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The importance of a company video explained Video marketing is now deemed the future of marketing after growing rapidly over the last few years, due to the advancements of mobile devices making video consumption more accessible and enjoyable. Text alone simply isn’t powerful enough anymore, in comparison to emotion rich videos, to persuade leads to make a purchase. Businesses can embrace this rising communication method by creating a company video to communicate your brand values and company mission. Video marketing enables your business to effectively communicate with potential leads and existing customers, exactly what you are about and how you will be or already are of benefit. A company video allows you to introduce yourself to your target audience highlighting what products or service you provide. You can persuade your target audience why they need what you are offering, to create demand. Videos are a quick way to make an impact on your target audience with memorable and easy to digest information, to help them reach a buying decision. You can convey your brand’s personality to help connect with new visitors and give insight into your company with that extra personal touch. By communicating your core values with a video, you can build a strong relationship with customers by engaging them with your brand. Including a video on your company website is a great way to help new visitors easily find the most engaging content. It can be included in a dedicated video page or can be added to your “About Us” page. Company videos leave a lasting impression on potential and existing customers by capturing emotions and visual features. See Trimax Solutions introduction presentation on the Trimax Solutions YouTube Channel here for an example of a company video.

How should I compose my company video Read on to discover 10 tips to follow when putting together your company video to make it as effective as possible in evoking action from your target audience: 1) Keep it short as viewers have low attention spans so your content needs to be powerful, well thought out and to the point, as this is your one chance to promote yourself! 2) Original and helpful information encourages your audience to share the content with others to spread your message further and expand reach. 3) Ensure your wording is simple and to the point, less is more when it comes to retaining information. 4) Include captivating visuals as well as well-planned wording focusing on the main points you want to communicate in a clear and engaging way. 5) It is important to know your audience and speak to them in a way they can relate to.

6) Recognise the problems that they might be having which has led them to you and explain how you would solve these. Make sure to briefly highlight the key benefits of using your company which sets you ahead of the competition. 7) If you have a small budget and time constraints you can easily make a PowerPoint presentation into a company video with screen capturing software. Find out how to use Screencasting software to increase reach and brand awareness here. 8) If budget and time is a little more flexible, you could outsource the project to a specialist company video provider making sure to give as much insight into the company as possible to really convey your vision and corporate culture. 9) Clearly display branding and apply the best SEO when creating unique video content to link back to your website and increase ranking, traffic and brand awareness 10) Include a clear call to action at the end of your video with a solid reason as to why they should follow up and how.

What to include to really get the message across Demonstrating your products and services on your website through your company video can engage potential customers, though providing visitors a chance to find out more about what you are selling. Try to promote the benefits of your product features and service functions to show how they will be of use to customers in aiding their lifestyle. If customers think your product or service will be of use to them through viewing your video, it will get a higher amount of interest and more people sharing your message to increase its reach. Include a testimonial or two to communicate with your audience in a personal and compelling way. Customers feel more confident after viewing a video testimonial than just by reading text alone. With video testimonials, customers can put a face to a name, which makes the endorser appear more credible and helps to gain the customers trust. Testimonials in videos are easier for your audience to process than text alone, as facial expressions and tone of voice allow viewers to decipher the emphasis of sentences and get a further understanding.

Upload your company video to YouTube A company video can be used in many ways, not just on your website. Once uploaded to YouTube it can be easily shared therefore increasing ranking for your website. There is a great amount of potential to spread you message to a wider audience with YouTube as it allows you to embed the content you upload onto other sites, such as your website blog and on your social media pages. When part of YouTube, you company videos can be used in email marketing or added as a link in your signature, when initially communicating with new leads or clients. You can also easily access your video on YouTube to be played at company presentations, conferences or meetings to impressively introduce your company. As YouTube is the top social media platform for video content and also the world’s second most popular search engine (Google being the first), it present a valuable opportunity where marketers can engage with their target audience on a personal level. YouTube claim that over 3 billion videos are viewed every day and over half of these videos have received comments or rating from users. Occasional social media network users can be targeted with YouTube as this is their preferred network. What’s more, as Google own YouTube, its video content is ranked highly in organic searches, which increases traffic to your website and increased brand awareness. Read Trimax Solutions’ newsletter Why your company should use a YouTube Channel to engage customers for tips on how to use a company YouTube channel to increase your reach, ranking and brand awareness. \

Video is more likely to be and can be easily shared than text or photos alone, due to it is highly visual and engaging content. Take Action NOW - Increase ranking, traffic and brand awareness for your business Contact Trimax Solutions or visit Trimax Solutions website for guidance about creating and implementing a company video onto your website and social media platforms. Trimax Solutions can also apply the best Search Engine Optimization for your business to increase your ranking and brand awareness. Opt in to Trimax newsletters and blogs to receive valuable current on Internet Marketing and more.

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