the website and visit a competitor’s site instead.

3) Blogging and social media attract mobile users If you are making the most of the traffic social media brings to your website and are avid bloggers, both of which increase your SEO, you will already have noticed an increase in the amount of mobile traffic your website receives. This is because social media consumption is greater on mobile devices. ComScore report that 55% of users access social media through their mobile device. If however your website is not mobile responsive (aka mobile friendly), links to your website will not perform as well, which can lead to your audience being frustrated and can cause low conversion rates and higher bounce rates.

4) Responsive websites are future proof As mobile responsive websites are designed based on screen size, it means no matter what size of screen the website is viewed on, it should always display in the best way possible. This is great for compatibility with emerging technology used for web browsing, such as TV’s and watches, as you will not need to change your website design in order for it to display well on future devices.

5) SEO prefers responsive website design Google’s own Webmaster Trends Analyst announced that Google prefers mobile responsive website designs over others. This is due to it being easier for Google to crawl your site when it has one single URL (like with mobile responsive design websites). For this reason, mobile responsive sites perform better than other websites as and are easier to maintain than other website templates with multiple URL’s.

It’s no longer a benefit but now a necessity that your website is mobile responsive as it will impact the growth of your business! Trimax Solutions mobile responsive websites If you are one of the many businesses that still do not have a dedicated mobile responsive website in place for your business, Trimax Solutions can provide you with a completely responsive mobile website in order for you to accelerate the growth of your business. Take a look at our mobile site by viewing this link in your smartphone or tablets browser or enter in the URL When viewing our mobile site in your smartphone you will see that there is no need for zooming or shrinking, you are able to access the menu items easily. All the information is formatted appropriately on mobile sites, to enable easy navigation within the site through simple vertically scrolling, whilst the company branding remains in place. Trimax Solutions mobile responsive websites enable our customers to offer their mobile users a positive experience to enhance conversions and sales. Implement a mobile responsive website from Trimax Solution to keep up to speed with the competition so that customers can easily access your information on the go with their smartphone. We ensure that your mobile site renders on all smartphones and tablets so that a consistent experience is received by all customers regardless of their mobile viewing device.

As consumers will increasingly view your website on a mobile device, can you afford to

not have a mobile friendly site?

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